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Kevin Surrenders

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My eighteenth birthday party was a momentous occasion; it happened to be the day when I realized I craved to have some sweet, young guy fill my mouth with cum so I could savor it before, slowly, swallowing. The catalyst, I believe, had been “Hoover’s” marathon, cock sucking demonstration.

My slightly older brother, along with some friends, were on short training course at a military base.

Upon their return, they spoke incessantly about what I thought had been an absolutely fantastic feat, performed by a young cadet they’d nicknamed, “Hoover”.

“Hoover”, they’d excitedly relate, came into their barracks, the morning they arrived, and sucked them off- all twelve of them. They didn’t know how many others he might have already done.

Whenever they’d argue about which of them had dumped the biggest load in “Hoover’s” mouth, my cock would squirm and bounce trying to bust out of my pants; I’d have to trap it between my thighs so they couldn’t see it. They never said whether they had lined up, or not; but in my mind’s eye they had.

Imagining myself as “Hoover”, swallowing the previous cadet’s hot cum, as a line-up of nineteen year-old hunks, displaying a smörgåsbord of cocks, waited for me to blow them, my dick would be raw from jerking off; my goal was to, one day, break “Hoover’s” admirable record.

That exclusively male, sexual episode raised some perplexing questions. Considering that my brother and his friends were openly discussing gay activity, I wondered about them. Was it okay for straight guys to let gay guys suck them off. When is homosexual activity not homosexual activity, I wondered.

Upon turning Nineteen, I was amazed that I was still alive. There’d been countless occasions when I’d felt I couldn’t go on being gay and alone in a world dominated by heterosexuals.

I had suffered through many years of fear, confusion, denial, shame and loss of normal enjoyment of youth because of my inability to fully participate is so many activities. Whenever possible I avoided contact sports. No way could I swim naked with other guys. I couldn’t be anywhere near a nude guy without my dick springing up so fast he’d have to run for his life. If you could imagine diving into a pool of dirty oil and other disgusting gunk you’d understand what it was like to swim in a canal. No cautious person would ever have considered swimming in that cesspool. That was the reason we – me excepted, of course – were able to cavort there, totally naked, in complete privacy.

A carpet of oil slick,. from the numerous ships that used the canal, coated the already filthy water. Prior to diving into it, it was necessary to throw a large rock in, first. The oil,then,having been temporarily dispersed, they would quickly dive into the “clean” opening. I desperately wanted to join them, but I falsely claim I had no desire to swim in all that filth.

“Your such a fuckin’ dork,” They’d say. And I could only wish there were some way it could have been explained.

They’d drive me crazy, once they’d emerged and tried to remove the oily crap from their body. Forming a thumb and index finger circle, they’d, sensually, squeegee the slick from their cock. “Yer hands clean, Kev?” Lornie would shout, laughing hilariously. Then, without fail, Norm would cause my dick to jump wildly, every time he’d say, “Kevie, if it’s not too much touble, do you think I could have mine sucked off?” I wished I could have blown all of them; but, especially, I wanted to drink Tony’s cream .

I began to understand the real meaning of being gay when I realized how madly in love I was with Tony DiStasio. Although, as friends, we were practically inseparable, I don’t think he had the slightest inkling of how desperately I wanted to suck his cock. The moment I’d see him step out of his underwear, exposing his long, uncut cock, mine would transform itself into a rod of solid steel. Then, my heart would pound so violently I’d wondered if any of them could hear it.

Four of us, all in our early twenties, including: Tony , Lornie, Norman and me, rented a cottage each summer in the Mountains; about an hour’s drive from Montreal. Often, friends would arrive to over-night. With only four bedrooms it was usually necessary for one, or more, of us to share our bed with a guest. It didn’t bother me at all if a girl slept with Tony, but if he was with a guy I’d be unable to sleep, wondering if they were fucking around. Motionless, I’d listen to their unintelligible murmurings, straining to hear anything that sounded like sexual activity.

At summer’s end, Tony and I had returned to close the cottage. We wouldn’t be returning to the same place, so we had already moved most of our stuff back to the city. Amongst a few other things, there now remained only one bed that still had sheets and blankets. Tony and I would be sleeping together. It would be difficult for me. Actually, I was terrified that I might touch him in my sleep. And my terror intensified when he shed all his clothes – including his underwear – and, with his long dick swinging, like the pendulum in Big Ben, got into the bed.

It was the worst night of my life. I was afraid to sleep – God only knows where I got the willpower to prevent myself from tonguing every centimeter of him. But, as hard as I tried to keep awake, I couldn’t.

I didn’t know if I was hallucinating, but Tony was kneeling over me, rubbing his cock head across my lips, asking me. “Do you want me to cum in your mouth?” I wasn’t dreaming, though, when he turned onto his side and placed his arm over me. I stiffened, momentarily, then began to shake uncontrollably; I wasn’t sure, but it felt like his erection was poking at my ass. Believing that he was ,finally, making a move on me caused ass muscle to spasm wildly.

His hand moved slowly along my stomach toward my dick. I pressed my ass against him. I wanted him so badly. I wanted to love him passionately, Deep kiss him. Lick his face. Suck his cock – anything he wanted. Unable to contain myself any longer I turned to face him. He mumbled incoherently before rolling over, again, to snore noisily. When I returned to the bedroom – after jerking off in the kitchen – I craved my face in his crotch and wondered what his reaction might be if I simply helped myself to his body. What if I spread his buns and licked his butt, would that excite him enough that he wouldn’t be able to resist. Would he pretend he was still asleep and let me blow him; it would be so easy for him.

He was snoring softly, when I moved closer and touched him with my knee. There being no response, I moved closer, still, till I pressed firmly against him. I was ecstatic when, responding to the pressure of my knees against the back of his legs, he allowed me to spoon.

I thought the gates of Heaven had opened when my hard cock slipped between his warm cheeks. Nerves, I didn’t even know I possessed, danced wildly when I kissed the soft down on the back of his neck. Lovingly, I placed my arm over him and, believing his deep sigh expressed desire, excitedly reached for his cock; he grunted, then, once again, rolled onto his stomach to resume his normal, steady breathing. He hadn’t been awake, at all.

I couldn’t imagine ever having a better opportunity but I just couldn’t find the courage to simply roll him over and suck him. I feared that If he wasn’t receptive I might lose him as a friend – I couldn’t stand that. And maybe the others would’ve been told. Instead, I kissed him softly, numerous times, on his back and shoulders before going to the living room to sleep in an over-stuffed chair; I couldn’t trust myself to be beside him for another second. By now, I was a complete wreck.

One night, after drinking beer with the gang, I’d dropped Tony off at his house and was just pulling away when I heard a wolf-whistle. There was nobody else on the street, other than the guy I’d just passed, so naturally I was curious. I circled the block and as I neared him he waved. I thought he was someone I knew, so I pulled over to the curb and was shocked when a handsome, young stranger, boldly. got into my car.

“I’m Donnie,” he said. Then, without taking a second breath, asked, “Should we shoot over to your place?” Smiling confidently, he slid across the seat and placed his hand on my leg. I’m sure he must’ve felt me shaking and heard my nervous gulp; my legs felt so weak I wondered if I’d be able to press on the gas pedal. I couldn’t take the guy to my parents’ house, but I had keys to a portrait studio where I did free-lance work. He started undressing me the moment we got through the door; it was beyond incredible. I was so excited my precum was flowing before he’d even lowered my underwear. I began to worry seriously, though, when he undressed, also. I had no intention, whatever, of reciprocating, in any way.

I stretched out on the carpet, and he, completely nude, lied beside me. He tried to kiss me on my lips but, at that time, it was unthinkable. When he got up I thought he was pissed-off because I wouldn’t get into the kissing thing. By then, I was so horny I was about to tell him I’ll do it. But before I was able to, he lied on his stomach, between my legs, and tried to get both of my balls into his mouth. Finally having my balls in a guy’s mouth was mind boggling. “Oh, my god,” I moaned, breathlessly, “You’re making me cum.” I don’t believe he’d sucked my cock for more than fifteen seconds before I filled his mouth with cum. I had no idea of what the proper protocol was in such a situation, so I’d moaned loudly enough that he knew I was about to shoot my load. It amazed me that he’d just continued sucking me, but I was even more amazed when he swallowed it.

