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Sherri…And Her Daughter!

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They worked together at the post office. Mike and Sherri sorted and prepared the mail. They worked early mornings and the work was dirty and heavy sometimes. But it did allow for alot of conversation and Mike got to know Sherri pretty well. They were about the same age, late 30’s but Sherri was divorced with a daughter. Mike had never been married but fell in and out of love easily.

Sherri was about 5’5″ with small boobs but she did have a great smile and a nice butt. Her brown hair was about shoulder length. She had a very open attitude towards sex and made it clear that she was always open to anything concerning sex. She was a big flirt and it was known around the office that she loved sex.

Mike loved sex as well but he was less extroverted about it. He was 5’11” and had brown hair and eyes. He was built pretty well and he was proud of his eight inch cock. He did not get to use it as much with a woman as he would have liked, but who does? He always lusted after Sherri and they flirted constantly when they worked together.

They were unloading a large container and Mike accidentally rubbed up against her. Sherri felt him and pushed back into him with her butt. She brushed his dick and it began to harden. They kept working and flirting with each other. Sherri would bend over into the container longer than she really needed to but she wanted to tease Mike. He looked at her sweet butt as she bent over and, looking around to make sure no one was watching, he leaned forward and rubbed his dick along her butt. Her butt felt so warm and smooth, Mike just moaned his approval.

Sherri smiled when she felt him rubbing his dick on her butt. She held her pose a little longer before standing up. She knew his dick was hard and wondered how long she could play with him like this. Sherri would put her hands on his hips as she moved around him while they worked. She was wet with excitement but then she was always horny. She loved sex and she loved teasing good looking men like Mike. She rarely told them no.

Mike had to take the empty equipment outside and he needed to cool off. Sherri had his dick rock hard and it was hard for him to concentrate. She was touching him and letting him rub against her and it was driving him crazy. He held his mail in front of his crotch so no one else could see his condition.

After bringing in another load of mail, Mike opened the container and began to sort it. Sherri came up and put her hand on his back while he was facing into the large container. With her other hand, she reached out squeezed his dick. She squeezed all along the length of it before letting go.

“Oooh, I see your happy to see me,” she laughed. She looked around to make sure their supervisor was not around. She admired his length and knew from experience that he was “packed” well. Mike turned red as she fondled him but loved the feeling of her hand on his dick.

“You are killing me, Sherri. My dick is about to burst,” he whispered. He was about to return the favor and squeeze her tits when he saw the supervisor coming his way. The supervisor gave him some instructions and then returned to his desk.

“That was close,” Mike said, breathing heavily. “I was just about to squeeze your tits when he came by.”

“Oh, you were, were you? Do you think you can handle me?” Sherri teased.

“You bet, I think you’d like some fun,” Mike flirted back.

They continued working and Sherri kept sneaking in a squeeze every now and then to keep Mike hard. Mike finally was able to rub his hand along her shoulder and then slipped it down to her tit. He rubbed her and squeezed her tit gently before pinching her nipple. He found her nipple hard and sticking out.

After a while, it was their break time and Mike told Sherri to meet him in the downstairs supply room. They both took a different route downstairs so no one would notice. When he got to the supply room, Mike grabbed Sherri and gave her a hot, wet kiss. He sucked on her tongue and held her close. They were rubbing and squeezing each other as their passion mounted.

“We don’t have much time,” Sherri panted. “Since I did this to you, let me take care of it for you.” With that, she sunk to her knees and unzipped his jeans. After pulling his thick dick out of his pants, she proceeded to lick the entire cock and get it all wet. She kissed the head of his dick and ran her tongue all over it.

“You have a great dick, Mike,” she said before engulfing it to the back of her throat. She used her tongue and throat muscles to milk his dick. Mike closed his eyes and felt her mouth working on his cock. She was good, he knew that right away. She sucked and then licked alternately while stroking his dick. He was worked up and excited and he came quickly. The supply room was right next to the mens locker room so Mike tried not to make any noise while he filled her mouth with his creamy hot cum. Sherri swallowed it all and gently sucked him dry. When he was done, she licked his cock and kissed the head again. She sucked the end of his dick while she rubbed his balls.

