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Secret Kisses

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Kelly Carlson was a beautiful and vivacious 24-year-old first grade teacher. She was 5′ 7″ tall with shoulder length blonde hair and sparking green eyes. She had a lovely smile, an infectious laugh and was well liked by students, colleagues and parents alike. While she was slim and shapely, she was endowed with rather large breasts that were firm and sat high on her chest.

The nipples were large and pink, covering most of her breasts. She was often embarrassed because the nipples were so sensitive that the rubbing of a bra would make them grow hard. They were unmistakably visible through her apparel. In fact, they were so sensitive that sometimes just touching them would bring a tremor to her body. When very aroused she had been known to climax from just pinching them.

In college, Kelly had done a lot of sexual experimentation. She loved sex and decided early on that she didn’t need to seal her marital vows as a virgin. She had had a number of relationships with men which she mostly enjoyed. She was once briefly engaged, but it hadn’t worked out when divergent career goals interfered. Beyond that, she had a brief but intense relationship with a female classmate. The memory of the sensual exhilaration of a woman’s touch excited her to this very day. She knew she would do it again should she ever have the opportunity. However, she didn’t really look at other women with that in mind. Since her first and only lesbian affair, she hadn’t happened upon another woman that stirred those feelings.

The autumn semester had begun and her third year of teaching was about to commence. As a teacher, Kelly took her job most earnestly. She felt there was nothing more important than teaching young people to read and write. Although she wanted to marry and have a family one day, her primary focus was on her students. They were her children. Teaching presented its own challenges for several years: developing lesson plans, dealing with her own training, and learning to handle the incredible bureaucracy of the public school system. While some teachers never learned to work within the system, she was determined to see her way through…in a positive way. Such was her personality. She adhered to the adage “you attract more bees with honey than with vinegar”. To her credit, she cleared the bureaucratic minefields intact. She was perceived as an aggressive yet compassionate advocate for children’s education. When comfortably settled in her job, Kelly could finally devote herself to teaching her students. Teaching was her passion and she was chomping at the bit to make a difference in their lives.

Stephanie Morrison hurried around the house trying to get ready for the first parents’ open house. Her mother was coming over to watch her six-year-old son, Benjamin. She glanced at the notice from his teacher lying on the desk, confirming the presentation started at 7:30 PM. The handwriting on the note was perfect with large sweeping letters: Kelly Carlson, Room 110, Elm Street Elementary School. She wondered if Ben’s teacher was an older woman or a green first year teacher. Noting the handwriting, it appeared to be that of a younger person. She often found she could read people by their signature. She knew schools often placed young teachers in charge of kindergarten and 1st grade classes. Stephanie disputed that wisdom, worrying that young children needed the know-how of an older, more experienced teacher.

“Benjamin, have you got your pajamas on sweetie?” Stephanie called down the hall.

“Yes Mommy,” Ben answered, throwing down his comic book as he jumped off the bed and into his PJs.

Stephanie searched her closet for a suitable dress. She chose a conservative, if slightly tight-fitting little dress which hugged her body and revealed much of her firm thighs. She slipped it over her head and looked in the mirror, smoothing the sides down with her hands. Not bad, she thought as she gazed at her 5’5″ frame. After Benjamin’s birth, she was determined to regain her figure and was proud of her results. Her breasts were still firm yet larger than before; full and round in her 34B bra with large pink areolas and perpetually hard nipples. Her dark brown hair was streaked with auburn and hung in an attractive layered cut, falling just past her shoulders. She had a lot of natural curl to her hair, which complemented her pretty face and large blue eyes. Her hips were a little wider since the birth of Ben, but she didn’t think they were too big as she still caught the attention of men… and even some women.

Stephanie had gone to a liberal arts college, majoring in English. She had originally intended on attending graduate school with an interest in teaching. She met her husband, David, who was two years her senior. They married when she graduated college. He was a third year law student at the time, so Stephanie took a job as administrative assistant for an investment firm to support them until he passed the bar exam. They agreed that she would return to school for her postgraduate degree once David was settled. She became pregnant and decided to be a stay-at-home mom to raise her child. When she gave birth to Benjamin, everything changed. He was the love of her life and. The joy she found in being with him made the long and sometimes boring days as a housewife worth the effort. She placed her career aspirations on hold and didn’t for one minute regret her decision. However, like many stay-at-home moms, something seemed to be missing from her life. Was she missing the career she never had, or the opportunity to associate with people that weren’t changing diapers or wiping runny noses all day, or was it just general boredom? She didn’t know.

Perhaps her feelings were due to the fact that David wasn’t home much. While he had worked hard at several different firms and was now a junior partner at Miles and Hamilton, the job still required him to work long hours, sometimes all night and on weekends. Therefore he had precious little time for his family. Nevertheless, he loved Benjamin and tried to spend as much time with him as was possible. As a consequence, that left little time for her. Opportunities to spend romantic time together were adversely affected. Their sex life took a back seat to work obligations and parenting. Sex was relegated to once a month or less. While Stephanie tried to convince herself that it didn’t matter, she found herself thinking about it far too often. In fact, she began to masturbate… something she hadn’t done since she was a teenager.

Tonight David was working late again and Stephanie was going to the open house alone. She was anxious to meet Benjamin’s teacher. She knew that her son was crazy about Ms. Carlson; the work papers he brought home were excellent. She wondered what this apparently amazing woman had done to keep her son so focused.

There were only a few cars on the parking lot, but not nearly as many as Stephanie expected. She looked at her watch and realized that she was twenty minutes early. Rather than wait in the car, she decided to go ahead into the school in the hope that she could get some time alone with Ben’s teacher.

As Stephanie entered the red brick building a flood of memories surrounded her, evoking those childhood days when the most important thing in her life was who she was going to play with at recess. How life had changed for her she thought as she looked at the poster boards on the walls with rules and regulations, pictures of kids, drawings and future events. She walked down the hallway, her heels clicking loudly on the floor, echoing from the painted cinderblock walls. The school seemed to be deserted. She wondered for a moment if she had misread the date. She looked at the first classroom door and saw 100, then 101 and 102. As she glanced into the rooms, she was happy to see some teachers sitting at their desks, obviously waiting for parents to arrive. It seemed that in each room the teacher was older than the last. She wondered idly if the room numbers were the teacher’s ages and found herself smiling. When she turned to the doorway of room 110, she saw a young girl sitting at the desk.

“Ms. Carlson,” she said hesitantly, wondering if it was she or a student teacher.

The pretty girl looked up and smiled. She stood to greet Stephanie, offering her hand. “Yes, I’m Kelly Carlson. Call me Kelly please.”

Stephanie looked into the teacher’s pretty eyes and found herself at a loss for words.

“And you are?” Kelly asked with a faint smile.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m Stephanie Morrison… uh Benjamin’s mother.”

“Pleased to meet you. I didn’t know that Ben had such a beautiful mother.” Her green eyes twinkled.

Stephanie blushed unknowingly, still holding the young teacher’s hand. “Thanks,” she whispered shyly. “I didn’t know Ben had such a pretty and young teacher either.”

“Thank you,” Kelly answered with a sweet smile, pulling her hand from Stephanie’s.

Again Stephanie blushed. “Sorry.” She had never been so embarrassed. It wasn’t like her to lose her composure, but there was something about this girl… something she couldn’t define that brought butterflies to her stomach.

“I adore your son. He’s a bright boy and… quite a ladies’ man I might add.” Ben’s desk is third from the front on the left. Have a look at his work while I get ready for my presentation to the parents… who will hopefully be arriving soon. They’re supposed to be fifteen parents here tonight.”

Stephanie walked over to her son’s desk and squeezed into the small chair. It continued to evoke memories. Suddenly it dawned on her as to why kids didn’t like to sit for long periods of time… the chairs were incredibly uncomfortable. When she looked down at the desk, she saw a stack of papers that Ben had completed. They all had good grades and she felt proud. She looked up to say something to Kelly and paused. The pretty teacher was reaching up to write on the top section of the chalkboard. Her short dress had pulled up in the back, revealing her thigh high nylons. Stephanie could see the seam at the top of her nylons and then the soft bare flesh of the backs of her thighs. She felt an exotic thrill shoot through her. She prayed Kelly would reach even higher.

A moment later she chastised herself. She didn’t like women… well, at least not in “that” way. She forced her eyes to look back down at the desk. Oddly, her hands were trembling as she picked up her son’s paperwork and tried to focus on them. She soon discovered she couldn’t. The next time she looked up, she saw Kelly bending over to pick up a piece of chalk from the floor. This time she saw the backside of the teacher with her dress pulled tight across her buttocks… there was no panty line. She wondered if she was even wearing panties. Probably thongs like all the young women wore nowadays, she thought.

As Kelly remained bent over for a few seconds, she looked behind her directly into Stephanie’s eyes. She held her stare for several moments.

Stephanie blushed again and felt a tingling between her legs. “Uh… where is the… little girls’ room?” she asked to cover the embarrassment of being caught staring.

“Down the hall and to the right,” Kelly said with a curious smile.

When Stephanie exited the classroom she found parents filling the hallways. She turned and walked quickly to the girl’s bathroom, avoiding eye contact with any parent. It was almost as if she were afraid that they would be able to tell what had happened by the by the look on her face. Inside the girls’ bathroom, she quickly found a stall and stepped in, locking the door. She sat down on the toilet and took a deep breath. When she touched her cheeks she found that her face was flushed. She couldn’t believe how she was reacting to being around Benjamin’s teacher. No woman, or man for that matter, had ever had such an effect on her. She shook her head to clear the fog and stood up, figuring she may as well relieve herself while she was there. When she pulled her pantyhose and panties down, she gasped; the crotch of her panties was soaked. She sat down again quickly and moaned in mortification. Then she relieved herself having to use several pieces of toilet paper to dry her wet pussy lips.

This time when Stephanie entered the classroom, it was filled with parents. She was suddenly relieved that she wouldn’t have to be alone with Kelly. She walked quickly past the animated group and sat down at her son’s desk, looking up at the pretty young girl again. “I want to thank all of you for coming out tonight. It is very important that as your children’s teacher I get to know each one of you on a personal level. I believe in that way we can work as a team to insure that your precious children get the most out of their education. Believe me when I tell you that the early years of education are the most important in your child’s life.”

Stephanie was fascinated by the uncharacteristic intelligence and knowledge of the young woman. During the presentation, she found her eyes meeting Kelly’s several times. It seemed that Kelly held her stare for a second longer than necessary. Each time Stephanie’s face colored in embarrassment. She suddenly wanted to be anywhere but in her son’s classroom. Incredibly, when Kelly mentioned needing a parent assistant, Stephanie found herself raising her hand. After all, if she didn’t help out, who would? she reasoned. Just like that it was settled; she would come to class two mornings a week and help with grading papers, and generally assist the teacher. Anyway, instead of feeling like she was doing a good deed, Stephanie felt a strange but undeniable sexual feeling wash over her. She wondered if she was losing her mind.

