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Shower Fun

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Coitus interuptus has long been my favourite method of birth control – even when I’m on the pill. Having a guy pull out suddenly and then come over my belly is enough to bring me to orgasm. Especially if he groans a lot and falls forward onto me, squishing the cream between us. And doing it doggie style is definitely my favourite.

Neil, my current boyfriend, can get me incredibly hot kneeling behind my upturned buttocks, sliding his cock in and out of my soaking twat, his thighs thudding into my backside, giving me an occasional swat with his open palm, talking dirty.

Yes, especially talking dirty. I always encourage him to tell me what he’s thinking and then when he’s ready to cum, pulls his cock out, tells me that it’s bubbling up from his balls, and I feel the hot splatter over my lower back, I cum like a train, jerking with the intensity. Later I like him to smear his seed over my backside with his soft cock and hand – it always sends little shudders through me and makes my parts glow. And, of course, then I need to clean all the sticky cum off his softened dick with my lips and tongue ….

So it’s not a huge step from getting hot semen splattering on your body to getting hot urine splashed over you. We were in the shower early one working day and I noticed Neil pissing in the drain. On an impulse, I reached between his legs and redirected the yellow stream against my feet then up my legs. The last couple of dribbles were directly against my curly dark thatch. Neil noticed that my nipples had gone hard and he asked if it was the pee that was turning me on.

That night, after we’d had a few beers, Neil said he really needed to piss. I told him to hang on and we’d get in the shower, enjoying the lusty look that came into his eyes when he realised what I intended. We stripped off and I sat in the stall, leaning against the tiled wall. Neil positioned himself across from me and shut the curtain. He told me to frig myself and as my fingers started circling my clit he asked if I wanted him to piss in my hair, against my lips, over my tits, my belly, my thighs, my cunt. My fingers were moving in a blur and I knew I was panting. Suddenly a hard hot acrid yellow stream jetted against my chest splashing my breasts and trickling down my stomach. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue and received a mouthful of the warm nectar before the stream moved up over my eyes into my hair and back down to my still open mouth.

I couldn’t believe how sexy it felt – doing something so nasty and grubby. After a good mouth wash, Neil redirected his piss at my now damp pubes. I pulled back on my labia and as the flaps opened the steaming gush of urine beat directly against my clit. It really sent me over the edge and I writhed in orgasm as his stream petered out, the last few drops landing on my chest as he stood over me.

I was still riding out the last waves of the orgasm when he fed his half hard cock into my mouth. I stuck my tongue into the slit and lapped at the few remaining drops of piss. He was soon hard and entwined his hand in my damp hair so that he could face fuck me. I didn’t resist, just sat slumped there with my head upturned sucking and slurping as he fed me his cock, told me how slutty I looked soaked and stinking of piss, and how he was going to cum all over my face.

My fingers were now buried in my pussy and I was pumping myself at the same pace as his cock was sliding into my throat. Neil reached down and started twisting my nipple, telling me it wasn’t easy to get a firm grip on a tit slippery with piss. I felt myself rapidly building again and then came in a sudden lurch so that Neil’s dick slipped deep into my gullet. “Fuck!” he shouted and I felt a jet of semen hit the back of my throat. Neil quickly withdrew and the next spurt of cum hit my nose and cheek. As he squeezed and wanked the rest of his offering onto my face and neck, my own orgasm rolled on and on. It was really intense. For both of us I guess.

For months after that our sex life revolved around pissing. I was having all my orgasms in the bathroom and it got to the point where I only needed to go into a public toilet and smell that stale urine aroma to get horny. One memorable occasion was a sultry Saturday night. We planned to have a long erotic night and we started drinking beer early. I wanted Neil to have enough piss to drench me more than once. We were already naked by late afternoon, fooling around a bit in the living room as we went through a six pack. We were both getting a little tanked and Neil’s dick was half hard from the little tugs I’d given it in passing. My breasts and buttocks were lightly splotched with pink from his responding slaps and my nipples were tingling from the pain/pleasure.

Neil got up and walked past me to get another beer from the fridge and I landed a quick back hand flick against his bobbing dick. He responded with a hard slap on the side of my breast – hard enough to leave a red mark and make me shudder with the intense tingle that seemed to dart straight to my pussy. “If you do that again,” I gasped, “I’ll wet myself.”

Neil returned with a beer, managing to press the ice cold can against my breast as he passed it to me. I gasped and felt my urethra involuntarily relax and I had to clench my thighs together to prevent any pee escaping. Neil laughed. “Finish that beer and we’ll go to the bathroom.” I drank as fast as I could, spilling some beer down my naked front. Neil’s eyes narrowed and I spilled some more and rubbed it over my belly and breasts making them glisten, watching his cock lift a little.

