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Second Chance for a First Time

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I have been thinking a lot recently about relationships and aging. Two obvious reasons come to my mind. My wife and I just got back from a reunion and I had to bump up the age in my Literotica profile. I’m not complaining. All things considered, my wife and I have had a pretty good life. Judging from the events of the last reunion, that’s not about to change any time soon.

This story is about aging and the perseverance of desire. An older man remembers a brief relationship years earlier with a foreign student that ends abruptly, just as she is about to give up her virginity to him. They meet again at a reunion with their spouses in tow and find that age has not diminished their affection for each other. Has time removed the barriers to the fulfillment of their desire?

Really! If you don’t already know the answer to this question, then you shouldn’t be reading stories posted to this site. If you are as comfortable with sagging breasts being sucked as you are with firm tits jiggling, then welcome aboard for the ride. In the sense that this story is written by an older man who enjoyed his youth and still enjoys sex with his older wife and their aging friends, then it’s all true. Otherwise, it’s a work of fiction.

Strokers warning! Like all mature relationships, this may take a little time to develop.


Many happily married couples have amusing stories about how they first met. Ours is hilarious, but it’s a lie. We had to make it up.

Of course, I remember the first time I saw her rosy cheeks. She was leaning on her elbows with her butt in the air. I put my hands on the bare flesh and pushed firmly. Her crack parted enough for me to see cum dripping from her pink slit and sliding down her thigh. I slid my woody into her fleshly creamed hole just as my buddy let go in her mouth. I was fully sunk in before she turned to see who was fucking her. She smiled. I’ll never forget that smile.

Yes, we met at an orgy. That was a long time ago: a little longer than it took to raise 3 kids and pay off the mortgage. The sexual revolution was in full swing. My wife and I were happy to be invited to each and every victory celebration.

But this story is not about my loving wife. It’s about the one that got away. She was the stunning virgin in the miniskirt whose promise to her mother was stronger than her desire for cock. This story is about our second chance for a first time.


Wendy’s parents owned the cabin. Carl owned the van. It was the perfect arrangement.

Her parents had moved on to the finer things in life. They preferred an ocean view from their hotel room with fresh towels in the morning and a chocolate on the pillow in the evening. A rustic cabin with a Franklin stove for heat and a hand pump for water no longer interested them. For Wendy and her boyfriend, it was ideal. The nearest neighbors were a couple miles away on a dirt road. Wendy and her friends could sit naked on the front porch swing if they wanted. Who would know?

I wasn’t a virgin when I got invited for the first time, but I had never seen more than one woman naked at the same time and had never watched another couple have sex. Wendy’s parties were by invitation only and no one was supposed to talk about what happened, but it was an open secret on campus that an invitation to spend a weekend at Wendy’s cabin was an invitation to an orgy. There were 4 couples packed into Carl’s van on the weekend that I was invited.

I had been dreaming of an orgy ever since that first quickie at freshman orientation with a girl I’d just met. My dreams were filled with undulating naked bodies when I went to bed alone, which was almost every night. I was aching to get an invitation, but I knew I couldn’t just walk up to Carl and ask for one, at least not without a girlfriend who wanted to share me with her friends.

Paula was my ticket. I knew she had been at several parties and was Wendy’s best friend. Physically we were a perfect match. Both of us were tall and thin. We both played soccer. I had almost no chest hair. Paula had almost no breasts. The difference was personality. I was shy and held myself back, while Paula was always at the center of everything.

I planned every detail in my campaign to seduce her. The effort turned out to be unnecessary. Paula gamely agreed to go out with me when I had only suggested the possibility. I got what I thought were choice concert tickets for our first date. We never made it to the auditorium. She hauled me back to her dorm and gave the tickets to her roommates so we would be left alone. Almost before they were out the door, she had her clothes off and my zipper down. I must have performed adequately because Paula asked me to join her for a party at Wendy’s cabin the next weekend.

I enjoyed the lewd banter in the van on the way up and the dirty dancing that started the evening, but I had a major case of the jitters when all of our clothes had hit the floor. I had assumed that I would spend at least the first part of the evening with my “date”. Paula had other ideas. She lay sprawled on the couch with her long legs wrapped around the back of a rather athletic looking young man who was intently plowing his cock into her. I just stood there in the middle of the floor looking out of place with my jaw slack and my cock stiff. My previous idea of a wild romp was doggy style with a girl who had a filthy mouth. This was way beyond any experience I had ever imagined.

Somehow I got over the shock of having my date blow me a kiss while riding another man’s cock. After some awkwardness, I even got to know a girl from my chemistry lab rather intimately. I must have been in the spirit by then because I don’t remember being bothered that someone else’s cum was dribbling from her lips. I enjoyed myself but I never really felt comfortable. Paula, on the other hand, moved easily from one partner to the next. All three of the other men at the party had penetrated one of her openings before she got back to me. I was just happy that she hadn’t forgotten me entirely.

My relationship with Paula didn’t last. There had been no real commitment so there was no real heartbreak. She always waved to me when I saw her across the lawn in front of the student center. Of course, she waved to a lot of men. I wasn’t really surprised when I saw her chatting up an eager young man or later when I heard that he’d been invited to a party at the cabin. I did not feel snubbed. My curiosity had been satisfied. I was also convinced that I was not cut out for the party crowd.


I returned to college the next year intent on just getting my degree and moving on. I had pretty much given up on a social life. My priorities changed when I met an exchange student from India that my advisor asked me to tutor.

I had only tutored a few students. It was satisfying to help someone get through a tough course. It was frustrating to try to help someone who was bored by what I found exciting. On the best days, I was glad to help them and they were glad for the help. On the worst days, they thought I was a geek and I thought they were slackers. There was something about the new student that told me this time would be different.

Gita was attractive. That was obvious. Unlike some beautiful women, she did not try to draw attention to herself. Her features were delicate. Her deep brown eyes matched the dark mahogany hue of her skin. She had a smile that was at once inviting and mysterious, at least to a young man raised in an American suburb. Her dress was one that my grandmother might have worn, but it still could not hide her full breasts or her narrow waist. Her legs would remain hidden from view until she traded her wardrobe of ankle length dresses for tight shorts and miniskirts.

Gita had been the brightest student in her all-girls school in Bangalore and shared my interest in science. She had no difficulty with the math or any of the other course material. In fact, she was better prepared than I had been in my first year of college. She just had no practical experience in a lab. She had never wired a circuit or even lit a Bunsen burner. With my senior research project in full swing, I had access to the lab after hours. We spent many late night sessions going over the practical aspects of getting equipment to work. She was a quick study. By the middle of the first semester, she was near the top of her class. Her eyes would light up whenever she slipped her lab goggles over those beautiful brown eyes of hers. I had met my soul mate.

We continued to make excuses to see each other even when she no longer needed my help. I suppose these were “dates”. We talked about everything from Darwin’s Origins of the Species to the nature of true love. I knew Gita better than most women I had held naked before Gita and I even held hands.

