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Gas Station Hammering

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I had been driving for a full hour before I saw the ram shackled huddle of buildings appear like a mirage at the road side. Though I’d travelled this desert road from Reno so many times it still came as a surprise when Froggie Bills gas station appeared like it had been dropped from the heavens. I slowed my car eager to stretch my legs and no doubt share a few words with the eccentric owner.

As I turned in 3 young men eyed me nervously as they got back into their supped up shit box. Then with the customary wheel spinning of youth they tore off as if hoping I’d race.

As the wheel cloud cleared from my windscreen I got out. Froggie Bill as normal was there to greet; as he was with all his customers.

“Hi Bill,” I said with a tired smile,” more hot shot kids,” I added.

“Little punks,” he said with an old Gaelic giggle,” but they got more than they hoped for today.”

I ignored his words. Nothing much made sense when it came to Bill. He’d been out here so long the sun had got to him. I’d known the dour old French man to brandish a shotgun to kids like that before today. I guess they’d got him on a good day.

“Fill her up, while I take a piss.” I said in a matter of fact way. He giggled again something in my use of words amusing him.

“Fucking French nut.” Was my response from under my breath.

As I came out of the john it was then I noticed the other car. A little sporty corvette parked along side the old ramshackle building. I gave it a suspicious once over. Out of state plates with settled dust on the bonnet; it looked like it has been here a few hours; maybe a bit more.

“Bill”, I said walking back to the old hairy assed man. “Got a new car?”

Bill just laughed again giving me a wink. “I’m just holding it for someone,” he giggled.

I opened my car door to get back in. Today he was crazier than normal and I had another 200 miles to go before I was home. Best just leave him. As I sat in and turned on the ignition his next words caught me by surprise.

“Do you want to see who I’m holding it for?”

I felt the hairs on the back of my neck prick up. Something wasn’t right.

“Sure, I said.” Keeping him at ease.

He nodded a knowing smile then beckoned me to follow. The wind was getting up now and desert sand billowed around my waist as he gestured with his finger drawing me to the back of the gas station.

“She just won’t stop bitching,” He grumbled. “All high and mighty; telling me what to do. I don’t take orders from women do you hear”

I felt uncomfortable.

“She’s beauty though.”

“Bill,” I said thinking what kind of name was that for a French man? “What have you done?”

He didn’t reply to my question.

The man just smiled again and opened a rickety bar type door and we both stepped through into the hot dusty outhouse. The planks on the walls had splinters which allowed shafts of light in and I stood there dumbfounded.

In the shack facing away from me was a woman. She was brunette about 5’8 though that had to be a guess. She was naked apart from high stiletto heels, legs wide apart as she bent over. She was standing; she had no choice as along with her arms tied behind her back and her shoulder down, she also had her neck clamped through some sort of wooden stock.

As I entered she sensed a new visitor and began to plead for help. She was blindfolded but her bright red lips were not gagged, her beautiful face framed by a full salon brunette mane.

In the darkness her sweaty body glistened. Her ass glowed, her long, fabulously long legs in a firm and erect posture; the heels and bent over waist forcing them so. Her wrists twitched with the cord binds two pendulous but firm tits swaying under her like jelly moulds.

“Jesus Bill what the fuck!” I was stunned Froggie not seeming to care. He’d gone completely insane.

“Get me out of here, for fucks sake!” She yelled, trying to turn her face to the new unseen stranger.

“Been like that since morning, haven’t you?” He laughed. “I’ve been saving her for my special customers.” She gave a horrid moan of frustration and despair and I realised.

“The boys,” I said thinking what to do next.

“Yep,” he laughed, “a tag team fucking if ever I saw one.” He continued. My head was swimming.”Yeah she’s had lots of visitors today. Salesmen, jocks, even a coach driver did her while his passengers waited in the bus. Some over seventies trip,” he added as if detail mattered.

She gave another moan cursing and sobbing.

“You just need to know who to tell,” He said with a wink.” Who’s game? Who would appreciate the situation.”

He looked at me with a smile.

