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Melanie Gets A Job

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It all began when Steve, my husband of fifteen years came home and told me that he had been made redundant from his job with a big software company in Phoenix. He had worked for the company for twenty years in total since he left school, but they had just lost a big contract and addressed the cash crisis by restructuring the management team.

Steve had been on good money and this news, just before we went on our summer vacation was the last thing either of us had expected.

Steve said

“Hey. We might as well go away, as we had paid for the break already and it’ll give me some good thinking time about what I want to do in the future.”

Even so, the loss of $90,000 a year was going to take some replacing if we were to keep the lifestyle we currently enjoyed. I didn’t work, which was how Steve liked it and even though he had no job now, he said he didn’t want me to work as he was the breadwinner. This had already led to a number of arguments, since I got bored at home all day and wanted to work, not for the money, but for the company of other people and his stubbornness over this now irked me.

Our vacation in Mexico was great, but I got concerned that Steve seemed to have closed his mind to what he was going to do when we got home and whenever I tried to open the subject he would reply

“Look Melanie, we’re on vacation, we’ll talk about it when we get home”

“But I think we need to start thinking now Steve. I mean, I can get a part time job just to help us along until you get established in something new………” and he cut me off.

“I’ve already told you Mel. I don’t want you working. Besides which, the severance package I’ve got will see us through the next 3 months which is plenty of time for me to find something else.”

The trouble was, he got home and started to go to play golf every day, which ended up with us rowing again as he insisted he had everything in hand. All I could see was the bank balance go into the minus and red bills arrive through the door and everything we had built together was about to be lost. Steve had closed his mind to all this and what’s worse, he had started to drink. Then things came to a head when a reminder from the mortgage company came through the door. Steve, of course was out and I simmered all day until he came home later that afternoon.

“What the hell are you going to do about this?” I stormed at him.

“Well I’ve been giving it a bit of thought and I think we should downsize the house. I mean, why do we need all this space just for the two of us?”

“Fuck that” I replied. “We haven’t built all this up over the years just so you can start spending the equity in it. I’m getting a job whether you like it or not.”

“No way is my wife working. So don’t think you can decide what goes on……………”

I cut him short.

“Steve shut up! I’ve seen a job on the internet which seems interesting and it’ll at least pay the mortgage payments until you can get your ass into gear and find a job. If you don’t like it, push off.” and I turned and walked out the room leaving him stunned.

The following day I went for an interview at a downtown hotel and was offered the job there and then. It wasn’t exactly what I thought it was going to be from the advert……’Girl Friday wanted to help run busy office. Good organizational skills required.’ There was no way I was going to tell Steve what it was after the owner, a nice guy called Jake, told me that the business was an escort agency which supplied men and women to accompany visiting business people to dinners and evening events. My job was to make sure we always had enough escorts at the right times for our clients. It only paid $12,000 a year, but at least it would keep a roof over our heads.

Now, call me naïve, which is probably what I was after so many years at home, but I had no idea that the escorts did anything other than ‘Escort’ clients and it was only when I started to get to know some of the guys and girls that I learnt about the other things that went on. It turned out that all the girls earned ‘a little extra’ by having sex with the clients. Sometimes this could amount to more than $1,500 a night, particularly if the client had invited friends along!

I was fascinated by this world which I hadn’t known existed and on several occasions girls who worked for us had commented that I would do well as an escort. I was flattered that my efforts to keep in shape – 5 foot 7inches, 118 pounds and a 36D cup bust, had been noticed by my colleagues. As I got to know them better, we socialised when they weren’t working and a few times I stayed over at their homes. Being girls together, we didn’t think anything about nudity around the house and it was soon obvious that I was the only one who let my pubic hairs grow into a full bush. The only time I had ever trimmed down there was when I had worn a bikini on vacation. I found it fascinating that some of my new friends shaved their pussies and when I was out with Shelley one time I asked why she did it.