He positioned his ass on my dick, which by now was soft. I think he’d expected I’d get hard, again, and fuck him – it didn’t. I wouldn’t have fucked him, anyway. “Don’t cum on me.” I said, too harshly perhaps, as he sat on me, masturbating himself, while rubbing my stomach. “Don’t worry,” he said, sounding annoyed, “I won’t.” He didn’t cum at all. I think he resented my attitude; a little cum on my stomach ,certainly, would not have been a major calamity, I thought later. Thinking of my brother getting a blow-job from “Hoover”,I, now had to wonder if having let Donnie suck my cock meant I was gay. Probably not, I rationalized: I didn’t touch him. I didn’t kiss him. I didn’t fuck him. I wouldn’t even let him cum on me. Although, I wasn’t, at all, sure of what I would’ve done if he’d asked me to reciprocate; my mouth watered at the thought, but I couldn’t have sucked him, I was not gay.

That episode made me realize that it was possible Tony DiStasio wasn’t the only object of my affection, as I had thought. And though my feelings were strongest for him I had urges to be intimate with others in the gang, as well. Wolf-whistler, Donnie, also made me aware of my own needs; It hadn’t occurred to me that there might be guys who wanted to suck my cock, too. For reasons I couldn’t understand, considering that I assumed only a passive roll and wouldn’t let him cum on me, Donnie told me he was an orderly at a Montreal Hospital, working from four to midnight, and invited me to call him anytime for another session; not a very likely possibility, I thought to myself.

I was pub crawling with Lornie and we’d both drunk too much. He lived in the north end of Montreal, which would’ve meant a long bus ride. So it was normal for me to invite him to sleep over with me at my parents’ house. My brother was already asleep in the lower bunk bed. So, drunk as we were, Lornie and I managed the ladder without breaking any bones. Next morning I vaguely remembered what I thought had been a dream about Lornie’s cock. I awakened to find myself frantically humping his leg. I fell back into a sleep again only to awaken and find myself crouched down in the bed with the blankets over my head. I’d worked Lornie’s underwear down below his knees and my tongue was within inches of his very large, erect dick. I remembered how he’d jumped after I’d pulled his foreskin back and licked his extremely sensitive knob. I don’t know if I sucked him or not. I couldn’t recall anything else. I really don’t think it was a dream, though.

Finally, I concluded that drinking was hazardous to my social security. My homosexual compulsion was strongest when my brain was fucked up with alcohol. Unfortunately, it would not have been possible to hang with Tony and the gang without drinking and partying.

Somewhere, Norman had stumbled onto a recipe for dry martinis – thus, the only reason why the brain-numbing concoction was exclusively served at the going-away party for Lorne. Never before had so many become so bombed so quickly – fallen comrades were literally strewn about the house. And I suppose that was the reason so few of us went to Windsor Station for Lornie’s send off. When we got to the gate to the boarding platform, only Lornie was allowed to pass. The rest of us waved and weaved continuously until he was out of sight. I can’t remember what became of the rest of the gang, but Tony and I ended up walking home together – precisely the kind of situation I’d vowed never to let happen again.

Holding one another upright we staggered down the Windsor Street hill until we arrived in front of the main entrance to the Queen’s Hotel, where Tony boldly unzipped. “What the fuck’re you doing?” I excitedly asked.

“Gotta piss,” he mumbled, hanging on to me to keep from falling.

“Not here,” I said, grabbing his arm. “Wait, we’ll find a lane.”

“Le’ go my fuckin’ arm! Gotta piss right now.” He shouted, his hand groping in his pants.

“Gimme a fuckin’ break, Tony,” I said, pulling him after me, “ya wouldn’t have your dick out for two seconds before the cops’d be here…C’mon, we’ll find a dark spot.”

The gold-braided doorman, who’d been staring holes in us, relieved, now that we were leaving, re-placed the telephone.

I steered Tony into a lane behind the hotel, where we found a gate that opened into a dark and secluded garden. My guardian angel’s wings flapped in when Tony, leaning against a tree and swaying from side to side, tried desperately to find the opening in his underwear. “Aw fuck,” he whined, “I can’t get my cock out, Kev, I’m gonna piss my pants…Aw fuuuck.”

“Let me do it,” I said, steadying him with my arm as I probed in his underwear.

“Aw, fuck, Kev, hurry it up.” He shouted.

“Will ya be quiet for fuck’s sake; you’re gonna wake the whole fuckin’ neighborhood. Hold still,” I ordered, and succeeded in fishing the long cock out, just in time.

I literally drooled when I eased the long foreskin back and lovingly admired the magnificent cock. With his arm across my shoulder and mine around his back, I hugged and supported him while directing his heavy stream. And, although it seemed he’d never stop pissing, I didn’t mind. I hung onto his cock long after he’d finished. I was so excited I thought my legs were going to buckle. The urge to kiss him and slop my tongue around in his mouth was overwhelming, but I dared not take a chance.

“Guy’s gotta be real close to help out a buddy like this, Kevie, ol’ buddy…yer my Bes’ frien’, Kev…ya won’ tell nobody, though, huh, Kev…like, you’ll never tell the other guys about it, huh, Kev?”

“Don’t worry about it,” I assured him.

I’d much rather have sucked him till he was dry but instead, I shook his cock until the last drops had fallen. Then, wondering if I’d ever have such a golden opportunity again, I made a great ceremony of sliding the foreskin over the beautiful knob. “I gotta sit down,” he mumbled, staggering to a nearby staircase, where he passed-out. I gazed lovingly at him slouched and asleep on the stairs, and sniffed at my hand that had held his dick. I couldn’t smell anything, but I licked my fingers, anyhow. After much soul searching I stuffed his cock back into his underwear, but I couldn’t get his fly zipped. I felt a strange sense of pride in myself, knowing I’d had Tony’s cock in my hand, with his permission, and hadn’t taken advantage. Maybe I’m not gay, I thought.

I was surprised when I awoke. I hadn’t any idea of how long I’d been out, but when I opened my eyes and saw Tony’s fly still open, my sexual orientation came into question again. I shook him and called his name a couple of times, before pressing my hand against the bulge in his jeans. When he failed to respond to my touching I carefully slipped my hand into his pants, once more. It was a cool, late September night and I clearly remember how warm, smooth and soft his balls had felt. I held them for a long time while trying to muster the courage to fish his cock out again. Softly, I called to him and shook him again. Then, satisfied that he was in another dimension, I helped myself to the treasure. I pulled and kneaded it for about ten minutes, but there was no sign of life. I eased the foreskin back and admired the glistening cock head for some very long moments before convincing myself it would be okay to lightly touch it with my tongue.

I worked the skin back, and forth, licking the knob intermittently while trying to make up my mind – had I gone too far, already, I wondered? I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to blow him. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, It was just that I thought once I’d sucked a dick I’d have to accept that I was irreversibly gay. But when I looked at Tony’s angelic, sleeping face, and felt such an incredible urge to press my lips on his, I knew that what I was about to do was wrong. Ignoring my conscience, I passionately licked and kissed everywhere on his soft, smooth flesh. Then, I licked all around his knob before sucking the still-soft cock into my mouth.

I believed it was the most exciting thing I’d ever done. My dick was as hard as a rock and I wanted his to be the same. I wanted to swallow him until my nose was pressed firmly into his belly. But, even though he was still soft, it went too deeply into my throat, causing me to almost throw up.

I didn’t dare to lower his pants, so it was very difficult to get at his balls. Holding them, of course, wasn’t a problem, but I wanted desperately to suck them. I rubbed the skin under his balls and worked my fingers back until I’d touched his ass. I couldn’t believe I’d actually inserted my finger into a guy’s asshole. It was incredibly exciting for me – and for him, too, I guessed. The moment his body shook, I quickly, though reluctantly, withdrew my finger. It seemed I’d licked and sucked him forever, trying to get his dick hard, but unfortunately, the martinis caught up with me again – I faded too quickly to get his dick back into his jeans.