She was a rarity in India. She was an only child. As the daughter of a prosperous family, she was both sheltered and pampered. She had passed through puberty in an all-girls school without ever having the opportunity to talk to a boy alone. She had been sent abroad against her mother’s wishes to learn skills that were essential to maintain her family’s business in the emerging global economy.

Kissing her seemed like an impossible dream until late one night near the end of the semester. I had begun to notice the changes in her a few weeks earlier. She wore shorts for the first time. They were baggy shorts that reached to the middle of her thighs, but, hey, they were shorts. Then it was the blouses she started to wear. Nothing exceptionally daring. Just a little bit of cleavage or a more translucent fabric. On the ‘night of the first kiss,’ she was stunning. She had never worn a skirt that short or a blouse that sheer. She was a little wobbly wearing such high heels for the first time. She grabbed my arm when she stumbled. I looked down her dress and actually caught a glimpse of nipple. She smiled up at me. She knew perfectly well the effect she was having on me and she was enjoying it.

When the coffee shop closed, I walked her back to her dorm. That was usually the end of the evening. I was surprised when she invited me up to her room. She explained that she had traded roommates with another girl who had wanted to move off campus. Her new roommate was nearly always out of town on the weekends. I was not about to decline her invitation.

I was disappointed when the door closed and she made a point of carefully hanging up her coat. Maybe I had made too much of the various clues. I reached into my book bag prepared to spend another evening together reading about chemistry. Her long slender fingers wrapped around my hand and stopped me. As I turned around, she threw her arms around my neck and pressed her lips into mine. The kiss was long and deep. She must have felt my cock stiffen in my pants. As our lips parted, she sat back on the bed and pulled me down on top of her. We were both still fully clothed.

Our lips molded together again. When her mouth opened, I tasted the sweet warmth of her breath. My tongue explored her lips. She sucked in gently with her next breath and my tongue followed along. Our tongues played together in the warmth of her mouth. As I withdrew my tongue, her tongue followed me back and pressed against my lips. I let her in.

My hand reached for her full breasts. Her dress was silky and flowed between my fingers as I squeezed the soft flesh she offered me. I felt her hand cover mine. I was afraid she was going to remove my hand before she became too aroused. I was surprised when she pressed my hand even more firmly against the object of my desire. I squeezed harder. She exhaled involuntarily.

She sat up abruptly, reached behind her neck and unhooked her dress. My hand had fallen on her knee when she sat up. I ran my hand along the smooth skin of her thigh as I inched my way up to the delicious folds of her sex. Her panties were as delicate as her dress. I could feel her soft thick matt of pubic hair as I pushed her dress up above her mound. She had not stopped me as she busied herself with her bra. I pulled the thin string of fabric that ran between her legs to one side and slipped my fingers into the wet slit. Her whole body shuddered. Her breasts now free of all restraint shook as she lay back down beside me.

Two pair of hands quickly unbuttoned and removed my shirt. I reached for the zipper on my pants. At that moment, I would have been glad to make babies with her. Brown like her or pink like me wouldn’t have mattered so long as they were ours. But her hand caught mine and planted it back on her bare breast. My cock would have to wait to get more intimately acquainted.

She arched her back and thrust one bare leg against the crotch of my pants. I slid between her legs, which she quickly locked behind my back. Her breasts flattened against my bare chest as she clung tightly to me. She bite my neck to stifle a scream and continued to thrust her pelvis up against the thin layer of fabric that separated us. The room filled with the musty scent of our lust. Our voices mingled in an urgent incoherence of grunts and sighs. We continued to thrust against each other. I tore out the crotch of her panties in my desperation to get into her but it was too late to get my pants down. My cock jerked uncontrollably as each spurt filled my pants. I could feel the back of her hand against the wet spot in my pants as she rubbed her clitoris to one last orgasm.

I was afraid that I had not satisfied her until I saw the broad smile that spread from one flushed cheek to the other. We cuddled in each other’s arms. She was still a virgin and I still had my pants on, but her dress was bunched around her waist and my pants were stained with cum.

Gita kissed my forehead lightly.

“Is this what it’s like to make love?” She asked in all earnest.

“Oh, it’s even better when you really let go.”

I spoke to her like I was teasing, but she knew I was serious. She let me run my fingers through her soft bush of pubic hair, but swatted my hand playfully when I managed to pull off her torn panties. I would have slipped my fingers into her pussy again, but she took my hands firmly in hers and moved them back to her breasts. My shaft was snaking its way back out of my now open zipper. She did not pull away when the wet tip touched the bare flesh of her thigh. The second act was beginning.

I did not want the warmth of that moment to end, but it did. Abruptly!

The door swung open. Gita gasped and pulled away from me. She instinctively threw her hands over her breasts. Then aware that her thick mound of pubic hair was fully exposed, her hands left her breasts to cover her bush. Since neither effort was truly effective, she raised herself up on her elbows and glared at her new roommate. She made no further attempts to cover her exposed bits.

My back was to the door so I did not see who was standing behind me. I was too embarrassed to roll over and look.

Gita hissed. It was the first time I had heard her angry.

“I thought you … you …”

The new roommate completed the sentence coolly. “…would be gone for the weekend.”

She paused for effect.

“Well, I obviously came home early. His parents didn’t think much of me so I just left.”

The voice was familiar. I screwed up my courage and rolled over to look at her.


I opened my mouth but nothing came out. Of all the women on campus, my girlfriend’s new roommate was Paula, the woman who had been my ticket to an orgy.

Paula looked slowly down the length of Gita’s body from her flushed cheeks to her long bare legs.

“Mmmmm. Looks like you had a good time for such a nice girl.”

Paula reached down and grabbed my crouch as casually as if we were back at Wendy’s cabin.

“And it looks like your stud is ready for another go at it. He’s good. He’s really good, Gita. I should know.”

I would have liked another “go” at Gita but that was impossible now. I had no idea what this meant for my relationship, but, right now, it didn’t look good.

Gita and I got up quickly. Gita pushed her dress down over her pubic hair and then pulled the straps over her shoulders to cover her breasts. She was without bra or panties but she had at least restored some modicum of decency in her eyes. Paula watched Gita the whole time without looking away once. Gita glowered back. It was obvious the new roomates were getting set for a fight. I was ushered out of the room.

I wandered back to my dorm in a daze. What was the worst that could happen? Gita could move off campus and be too embarrassed to see me again. Paula could tell her about the parties at the lake and Gita would never even want to see me again. The possibilities only got worse as I thought about them.

I spent the rest of the night sulking in my room until my roommate and his girlfriend showed up in the morning all smiles and laughter. I decided to head for the lab so they could noodle together in private. I did not want to spend that particular moment in time with happy people.

It was just before noon when I passed by the massive columns of the student union. I was so absorbed in my own dismal thoughts that I did not even see her approach me.

“Morris! I’m so glad I found you. I’ve been looking all over. We don’t have much time.”

Gita looked a lot happier than I expected. Her expression soon changed when she saw how worried I looked.

“Are you OK?”

She held onto my arm as if she were afraid that I would run away from her.

