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Shorty and Me, A Loving Story

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It was a Sole-Proprietorship business but a girl was added after two years to answer telephones, act as receptionist and file papers. She was only five feet tall, married twelve years and built like a brick shithouse. Maybe her figure is what caused me to hire her although in total honesty it had never crossed my mind except as an afterthought. She’d been available the hours I needed her and had some experience.

My workshop and shipping were located in a large area in back and the place had a shipping dock and tiny front office. There’d been a set of photo sensors installed across the front doorway that sounded an alarm anytime anyone crossed them. There was no way a person could get in without tripping them and so added responsibilities had been given with a slight raise in salary to compensate her for the effort. She was now responsible for shipping and invoice paperwork too and it kept her a bit busier. To give her time out back, the front office hours were shortened and it gave her an hour in the backroom every working day.

A year after she’d started work I began to notice her. She always seemed to smile and yet when her husband was mentioned she seemed to change the subject. She also wore the same outfit every day. It was almost a uniform dress and never seemed to vary. When finally I asked her she told me she had a girlfriend that sold them in packages of five and they were quite durable as well as low-cost. That’s when I first noticed there was no zipper or buttons on the dresses. They were one-piece and had a narrow waist below a more than adequate bosom and for some reason I began to wonder how she got the dresses on and off. I could see that she’d never be able to pull the dress down over her hips. It wasn’t that her hips were huge because they fit her form perfectly and were quite far as anyone could see but I couldn’t see how that narrow waist could ever fit over them.

Also she seemed always to wear a bra and for her size I’d had a thought one day. I wondered if the bra was unfastened, straightened and suspended from one end if the other end would touch the floor and the overall height would be taller than she was. It was a dumb question but occupied my mind just as how she removed that dress did. I tried not to stare at her even though my mind would race with the same two questions. I was certain the bra had clasps at her back and it was that measurement clasp to clasp that seemed longer than five feet. Eventually I’d decided that five feet or sixty inches had to be too large for her bust size and the question was ridiculous although it would be interesting to know how high it would be if suspended that way.

I guess I’d decided her bra size must be at least a forty-two ‘D’ on the most conservative side. If a few inches were added for the length that held the bra’s fasteners then the height of the bra from floor could barely come to her neck.

On slow days I had to force myself to concentrate on other things in the business yet when I saw her they always seemed to force attention back to the same two questions. I began to understand that men like me were completely strange to be preoccupied with such things and yet there was some funny kind of enjoyment at it.

That’s when I first began to wonder if gals with full bodies ever feel sorry for other grown women with smaller bust sizes. Do the beautifully endowed ever think “It’s okay little girl. Perhaps someday you’ll grow into a woman and those things will be the size they should be.”?

Again my mind was busy wondering stupid things. Why wasn’t I wondering about things like cash flow or sales?

Then too I suppose it was around that time she first appeared so interesting to me as a person. I wondered what her life was all about. Was she happy? What did she and hubby do on weekends for enjoyment?

Although her bra size and personal life during that time frame commanded too much of my attention I can honestly say that sex with her was rarely if ever a topic I dwelled on.

One day we were joking as we worked and she’d asked how I’d originally thought of and developed my business. I tried to explain but it wasn’t a very good explanation I suppose and she told me she didn’t understand how folks like me came up with ideas for things that managed to be successful.

I thought about that question as we worked and in a moment of insanity I suppose I asked her the question about her dress and how it seemed impossible for her to get into or out of it.

She asked what I meant and I told her I’d noticed there were no buttons or zippers and the waist seemed too small to slip it down over her hips.

She laughed then and asked if I really wanted to know. I did.

She laughed and bent from the waist, grasped the hem of the dress on each side and slipped it upward and over her head. It was that easy and I’d never even thought of raising it over her head. I suppose her bust size had eliminated that from my mental processes and yet as she slid it up over her head I noticed her breasts compress as the waist slipped over them.

She was standing only in bra and panties holding the dress and said “Just like that.”

I couldn’t speak as I stared at her cleavage and the perfection of her body hidden so well behind that dress all the time she’d worked with me.

“What’s the matter?” she said as if she was worried for me and then she slipped the dress back on and approached.

“I’d never even thought of it going over your head.” I replied stupidly with my mind still on the perfection of her body. She was very short with perfect hips and bosom that fit her frame exactly as Aphrodite’s might it seemed.

