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On my Knees

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I am trembling, my legs shaking from the force of the desire i have for You, Master, and i stand in front of You, sliding into Your arms, wrapping one arm around Your neck, my fingers stroking the hair at the back of Your head and my other hand tracing across Your cheekbones and i kiss Your chin, around Your mouth and finally Your soft lips.

Your cock is pressing against me, i can feel its hardness, Your impatience, and with only the slightest pressure from the weight of Your hand on my shoulder, i sink slowly to my knees, grazing Your chest and belly with my tongue and my teeth on my way down. Kneeling in front of You, Your cock facing me, i look up into Your heavy, blue eyes, half closed, but locked on mine.

i lean forward, lips wet, tongue out, dipping my head and flicking my tongue on the sensitive skin on Your inner thigh, kissing and licking and teasing with my fingers, in small circles and long scrapes along Your skin, working slowly up Your leg to the join of Your hip and Your stomach, never touching the straining cock, but never taking my eyes from it. As i turn my head to Your other leg, to work my down and back up that side, i feel my hair run across and around Your cock and hear a soft sigh from You.

I bury my face into the join between Your leg and groin, nuzzling and breathing hot against You, and i wrap one arm around Your hips, to grasp Your ass and with the other i hold and massage Your balls, moving closer to place my open mouth flat against Your quivering sac, rubbing my tongue and the ball of the piercing against it, wet and hot and slow. You make such a beautiful noise when i do this, that i feel my pussy contract tight with pleasure. Using just my lips, i work Your wet, saliva coated ball, a little at a time, into my mouth, until i hold one ball on my tongue, my cheek pulled in against it, and the other in my hand still, stroking it, nipping the skin between my fingers, spreading the wetness from my mouth across it.

Letting You slip wetly from my mouth, i tear my gaze from the sight of Your solid cock to Your face again, Your eyes burning at me, still not speaking and i hold Your gaze, slipping my finger into my mouth and wetting it, as I turn my attention again to the hard on straining in front of me. While i take hold of the shaft in one hand, i slip my hand between Your legs and stroke the taut skin between Your balls and Your ass with a firm, wet finger, on it way towards the entrance of Your ass, stroking back and forth, firmly.

i feel Your hands stroke my head, gathering up handfuls of hair, lifting it free from my face and Your cock and a string of pre-cum stretches from the slit in the head to a lock of my hair and i smile, knowing that i smell of You, of Your cock, and i feel You hold my head in place by my hair, my scalp tingling, partly at the sting of the pull, but more from the firmness of Your grasp, of the claim on me. My hand holds Your cock steady before me, and as i open my mouth, i begin to move my hand back and forth, wanking You steadily and firmly, while i gently snake my tongue over the swollen head. i tilt my head up and over the engorged head, i begin to lower my open, wet mouth over Your cock, sighing against it as it slips into my mouth.

i hold Your cock steady and still inside my mouth for a moment, listening to the groan You make above me, before sucking You in tight over my tongue, and sliding You back until You are almost out of my mouth, then sucking You back into me, taking You deeper and further into my mouth each time, feeling the head of Your cock against the back of my tongue, the roof of my mouth, my lips pressed flat against Your belly and balls rippling my tongue against Your shaft, sucking my cheeks in, forming a vacuum of hot, wet, cock filled mouth.

As my hand carries on teasing behind Your balls, Your cock is twitching, growing thicker, Your fingers in my hair are firmer, pulling my head on and off it, using my mouth, fucking my mouth, and i can hear You groan louder, which makes me wetter, and i halt the teasing, long enough to slip my hand to my cunt, soaking my fingers in my wetness, spreading it across Your balls as You buck Your hips forward, and guide my head back and forth faster, fucking my open mouth.

i moan around Your cock as i feel Your whole body shiver, sucking ravenously on this fat, pre-cum leaking, rigid cock. My breasts are pressed hard against Your legs, i rub my burning nipples against them, the hairs on Your legs brushing against my soft skin, my head is filled with the taste of You, the smell of You, the feel of You and i work faster, pulling You into the back of my throat, sucking You into me.

Sucking on Your cock harder and deeper, griping Your thigh with my free hand, digging my nails into your flesh, moaning and growling, i am aware that i am circling my hips in the air, grinding my ass and cunt at space, my pussy aching for the fucking You are giving my mouth and i moan Your name, i groan ‘Master’ onto Your cock, feeling Your pace increase, Your body tighten, Your legs stiffen and Your tight ass grasp my finger, i can hear You breath harder and harder, ragged, until You go quiet, hold still, Your cock pulsing in my mouth and as i carry on my fast sucking and the greedy working of my tongue and lips and teeth against You, all hell lets loose, You cry our loud, Your cum spurts into my mouth, filling me, some sliding down my throat, most pooling in my mouth, Your cock erupting inside me.

Your voice is hoarse and gasping, i am panting and moaning Your name, You pull on my hair hard as i swallow Your hot cum, sucking the hard cock, emptying it, devouring it, my face is crammed hard into You, not wanting to lose a fraction of You or Your cum, as You twitch and jump inside my mouth and Your whole body heaves against me.

i can feel You shaking all over, and i am trembling against You, Your breathing still harsh, but slowing down, i curl my tongue around Your still hard cock, sucking gently now, cleaning it a fraction at a time, as i slowly let You slide from my mouth, unfurling my nails from Your thighs, until i am able to lean back and look up at You again. i take immense pleasure from the heavy lidded, slack jawed expression of satisfaction on Your beautiful face, my wonderful Master, but You surprise me with the speed and force with which You pull me my feet my with the handfuls of hair You are still clutching, and You pull me harshly to You, surprising me again, this time with the soft and gentle embrace You hold me in, rocking me softly against You until we both stop shivering, and our breathing is normal again, kissing with as much love as passion.

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