“Wow, that was great. I will have to return the favor,” Mike whispered, catching his breath.

“Not now, we have to get back to work. But, tonight, come to my house and pay up,” she said, laughing.


Mike had not felt this way about a woman in a long time. Sherri excited him like no other woman had ever done. He was looking forward to being with her some more. After work, he cleaned up and then went to Sherri’s house. When he arrived, he rang the bell and the door was opened by the most beautiful young girl Mike had ever seen.

Mike stood there stunned as he just stared at this young creature. “Hi, you must be Mike, I’m Nikki, Sherri’s daughter.” Nikki reached out and pulled Mike into the house.

“I did not know that Sherri had such a pretty daughter,” Mike said.

“Ahh, that’s nice of you to say. But she did not tell me that you were such a stud, either,” Nikki replied, smiling.

“Ahh shucks,” Mike said using a funny voice. “Now that we have buttered each other up, it is nice to meet you,” he said, laughing and extending his hand.

“Nice to meet you too,” Nikki replied and pushed past his hand and gave him a tight hug. Mike slowly brought his hands up and hugged her back. He did not expect a hug but it felt good.

“I see you two have met,” Sherri said as she came into the room.

“Yes, I just got here, ” Mike said.

“Mom, I gotta go but I will be back early,” Nikki said. She kissed her Mom and held it longer than a peck. Mike noticed that she kissed her mom on the lips. Nikki then gave Mike a kiss on the lips and slid her tongue into his mouth just briefly. Then she ran out the door.

“You did not tell me that you had a young daughter,” Mike said to Sherri.

“Well, she is not exactly young, she just turned eighteen. But she is very mature and she is asking alot of questions about sex now,” Sherri explained. “I have tried to teach her to be open and free when it comes to sex. But she has been disappointed with her boyfriends as they are not very experienced.”

“But enough about that for now. Come here and finish what you started,” Sherri purred.

“What I started? You were so hot, you almost got me in trouble,” Mike said laughing.

Sherri fell into his arms and they began kissing. Their hands were roaming all over, rubbing and groping each other. Sherri was licking Mike’s lips and sucking on his tongue. Sherri led him into the living room and she pulled his shirt off. Mike pulled Sherri’s shirt up over her boobs and admired her soft, silky bra.

He kissed her chest and licked between her boobs. He loved her soft, white skin. He reached out and unhooked her bra and then covered her boobs with his hands. He squeezed them and her nipples stood out. He sucked and licked her nipples, making them throb with pleasure.

Sherri pushed his pants down as they worked to get each other naked. She stripped his pants down and had him nude. Mike caught up as he too pealed her pants off and then lowered her panties. When her pussy came into view, he kissed her mound and licked her skin. He pushed her back onto the couch and Sherri spread her legs for him.

Mike looked at her wide open pussy and saw that it was shaved clean. Not a pubic hair anywhere. Her pussy was shiny with her wet juices and her clit stood out begging to be sucked. He pulled her legs up and licked her from her butt all the way to her hot pussy. He loved her taste and buried his tongue deep into her. He licked all over her pussy and then licked and sucked on her clit.

When he focused on sucking her clit, Sherri began to hump into his mouth. She was hot and getting close to cumming. She had one hand squeezing her tit and the other was pulling Mike’s head deeper into her pussy. She was moaning and groaning as her climax peaked.

After she came, Sherri flipped around and laid her head off the edge of the couch so that she could suck Mike’s dick into her mouth. Mike leaned forward and eased his dick into her wet mouth. With her legs up over the back of the couch, Mike could lean over and lick her clit some more. Sherri spread her legs and closed them around Mike’s neck. Mike nibbled on her clit as she sucked and licked his dick.

Mike was amazed at her intensity and her skin was really hot when she was worked up. He licked her mound and pulled on her pussy lips. He loved eating her pussy and could keep going. Sherri was stroking his dick and pulling on his nuts while she licked his dick. She was good and she soon had him boiling.

Mike pulled back and got Sherri up so she could mount him from the front. Sherri sat down on his lap and aimed his big dick at her opening. She rubbed his head into her wet pussy and got it wet with her juices. Mike let her do the work and he licked her nipples. He sucked them into his mouth and made them extremely hard.