“I’m not going to tell you because it’s hard to explain but I’ve got a better idea. Go get a shower and come back in here.”

So 10 minutes later I was back in the bedroom in my robe and Shelley had put a big towel on the bed.

“OK Mel, get rid of the robe and lie down and I’ll show you why I shave my pussy.”

Shelley then stared to rub cream into my pubic hair until it was a soft foaming mass of lather. Then she produced a razor and very carefully removed every bit of hair, finally sponging away the last of the soap.

“Now don’t look yet. Just put your hand down and feel the difference first.”

My hand went straight onto the lips of my pussy,

“I know this sounds ridiculous, but I feel naked now” I said and we both laughed. The air in the room seemed cooler around my cunt lips and somehow, very sexy.

“Just run your finger in your slit and tell me how it feels.” Shelley said

I did as she suggested and was surprised.

“Hell Shelley, I feel moist already. It feels so damn sexy, I can hardly believe it, you little vixen!”

“Now take a look as well”

I raised myself up on my elbows and peered down and then looked up to see what it looked like in the mirror at the end of Shelley’s bed.

“I can’t believe how sexy it looks. Not only that, I can’t believe how sexy I feel!” I said as I ran my finger up and down my now smooth and moist pussy.

“So, does that explain why I like to keep mine that way?” she said, laughing “Hey. The clients like it too you know. You know Mel, you could really make a lot of money if you became an escort. I mean, you’ve got a great figure, tits, bum, hair, pretty face – everything our clients ask for.”

“I just couldn’t do it Shelley. I love sex, or at least I used to before Steve lost his job and although somedays when he’s been drinking I can’t stand to have him near me, I still love him. I just couldn’t cheat on him.”

“How long is it since you last did it then?” she asked.

“Four months now.”

“And don’t you miss it?”

“Yeah. Of course I do, but I just don’t fancy Steve any more as he is. I mean, I still, you know……, do it to myself.”

“Sure, but it’s not the same as having a nice big cock sliding into you is it?” she asked.

“Well I wouldn’t know about that either.” I replied “Steve’s is about average I guess. Five inches or so.”

“Honey. You haven’t lived, have you? Have you never fancied a piece of big meat in you?” she laughed.

“Of course I’ve imagined it in my fantasies, but I’ve never seen one other than Steve’s so it’s never going to be a reality, is it?”

Shelley then said again that if I ever needed a bit more money that I should try out as an escort.

“I mean, let’s face it, if you didn’t like it you’d not have to do it again and Steve would never know, would he?!”.

After this, work just carried on as normal for the next few weeks. I loved my work and I hated Steve more. He couldn’t afford to play golf any more, he just sat around at home getting drunk. I didn’t fancy him and even if I had, he couldn’t have got it up.

Since Shelley had shaved my cunt, I had continued to keep it bare and had taken to frigging myself off most days when Steve had gone to bed. I had started to fantasise about doing it with other men and got really turned on one night when I slid four fingers into my cunt as I flicked a finger of my other hand over my clit, imagining that I was getting laid by a big cock!

I had been managing to keep the mortgage payments up to date since I’d started work, but then matters came to a head when a final demand came from the bank for repayment of the overdraft. A call to the bank told me that Steve had pledged the house as security and had been steadily borrowing, I guess, to fund his drinking and golf. So despite my best efforts, here we were, likely to lose everything anyway. I couldn’t bear to even see Steve who was asleep in bed and stormed off to work.

When I got there I asked to see my boss.

“Look Jake, I’ve got some financial problems at home and could do with earning a bit more. I want to be an escort, or at least give it a try once. How do you feel about it?”

“Listen Mel. It’s not how I feel, it’s how you feel. You’ve been here long enough to know what goes on. Will you be OK knowing that every client you accompany expects to at least fuck you before the date is over?

“How do you mean at least?”