I drained the last of the can and headed quickly for the bathroom. Neil followed a moment later, carrying another six pack. He joined me in the shower stall and brought in a plastic chair. He sat down and pulled me over to straddle him. I was randy as anything and wanted to lower myself immediately onto his upright tool. But he held me back and reached up to massage my breasts. I moaned and closed my eyes in pleasure. Suddenly he slapped my left tit. Hard. My eyes flew open in surprise. He tugged lightly at my straining nipples then, looking directly at me, slapped my right breast with equal force. That tingle started again and I clenched my thighs. Neil slapped each of my breasts again, making them jiggle and sway. I moaned with the intense feeling and he pinched and tugged my nipples before slapping at my reddened dugs. I felt my body sag and I straightened up just as he gave another hard slap on my flaming left breast.

“Oh God!” I gasped, feeling a shock of pleasure spread in my belly. Neil latched onto my nipples, twisting and pulling them till they were achingly hard. It hurt fiercely but I didn’t want him to stop. I put my hands on his shoulders to support myself and bent over so that my breasts hung lower. He continued for a moment then commenced slapping my tits again. After only a few slaps I couldn’t hold out any longer and released a great gush of urine over his thighs and bushy groin.

His upright rod glistened from the drenching and as soon as I finished pissing I lowered myself onto it, his hands on my hips guiding me. As soon as it entered me I climaxed, shuddering and collapsing onto his chest. He didn’t wait for me to finish but commenced thrusting deep, our bodies squelching in the puddled piss on the seat. There was uncomfortable burning for a minute or two – the urine I guess – but it soon passed and I was climbing towards another orgasm. It didn’t take Neil long either. I had barely stopped contracting from that second cum when he thrust deep then quickly lifted me up. His dick popped out and a long streamer of semen arched up and landed on my sweaty belly. I grabbed his hot pulsing shaft in one fist and milked it, using my other hand to smear his hot cream over my still blotched and throbbing breasts.

Neil leaned back in the chair, eyes closed. I felt his cock begin to lose its stiffness. I kept my hand wrapped around it and leaned forward to kiss his salty neck. Suddenly I felt fresh life in his meat and a hot spray of pee geysered up between us. I leaned back too and directed it onto my body then my face, making sure I caught some in my mouth.

Neil opened beers for us both and I sat squelching on his lap, his limp dick snug between my spread buttocks. It was such a hot humid evening that we just stayed in the stall, sipping our beers and talking. I wasn’t all that thirsty and fooled around spilling the chilled beer down our fronts or taking a mouthful and spraying Neil with it. We were laughing a lot and it was turning me on – especially when Neil leant forward to lick the ‘wasted’ beer off my neck and breasts.

Neil chugged three beers to my one and before long, his voice slurring a little from the alcohol, told me he was ready to piss again. Just hearing him say it made me flush in anticipation. He told me to kneel on the tiles and blow him. We’ve discovered that he gets turned on by having a hard-on while his bladder is full to bursting. I went to work on his dick, all sweaty and flavoured from being trapped beneath me for so long. I love to feel it come hard in my mouth and like that stage to last, so I took it nice and slow, stopping a lot to suck at his balls and belly button.

When he was fully hard, Neil stood up, making a loud suction noise as his bottom pulled off the plastic chair, leaving quite a puddle of beer, sweat, cum and piss. He stood above me and cock-slapped my cheeks, feeding his dick into my mouth every now and then so I could get more sucking in. I could tell he was getting pretty turned on because his face was quite red and his cock was really pulsing. He then stood aside and told me to open him another beer. I passed it to him and he told me to drink up the puddle on the seat and to be finished by the time he’d drunk his beer.

I bent to my task, my hair falling into the mess as I slurped it up and licked the plastic dry. I know it sounds disgusting, but it tasted like raw sex and I moved my body as I licked so that my taut nipples brushed against the chair. Neil, his voice thick, told me what a greedy piss slut I was and to make sure I got every last smelly drop. The seat dry, I sat back on my haunches, my lank hair hanging down my cheeks. Neil said that I deserved a reward and could lick out his arse. I felt a thrill of anticipation.

He knelt on the seat and reached back to pull apart his buttocks, revealing a hairy brown crinkle. His balls and cock hung down like an arrow between his legs and the hair on his thighs was all matted from sitting on the wet seat. I shuffled forward and leaned in, taking in the aroma of his body and the pungent smell of his butt. He gruffly told me to get going and to use plenty of tongue. I didn’t hesitate any longer, but began long licks from the base of his balls up over his anus and along his crack to the small of his back. It was salty and sweaty and the first few times I passed over his pucker I got a faint tang.