Sherri eased down onto his big dick and he slid all the way in. Sherri moaned as he filled her pussy.

“Mmmm, you make me feel so full. You have a big dick, Mike,” Sherri panted.

“Your sweet pussy is so tight. I won’t last long,” Mike said as he began to stroke his dick in her pussy. He reached around and held her butt in his hands as he pumped her pussy faster and harder. Her juices made his strokes fast and hot. It was not long before he felt his cum racing through his dick. He pumped harder and stroked deeper as he grunted and came, spurting his cum deep into her pussy.


During the next few days, Sherri continued to tease Mike and get him worked up while they worked. Mike never loved his job as much as he did now. They had to cool it some whenever the supervisor or the carriers were around but Mike always got hot just thinking about Sherri. Then he would end up at her house where they would release their sexual tensions.

Mike loved being at Sherri’s house because of the sexual freedom. But, there was also something else. He loved having sex with Sherri but having Nikki around also raised his boner. She was a gorgeous young girl who did not bother with alot of clothing around the house.

Mike and Sherri were laying on the couch with a blanket over them when Nikki came home. She greeted her Mom with a kiss and Mike could see them swapping tongues. He began to get hard watching them kissing each other. Then Nikki broke away and leaned over and planted her lips up to Mike’s. She placed her hand behind his head and held him tight while she frenched him with passion. Mike felt her soft wet tongue and stopped worrying about Sherri. He kissed her back and swapped tongues with her.

Nikki then bounced upstairs to change clothes. Mike was still reeling from the kiss when Sherri spoke up.

“Sorry about that. She is aggressive and I think she wants to learn more about sex but doesn’t know where to turn to,” Sherri explained. “I’ve always been open with her and we have practiced kissing.”

“Well, I was surprised but I cetainly don’t mind,” Mike said. “As long as you are OK with it.”

“I trust you and if you can help make her happy, I’m all for it. I know you won’t hurt her,” Sherri replied. “As long as you know where this belongs,” she added, while she grabbed his long dick.

“Don’t worry, I will try to help her but I will always save the big guy for you,” Mike said, laughing.

Nikki came back downstairs and she was wearing a T-shirt that came down just below her butt. Mike was not sure if she had anything else on but her long legs looked smooth and sweet. She stood in front of the TV while she was looking for a book. Sherri kept her grip on Mike’s dick and was gently pulling on it. When Nikki bent over to pick up more books, Mike gasped when he saw her entire naked butt. Her butt was fantastic, small and round. She stood there for a minute and Mike could even see her pussy hairs between her legs. Then she stood up and walked out of the room.

“Another thing I guess you should know is that we really don’t wear a whole lot of clothing while we are at home. I hope you are not shocked to death,” Sherri explained. She noticed his dick was rock hard and jumped while looking at Nikki.

“I’ll get used to it,” he choked. He reached out and held her boob and felt her nipple harden in his hand. “This could be tough on me but I’m willing to suffer through it,” he said laughing.

Nikki came back into the room and said she was going to bed. She asked her Mom if it would be alright for Mike to tuck her into bed.

“Sure, it would be good for you two to bond a little,” Sherri replied. “If he does not mind, that is.”

“No, I don’t mind. I will be up in a few minutes,” Mike said, happy that Nikki was feeling comfortable with him around the house. Nikki happily hopped upstairs while Mike stood and tried to deflate his hardon.

“I don’t think she wants to see me with this big old thing sticking out.”

Sherri, laughing, said, “I wouldn’t be so sure about that.”

Mike playfully pinched her nipples and then ran upstairs as Sherri tried to poke him back. Mike went up to Nikki’s room and stepped inside. Nikki was in bed and still had her T-Shirt on.

“Mike, come on in. Could you give me a goodnight kiss?” she said with a real innocent voice. “I really enjoy having you here with us.”

Mike stepped over to the bed and bent over to kiss here. He leaned into her real slow and tasted her lips. He sucked on her tongue and felt her respond to him. He felt her tongue tangle with his and they held that for over a minute.

“Wow, you are such a great kisser,” Nikki panted.

