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Suzy Loves Nicky….

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My tongue is about an inch from Nicky’s asshole. It’s such a nasty sight. The dildo is poised. It smells of my pussy, which was where it was on the journey here. That was the last thing Nicky did when we left the house. She pushed me up against the wall, produced a dildo out of fucking nowhere, and shoved it up my cunt.

I love it when she gets ideas like that. I squirmed on it all the way down here. She kept lifting up my little dress to look at it buried inside me. And to lean over and lick it as I drove.

My tongue slides around her asshole. Mmmmmmm. I love tasting ass – any ass, actually – but hers is particularly sweet. It seems like there’s always some juice there. It’s not pussy juice – I’ve got her upside down and, while she has cum already, that juice is sliding down her tight little stomach towards her tits. Her tits are red, as she’s pulling them to make them hurt. No, the juice I can taste comes from inside her pretty little butthole.

She shudders, and her sphincter winks, when my tongue passes over it. It spasms and opens up a little. I knew it would. I know her asshole real well. I’ve made it my business, my passion. I play with it any chance I get. She knows I can never get enough of it. She knows I’ll tongue it for her anytime. She just has to look at me and I’m ready to ream it out.

I don’t bother to lick my finger before I slide it in. I know she can take it. I get a little gasp from her, then she goes back to abusing her tits. When either of us are with a guy, we like it to hurt, but when we’re fucking each other, it’s different. God, I just wanna climb inside this fucking ass, it’s so perfect. My finger slides in and out of her rubbery opening. It’s just so easy, so slick. And so nasty. I could do this all day. And I’m sure she could, too.

I put the dildo in because my arm is tired holding it up. I’m lying on my stomach, you see, lying on the lid of the car’s trunk. Nicky’s head is between the front seats of my convertible. The sun is shining, we’re parked in a secluded little spot, we’re both naked, and I’m abusing her asshole with a big dildo. Perfect day.

The dildo slides in but I go gently with her – for now. She can cum with just about any contact with her ass, lucky bitch. Me, I need to get my ass thoroughly worked over and opened up before I cum. When I do, I feel like my head’s gonna come off, but I have to get roughed up to get there. Nicky’s just a total anal freak. Anything to do with her butt sends her off. So I just need to do what I’m doing now – sliding a dildo three inches into her ass – to give her a beautiful, shuddering orgasm.

She smiles up at me. A sparkle-eyed, do-it-harder-this-time smile. She’s so fucking pretty. Those deep, liquid eyes. The olive skin. The tight little body. That very talented tongue. But that’s not why I love her. I love her attitude. Her get-fucked-at-all-costs attitude. The nasty, sick things she comes up with. And then does to me. But most of all, she gets me. She knows what I like. She doesn’t question why I’m such a slutty little bitch, she just accepts it, and tries to outdo me. Competitive little whore that she is.

Her pussy is glistening with cum juice. I slide my tongue along her pussy lips to get some. She shudders again. I pull on her pussy lips with my lips. No biting – not yet. She’ll want that later. She’ll want me to bite her pussy lips, nip at her clit with my teeth, and bite her nipples to make them hurt. But not yet. I keep the dildo sliding gently into her ass, and use my other hand to pry open her pussy lips.

Ooohhh yeah, look at that. She’s gotta have the prettiest pussy in the world. So pink, so wet, so beautiful. I blow gently on it. It looks so tight, yet I’ve seen her offer it to huge guys and beg them to tear it apart with their dicks. It looks so sensitive, I can only imagine how fucking hot she must get when they’re nailing it. I extend my tongue and plunge it right in, burying myself in her cunt until I can’t breathe. She squeals, and I feel her hands pulling my hair as she holds me down on her pussy.

I push the dildo further in, just because I like to hear her scream. My tongue slides around inside the folds of her pussy, lapping up juice where it can, and scraping along her pussy walls every chance it gets. I can’t get my tongue far enough inside her. I wanna eat her from the inside out. I pull my tongue out momentarily, then plunge it back in. Then out, then in. Fucking her with my tongue. Sometimes I wish I was a guy just so I could fuck her with a real cock.

I get to the stage where her pussy’s going to be permanently cumming in little, gentle spasms for the next hour or so. I can return to it and give her a big one any time I want. Just a couple of fingers, or a quick spank of her clit, will do the trick. I know her little fuck tricks well. I move back to playing with her ass.

I love ass fucking. It’s the hottest, nastiest, dirtiest stuff to do to a girl, and I can’t stop doing it to Nicky. Sometimes we’re just walking along and I get the urge to start filling her with my fingers, just to feel the hot inside of her asshole, just to feel her ass ring tighten around my knuckle. Just to feel her butt wiggling and rotating, as an invitation to do it again, or more, or harder. Or all of them. Just to hear her scream, and squeal, and beg for a little more.

I slide the dildo down, slowly. I can see her muscles working to open herself up. She’s willing herself to relax. The dildo’s thick – I can’t get my hand around it. She has to work to fit it in. But that’s okay. She’s like me. She gets off on having to work to insert things in her ass. The dildo slides down, until only about an inch remains. I make that ten inches in her ass. Lucky little bitch. Still, she’ll do the same to me later. Even if I don’t ask her to. She’s a submissive little slut with most guys, but she likes taking me and making me do things. Which is fine. I loooove being a slave to her dirty mind. She thinks up sick things to do to me, then I let her do them. Beg her to, sometimes.