Chapter 2

Once again, Stephanie found herself searching through her closet to find the perfect dress. It had to be conservative but sexy. She yanked several out and laid them on the bed. As she stood looking at them, she began to wonder what she was doing. It wasn’t as if she was going on a date. She was just going to her son’s school for a few hours to help his teacher. Yet, even with this knowledge, she found it hard to make a decision on what to wear. She tried on several dresses before settling on a somewhat conservative black dress. It was one she had worn to several of David’s business functions. It was snug to her bust and hips with a nice contour at the waist. While it wasn’t short by today’s standards, it was about four inches above her knees and an inch from being inappropriate for a school function. The top covered her ample bust and didn’t reveal much. When she went to the dresser for pantyhose, she hesitated. It was still quite warm outside and her legs still looked good from her summer tan, so she decided to go without hose. A little chill ran through and she thought briefly about not wearing panties. Her better judgment took over and she left hers on. Finally, she put on a pearl necklace with matching bracelet and was ready to go.

Kelly was sitting at her desk when she looked up for some unknown reason. She glanced around the classroom and then out the window. She saw Stephanie Morrison getting out of her car in the parking lot and smiled. Her heartbeat increased just a touch as she watched the pretty woman walk toward the school. It had been a long time since she had felt this way about someone. There was something that she couldn’t explain about Stephanie. She could remember her stares and the sparkle of her eyes when they glanced at one another the other night. The feeling in her stomach took her back in time when she had her first lesbian experience. It had been a warm, sensual, and intense affair that ended at college.

Still, for Kelly, after all of the men she had dated, she somehow felt empty… as if something was missing. She knew that she wasn’t a “lesbian” whatever that meant. She enjoyed her sexual relationships with men. Except there was that undefined something she had only felt once in her young life. Those twinges had returned full blast.

Kelly smiled to herself, adjusting her white blouse and while she tugged her short skirt down her thighs. Even then the skirt was still a full five inches above her knees.

Stephanie smiled to cover her nervousness when she entered the classroom. It was almost as if it was her first day of school. She was happy to see that the kids had not arrived yet.

“Hi Kelly,” Stephanie said.

Kelly looked up and smiled as if she was surprised to see Stephanie so early. “You’re early,” she said. “Are you trying to get on the good side of the teacher?”

Stephanie saw Kelly’s bright eyes staring at her and found herself flustered again. “Uh… I… I like to be punctual.”

“Did you bring me an apple?”

Suddenly Stephanie’s smile was genuine. “Uh, no but I will the next time.”

They laughed.

Soon the two were talking and sorting out lesson plans for the students. They found that they had a lot in common, from music to political persuasions and almost everything in between. Stephanie liked the fact that Kelly was easy to talk to and was soon revealing things about herself she would normally only share with a good friend.

A few minutes later, the kids arrived, rushing into the room, laughing and squealing, pushing and shoving, like typical six-year-olds.

When Stephanie saw Ben come into the room, she smiled at him. While he smiled back, he didn’t otherwise acknowledge her. Even at his tender age, the peer pressure to be independent was apparent. She knew that his friends would tease him if he showed undue emotions toward his mother. No boy of any age wanted to be called a “mommy’s boy”. Several times she smiled at him and he secretly smiled back.

The morning passed quickly. Before Stephanie knew it, it was time to leave. The kids had been sent to Mrs. Williams’ art class. The room was finally quiet. As she was straightening up, Stephanie knocked a stack of papers to the floor. She squatted down to pick them up and Kelly came over to help.

“I can be such a klutz,” Stephanie said as she gathered up the papers.

“I’m the same way. When I was a kid, my parents used to say I had two left feet,” Kelly laughed.

As Stephanie reached for a paper, her eyes glanced at Kelly’s legs. Her squatting position allowed her knees to slightly open. Suddenly the older woman’s heart skipped a beat… she could see all the way up the young woman’s skirt… and she didn’t have any panties on. Stephanie’s head began to spin as her eyes continued to stare between Kelly’s legs. The sun’s rays illuminated the normally dark area. She could see under her skirt straight to her pussy. Stephanie was shocked to see she didn’t have any pubic hair. She could plainly the puffy bulge of her pussy lips.

“Is something wrong?” Kelly asked when she saw Stephanie staring. Her facial expression appeared serious. A hint of a smile curled at corners of her lips.

“Uh… no,” Stephanie quickly said. Inhaling a long, slow breath, she averted her eyes. Too late, the damage had been done. Stephanie could feel her pussy lips swelling and juice begin to drip into her panties. As soon as the papers were gathered, Stephanie hurried out of the room and to the girls’ lavatories. In the privacy of the stall, she masturbated like some half-crazed teenager who had been kissed for the first time by the captain of the football team.

Stephanie was somewhat more composed and less anxious the next time she played “teacher’s assistant”. However, a touch or smile from Kelly would increase her heartbeat. It was ridiculous, but she couldn’t deny the way she felt.

The following week, as Stephanie was just about to leave for the day, Kelly asked if she would like to get together for dinner one night. “We get along famously. We have so much in common Stephanie. I thought it might be fun to go out this Friday evening… that is if you aren’t busy.” Kelly touched Stephanie’s hand warmly.

Stephanie felt the young woman’s soft hand on hers and almost trembled. “I’d love that,” she answered right away, much to her surprise. “I’ll see if my mother is available to watch Benjamin.”

“We can meet at Peter’s Pub. It’s not far from my place on Rosewood Lane.”

“Okay, I’m sure I can make it,” Stephanie said, deciding to call a babysitter if her mother wasn’t available.

The following Friday, Stephanie drove to the pub to meet Kelly. When she entered, she looked around in the dark restaurant and saw Kelly sitting in a back booth waving her hand. Then with a bright smile, she made her way to the booth and slid in across from Kelly.

“No problem finding the place I take it?” Kelly said.

“No, I drive by here often on my way back from the mall.”

The two women ordered drinks and then dinner. Several times as they talked, Kelly reached over and touched Stephanie’s hand. It felt to the older woman as if electricity shot through her at each touch. She found herself often losing her concentration as she looked into Kelly’s eyes. It almost felt like she was falling into a bottomless pit.

“Earth to Stephanie,” Kelly said. She had asked a question and was met with dead silence.

“I’m sorry,” Stephanie blushed. “What did you say?”

“I said that I really appreciate your help with the children.”

“It’s my pleasure. I love it.”

“I hope this isn’t going to sound too strange, but I would like to do something for you… to thank you.”

“That’s not necessary.”

Kelly continued. “During summers while in college, I worked in a beauty salon and learned to do nails. I was wondering if you would let me do yours. Your hands are gorgeous. I can’t help but notice you really take excellent care of them. I love hands. They are so sensual. Don’t you agree they’re a direct line to a woman’s soul?”

“Uh… that is more than kind of you, but I don’t want to put you out.”

“You wouldn’t be putting me out. We could go to my apartment now… if you have time. It’s only several blocks from here.”

This was the last thing that Stephanie expected. “I don’t know what to say.”

Kelly reached over and took her hand, rubbing it sensually, and said, “Say yes.”

A million thoughts went through Stephanie’s head and there were at least that many reasons why she shouldn’t do it, however, she found herself eagerly nodding her head yes.

A short time later, Kelly sat in front of Stephanie, holding her hand in hers again, a tray with instruments beneath them. She worked intently on her nails while they chatted: about kids, school and life in general. It was a very relaxed conversation. When Kelly was done the manicure, she rubbed lotion into Stephanie’s hands and began to give her a hand and arm massage.

Stephanie’s breath caught in her throat as she felt the sensuous way the young woman worked on her hands and arms. “You do a very good job Kelly. You might have missed your calling.”

Kelly merely smiled and continued to work. She opened the older woman’s palm. Using her thumbs, she began to massage that certain spot near the center.

Stephanie felt her hands and arms tingling. Then a sudden shock went through her. The feeling seemed to trickle up her arms and then down throughout her entire body. She began to breathe harder. Her pulse quickened. She became light-headed. Juice began to drip into her panties and she almost pulled her hands away, but she couldn’t move… she had no strength in her arms.

“This delicate spot is the area that controls a woman’s soul. It’s a major erogenous zone,” Kelly said as she moved her thumbs in tiny circles. “Men don’t know it exists and neither do most women.”

The tingling in Stephanie’s hands grew stronger as the electric current continued to flow directly to her pussy. It almost felt like the young woman was massaging her now swollen sex lips. She had never felt anything like it. Stephanie squeezed her legs together. She felt her wet lips trapped between her thighs. She tried to control her breathing as uncontrollable excited pulses radiated her desperate need throughout body.

Kelly smiled and moved higher up her arm, leaving the palm tingling.

A sigh of relief escaped from Stephanie’s lips.

When both hands were done, Stephanie grabbed for her wine glass, gulping what was left in one final sip. She permitted Kelly lead her over to sit in front of the fireplace. She felt the friction of her swollen lips rubbing together as she moved. They sat close, their hips touching. Stephanie was very much aware of the warmth of Kelly’s hip and thigh on hers.

“Thanks again for the manicure. My hands and arms are still tingling,” Stephanie said… leaving out the fact that her hands and arms were not the only thing tingling.

“My pleasure. Thanks again for all your help. I know it’s early in the year, but I don’t know what I would have done without you this term,” Kelly said, leaning closer to the older woman. When their faces were but inches apart, Kelly said, “I love your lips. They are so full and sensual.” With that she reached out and touched them with her fingertips. “Women’s lips are so sexy,” she whispered.

Warning bells were going off in Stephanie’s head, but the sound of the blood rushing to her brain drowned them out. Stephanie closed her eyes and waited, holding her breath in anticipation of what she knew was coming. A moment later she felt it… felt the lips of another woman on her own for the first time in her life. A little moan escaped her mouth when Kelly pressed a little harder, spreading her soft lips across her own. Stephanie almost swooned when she felt Kelly’s tongue touch her lips. It ran back and forth, tickling her suddenly dry lips and leaving moisture behind. Then the tip moved to the center… wiggling gently but waiting patiently. It seemed like hours but was only seconds when, with a moan from deep in her throat, Stephanie opened her mouth.

Kelly turned her head to the side. She pressed her tongue forward, opening her mouth wide. She reached her hand up and grabbed the back of Stephanie’s head gently, insuring that she didn’t pull away.

Now Stephanie felt Kelly’s long and wet tongue inside her mouth. Her lips automatically closed around it, sucking the sweet saliva from the smooth surface and drinking it down. She felt Kelly’s tongue moving inside her open mouth as if trying to touch every place it could reach. Then, when Kelly pulled her tongue back, Stephanie’s automatically followed until it was trapped in the younger woman’s ravenous mouth. Kelly wasn’t as reserved as Stephanie had been and sucked her tongue with thinly veiled sexual abandon. The room filled with the loud sucking sound as the kiss continued and grew even more passionate by the second.

Stephanie didn’t know how long the kiss lasted. When she finally wrenched her lips away from Kelly’s she was gasping for breath. Her mouth and tongue were tingling and her lips felt swollen. She looked at Kelly and saw fire in her eyes. With a Herculean effort, she stood up, breaking away from the younger woman. She swayed on her feet for a second before she could steady herself. “I… I… I have to get home… the baby sitter… the baby sitter has to get home,” she said.

“I thought you said that your mother was watching Benjamin?”

“Uh… she was going to, but then something came up,” Stephanie lied. She knew that Kelly knew it was a lie, however, she had to get out of there or risk… or risk… she didn’t know what.

“I’m sorry you have to leave,” Kelly said sadly. “Maybe we can get together next week. You said you wanted to learn to do Pilate’s. I’m almost a certified instructor.”

“Uh… alright.”

“Then we’ll get together next Tuesday after school… if you can get your mother to watch Benjamin again, that is.”