She laughed and asked why not.

“I guess because I thought you were so large up there too.” I was still in a quandary over what I’d witnessed.

“Well I suppose I am big there too but there’s nothing to keep them in position except my bra.” and she laughed. “Do you have any more questions?”

I was just becoming aware of the walking coma I seemed to be in and said “Well with my stupidity already showing I guess there was one other thing.”

Somehow I was opening up with my stupid thoughts and explained my question about the length of the bra and she laughed again.

“Well I guess I’ve never been too embarrassed by my body although I’ve always wondered what it might be like to be taller and more like men wanted but I’m only four feet ten and my bra size is a forty-four double ‘D’ which makes me feel like a dwarf with too large a bosom. My husband used to like it although in the last few years his tastes have reversed.” she said as she worked.

“Maybe I’ll check on that height thing tonight and let you know the result in the morning unless you want me to show you right now.” she added as a tease. “I’m wearing a forty-six double ‘D’ right now because when I move around a lot it’s more comfortable and I just cinch it up a bit more in back when I slow down.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it to sound as criticism. We’ve worked together so long that I guess I’ve grown too curious.” I said and knew I was blushing.

“Not at all.” she said. “At least it’s nice to think some man is thinking of me but maybe we should put that question to bed right now. The place is closed and nobody can see so let’s do it. We only have another ten minutes to end of day and my husband is working late again tonight although I really suspect he’s found some young skinny thing that fits his current interests.” she said.

“I’m sure he hasn’t. As beautiful as you are you must be the most important thing on his mind.” I said in all honesty but she was already slipping the dress off again.

“I can’t get the bra off to stretch it out without slipping out of these shoulder straps too.” she said “But I know my husband isn’t the least concerned about me or how lonely I’ve become.”

I watched in amazement and realized the first time that I’d grown hard thinking of her and watching her. As she reached behind and unclasped her bra I watched fascinated as the cups slipped free of their content and exposed the most exciting breasts and full nipples I’d ever imagined.

“I hope I’m not embarrassing you.” she said with a bit of concern but then went on to grab one end of the bra and let it hang suspended. “Do you want to hold it against the floor and we’ll see how high it comes?”

It took me moments to realize the chance I was given and then I quickly responded although I had trouble concentrating as my eyes switched continuously between her breasts and her smiling eyes.

“I always buy the bra a bit larger but with the same cup size because sometimes my chest seems to swell and the bra gets too tight.” she added in all seriousness.

The top end of the bra came to the start of her nose and as I looked up I wondered how her breasts could remain so proud and full without sagging hugely.

“You’re right.” she said “It wouldn’t have taken much more to be as tall as I am.”

As I stood again I was still holding the end of her bra and staring at her breasts.

“Do you want to help fasten me?” she asked in what appeared to be a tease and her huge smile accented it.

“No.” I said quietly “I want to do something a lot more.”

“Oh?” she said “What does my boss have in mind?”

“Just this.” I said and wrapped my arm around her and kissed her as my hand cupped her left breast.

In a bare moment her surprise was gone and she moaned as her tongue slipped between our lips and the kiss became a seal of approval in all the best ways.

Her nipples were like hard pebbles under my thumb and our kiss lasted long minutes of sincere and growing passion.

I slipped my hand from her breast and slid it down across her perfect soft tummy and entered the hip-hugger panties she was wearing and found her wet and eager as it entered.

Her hips were working against me and then she pulled back a bit without breaking the kiss and her hand found the bulge that had grown more intense since she’d first leaned down and grabbed the hem of her dress. Her hand was alive and exploring while I felt and heard a moan developing deep within her.

“Take it out for me.” she commanded and returned to our kiss. I unbuckled the belt of the work pants I usually wore and then released the top button and my pants slid downward. I was single and hated wearing tight briefs and hated the looseness of boxers so I was always Commando.

Her hand found me and squeezed tightly then began to move from tip to base and I grew harder, if possible, as she worked and her tongue was alive in my mouth until it suddenly stretched out and grew rigid. I felt her body tighten and then a huge tremble shook her and I felt my fingers grow even wetter.

She was working my fingers and after several quick climaxes she pulled back and said “Please take me. I need you inside me now. Please hurry.”

