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Sea Worthy

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My summer vacation from university was almost over and since the moving day incident nothing at all had happened between Edward and me. But the memory was vivid. I remembered being on my knees before him, looking up into his eyes and he said, “I have so much more to teach you,” with his big, softening cock resting against my lips and the salt of his cum on the back of my throat.

But so far there wasn’t even a hint that the events on that day in the shower had ever taken place. There wasn’t a nod or a wink or a pat on the ass when no one was looking. Nothing. I began to wonder if the summer school lesson I’d longed for would ever transpire – I began to doubt anything at all would ever happen again and that perhaps he had a change of heart. He was just big old handsome Ed, as nice as could be, but nothing more. More distant than ever it seemed.

Not that I really expected things to change that much – what had happened was definitely a private event that we couldn’t share with anyone and his behavior with the rest of the family was the same as always. He was my father-in-law, father of my wife, and I guess I was glad to see that everything else could still be the same, no matter how much my cock throbbed when I thought about him. Edward turned 65 that summer but you’d never know it to look at him. His hair was thick and brown with sexy tufts of grey at the temples. He was clean shaven but on the days when he’d miss his morning shave, brave, white stubble would try to grow into a silver beard. Unfortunately, he never grew a full beard because of how white it was. “Care for a day trip tomorrow out past Frier Island?” he asked one evening as we sat in his living room, watching boxing on ESPN. “Just you and me?”

I felt a metaphor rising within me: somewhere deep in my loins a pilot light of hope ignited my flames of lust! I pulled my jaw shut and answered an egger affirmative. That was it – business as usual. There was hardly another word between us until we were alone on the boat the next morning, heading out to sea.

We traveled out for miles on calm, pristine Atlantic Ocean, for about 3 hours at full steam and arrived smack dab in the middle of nowhere.

We spent the day fishing. Relaxing. Catching nothing worthy of a good fish story. That day there was little more than the solitude of the ocean for miles around us, and the occasional, peaceful smile on our faces. Actually, I can’t remember the smile ever leaving my face the entire day. It was heaven to be alone with the most handsome, horny and kindest person I had ever known. It was this combination of kindness and lust that made him seem so sexy – well that and his stocky mature physique. He was about 5’6″, square and solid, with a nice, full, hard belly that ran the length of his torso. He was built like a bull, thick and broad in the chest but for all his big belly there was barely an inch of fat on him anywhere – he was just soft and hard in all the right places at all the right times. It seemed no matter what clothes he wore, he always managed to appear ruggedly handsome and his crotch always appeared full and well defined – his cock and balls made their bold statement under any fabric.

The day past, pleasantly uneventful and I lost all track of time. My focus was not on the fishing, but on my bear Edward, sitting on an up-turned 5 gallon bucket opposite me along the port side of the boat. We faced each other, hanging our lines over the same side of the boat, each sitting on a bucket seat. The ocean barely moved beneath us and the sun shone warmly on our skin. It was like being rocked to sleep in the arms of a loving mother, and we’d often close our eyes as we fished, lulled into a peaceful trance. But I took every opportunity to watch the lovely, prize package in the crotch of his jeans make it’s presence known – I knew quite well the cock and balls that defined them selves there in a tantalizing bulge, but I wanted to reach out and touch him. We ate lunch when we were hungry, when the sun was high in the sky. Some time later I felt hungry again and I took notice of the sun pushing down on the horizon. “Time to eat supper?” I asked Edward as I entered the cabin of the boat.

“Are you ready to head home?” he asked, looking out over the water through the windows around the top of the cabin with a thoughtful expression, “It’s the kind of day you wish would never end.”

The sparkling ocean was breath taking and we paused to take it all in.

“I wish we could stay out here forever, just you and me and the sunset,” I said and I moved close beside him and put my hand on his broad shoulder and gave him a gentle squeeze.