“Yes, sure,” Stephanie said, grabbing her purse and hurrying to the door. When she turned around to say goodbye, she found Kelly standing there, her face close to her own again.

“Thanks again for coming over,” Kelly whispered and moved forward to kiss her lips again.

Stephanie moaned as her soft lips touched hers. Then she quickly pulled away. “I’ve got to… got to go,” she gasped. She turned and rushed out of the apartment without thanking Kelly for the manicure. She practically ran the two blocks to her car. When she got in, she paused, gasping for breath. She was trembling all over. She could still feel Kelly’s warm and soft lips on hers and her tongue in her mouth. Her pussy was literally throbbing. With a trembling hand she touched her wet panties. Her clit was swollen and almost protruding through the wet gusset of her underwear. It had never felt so large. When she touched it, her body began to convulse. “Ohhhhhh!!!” she hissed as a strong climax rushed through her. She grasped the steering wheel with one hand and rubbed her throbbing pussy with the other. Her legs squeezed tightly together as waves of incredible pleasure rushed through her.

Chapter 3

On Tuesday morning, Stephanie went to school with trepidation in her heart. She had thought of nothing but Kelly and the kiss all weekend. The feeling of the pretty woman’s lips on hers was like nothing she had experienced. It was so different from a man’s kiss. While, she was sure she wasn’t a lesbian, she now wondered if she was what they called “Bi-sexual”. She didn’t like labels, but she could think of no other words that fit. She had never reacted to a kiss from a man like that. The remembrance had forced her to masturbate three times since Friday. That was more than she normally did in a month.

Stephanie was late that morning and didn’t get to the school until almost eleven A.M. The truth was that she wasn’t sure she should even be there today. When Stephanie walked into the classroom, she saw Kelly working at the board. The kids were outside for recess. She went over quietly to her desk and picked up some tests to grade and sat down.

Kelly turned around and looked at Stephanie and said, “Aren’t you going to say hello?”

Stephanie looked up and said, “Hi Kelly, sorry I’m late.”

The pretty teacher got a frown on her face and walked over to the seated woman. She squatted next to the desk and reached for her hand. She held on when Stephanie tried to pull it away. “Steph, are we okay? I was worried that you weren’t going to show up today.”

Stephanie said, “I’m fine.” However, tension was apparent in her voice.

“Listen, I might have been out of line the other night.” Her eyes suddenly filled with tears. “I like you and don’t want anything to hurt our friendship.”

Stephanie felt her heart begin to melt. She had convinced herself that she would tell Kelly that she wasn’t like that. Tell her she liked men, not women and maybe it would be best if she didn’t help at school anymore. However, as she looked into Kelly’s tear filled eyes, the words failed her. She remembered how she had felt all weekend. She had butterflies in her stomach and her heart would react with a flutter every time she thought of her. It was so wrong, but she couldn’t deny her feelings. “Uh… I’m okay Kelly. I’m just a little embarrassed by how I reacted. You didn’t do anything wrong. I… I could have stopped you.”

Kelly smiled for the first time. “Well, I can come on pretty strong sometimes… especially when I have that certain feeling about someone. It’s been a long time since I felt that way.”

Tears came to Stephanie’s eyes as well. She paused for a moment, wondering if she should share her own feelings. She took a deep breath and said, “I know… I… I have the same feeling.”

Kelly wiped her eyes. “Are we still on for tonight… you know for Pilate’s?”

“Yes. I brought a change of clothes.”

Wiping her eyes, she said, “Good, see you at my place after school.” With that, Kelly looked behind her and then bodily kissed Stephanie on the lips. It was quick, little more than a peck, but was filled with meaning. Then she quickly stood up and went back to the board.

The rest of the day seemed to go on forever for Stephanie. She tried to get involved in what she was doing, but then she would catch Kelly’s eye and every thought she had would evaporate. When it was time to leave for the day, she almost screamed in relief.

Stephanie stepped out of the bathroom in her exercise clothes and saw Kelly already warming up. The pretty woman had on a bright yellow spandex top, which clearly showed her sexy breasts and a matching, equally tight, spandex exercise shorts. Stephanie had chosen to wear a stretch blue tube top and a matching pair of tight blue spandex shorts. The top hugged her large breasts like a second skin and made her nipples poke through. The shiny bottom outlined her ample buttocks, separating and emphasizing her firm ass cheeks.

Kelly saw Stephanie and smiled. “Come over here,” she said as she stood next to two yoga mats on the floor.

The two women found themselves standing face to face. As they began stretching exercises, they stole glances at each other.

“You know, I not sure why we women wear such tight outfits when we exercise,” Kelly said. “I guess it’s about style. These shorts are so tight that they run between my cracks and rub me in sensitive places,” Kelly said with a shy smile. “See what I mean,” she added as she looked down at her crotch.

Stephanie almost gasped. The tight crotch of Kelly’s shorts had pulled between her sex lips, separating and defining them as if she had nothing on.

“It’s a cameltoe,” Kelly said with a laugh.

Stephanie found her voice and said, “Cameltoe… what’s a cameltoe?”

“It’s when a woman’s panties or shorts are so tight that they pull up between their sex lips. It happens mostly when a woman doesn’t have pubic hair.”

Stephanie couldn’t help stare at the exposure of Kelly’s sex. “How did it get the name “cameltoe?” she asked, wondering if she really wanted to know.

“Well, I think it’s because a camel’s hoofs have a crack down the middle. See,” she said and reached down to the waistband and pulled her shorts upward, forcing the seam even further between the lips.

Stephanie felt she might faint. She couldn’t believe that Kelly was exposing herself so blatantly. Or worse yet, that she was staring. She forced herself to look away. She knew the crotch of her shorts was getting wet. When she looked at Kelly again, she was staring directly into her fiery eyes. Her knees grew week. She thought that she might collapse.

Kelly rescued her when she said, “Okay, let’s get working.”

They began to do their Pilate’s with Stephanie following Kelly’s lead. At one point as they lay on their backs, Kelly said, “Steph, let me show you how your abdominal muscles should tighten when you do the breathing exercises.” With that Kelly touched Stephanie’s stomach muscles, running her fingers up her soft skin, stopping a fraction of an inch below the pretty brunette’s breasts. “Take a deep breath.”

It wasn’t difficult for Stephanie to take a deep breath. Her lungs already felt starved for oxygen.

“Here is where your muscles should control the breath,” Kelly said, pushing on her diaphragm just below her breasts.

Stephanie shivered as Kelly let her hand linger on her stomach for longer than necessary. Then she watched as she slowly moved her fingers back down her stomach, making her shiver as goose bumps appeared on her skin.

Kelly removed her hand and said, “It takes a lot of practice and there’s a lot of skill involved to get it right. That’s why I need to practice so much before I can take my certification test. I want to teach it someday. Now, feel my stomach.”

With a trembling hand, Stephanie touched Kelly’s taut stomach.

As the younger woman took a breath, she moved Stephanie’s hand up and down the smooth surface of her stomach. She could feel her vagina throbbing and knew that she was definitely going to have a wet spot on the crotch of her shorts. Kelly caught the older woman’s eye and smiled and then suddenly pulled Stephanie’s hand to her breast.

Stephanie sucked in her breath and was so shocked that she didn’t try to move her hand away.

“Can you feel my breathing here?” Kelly asked, holding her hand to her soft breast.

Stephanie couldn’t answer. She had never touched a woman’s breast before, at least not in this manner. She could feel the warm and soft breast moving under her palm. The now hard nipple almost burned a hole in her hand. She looked at Kelly like a deer caught in the headlights and saw her smoldering eyes.

“Come here,” Kelly whispered and pulled Stephanie up until she was leaning over her. “Kiss me.”

“Oh Jesus!” Stephanie almost whined. Her brain was telling her to run, but her body was in control. As if in slow motion she leaned down until her lips were inches from her friend. She closed her eyes and moved down. “Mmmmm,” she moaned when she felt Kelly’s soft lips under hers. She had been dreaming and agonizing about this moment since Friday. Until that second, she didn’t know how she was going to react. Her tongue came out of her mouth.

Kelly moaned as Stephanie tongue touched her lips. She opened her mouth wide to take it inside. A second later they were kissing passionately again like Friday night.

Stephanie was aware of her saliva draining from her mouth and into Kelly’s. She felt Kelly swallowing, drinking it down. Then she felt the younger woman’s tongue pushing back on her own. She let it in and sucked her tongue hard. When Stephanie finally pulled away, she was breathing like she had run a marathon. Her eyes were opened wide, staring at Kelly.

“Let’s go over to the couch,” Kelly said, getting up and pulling her friend behind her. When they were sitting side by side on the couch, Kelly turned to her and said, “How long has it been since you had sex?”

“Huh?” Stephanie replied in surprise.

“I’m not dating anyone, so it’s been a long time for me. It seems that almost anything makes me horny nowadays.”

“Uh… well, David and I…” she stuttered, not sure if she wanted to share her problems at home with her.

“Come on, tell me. I’d bet it’s been a long time.”

“Yes,” she answered truthfully, with more than a little embarrassment.

“Do you masturbate?”

Stephanie felt her head spinning faster. She wondered what Kelly was up to. Feeling scared and embarrassed, she answered truthfully, “Yes… three times this weekend.”

“What were you thinking about?”

Stephanie hesitated. She tried to think of a lie, however, nothing came to her. She took a deep breath and answered, “You… uh… the kiss.”

“Hmmm, I did to… I mean I thought about our kiss while I masturbated.

“Uh… Kelly, maybe I… I had better leave,” Stephanie said using every ounce of strength she had left to get the words out.

Kelly ignored her and said, “Will you do it for me?”


“Masturbate. I want to watch you… and kiss you while you do it.”

“Oh God,” Stephanie gasped. “This is craz…”

“Crazy,” Kelly said, finishing her word.


“Well, I’m crazy about you. Let me pull your shorts down.”

In spite of the screaming going on in Stephanie’s head, she lifted up and let Kelly pull her tight shorts down to her knees, then off one foot, leaving them hanging on the other ankle.

“Oh my,” Kelly gasped as she stared at Stephanie’s pussy. It was dripping.

Stephanie’s face turned beet red. She knew how wet she was.

“I want to see your breasts too,” Kelly whispered and without waiting for an answer, pushed Stephanie’s tube top up and over her heaving breasts.

Stephanie moaned loudly and closed her eyes, unable to look at the younger woman’s face. She could feel eyes staring at her nakedness, knowing she could see the juice glistening on her closely cropped pubic hair. In fact, she could feel it running from between her lips now.

“You’re beautiful,” Kelly whispered. Then she reached for Stephanie’s hand and guided it between her legs. “Rub yourself,” she said. She wanted desperately for it to be her own hand between Stephanie’s legs. But she knew she had to take it slow or risk her running from her apartment.

Another moan came from Stephanie’s mouth as her fingers found her already swollen and very wet sex lips.

Kelly reached down and took one large breast in her hand. With gentle fingers, she began to knead it. She brought her lips to Stephanie’s.