I picked up and carried her to the couch I’d put against a back wall to use when I work late at night and don’t feel like driving home when it’s over. I put her down and then took off her panties, tossed them onto a workbench and then I lay next to her. I slipped my fingers again into her wetness and then traced her nipples and her mouth with them. I felt her hand reaching down and then she moved to position herself and slipped my head back and forth between those wet lips before pushing it back and saying “Now!”

She was tight and eager and yet I knew it hurt her a little as it slipped in past the head and I began working it slowly. She was tighter than any woman I’d known and it felt like nothing I’d known previously. After she’d relaxed she shifted from a concerned look back to the smile I’d known and she said “It’s okay now. Please give it to me.”

I was slow and careful and aware of every movement of her body and she flinched once or twice but as I moved it in and out it slowly slid deeper until finally I was fully inserted and held it there.

“Are you okay?” I asked and she smiled and wiggled her hips. “I am now.” she said

She was hungry and amazing as her body began to move and she began telling me how she felt. I’d never felt harder and never enjoyed sex more. I’m tall and eventually I held her and rolled onto my back with her above me. She put her hands on my chest, slowly pushed herself upright and looked down on me. “I like it up here.” she said and closed her eyes as she worked me by rocking forward onto her knees and then back down.

“I’ve never felt anything so big and deep. I was a virgin when we married and disappointed on our wedding night. I had never used a toy or anything more than my fingers. I masturbate a lot and even more now that my husband isn’t interested. I had a close girlfriend before we married and she showed me a toy she used all the time. It was shaped just like you are and it was large so I thought all men were large down here. On my wedding night I found my husband wasn’t and then I always thought maybe toys were always made larger than the real thing. I’m glad now that I’ve found out they aren’t. Yours feel so good and I’m going to climax a lot! Do you like it? Is it okay?”

“It’s tight and perfect like I’ve never known.” I told her truthfully and began to work with her. In moments she closed her eyes and with a huge smile she trembled and dropped hard around me. She sat a moment as her climax subsided and then we were at it again. “It’s been so long since I was taken by my husband and I’ve needed it so much. You are perfect and I could do this always. I don’t even care if my husband knows. I told you I suspected but it wasn’t true. I know he has others. I’ve found lipstick marks in his briefs many times and the shades are different and never mine. He also smells of a woman and even of her perfume. I guess he never showers after he’s with them. Two months ago I cleaned out the room that was mine for work and storage then moved in there. I bought a bed on credit and I’m paying for it every month on my credit card. I never want to go to bed with him again.”

It was okay with me and I moved back, sat up part way and then brought a breast to my lips. I nursed a nipple and then bit it a little and she shook all over again as she reached another climax. “So you don’t mind short girls with big breasts?” she said without changing rhythm.

I told her with every bit of honesty in me “I like you. I like your size and your breasts and the way you make love. I love to see and feel every climax you have and want you to have even more.”

“Will you be able to climax too?” she asked.

“I can do it easily and in fact I already would have if I wasn’t trying so hard not to do it yet.” I smiled as I gasped out the words to her.

“Why do you try not to do it?” she asked innocently.

“Because I want you to know how special you are and I want to satisfy you more than you’ve ever been. I want you to remember me and I want to do this often and as long as you’re willing.” I told her.

“Me too.” she said with that same alluring smile as she rocked and dropped again and again until she finally said “I’m ready now. I want you to climax and I want to watch you and feel it as you do. Is that okay?” she asked and grabbed my ass with both hands behind her.

I was already clamping and using her hips in my large hands and ready as soon as she began and when I felt her working me even harder I became an animal wanting to take all that I needed. I’d never known a woman I needed more.

“OMG! Sweet Heaven.” she exclaimed as she worked with me and I didn’t slow as I felt her body shiver in yet another climax but this one seemed more intense and longer than all of her previous ones. Her nails dug into my ass.

Moments passed as she began to recover and then I exploded, drove deep and held it while filling her time after time and she screamed her pleasure.

She could have screamed louder but she was trying to control it. My place was leased at the end of the building and the office next door was empty waiting for a new client so that nobody heard her but me. But her scream just made me climax longer and harder as I thought she’d drained me.

“Oh! That was so good and you’re still so hard. My husband would have been off me and half asleep by now.” she laughed.

“I feel you could keep me hard forever when looking at me while you’re naked.” I said and showed how much I appreciated her with a kiss to each nipple and then her mouth.

