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Unresistable Opportunity

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He noticed the hotel room door was open, and couldn’t resist peeking inside. He saw a woman inside, spread out on the bed, deep asleep. She was still wearing her party clothes…high heeled sandals, black stockings, a marilyn monroe-ish halter dress that barely contained her big tits.

He stood inside the doorway, debating. She was breathing heavily and evenly. She’d probablly had a lot to drink and passed out. He felt safe having a closer look.

Shutting the door quietly he walked into the room. A bottle of wine sat in a bucket, all the ice melted. He picked it up and held it to the light- it was almost empty. As he got close to the bed he saw a prescription bottle of sleeping pills on the nightstand.

He smiled to himself as he looked down at her. Those big creamy white mounds strained against the flimsy halter top of the dress. Gingerly he ran his fingertips along the rounded side of the one nearest to him. She didn’t stir.

Sitting down gently on the bed, watching her face closely for any sign of reaction, he cupped her melon sized breast and squeezed it gently. She was completely unaware. He felt his hard cock jump in his pants as he squeezed her breast again, this time reaching across to grab the other one. His hands were full of a complete strangers huge luscious tits.

He gently pulled the halter top to the sides of her breasts, exposing her nipples. Pushed over, the panels of the halter top acted like supports, squeezing her breasts together. Leaning over he filled his hands with her breasts again, sucking the nipples into his mouth. A few times he nervously glanced up to make sure she was out cold. Each time he saw that she was, and the sheer thrill of getting away with his innapropriate fondling made his cock throb and ache.

Finally he couldn’t stand it anymore, he had to free his aching dick. Standing by the bed as he undid his pants, he surveyed her stretched out frame. Her head was turned to one side, long blond hair splayed out on the pillow. Her arms were above her head, almost as if she had fallen asleep in the middle of a good stretch. Her milky tits were exposed and pressed together, framed by her red dress. He let his cock spring free as his eyes traveled down to the hem of her dress, down her slightly spread stocking clad legs, to the high heeled shoes on her small feet. He slowly stroked himself as his gaze traveled back up, resting on the hidden pussy underneath the skirt of that red dress.

Still stroking his cock lightly, he hooked a few fingers of his free hand under the hem of her dress slowly drawing it back. Precum oozed from the head of his cock as he saw stocking tops, garters….and then a completely bald pussy unencumbered by panties of any kind. He dropped the dress at her waist.

She still slept deeply. Once again he gently sat on the edge of the bed, this time by her knees. Gently he trailed his fingers over her thighs, and still she slept. Brushing his fingers over the mound of her perfectly smooth pussy didn’t rouse her either. High on the adrenaline rush of getting away with such molestation, he gently worked his hand between her thighs. Pushing lightly, he spread her thighs wide open.

Standing up again he walked to the end of the bed. Once again he just stood and gazed, stroking his cock. She was spread and exposed like a wanton whore, fast asleep. He stripped as he took in the sight, and then crawled up between her legs.

He ran his finger down her slit, finding it warm and wet. He wondered if she had been reacting to his caresses, or if another man had fucked her earlier in the evening. He decided he didn’t care.

Sliding two fingers inside her, he found she was tight. He worked a third finger in, stretching her a bit as he watched her face. Nothing. She was like a living, breathing sex doll.

Positioning himself over top of her, he slid his cock in all the way to his balls. Her wet pussy gripped him and sucked at him, the heat of her box making him throb. He hit bottom and dug in, holding himself there, revelling in the feelings overwhelming his cock. She softly grunted, ever so slowly turning her head to the other side, and then lay still again.

He lay down on top of her, enjoying the way her breasts felt mashed against his chest. He felt her weakly buck underneath him, a sound came from her throat that might have been an attempt at speech, but he didn’t care. He knew she was too far gone to wake up. All he cared about was how good she felt.

He lay there for a minute basking in the way it felt to be laying on top of this woman, with her pussy caressing his cock, not caring how she felt about it or what she wanted. He decided she wasn’t even a person to him, just a body for him to use. That thought made him harder than he had ever been in his life.

He began to stroke in her slow and deep. Each time he hit bottom she would rock and softly grunt underneath him. It felt so good, almost like he was about to start coming the whole time. But as long as he went slow the pleasure continued.

He started thinking about where he wanted to come…across her pretty face, or maybe those big tits. Maybe stain that red dress. But then he thought about coming in her pussy. He always pulled out with other girls so that he wouldn’t knock them up. But this girl didn’t even know him. She didn’t even realize he was fucking her. There was no way for her to ever know his name or what he looked like.

He could feel the come building up in his balls as he thought about coming deep inside her tight hot pussy, knocking her up. As he thought about what those big tits would look like engorged to twice that size and streaming with milk his cock started to jerk rythmically.

He pushed in as deep and as hard as he could, forcing the head of his dick right against her cervix. He groaned as he came, spurting his come directly into her womb. The sheer wrongness of it made his orgasm so intense he thought he might pass out.

When it was over he lay on top of her until his cock softened and plopped out of her with a squishy noise. He got up on shaky legs and cleaned himself up in the bathroom. As he dressed at the end of the bed he surveyed the mess that he had made. He didn’t regret it one bit. He decided to leave her just like that…spread open and leaking. No one saw him as he left the room, or wondered why he seemed so happy at dinner.

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