“I don’t know about forever,” he said with a chuckle. “But we can certainly manage an over night camp-out on the waves.” He cocked his head and shot me a wink and a grin and he put his bear paw of a hand on the back of my neck and tousled my hair.

I was stunned.

He was full of surprises.

Within a few minutes he had radioed home and told the girls that we would be staying out to continue fishing in the morning. It was such a long way to travel that it made sense just to stay there and try again the next day. There was a twinkle in his eye as he sat, perched high in the captains’ chair, and told his story over the VHF radio. While he was explaining the situation I spun his chair so that he was facing me. Sitting high on his perch, his knees were about level with my chest and I ran a hand slowly up over each knee while he talked. I watched his expression as I traced the inside of both of his thighs, inching my hands ever closer to his crotch. He refused to make eye contact, but a trace of a smile was on his lips as he explained, “Yes we have everything we need to be comfortable for a night out here.” I looked at his crotch as my hands rested on his thighs on either side of his deliriously full package. “Yes, we have plenty to eat. I’ll find something.”, he said, and with that I let my hands fondle his package, gently squeezing what I could of his meat through his jeans. He leaned back in his chair and spread his legs wide as I continued my exploration of his groin.

“John?” he chuckled. “Don’t worry about him. He’ll eat whatever he can get his hands on.” And again, without making eye contact, he looked down at himself as I caressed his crotch, and I rubbed my fingers on the under side of his pouch, feeling the curve of his big nuts pressing against the fabric. I could feel the hot, moist heat of his growing manhood against my fingers. I lowered my face to press my nose against his package, and he reached out and put his hand on the back of my head and forced me just a little harder down into him, and he held me there, my lips sucking at the fabric where his cock was resting beneath. He hung up the hand set and took my head between both his hands, forcing my face down along his growing hardness.

“You won’t go hungry as long as I’m around,” Edward said.

Moments later we were steaming ahead and the bow of the boat was riding high as we cruised through the water. The sun was at our backs as Edward navigated the Seal toward the only visible speck of land, Frier Island. “Where are we headed exactly?” I asked, holding on the back of the captains’ chair as we bounced across the water.

“Brothers cove,” he said, over the roar of the engine, “There’s a marker buoy there that we can tie onto for the night – plenty of privacy.”

I wrapped my arms around him from behind as he sat driving the boat and once again I slipped my hands down onto his groin. I never tired of worshiping his manhood or of caressing his package even when he was completely soft. It was a thrill to feel him under my fingers and to try to cup his package only to find his equipment too much for my hand. He was simply too large a man and I held on to him tight with two hands as the boat slammed through the waves. He slipped his own hand down over mine, forcing me to rub harder, guiding my hand over the cock and balls beneath his pants. …

The island was little more than rock and trees, but it offered a fair amount of shelter when the seas got rough. The island was inhabited only by gulls and Brothers Cove was perfectly tucked away – there was no commercial traffic to interrupt the tranquility for miles of the island.

Edward slowly pulled the Seal up next to the steal buoy and cut the engine and I grabbed hold of it with a long handled gaff. Edward had her securely tied in seconds. With the engine off and the boat tied we were suddenly thrust into a solitude I had never before experienced. We looked at each other and then at the world around us – the sun was setting and gulls cried from somewhere far away.

“Lets get some things ready while there’s still light,” he said and shuffled back into the cabin.

The main cabin was divided with a table and two built-in bench seats on one side and cabinets and the captains’ chair on the other. We got the main bunk ready by detaching the table top and lowering it to span the two bench seats, making a queen sized area for sleeping. It was literally similar to a captain’s bed because it was raised off the main cabin floor to make room for storage cupboards below. The edge of the bunk was about waist high and you had to climb up a bit to get onto it.

When the bunk was set up Edward said, “Just let me have a pee and we can get comfortable.”

I grabbed his shirt sleeve as he moved toward the cabin door, “You want to try something kinda kinky?”

He threw me a puzzled look, “A chance like this may never come again. What ya got in mind?”