“Well, it’s up to you just what you’re prepared to let happen, but some clients will pay more for other services, you know, like blow jobs or anal. At the end of the day it’s up to you, but the more you’re prepared to do, the more money you can earn.”

“When can I start?”

“You’re in charge of bookings so for your first time I’ll let you pick which guy and when you want to go, OK?”

For the next two days I couldn’t bring myself to take it any further and it was only when another letter came from the bank that I made a decision to go for it. I picked a good looking guy who needed a lunchtime and afternoon escort and arranged to meet him at his hotel at noon. I called Shelley to tell her and ask for a bit of advice on what to do.

“Just let the client decide Mel. The happier he is that he’s in control, the more likely he’ll pay well.”

I was at the hotel early and easily recognised the client who introduced himself as John. I had made a good choice, he was handsome, about 6 foot and in good shape, with short blond hair. I was scared to death, but we chatted easily over lunch and then he said the words I had been dreading.

“Shall we go up to my room now Melanie?”

I followed him into the elevator and as the doors closed he swung me round and kissed me full on the lips. I was so taken by the suddenness of this I responded without thinking and as his tongue explored my mouth I felt an old familiar stirring between my legs. As the elevator rose John started to squeeze my breasts and I felt my nipples respond as they hardened to his touch. We were still kissing as we reached his floor and mad our way to his room.

When we got in John sat on the bed and looked at me.

“How about you take that pretty little blouse off Melanie so I can see if those tits look as good as they feel”

And I self consciously started to undo the buttons, letting it fall to the floor.

“And the skirt” he murmured.

As I stepped out of it I could see him eyeing me up and down. Here I was, standing in my low cut bra, skimpy panties, stockings and high heels, in front of a man I’d never met before, knowing that he wanted to fuck me and though I should have felt guilty, I actually felt as hot as I’d done for many years.

“Take off the bra,” he ordered, “and the panties.”

I did as he said and stood in front of him in stockings and heels with my shaved cunt level with his eyes. He couldn’t hide the bulge in his pants and I leaned forward and started to kiss him as I removed his shirt and slid his pants off. I kissed down his chest until I reached his cock and that’s when I got a surprise. Instead of getting something like Steve’s, I was facing 8 inches of thick meat with a big shiny head and it seemed natural to take it in my mouth, sliding my lips up and down as I wanked the shaft. After a minute I felt him start to twitch and he held my head down as he pumped his thick creamy spunk into my mouth. I had no option but to swallow it as he pushed my head hard onto his throbbing cock.

Within minutes he was hard again and he laid me on the bed and began to lick my clitoris. I raised my hips to meet his tongue but before I could climax he moved in between my legs and rammed his big cock all the way into my cunt. He thrust into me with an animal intensity and with each fast stroke I felt his balls slap against my anus and his cock head bury itself in the top of my vagina. Four sexless months came to a head and I urged him on,

“Come on, fuck me harder, make me come, fuck me, fuck me”

John was relentless in his ramming of my cunt and I felt myself begin to climax and as it washed over me in wave after wave of pleasure he shot his spunk into me with several powerful spurts which I felt hit my cervix. He kissed me gently on the lips and went off to the bathroom.

I just lay there for a couple of minutes not sure what to do until John came through dressed. Suddenly I was embarrassed about my naked condition and hurriedly gathered up my clothes and put them on. John thanked me for the good time I had given him and promised to ask for me again. As he showed me to the elevator he passed me an envelope which I knew contained money, but it wasn’t until I got to my car before I counted out $500 in crisp new $50 bills.

I drove home with my head in a spin, $500 in my bag and John’s spunk soaking my panties. When I got through the door Steve was drunk.

“And where the hell have you been all afternoon. I’ve been calling you and they said you were out ”

I didn’t mean to say anything but I was so mad I couldn’t help myself.

“I’ll tell you where I’ve been, you loser. I’ve been fucking a man with a big cock for money to get us out of this shit that you’ve gotten us into. And what’s more, he gave me a better seeing to than you’ve ever managed with your little dick. So don’t come all clever with me, loser.”