The sky was getting bright when I awoke. Tony was still sleeping. After shaking him several times, he finally opened his eyes. He must’ve awakened some time during the night – he was zipped.

“Ahh, shit,” he moaned, holding his head in both hands, “I’m fuckin’ dyin’. Where the fuck are we? Mama mia.”

“We’re in a back yard behind the Queen’s Hotel.”

“How the fuck’d we end up in here?”

“I had to get you off the street before Commander Blockhead could call the cops.”

“Oh, fuck, I got no idea what yer talking about.”

“You were gonna piss right out in the open on Windsor Street – right in front of the Queen’s main entrance, no less,” I told him, managing a laugh.

“Oh, God…oh my God…my head’s fuckin’ splitting,” Tony moaned again, still holding his aching head. “That musta been some fuckin’ party,” he said, staggering when he tried to get up. He sat down, again, and I thought I was going to die when he unzipped and reached into his pants. Am I going to be treated to another water show, I wondered.

‘What’s happening, here?’ I wondered, again shaking with excitement, and ready to do whatever he asked of me.

“Fuck, I’ve got a problem with both heads…my foreskin slipped back, somehow, and my knob is hurting.” he said, as he eased the skin forward, once more. “Don’t think that ever happened before; must’ve had a ragin’ hard on while I was zonked-out.” Tony’s quizzical expression scared me a bit. I wondered if he knew I was responsible .

“Yeah, Tony, it was some fucking party,” I assured him.

“Never again…never, never, never…no more martinis. Who’s dumb idea was that?”

“Corson’s,” I told him.

“He’s a dumb fuck.” Tony remarked.

Walking home, I could think of nothing other than the fact that I’d had Tony’s cock in my mouth and my finger deep in his ass – I was walking on clouds. Of course, I had to keep one hand in my pocket. Until now, I had never touched a guy unless I’d been drinking. So, naturally, I thought I could count on being heterosexual so long as I didn’t get too intoxicated. Just knowing that was a tremendous relief. And, although I couldn’t ever be near Tony without getting a hard on, I hadn’t touched anyone else’s dick since I’d tried to suck him off the night of Lorne’s going-away party – eight months earlier.

It was bad news and good news when my theory was shot to hell. Bad, because it shook me up to find that I was gay even when I was completely sober. But it was good, because the guy was definitely cruising me. I was sitting on a bench in front of my locker, having just returned from the showers, and was about to pull on my sock when I noticed he was staring at me. I was already feeling pleasant sensations in my dick, and knew that if he started taking off his underwear it would spring to attention immediately. Furtively, I raised my eyes to watch him and felt great, knowing that gorgeous hunk was definitely appraising me.

He was older than me, probably in his late twenties, very good-looking. His military hair-cut reminded me of my sister’s G. I. Joe doll I’d secretly undressed on many occasions. If I remember well, the doll had nothing in front, but a very memorable behind. When I looked at him again our eyes momentarily locked. I knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt, he wanted to get at me, but I was scared of getting involved, in that way, with somebody at the gym – maybe he knew me, even though I was sure I didn’t know him. Maybe I could act like I’m a straight guy who didn’t mind letting another guy do things to him, once in a while, I thought. Maybe if I didn’t reciprocate he wouldn’t think I was gay. He wouldn’t bother telling anybody else about it. I hoped he couldn’t see how nervous I was when I wrapped myself in my towel, dropped my underwear, and returned to the showers.

I made the adjusting of the water temperature to be a major and exacting science in order to buy time until he’d arrived. I stood in the spray, facing the wall. Another shower, very close to me, was turned on. I had expected him to approach me and make arrangements to meet somewhere, later. It happened so quickly that I couldn’t believe it. Suddenly, he was on his knees in front of me. His hands placed firmly on my ass, he pulled me to him and sucked my cock into his mouth until his nose was buried in my wet, pubic hair. Despite the noise from the two showers, I was able to clearly hear his loud slurping and gulping sounds. With his face pounding against my abdomen, he moaned deliriously. My knob being massaged in his throat caused my legs to shake so badly that I had to stretch out my arms to lean on the wall.

He squeezed my buttocks so hard it hurt. He’d swallowed every centimeter I had, yet he craved even more. When I couldn’t hold back any longer and my cum began pumping into him I feared my fingernails were going to puncture his shoulder. Even before I’d re-gained my composure, he was gone. Neither of us had spoken. I closed both showers while thanking God that nobody else had entered during my moment of glory. For a long time, though, I wondered if anyone else knew what I had done that afternoon. I wondered, too, if G. I. Joe believed I was straight?

I wished there were someone I could talk to – maybe a gay guy. If I could be sufficiently satisfied just by allowing guys like Donnie, or G. I. to suck me, once in a while, maybe I could be convinced that I was mostly straight. Deep down I knew, though, I’d never be able to conquer my urges to completely devour Tony DiStasio – that was my goal.

I swore I’d throttle the next person who asked what was wrong with me. It especially disturbed me whenever Tony asked. He was my major problem but I couldn’t tell him that. I needed someone to love, and someone to love me – openly. I needed somebody with whom I could be shamelessly intimate. I needed Tony’s dick; I needed to taste his cum; I needed to try a sixty-nine with him; I needed to feel his big knob popping into my ass; I needed all of those things.

After successfully talking myself out of it for more than three weeks, I returned to the gym at the same time my G. I. Joe had been there. Five afternoons, in succession, I waited for several hours, but he didn’t show up. I wanted someone, so badly, to suck my dick, that every hour had seemed an eternity. And, during all that time, nobody else had showed any interest in me – that I was aware of, anyway.

By nights, I drove up and down on Fortune Street – where Tony lived – hoping to hear Donnie’s wolf-whistle, again. I didn’t even know if that was where Donnie lived. Perhaps he had only been visiting with someone in the area. I hoped Tony hadn’t seen me. Although I didn’t think It would ever happen, I stopped at an ice-cream parlour and used the public telephone to call the hospital. Donnie, unfortunately, was not working that shift – ‘It’s jerk off time,’ I thought.

Sober, horny and pissed off, beyond words, I shifted irritably from cheek to cheek on the tavern chair, praying that Norm would finally fuck off. I had lost count of the number of times he’d looked up at the clock, in disbelief, giving us that, “Oh, my God, I had no idea how late it is. I gotta get the fuck out here, guys,” he’d repeat, then add, “gotta be at the gym for six o’fuckin’ clock in the morning.” You’d expect him to leave, but no, he’d order another beer.

It wasn’t that I had anything against Norm- in fact, I liked him. It was just that I wanted to be alone with Tony when I drove him home. But, if Norm stayed until the last call he’d want a lift, too. My problem, logistics obliged me to drop Tony off first; otherwise, eyebrows would have been raised- especially Tony’s.

“You goin’ right home, Kev,” Tony asked.

“Guess so,” I said without enthusiasm. I’d hoped Tony wouldn’t have asked before Corson had left.

“I’ll wait for you, then, Okay?” “Ya, sure, just say when.”

Hey, Barclay, ya can give me a lift, too, Huh,” Corson asked, looking again at his watch. The shit disturber knew how much I hated it when he called me by my last name. “I’ll be ready whenever you guys are -”

“If you keep calling me by my last name, Corson, and you can slide home on your ass,” I told him, angrily. I was glad he’d given justification for my rotten mood. ” Sorry, Kevin,” sarcastically, “Will ya please give me a ride home; please, Kevin?”

During the drive Tony gave a very humorous account of one of his recent sexual conquests. Norman laughed throughout, but after Tony had gotten out and we were at Corson’s door, I couldn’t believe Norman’s reaction. “…Oh, ya, I’ll bet,” he said, rolling his eyes skyward, “We s’posed to believe all that bullshit? You’d think he had to beat the broads off with a stick…ya don’t really believe he gets all that ass, do ya?” “More, ” I answered quickly, “much more.” Although Tony did tend to exaggerate a little, in that area, I sure as hell wasn’t about to agree with Norman – especially since he’d fucked up my date, so to speak. “Tony is really a very good-looking guy, ya know. And he’s incredibly charming when girls are around. I’ve been with him is nightclubs when gorgeous broads were fighting to dance with him,” I lied. Then I went on to relate story after story of Tony’s one-niters – I drove Norm nuts.