They moaned as their lips pressed together. Their tongue began to duel for possession of each other’s mouth. All resistance was now gone from Stephanie’s body. Suddenly, the incredible stimulation of the younger woman’s mouth, hand, and her own fingers, were too much for her. She felt Kelly’s tongue push deep into her mouth as her hand squeezed her breast. Her hips lifted from the couch and her leg’s spread apart. Her fingers moved rapidly between her pussy lips. It took only seconds before she felt a climax coming on. “Mmmmm!!!” she gasped into Kelly’s searching mouth as waves of pleasure rushed over her. Tremors shot up and down her body, making her shake all over. She thrashed wildly on the couch as her convulsions went on and on. She was lost… lost in a sensual fog that surrounded her and threatened to consume her. Each time she thought her climax was ending, she would feel Kelly squeeze her breast or force her tongue deep into her wide-open mouth. It would start all over again. Nothing had prepared her for this… no climax that she had ever experienced equaled this one.

A few minutes later Stephanie’s climax finally ended. When she opened her eyes, she saw Kelly looking at her with a smile on her face. Her own face turned red with embarrassment again.

“That was incredible,” Kelly said. “I’ve never seen anyone climax for that long. I was worried that your heart wasn’t going to be able to stand it,” she laughed.

Stephanie took a deep breath but didn’t answer. She saw Kelly get a funny look on her face.

With a sheepish look the pretty woman said, “Will you watch me… watch me masturbate.”

Stephanie closed her eyes and moaned. This was too much. However, in spite of her reluctance, she nodded her head.

Kelly stood up and pulled her top over her head, revealing her soft breasts. They were round and firm with large pink nipples that were as hard as pebbles and stuck out a full quarter of an inch. Kelly cupped her breasts as if holding them out to Stephanie.

For a moment Stephanie thought that she was going to bring them over to her. Unconsciously she licked her suddenly dry lips.

Instead, Kelly moved her hands down to the waist of her shorts. With a naughty smile, she hooked her fingers into her shorts and slowly pushed them down her thighs, revealing her firm stomach and then her bare sex.

Stephanie stared at the sexy woman. Her body was nearly perfect. From her breasts to her knees, her skin was smooth and tanned without so much as a blemish. She had a perfect little “outie” belly button that sat just above the tan line created by an obviously tiny bikini. Stephanie saw that she didn’t have a tan line at her breasts and realized that she must sun bath topless. Suddenly her eyes were drawn to her pussy. It was smoothly shaven and the outer lips formed a protective covering for the now swollen inner lips. There was a stream of clear juice already dripping from the hole, hanging down to her soft thigh. Stephanie trembled.

Kelly crawled onto the end of the couch with Stephanie and sat on the arm, spreading her legs.

In spite of the strong climax, Stephanie had just experienced, she felt her heart quicken at the site of Kelly’s bald pussy. She was only inches away and could see every crease. It was swollen like hers and the clear juice was now smeared over the fat inner lips. She held her breath as she watched Kelly open herself… open her pussy just inches from her shocked face. She could see her open hole pulsing and her juice bubbling out. Then she watched as her finger slipped down the crack and disappeared into her opening.

“Oh yes,” Kelly gasped as she forced her eyes to remain open. She watched Stephanie’s eyes… watching to see if she was going to turn away. She didn’t.

Stephanie was mesmerized. She felt a shock wave go through her as her nose picked up Kelly’s scent. It was strong and earthy but not unpleasant. Suddenly, she found herself wondering what she tasted like. She stared at the young girl as she began to masturbate. It was surreal… like nothing she would have ever imagined she would witness. But here she was watching this pretty and sexy girl masturbate in front of her.

“Oh God Stephanie,” Kelly said as her eyes closed in pleasure. She moaned. Her body began to shake. Then she gasped and snapped her legs closed on her moving hand. Hummm, hummm, ahhhhhh!!!” she cried as she convulsed with pleasure. Her climax was unexpectedly intense. Having Stephanie watch her masturbated was exciting beyond her wildest dreams. She nearly fell from the arm of the sofa as her body shook.

Finally, when her climax waned, Kelly reluctantly pulled her hand from between her legs. The fingers were covered with her copious juices. She looked at Stephanie and said, “Have you ever tasted yourself?”

Stephanie face showed shock and she shook her head no, wondering how much more she could take. But it wasn’t over yet. As she watched, the pretty teacher brought the fingers to her mouth.

“I love the taste,” she said and slipped them in, closing her eyes again in pleasure.

Stephanie closed her eyes as well and for a moment thought that she was going to climax again.

Chapter 4

“David, Kelly will be over at seven thirty. I’m going to give Ben his bath and get him ready for bed. Can you straighten up the living room for me?”

“Sure,” David said and walked into the living room. He wondered idly why Stephanie was getting so excited over some old biddy teacher coming over. He shook his head and began to pick up newspapers and straighten the living room.

A short while later the front doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it,” Stephanie said, hurrying down the stairs and to the front door. She was wearing a V-neck sweater that exposed the soft swells of her breasts. She also had on a full short skirt with flip-flops on her feet and no nylons… she had left her panties off as well. When she opened the door, she almost gasped when saw what the young teacher.

Kelly had on a pink, jersey type tank top that covered her breasts, but hung freely mid-way down her stomach. Her breasts were obviously unencumbered by a bra and the nipples were clearly visible. Her stomach was bare all the way to her skintight white skirt. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she had tennis shoes on her feet, making her look much younger than her twenty-four years.

“Hi Steph,” she said, and leaned forward and kissed the older woman’s still opened mouth.

Stephanie followed the sexy girl into the house, her eyes drawn to her sexy and swaying backside. When they reached the living room, they found David sitting in his easy chair with Benjamin was on his lap. “David, this is Kelly Carlson, Ben’s teacher.”

David’s eyes almost popped out of his head. He stood up quickly and put Ben down.

“Hi Miss Carlson,” Ben squealed, running over to the teacher to get a hug.

Kelly laughed as she knelt down and squeezed the young boy in her arms. “I love your Spiderman pajama’s.”

“Santa brought them for me.”

“Santa must have known you’ve been a good boy,” she answered, rubbing his head affectionately.

“Please to meet you Miss Carlson,” David said when he could speak. “Stephanie didn’t tell me that you were… were… so… uh… young.”

Kelly smiled, her bright green eyes flashing as she stood up and reached her hand out to David. “I’m probably the youngest teacher at the school by twenty years,” she answered with a laugh.

“I was just going to read Ben a story before bed Kelly. I should be back in a few minutes,” Stephanie said.

“Oh, let me read him the story,” Kelly begged.

Stephanie smiled at the sweet girl. “Okay. I’ll get some snacks ready for the movie. I’ve got “Gone With the Wind”.

“Super, I love that movie… it’s one of my favorites. I haven’t seen it in years.”

David moaned and rolled his eyes at the thought of watching the soppy old movie.

About twenty minutes later, Stephanie went upstairs to check on Kelly. When she stepped into the boy’s room, she saw her pulling the blanket over the sleeping boy.

“He’s such a cute kid,” Kelly said as she put the night light on and walked over to Stephanie who was standing at the door.

“I know. I think some of that is because of his teacher,” Stephanie said with a smile. Then she watched as Kelly stepped close to her.

“Do I get a kiss for putting him to sleep,” she whispered as she reached behind Stephanie and flipped off the light switch, leaving the room in the soft glow from the nightlight.

Stephanie took a deep breath, but didn’t answer.

Kelly took that as a yes and brought her lips toward her. A second later she was pressing her warm lips to the other woman’s.

Stephanie moaned and allowed Kelly to push her against the door. She could feel her soft breasts own as her tongue entered her mouth. Her mouth opened, letting Kelly’s tongue in. Then she felt the girls hands slip down her back and across the cheeks of her ass.

“Mmmmm,” Kelly murmured as her hand slipped up and under the back of her skirt to caress Stephanie’s bare ass cheeks. “No panties,” she whispered as she pulled her lips from Stephanie’s.

“We better… we better get back downstairs… David will wonder where we are.”

“One more kiss,” Kelly said and pressed her lips to Stephanie’s again, her mouth wide-open to accept Stephanie’s tongue. The kiss quickly grew passionate.

Finally, Stephanie had to wrench her lips from the younger girl. She held her at arms length. “Let’s go downstairs,” she whispered as she tried to catch her breath.

Reluctantly Kelly followed Stephanie downstairs.

David was watching a basketball game when they entered the living room.

“Can we watch the movie now?” Stephanie asked.

“One minute left,” David said.

“Wake Forest and North Carolina?”

“Yep. Two point game.”

“I went to Duke,” Kelly said.

“North Carolina,” David responded.

“We always got pumped up for the Wake Forest game,” Kelly said as she sat on the sofa and began watching the game.

Stephanie shook her head when she saw Kelly become interested in the game. She had no interest in basketball, but Kelly obviously did. “Wine?” she asked Kelly.

“Yes please,” she responded, not turning her eyes from the game. “Ah, how can he miss two foul shots in a row?”

“That guys only about a 30% foul shooter… that’s how,” David lamented. “It’s going to be a long season.”

When Stephanie came back, the game was just ending and Wake had won. “Can we watch the movie now, or is there another game?” Stephanie asked with a laugh.

“That’s it,” David said in disappointment.

“Better luck next time,” Kelly answered. Then she looked at Stephanie and smiled. “I’m ready,” she said.

Stephanie put the video into the machine. Then she used the remote to turn on the gas fireplace. She turned off all the lights but one near David. When she came back to the sofa she sat next to Kelly with her hip almost touching hers.

It didn’t take long for David to close his eyes and nod his head back.

“I’m getting a little chilly. Can we share the afghan?” Kelly asked. However, before Stephanie answered she pulled the afghan from the back of the sofa and spread it over their laps.

A few minutes later, about half the bottle of wine was gone and David was snoring.

Suddenly, Stephanie felt Kelly’s hand touch her bare leg. She jumped in spite of the fact that she knew it was coming. Her body tensed and she glanced over at David as Kelly’s hand began to caress her thigh.

Kelly was watching the TV innocently, but she had a naughty smile on her face. Her hand began to move up and down Stephanie’s soft bare thigh. With each upward movement, her fingers drew closer and closer to the hem of her short skirt.

Stephanie kept her legs tightly together, hoping that Kelly’s hand wouldn’t go any higher, yet at the same time, afraid that she would stop. Her breathing had increased and her heart thumped in her chest. She closed her eyes and cut off a groan when she felt Kelly’s fingers slip under edge of her short skirt. Slowly the fingers crept higher and higher until her hand was entirely under the skirt.

Kelly was still staring at the movie as if nothing were going on. However, she knew that her fingers were but a fraction of an inch from Stephanie’s pussy. She could feel the tickle of her closely cropped pubic hair on the tips of her fingers.

Stephanie was frozen with fear and excitement. A quarter of an inch more and Kelly’s fingers would be touching her pussy. She knew that she could easily stop this by getting up to go to the bathroom or something, yet, her excitement kept her seated.

With a push of her hand, Kelly moved the fraction of an inch and just like that, her fingers were touching the now swollen lips of Stephanie’s pussy. Her hand froze, waiting for Stephanie’s protest. When it didn’t come, she smiled and continued to move her fingers.

In spite of the danger and the warning bells going off in Stephanie’s head, she found her legs opening… opening just enough to give Kelly finger’s room to roam. She bit her lip as the young girl’s fingers slipped down her grove, rubbing her swollen lips. A searching finger worked slowly over the fat lips and then slipped between. “Mmmmmhhhhhh,” she gasped as the tip found her hole. She twisted her head to look at David. He was still snoring.

