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Seduced in a Hotel Room

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I was in college when I first had sex with another man. It was my first gay experience. It wasn’t planned, at least not by me. I’m pretty sure he had planned it, or at least had set up the situation so that things might happen. It was enlightening for me feeling those new emotions and physical sensations. It was psychologically intense and redefined how I viewed myself and my sexuality.

It was at a trade conference. A group of us college students was helping with the trade show in a nearby city since the trade show related to our college major. Our professor had set it up so we could get some good experience and good professional exposure. We had spent a couple of days hauling boxes, setting up displays, and generally helping out some of the trade show participants. For most of that time, I had been helping one particular guy from a state agency who was exhibiting at the show. Our professor knew him but this was my first time meeting him. No one knew him that well to suspect he might be gay.

I worked closely with him for most of those two days. The agency had a lot of boxes to move, mostly brochures and literature that was to be handed out at the trade show. So the boxes were heavy and there were several. Near the end of the second day, he asked me to help him with a few boxes he had in his hotel room. I didn’t think anything about it. He’d given me no reason to suspect anything other than there were more boxes to move. So we went up to his room.

When we got in there, he showed me the boxes but suggested I rest a few minutes on the couch in his hotel room and have a soda or glass of water. So, I did. We chatted some about out experience with the profession. It was small talk mostly, but as I look back it was probably to get me to relax.

He commented on how tired and sore he was from all of the work and moving boxes. I agreed that I was as well. He offered to loosen my tight shoulder muscles with a massage if I was interested. I declined politely saying that I was feeling ok. Our chatting continued for awhile. At one point in a lull I commented again about my back and shoulders being sore. I was just trying to find a way to break the silence and keep the conversation going. But, that opened the door for another offer of a massage, again that I declined politely. He was more persistent this time, though, and moved over to the couch beside me. He put his hand on my shoulder and turned me away from him so he could put both hands on my shoulders. He began to massage and knead my tired shoulders and back. That coaxed me to relax even more.

He suggested I lay down on the bed so he could have a better angle and so I’d be more comfortable. With a lot of encouragement and assurances it’d be fine, I took his lead. As I look back, this is the point where I first began to give in to his advances. I was young and naive and didn’t realize what was happening or why I was going along with it. At some level I guess I wanted him to do this.

I laid on the bed face down and he began to massage my entire back. I remember feeling anxious and nervous because I felt my penis swelling but didn’t want it to. After focusing on my back he started to massage my legs. This definitely began to illicit a reaction from my penis. This made me uncomfortable. I’d had these feelings before with a girl but never with a man. I think he sensed my growing nervousness and asked if it was helping. I agreed that it was but to myself was concerned about my sexual response to him.

He asked if he could put his hands under my shirt to better work my tight muscles. I simply said yes. I’m sure he knew then that his seductive advances were messing with my head. I was coming to that realization as well. It was exciting and scary at the same time.

By now, I had a good erection pressing against my jeans. That’s when he suggested I turn over so he could work more of my tired muscles. I was panicking inside. I didn’t want him to see my erection he’d elicited from me. But he persisted. I rolled over. I’m sure he saw but he didn’t say anything. He just began to work my leg muscles starting low and working up. My erection was not subsiding and my heart rate and breathing were accelerating enough for him to notice.

He stopped for a minute, leaned towards my head leaving one hand resting on my thigh with his fingers close to my crotch. It was then he asked, “Have you ever been with a man before? “No,” I said abruptly and with nervousness in my voice. He then pointed out that the bulge in my pants suggested that I might enjoy it. I responded that I wasn’t sure about that. He again said that based in what he was seeing, the evidence was obvious…. I was aroused by his touching and would probably enjoy more of it. I replied, “Maybe,” with uncertainty and hesitation. Then he suggested I just let things happen and go with the feelings. As he said that he slid his hands a little further up grazing my erection through my jeans. I didn’t protest and didn’t resist, which he took as a signal to go ahead with what he wanted to do. He correctly interpreted my signals.