“Ya, well I sure wish I knew his shtick, but I sure as fuck wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of -” “Maybe his talent is in his pants,” I interrupted, laughing annoyingly.

“That’s it, huh, his big cock?”

“I don’t know…I’m sure it’s more than that…Anyhow, ” I said, shifting into gear, “I’m not gonna lose any sleep over Tony DiStasio’s fuckin’ techniques; ‘nite, Norm.”

I had no idea of what was happening when he reached over, cut the engine and took the keys from the ignition. “Heh! What the fuck ya doing, y’asshole? Gimme the god-damned keys.” I demanded.

“Let’s shoot the shit for a little while, Ya mind?

“What about your six o’fuckin’ clock in the morning bit?” I reminded him sarcastically.

“Ya, but, like, this is more important,. Like.”

“And, if I say it’s too late, what’re ya gonna do, run away with my fuckin’ keys?”

“Sure,” he said, taunting me by shaking the keys in my face, “no point takin’ them, otherwise, huh?”

“So, what’s so fuckin’ important?” I asked, trying to surprise him with a sudden grab for the keys..

“Ya gotta be a lot faster than that, ol’ buddy,” he said laughing. “These are my insurance policy.” Then, grinning, he blatantly rubbed his crotch, and sighed, “Let’s talk about sex.”

“So, it’s all about Tony, huh?” I tried to sound annoyed despite the pleasant tingling I felt in my dick.

“Is it really his cock size, I mean, is that what gets ‘im all his broads?” He asked, grinning annoyingly.

“Fuck, man, I don’t know…maybe it’s his tongue size,” I said with sarcasm.

“Honest, Kev, how big is it when he’s in full stride?”

“His tongue?”

“Ya, sure, his tongue, he said, raising me to a higher sexual plateau by, again, massaging the outline in his pants. “Don’t fuck around, Kev ya know fuckin’ well, I’m talkin’ about his cock…like, when he’s real horny…is it bigger than normal?” He asked, as though I was an authority on the male anatomy – DiStasio’s in particular.

“How in the name of fuck do you expect me to know that?” I snapped, wondering if he somehow knew of my feelings for Tony. I hadn’t really lied, though; when I sucked on Tony’s dick, the night of Lornie’s party, Tony had been drunk and hadn’t gotten hard. “You’ve seen him naked often enough at the canal, why the fuck’re y’asking me?”

“So, I never saw him with a boner, man…I just thought maybe you -”

“Up yer ass, Corson!” I shouted at him. “Yer always askin’ me personal shit about DiStasio…Ya think were fuckin’ lovers, or, like, fuck, man, I’m getting’ – ” “Ya don’t hafta get all uptight, man,” he interrupted, “I was only tryin’ ta solve my own problem, man…that’s all, okay?” “I’m not all uptight,” I said softly, now trying to hide my aggravation. “It’s only, like, I can’t understand how the size of DiStasio’s hard dick could…could – ”

“I’m only tryin’ to figure out how he gets all the broads, like he does,” he interrupted. “Like, I wanna know what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I get lucky? Ya know, like, man, I dunno if it’s them, or me,” he said unconvincingly. Then, smiling sensuously and rubbing himself, again, he added, “Man, I feel so fuckin’ horny, right now, I could hump yer tail-pipe.” I wondered if that could’ve been translated into, I want to fuck your ass. I was completely confused and I felt extremely uncomfortable – not to mention, rock-hard. Turning away from his gaze, I stared vacantly into the silent darkness of the deserted street, hoping my brain would apply a brake to my runaway libido before I made a fool of myself..

Norm was a very attractive six-foot-two, twenty-one-year-old with chestnut, brown, auburn streaked hair. He had hazel-coloured eyes and a ripped body that begged to be licked all over. His day job was at a local gym, but I’m sure he made a lot more modeling swim-wear. Ogling his naked body at the canal was one of my favourite pastimes. Of course, I’d never seen him erect, but his long, uncut cock promised great joy, indeed.. Why, I wondered, was he trying to make me believe he couldn’t get girls, when I knew, for a fact, that he was enviably popular with the opposite sex. What was he up to? Was he bi, and coming on to me? Or, had he heard rumors about me and was just testing the water?

“Tell me the truth, Kev, “he said, breaking the silence and scaring the shit out of me with wondering about what was coming next. “Really be honest with me, okay…tell me what ya really think,” he said, punching my arm to get my full attention. “Gimme yer honest opinion, Kev, like, how do I compare?”

“What the fuck!” I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. He was waving his long, floppy cock at me. “Are you fuckin’ crazy’ er something?” I asked, my dick straining to break out of my jeans, what if somebody sees ya?”

“Don’t get yer nuts in a twist,” he said, grinning, as he playfully worked the key ring over his knob. Then, beaming with pride, he stretched his foreskin and shook it till the keys dropped and became lost in thick pubic hair. “It’s dark…nobody can see us in here. Anyways, only perverts’d be out at this time of night.”

“I’m a little more than curios to know why my keys are around your cock,” I said, exasperated.

“It’s my cock-ring,” he answered, laughing foolishly.

“If you’re intendin’ to jerk off,” I said, my voice cracking with excitement, “don’t get anything on the upholstery…cum stains never come out, ya know.” I couldn’t believe I’d said something so dumb. It was just because of nervous excitement, I supposed.

“I’m not gonna jerk off. I’m gonna get it real hard…jus’ fer you, Kevie,” he explained while shaking the flopping cock vigorously. I was almost a basket case, by now, wondering what he’d meant by that. “I want ya to see, like, first hand, what a dangerous weapon I got. I think I’m positive I got a hell-of-a-lot more than yer frien’ Tony. Whenever his foreskin was pulled back, and his large, glistening dick head was uncovered, my urge to lick it was so strong that every nerve in my body was jumping. “Fuck,” he mumbled, as he fumbled with the key chain. He tried every which way to get his balls, along with his dick, inside of the ring. But one ball kept eluding him, “Fuck, they don’ seem like they wanna coroperate, Kev,” he slurred, abandoning the cock ring idea.

“So, ya might as well give me my keys, then, if it’s not gonna work.”

“No way, ol’ buddy, not yet.” His dick seemed not to be cooperating, either. Stretching his foreskin to an incredible length, he muttered, “Maybe I drank too much, huh…fuck, man, I can’t believe it,” he sighed mournfully. “I wan’d so bad, like, fer ya to see it full up. I bet there was lots o’ times, like, at the canal, an ya wondered what ol’ Normie’d look like if he was real hard, huh?’ He asked, grinning accusingly. The bastard knows, I thought.

“Okay, so, will ya put that fuckin’ thing back in your pants before somebody comes along,” I said, but I prayed he wouldn’t.

“Aw, c’mon, Kev, gimme a break, huh…ya wanna see it, doncha, Kev? I swear to God, Kev, yer not gonna b’lieve yer eyes. Ya’ll see my big, ol’ poker standin’ up an’ ya’ll say, ‘Norm, there ain’t a broad on earth’d be able to ignore that big dick.’ Poor ol’ Tony’d be left jerkin’ himself in the startin’ gate…ya think, Kev?”

“How the fuck d’ya expect me to know…I never saw DiStasio hard…How many times do I hafta tell ya that? And, by the way, Mr. Big Dick, I haven’t seen you hard, yet, either.” I had been with Norman all night and knew how much beer he’d consumed. And though I still had no idea of what he was up to, I did know that he couldn’t possibly have been as trashed as he pretended to be. “C’mon, Norm, give me the fuckin’ keys, Okay? It’s late ‘n we both hafta get up early.”

“Okay, okay, take your precious keys,” he said, resignedly. I was slightly off balance when I reached to retrieve them, so it was easy for him to grasp my wrist and wrap my hand around his semi-hard cock.