I understood. He knew me well. He knew I kept a foot either side of the law. In my business it could pay real dividends.”

I’d never stopped looking at the bent over woman. She was amazingly sexy. Her high heeled bent and clamped posture like some wanton slut queen. Her waist was beautifully carved like a vase and those fat tits hard like fruit. She was blind folded and Bill insane or not was no fool, he’d not said my name. Her short skirt and t-shirt lay on the floor, a lacy bra and knickers also there.

Bill closed the door behind us the room becoming darker the heat intensifying. He lit up one of his disgusting continental cigarettes.

“Please help.” She gasped as I neared. I felt my breath shallow my thoughts sordid.

I unbuckled my belt then unfastened my pants. Outside I could hear the dust storm wiping up. Hundreds of miles from anywhere. Who would know? All his guests before me must have said the same question and as they now sit grinning behind their wheels miles away; and they must have come to the same answer.

What’s her name? I asked.

“Mariah,” Bill chuckled, “one of those boys made her gag with his cock till see told him.”

I raised an eyebrow. How very appropriate I thought thinking that her big tits, ass and long leg figure reminded me very much of a pop diva with that same name. She heard my zipper move and she groaned and yelled with frustration.

“Get out,” I said to Bill my palms sweating heavily.

“No, I get to watch that’s the deal.” He said sitting on a box not waiting for my response. I was about to say something then thought,”fuck it.”

I stepped out of my pants tugging my Y-fronts aside so my balls and cock sprang out.

The filthy frog smiled seeing my hard on rampant and hungry.

“Oh God!” She moaned knowing what was about to happen.

I gave her ass four hard full palmed swipes; each one making her yelp and protest as I prepared her for mounting.

“Just showing you who’s boss,” I explained my palm stinging, “now be good for daddy.”

I grabbed her waist, Mariah screaming no trying to pull away. My hands pulled hard on her waist holding her in position. I kicked her legs apart, she knew the routine. Around the front of the stocks I could see her upturned nose; her nostrils flaring lips glistening, her pearl teen gritted for assault.

My cock head trailed along the crack of her ass. The tanned skin lubricated by hours of sweat and come.

She tensed her body as my cock slid towards her busted pussy hole.


She gave a stunted gasp of refusal. Though just repeatedly fucked she was still tight.


I gave a satisfied groan myself as my cock slid into her wet tired pussy.

I thrust all the way in; Mariah’s back arching and instinctively my hands shot under to grip her tits. Something for me to hold on to as I began to pound up her from behind.





She gave animal grunts and groans her knees bending in heels teetering as her ankles nearly gave way

“Ug, ug, ug, oooohhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, ugggggg! Uhhhhhhhh!”

Looking down my cock was glistening with the woman’s contents my pole appearing and disappearing; the sensation electric as her lips grasped and then released over and over as I fucked her hard.

“Come on bitch, ride it, ride it,”

Bill was wide eyed, vying for best view as I angled my cock pumping up deep inside her.

“Urrrrrrrrrrrrrr, ohhhhhhhhhhh!” She gave a resonating holler like she was indeed an accomplished singer. Her toes lifting off the floor as I rammed up, toe tips tapping the dusty surface with each back thrust

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap! This made her grunt with indignant sensation.

“Uggggggggggggggggggggggg! Jez ugggh ohhhhhhhhhhh!”

She wailed and thrashed her neck muscles taut one of my hands on her tits gripping nipples twisting the other pressing onto her back keeping her down and dirty like a mounted hog.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh!”

Her ass slapped against my pelvis my cock slurping at he wet entrance. Her knees buckled and bent inwards this only tightened her shaft making her coo with sensation my cock feeling like it was tightly wrapped in hot sticky towel.

“Fuck you’re so tight. You ugh fucking ugh hot ,ugh ughhhhhh oh yes you bitch take it, take it all the way up!”

She was gritting her teeth her head thrashing in between grunts and gasps she swore and cussed.

“Com’on you can do better,” I shouted my hips slamming against her rear determined to pop my cock out of her mouth.

“Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!” She gave a siren scream of disgust and humiliation her nipples hard her body swimming in stinking perspiration.