“Well, no, actually. That wasn’t exactly how I had wanted our first night …”

My voice trailed off. I didn’t know how to end the sentence without making it worse.

“Did you enjoy making love to Paula?”

She asked the question with such innocence, as if she was asking me whether I liked chocolate chip ice cream or puppies.

“Yes. But it wasn’t love. It was sex… and, yes, I enjoyed it.”

“Will her husband, you know, when she gets married…?”

“You mean, will a man fall in love with her knowing she’s not a virgin?”

Gita looked at me soulfully and nodded. The cultural gap between us has never seemed as wide as it was at that moment.

“Look around you. There aren’t more than a handful of virgins on this campus, but couples fall in love all the time. Most of them will get married, settle down and have children.”

A wicked grin crept across my face.

“A few will still be married when their kids come back here for college.”

Gita laughed, but quickly became serious again.

“And the virgins? What about them?”

“Some will be happy and some won’t.” I thought about what I had just said.

“How would I know?” I threw up my arms in exasperation. “You’re the only virgin I know. Are you happy?”

“I was happy last night, and I’m still a virgin.”

Her eyes sparkled as she played with me.

“Just barely…but, yes, you are still a virgin. And now Paula’s told you all the details of how I’m not. I never tried to hide that from you, you know that.”

“I know. That was part of what attracted me to you. You are an American man. I knew you were more experienced than me.”

I was feeling much better now. I had somehow said what Gita had wanted to hear and wanted to believe. She looked happy. I was confused about what had just happened, but I did not question my good fortune.

“I want to go to Wendy’s party with you.”

“Maybe someday.” I laughed. I thought she was kidding.

“No. I mean now. I don’t have any classes until late Monday.”

“You’re teasing me, aren’t you?” I was serious. I couldn’t imagine her at an orgy.

“Don’t you want me to have fun? You have had fun. You said that it was fun having sex with Paula. Paula said the same about you.”

“Are you sure? It’s just that …”

“I want to experience all of the joys that you have experienced and I want you to share them with me. Will you be jealous if I dance with others?”

I shook my head but I wasn’t so sure. And what did she mean by “dance”.

“Are you really sure you’re ready?”

“Oh, Yes!” She fumbled in her pocket and pulled out a handful of condoms to show me.

“Oh my God … You are serious!”

Gita took my answer as an affirmation of her decision. She had been leading me back to her dorm as we talked. Carl’s van stood at the curb with the door open. The van was crowded. Gita jumped in without hesitation and squeezed into the back row of seats between two husky guys. It was too late to pull her back. I could stay or I could go. I got in and sat in the last open seat next to a girl I had never seen before. She gave me the once over and seemed to like what she saw. She laid her hand in my lap. It wasn’t hard to imagine what she had in mind. Everyone seemed excited.


Gita had learned to dance as a young girl but lap dancing was something she had never seen or even imagined in her most erotic dreams. The dances she had learned were the graceful movements expected of a chaste young girl. Gita stared in wonder as the amply endowed young girl gyrating before me humped my leg with her wet pussy and bounced her nipples in my face. Gita swayed from side to side trying to imitate my partner’s movements as the stud she had paired with in the van pawed at her breasts with his huge rough hands. She giggled as he described all of the lewd acts he wanted to perform on her. I felt Gita’s knee bump into my thigh as she squatted down between the man’s legs and squeezed his cock into her bare cleavage.

I wanted to watch Gita but it was hard to see anything with a nipple stuffed in my mouth. Once, when I came up for air, I turned to the sound of a grunt and saw Gita just barely escape being impaled. Unable to resist the strength of the hands around her waist, she had deflected his cock with her hand as she was pulled down on his shaft. The thick tube with its meshwork of bulging veins slide harmlessly into the crack between her ass cheeks. If I was going to be the one to whom Gita gave her virginity, I was going to have to act fast.

The screams provided the distraction we needed. Molly, our hostess, lay on her back with Carl’s balls dangling over her face as a sweating young man plowed his tool into her pussy. The young man fucking her did not miss a stroke as Carl’s semen arced through the air and landed on his chest. Carl’s bright red poker continued to spurt but with diminishing force as he coated his girlfriend with cum. As the final dribbles leaked out of the slit in his cockhead, he took pleasure in shaking the last of the sticky white liquid onto Molly’s face.

With her boyfriend obviously enjoying the sight of her getting fucked, Molly let herself go and met each thrust of her new partner with such force that her whole body shook.

The spectacle of the fucking threesome temporarily grabbed the attention of everyone in the room. Gita and I took the opportunity to extricate ourselves from our partners of the moment. The young woman was surprised when I lifted her off my lap and turned her away from me. She misinterpreted my gesture as simply repositioning for a reverse cowgirl fuck. She would get her wish but just not with me. Gita had managed to get her hunk’s cock in her hands while he watched the show in front of us. She pumped his shaft until precum dribbled over her fingers. By then, I had moved my partner over the shaft of Gita’s stud. The young women was more than willing as Gita fed the thick shaft into her waiting pussy. The hunk’s cock was glad to find a wet hole to fill.

Gita took my hand and led me up the stairs to the loft just as two naked women were coming back down to join the party. We were alone for the first time since climbing into the van.

“I can’t do it. You have to help me!”

Gita looked frightened and vulnerable. She was beautiful standing there naked before me with her chest flushed and her skin glowing with perspiration. Although I wanted to make love to her right that minute, I could not take advantage of her. I loved her. I listened to her. My cock was already starting to deflate.

“I promised my mother I would be a virgin for the husband she selects for me. I thought I could just run away with you, but I can’t. I’m so sorry.”

“What … What do you want to do?”

I was stunned.

“I want to make you feel like I did last night.”

She put her arms around my waist and looked up into my eyes imploringly.

“But you said…” I stammered.

“… I can still tell my mother I’m a virgin. Beyond that, she won’t ask.”

She practically dragged me to the bed and pushed me down on my back. My mind was swirling with thoughts that were driven from my consciousness as I felt her lips encircle my limp member. I swelled quickly in her mouth as my cock accepted her invitation.

Her dark brown eyes sparkled with pleasure as she looked up at me. She had such a beautiful face. She was even more beautiful with her cheek puffed out by the tip of my cock.

She sucked my cock in and out of her curled lips with a loud pop each time. She lightly kissed the first drop of precum appearing in the slit of my cockhead. The sticky fluid clung to her lips and formed into a long string as she pulled away to admire her handiwork.

She dove back in again ignoring my cock this time. She sucked first one testicle and then the other into her mouth. My cock lay on her nose as she licked my crinkled bag. She crossed her eyes to look at my cock. I would have laughed at her funny face if the sensation of having my balls sucked was not so intense.

When she sensed I was ready, she moved her lips back over the tip of my cock. I was unsure if she really wanted me to cum in her mouth so I pushed on her forehead and told her I was about to blow. She said nothing but indicated her intentions by pushing my hands away and swirling her tongue around my cock. Then she leaned forward to swallow as much as she could of my manhood.