I moved close to him and placed my hand on his big, hard belly, just above his belt buckle, “I want you to give me a shower.”

“A golden shower?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

“You game?” I asked and moved my hand down over his crotch and pulled the zipper on his fly all the way down.

“Whatever turns you on,” he said and he reached inside his open fly and with a flip of his wrist his beautiful, 66 year old cock was hanging out of the front of his jeans, like a living fire hose ready to quell my flames.

I undressed in seconds. With my heart pounding hard like a drum in my chest, we went outside to the back of the boat and I sat down on the deck near the drainage holes and Edward stood above me, like some larger than life daddy bear God, with his fire hose cock in his hand.

“Where do you want it?”

“All over,” I replied, “Where ever makes you feel horny.”

I gazed over his short stocky frame. His black suspenders were a sexy accessory on top of his grey sweat shirt and they held his loose fitting jeans perfectly as he prepared to hose me down.

His stream hit me square on the chest. A guttural sound escaped Edward as his piss began to flow full, thick stream. I pumped my cock as he aimed his golden stream at my groin, soaking my loins in his hot, steaming gold. “Let it all go. Common, let me have it all,” I said and leaned forward into his stream, letting his piss wash my face. I opened my mouth and tasted the full force of his golden nectar as it battered my tongue.

“Taste it,” Edward said. “Drink your daddies golden love potion.”

I leaned closer and stuck the tip of my tongue under his piss hole and let the remainder of his piss fill my mouth, spill over onto my chin and run down over my body. His piss was boiling hot and salty. I sat back and watched him shake a few drops out onto me from his cock that was not yet fully hard, but noticeably aroused and thickened. I licked my lips as I watched him tuck his cock back into his jeans and zip up his fly.

“I actually enjoyed that once I saw how much of a turn on it was for you,” Edward said.

“You have no idea,” I said. “It was very erotic for me. But now I need to get cleaned up.”

I handed him the end of a rope and jumped off the side of the boat into the frigid Atlantic. The icy sea water was a shocking contrast to Edward’s hot pee and I was instantly reduced to “cold shower” mode. Having been thoroughly rinsed the second I hit the water I had Edward pull me out right away. He wrapped me in a large beach towel and I headed for the cabin while he rinsed the deck with a couple of buckets of sea water. Minutes later he was back inside the house of the boat.

“I know you’re probably not thirsty,” he chuckled with a silly grin on his handsome face. “But perhaps you’re getting a bit hungry. Are you at all peckish?”

“I was hoping to have two meals tonight,” I said as he slid the cabin door shut behind him. He moved up in front of me as I sat on the edge of the bed.

“We can start with this as the appetizer,” he said and wrapped his big, callused hand around my hardening cock. His groin was level with mine as he stood before me and I reached out and rubbed the hardness that was making itself visible along one side of the front of his jeans. Jesus, did he have a giant salami for a cock!

“And this will do nicely as the main course,” I said, squeezing his member gently, “And hopefully I can have the same for breakfast.” “I sure am glad you’re not a vegetarian,” he said, as he stroked my cock, smiling down at it as he spoke, “Because I’ve got plenty of meat and protein for a man on the proper diet.”

“Wouldn’t matter – I’d become a meat eater for you, daddy bear,” I said, “Does this qualify for the catch of the day?” I slid my fingers down between his legs and cupped his warm, fleshy pouch, rubbing the roundness of his big balls under the denim.

I motioned for him to sit beside me, which he did without hesitation. He sat on the edge of the bunk with his legs swinging over the side. I nuzzled in close to his warm, thick upper body and wrapped my arms around his waist and squeezed him tight. He returned the gesture and wrapped his big, strong arms around me. He had the amazing ability to handle me both soft and rough at the same time.