I pulled out my cock it was about to explode.

“No not yet you hot tart, lets see what you’ve got hidden up here.”

Almost climbing on her rear I pointed the head towards her ass. She screamed as the sphincter eye opened not for the first time that day and my cock slid into a tight rubbery but very come filled rectum


I pounded down almost at exhaustion her body beginning to crumple. My hands gripped her waist pulling her back up. Her legs hardly carried her weight anymore but she needed to finsh me off.

“Suck it in, suck it in, that’s it! Ohhhhhhhh shit your tight.”

I felt her anal wall like a vice milking my cock the long deep penetrations making her yelp and buck. As I looked down I saw come foaming around my cock as I pumped the earlier contents from her anal tunnel.

“Oh yessss, here some more to replace it. Ohh ukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!”

She gave a gasping panting convulsion her blindfolded eyes unable to know who had just erupting deep inside her sticky bowels.

My eyes were seeing spots; head almost feint as my cock filled then released a stream of viscous snotty strands of semen. I groaned in delight feeling her fill and hearing her horrified reaction.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh you bastard, how could you? How could all of you? Uggggggggg!!!”

Within minutes I was dressed and back on the road heading east. My balls felt drained her indignant embarrassed wail at the end almost sucking the last drop of fluid from my body. It was 20 miles further down the road when I finally slowed and turned back.

As I neared the gas station again I knew what had to be done. Bill was insane and I pitied the poor fool. I’d known him a long time but he must have know I couldn’t let it pass. He’d never said my name and that hot bitch had been fucked by so many deadbeats that day I doubted she could ID Mickey Mouse just from his voice alone.

I pulled into the isolated station again. The bell chiming as I crossed the wire a big red 18 wheeler standing idly by. Bill appeared from behind the building no doubt watching his latest customer get with the speciality of the day.

The old man looked puzzled his face one of concerned. He’d not expected me back this way till night.

In one movement I open my car door drawing my revolver from my holster and using the door as a shield knelt in a firing position as I had trained to do

Bang! Bang!

I unloaded two rounds into the old mans chest. Bill crumpled in an instant, dead, the look of surprise on his face twisted with pain.

I calmly entered the shop front and bent over the cash till. My fingers searched for a worried instant then I found it. I pulled his Remington shotgun up and out, wiping my fingers prints from it I then placed it in the dead mans hand.

In the distant I could see dust clouds of an approaching vehicle. I worked fast.

As I raced to the barn I realised no one was appearing. Loud thrash metal was playing from a stereo and as I looked through the splinters I could see a massive trucker his cock like a lead pipe pumping into Mariah’s mouth as he gripped her stock encased head. Her rear was red with exertion and I could see her sphincter hole puckered and open having just taken a massive stiff hammering.

The man was grunting and gasping. His body jerking forward in motion to his thrash guitar compliment. He was coming. I waited till the last second then…

Burst in, gun aimed at his head.


The bearded oaf looked at me in amazement, Mariah’s mouth dripping spittle her teeth on his helmet his foreskin so tender.

“Oh! Oh! Ujjjjjjjjj ukkkkkkkkkkkk!”

He couldn’t hold himself. Past the point of no return he spurted like a Tommy gun into her appalled mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Shiiiiiiiiit!”


I shot him dead.

By the time the passing car had arrived I was helping the bound woman out into the sunlight. Standing she was even taller than I imagined and covered with my police jacket her thighs and ass where seductively flashed as she walked. I gave her a helping hand to my patrol car, the passengers in the other car running to her aid. I flicked the com calling for an ambulance and letting them know that Froggie Bill was dead shot while attempting to fire on a police officer.

The couple in the other car quickly took stock of the situation.

“They got what was coming to them,” they said in unison hearing another man was lying dead in the fuck shack.

I wiped my brow as Mariah looked up with beautiful long lashed eyes. Her dark pools sucked me in as strongly as her anus had milked my cock earlier. It was a face of exhausted gratitude.

“Thank you,” she gasped, her face showing relief for the first time in hours.

“Thank you so much!”

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