The first spurt in the back of her throat made her gag and spit out my cock. She was enthusiastic but not experienced. She swallowed quickly as another spurt streamed across her cheek and caught on an earring. Her lips now enveloped just the tip of my cock as her hands wrapped firmly around the shaft. I bucked my hips but could not move in her tight grip. She sucked the sticky juice from me like she had a nipple in her mouth. Not a drop escaped. It was over so quickly. A couple of minutes at most. Gita’s reaction saved me from being embarrassed at my lack of staying power.

“You liked my blow job?”

Gita was grinning from ear to ear like she had just won first prize in a highly coveted talent contest.

“You’d make your mother proud.”

It was a mean thing for me to say. As soon as the words came out, I wished I had not opened my mouth.

“I’ve hurt you. I’m sorry, but it can’t be the way you want it. I have to go home.” She leaned in to kiss me as she spoke. “I love you. You’ll always know that, won’t you.”

Her eyes filled with tears. My heart leapt for joy and broke at the same time. She really did love me.

“I want you more than anything I have ever wanted, my American lover, but do not make me break my promise.”

In my gut I knew this was the last time we would share such intimacy. I resolved to give her something to remember me by. I had enough of sad thoughts. We had one more moment to have fun. I wasn’t going to waste it.

I pushed her away playfully and flashed a wicked grin. She covered her breasts in feigned modesty. The game had begun.

I was on top of her in an instant. She was a petite and flexible young woman. I was a tall and muscular young man. She had asked me to show her a little testosterone. I did.

I picked her up by the hips and lifted her into the air until her bush was planted in my face. We stood in the center of the room with her hands over her head reaching for the floor and her feet kicking up in the air. She shrieked and begged me to put her down. I was not about to drop her. I was just beginning to have fun.

She laughed as I brought her pussy to my lips and clamped her thighs around my ears. I spun in a circle. She swung away from my body as the centrifugal force lifted her breasts toward her face. She squealed in delight like a little kid on a merry-go-round.

I planted the tip of my nose in her puckered little asshole and stuck my tongue up into her pussy. My chin rested on her clit and sent shivers through her body every time I shook my head.

Professional wrestlers give imaginative names to their favorite moves…bicycle kick, Samoan driver, one handed bulldog. I was going to call this one the “flying pussy chomp”.

We both quickly became dizzy and collapsed on the bed in giggles. She rolled over on her chest and lifted her ass in the air. With her face buried in a pillow and her hands reaching around her ass cheeks, she pulled her pussy open to give me a very clear and audaciously lewd invitation. I dove in face first.

The taste of her juices was exquisite. I had only imagined what this would be like when I had smelled her arousal on my fingers the night before. Now my senses were assaulted. I was not about to let go of her. My nose slide between her labia and inhaled deeply. My tongue probed her openings and ran up the crack glistening with sweat and oils. My face was wet with the froth that poured from her fuck hole.

She lifted herself from the mattress as her body jerked and twisted. I held on tightly and drank her her juices greedily.

She forced the back of her hand in front of my face to stop the overpowering sensations of her orgasms. I kissed her hand as she whimpered in relief. Her body was still shaking as I rolled her over on her back.

My hands grabbed her ankles and rolled her up into a ball until her knees were touching her ears. She was young and flexible. Now was the time for her to enjoy her lithe body.

Still rolled halfway into a backwards somersault, she spread her legs out in a cheerleader’s split to give me full access to her pussy. I dived in when she had come down to a plateau of barely shivering orgasms. This would be our base camp for the final assault on her peak. She was ready to climb higher.

I had felt her clit the night before, but this had only given me a hint of her full potential. She had no inhibitions now. She drove her sex into my face and screamed for more. I pulled the hood of skin back to get to her naked clit. Fully exposed, the pink nub of tissue stood out in the black folds of her sex. The engorged bundle of nerve endings stuck out nearly as far as the first digit of my middle finger. I sucked it between my lips to give her miniature cock as good a blow job as she had given me.

When I felt her on the cusp of another massive orgasm, I dove back full face into her pussy. My nose flattened out against her clit as my tongue drove into her like the tentacle of an octopus searching for prey. I could feel the juice burst out of the deep recess as I probed harder.

It was the final push that sent her over the edge. Her whole body seemed to lift into the air as she clamped her thighs around my head and her screams rose high above the din of the raucous party in the room below. I broke away gasping for air as she thrashed beneath me. Only then did I realize how long I had been holding my breathe while swimming in her warm sweet pussy.

Her eyes had rolled back in her head. When her lids fluttered opened, only the whites showed. Her face was frozen in a mask of orgasmic ecstasy. Her body limp and quivering. Her legs splayed wide open. Her pussy flushed and swollen. She was drained and helpless.

I kneeled over her with a rock hard cock in my hands and testicles drawn up into my groin. I could have just taken her. My cock would have slipped in so easily. She wouldn’t have protested. She would have missed her next period. Then she would have been nauseated in the mornings and maybe missed classes. By the end of the semester, the baby would start to kick. She would tell her parents at some stage and we would be married hurriedly by a clerk at city hall.

I could feel the first surge start down the long tube from deep in my groin. Sperm was rushing toward the slit where it would either congeal in the cool air of the loft or start the long swim up through her womb to the fallopian tubes where life began.

I was not a rapist. I loved her. She loved and trusted me.

My sperm shot harmlessly into the air and splattered across her smooth brown nakedness. She opened her eyes and smiled as she felt my cum fall on her chest. A thick white rope ran down her abdomen to the soft patch of black hair above her pubis. She massaged her breasts with the sticky stuff and seemed pleased.

She sat up. Her tongue caught the last drop of cum clinging to the tip of my cock. It would be our last kiss. *****

Only Molly noticed us as we came down the stairs and entered the room. She lay on the couch playing halfheartedly with her snatch as she watched her boyfriend Carl stuff his shaft into Paula, who already had a mouthful of cock. Molly smiled at us and assumed we were having a good time at her party. We opened the front door without looking back and made our way to the van.

There was little we could say to each other that we did not already know. Gita would sleep in the van until morning and then join the group for breakfast before we made our way back to campus. No one would ask us questions. Each came to the party to satisfy their own desires. Some couples stayed together but enjoyed watching. Others were there to brag about how many hook-ups they’d had in one night. But it really didn’t matter. We hadn’t made a scene or dampened anyone’s enjoyment of the evening. No one would ask us how many we had scored or how long we had stayed up. Gita and I hugged one last time before I started to walk back to the cabin. My bare foot gazed a soccer ball left on the footpath. I kicked at the ball blindly. It was a stupid act. Barefoot in the dark and kicking with all my strength was a recipe for injury. I didn’t care. A little physical pain might have eased my emotional anguish at that moment. The ball sailed into the darkness as my foot connected solidly. Crap! If only I could kick that well in soccer shoes on game day.

I shoved the door to the cabin open and let the light spill out into the gloom. I looked over my shoulder at Gita one last time. She was holding her face in her hands and sobbing quietly. There was nothing more I could do. Our relationship was over. We still loved each other but she could not be a part of my world and I could not be a part of hers. We would talk again, maybe even laugh, but we would not kiss or even hold hands. It would be too painful.