“When we first married my husband made me use my mouth to clean him every time. After I slowly adjusted to his taste I liked it and I’ve missed it. Is it okay if I…?” and she moved to my side and then sat up and moved lower on me. I felt her hand first and then her tongue before I finally felt her lips and as I glanced down she was looking up at me with those same smiling eyes. She seemed to enjoy all of me and although I’d been hard I felt it swelling even more as she pulled away and said “I can feel your pulse. You have a strong heart boss.” then she returned to her task and continued until she was satisfied.

“That was good!” she said. “Maybe sometime if you want then I could do something more for you that way.” and I smiled at her impish grin. “Actually it wouldn’t be right not to handle my boss’s needs. Do you want to try something else? I can lean against the arm of the couch.”

Without my answering she stood and took a position bending over the arm of the couch. She slapped her one cheek behind then laughed and said “You can spank it if you want. The husband never sees it.”

I could barely endure the time it took to stand and rush behind her. I was already hard but if I hadn’t been it would only have been an instant before I got that way as I saw her cute bottom in front of me. I moved closer and she reached under then pulled me into position and worked me until I was wet enough to be lubricated for entry.

I smiled and then spanked her ass twice and told her “Let’s get on with it Lil Doggie. Show me what you can do.”

I heard her giggle for the first time and then she was off as I took short strokes and slowly entered deeper. I was only in a couple of inches when she said “Stop! Right there! That’s so good.”

And so I began pounding into her with my hands locked on her hips so that I short stroked the spot she was indicating.

“Faster!” she said and then “OMG! That’s good. I don’t know what you’re doing but don’t stop. Yes! Yes! Yes!”

In a moment I felt her body stiffen and then begin shaking as if it was her first time but then it continued for more than a minute and she was completely lost in the moment. I listened to her moans and wet sounds as her hips rotated again and again. Her moaning continued to grow more intense as she worked.

Finally when she slowed and managed to catch her breath I heard her saying “I don’t know what that was but I’ve never felt anything like it before. I couldn’t stop shaking or wanting more. It was incredible and lasted longer than I’d known it could. It kept coming and coming. It began deep inside me and just took control of me. I’ve never known anything could be so good.”

Then there was a long pause before she said “Okay let’s get going again.”

I suppose I surprised her because I didn’t drive deeper but repeated everything I’d done before and then I heard her say “If you keep that up it’s going to happen again.” and I just said “Good!”

“Damn! I can feel it again. You do things to me I don’t understand.” and then her body was shaking and her ass was working for even more and I gave it to her without moving deeper. That climax was even more intense and lasted longer than the one from moments before.

I’d been so turned on knowing that I was pleasing her that I’d almost climaxed each time yet somehow managed to hold it back but after her second I left it in and held it for perhaps five minutes before she was ready again and said with a soft smile “Okay but this time slide it deeper. I don’t think my mind can take another one of those right away and besides I want to feel you nested deep inside me.”

She was wet enough that I had no problem but took my time slipping in until finally I bottomed and felt her warm flesh pressing firmly against me. In moments she was moving and seating it comfortably and then we began in complete desperation.

I’d never had a woman of such beauty and intrigue nor one that was so sexually open with me in both need and speech.

I did manage to slap her beautiful ass at least twice and with each slap she seemed even more interested I thought. I know I was.

When finally I’d climaxed too long and hard and recovered it was after eight when I suggested a shower. “Do you mean together?” she asked innocently and when I nodded she told me she’d never showered with a man before. I made up then for what she’d been missing.

I’d installed the shower in the rest room a year earlier after spending a few nights working so late the I hadn’t gone home but felt need of removing the sweat for the next morning.

Again I can say I’d never before experienced anything like that afternoon and evening. After the shower we dressed and I walked her to her car. I told her I’d follow her home to make certain she’d get there safely and then she made me promise not to stop when she pulled into her driveway at home. I agreed although I waved through the window as we turned down her street.

I had trouble sleeping as I remembered the long period of activity that day and relived it in my mind over and over again. It was difficult for me waiting for our next day to begin.

I was tired from lack of sleep but arrived at work earlier than usual next morning. Her car was already there.

I unlocked the door, entered and locked it again. We wouldn’t open for business for more than an hour yet.

As I walked into the back I saw her preparing coffee and walked up behind her. “You’re in awfully early this morning.” I said with what I thought was lighthearted speech.

She didn’t turn around. “I couldn’t sleep and came in just after my husband went to work.”

