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Shower One-on-One

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He hands her a towel as she steps out of the shower, taking her hand and helping her down as though she were a princess exiting a carriage. Steam obscures her body, her porcelain skin red from the heat of the water.

Without a word, she presses her body against his and he holds her in a contented embrace, savouring the scent of her shampoo on her wet hair. They breathe each other in, enjoying the warmth of skin on skin.

His hands find themselves wandering down to her petite waist, then to her smooth hips. Shivering in anticipation, she becomes acutely aware of the blood pounding in her head. She can feel his bare erection, naked and pressed against her abdomen as they cling to one another.

Silently, their hands explore one another, finding all the old familiar places. His wide hands grasp the cheeks of her ass, cupping them and squeezing, teasing them apart and sending the faintest of sensation through the lips of her pussy as they gently part.

The heavy breathing in her chest rocks her body up and down, unwittingly working the sensitive head of his cock with her still-wet skin. They find themselves breathing faster and heavier. “Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten you so wound up in the shower,” she presses herself closer still against him as he kneads her ass cheeks in his hands.

He says nothing. They both remember her teasing him in the shower: stroking his cock with slippery, soapy hands, only to turn away again. Letting him wash every part of her, running lathered hands over her perky little tits and down between her soft thighs.

They would usually have taken each other then and there, were this any other day — but today was special day for the young couple. Today she had made him a promise that she intended to keep. She had repeated it in the shower, running her soapy hands down between the cheeks of her ass while he watched, working her cheeks apart to show him the tiny, untouched hole between them.

She had ordered him to stand still, and then let her sud-covered ass cheeks close around his stiff cock. Smiling as he groaned in agonised pleasure, she had worked his cock between her cheeks, letting the soft skin envelop his helmet and giving him a very personal, very intimate lap dance. Her hands had reached behind her head and clasped around his neck, while her ass gyrated over his cock. His breathing got faster — she’d worked his cock between her tits before, but this was different. As she’d let his cock slip up and down between her cheeks, she’d leaned back and whispered her promise at last:

“I’m going to rock your fucking world tonight.”

It was something they did occasionally: just take the entire day together, and concentrate on doing nothing else except blowing your partner’s mind. Now it was his turn and his head was swimming. Then she had stopped with a grin, leaving at the edge of an earth shattering orgasm, and she’d continued with her shower as normal. His face was bright red with frustrated passion, but every attempt he made to initiate it again was met with bright eyed naivety.

Now they stand, embracing one another in the steamy bathroom, and with her head stuck at chest height for him, she can hear his heart booming through his ribs.

“So what’s this,” he asks her, his voice hoarse and low, “about rocking my world?”

In that moment, she’d love nothing more than to just drop to her knees and suck him until he explodes in her mouth. Instead, she looks up at him, runs a hand down his stubbled jaw, and tiptoes to kiss him. When they part, she tells him,

“Just trust me. I know you’re going to like it.”

“Do I get a clue?”

“It’s something we don’t normally do,” she gives him playful smile, and her delicate fingers wrap around the shaft of a cock. He’s already trembling, wound up to hell and back and on the edge of cumming all over her hand. Gasping at her touch, he does his best to maintain eye contact.

“Oh?” he prompts her.

“Something I think you really want to do.”

She can almost hear his heart pounding as her hand slowly closes around the tip of his cock, coating it in precum, before sliding back down the shaft.

Taking another step backwards, she finds the bath tub and sits on it, pulling him closer with one hand whilst the other takes a painfully slow journey down his cock again. He’s shivering visibly, and grabs onto her shoulders.

“I think,” she looks up into his eyes as his breathing gets heavier, whispering in harsh, seductive tones, “that I should turn around, and you should fuck me.”

“I…” he tries to articulate himself, “I’ll barely last a second, I -”

“Trust me,” she repeats. “Fuck me from behind, and when you’re about to shoot that huge load I’ve been building up in you all day, I want you to cum all over my ass, ok?”

He nods, barely able to talk.

“Make sure you get it all over me, ok? I want my ass covered in cum.”

With that, she stands off the tub and turns around, leaning over onto the edge of the bath. He grasps her hips and runs his quivering cock between her thighs. Her hand appears and catches his cock, expertly guiding it between her soaked pussy lips. She groans as he pushes into her, the heat building in his head.

“Ugh, you’re so tight,” he groans. “I’m going to cum soon.”

He pulls her back slowly until she’s impaled on his throbbing cock. She opens her mouth, moaning silently, forcing herself to control the noises so that she can talk to him.

“If you think my pussy is tight,” she works her pelvic muscles, squeezing his cock as she looks back at him over her shoulder, “then wait until I let you fuck my ass.”

Hearing it said out loud is enough, it drives him over the edge. As the fireworks go off inside his head, he remembers his instructions and, although it goes against everything his body is telling him, he pulls his cock out and holds it hard against her puckered, untouched ass hole.