The door banged open. Only Molly noticed when we left. No one noticed when I returned alone. I stepped into the brightly lit space filled with raucous laughter. If I could not have Gita, I was determined to drown my sorrow in beer and pussy.

I forgot about the beer when I saw a shapely young woman on her knees in the center of the room. She had the heart shaped butt of a well-fed girl from the heartland of America. I just dived in. No introductions necessary. Her mouth was full of cock so she couldn’t say much anyway. When I spread her ass cheeks apart, I could tell I was not the first. Judging by the volume of cum dribbling out of her fuck-hole, I was either the last or the next to last to take her.

My shaft sank in without resistance. When I pulled out again, the well stretched hole stayed open for a few seconds before slowly winking closed again.

I felt a load lifted from my shoulders. I had loved Gita and would miss her, but I was among friends now. I would get by.

I hoped Gita would be happy as I lined up my cock and thrust into the willing young woman again. I barely knew her name. We had sat next to each other in the van but my attention had been riveted on my girlfriend teasing the stud in the seat behind us. I had enjoyed the lap dance the woman gave me but I had found her another cock when the party heated up. There was no way I could have known at the time that my current fucking partner would eventually become my friend and finally my wife. All that would be later. In that moment, all of my feelings had concentrated in the tip of my cock and my cock was making me feel good again. I was going to make it last. I hoped she was up for a long hard ride.


30 years later … We almost didn’t make it to the reunion. I had made the reservations for both of us months ago, but Alicia had never really committed to going. She kept coming up with one excuse after another for why she couldn’t come along with me. I wasn’t going to go without her. It’s not that we didn’t have any mutual friends from our college years. It’s just that we saw our best friends frequently, even if that meant taking vacation time and traveling to see them. The people at the reunion were going to be mostly people we hadn’t seen in 30 years. I thought it would be fun. Alicia thought it could be dreadfully boring … or worse.

That all changed when Alicia got a call from Wendy. Wendy and Carl were not one of the couples that we had kept up with but they had certainly been friends. After all, if it weren’t for Wendy’s parties, my wife and I would have never met.

Alicia was always a little raucous on the phone with her old friends, but the call from Wendy was a full stop louder and complete with shrieks of laughter. I couldn’t help overhearing Alicia’s side of the conversation. I picked up that Wendy and Carl were still together and still liked to get together with friends. Only now orgies were politely called ‘house parties’ and swapping partners was now called ‘the lifestyle’. Whatever. It didn’t take any more convincing to get Alicia to come. She had our bags packed the next day although it was still a full week before we needed to catch our flight.

Our sex lives picked up considerably in the days before we left for the reunion. This is not to say we had lived lives of monastic celibacy for the past 30 years. We had enjoyed our lives together and had not been afraid to share with others. We had been to a number of lifestyle resorts where we had thrown ourselves into a wide range of enjoyable activities, including but not limited to sex.

Time had not diminished our enjoyment of each other or of sharing sex with other partners, but we could not avoid noticing the changes that had occurred. Flesh that had been smooth was now wrinkled. Waistlines had expanded. Breasts sagged. Cocks stayed limp a little longer after spouting off. The crowds around the pool at the lifestyle resorts did not seem to age but we were obviously graying and began to stand out.

The final straw was when a nubile young woman pulling along a very aroused young man stopped to talk with my wife and me at a swinger’s meet and greet. I was flushed with excitement imagining my wife’s pleasure when she wrapped her legs around this young stud’s back. My member was certainly at attention imagining the exquisite sensation of being enveloped in the warmth of the young woman’s pussy. It was not to be. The young woman who approached us had just picked up the young man and was taking him back to her room for an hour of wild fucking. She pointed out her husband who was talking up two giggling young women at the bar. He would join his wife later for sloppy seconds unless he managed to convince the two curious newbies to make him their first threesome.

The drive home that night was long and quiet. We had signed up for the wrong party. That, by itself, would not have had such an effect on us. Not all the ‘meet and greets’ we had attended over the years had led to fantastic sex with new partners. We were out of place in this group and we should have known that before we arrived for the evening. There were certainly groups of swingers that looked like us and in which we would have felt perfectly comfortable. What was disturbing about this particular night was that the young woman’s innocent comment had been meant as a complement.

“I’m glad to see an older couple here. I hope my hubby and I still enjoy watching when we’re your age.”

We hadn’t yet begun to think of ourselves as the ‘older couple,’ although we were. And we hadn’t come just to ‘enjoy watching’. We were there to find another couple and have sex with them. I still enjoyed watching the astonished look on my wife’s face when a new cock penetrated her for the first time. Alicia told me that her favorite flavor was the taste of the other woman’s pussy after I had fucked her. We had come as participants and had been taken for chaperones. Very open minded chaperones, but chaperones nonetheless.

It was a week without sex before we finally came to grips with the changes that we had been ignoring. Yes, we were older. The young woman at the party was right. And she was right that we enjoyed watching other people flirting and acting sexy. She was wrong to assume that we just wanted to watch because we were older. We resolved to take advantage of the next opportunity that presented itself to us without carelessly exposing ourselves to another rejection. To console ourselves, we had some great sex — just the two of us.

Alicia was excited about Molly’s party because there was no doubt about the outcome. This was a sure thing. Molly had promised her a little of her husband’s attention and assured her that there were others who wanted to get to know her again in the most intimate sense of the word. And she assured Alicia that I would not feel left out. I could not have guessed at the time what Molly had proposed or how much Alicia had been involved in the plans as they unfolded in the days before the reunion.

We showed up at the reunion almost as excited as if we had been arriving on campus for the first semester of college.

I hugged Alicia warmly before we left our hotel room to register for the alumni weekend. She ran her fingers over the bulge in my pants that sprang up as we kissed.

“I can’t wait for this little fellow to tell me all about some lucky pussy he’s going to meet tonight.”

“You have such a dirty mind!” I shoved her hand away lightheartedly.

“I know. And I know you like it that way.” She put her hand back on my cock and squeezed.

We kissed again then left the room quickly before our desires pulled us back into the bed together. It had taken all of our now rapidly evaporating will power to avoid having sex when we woke up that morning. We needed to save our energy for what we expected to be a long and satisfying evening.

It had not occurred to me that Gita would be at the reunion or that she would seek me out across a crowded auditorium. I was equally surprised when Alicia quickly invited Gita and her husband, Suresh, to have dinner with us that night. I knew that Alicia had been looking forward to a night of debauchery with her old ‘fuck-buddies’. I had almost gotten my little willy into Gita’s pussy 30 years ago, but, if the cultural gap had been too wide to bridge back then, I couldn’t imagine a different outcome now. We would have a long dinner ending with a heartfelt farewell late in the evening. Maybe there would be a chaste kiss on the cheek. And then we would each go back to our respective rooms with our own spouses. I wanted to talk with Gita again but I could not imagine why my wife would risk missing an orgy to listen to me reminisce with an old girlfriend and get to know her husband.