When I stood without answering she said “I’m sorry. You can fire me and I won’t make a scene.”

“Fire you? Why would I fire you?” I asked and she still hadn’t turned around.

“For taking advantage of you yesterday. I know I shouldn’t have done all that and it isn’t good for people working together to be that way.” she added.

I reached out and turned her around. Her eyes were wet and she was crying softly. “It was exactly what I wanted and needed. I’ve been hoping you wouldn’t hate me.” I added quietly.

“Hate you? I couldn’t hate you. You made me feel like I’ve never known before and thought I’d never feel. I wanted you and still do but I know it will get in the way of your business.” she said apologetically.

I kissed her then and in a moment things got better and she returned the kiss. “We’ll work through any problems that might come up but I don’t think there’ll ever be any.” I told her.

“So it’s okay?” she asked as she wiped away the tears.

I hugged her and poured her some coffee then smiled as I offered it to her “I thought about you all last night and more this morning. I don’t want it to end and I want to see you even more if we can.” and then I cupped her breast and leaned down then kissed it thorough her dress.

She took a sip of coffee and then her smile returned and with another impish gleam in her eye she said “It’s more than an hour before we open. I think I know what we can do?”

“What?” I asked and she lifted her dress again and tossed it onto the couch then added “Take it out.”

“Will we have time to dress if we do it now?” I asked curiously.

“I only have to slip the dress over my head and you don’t have to do anything except take it out then lower your pants a little.”

I did as she told me and in a moment she smiled and said “I told you there was something else I could do in a certain way.” and she pushed me down to sit on the couch then took a position on her knees next to me and lowered her head. In a moment she was busy and paused only moments as she caught her breath.

“You don’t hold back. I want it all. I want to be able to taste it all day and I’ve always wanted to do it this way and feel it across my tongue and deep again in my throat.”

I slipped my hand under a cup of her bra then thought about it and slid the other side upward to join it and felt her nipples hard again as she worked. Her warm breasts felt good cupped in my hands and then she too was cupping and slid my balls forward with one hand as her other celebrated my length.. It was a morning to remember and I didn’t hold back.

She hadn’t worn her hip-huggers either and was naked except for her bra pushed high and her sandals.

When finally I filled her she was eager and almost gluttonous in her efforts. Then afterwards she took her time cleaning before cupping it against her cheek and smiling at me. “That was good. I didn’t want to lose a drop and I almost did. Do you think we can make it through the day?”

I smiled in satisfaction and told her we’d take a ninety minute lunch from now on and see what we could do about it.

“Can you smell me?” she asked. “I’m drenched.”

I reached down, cupped my fingers and swept them through her before bringing them to my lips and tasting them “It has your scent and the sweetest taste there is.” I told her honestly as I licked them clean. “You’d better prepare for it this afternoon because when the place closes I intend to return the favor you just gave me.”

She squealed and said “Promise? I’ve never had that before but I read that a girls really like it.” she said.

“And so does a man.” and winked as I returned her smile.

“I’ll have to clean up but every time I think of what you just said I’ll have to return and dry it all again.” she told me.

“I’ll take care of the front while you’re busy.” I told her and tried to look as much an imp as she could.

I didn’t wait until afternoon but had her for my lunch and took almost a full hour before letting her clean up. She was completely docile and loving the remainder of the afternoon and I was instantly hungry for her again as she finished her drying effort after lunch.

That afternoon was every bit as magical as the previous had been and we worked at it until almost nine. I ordered pizza delivered and we sat naked again after I’d paid the guy and undressed again. Seeing her nakedness was and still is the most exciting time of my life.

In the following months we developed our talents in everything sexual and personal between us.

She is divorced from him now and he is free to pursue anyone else he likes.

Since she came to work with me the business has increased tenfold and the profits have followed. I’ve leased the empty space next door and added a bit more automation so that only the two of us are required to still run the business. We have plans to marry in two months after waiting almost two years since the decree was final. We are still as hot today as that first time and I don’t see it every cooling. She is still my favorite ‘little scamp’, a name I gave her that second afternoon.

She is also now thinking seriously of starting a family but says “My tits are going to grow and start to sag and I’m going to look like a bowling ball with feet.”

I was a bottle baby and it will be great to finally taste the sweetness of a mother’s milk and bowling is my favorite sport… I even know where my three fingers fit the ball.

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