I could have pulled away from him, if I’d really wanted to, but what I wanted to do was: slide his long foreskin back, lick his knob, his balls and his asshole. I wanted him to force me onto his enormous knob and ram his cock into my mouth till I was smothering in thick pubic hair. I wanted that long, hooded cobra to slither down my throat.

My hand in his, he slowly masturbated, while, with my own dick surging and pulsing, I was near to an orgasm. I couldn’t ever remember feeling hornier. Yet, when he loosened his grip, I immediately pulled my hand away.

“Aw, fuck, Kev, I was just gettin’ hard,” he whined, while seductively sliding the skin back and forth over his gleaming dick head. “Now, if ya want yer keys yer gonna hafta get ’em…with yer teeth,” he said, thrusting his abdomen upward, indicating where I’d have to go.. “I thought ya were enjoyin’ it, man, what’d ya stop for, fuck?”

I didn’t have an answer, but I felt like pounding him on the head while screaming, ‘why the fuck did you let me?’

I stared out the window, again, wondering why I couldn’t let myself just give him what he wanted. After all, I thought, it wasn’t as though I’d never touched another guy. But then, I realized that although I’d taken the active role with Lornie – if, in fact, it had actually been anything but a dream – and tony, they both had been drunk and unconscious. Norman, however, though unconvincingly pretending to be drunk, was certainly wide-awake.

Hearing him moving about, and believing he’d given up, I felt a nauseating emptiness deep in my stomach. On the verge of a panic attack, I desperately tried to think of something, anything, not too blatant, that I could do, or say, that would give him the encouragement he needed to continue trying. He didn’t know how close he was to complete success.

“Kev,” he called, softly, at first, then louder, “Kevin!”

“What?” I sullenly asked, without looking at him. I fully expected to hear him getting out of the car.

“Like, I’m awful horny, now, Kev…gotta do it myself, huh?” he mumbled forlornly. “Like, yer sure ya don’ mind, though?”

“Me? Like, mind what?” I asked, embarrassed by my loud gulp.

“Like, man, I’m gonna jerk off. Yer ab’solutely sure ya don’ wanna help, huh?” he asked, reaching out to playfully ruffle my hair. “Yer not even curious, Kev? C’mon, man, don’ be a shit I just want ya to watch,” he coaxed.

I brushed his hand away, but I couldn’t ignore what sounded like he was undressing. Turning slightly toward him, I was shocked and became extremely excited, seeing him slipping his jeans and underwear to his ankles. his irresistible, impish grin disappeared momentarily when he pulled the front of his T-shirt up and over his head. “Don’t worry, man. I won’t get anything on yer seat.

But his smooth, sculpted, sexy-as-hell chest was far more important than the upholstery, now. I couldn’t stop my body from shaking, nor could I take my eyes off of the hand that teasingly massaged the large, solid, tube of flesh that I so craved in my mouth.

“Wanna rub my nuts, like, a little bit, Kev,” he whispered while trying to grab my hand, again.

“Oh, yeah, Norm, like, all my life, man, I been just itchin’ to rub yer nuts,” I said sarcastically.

“Aw, c’mon Kev, like, it’s not a big deal…I’ll get off faster with ya holdin’ my balls,” he said, trying to grab my hand, once more. “C’mon, Kev,” he pleaded, “Nobody’ll know…like, man, I swear I’ll never say a word – fuck, Kev, ya can trust me, man.”

Now, I was convinced he was doing everything he could to get me horny and really didn’t intend to jerk off.

“Ohh, what I wouldn’t give to be able to suck my own dick,” he lamented, squeezing his shaft so tightly that his knob visibly enlarged. Then he freaked me completely when he bowed his head and managed to lick the tip of his skinned dick.

“You could do that, Kev…like, if ya wan’ed to.”

“No way. I’ve tried it…many times; I’m short by about a half- inch.”

“No, y’ass-hole;I meant mine,” he said, laughing. “Just come a little closer,” he coaxed, grinning and patting the seat.

“So yer a fuckin’ pervert, Corson,” I said, fighting the urge to oblige him. “but y’already know that, dontcha?”

“Ohh, yeah, man, like I’m one happy, horny pervert,” he drawled, continuing to tongue-brush saliva onto his knob. “Did y’ever have a hot, slippery tongue working’ over your tingling dick head. Kevie? Like, fuck, man, ya can’t imagine how fantastic it feels,” Then, straining to get his lips around his knob, he sighed, “A fuckin’ centimeter more an’ I could fuck my brains out.”

“Yeah, if ya had any,” I replied, not knowing what else to say.

“Try t’imagine it, Kev.” he said excitedly, poking me on my arm. “Try t’imagine suckin’ yer own dick…ahh, fuck, imagine, Kev, yeah, yer asshole’s twitchin’ like ya wouldn’ believe…Oh, god, yer gonna cum. Oh, yeah, yeah, yer cummin” Kev,” he panted, his body stiffening as he pretended to be in the throes of a unimaginably intense orgasm. “Ohh…ohh…yer hot, creamy juice is shootin’ Kev…it’s shooting…yer nuts’re exploding…ohh, Kev, the cum is fillin’ yer mouth…oh, yeah, man.”

Hearing my loud, involuntary gulp as I almost choked on the imaginary load, his mischievous grin exploded into a broad, victorious smile. Then he licked his lips invitingly.

My face, burning with embarrassment because I’d so obviously exposed my vulnerability, I diverted my eyes to his large pecs, then down his rippled stomach.

Again, mesmerized, I stared at his slow-moving, deliberate hand, wishing it were mine, tenderly buffing that large, gleaming knob with its own silky-smooth foreskin.

Without warning his hand lighted softly on the back of my neck. A shiver passed trough my body and my heart pounded rapidly.

“Relax.” His soothing whisper was almost inaudible as he gently urged me closer. My erection jumped when my bare arm pressed hardly against him. He was incredibly hot. It was then that I realized how much I needed him. I wanted him to possess me -body and soul. I wanted to belong to him. I wanted to surrender my body to him and be his sex slave forever.

My excitement bordered on insanity, and my head spun crazily in anticipation of my tongue being sucked into his warm, hungry mouth.

Spellbound by the glistening tongue sensually moistening slightly parted lips, I welcomed the gentle, beckoning pressure and tightly closed my eyes to float, surreally, into his passionate embrace.

The rapture I’d anticipated was increased by tenfold, when, suddenly, he brutally forced my face into his crotch; I pretended to struggle, but he only chuckled and ground my face on his genitals – his crotch smelled gloriously raunchy.

Realizing that my face was pressed against his rock-hard dick, a high voltage charge surged through me. My cock pulsed and I felt hot liquid oozing between my thighs.

Grabbing me by my hair, he jerked my head up to press his dick head against my mouth. Then, Like a madman, he humped wildly, determined to batter his monstrous knob past my tightly closed lips.

“C’mon, Kev, open yer mouth…jus’ give it a little lick, huh??”

He’d done everything I’d prayed for – and more. Why couldn’t I overcome my fears and just open my mouth to him. I wanted, so badly, to eat his cum.

“Suck it, Barclay,” he growled, “I’m gettin’ tired of yer phony, fuckin’ act.”

I was caught completely by surprise when, in a fit of anger and frustration, he yanked me up, again by the hair, to viscously whip my face, repeatedly, with his long, hard cock.

“Ow! Quit it Norm, that hurts,” I whined. But I was lying – my underwear got wetter with each loud slap.

“It wouldn’t hurt, if it was in yer mouth, ya dumb cock-teaser,” he shouted.

“Cock-teaser! This is all your doin’, asshole,” I managed to stammer despite the erotic cock-whipping.

“Yeah, sure, Barclay, all my idea…why dontcha pretend yer with yer lover- ol’ Tony? I bet his cock would’a been in yer mouth by now, huh?”

“You’re outta’ yer fuckin’ mind; he’s not my lover.”

“Aww, why don’t ya cut the crap…ya know fuckin;’ well yer dyin’ fer it; y’always wanted it, didn’cha…sure…even at the canal, huh? Oh, yeah, Barclay, y’always wan’ed my cock in yer throat, didn’cha.”