He slid his hand under my shirt and began to caress my chest. He leaned down and gently kissed me on the mouth whispering, “It feels much different with a man instead of a woman.” He began to slide his hand up and down my chest. In my head I wanted him to slide his hands down to my erect penis. But he just teased.

He suggested we take our clothes off together. At this point, I’m not sure I really understood what was happening or why I was being so compliant. But, I was going along with it and eagerly so. He stood beside the bed and began to undress. I laid on the bed and began to do that same. When he was naked, I looked at his naked body. It was the first time I’d looked at a naked man sexually and I was turned on by it. My penis was fully erect. It was different seeing a man in this light, feeling the arousal he’d stirred in me. I was pretty pliable at this point.

He gently coaxed to lay back on the bed and then climbed on top of me, straddling me with his growing erection near mine. The warmth of his body close to mine and feeling his penis against mine already had me on edge. It was also arousing to see his penis was hard because of me. I remember thinking that I was turning him on and making him hard and that aroused me, too.

He grabbed my hand and guided it to his penis. It was the first time I held another man’s penis. He leaned forward and began to kiss me on the mouth. To keep my head spinning, he also began to rub my erection. He said, ” Don’t cum right now. We’re just getting started.” I felt as if I could blow any second so I put my hand on his to slow his strokes.

He began to move down my body with his kisses until he reached my penis. He started kissing around it and licking up my shaft. He was artful and experienced, it was obvious. He grabbed the base of my penis causing it to stand straight up. He made eye contact with me and then engulfed my penis with his mouth. The feelings were so intense and overwhelming. A man was sucking my penis! It felt so good. He moved up and down bringing me close to orgasm before backing off again over and over. At that moment I wanted to do everything sexually I could imagine with him wanting to be immersed in those feelings.

Leaving me wanting more, he started to move up to my head again. He kissed me on the mouth and I could taste my own penis on his lips. He said that it was my turn to suck him. I must have had a look of hesitation in my eyes and looked like I was about to say something because he put his finger over my mouth as he moved to kneeling beside my head. Then he looked me in the eyes as he knelt over me and said, “Be a good boy and suck my cock.” He then grabbed my head and pulled it towards his crotch guiding my mouth onto his cock. He told me I was doing well for a beginner and that I’d be really good with just a little practice. For some reason at that moment, I wanted to be good at sucking cock and I wanted to be better for him. He reinforced my compliance by stroking me as I sucked him. I was rock hard and out of my mind with lust and the desire to please this man.

As I sucked his cock I could begin to taste his precum. I don’t know why, but I wanted him to cum in my mouth. He must of realized how deep I was into the scene because he said, “Be a good boy for me and take my load.” I never hesitated. I began to work harder and harder to get him to cum. I could feel his body tensing and his cock twitching in my mouth. Then he said he was coming. I felt the warm rush of semen into my mouth for the first time. It was a shock at first but then I saw his pleased look and heard him tell me that I had been a good boy for my first time sucking off a man.

He sat back on the bed to relax a moment, then positioned himself beside me. He guided my left hand to his wet cock and then my right hand to my own. “I want you to jack off for me as I watch,” he said. As I started to get close, he played with my testicles between his fingers and began to kiss me on the mouth again. I was having an almost out of body experience. I could see myself from above masturbating in his embrace. Then I heard him say, “Be a good boy and make yourself cum for me.” It didn’t take long after that when I had a mind blowing orgasm that truly was different from those I’d had with girls.

He continued with the good boy praises as I laid there coming back to my senses. There was a moment of panic when I was coming out of my lustful stupor when I realized I had just had sex with man and really liked it. It was a feeling of panic that I was a homosexual now, or at least bisexual, and there was no going back. It was what felt right. In one sense it was scary and in another it was liberating. Obviously I was open to it and enjoyed it immensely.

After we got cleaned up and dressed we started to head back to the trade show. As we go to the door of his hotel room he leaned over and kissed me again and said, “There’s more for such a good boy to learn about being with a man if you want.” There was never a moment that thought left my head for the rest of the day and through the night. I could hardly wait for the opportunity to be with him again. I was eager to learn.

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