Kelly slipped her fingertip into Stephanie’s hole. Slowly she moved it deeper and deeper. She could feel Stephanie begin to squirm and worried that she was going to protest. Instead her legs opened wider. A smile came to Kelly’s face. Now she had enough room to begin to move her finger in and out of her sopping hole.

Stephanie closed her eyes and bit her lip until it almost bled. Her head was spinning and her heart was pounding. She gasped for breath and began to lift her hips slightly, forcing the finger to move in and out. From deep inside she could feel her orgasm coming. She squeezed her thighs together to try to stop the movement of her finger… to stop the climax, but it was too late. Her body tensed and she fought to control a moan as pleasure washed through her. Her body shook as she struggled to remain still. The orgasm was powerful… more powerful than anything she had ever brought on with her own fingers. She closed her eyes tightly and saw flashes of light behind her eyelids.

Kelly was smiling broadly now. She could feel the pulsing deep inside Stephanie and knew that she was climaxing. She admired her ability to control her body during such a crisis. Her fingers were soaked with juice. She knew that the back of the poor girls skirt would be soaked when she was done.

Finally, Stephanie’s body began to relax as the last vestiges of her climax ended.

A noise from across the room made both women look at David.

“Ohhhhh goodness,” I guess I fell asleep,” David said as he yawned and stretched.

Kelly kept her fingers inside Stephanie, soaking in her warm juices, even as David got up from his chair.

“Well, I guess I’ll go up to bed,” he said and walked over behind the sofa. “Good to meet you Kelly, he said as he bent over and kissed Stephanie on the cheek. “See you in the morning.” With that he left the women and went upstairs.

Kelly and Stephanie sat on the sofa without speaking for several minutes.

Finally, the young girl pulled her hand from between Stephanie’s legs. “My, my, but you surely get wet don’t you?” she whispered, holding her fingers up to the glowing room light. They were glistening with juice. She looked at Stephanie and brought the fingers to her mouth. One by one, she sucked them clean.

Stephanie closed her eyes and trembled. When she opened them again, Kelly was close to her, waiting for a kiss. She didn’t resist when the young girl pressed her lips to hers. She opened her mouth and let her tongue in. Then she pushed her own tongue into Kelly’s mouth.

Kelly pulled her lips away briefly. “I’ll bet the lips between your legs are just as sweet as these,” she said and then without waiting for a reply, she touched her lips to hers again. She slowly sucked her lower lip into her mouth and chewed it gently. Then she sucked the upper one into her mouth and did the same.

Stephanie couldn’t believe that she was sitting on the sofa in her own house and kissing a woman. She always loved kissing, but nothing had ever turned her on like Kelly’s lips. Suddenly she imagined Kelly doing the same thing between her legs. A moan escaped her lips.

Then, as if Kelly had read her mind, she pulled away and whispered, “I want to kiss the lips between your legs.”

“No Kelly,” Stephanie whined. It was a weak protest and sounded like she couldn’t control what was going to happen.

Kelly didn’t wait for an answer and reached under the afghan to push her skirt to her waist.

“Kelly, we can’t… David… he’s…”

“He’s asleep already.” With that Kelly slipped to the floor and onto her knees. The she pulled the afghan from Stephanie’s lap. “Oh God,” she gasped as the woman’s lower half was uncovered. Her vagina was swollen and the sparse pubic hair was smeared with her copious juices from top to bottom.

Stephanie eyes were wide as she watched the young schoolteacher stare between her legs. Then she saw her hands reach up and grasp her thighs. She only resisted for a second before she allowed the girl to push her thighs open. “Kelly, don’t please,” she pleaded as her legs began to tremble. Yet, her hands lay idly at her sides and she made no move to stop the girl.

Kelly ignored her weak protest as she pressed her thighs wide. Then she bent her head and began to kiss along her soft inner thighs. She could smell Stephanie’s excitement as she drew closer to her center… it was a sweet smell. Kelly lifted her thighs and slipped them across her shoulders, leaving her face inches from the now pulsing pussy. She inhaled deeply before her lips moved forward.

“Oh Godddddd!!!” Stephanie hissed as she felt Kelly’s lips on her. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. Yes, she had dreamed of this, had longed for this, but never thought it would happen. David had eaten her a few times, but he didn’t like to do it and was never enthusiastic about it. Now it wasn’t him doing it; it was a sweet young woman with soft lips and a loving tongue.

Kelly’s lips were moving on Stephanie’s swollen pussy lips like she was kissing her mouth. She sucked one fat outer lip into her mouth before moving to the other. Then she opened Stephanie’s pussy wide with her fingers and sucked the inner lips into her mouth… gently nibbling on the tender and blood engorged skin. Finally her tongue found her hole and began to push into her body.

Stephanie groaned loudly.

A smile of satisfaction would have come to Kelly’s face had she not had it buried in the moist sex of her friend. She felt Stephanie’s hands grab her head, not to push her away, but to gently pulled her forward. She began to suck her harder and then force her tongue in and out. She pressed her tongue in as deeply as it could go, searching for more sweet juice. When she found the pool deep inside, she swirled her tongue in it before pulling it back into her mouth and swallowing. She almost climaxed as the thick juice slipped down her throat.

“Kelly… Kelly… Kelly,” Stephanie gasped. Her legs locked around the young girl’s neck, pulling her deeper between her thighs, forcing her mouth tighter to her sex. Suddenly, it no longer mattered that David was just upstairs, or that he could come down at any moment. All that mattered were the sweet kisses and searching tongue between her legs. “Yes, yes, yes, eat me Kelly,” she gasped. She couldn’t deny her excitement anymore. Her hips began to buck and she threw her head back onto the sofa, abandoning herself to the working of Kelly’s ravenous mouth. Before she knew it, the second climax of the evening washed over her like a tidal wave of pleasure. It was intense and enveloped her body in pleasure like she had never known. The lights in the room began to dim.

Kelly kept kissing Stephanie’s pussy for a long time after she stopped moving. When she looked up, she saw that her head was back and her eyes were closed. Her hands were lying idly by her side. Kelly moved up to sit next to Stephanie, pulling her close. “Are you okay sweetie,” she said as she took Stephanie’s head in her hands and looked at her.

Stephanie opened her eyes slowly. She had a disoriented look on her face. When she saw Kelly’s wet face it all came back to her. A weak smile crossed her lips. “Your face is all sticky,” she whispered.

“I know,” Kelly answered and licked her lips.

This time, Stephanie pulled Kelly’s lips to hers for a very wet kiss. When she pulled back, she stared into Kelly’s eyes with a look of concern on her face.

Kelly knew what she was thinking. “You don’t have to do that to me,” she whispered. “But I would love it if you sucked my breasts.”

Stephanie slowly nodded her head and then whispered, “All right.”

Hearing that Kelly pulled her top up, revealing her firm breasts and large nipples. The nipples were as hard as pebbles and stuck out like pencil erasers.

With a moan, Stephanie dropped her head and took one into her mouth.

“Oh yes,” Kelly gasped. She unsnapped her jeans. As she held Stephanie’s head to her heaving breast, she slipped her hand under her jeans and found her already throbbing sex. It only took her a few moments to reach her peak. She squeezed Stephanie’s head to her breasts, as her body shook with a powerful orgasm… short in duration, but very satisfying.

Kelly had a broad smile on her face as she left Stephanie standing in the doorway that evening. She knew that the older woman was feeling guilty: guilty that she had performed on her, but that she had given little in return. That was exactly what she wanted.

Chapter 5

Stephanie could think of nothing but Kelly over the next several days. She couldn’t believe how good it had been to have her mouth on her pussy. She could almost feel her lips still on her. While she was satisfied, there was an excitement burning inside her. She also felt selfish. She had never been a taker. Just the opposite… she had always been the giver… to her husband and son or anyone else that needed her. Now she felt guilty that she had let Kelly pleased her with her mouth and she had done nothing in return. Since Kelly hadn’t called in several days, she worried that she might be angry with her. Suddenly, she had to call her… to tell her… she didn’t know what. But she had to talk to her.

It was almost eight P.M. and Kelly was still at the school. Reports cards were to be turned in just a few days and she still had papers to grade before she could fill in the cards. It was always at this time of the semester that she became hyper. Sometimes she felt like she was out of control. However, this year Stephanie’s help made it easier.

A smile came to her face when she thought of the pretty older woman. Her budding relationship with Stephanie made the days go by quicker and she looked forward to the times that she was in her classroom. Now she knew what she had been missing in her life. The ringing of her cell phone startled Kelly. “Hello,” she said.

“Hi Kelly, its Stephanie.”

“Hi,” Kelly answered without revealing any emotion.

She is mad at me, Stephanie thought. “Uh… I was just wondering… wondering if you had time to get together tonight… for a drink… to talk.”

“I’m sorry Steph, but I’m buried with work. Report cards are due in a couple of days and I have papers to grade.” Kelly paused, letting the monotone of her voice sink in. She could almost feel the tension over the phone.

Listen, I could stop over to your house and help if you want.”

“I’m still at the school.”

“Oh,” Stephanie said and paused. Then she added, “I can come to the school then.”

“Well, if you have time…” Kelly said.

“I’ll be right down.” With that Stephanie hung up and told David that she had to go help Kelly at school. Fortunately he was home and could stay with Ben, who was already in bed.

Kelly smiled as she hung up the phone. She sighed and a little tremor went through her.

A few minutes later, Stephanie walked into the deserted school. Her heels on the tile floor sounded louder than ever. It was strange and almost scary being in the empty building. When she arrived at Kelly’s classroom, she saw her working behind her big oak desk. Her heart started to beat faster at the sight of the pretty girl.

Kelly was wearing a pretty green sweater and what looked like a short pleated skirt.

“Hi,” Stephanie said.

Kelly looked up and said “Hi.”

When Stephanie got close enough, she bent over and kissed Kelly on the mouth. Her lips were receptive, but not particularly responsive. “How can I help?”

“You can grade these papers while I start the report cards.”

Stephanie picked up a stack of papers and sat down at a table in the front of the room. As she began to work, she glanced over at Kelly several times. Kelly didn’t look up. Stephanie was sure she was mad at her. “Kelly, are you… are you mad at me?”

Kelly looked up and said, “No, why would I be mad at you?”

She’s mad, Stephanie thought. “Because… because of the… other night.”

Kelly suddenly changed the subject. “Could you get a stack of report cards from the shelf in the coatroom.”

Stephanie got up and went to the coatroom. She paused as she stepped into the crowded closet, feeling like she was going to cry. She had to do something or risk losing Kelly as a friend. She retrieved a stack of blank report cards from the top shelf and went back to the front of the classroom with determination in her step. However, the closer she got to Kelly, the less confident she felt. Finally she was standing next to her desk trembling, holding back tears.

When Kelly looked up at Stephanie’s sad face, a pain went through her heart. It was time to stop the charade. She pushed her chair back.

Suddenly Stephanie looked down and gasped. She saw that Kelly’s little pleated skirt was high on her legs, revealing much of her the soft skin of her thighs. However, that wasn’t what made her gasp; Kelly’s panties were around her ankles.

“I guess my panties fell down,” Kelly giggled. With that she reached down and pulled them from her feet. Then she boldly held up the slip of material before placing it on top a stack of test papers in front of Stephanie. “Maybe you can grade these papers.”