I slipped his sexy suspenders off of his shoulders and ran a hand up under his sweat shirt, feeling his furry belly and his thick chest of hair. I pealed his shirt up and off over his head and leaned forward and sucked one of his big, furry nipples into my mouth. I bathed it and watered it down with long, slow swirls of my tongue, making a warm wet circle and sucking and nibbling gently on his swollen nipple. He laid back and propped his head on a pillow, and watched me lust over his horny, grand daddy bear body. He was so fucking hot I felt I could lose my mind at any moment.

I moved down onto the floor and removed his shoes.

I slid my hand up his thigh, onto his crotch – pausing, squeezing, teasing – and then up to his belt buckle. I then pulled and released and, without stopping, I unbuttoned the top of his jeans. I rubbed my hands over the front of his fly, tracing what I longed to fondle through his pants. How many times had I watched this crotch and wished I could do what I’m was doing at that moment. Here I was, fondling the grand daddy bear of my dreams, letting my hands explore what only my eyes could gaze upon for so many years. Finally, I had found my alter and I wanted to kneel and pray to the God before me – more than a mere man, but an old daddy bear who was blessed with a cock the size of a donkeys. The outline of his engorged member looked and felt huge through the cotton of his blue jeans and I couldn’t wait to peal the jeans away. I wanted him to play hide the salami with me any way he wanted.

I helped him pull off his pants. Once they were off I stood in front of him and held the crotch of his jeans to my face and sniffed. The cotton was still warm where his cock and balls were packaged just seconds before.

“Ummm,” I groaned, savoring the sensation.

I looked down at Edward’s white underwear which was poled up like a small, white circus tent.

“This is what I really want,” I said, getting down between his legs. “But you’ve got to promise me, when you cum I get EVERY drop.”

“Every last, sweet drip,” he said, and I pulled his briefs down and off in one fluid motion.

Edward had the body of a stocky, old football player with all the right dimensions to turn me on. He was more broad and chesty than chubby, and his belly, while big, was firm and robust. His breasts were just full enough to look edible and squeezable. He had just the right amount of fur on his body and I do mean fur – and it was all over. His back and belly were equally furry and I thrilled at the sight of his perfect pubic patch – it was soft and thick chest-nut brown and clearly defined in a nice broad V shape, tucked down around his magnum sized cock. I reached down and lifted his cock up off his belly and I noticed him eyeing me with curiosity. My hand felt small holding his thick eight inch monster and again I was in awe of the weight and girth of this man’s equipment. I shuddered as I stroked the length of him for the first time since the events before summer. His cock had such a physical presence that it occupied it’s own space in between us, like something big and autonomous, pulsing with life. His hot, throbbing hardness riding against my palm – the skin sliding softly as I slowly jacked him… it worked me into a spacey, surreal trance. I twisted him gently as I traversed his length – all of it was erotic beyond words. I raked my fingers through his pubic hairs, up onto his belly and back again, enjoying the downy softness under my finger tips.

Edward closed his eyes and relaxed his body. A content, satisfied smile appear on his face as I continued to stroke him, gently, firmly, in awe of the massive cock, in awe of the burly old sea dog laying spread eagle before me.

I slid my face up in between his legs until my lips rested on the underside of his nuts. While maintaining steady strokes on his rigid cock, I slathered his sack, washing it with my tongue and left it dripping wet. The musk of the day was intoxicating as I inhaled the atmosphere around his big, beautiful stones, now glistening wet from my saliva. I stroked him harder and a little faster. Sweet Jesus, he was endowed with big, beautiful testicles to match his horse like member. How many times had I wondered what it would be like to fondle the balls I watched define themselves beneath the fabric of his pants, as they teased me with their tantalizing outline.

“Jack your cock while I suck on your big balls,” I said to him. “I want to watch you pull that thing while I suck on your big hairy nuts.”

Ed reached his hand down and began slowly stroking himself as I sucked a big, hairy ball into my mouth. It was like putting a whole pickled egg in my mouth.

“Oh yeah. suck Daddy’s balls,” Ed groaned. “Suck my nuts while I jack my cock. Look at how fucking huge you make it.”