As it turned out, we stayed together until it was time for the dinner reservation. We missed the seminars on retirement planning and charitable gifts so we could walk around the campus and explore the differing arcs that our lives had taken. The four of us talked about everything until we found ourselves so comfortable that we were sharing the most intimate of experiences and desires.

I learned Gita had been true to her word that night at Molly’s party. She was still a virgin when she was married in a huge traditional ceremony arranged by her parents. She loved her husband and the love she gave was reciprocated.

She had two daughters soon after they were married and then was unable to have more children. Although sons were highly prized by their culture, Suresh had never complained that she had only given him daughters. He loved his daughters and they grew up to be accomplished young women who each followed their own interests to professional careers.

Gita had lived two lives. At work she was an astute businesswoman moving her family’s company into the international economy until being acquired in a favorable merger. At home she was a traditional Indian wife who supervised the running of the household, although the cooking and cleaning was done by the servants she hired.

She had tried to satisfy her husband’s sexual desires but sex had always seemed like just one more of her domestic duties, although she truly enjoyed herself when she was finally caught up in the heat of the moment. Suresh just found that it was difficult to get her to that moment and that the moment always seemed to pass too quickly.

Gita said that it was not Suresh who held her back. Men were not expected to be virgins and she knew that he was not a virgin when they were married. He told us that he had learned the mechanics of sex from a prostitute like many men of his upbringing. He said that he still occasionally enjoyed the services of an escort on business trips. Gita nodded her ascent to this arrangement but winced when he said that what he really wanted was to make love to a woman who initiated sex purely for her own enjoyment and that he wanted his wife to be one of those women.

Gita had told him about the party at Molly’s cabin after they had been married. He had seemed almost disappointed that she had held onto her virginity. He hoped he could see her want to display her body and dance naked for strangers again.

Gita became uncomfortable with the direction the conversation was taking. She understood Suresh’s needs. He was a man. He had to contend with the demands of testosterone. That was all. She was a good wife and was willing to let her husband have his way occasionally, but she was also a respectable woman. She enjoyed the thrill of an orgasm in its proper place in their marital bed. This did not mean that respectable women should allow themselves to be controlled by the hormonal urges of lovesick young girls. Even fantasies were a bit uncomfortable, although she allowed herself the occasional indulgence of a fantasy.

The conversation had stalled when the focus had come around to Gita’s desires. Gita felt that we had no right to speculate and that how she felt was intensely private. We left it at that. It would have been a long afternoon if Alicia had not suggested that she and Gita go check out a lingerie boutique she had heard about. Gita blushed at the thought of trying on lingerie with another woman, but seemed curious and they left with plans to meet us at the restaurant.

Suresh and I continued to talk. We were glad to be alone. Suresh told me that once when he and Gita were on vacation in the Maldives, he had persuaded her to swap partners with a far more experienced couple. He had thoroughly enjoyed himself. His pleasure was enhanced by the woman’s enjoyment of her time with him. He was happy that another man found his wife desirable. This was the experience he had been looking for, but the good feelings had not been shared by his wife. Gita found she was tense in the arms of the other man and jealous of the ease with which his wife could give and receive sexual pleasures. Suresh and the other couple had tried to help her be more comfortable, but it had not worked out well. This was the first and last of their experiments in wife swapping.

I was friends with many of the men who had sex with my wife, yet I was still uncomfortable with the man who had married my girlfriend. Now I was beginning to have sympathy for him. I believed that what Gita had felt that night at Molly’s party was as real now as when she was a young woman. If only we could unlock her inhibitions, then Gita would be free to be Suresh’s passionate lover as well as his respectable wife.

Their presence at the reunion had not been an accident. Suresh told me how he had found Molly and convinced her to help him. I was the key to the success of their plan. Perhaps the man who had given his wife her first orgasm as a young woman could help her release her inhibitions again. He thanked me for even considering his proposal.

I was stunned by their plan. This was not the typical swing party I had been expecting.

At dinner that night, Gita sat pensively without saying more than a few sentences. The rest of us laughed and carried on like old friends. Gita had agreed to let her husband attend Molly’s party that night and did not show the least bit of surprise when Alicia announced that she was leaving with Suresh and that she was going to make sure he had all the pussy he could fuck.

My wife never liked euphemisms, particularly when sex was concerned.

Suresh flinched as Alicia spoke. He had wanted this to happen but was embarrassed to have it laid out so plainly. Suresh turned to his wife. “None of this will happen without your consent, my dear. I want what you want for us.”

Suresh’s face with serious. He was giving his wife one more opportunity to change her mind.

“Stop this nonsense! I’ve seen better acting in the porn flicks you bring home with you.”

She threw up her hands mockingly, but there was now a twinkle in her eye.

“You’ve been staring at her ass ever since you met her. It’s pretty obvious what you want. She wants it. So go for it.”

Gita made a little wave of her hand to shoo our spouses away for the evening.

Alicia and Suresh stood up. Suresh leaned down and kissed his wife while holding my wife’s hand. Suresh had accepted Gita’s permission. Our spouses were committed to each other’s pleasure for the night.

“Where will I find you… later?” Suresh asked.

He was happy to have his wife’s permission, but he was anxious that the other plans would be set in motion.

“Maybe the lobby. Maybe our room. Maybe Alicia’s room.”

She smiled coyly. She could have said she would make love to me in the bed Alicia was giving up to be with Suresh, but she did not. I think she had made up her mind and was just having fun teasing her husband.

“Now go. You have my blessing. Steve and I can take care of ourselves.”

Suresh seemed to relax at her reassurance and left with my wife. Gita smiled to herself knowing that he would return in the morning with a grin on his face.

I expected to wave to Alicia when she looked over her shoulder, but she never looked back. She may have already forgotten about us. I knew her well. When she was aroused, her whole body would be focused on getting a man (or woman) to give her pleasure.

We paid the bill for dinner and then moved to the lobby. I looked wistfully at the elevators that could have carried us up to our room as we passed by into the cavernous atrium. Gita followed my gaze and read my mind.

“Soon.” She squeezed my hand. “It will be soon enough that you will enjoy me.”

We sat down by a vertical marble slab. A thin sheet of water flowed continuously down the smooth surface of the stone in sensuous patterns of shimmering light. She closed her eyes. She did not even fold her hands in her lap but I could tell that she was meditating. Her chest rose and fell with her well practiced rhythms. When she finally opened her eyes, a change had come over her. Without letting down her hair or removing an article of clothing, she had transformed herself into a seductress. The butterfly had emerged from the chrysalis.

“I’m ready.”

Her body language told me that she did not need any more words to be said. We held hands silently as the elevator took us on the long ride up.

I reached for the light switch when we entered the room. Gita caught my hand and pulled it down gently before the room was flooded with light.

She walked to the window and drew the curtains aside. I followed her and placed my hands on her waist as she looked out into the night.

Her dress fit a little too tightly around her bust. When she was young and modest, she had difficulty hiding her beautiful twin globes. She often wore sweaters when other girls wore sleeveless tank tops. Now that she was the mother of two grown daughters, her breasts had enlarged to a size that were impossible to hide. She was a mature woman now. I wanted her all that much more.