“You are pretty good yourself. And I really like being here with you and your Mom as well,” Mike replied. As he talked, Nikki reached over to her night stand to take a drink of water. Mike could see her shirt ride up and showed her pretty butt again when she leaned over. He wanted to reach out and hold her butt and devour it but decided it was not a good idea.

Nikki looked back at Mike and caught him staring at her nude body. “I’m sorry, I forgot this was a short shirt. I hope I don’t bother you,” Nikki said seeing his dick jump in his pants.

“Oh, I don’t mind at all as long as you are Ok with it,” he confided, smiling. “Besides, I always enjoy looking at beautiful girls.” Nikki blushed when he said that. She kept an eye on his bulging pants and was getting hot seeing his dick grow.

She reached out and pulled Mike close again and gave him a wet kiss. She sucked on his tongue and loved his soft kisses. Mike finally turned to leave and got to the door.

“Hey Mike,” Nikki called out. He turned around and she threw her T-shirt at him and hit him in the face. She sat up in bed with her boobs proudly displayed. He could see her hard nipples sticking out and the soft area around them were bright pink. They stood out on her chest like small globes, gently jiggling.

“Now get out of here before I drag you into bed,” she said laughing. She saw the shocked look on his face and knew he admired her body. She was happy that she had this kind of effect on an older man.


Mike and Sherri were at work on Saturday and both were excited. Saturday’s are slow after the carriers leave and Mike and Sherri were the only ones working, except for the supervisor. Both were trying to work and keep busy. At noon, the supervisor came up and told Mike that he was going out for lunch and would be back in an hour.

As soon as he left, Mike called Sherri into the break room. As soon as she got there, Mike grabbed her and pulled her in behind the door. He gave her a wet kiss and was breathing heavily. He pulled at her pants and squeezed her butt.

“Are you wanting something?” She said innocently.

“I am so hot right now, I need to feel your hot skin,” Mike hissed. He slid her pants and panties down to her knees. She responded by pulling his dick out and stroking his length. She leaned down and licked his dick all over. She used her tongue and slid it up and down his shaft. She licked the end of his dick and sucked on it.

Just as she was ready to suck him in deeply, the phone rang scaring the daylights out of both of them. Mike picked up the cordless and answered it. While he was talking, Sherri began to lick his dick again. Mike was talking to some lady who didn’t like her mailman while Sherri began to suck on his dick. Mike mumbled some response and finally got off the phone.

“That wasn’t fair, I couldn’t think straight!” Mike exclaimed. Sherri just garbled a reply and kept sucking on his rock hard dick. Her tongue was licking him and sucking him while she fondled his balls.

Mike had to fuck her so he bent her over and up against the wall. Sherri stuck her cute little butt out and Mike rubbed the head of his dick into her wet pussy. Sherri wiggled her butt as he aimed to push it into her hot, wet slit. He grabbed her hips and sank his dick deep into her. He began to pump his dick into her in steady strokes.

Suddenly, the door swung back and almost hit Mike in the back. Someone had come into the room! They both held still and kept quiet. Mike still had his dick buried in Sherri’s pussy. He turned his head to see who was in the room. He saw that it was one of the carriers, Jenny, a cute little brunette. She went over to the medicine cabinet and pulled out some bandaids and tape.

Mike held Sherri by the hips and both kept from moving. He was harder than ever with another female in the room while he fucked Sherri’s tight pussy. Mike prayed that the phone would not ring as it was on the table next to him. He marveled at the fact that Sherri’s skin was burning hot and he was tempted to push deeper into her love nest. Her juices were still flowing and kept his dick slippery.

Jenny finished up and then walked out of the room. Both were relieved and breathed a sigh of relief at not getting caught. Mike began to stroke his dick into her pussy, hotter than ever.

Sherri reached between her legs and stroked his dick with her fingers while he pumped her wet pussy from behind. Mike could not hold back anymore and with a grunt, he released his pent up load into her hot pussy. He stroked her hard as he emptied his load into her.

“Now, maybe you can finish your work,” Sherri said, laughing.

“That was close but it felt so good,” Mike said pulling his dick out of her tight pussy. They got cleaned up and were back at work just as the supervisor arrived.

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