I bathed his balls with my tongue while watching him pull and pump his cock. I inched my way up over his balls and sucked at the base of his cock while he maintained short slow strokes over the knob. I continued to worship him for several more minutes. I reached up and found his free hand and we locked fingers, holding tightly as I slid my tongue and lips along the underside of his cock, all along his wide piss tube that stood out like a fat, flesh covered soda straw along the length of this manhood. His cock was harder than ever and the flesh over the head of his cock was flaming pink and engorged – pulled tight, it formed a perfect helmet that begged to be sucked and nibbled.

I slowed his hand on his cock and wrapped my lips around the head of his manhood. He held his fist near the head, gripping his hard organ and I sucked on his fingers as he held on, but eventually he let them slip down so I could take more of him into my mouth. I placed my hand on top of his hand that held his cock and pushed it down further so I could offer a little deeper head. Feeling his hand under mine, wrapped around his throbbing dick made me shudder with lust – I loved the sensation of and the thought of helping him stroke his own cock. It was beautiful. Sublimly erotic.

Suddenly, Ed leaned forward, pulled me up onto the bed and laid me down on my back and swung his leg over me and straddled my chest, his cock swayed over me, dripping wet from my mouth. He was so big and strong I had little time to think. “Let daddy fuck those hot lips,” Ed said, in a low, husky tone.

I was suddenly viewing my daddy bear from a completely new angle. I looked up past his hard cock and balls, up over his big, hard, hairy belly and into his handsome face – he was so horny looking I shuddered a little as I raised my hands and smoothed the hairs over his stomach. His cock stood out, hard and pulsing like a flag pole swaying in the wind.

Ed picked up his cock and began pulling it with long, full strokes.

“Let me lick your balls while you do that,” I said. He leaned forward and let his balls lay on my lips. I started licking and sucking his delicious sack and he began to really pound on his big dick.

“Show me how fucking bad you want my cock in your mouth.”

I reached my right hand down between his legs and forced my hand in between his butt cheeks, pushing my index finger up against his rose bud, just enough to let him feel the pressure of my finger. Ed closed his eyes and pushed himself down onto it. I watched as his cock began to leak pre-cum out onto his fingers. He lowered his hand from his cock and pressed the back of his wet fingers to my mouth and I licked and sucked off his salty juice.

“I want it bad. I want it all,” I said and Ed leaned forward as more pre-cum leaked, like a broken faucet, from his pulsing horse cock directly into my open mouth.

“My balls are aching, John,” he said. “I gotta blow this damn load. Lay your fucking head back and open wide.”

I laid back a bit and let him take control. He took my head in his hands and leaned foreword so that the head of his cock was just past my lips. My jaw was fully extended. I could hardly take any more, and thankfully he was careful not to hurt me as he began to pump his cock into my mouth. However, in a few minutes it was an all out skull fuck, and I could feel his cock hitting the back of my throat as he pumped his hips and held my head in position. I sucked harder on his cock and seconds later I heard the build up of a deep, guttural groan from somewhere deep inside him.

“Ooooooohhh,” he wispered, “oooh yeah. Suck it harder.”

His thrusts became faster and perfectly rhythmical, mechanical, instinctual.

“Ohhhhhhh,” he groaned. “Here it comes. Oh Yeah. Oooohhhhh! Fuck yeahhhhhhh!”

An eruption of cum filled my throat and I sucked and swallowed my reward, feeling his load slide, hot and salty, down the back of my tongue. I pressed my knuckles up under his balls and felt the flex of the ejaculation against my fingers.

“Ooo! Ouh! Take it. Ohhh, so nice. Suck that cock. Ohhhhhhh”, he stuttered as he tossed his load into me.

I grabbed hold around the base of his nut sack and I could feel each pulse of his cock as he fired three or four shuddering strings of cum past my lips. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and began pounding it with his hand, stroking another two shots of hot, clear jets of cum into my open mouth. I swallowed his slimy, hot seed with pride and would have proudly taken more. I wanted him to fill me. I wanted him to feel he had me completely and that I would take all he had to give.