I snapped open the clasp that held the back of her dress together. In the quiet of the darkened bedroom, the sound of the zipper sliding down her back screamed obscenely at our intentions. I kissed her earlobe as I slid the dress off her round shoulders. Our hands met when the dress caught on her wide hips. We pushed together and her dress fell into a puddle around her ankles. She had the full figure of a mature woman with sagging breasts and a large butt. I licked my lips instinctively knowing that I would bury my face in both crevices before morning.

I took one step back and shed my clothes as fast as I could without stumbling. She unclasped her bra and pushed her panties off. She stood facing the lights of the city in just her high heels.

She leaned forward and placed her open palms on the glass. When she moved her feet a few inches apart, the invitation could not have been clearer. She was ready to give her body to another man just for pleasure. The girl who would not consent to premarital sex was now a woman eager for her second extramarital liaison.

I laid my cock between her ass cheeks and slide up the crease. She squeezed her buttocks together, clamping me in a warm embrace. Her breasts swung away from her as she leaned farther forward to grind into me. I molded my chest into her back and wrapped my arms around her. Her nipples hardened as my fingers gripped her breasts firmly and then released. We could each feel the heat build in the other’s body as we played our little game of dry humping.

I was freely leaking precum when my hand ventured down her abdomen to the sweet spot between her thighs. Her pubic hair was soft and thick. It was so deliciously old fashioned in a world of shaved pussies to run my fingertips through a natural bush. The crinkled folds of her labia literally dripped with her juices before my fingers easily slipped into her pussy. She was ready to be fucked but we were in no hurry to complete the deed.

With two fingers buried to the knuckles inside her, I pressed firmly against the raw nerve endings that I knew would bring her the first orgasm of the evening. My fingers curled up inside her and stroked her G-spot as my palm rubbed against her clitoris. Her moans told me that I had found the right spot and tempo.

The smell of her arousal filled my nostrils and reached into the primitive corners of my brain. I was an animal ready to breed and she was my receptive mate. It made no difference that I had no sperm and she had no eggs. We were a mating pair in that manner peculiar to our species. We were doing it just for the fun of it. We were sport fucking. I was making sure she enjoyed it. I knew she would return the favor.

I varied my strokes. Hard and soft. Fast and slow. I could feel her legs trembling before her body began to shake uncontrollably. She screamed and fell limp in my arms. It was still just foreplay. A little orgasm to get her ready for the pounding I intended to give her.

I knelt down behind her, kissed her butt playfully and gently pressed her knees apart. She quickly got the hint and spread her stance until her pussy lips popped open for me. I buried my nose in her crack and inhaled her musk. She reeked of lust. I stuck out my tongue and lapped at her juices. My nose glided along her crack as my tongue flicked out to tease her. She flinched as I paused over her crinkled brown star but she did not pull away. Maybe later I would explore that last of her virginities. I came up for air and positioned myself to enter her.

I let her reach between her thighs to grab my cock. It had to be her initiative. After this, there was no turning back.

She guided my shaft little by little into her depths. We held still for a moment to get accustomed to the wonderful sensation of fucking.

It was what we both had wanted all those years ago. Now our shared wish was fulfilled. The tip of my cock lay behind her womb. I had felt her cervix move forward and her vagina stretch to hold the full length of my erect penis. I could feel the movement inside her core as she breathed deeply with the serenity of a master yoga. I would not withdraw until I had left my seed with her. There was no risk of pregnancy at our age. It was all good clean fun. No barriers kept our flesh from molding together as one in the shared intimacy of mating.

I watched my cock slide out as slowly and intentionally as it had slide in until only the tip was held in the lips of her pussy. My shaft was gleaming with her juices. Her body glowed in the neon lights of the city streaming through the thick glass. Cars ebbed and flowed with the traffic signals far below us. We could see the little dots of pedestrians hurrying along unaware of what that moment meant for us. I thrust back into her with an audible smack that sent ripples through her ample buttocks.

She gasped and stiffened. I just thought she was enjoying my cock until she spoke.


Her voice betrayed a hint of fear that confused me. What could be wrong? It had all been so perfect, I thought. She was enjoying herself. The evening had not been rushed. There was no pressure.

I followed the direction of her gaze like a hunter follows the point of his bird dog. Our room was 18 floors above the people below us but only 4 narrow lanes of traffic and 2 sidewalks from an office building across the street. The executives had left for the day but the cleaning staff had just arrived.

The janitor was a young woman. At least, she would be young for us — perhaps early 30s. She wore a simple blue tunic and skirt. When she turned on all the lights, we could see her in amazing clarity. She had pulled her hair back from her face into a bun. She had a pleasant face but was not beautiful. She was cute in that “girl-next-door” sort of way. We held our breath as she moved about the room collecting coffee cups and bits of trash left over from the day’s meetings. Gita must have felt my cock twitch as the young woman bent over to plug in her vacuum cleaner. She had small pert breasts with a firm ass.

She had not seen us. She had not imagined that a couple was pressed up against a window fucking while she went about her daily routine. Perhaps the brightness of the reflections from her side of the office window hid us from view even as it exposed her.

Gita was bent over with my cock stuffed in her pussy. We had dreamed about this moment since we were young. We didn’t need any more encouragement to make it a really good fuck, but somehow the sight of a stranger unaware of our presence added excitement to a moment that really couldn’t get any more exciting.

“You’d like to fuck her, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes. So would Suresh.”

Gita rotated her hips slowly, bending my cock around inside her. She cooed with pleasure while I concentrated on holding off as I felt my testicles draw into my body for the final push.

“On my Suresh. My dear, dear husband. I hope you enjoy fucking as much as I do now.”

Pressed against a window in a darkened hotel room, we had come to the same realization. It would never be the same after that moment. I could have her whenever I wanted her, but I would have to share her with more than just her husband. Like my wife, she was a woman with a sexual appetite who would be happiest when she was sharing herself and her husband with others. The inhibitions that had held her back were now stripped away.

What happened then was like a dam bursting. Our unrestrained exertions flooded the room with grunts and slapping flesh as we pounded our bodies together in the urgency of the approaching climax. We crouched down like runners at the starting blocks. Each thrust explosive like a pistol shot at the start of a race. Our bodies were dripping with sweat and our breathing labored as we reached the end of the sprint, each of us wanting to hold out longer than the other. The stench of our rutting was an aphrodisiac that held us clutched together as a single body with two racing hearts and no rational thought.

I threw my head up involuntarily when the first spurt of cum burst from the tip of my cock. I saw her again. The cleaning woman. She was not splayed out on the boardroom table with a broom handle in her cunt. This was not a porn flick. But she had finally seen us and she was watching. She stood with her face close to the window to block out her own reflection. She stood calmly with one hand on her breast moving slowly in tight circles.

I put my hand under Gita’s chin as she screamed with the next spurt of cum exploding inside her.

“Yes! Oh fuck yes! Watch us!!”

I was too gone to care. Gita appeared to enjoy being watched as she climbed to the top of her orgasm step by step.