I slowly pull the dildo back up. Her asshole seems to drag along its surface, gripping tightly as if it doesn’t want to let go. I lick it as it comes up. Mmmmmm. The sweet taste of the inside of Nicky’s asshole. Can’t get enough of it. If it came in packets I’d never leave the fucking house. I think about leaving the dildo in there a couple of inches, but fuck it, I can’t resist seeing her gape. She’s left her tits alone for a minute so she can help me spread her butt. Her hands are either side of her asshole, stretching it open. As the dildo finally emerges, I can see right into her stretched-out hole. Ooohh fuuuuck, it’s the most beautiful sight on the planet.

She holds it open for me, a silent invitation to slide inside. She’s got her eyes closed and her head back, just enjoying the breeze playing around the entrance to her ass. She’s such a talented little slut. Just a few weeks since we met, and already she can gape almost as far as I can. And God knows, I’ve been fucking practicing for a looong time. I run my tongue around the rim of her ass, relishing the taste, and the twitch in her ass muscles. I slide my tongue around inside, licking the underside of her rubbery entrance. She can’t resist this, and trembles with a little climax as she releases her hold on her ass. My tongue is grabbed by her closing bung hole, and I hold it there, wiggling the tip of my tongue around to get her off again.

When she comes down off her latest cum she struggles up onto her elbows. I pull myself forward and we kiss. It’s a deep, lingering, playful kiss. She wraps one hand around the back of my head kisses my nose, my eyes, my cheeks. Then her hand snakes into my blonde hair, and she gives it a sharp tug. I open my eyes, to see her smiling and licking her lips.

“Turnaround is fair play, Suze. Get into the passenger seat.”

It’s one of my favourite fuck positions, and she knows it. In about five seconds, I’m ready. My shoulders are on the seat, with the back of my thighs resting against the backrest. So I’m facing the back of the car. Except my head is the lowest part of me – hanging off the seat and looking at the glove compartment from zero range. My feet are pressing against the top of the windshield, to lock me into position. My holes are totally exposed to her. It’s a position you can only do in an open convertible, and it’s as horny as fuck.

Nicky’s kneeling on the driver’s seat, dildo poised. I can hear her short breathing above my own. I’m holding onto the seat, and bracing myself. Because I know what she’s going to do. We did it last week on an armchair and I fucking screamed the house down. The neighbours called the cops because I sounded like I was getting fucking killed. I can’t wait to get mistreated like that again.

Nicky slides the dildo in first. Last week, it was second, but this time she’s chosen to start by opening my ass with that big rubber cock. Oh shit, it fucking stretches me. She just keeps shoving it down, doesn’t care what resistance she meets, just shoves it down until it’s embedded. Jesus, it felt fucking good on the way down. My ass could stretch to take it, but only fucking just. And that’s the way I want to be. Just about able to take what’s buried in my asshole.

She works it up and down twice, then pauses.

“Here we go, Suze. Show me what a whore is for.”

With that, she plunges it back into me hard. Fucking hard. I scream, just like she wants. She pulls it up and rams it down my butt again. I can see her bouncing on the driver’s seat with the effort it took. Christ, it feels awesome. Up and down, she fucks me with the giant dildo. She doesn’t stop, or slow down at all. She takes my screams as an invitation to do it harder. And harder. I put my hand in my mouth and scream again, muffled by my fist.

Nicky stops and kisses my ass. The dildo is buried in it again, right up to the hilt. It feels like I’m shitting a marrow, but it feels unbelievably good. This little slut knows how to take care of me. As she kisses my ass, I snake a hand out and grab at her tit, twisting it in my hand. She yelps with the pain, then giggles as she pulled away.

“Just for that, little bitch, you get part two straight away.”

Oooh, goodie. I loooove part two.

She leaves the dildo stretching my innards, and strokes my pussy, fondling my clit, and spreading my pussy juice over the lips, and across my mound. Then, without warning, she plunges her fist into my cunt.

Nicky’s tiny like me, barely five feet, and her hand isn’t big, but right then it felt like a fucking redwood inside me. She pushes it down in one fluid motion, oblivious to my screams, sliding past the dildo buried in my asshole and squeezing the membrane between her hand and the fake cock. I know how deep I am, so I knew when she stopped she was way past her wrist. She stops. I was still trying to stifle a scream, and failing. I could taste blood where I’d bitten into my knuckle when she plunged her fist in. But oh God, it felt fucking perfect.

“Ready for it, baby?”

I nodded, upside down below the dashboard. Fuck, I wish someone was filming this. Her fist felt even better than mine did, mainly because I had no control over how hard she fisted me. Or when. And I’d never fisted myself with a big dildo up my asshole. It was only a matter of time before she’d want to double fist me. I knew her sick little mind would come to that sooner or later. I couldn’t fucking wait. That one would have to go on film.

She starts alternating, just like I’d taught her. The feelings are even more intense if she pulls one out, while she shoves the other one in. They create an orgasm every time they pass. I’m cumming on each stroke, cumming so hard I get scared I’m gonna black out and miss some of it. Shit, it’s fucking unbelievable. She’s such an awesomely nasty little bitch for an eighteen-year-old.

She assaults me with fist and dildo for what seems like fucking hours. In the end I have to tap her thigh – my signal to stop – just because I’m too exhausted from screaming and cumming. She eases her fist out of my tired, happy cunt, and helps me to sit up a little. The blood drains away from my head and my vision sorts itself out. My legs hurt from the unnatural position. Now they are either side of the seat. The dildo is still up my ass.

Nicky has her hand up in front of her. She was grinning.

“Fucking Christ, that was hot! Wanna share?”

We both lick and suck the pussy juice off her hand, turning it into a hot, wet tongue kiss that seemed to last forever. Her hands are running over my stomach and tits and, despite being exhausted, I think about cumming again.

I pull away and slide around in the seat.

“ I gotta get this dildo out of my shithole, baby.”

Nicky shook her head.

“No way Suze. That dildo stays jammed up your ass while you drive home. While I lick it.”

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