“Yer nuts, Corson, let me up,” I pleaded, still denying myself the divine prize, mere inches from my quivering lips.

“I knew fuckin’ well ya wan’ed it,” he shouted, while trying, with his fingers, to force my mouth open. “If ya don’t open yer fuckin’ mouth, buddy, yer gonna get a face full of cum, anyway,” he threatened, jerking his cock wildly.

His knob rhythmically jabbed at my lips as his fist continually hammered my mouth. My face was wet with precum and my nostrils were filled with its intoxicating aroma. During a momentary lull in his face bashing, I licked my lips and became immediately hooked on his magic elixir – I wanted to drain him.

Tightly clutching his cock to keep him in check, I licked the thin, clear juice from his dick head. And only then did I stretch my mouth, engulfing the large, slippery knob to suck for the sweet, thick mother-load.

‘At last,’ I thought ecstatically, ‘I’m actually sucking a big, beautiful, hard cock, and finally, the guy is not only fully conscious, but he’s insanely horny.’

“Ahh, Kev, that’s a whole lot better,” he sighed contentedly while gently stroking my bouncing head.

His balls, clinging tightly to his shaft, indicated he was already close to orgasm. His ass jumped from the seat and he moaned aloud when I twisted my wet lips around his large, now almost unbearably sensitive knob. When he lunged, despite my gagging, I was in Heaven and would gladly have choked on his magnificent dick.

When I pressed under his balls I felt his knob expand in my throat. Sensing his pleasure when I did that, I pressed even harder while licking the underside of his dick head. His cock pulsed and his entire body stiffened.

He raised his ass and arched his body to push more deeply into my throat. Then, pressing on my head with both hands, it seemed he wanted me to eat his nuts, too.

“Oh, yeah, Kev, Yeah, man, keep goin’ like that,” he whispered while face-fucking me faster and deeper.

I wouldn’t have been able to survive his brutal deep-throat battering had I not been anesthetized by the sheer ecstasy of the moment.

“Uhhh…uhhh…uhhh,” he grunted loudly. “Awww, Kev!…” But I was already swallowing, and had barely heard his faint whisper, “I’m cummin’, baby, I’m cummin.”

While I lied with my head in his lap, his dick softening in my mouth, and the memory of his voice softly calling me, baby, I realized how much I’d wanted him. I thought about how fortunate it had been that I had dropped Tony off first.

But, I’d feared I’d fallen in love with him without even knowing if he was gay He’d called me, baby, but he hadn’t touched me at all. ‘How can I know,’ I wondered.

“Norm, ya think ya might ever wanna do it again?” I nervously asked.

There was a long, painful silence. Then my stomach dropped when he opened the door and, without saying a word, moved to get out of the car. But I breathed a deep sigh of relief when he brushed the hard outline in my pants and, smiling broadly, whispered, “We’ll settle things tomorrow night, huh, baby?” “Oh, by the way, Norm, can I have my keys?”

Pulling away from the curb, I saw a young guy walking. I was well beyond horny and my dick still tingled where Norm had squeezed it. And though I’d never done anything so daring before, I had an irresistible urge to cruise the guy. A soft tap on the horn would get his attention. And if he was straight, I rationalized, he’d think I’d accidentally hit the horn. Or, that I’d perhaps mistaken him for someone else. But, suddenly, the late-night silence was shrilly shattered. And if Donnie’s wolf-whistle hadn’t awakened the neighbourhood, my screeching brakes surely would have.

None of the gang had been seeing much of Tony in recent months. He had almost completely abandoned the tavern and us. The last time I’d been drinking with him he told me he’d met a girl he had become quite attached to, and that they’d been spending a great deal of time together. It wasn’t something I’d wanted to hear. It was awfully strange, though, I thought, that whenever I asked about her he’d think very carefully before answering. I wondered just how well he knew her. I still felt a very strong attraction to Tony. Maybe it was only sex I wanted from him, but I just wasn’t sure about that.

Norman had suddenly turned completely weird – maybe he’d read a book on psychiatry, or something. For several months we continued having great sex together – secretly, of course. None of the other guys, to the best of my knowledge, had the slightest inkling that we were gay. Our relationship, if two guys in the closet could call it that, was monogamous – from my point of view, anyway. I couldn’t be absolutely certain about him. We were in his bedroom, one evening, when we’d had one of our hottest sessions in a long time. And though he had almost crushed me when he admitted that he saw me only as his sex slave, I had no idea that the worst was yet to come.

He was wiping my saliva and the remaining dribbles of cum from his softening dick when, showing about as much sympathy as a meter maid ticketing a Jaguar, he calmly told me, “This is the end of the homo stuff for me, Kev…hope it’s not a bummer fer ya.”

“What the fuck’re ya talkin’ about?” I asked, stunned.

“I’m outta the gay scene, man, ” he said. Then, pulling the skin foreword to cover the dick head I’d loved so dearly, he ceremoniously stuffed his dick into his pants and zipped up. Would that be the last I’d ever see of it, I wondered.

“Just like that! Just like that y’all of a sudden decide yer a born-again, full-fledged heterosexual. Fuck, man, yer cum’s still warm in my mouth an’ yer telling me, just like that, that you just suddenly decided to become straight?…Gimme a fuckin’ break, Dumbnuts.” I said, laughing derisively.

“Don’t laugh, Kev, I’m dead serious. I gave it a lot of thought…an’ I really do like ya…I like ya a whole lot, an’ it was great fun an’ all, but it’s not what I want for the rest of my life… it’d be too tough…much too tough.”

“Ya can’t just make up yer mind about something like that, y’asshole…being gay isn’t something ya just decide y’are, or y’aren’t,” I said, incredulous

“Willpower, man – it’s all ya need. It’s like quitin’ smokin’ – just takes willpower. You could do it, too, if ya really wanned to. Just convince yerself…keep tellin’ yerself yer straight. You’ll be surprised how -”

“Aw, fuck off Dumbnuts!” I shouted, cutting off his stupid advice. “It doesn’t work that way.”

Suddenly Tony DiStasio popped into my mind and I felt better – almost completely relaxed. What did that mean, I wondered?

“Anyway, Norm, if that’s how you see it, okay. We’ll still be friends, though, huh? Or maybe ya won’t want a fag around ya…is that how it’ll be, Norm?”

“Don’t be silly, Kev… just act straight when any of the other guys are around, okay?”

And, so ended my first and only homosexual love affair. My ‘boyfriend’ was no longer gay – he had decided that, himself.

For a time, after it ended with Norman , I felt very depressed. I had been loyal to him and I’d lost contact with any of the other gay guys I’d known. But I felt a whole lot better when I thought about how miserably I’d failed in trying to suppress my homosexual desires – for sure, Norm would be back.

I was sitting by myself, in the tavern, when he entered. “How’s the straight life, Norm?” I asked, perhaps somewhat sarcastically. His expression said it all. The transition wasn’t as easy as he’d told me it would be.

“It’s great…no major problems,” he said, twitching, I thought, like an ex-smoker craving a nicotine hit.

“So girls are better, huh? Or maybe ya haven’t had enough time to get back in the saddle?” I asked, laughing.

“No, I really haven’t…I’ve been pretty busy for a while, now.”

“What’ve ya been busy at – jerkin’ off? I teased.

“I’ve been doin’ a lot of modeling,” he said smugly. “I haven’t had much time to think about sex…been getting’ cruised by a lot of male models, though.”

“Ya miss me…even a little?” I asked, smiling broadly.

“I’ve thought about ya…sorta, like, in that way, from time to time,” he reluctantly admitted.

I leaned close to him and whispered, “How’d ya like to tie me up an’ punish me…maybe, kinda, whip my face with that big, ol’ cock of yours…wha’d’ya say, Normie? Like just fer ol’ times, baby.” Then, smiling knowledgeably, I reached under the table and squeezed his dick – of course, it was hard.

“Careful,” he said, quickly, pushing my hand away, “DiStasio’s coming.”

I couldn’t be sure if my erection was the result of touching Norm’s dick, or the approach of Tony.

“Ya never told him anything, huh, Kev, like about us?”