Steve stared at me.

“You’re lying” he said.

“OK. If that’s what you want think, that’s fine with me.” and as I turned to go Steve grabbed a hold of me and pushed his hand up my skirt and ripped my panties off.

“You little whore.” he shouted “You’ve been fucking someone else. I can feel his spunk in your panties.”

“Yes Steve. That’s right. Seeing as you can’t get off your ass to work any more, this is my job now and you’d better get used to it. I fuck people for money to keep a roof over both our heads.” I snapped at him and went upstairs for a long bath.

I lay there in the hot water thinking about how I had changed my life in that one afternoon. I was looking down at my shaven pussy which was red and puffy due to the fucking it had been given earlier, when I noticed Steve had come in through the door.

“I know I’ve let you down Mel and I promise you that the drinking stops here and with regard to the other thing, you know….., with other guys. I want to watch you.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“I want to watch you being fucked by other men.” he repeated “I still love you, but I like the idea of other men wanting you too.”

We talked into the night. He wanted to know every detail about my fuck with John and at the end of the night we were both so turned on that I let Steve fuck me for the first time since our vacation. It was very tame after the ramming I got from John, but I realised I still loved him deep down. However, I also realised I needed other, bigger men to keep me satisfied in future.

The next few weeks passed in a whirl. Steve had got some job interviews lined up and I spent my afternoons having sex with clients. To say this was a rapid learning curve is an understatement – I had sex in more ways and positions than I had ever imagined existed. I had even let two clients fuck my anus, which was mind blowing and paid well! Then one day a call came in from a client wanting an escort to entertain a group of his friends and I saw this as my opportunity to let Steve watch me be fucked, so I told the client that seeing as they were a group, I wanted to bring a colleague along for security. The client had no objection and the date was arranged.

Steve said he wanted to film the date and I cleared it with the client who said he had no problem so long as he got a copy as well.

When the day came Steve and I arrived at the clients hotel early and were shown up to his suite by the bell boy. This man had money! The suite was the best in the hotel and I knew then that I stood to make a lot out of this date.

The bed was huge and I tried it out as Steve set up the camera in a corner of the room and tried a few trial takes of me pretending to be rude. Then the door opened and the client came in. he was tall and good looking and introduced himself,

“Hi I’m Todd. You must be Melanie I guess. I hope the room and bed are to your liking. My friends will be along shortly so if you want to fix yourselves a drink and relax a bit, feel free. I hope you don’t mind, but seeing as I’m the host, I’d like to have a little time with you on my own before my friends join us. They’ll wait in the other room until we’re ready for them. OK?”

We all had a gin and tonic to help relax and then I nodded to Steve and he moved over to the camera as I began to take off my clothes for Todd. My black blouse was very sheer and it disguised very little so Todd must have seen already the shelf bra I had taken to wearing when working with clients. My nipples stood proud over the top of the bra and were hard due to my turned on state. As I walked across the room I let my skirt drop revealing a very small black thong which I invited Todd to remove as I undid my bra. Todd had started to take off his clothes and was lying in a pair of boxers which did nothing to hide the bulge of his cock, which stuck out even more when I licked my finger and slipped it in between my shaven pussy lips and climbed onto the bed with him. With his boxers off he wasted no time with formalities and mounted me missionary style, thrusting his average size cock in and out for about 15 seconds until he came. He withdrew soon after and leaned to the edge of the bed and passed me a tube of KY lubricant.

“You’ve got such a tight cunt Mel, you’re going to need this tonight. Use plenty while I go and fetch my friends” and with that he walked through to the other room.

Now when he said that there would be a group of friends, I assumed he meant 3 or 4, so you can imagine the thoughts which went through my head as 16 fully naked men came into the bedroom. I saw Steve was still filming, so I lay on the bed with my legs apart so the camera got a full shot of my pussy before getting up and walking into the middle of the group. There 11 white and 5 black guys in the group. I’d never had a black man before and was amazed at the size of their cocks.