“Clean it up, John,” he commanded and he leaned over my mouth.

I continued to suck his tool, clenching his ball sack like the base of a lollipop, guiding his cock toward my mouth, slurping on it until the hardness subsided to half its glory. His circumcised cock had expanded and stretched so much that now, in its half deflated state, a foreskin of sorts hung down over his cock head, the loose skin puckered like a pair of dark, chapped lips gaping over his knob.

“How was it?” I asked.

“It was perfect,” he said with the biggest smile I had ever seen on his face. He pulled away and rolled onto his back on the bunk beside me, his body glistening with dew. He exhaled deeply as he relaxed, completely spent.

I leaned over him and once again licked his erect nipples and after a minute I rose to kiss him, full on the lips. I could taste the inside of his mouth as he opened up for me and the contrast suddenly made me aware of the taste of his cum in my mouth. He invaded me with his tongue and I let him wash over anything he could reach inside me.

When I finally pulled away I said, “Thanks for being the sexiest man alive!”

“This is the biggest cock I have ever seen,” I said and I lifted it up, like a dead snake, off of the side of his thigh and leaned over and began sucking on it again. I wanted him to just pull his underwear up over my head so I could stay sucking him in his pants forever.

That night was magical for me. All night long, I would pass in and out of sleep, each time waking long enough to look down at my sleeping bear, flat on his back in the moonlight streaming in through the windows, the sound and motion of the ocean, rocking us gently. I’d nuzzle into him, letting my hands fall where they may, holding his soft, meaty cock in my hands, sometimes soft and shrunken, sometimes semi engorged, like a small drunken soldier wanting to stand at attention but lacking the sense to fully get to his feet. For one night, for one trip out at sea, he was mine alone and I will never forget just how wonderful he made me feel – how wonderful it was to love him any way I wanted. The main course was as amazing as I imagined it would be and I couldn’t wait to see what Ed had in store for breakfast. Nestled next to my big, old bear, I drifted off to sleep, but my hard cock hardly slept a wink.


I awoke to the smell of bacon frying and coffee brewing and in seconds I was fully awake and watching Ed, dressed in his white T-shirt and briefs standing next to the portable stove a few feet away. The sun had crested the horizon and the new day had begun and already my mind was racing over all that had transpired and over what still was to come.

“Smells good,” I said, sliding across the bunk and onto the floor next to him. “But I know something that tastes better.” Standing next to him I pressed my body onto his and slid my hand down over his cool, white cotton T-shirt, following the contours of his chest and belly down to his waist. I slipped my fingers under the elastic band of his underwear and slid my hand past his soft, thick pubes, down onto his cock.

“It’ll be a few minutes before the bacon is ready,” Edward said. “Careful or you might start a fire,” and he reached down and rubbed his hand over the front of his underwear, pressing my hand beneath his, firmly cupping some of his package.

“I’ll be careful – I like my meat rare,” I said and slid down on my knees in front of him. “Take your cock out, like you would to have a piss,” I commanded.

Ed reached down with his right hand and with his thumb and two fingers he opened the slot on the front of his briefs and popped the head of his cock out, right in front of my face. He had a beautifully defined shaft and head, with skin as soft as an ear lobe – but not for long.

I leaned forward and sucked his flaccid tool into my mouth, sucking hard. I began feeling up his legs and ass, as I pressed him into me. He had a small, square, flat ass that gave me just enough to hold onto as I maneuvered my lips over his growing member. In a few moments I was again on the receiving end of Ed’s raging hard donkey cock, sticking out of the piss flap on his underwear, fully engorged and visibly throbbing. Ed once again took control.

“Get up on the bunk on your back and hang your head over the edge so I can fuck your mouth,” Ed ordered and he turned and lowered the flame on the sizzling bacon.