“Are you right outta your fuckin’ mind?”

“Hey, we’re all here, tonight. Haven’t been together for a while,” Tony reminded us, his teeth sparkling as he smiled.

“I’ve been working out at the gym, every day…been doin’ a lot of fashion stuff, too. And, I’ve been cuttin’ back on my drinking,” Norm reported.

“What’re you guys doin’ tomorrow?” Tony asked. “Feel like going to Second Avenue and rent a boat? We could go over to Nun’s Island. Have a swim…get some sun, wha’d’ya say, huh?”

“Hey, great, we haven’t done that for a long time,” I said, bursting with enthusiasm.

“Impossible,” Norm replied quickly.

“How come? Tony asked.

“An early shoot,” Norm explained.

“You’ll still go, though, huh, Kev?” Tony asked, imploringly, I thought.

“Sure! I replied.

But my excitement diminished when I remembered my vow never to be alone with Tony in sexually dangerous situations – being alone with him on the island definitely fell into that category. However, I thought, in this case, there being no booze there shouldn’t be any temptations.

Nuns’ Island was situated across the St. Lawrence River, opposite the City of Verdun. I believe the vegetable and dairy farm was owned and worked by The Sisters of The Congregation of Notre Dame. The shoreline was a great spot for swimming and sunning. I think one could’ve spent a week there without ever seeing a living thing – save for curious, grazing cows. We never saw a bull, and thankfully, no bull ever saw us.

I tapped lightly on the horn, in front of Tony’s house, just as the door was opening – he’d been watching for me. My ass hole twitched as I stared, wide-eyed, at the topless Adonis descending the outdoor staircase.

He was the ultimate Italian hunk. Five-foot ten, about one hundred and eighty-five pounds – all muscle. His hairy chest with the treasure trail, southbound to his secrets, was enough to raise the cock of a heterosexual dude. His lick-inviting butt barely fit into his sexy, white, short-shorts.

My eyes were riveted on his basket and, knowing very well what was in there, I wondered if I should try to come up with some excuse to get out of going. But I couldn’t; my dick had turned to granite.

“I’ve got a few beers in my bag, Kev, ya never know, huh…we might snare ourselves a couple of nuns.”

Conditions had begun to get scary. I hadn’t counted on his bringing beer.

“They’re gonna be awfully hot, don’t ya think?”

“I dunno,” he replied, laughing heartily, “I never had a nun.”

“I meant the beers.” The effects of the scents of his deodorant and after-shave were being felt all the way down to my balls.

“I wrapped them, individually, in The Herald; newspaper is supposed to be great for keeping stuff cold…didn’t yer mother tell y’anything?”

I couldn’t believe how badly I wanted him. I thought I was gonna blow my load when he pushed his hand into his shorts to sort his goodies. I wished he were driving so I’d have nothing to do but ogle him – he was gorgeous; He looked great, smelled great and, as I already knew, tasted great. How, I wondered, would I be able to keep my hands to myself- especially if I see him naked? There was the beer problem, too. I wondered if he had noticed how antsy I’d become.

“I hope we can still get a boat,” I said, trying to get my mind onto something else. “Saturdays can be pretty hectic at the boat rental.”

“We’re early enough; there shouldn’t be any problem.”

Unfortunately, all of the motorboats were gone. Tony agreed to a rowboat as long as I did the rowing. I really didn’t mind, though, it was no big deal to row from the Verdun side to the island. The exercise wouldn’t hurt, either, I thought. Besides, we saved two dollars. The motorboat would’ve cost two dollars and fifty cents.

Tony climbed aboard and sat on the stern seat. Facing him, I sat on the next seat and began rowing. Now, satisfied that we were far enough from the shoreline and with no other boats nearby, he shocked me when he wiggled out of his shorts and underwear. I didn’t know how I was going to control myself when he slid off of the seat to stretch out on the deck.

“They say it’s supposed to be healthy for ya, ya know, like, to completely expose your body to the sun, once in a while,” he told me, while spreading his legs and positioning his dick to get the greatest benefit from the sun.

“Yer gonna get yer dickie burned, man,” I managed to say coherently, despite the fact that my toes were within inches of his balls.

“I got sun stuff in my bag…I’ll put some on when we get there. We can both use it….Pass between the two big rocks, Kev,” he directed, “and go toward the back of the barn; there’s a great spot that’s really secluded. We might get a visit by the odd cow but the Nuns never go into that section.

I wished I could’ve licked his butt as he brushed past me to get to the bow. His muscles rippled so, as he hauled the boat from the water, that I wanted nothing more than to touch him everywhere.

I’d often seen him naked at the canal, but now it felt very different. Was that because we were alone – with the godam beer?

I wished that for just once I could forget about my hard cock. I was tempted to drop my pants and let him see what I’d been hiding for so long. Doing that, I thought, might relieve me of my unhealthy guilt and stress. Of course, another reason why I couldn’t ,was because I had my swimsuit on, already.

I tried, in vain, to divert my eyes from his ass when he crouched to get the suntan oil from his bag. Handing the bottle to me, he stretched out on his stomach and asked, “Ya mind doin’ my back, Kev?”

As a group we had been to the island many, many times, but it was my first time there alone with Tony. And it was the first time he’d ever asked me to apply his suntan lotion. I didn’t know what to make of it, so I was awfully nervous when I knelt beside him and, starting at his shoulders began a massaging motion.

“Get it on the back of my neck, too, Kev, but don’t get any in my hair,” he ordered. Very slowly, I continued massaging the liquid onto his back. I procrastinated by doing some spots over, and over, again. I wondered if, when I got to his buns, I’d be able to control my lust. “Ya think ya could go any faster, Kev?” he asked impatiently. Was he rushing me to his butt, I wondered. Then, excited and shaking, I poured far too much and tried to catch the excess before it ran into his ass crack ; his body reacted when I accidentally touched his hole. “Tell me that was a finger,” he said, laughing.

“I’ll answer that once I’ve smelled my fingers.”

My lube job completed, I asked, “Want a beer, now?”

“Naw, think I’ll wait a bit…maybe try to sleep for a couple of minutes, first.”

The eerie silence was broken only by the distant tinkle of a cowbell and Tony’s even breathing. It was a rare treat for me to be able gaze so intently, at his luscious, shining buttocks. ‘What would he do if I spread his cheeks and ucked his ass?’ I asked myself softly, while I rubbed the longest, hardest dick I’d ever had, in my swimsuit.

My mind wandered, as he softly snored, but always returned to my fantasy of my tongue probing his ass hole. ‘How would he react to that?’ I asked myself, once again. I was quickly brought back to reality when Tony, though still soundly sleeping, rolled onto his back, providing view that was much more to my liking.

Fearing he might awaken to catch me studying him, I took the newspaper wrapping from one of the bottles and, like a spy in a B movie, punched a pin-hole through which I could safely observe.

Through its smooth, translucent foreskin, I could clearly define the outline of his large dick head. I stared so hard that I thought my eyes were deceiving me when I saw his cock move. Though, almost imperceptibly, at first, it soon, quickly, thickened and lengthened until it outgrew the covering skin.

Involuntarily, I gulped aloud when the magnificent head, exhibiting a tiny drop of precum, emerged completely. How incredibly compelling was my desire to lick it.

Upward, as though by magic, it rose to, majestically, stand, fully, erect; then, as though in slow-motion, the long, smooth cock reclined to snuggle against his sexy, outie belly button.

It had been one of the most exciting spectacles I’d ever witnessed, and I’d have gladly given my left nut to tongue-wash him from shining knob to hot butt hole.

My mouth watered and my own knob felt as though it might explode. peering, still, through the small peep hole in my newspaper, I couldn’t know whether he was awake, or, if the spectacular show had been a gift from Mother Nature.

Anxiety and lusting had created countless butterflies in my stomach; and, my cock, being so hard for so long, was starting to hurt.

“Hey, Kev,” he called, abruptly returning me to reality.

“Ya want a beer now?” I asked, lowering the newspaper; I shook, violently, when I dropped the newspaper and saw him holding his hard cock.