He growled that that was enough playing around and to get at his arse and ream him out. I circled around his anus with my tongue, applying plenty of saliva, then probed at the clenched ring. He immediately pushed back and my tongue slid in through the entry muscle. At first I was apprehensive about what I might encounter, but I was soon running my tongue around the rubbery entrance and probing deeper into the dank humid opening.

Neil was grunting and telling me to tongue fuck his hole, to chew out his arse. I obliged, reaching forward to stroke his steely rod and massage his hairy ball sac as I thrust my tongue in and out of his butt. My face was all sweaty where it was pressed up against his buttocks, and my tongue was tiring with the effort of pushing in and out of his sphincter. I pulled back to get some air and Neil looked back at me over his shoulder, telling me I sure know how to get a guy horny. Pleased, I bent to the task again, this time kissing and sucking the tender purple flesh, only occasionally probing with my tongue.

Eventually Neil stopped me, saying he really had to piss now. He climbed down from the chair and stood over me. His cock was too hard for him to piss and as we waited for it to go down, he told me he was going to wash out my mouth with his urine, wash the filth from my hair, piss on my grubby little nipples, and drench my snatch. I was panting, rubbing my clit as he talked, mouth open ready for the first jet.

Instead of taking his usual aim, Neil leant forward and grabbed me by the hair on the back of my head, pulling me onto his semi-hard dick. As soon as it was in my mouth, he started pissing, filling my mouth with hot urine and telling me to swallow it. It was pretty diluted by all the beer he’d had, and I had no trouble. After two mouthfuls, he pulled back and hosed my face and hair. Then it was on to my tits. I opened my eyes and watched as he directed the thick stream on to each pointy nipple. He told me to stop fucking frigging myself and to lean back so he could wash out my slutty cunt. I arched back and splayed out my thighs so that my pussy was fully exposed. The heavy stream of piss landed on the revealed inner lips, making me flinch with the intensity of the rush that spread through me.

I was panting and moaning, close to cumming. Neil grunted and directed the stream up and down the gash and then onto my protruding clit. My orgasm hit like a train and I let out a long high whine. I was almost loosing control and had to rest back against the tiled wall so that I didn’t collapse. Neil moved over me and, grabbing a handful of hair, tilted my face up so he could spray the last of his piss directly in my mouth. I was gasping, still going through the orgasm, and ended up spluttering as some of his urine went the wrong way down my throat. But my whole body was glowing like it does when you have a real all-over orgasm, and I just lay sprawled in the bottom of the shower, heaving and panting, glistening with urine and sweat.

Neil didn’t give me long to get my breath back, but knelt down and flopped his dick in my face, telling me that he wanted to fuck me now and to get him hard. I sucked and licked him, wondering how long it would take given that he’d drunk a lot of beer. But he responded quickly enough and even before he was fully hard he pulled away and directed me to kneel on the chair, as he had. I had barely settled, my butt pushing backwards, when he was on me, his dick battering at my labia and then finding my tunnel and burying itself deep.

I sighed in fulfilment, but he was a man on a mission and without pausing started hammering away, holding me tight at the waist. I sure like his thighs thudding into my buttocks and I could feel the shockwave rippling through my body each time. After a couple of minutes, he slowed down and started taking things a bit more leisurely. I was able to reach under my belly with one hand and get a finger on my clit, circling it as he thrust and flattened against me.

It was nice fucking, but I didn’t think I was going to cum again. I started clenching the muscles in the walls of my pussy, massaging the invader and hoping to bring on his orgasm.

But Neil hadn’t finished with the evening’s surprises. I felt his hands move from my waist to my buttocks, pulling them apart. Then I felt his fingers running up and down my crack and playing with my butt hole. I felt a digit probing, but I was tense and dry and I told him to stop before he scratched me. Neil reached forward and put a thumb against my lips, telling me to cover it in saliva. I could taste my butt on it, giving me a little sexual thrill, and I licked it like it was his cock. Then he eased his thumb out of my mouth and worked it against my anus. I felt it slide in and gasped as he pushed it relentlessly in as far as it would go.

I had a feeling of erotic fullness that was as much to do with the hard dick in my pussy as the thumb in my arse. Neil chuckled again and started sawing his thumb back and forth as he fucked me, occasionally getting me to coat it in saliva again. My cunt was now throbbing and my finger was blurring on my clit. Neil was also getting close and I could tell from his ragged breathing and jerking hips that he was going to cum. With a long grunt he pulled his dick out and wanked several long streamers of jizz onto my back and buttocks. As I felt the hot splatter and heard his gutteral moans, I also came and we ended up collapsing in a heap on the chair, then easing onto the tiled floor where we lay panting and exhausted.

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