Stephanie’s heart began to race as she looked at the panties on the pile of papers. Her hands were trembling as she picked up the stack and walked back to her table. Her eyes never left the pink panties on top. She could see that there was a glistening of juice on the gusset. A chill of excitement rushed through her. Just as she sat down, someone came to the door. She snatched up the panties quickly and dropped them to her lap.

Jim, the night cleaning man, looked into the room. “Miss Kelly, are you ladies going to be okay here. I’m about to leave for the night.”

“We’ll be fine Jim. Just lock the door on you’re way out of the building.”

“Okay ma’am. I’ve checked around the school and everyone is gone but you two.”

“Thanks Jim.”

“By the way, if you two are going to be here alone, I’d advise you to close them blinds on the windows… you know… so nobody can see you alone here.”

“That’s a great idea Jim. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight ma’am.”

Kelly smiled at Stephanie.

They heard Jim whistling as he went down the hall. Then they heard the front doors slam and knew he was gone.

Kelly went over to the windows and let the blinds down. Then she went back to her desk and sat down.

Stephanie watched her turn to the side as she leaned over the desk to work again. She crossed her legs, letting her short skirt slip high up her thighs. She could feel her pussy pulsing as she thought about Kelly sitting there without panties.

Kelly looked up and saw Stephanie looking at her legs.

Stephanie’s eyes dropped back to the papers on her desk and her face turned red. Then she saw the panties in her lap. With a trembling hand she picked them up. She glanced over at Kelly and saw that she wasn’t watching her. She slowly brought the panties to her nose. Suddenly her head began to spin as she inhaled Kelly’s scent. The crotch was wet and still warm. It smelled of a combination of perfume and a hint of Kelly’s sex. She pulled the panties from her nose and gasped when she saw Kelly staring at her. Her eyes drifted down. She saw she had her legs uncrossed and they were spread apart. Her skirt was halfway up her thighs. Stephanie gasped when she realized she could see her shaved pussy.

Kelly smiled and crooked her finger at Stephanie.

Almost in a trance, Stephanie stood up and walked slowly over to her.

“Are you ready to please me?” Kelly asked.

Stephanie took a ragged breath and nodded her head, unable to speak. Incredible excitement rushed through her.

“Then get on you knees under the teachers desk.”

Stephanie thought that she had misunderstood her. “Huh?”

“Get under my desk,” she said.

Stephanie felt like her legs were going to give out. She swayed on her feet and her heart pounded in her chest. “I… I… don’t know what to do,” she said in a trembling voice.

“I’ll show you.” Kelly slid away from the desk to give Stephanie room.

With that Stephanie went to her knees and crawled under the big oak desk. She couldn’t believe what she was doing. Yet, she had never been more excited in her life. She watched as Kelly turned and slid her chair toward her, spreading her legs wide in the process. Suddenly it was dark under the desk and she could barely see. She could smell Kelly’s excitement.

“Kiss my thighs, but nothing else until I tell you,” Kelly said.

With trembling hands, Stephanie spread Kelly’s legs and began to kiss up her thighs. She felt the younger girl tremble as her lips drew across her soft skin.

Kelly started to hum as she went back to grading papers.

Stephanie kissed high up one thigh and then moved to the other side and began kissing back down. When she reached her knee, she switched again, using her tongue this time as she moved back up the warm flesh.

“Mmmm, very nice,” Kelly whispered.

Stephanie worked on the younger woman’s thighs for a long time, enjoying the feeling of her soft flesh under her lips. She lost herself in the task and forgot where she was for a time. The movement of Kelly’s legs brought her back. She felt the young teacher opening her legs wider and slipping lower in her chair.

“Kiss my pussy like you kissed my mouth.”

Stephanie swallowed hard and looked at the dark outline of Kelly’s sex in front of her face. There were giant butterflies in her stomach and she began to tremble.

“Kiss my pussy,” Kelly ordered.

With her body now trembling like a leaf in a storm, Stephanie closed her eyes and moved her head forward.

“Ahhhhhh!!!” Kelly gasped as she felt Stephanie’s lips touch her pulsing sex. “Kiss me, kiss me, kiss my pussy lips,” she gasped.

Stephanie felt Kelly’s juice on her lips and she moaned. She licked her lips tongue and brought the taste into her mouth. Her heart beat faster in her chest. With a little whimper, she stuck her tongue into her wet hole and felt it surrounded by the tight sphincter muscle. Her head began to spin as more juice dribbled down her tongue and into her mouth. With a moan of excitement she pushed Kelly’s legs wider and began to suck on the open hole.

“Oh yes, yes, you know how to eat pussy already,” Kelly gasped and humped her hips into the sucking mouth.

Stephanie pulled away abruptly, teasingly. Then she felt Kelly’s hands reach for her head and she heard her scream, “No!” With a smile, she let her pull her face back to her sodden sex lips. She began to suck and kiss her lips like she was kissing her mouth. She worked her tongue in and out before sucking the lips. Soon she felt Kelly’s thighs tighten on her head.

“Oh God Stephanieeeeeee!!!” she screamed and began to climax. The sound of her voice echoed off the cinderblock walls of the classroom. It was a good thing there was no one in the school.

Stephanie held on to her thighs and kept sucking. She accumulated the juice pouring from her hole in her mouth until it threatened to overflow. Then she drank it down, sucking for more. Suddenly, Stephanie began to tremble. An incredible climax rushed through her and she nearly swooned.

After a long while, Kelly came down from her climax and tried to push Stephanie’s head from between her legs. However, she felt her resisting and heard her moan in protest. She stopped pushing and lay back in her chair again, spreading her legs wider. A moan of satisfaction escaped her lips as she allowed the older woman free access to her sex. It only took a few minutes before she felt her excitement building again.

Stephanie was lost in a sea of sensual delight. She never knew how exciting it could be to please another woman with her mouth. It was so unlike oral sex with David. Her juice was sweet and she knew that there wouldn’t any sticky cum to contend with when she climaxed again.

“Oh Stephanie,” Kelly gasped when she felt her using her fingers to open her sex lips. Then she felt her teasing her clit. “Oh God, oh God,” she gasped.

Stephanie sucked the clit into her mouth.

“Ahhhhhhheeeeee!!!” Kelly screamed and went over the top again.

When Stephanie left the school that evening, there was a smile on her sticky face. She was happy that she had pleased Kelly, but she was also surprised at how much she liked it. She ate the young woman to three strong climaxes and would have continued had she not pushed her away. She could still taste Kelly’s juice on her lips… and she had her panties in her purse, which she would use to masturbate with when she got home. She wasn’t even going to wash her face tonight.

Chapter 6

It was Friday night. Stephanie stood in her closet trying to decide what she was going to wear for her evening with Kelly. I seem to do this a lot, she thought to herself with a smile. A few minutes ago, she had kissed Benjamin’s sweet face and sent him with a backpack full of stuff out to his grandparents’ waiting car. David was off on a business trip for two days. As she looked at her clothes, she remembered the other day at school when Kelly had talked to her about Friday night. “I thought that we could go out to eat and then come back to my place and have some fun,” the pretty blonde had said with a sexy smile. The butterflies that were always present in Stephanie’s stomach had been flapping their wings like mad at that. Stephanie had agreed that sounded like fun.

Now she selected a knit dress that hugged her body sexily. It was snug, but not too tight. They were going to be out in public after all she reasoned with herself. She couldn’t look too sexy. Stephanie decided to forgo pantyhose as her legs still had some of the tan. Earlier in the day she had put on a light layer of self-tanning foam and was pleased with the result. She decided to skip her panties. This morning she had spent a long time in the shower shaving most of her pubic mound and trimming the hair into a cute little heart, which sat just above her clit. Everything else was totally bare. She couldn’t believe how sensitive it felt as the material of her dress rubbed against it. Finally she selected a pair of very high-heeled pumps and headed for her car.

When Stephanie knocked on Kelly’s door, the younger woman called out for her to come in. Stephanie opened the door and stepped inside. Suddenly she felt her heart skip a beat. It was always exciting to enter this apartment. It was the place they had shared their first secret kiss. Kelly entered the room, but she didn’t appear to be ready to go out yet. The gorgeous blonde wore a short, silky robe that was tied around her waist. She wore lace-topped, thigh-high black stockings and spike-heeled black pumps. The robe was so short that the tops of her creamy thighs were clearly visible above the stockings. Stephanie felt her heart begin to pound in her chest. “Uh, aren’t you ready to go eat yet?” she asked her friend.

Kelly came forward and took Stephanie’s hand. “I’m ready to eat,” she replied in a throaty voice as she started to lead the older woman toward the bedroom. Stephanie felt puzzlement as she let the younger woman lead her. As she walked into the room she started to understand. A huge chill ran down her spine. There were silk sheets on the bed and lit candles on the dresser. Soft music was playing from her CD player. “I’ve made a change of plans,” she said with a sly smile as she helped Stephanie remove her light coat and discard it. Kelly’s eyes filled with lust as they roamed over Stephanie’s body. “Sexy dress,” she whispered. “Too bad we’ll have to take it off,” she said as she slipped it over Stephanie’s head. Kelly’s eyes were had a glow like lust as she looked at Stephanie’s nearly naked body.

Stephanie trembled as her lover looked at her. She was only wearing a black lace bra that clearly showed her now hardening nipples, and the high heels. She felt her pussy throb and grow wet. “Mmmm, no panties”, Kelly teased. “You’re a naughty girl.” She brought a trembling finger to Stephanie’s pussy and felt the wetness. With great will power she moved her finger away. Kelly untied the sash on her robe and let it fall open. She was naked underneath with only her stockings and heels on. The sexy blonde reached up and unhooked her friend’s bra, letting it fall to the floor. She took Stephanie into her arms and found her lips. The two women moaned as their soft lips pressed together.

Stephanie trembled when she felt Kelly’s tongue touch her own. She could feel Kelly’s soft breasts pressing into hers and their nipples were touching. The kiss was dizzying for her, and it seemed to go on and on. She was furiously moving her tongue against Kelly’s and holding onto the back of her silky robe.

Kelly suddenly moved away and dropped the robe from her shoulders. She began to push Stephanie to the bed. The older woman let Kelly press her down on the bed. Her heart was beating furiously in her chest. Kelly took Stephanie’s arms and raised them over her head. Stephanie lay there curiously while Kelly bent down to the floor. When she stood up she was holding the sash from her robe.

She quickly leaned over Stephanie and began to tie her wrists together over her head with the sash. Oh, this is too much, Stephanie thought, but her vagina was clenching and she felt wetter than she ever had in her life.

Kelly gave her a quick kiss and let her tongue run over the brunette’s lips. Then she moved away from the bed and in the soft candlelight, she sensuously rolled down one of her thigh-high stockings. She ran her hand over her glistening, bare pussy and looked out of the corner of her eye to see if Stephanie was watching. Stephanie’s eyes were focused on her—large as saucers. Then Kelly very sexily rolled down her other stocking and removed it. She slipped her “come fuck me pumps” back onto her feet and stood at the foot of the bed. Kelly lifted Stephanie’s foot at the ankle and tied one of her thigh-highs in a knot, just above the sexy pumps. Then she tied the older woman’s ankle to the footboard of the bed.