“See if you can get one of those cows to come over here.” he said, provocatively sliding his hand up and down the long, solid pole.

“No way, man, I’d feel bad if you hurt her with that dangerous weapon,” I said, attempting a feeble laugh.

“Did y’ever see me all horny and hard like this, before, Kev?” he asked, grinning, as he wet his fingers and touched the tip of his dick head. “Ohh, wow!” He sighed, ecstatically.

“I don’t think…at least, I can’t remember.”

“You’re saying you could’ve seen me like this and not remember?”

His doubting grin made me incredibly nervous. “I kinda, think that, uh, yeah, like, I guess I saw it, uh, you like that once, or, maybe twice twice…ya, probably at the canal, Tony, yeah, that’s right, at the canal.” I had lied outrageously and I could tell he knew it.

“Bong!” He sounded, indicating I’d given an incorrect answer. “You never saw me like this at the canal, Kev,’ he said, laughing, “but you wanted to, huh?” He asked, while driving me up the wall by moving his soft, smooth foreskin back and forth over his slippery dick head. “Look at my pee hole, Kev, my cock’s crying.” He touched the tear and placed it on his tongue. “Umm, yeah, kevie, it’s the real thing.”

What the fuck are ya talkin’ about,?” I asked, my voice high pitched and cracking, “What’re you trying to say; I’ve got no idea what ya mean.”

Surely, I tried to convince myself, Norman wouldn’t have told him anything; anyhow, if he wants me to do him, why doesn’t he just get to the fucking point?” I asked myself, confused,nervous and embarrassed.

“Kev,” he said, twisting a wet hand gently around his knob, would ya like to swallow it…again?”

His lust filled eyes stared into mine; I shook so badly I wondered if I’d be able to speak.


“C’mon, Kev…you know you’ve gobbled my knob, before…it wasn’t hard like it is now, but you did everything you could to get it hard, huh, Kev?”

“What the fuck ya talkin’ about Tony?” I asked, indignantly, even as I stared hungrily at his emerging precum.

“Surely you remember the night of Lornie’s martini party.” he said smugly, then added, “the Garden of Eden behind the hotel – ”

“You musta been dreaming in Technicolor.” I interrupted.

“Don’t ya remember when ya saved me from pissing myself?”

He had known all along, yet, he’d said nothing. “I’m sorry, Tony. I really am,” I said, staring into the distance. “It was wrong, I know that but, Tony… I, I just couldn’t help myself… I was terribly drunk, too…you know that, don’t ya?”

” It’s okay, buddy, I’m sorry, too; I sorry I was too smashed to enjoy it.”

“Oh, my god! I must be dreaming…this can’t be real.”

“Your not dreaming, Kevie, it’s real,” he said softly, swinging his erection from side to side; then, lowering his voice to a growl, he ordered, “Get over here and suck on this; an’I wanna hear some chokin’ music to go with it.” He said, smiling from ear to ear.

“Oh, god, yes,” I shouted as I rushed to get nestled between his legs to wildly lick and suck his balls. I grabbed his cock and held on to it so that he couldn’t jerk himself, before I’d licked every exotic spot on his body.

“Suck that big cock, slave,” he ordered roughly, while pressing on my head. “C’mon, man, really suck it, I wanna cum, right now.”

Tony DiStasio, my idol, was horny and wanted to be sucked off by a gay. I hadn’t thought I’d ever see the day. I had waited too long to have him in this position and I wanted to prolong it for as long as possible – like, forever.

He raised himself when I licked the sensitive skin behind his nuts. Licking from stem to stern in his ass crack, he groaned loudly and his body stiffened whenever my tongue probed in his sweet butt hole.

“Oh, Kev, keep doin’ that…Ahh, man, that’s so fuckin’ hot.”

I in a state of euphoria,I licked and sucked his balls, wishing I could’ve eaten them.

“Suck my cock, man, yer driving me fuckin’ crazy,” he shouted, his body squirming as he tried to get his cock into my mouth.

I finally dropped my mouth over his knob to lick and slobber all over it before descending, until his cock head was as deep in my throat as I could possibly manage it. Yet, whenever I tried to back off , he’d thrust – almost choking me. His ass bounced as he recklessly fucked my mouth like a madman. “Do what you were doing before, Kev,” he pleaded, “You know, like when you were poking my ass with your tongue. I never heard of that before…man, that was hot.

“Get on your knees and elbows,” I instructed him.

His body shook continuously as I licked him, repeatedly from his balls to the bottom of his back. Whenever my tongue rested on his butt, he’d squirm and do everything possible to get it deeper into his hole.

“Push harder, man, try ‘an get it right in,” he shouted. His rear end now completely saturated, I slowly eased a couple of fingers into him. “Ohhh, my god…oh, yeah, man, that feels fuckin’ incredible,” he gasped, “get it up as far as ya can…oh, fuck, yeah, man, get yer fuckin’ elbow in.”

He wanted more. And although I was certain he’d freak, I couldn’t resist trying. I wet my knob with saliva and boldly pressed against his butt hole. Without a moment’s hesitation he backed into me and, suddenly, I was fucking DiStasio’s tight, hot ass.

It was my first time fucking a guy’s ass and I was awfully close to orgasm. Tony, breathing rapidly, was moaning non-stop.

“Kev, fuck faster…c’mon, man, fuck as fast as you can. I wanna hear loud slapping against my butt.”

I was on the brink and I knew he was, too.

“Wait,Tony; I want us to cum together,” I panted breathlessly. “I can’t hold it back much longer, man, I can feel it coming , now.”

I yanked my cock from his ass and rolled him onto his back. Then I got on top of him, grinding and squirming as our two fully primed cocks frolicked together. Amongst wild moaning and wheezing, our combined orgasms pumped an ocean of love juice between our hot, perspiring bodies.

Intoxicated by the excitement of the moment I attempted to lap every trace of cum from his stomach.

Paying no attention to what he was trying to say, I covered his mouth with mine and nothing else mattered. Then, my most incredible fantasy became reality when he bit and sucked my tongue – continuing to suck it long after our respective cocks had softened.

Although we had only drunk three beers apiece, when we got into the boat to return to the mainland, we both were mildly drunk. I laughed so much, for no obvious reason, that I couldn’t get the oars into the locks.

“Get outta the way, Kev, you’re bombed,” Tony said, taking the oars from me.

“You’d better sit on the deck before you fall overboard.”

“I can see everything you’ve got, Tony. The view from here is fantastic,” I told him, smiling from ear to ear. He was rowing and I was lying on the deck, between his legs.

“You’ve got really big balls. Did anybody ever tell you that?”


“Yeah, you do. You’ve got a big dick, too.” The outline in his shorts was growing. “You’re getting a hard on, huh?” He brought the oar blades into the boat, slipped out of his shorts and sat on the seat with his big erection inches from my mouth. I tongued his skinned knob and felt the shaft lengthening.

“Want me to lick yer butt, again?” I asked, laughing excitedly.

“Yeah!” He quickly replied as his cock seemed to add another inch. He got up to lie across the seat. Then, legs parted, he reached back to separate his buns and display his delicious butt hole. I, finally got my tongue right into his ass hole, something I had longed to. do. Often, I had fantasized massaging his prostate with my tongue – a dream that always caused my entire body to quiver uncontrollably. I managed to insert three fingers into him; he squirmed in ecstasy when touched his prostate. “Oh, my god, Kev, that’s incredible. I’m cumin’, Kev, oh, yeah, I’m gonna explode.”

“No! Don’t cum, yet…I wanna suck ya. I don’t know how may times I’ve fantasized sucking your rock-solid cock,” I told him, before swallowing his knob. It was a beautiful cock and I felt proud at having it in my throat. It was like granite. He panted and moaned. His cock jumped. I pushed my longest finger into him and gently massaged the elusive prostate, again. His body stiffened. He raised his ass, and lunged just as the moment of glory arrived.

Tony, his knob deeply in my throat, exploded violently and I became filled with his sweet cum. If it were possible, at that moment, I think I would have completely devoured him.

And for the first time, as a homosexual , I knew that my life was truly beautiful.

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