I went down on my knees and took one of them in my mouth whilst fondling two of them with my hands and I saw that the rest were stroking their cocks to keep them fully hard for what was to come. The guy in my mouth was pumping his meat into me and I was thinking that this would be a straight forward job when I heard one of them shout

“Let’s tie the whore to the bed!” and before I knew what was going on I was being carried by 6 of them over to the bed and held on my back in a star shape with legs and arms pointing to each corner of the room.

“Steve, do something” I shouted, but when I looked at my husband he just grinned and kept filming. God knows where the rope came from, but within seconds I was secured with my arms above my head and my legs as wide apart as they would go. The men were all around me, fondling my breasts, pulling my nipples and running their fingers up my cunt, and then the first one moved on top of me, stabbing a thick 7 inches into me as another turned my head sideways and pushed his shiny, round, circumcised cock into my mouth.

They shot their spunk into me within seconds of each other and were replaced by two more. The one fucking me was my first black who had a good 9 inches and even though it wasn’t too thick, it was bent upwards and I felt it rubbing my G spot as he fucked me. I came whilst as spunk was being pumped into my mouth and then felt spurts of hot cum inside me. The group were relentless and after 12 of them had shafted me, someone suggested that I was turned onto my front. The ropes were removed, then re-attached. I looked behind to see three black guys moving towards me. Their cocks were around 9 inches long and 3 inches thick and I thanked the lord that I had so much spunk in me to help lubricate those monsters into my cunt. As the first pushed against my cunt I could feel my lips being stretched wider than they had ever been before and before long I climaxed, sending shuddering waves over my whole body as this big cock widened my hole before firing jets of cum into me. The next two were about the same size and fitted neatly into my pussy, each taking a few minutes of firm thrusting until they spent themselves in me.

The ropes were removed as the only man who hadn’t fucked me climbed onto the bed. He was also the last black guy and looking down at his member, I understood why he had waited. His cock was enormous: around 11 inches long, very black and smooth with a big bulbous head. He lay on his back with his cock pointing up as I positioned myself over it and slowly, very slowly, impaled myself on it.

“Oh fuck!” I exclaimed as the thickness stretched my cunt to its limit and its huge head pressed against my cervix. I looked down and just seeing this massive black cock invading me was enough to throw me over the edge into another orgasm. Very carefully I started to move up and down on the guys cock, pleasuring myself with the feel of this engorged hardness in me. He reached up to my tits and pulled on my nipples, dragging me down onto him. I felt a cock pushing against my anus and being forced in alongside the cock in my cunt. The stretching around my two holes was mind blowing and I rode every thrust that the two guys were making. I turned my head to see the guy behind and was shocked to realise it was Steve, who was pumping my ass with hard strokes. I opened my mouth to say something to him and a cock was pushed in before I had chance to utter a word.

Steve pumped his cum in me first, finishing off with strokes which went right up my ass and as soon as he climbed off, he was replaced by another cock. It went on like this for another 3 hours. As one spunked in me another would replace him. My own orgasms came thick and fast as one after another they treated me like the whore I had become for them. It all ended with 3 of the black guys fucking my cunt, ass and mouth at the same time and really thrusting their cocks in to the hilt. When they had finished, I had to be helped to the bathroom, as I could hardly walk having had my legs apart for so long.

Steve and I drove home in silence with $8,000 cash in between us – enough to clear all our debts and more. My cunt was so tender after the pounding it had received that it was a week until I could resume my escort job.

Since then I only fuck men with cocks over 9 inches and never more than three at a time. Steve has built up a very profitable business selling videos of me being fucked through the internet and arranges most of my liaisons for me. I won’t let him join in when I’m ‘working’, but make sure he enjoys me whenever we get home.

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