Stephanie lifted her head in shock as Kelly lifted her other foot and did the same thing with her other stocking. She couldn’t believe what she was letting happen, but she had no strength to stop it. In spite of some fear deep inside, she felt incredibly aroused to be Kelly’s captive, and she moaned as she strained her legs against the bonds. Kelly climbed onto the bed and with her shiny blonde hair spilling over her face she licked Stephanie’s foot, tracing the outline of her shoe. Then she began to lick up one leg from her ankle to her thigh and then bent down and did the same thing with her other leg. Stephanie felt her juice pouring onto the sheet beneath her. Pulling her head back, Kelly skipped her pubic area and licked up her lower belly, swirling her tongue in Stephanie’s navel. She dragged her tongue higher and higher and then she savagely caught one hard nipple between her lips and sucked and bit it. “Ohhhh,” Stephanie moaned as she writhed with her arms tied above her head. Conscious thought was beginning to leave her, and she was drowning in a sea of sensual delights like she had never before experienced. Kelly’s mouth came down hard on her other nipple and she screamed. She was enjoying this as much as Stephanie. In fact, she had never been this excited, and she was so glad she had thought of doing this to Stephanie. Liquid was literally pouring from her throbbing hole as she worked her lips up her beautiful lovers body. She left the soft breasts and pressed her lips to Stephanie’s. They both groaned loudly when their mouths touched. Kelly reached up and stroked her long nails over the underside of Stephanie’s soft arms, dragging them down to stroke her armpits. Stephanie squirmed and moaned into Kelly’s mouth. It felt wonderful to her. She was too aroused for the nails on her soft flesh to tickle. Up and down her body the fingers moved as Kelly continued to scrape her nails on the sides of Stephanie’s body. She reluctantly pulled her mouth away and crawled lower scraping her nails down the older woman’s thighs and then her calves. Then she began to lick the soft legs. She licked each of Stephanie’s ankles around the tightly tied stockings and then she licked up her legs slowly, gliding her tongue over the creases of Stephanie’s thighs. She continued to lick all around the pubic mound, but would not put her lips or tongue to the dripping slit. “Oh God, Kelly, please,” Stephanie almost screamed. Kelly looked up from her licking. “What sweetheart, do you want me to eat you?” Stephanie was straining at all of her bounds. “Yes, please, eat me. I need you to do it.” Kelly looked up naughtily at Stephanie. “You’re just going to have to be patient. I’ve got you and you’re mine right now, and very soon, I’m going to lick that sweet, wet pussy of yours.” And she dropped her mouth to the crease of Stephanie’s thigh again. It seemed like a long, agonizing wait for Stephanie’s aching vagina, but it was only a couple of minutes before Kelly spread her swollen sex lips wide with her hands and dropped her mouth hungrily to the wet slit. “AHHHH, OHHHH,” Stephanie screamed as Kelly’s soft mouth and tongue began to lick and suck every inch of her. “Oh, Kelly, eat me!” she screamed. Kelly stuck her tongue into the dripping hole and pulled the liquid hungrily into her own mouth. She loved Stephanie’s sweet taste and trembled as her juice slid down her throat. Then she stuck her tongue again into the moaning woman’s hole and dragged her juice up to her swollen clit. She began to lick and suck the throbbing clit with abandon, every now and then stopping to lick and suck the entire area and stick her tongue deeply into Stephanie’s throbbing hole. Stephanie was straining against her ties, moaning deeply in her throat. She knew she wasn’t going to be able to last long. Her body began to tense and then she felt Kelly’s mouth sucking her clit with frenzy while she stuck two fingers into her sopping hole. “Oh, God, Kellllyyyyy. I’m cummming,” she screamed as her hips lifted off the bed and her body convulsed with an intense climax that seemed to go on and on. Just when Stephanie thought she was done, she felt Kelly’s lips suck her whole clit into her mouth and she climaxed powerfully again. Because Stephanie’s arms were tied over her head, she couldn’t push the pretty blonde head away. She lay helplessly while Kelly brought her to one sexual peak after the next with her mouth, tongue, teeth and lips. When Stephanie could open her eyes and think straight again she realized that Kelly was lying beside her stroking her arm. “Welcome back,” Kelly said with a laugh as she kissed Stephanie’s lips. Stephanie tasted herself on Kelly’s mouth, and it made her shudder. “Untie me, ” she ordered Kelly. It’s time for me to take care of you.” “If you’re sure,” Kelly answered. “I can make you come again, while I’ve got you here,” she said with a sexy smile. Stephanie shook her head, and Kelly slowly and sensually untied the robe sash and the two stockings. As spent as she was from her unending orgasms, Stephanie wanted to give Kelly a taste of her own medicine. As soon as she was free, she quickly pushed the gorgeous blonde onto her back and gathering her arms over her head, tightly tied the robe sash around her wrists. “Ohhhhh,” Kelly moaned. “Now you’re going to play dirty.” Kelly let Stephanie spread her legs and tie each ankle to the footboard. Unlike Kelly, Stephanie removed her sexy high heels and began to rake her nails over the soles of Kelly’s feet. “Oh God, ” Kelly whispered and then she laughed until Stephanie’s fingers left her feet and trailed sensually up her legs. Stephanie ran her pretty nails all the way up Kelly’s body to her hands. She tickled her palms while she ran her tongue over the younger woman’s lips. Kelly groaned and felt the juice pouring out of her vagina. Stephanie took one large breast in her hands, lifted it and devoured the nipple with her mouth. “Oh, Jesus,” Kelly screamed and her body began to shake uncontrollably in climax. Stephanie kept her mouth pressed to the breast as she felt her friend orgasm. When Kelly lay still again, Stephanie continued to scrape her nails down Kelly’s confined body, following the path of her nails with her tongue. Kelly squirmed and writhed as her body quickly grew excited again. Her skin felt like it was on fire everywhere that the pretty brunette’s nails and tongue touched. Stephanie was now lapping the soft, bare pubic mound, dragging her tongue from Kelly’s little, belly button to just above where her swollen clit peaked out. “I’m going to keep licking you, sweetie, but I’m not going to let you come,” Stephanie boldly teased. “Oh God,” was Kelly’s response. She could barely stand anymore. Although she had just climaxed when Stephanie sucked her sensitive nipple, she began to gasp again. She had been aroused for too long and her vagina was throbbing with desire. After a few more minutes of Stephanie’s teasing, she was going out of her mind with need. “Please, Steph, I’m begging you. I can’t take anymore. Lick my pussy, please!” “Well, if you put it that way,” Stephanie smiled and then she buried her head between Kelly’s spread legs lapping the entire slit from top to bottom with her probing tongue. “Oh, Jesus, Steph, that’s it, eat me, eat me! Oh, god, keep licking, I’m coommminngg!!!” Kelly’s body bucked and shook as Stephanie’s tongue went from her clit to her dripping hole and back again. “Ahhhhh, OHHHHH, yes, yes, yes!” she screamed as the most amazing climax radiated from her throbbing vagina throughout her entire body. Stephanie only let her come down from her orgasm high for a moment when she plunged her tongue deep inside the dripping hole and began to pull it in and out furiously. She stroked the throbbing clit with her nails and Kelly began to come again. “Stephanie!!!” she screamed as her orgasm overpowered her. Her legs trembled and her arms shook over her head. Moments later, Stephanie gently untied her and took the spent blonde into her arms and kissed her lips sweetly. “God, I love you, ” Kelly said into her mouth as she tasted herself on Stephanie’s lips. “I don’t think I have the energy to go out to eat. What do you think about ordering pizza?” “I think we both have eaten plenty, but a pizza might be good,” Stephanie answered. “Women cannot live on love alone,” she said and smiled, her lips and cheeks still glistening with her lover’s juices. They laughed. Chapter 7 As Kelly drove to Stephanie’s she could barely contain her excitement. She had been able to think of little else all day and it had been difficult to concentrate on her tasks. Whenever she thought of Stephanie such overwhelming desire would come over her she could barely stand it. And her heart would swell with love. I’ve got it bad for her, she thought. She smiled. It felt great to feel this way, and she hoped Stephanie shared the intensity of her feelings. She looked at the bag lying on the seat beside her and her body started to tingle. She had a special surprise for the pretty brunette tonight. In a short while, Kelly was inside her lover’s home and her excitement was mounting. She could feel her sex lips swell. Her clit throbbed in anticipation. Stephanie had the lights down low and candles burning in pretty glass holders were set throughout the house. Stephanie held a bottle of wine in one well-manicured hand. Her hair was beautifully curled and styled and her make up was flawless. She’s gorgeous, Kelly thought. The older woman was dressed in a sheer lace black body stocking and black high-heeled pumps. It hugged her body and stretched tightly across her curves. Her already hard nipples were poking through the thin material. She was smiling seductively at the pretty blonde teacher. “Hmm, I love that outfit, Steph,” Kelly said throatily,” but maybe it covers too much of your good stuff.” She followed Stephanie across the room and watched her ass sway sexily, each cheek moving independently with her exaggerated sway. She could see the dark grove of her crack and felt her own pussy begin to drip. She watched as the brunette poured out two glasses of wine. “So, I’ve got good stuff, huh?” Stephanie said teasingly as she handed her friend the wine. “Well, it just so happens, you’ll still have access to a very important part,” she said coyly as she took Kelly’s free hand and brought it between her legs. “Oh!” Kelly exclaimed. “I like that.” Her fingers could feel Stephanie’s already wet pussy through the crotch-less opening of the body stocking. ” That will do for awhile, but you know, sweetheart, I have to be able to touch every inch of your soft skin with my mouth and hands, so that outfit’s going to have to come off at some point.” Kelly winked sexily at her friend. Stephanie trembled with desire. She could hardly wait to get closer to her beautiful blonde lover. “I have a surprise for you tonight,” Kelly said as she set down her wine and picked up her small overnight bag. “I’ll be right back. You drink up,” she ordered as she headed toward the bathroom wagging her pretty backside seductively. Stephanie felt herself get even wetter in anticipation. What could she possibly have planned she wondered dreamily as she sipped her wine. She had never felt like this before and it felt really good and somehow, really right. A moment later Kelly entered the room. She was wearing a tight little French maid’s outfit that hugged her sexy body. Her ample soft breasts were practically spilling out of the low-cut top and her firm sexy legs were clad in black fishnet stockings with black spike heeled pumps adorning her feet. The short black dress left an expanse of white flesh between the hem and the tops of her nylons. She had a little white maid’s hat on her head. “Does mademoiselle like?” she said in her best French accent. Stephanie raked her eyes over the sexy blonde’s body. “Wow, that’s incredible!” she finally exclaimed. Then to Kelly’s surprise Stephanie opened a closet and seemed to be looking for something. She exited the closet and walked back to Kelly with a teasing smile on her face. In her hand she held a feather duster. “Here, ” she said with a laugh handing the feather duster to Kelly. “I assume you’re going to clean my house? I really appreciate that.” Stephanie laughed sexily. Kelly laughed as well as she took the feather duster from her friend. “Sorry, I don’t think I’m planning to clean your house, sweetie, but I can think of other ways to use this feather duster,” she said naughtily, her eyes roaming the brunette’s body. Kelly felt juice dripping from her throbbing hole as she took Stephanie’s hand and led her to the bedroom. “Lie on your back and open your legs for me,” Kelly said. Stephanie did as Kelly asked. The pretty women in the French maid’s outfit knelt between her legs. Stephanie watched as she took the duster and brought it to her already swollen pussy. She touched the tip to her pussy lips. “Ohhhhh,” Stephanie moaned in surprise. Kelly giggled and moved the duster from Stephanie’s pussy, running it up her body and over her already hard nipples. She watched her lover squirm on the bed as the duster made her excitement grow rapidly. She circled one nipple and then the other before moving back down her body. Slowly she moved it down one thigh and across her knee to her feet. “Kelly,” Stephanie gasped as she felt the soft feathers on the bottom of her feet. She could feel her pussy dripping juice onto the bed. The young woman in the French maid’s outfit tortured Stephanie for many long minutes. She finally put the duster down when she saw the state of excitement of her lover. Besides, she wanted desperately to get her mouth on her sweet pussy again. “Would mademoiselle like a tongue bath?” Stephanie sat up abruptly and grabbed Kelly’s head in her hands. “Eat me!” she almost screamed, pulling the startled woman between her thighs. Kelly didn’t hesitate. Her mouth opened wide and she sucked the swollen lips of her lover inside. “Ahhhhheeeee!!!” Stephanie screamed. Her hips lifted from the bed as she held Kelly’s head in her hands. She could feel her tongue probing for entrance to her excited pussy and spread her legs wide to give her access. Kelly lifted her legs, pushing them back until her thighs touched her breasts. Her mouth never left her pussy. At this angle, Kelly could force her tongue deep into Stephanie’s dripping hole. “Oh my God,” Stephanie gasped when she felt Kelly’s tongue probing her so deeply. It felt like she could touch bottom. “Yes, yes, yes,” she screamed as waves of pleasure rushed through her. She climaxed hard. Her body twisting this way and that as her hands now twisted in the younger woman’s hair. Fireworks were going off in her head with each explosion stronger than the last. The lights slowly dimmed as she passed out.