It’s been building all day, from the first moment she had teased him with a playful squeeze of his cock through his jeans, and now he releases it all in a torrent of thick white fluid. It splatters against the inner cheeks of her ass, and she reaches back and holds it apart for him, biting her lip in anticipation as she feels the warmth run down her ass cheeks and pool in her soft, tight hole. Finally he finishes, leaving her ass an absolute mess, drowned in cum.

“So…” he gasps, trying to take a breath. She takes care to stay still, “what was that, you were saying? About letting me fuck -”

“Do it,” she urges him as she looks over her shoulder, holding her cheeks apart. “You’ve gotten it all slippery, you might as well… why did you think I was getting you so wound up? I needed as much cum as I could get to lubricate it…”

His cock is still rock solid, and he runs his helmet up and down her ass cheeks, spreading his own cum around like the soap he washed her with earlier. She grinds back against his erection, groaning, her hand disappearing between her legs as she runs her fingers over her clit, massaging it as he works his cock into her precious, virgin hole.

“Gentle,” she urges him. His cum eases his entry, and she moans as he stretches her out. She feels the bulge of his helmet stretching her, jamming her open, and then with a gasp she feels the throbbing head slip past the entry point. His stiff shafts slips in, her hole stretching to accommodate him. Her own fingers strum her clit faster as her heart starts pounding. There are dots in her vision as he pushes deeper inside her, his cock pushing its way into her insides. She can feel him exploring her most private hole with his pulsing erection, and it drives her into a frenzy. Her fingers fly across her pussy, rubbing her clit as her first climax starts to shake her body.

Then she feels his hand wrap around her wrist, and he pulls it away.

“No I’m about to -” she begins, and then she stops talking. His cock is completely inside of her, she realises, and she can hardly talk. Without a word, understanding exactly what she wants and what her body desires, he lifts her and turns, sitting himself on the edge of the bath. He rests her legs on either side of his, propping her up. His arms wrap around her for support, and she leans back on his strong chest and hangs around his neck.

In the bathroom mirror, the steam begins to clear and she sees herself, sitting on his lap with her legs held open, impaled on his cock, her pussy glistening wet. As she watches, his masculine hands go two different ways: one grabs her small, perky tits, massaging her nipples between his rough fingers, and the other…

The other works its way down between her thighs while she gets her breath back, and strokes her clit. So close to climax, she trembles and moans as he plays with her pussy, and then his long, strong fingers separate her lips and he pushes two fingers inside her.

She throws her head back onto him as his fingers curl inside her, stroking the aching itch on her inner walls, sending explosions through her body.

“Right there -” she begins, trying to give him instructions before she realises that her time is up.

She’s not in charge anymore: he is.

He lifts her off his cock, letting it slide halfway out of her stretched, tight asshole, before dropping her and letting it slam up into her stomach again. She lets out a cry, as though she’d been winded and was on the verge of orgasm at the same time.

His fingers work faster inside her as he lifts her again, faster this time, and her body twists and writhes in a mixture of pain and pleasure: his huge cock tears apart her insides whilst his warm fingers fuck her to climax.

“Ohmygod-” she begins, and his other hand leaves her tits and clamps itself over her mouth, silencing her. She lets a muffled moan out into his hand as she starts to climax, his cock pounding her ass as both of her holes tighten and clench in the throes of orgasm.

In one moment she goes tense and silent, and he lets her mouth free as she shakes with the force of her orgasm. She reaches back, desperately clinging onto him as her entire body shakes, and he fucks her in both of her holes until, with a great sigh, she goes as limp as a ragdoll and he catches her, holding her close.

It takes her a minute to get her breath back, and when she does all she can mutter is,

“Fucking hell.”

He’s not any better off.

“I guess,” he says, “we kinda blew each other’s world there, hm?”

“Nuh-uh,” she grins, gyrating on his lap with his cock still inside her. “I think you’ve got at least one more load in you, mister.”

He doesn’t protest, groaning in pleasure as she softly rocks her ass back and forward on his rock hard erection. She feels him tense and harden inside her as she works her hips like an expert, relaxing her muscles and then tightening them again at just the right spots. She’s an expert on his body, just like he is on hers, and she knows exactly how to get him where she wants him: she has one last treat for him.

“Oh fuck,” he whispers harshly, holding her close, “you’re gonna make me cum again.”

“Good,” she whispers, and she turns and watches herself in the mirror as she slides his cock in and out of her hole. His abdomen and the base of his cock are splattered in his own cum, as are the parted, reddened cheeks of her perfect, rounded ass cheeks.

“Fuck, I’m cumming,” he grunts in her shoulder, wrapping her arms around her.

“Good,” she whispers, “I want you to cum in my ass.”

He explodes for the second time, his breathing stops momentarily as she feels him tense up and then relax, flooding her delicate little hole with gallons of cum. She bites her lip and leans back against him as it starts to find its way out between his cock and her tight virgin hole, soaking them both. When he can finally talk again, they both laugh.

“We’re going to need another shower,” she says.

“Mhm,” he murmurs, and she turns to kiss him, still impaled on his cock. “I think we can agree that was a promise kept.”

“Goes both ways,” she whispers, and kisses him again. “Let’s get back in the shower.”

The End.

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