I got up and did as he commanded; lying on my back on the bunk and hanging my head back over the side. As he positioned himself in front of me I watched him from my upside down perspective – my throat was at the perfect angle for him to mount me.

Ed slid his cock into my mouth and after a few gentle thrusts and some slight positional adjustments he jammed it home. After a few strokes in this position I was surprised at how much more of him I could take in my throat. I loved pleasuring him and I could tell he was enjoying the ride as he fucked my throat with long, steady strokes.

Ed pulled out half way and reached down and pulled his big, heavy low hangers out of the piss flap with the rest of him. He began thrusting again but this time his balls swung rhythmically, slapping against my eyes and nose. He’d bend his knees slightly every few thrusts and buck his hips, slamming his cock slightly upward, deeper into my throat.

Ed continued this pattern for several minutes and I began working my jaw from side to side as he fucked my mouth.

“Ahhh yeah, that’s a boy,” Ed gasped. “Chew your meat well before you swallow it. Yeah, work it.”

I worked it for several minutes more, savoring the taste, reeling in the sweat pain of his massive organ stretching my throat.

“Now it’s time to cum before the bacon burns,” Ed gasped as he hammered my face with this big, hard tool.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and leaned over my head, aiming it at my chest. He fucked his fist until cum erupted, shooting in short, white globs onto my chest, just above my belly near the breast bone.

“Oooooeeeee!” Ed gasped, “That’s it. That’s it”.

He leaned back, again standing with his cock in my face, and I raised my head to suck his fat, old cock into my mouth. I squeezed his member from the root to the tip, like extracting the last bit of toothpaste from the tube, and sucked hard to taste any cum still left in his cock.

“You want daddy’s seed son?” he asked, looking down at me with his cock planted deep in my hot, wet mouth.

“Ummmm,” I mumbled.

Ed leaned down toward my chest and sucked his pool of jism into his mouth. He quickly squatted down in front of me, with his face above me and placed his lips over mine. I reached up and held his face as his hot, sweat cum ran from his mouth into mine. I swirled it in my mouth before swallowing my daddy bear’s hot cum. So fucking horny. I could picture each sperm as a fucking hot little bull, stampeding their way into my belly.

“That was so hot,” I said, shuddering, letting his head go from my grasp.

“Just following my instincts – it takes a cock sucker to know a cock sucker,” Ed said, smiling. “Common, lets eat.”

“That’s a lot of protein for one morning, but I think I could get used to a diet rich in ‘Ed’,” I said. “How about you – you need a boost?” I swung my self around and sat on the edge of the bunk, wanking my cock, which was on the razor’s edge of exploding.

Ed squatted on the floor before me. His cock and balls, still hanging out of the front of his underwear brushed against the floor below him. He was such a horny old bear.

“Let her fly, son.”

I looked down at his big, handsome face – he reminded me of an older ‘Fred Flintstone’ for a split second and I reached out and ran my hand over his cheek and chin, prickly with a days growth of silver whisker stubble. I wanked harder on my cock until I felt the juices well up in my loins.

“Oh Ed…. Oh daddy, here it cums,” I moaned.

“Milk it boy. Milk it into my mouth,” Ed said and he leaned closer below me.

My load flew towards his face, he blinked as the first spurt landed along the side of his nose, followed by two more direct hits into his mouth, spraying his out stretched tongue with my white seed. In seconds I was done.

I reached down with a finger and wiped the cum from the side of his nose. He grabbed my hand, pulling it to his mouth and he sucked my cum drenched finger like a soother, sucking and swallowing until it was clean.

“Ummm,” He said. “Now we’re even.”

“Oh yeah? That was nothing compared to your big, hot load. Jesus, you’re like a fire hose. A real gusher.”

“So you’re satisfied?” Ed asked.

“Very. How about you?”

“Oh, I’m feeling great!” Ed said, standing up. “But it aint over till it’s over. Lets eat!” He shot me a wink and a smile and turned to finish preparing breakfast. What could possibly top that?

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