Stephanie awoke with a start. For a minute she forgot where she was. Then she felt Kelly’s soft hand covering her breast and she smiled. Kelly wasn’t the only one who had a surprise that evening. Stephanie glanced over her shoulder at the gorgeous sleeping girl and gently disentangled herself from her arm and hand. Then she slid out of bed and went to her closet to retrieve her surprise—-it was something wrapped in a green towel. With towel in hand, she padded quietly back into the room. Kelly had awakened and was stretching languidly on the bed with her arms over her head. It made her large breasts almost stick straight up.

Stephanie licked her lips as she looked at them. “I have a surprise for you, too, ” she said quietly to Kelly.

“Ohhhhh, I like the sound of that,” Kelly purred. “What is it?”

Stephanie felt her cheeks grow warm when she thought about showing her surprise to Kelly. She couldn’t quite believe she had done this. “Um, well, I went to one of those adult stores and bought something. I brought it home and washed it, and it’s in this towel, ” she said with a touch of embarrassment, unable to meeting Kelly’s eyes.

Kelly rose from the bed and went toward Stephanie. “I can’t wait to see,” she said gently. She kissed Stephanie on the lips, running her wet tongue over her lower lip. She took the towel from Stephanie and unrolled it. “Oh my,” she gasped as she stared at the two-sided dildo. It was a purple, jelly-like material that was soft to the touch. But the dildo itself was very hard and firm. Each end was smooth and almost shiny. The middle of the shaft was ribbed around the circumference. Kelly’s eyes sparkled like green fire as she looked at the long artificial penis. “Kinky girl, Steph. I love it!”

“Really?” Stephanie said with excitement.

Kelly’s answer was another sensuous kiss on Stephanie’s mouth. “Come on, Sweetheart, let’s use it.” Stephanie followed Kelly back toward the bed, forgetting her nervousness as she looked at Kelly’s seductively swaying ass.

The two beautiful women climbed onto the bed and Kelly gave Stephanie one end of the dildo. She kissed her again, forcing her tongue deep into the brunette’s mouth. “Are you wet enough for it?” she asked.

“I think so,” Stephanie replied breathlessly. She could feel her juices spilling from her hole.

They lay facing each other as they inserted the new toy into their dripping pussies.

“Ohhhhh,” Stephanie moaned. “Wow, I never… it’s… I mean, David isn’t…”

“You mean size matters?” Kelly said with a chuckle.

“Apparently,” Stephanie said and giggled.

“Well, then, Sweetheart, I’m going to get on top, and I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked in your life, ” Kelly whispered. She could barely contain her excitement as she rolled on top of Stephanie and devoured her mouth hungrily. Their tongues swirled together, their saliva mixing, as their soft breasts pressed against each other.

Stephanie could feel Kelly’s large nipples pressing into her own, and they felt hot. She could barely breathe as lust consumed her. When Kelly began to move, grinding their clits together, she moaned loudly, ” Oh God Kelly, that feels so good!”

Kelly could barely speak. “Ohhhhh, I… I know. I’m filling up your sweet pussy like it’s never been filled before,” Kelly cried as she worked the dildo deeply into Stephanie. She could hear how wet she was by the squishing sound as the dildo moved in and out.

“Yes, fuck me,” Stephanie screamed.

Kelly bucked her hips feverishly, pumping the dildo into Stephanie as hard as she could. At the same time she could feel it move deeply into her own soaking hole. She could feel the ribbing massaging her vagina. She knew she would surely explode.

Stephanie had never felt anything like this. She held onto Kelly for dear life, sliding her hands down Kelly’s soft back and grabbing her firm ass cheeks. Her clit felt like it was on fire. Any second, she knew she was going to go over the edge. The vibrations started deep within her belly, almost in her soul, and she felt her clit start to spasm . “Oh, God, Kelly… Oh, Goddddd!!!! I’ve never felt anything like this. Kelly, Kelly, I’m coming, I’m coooommminnngggg!!!!!!!!! ” “Ohhhhh!!!!” Stephanie screamed as the most amazing climax she’d ever had ripped through her.

That was all it took for Kelly to let loose. She exploded in spasms as she bucked her hips furiously against Stephanie. “Oh, Yes! Yes!” she cried. “Stephhhhhh!” she screamed uncontrollably as her climax overtook her. It seemed to go on endlessly.

Stephanie’s climax was almost ending, but with Kelly climaxing on top of her, she began to climax again. She dug her nails into Kelly’s soft ass cheeks, gasping for breath and feeling as if she would surely expire if it went on any longer.

When they finally came back to earth, they lay there holding each other, breathing heavily, basking in their mutual afterglow.

Kelly gently rolled off Stephanie and reached down to pull the dildo from her sopping hole.

Stephanie smiled as a really naughty idea came to her. She kissed Kelly’s lips. “Let’s do something,” she whispered, taking the dildo from Kelly’s hand and gently pulling the other end out of her own vagina. She flipped it in her hand, offering the end that had just been buried deep inside of her to her lover.

“Let’s lick each other’s juices off of it,” she said sexily.

“God, you’re naughty! I love it,” Kelly moaned as she put the dildo into her hot mouth and licked and sucked it. God, how she loved Stephanie’s sweet taste. She licked the shiny purple surface with relish, lapping up every drop of her lover’s juice.

Stephanie was doing the same, with her eyes closed, looking like she was performing oral sex.

Suddenly, Kelly was turned on again. “Oh, this makes me so horny, ” she moaned. ” I need to get off again, Steph. I want you to stroke the dildo on my clit and make me come.” She looked at Stephanie as she spread her legs wide.

Stephanie took the dildo and spread Kelly’s wet sex lips with one hand. Then she used the purple with ribbed surface to move it over her lovers swollen clit… slowly at first and then faster.

“Oh, God, YES!” Kelly moaned loudly, writhing and lifting her hips up, pressing her pussy into the dildo. Almost immediately, she began to climax again.

“Ohhhhh, Stephanie, go faster, please. I’m gonnna come sweetheart. Rub me faster. Pleassseee!”

Stephanie furiously worked the dildo over the sexy girl’s clit.

Kelly’s hips began to move faster and she almost jerked up off the bed as she screamed in a powerful climax. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Yesssss!!!!!” she screamed and thrashed as Stephanie worked her into an absolute frenzy. She finally fell back against the bed, breathing hard, and smiling in satisfaction.

“What about you?” she asked her lover breathlessly.

“After watching that display, I definitely need to come again,” Stephanie laughed.

“Good, then sit on my face, ” Kelly instructed.

Stephanie smiled with surprise. Then she giggled and threw her leg over Kelly, lowering her dripping pussy onto her opened mouth.

Immediately Kelly’s tongue began to lap the wet, pink surface. Kelly loved the taste of Stephanie’s juice. She lapped furiously at the hole, drinking down the sweet liquid. Her tongue moved quickly over the slit. She chewed gently on Stephanie’s sex lips and then sucked the entire clit into her mouth and sucked it.

Stephanie felt her body tense. “Oh, God, Kelly! Yeah, that’s it! Ohhhhh, I’m commmminnnngggg!!!” Stephanie bucked and jerked on Kelly’s sticky face.

Kelly grabbed her hips tightly trying to keep her mouth on the throbbing clit.

When the last ounce of pleasure drained from Stephanie she collapsed in a heap beside Kelly.

Kelly kissed her tenderly on the mouth, sharing her own juices with her. Then she put her arm around Stephanie drawing her close in a spoon position.

They fell into an exhausted sleep.

Stephanie squinted at the morning light which was starting to trickle between the drawn blinds. Memories of her night of passionate, wild and beautiful lovemaking with Kelly flooded her. She stretched and smiled with a sigh. Suddenly, she realized she was alone in the bed. Then she heard sounds coming from the bathroom. She got up and stood next to the bed and stretched.

A moment later, Kelly came out of the bathroom carrying her overnight bag. Her wet blonde hair was pulled into a ponytail and she wore a tight pink tee shirt, jeans and tennis shoes. Stephanie noticed her breasts moving freely beneath the tight t, and looked hungrily at Kelly’s always-hard nipples.

“I thought I should shower and clear out of here before your husband comes home,” Kelly said. “Why don’t you go take your shower and I’ll let myself out.” Then she gave Stephanie the sweetest of kisses and headed out the door. “I’ll talk to you later, ” she called over her shoulder.

Stephanie entered the bathroom and looked at the mirror. “I LOVE YOU!!!” was written on the mirror in lipstick. Stephanie stared at it and her heart began to swell. She realized in that moment that she loved Kelly too. More than she had ever loved anyone in her life. She stepped into the shower feeling warm, loved and very satisfied.


A week later, Stephanie was sitting in the living room watching television when David came in. He had a serious look on his face as he sat next to her.

“Stephanie… I… I’ve wanted to talk to you. I don’t know how to tell you this so I will just come out and say it. I want a divorce!”

Stephanie was so startled that she opened her mouth but no words came out.

“I know it’s a shock to you, but I think you know that we have not had a close relationship for a long time. I… I met someone and we are in love.”

Stephanie felt her anger rising. Her face turned red.

“I’m sorry Stephanie, but I’ll make it up to you. I won’t contest the divorce and you can keep the house. I will pay you alimony… whatever you want. Ben… Benjamin can stay with you as long as I can visit.

Suddenly Stephanie’s anger dissipated as quickly as it had come and she had to suppress a smile. It was perfect. Yet she couldn’t let him know that. “This quite a shock David,” she said in a measured tone. “I think you should pack your stuff and get out now.”

“Uh… yes… I planned too,” David said like a hurt puppy.

Stephanie watched David leave the house with several suitcases. She told him he could come back and get the rest of his clothes later… to make room for Kelly’s stuff. A second later she had the phone in her hand and was dialing Kelly’s number.

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