I held on desperately as she shook uncontrollably in my grasp. Her whole body was pressed against the cool glass of the window. Her breasts expanded in great circles as they flattened against the unyielding but transparent surface. Her ecstatic expression was even more contorted by the pressure of the window against her cheek.

Her body spit out my softened cock with one last spasm before she went limp in my arms. A lewd fart from her fuck hole announced the stream of cum that dropped out on my leg with a plop.

We both leaned against the window now. Our legs were too shaky to hold us upright without support and too weak to let us down gently to the floor. We would catch our breath in a moment.

The young woman could see us clearly. A pale skinned male with grey hair. A dark skinned woman of the same age.

The woman acknowledged our presence with a nod. We smiled at her. Gita waved a greeting. The woman lifted her skirt to show us her plain white cotton panties. She knew it was an invitation that could not be accepted, but it was an invitation nonetheless. Then she turned off the lights and left the room.

We stumbled to the bed not wanting to be out of each other’s embrace for even a moment. We snuggled under the sheets in a tangle of arms and legs and kissed warmly. Time seemed to dissolve into a haze.

I don’t know how much time had passed when I awoke. The curtains were closed but a sliver of light found its way through a crack along one edge. I heard the clank of serving carts moving along the hallway. Had Alicia ordered rolls and coffee for us? Surely room service would knock first.

Gita had rolled on her side facing away from me. I laid my hand on the warm bare flesh of her thigh. She yawned, rolled over and wrapped her arms around me like it was perfectly normal to lie in bed with a naked man waiting for her husband to return.

“Meet me in the shower in a minute.”

I watched her butt jiggle as she rolled out of bed and disappeared around the corner. In a few seconds I heard the tinkle of urine in the toilet, the flush swirling in the bowl and the rush of water from the shower head.

I got up and was urgently aware of my full bladder. More importantly, the bathroom was occupied. I entered with an urge that would not be long suppressed. The shower curtain was pulled around half-way to keep the spray off the floor. Gita sat on the sill of the tub washing her feet.

“I need to use the John.”

Gita looked up at me.

“The toilet. I need to pee.”

Gita wrinkled her brow.

“So? Pee!”

Then it dawned on her.

“Your wife has never seen you pee? She’s watched you have sex with other women, but she has never seen you pee! You are such weird people.”

Gita stood up and snapped the curtain closed behind her. I relieved the pressure in my bladder and joined her in the shower.

I was afraid that Gita would have second thoughts in the morning. I was relieved to see that she was perfectly comfortable with the new arrangements.

“You know I want more, don’t you.”

She made her request sound so ordinary, like suggesting we have dinner again.

“You want to watch me pee?” I opened my mouth in mock horror.

“I don’t care one way or another about that.” Alicia laughed, and then turned serious again. “I want your cum. I want it in my mouth. I want it in my pussy. I want Suresh to see you inside me. Will Alicia agree?”

“Oh God, Yes! You won’t be able to stop her from joining us.”

“Do you think Suresh … you know, do you think he fit in?”

Gita thought back to the party at Molly’s cabin. She imagined Suresh lying in a mound of naked bodies at the party with a nipple in his mouth bewildered that the woman’s pussy was being filled by another man.

Then she thought about her fantasy. The one she had never told anyone — not even Suresh. She was suspended in a swing with her legs in stirrups. The room was dark except for a spotlight on her body. She could hear the murmurs of a hidden crowd. Mad with desire she heard herself call out for someone to come forward and fuck her. Men emerged from the shadows one by one until there was a man at each of her limbs and one at her head. She felt their lips on her body nibbling and sucking. Tongues flicked at her. And then, she was filled with an enormous cock. One. Two. Three strokes and then it was gone. Another cock penetrated her. A different length and girth. A different tempo but still: One, Two, Three strokes and then replaced quickly by another. She closed her eyes to savor the delicious sensations. Each of the five men finally released their cum into her ravished body as her screams mingled with the cheers of the crowd. Then she was being relentlessly pounded by a single cock. She opened her eyes in the dream. It was her husband Suresh who stood between her legs smiling.

“Are you listening to me?”

I asked the question because her expression was blank. I had told her that Alicia was the perfect hostess and would have helped Suresh to be comfortable in the group. She would have had his cock in her pussy before the party really got going. If I knew anything about my wife, she would have him loose enough to be dancing with the crowd like a male stripper on ladies night before the evening was over.

“I’m sorry. I was lost in my fantasy. May I share it with you?”

I was stiff again before she finished her story. I was going through the list of lucky studs (besides me, of course) when I felt her go down on her knees and wrap her lips around the head of my cock. I grabbed her head to steady myself and pushed her away reluctantly. This shower was no place to have sex. We would have torn down the shower curtain and simply fallen out with any luck. Worse injuries would follow if we were unlucky.

We finished soaping off. Every nook was thoroughly scrubbed. The attention I paid to her asshole was more than required for good hygiene and my interest did not go unnoticed.

We were in no hurry. The party would have crashed for the night. We did not expect anyone to get up early. We each brushed our teeth standing naked in front of the mirror and sneaking glances at each other.

When we put our toothbrushes back in the glass, I was fully erect.

“I had no idea that brushing my teeth was so sexy.”

She touched my cock lightly with her fingers as she spoke. I reached between her legs. She was wet with arousal. My finger slipped in easily.

“Neither did I. Shall we do something about it.”

I opened the door for her. She wrapped her hand around my cock as she brushed by me and pulled me after her like a dog on a leash.

Our spouses were sitting on the bed waiting for us. They had let themselves in with Alicia’s room key while we were busy in the shower. Their clothes lay in 2 heaps on the floor where they had hurriedly stripped so they could surprise us.

“We thought you’d never come out.” Alicia smiled as she turned to Suresh to make her observation. “So I see that Gita shares Steve’s love of long hot showers.”

Gita spoke before Suresh could answer.

“It is only one of the many pleasures I have shared with your husband.” Gita made a point of continuing to stroke my cock as she spoke. “And have you enjoyed my Suresh?”

Alicia did not reply directly to Gita’s question. She answered by turning to Suresh and gently pushing him onto his back. His erection, partially hid when he was sitting, now stood straight up as he lay on his back. Alicia swung her leg over his body, lifted herself into a squatting position astride him and planted the tip of his penis in the folds of her pussy.

Some men think their wives look beautiful in high heels or expensive jewelry. Other men prefer revealing lingerie. I think my wife is at her best with a thick cock slowly pushing up into her pussy.

Alicia’s answer to Gita’s question must have been what Gita wanted to hear, for I was soon on my back next to Suresh with his wife bouncing on my cock.

I looked first at Gita. Her cheeks glowed as she leaned over to kiss my wife. Then I looked at Suresh. He gave me a thumbs up when he saw the look of delight on his wife’s face. I turned my attention back to the always amazing sight of another man’s cock sliding in and out of my wife’s pussy.

I felt Alicia’s fingers tap lightly on my chest to get my attention. I looked up. She was wearing a devilish grin. I could only imagine what new connection of bodies she would suggest for us.

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