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Screwing My Sister-In-Law

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When I was younger I used to go visit my sister-in-law at her home. Her name was Shaista. My parents would send me there often since she lived so close. Sometimes I would be all alone with her for the entire afternoon. I was a fairly good-looking kid so most of the women in my family loved me but most especially my sister-in-law Shaista. She was always happy to see me whenever I came over. She loved my boyish face a lot, and she would always say how cute I was.

My attraction to her was also enhanced because of her great personality. She was extremely nice a very friendly and personable person. I always liked her because of that and because she was always so kind and friendly toward me. We used to talk about everything together.

I had a friend who lived in my sister in law’s house. He was her husband’s nephew (his elder brother’s son) but that was not my real motivation for going to visit. In fact, I couldn’t care less about him. He was just a stupid kid, only interested in games. For me he was just an excuse to go visit my sister-in-law and admire her beauty. Shaista was the most graceful woman I had ever seen. I was a skinny little boy when I was nineteen, which is when this incident happened. Shaista, my Bhabhi (sister-in-law), had four wonderful children; three sons aged 14, 10, and 7 and a young daughter, only six months old.

Shaista was not a ravishing beauty but she had been a beautiful woman. In all, she was a typical middle-class, middle-aged Indian woman. She was a dark, and somehow sensuous, big woman. Her face was oval with dark toned color, large black eyes, thin lips and a tiny mole on her upper lip that looked so nice. My sister-in-law had a vivacious personality and a spectacular body. She made no pretensions about trying to be a diet-conscious, trim lady; nor was she a frail teenager. She was a natural middle-aged lady who was not underplaying her age or the maturity that came with it.

She was a little heavy but had a tantalizing round ass and an adorable face. In all, she was a typical middle-class, middle-aged Indian woman. She was big, soft and cuddly: a Big Beautiful Woman. She was short; her head would only reach to a little below my shoulder now. I would say she was 5′-5″ at most, but also she was fine all around. Her chest was very ample and welcoming. Her arms were twice as thick as my arms and her thighs were gracefully large.

My sister-in-law had a rather unique body. Despite being short in stature she had huge, wonderful tits. Her hips were wide and curvy. She had the shape of a typical Indian middle-aged woman, but it was really her ass that got my attention. It was perfect; so round and proportionate with the rest of her. I often hung back in the house, just to watch her walk. Her butt swung around, especially when she was walking. She was exactly my kind of woman, all woman. I enjoyed my visits there, if only to see Shaista Bhabi walking around.

I could not help myself; all I could think about was what she would look like without the clothes that she was wearing. In my imagination my fantasies went even further than that. I imagined the kind of absolute pleasure it would be to have her on top of me, slowly penetrating her, sinking my cock into those folds, my slim body surrounded by the rich elegance of my sister-in-law’s curves. I could have buried my entire body between those wide hips. Looking back on my teen years, I could have been so much more sexually active, knowing now how desirable I really was back then! She was object of my secret desire. But I was trying so hard to be a good boy for her.

It often seemed to me that Shaista and my cousin were having marital problems. I think it was because my cousin was much older than Shaista. She was just out of school when they got married. My cousin was a nice man, but it didn’t seem like he cared about their marriage. In our culture men never think about women, and they think that women have no desire for sex.

It all began rather innocently; the first time it happened I was eighteen. I was there at her home while she was feeding her daughter. One huge breast was bare while she was feeding her. I was in shock, as I had never seen a woman’s bare breast and I couldn’t believe someone could be so outrageous. My eyes were stuck to her breast; it was so creamy I thought she was full of milk. I licked my dry lips, trying not to groan. I knew it was really indecent to look but I couldn’t help myself. I was at that age when anything sexual really caught my attention. Even a photo of a woman’s breast was enough to get me to cum in a short amount of time.

The view my Bhabi was offering me here was rich. Her ample, naked breast was making me hard and uncomfortable. I enjoyed the sight of her nude breast but I was also trying not to look lecherous. I had to control myself because I really felt like licking that overflowing breast. She couldn’t see me and so I stared at them for few minutes like a complete pervert. It was like I was seeing my Bhabhi for the first time. I still can’t explain it but she looked completely different to me. I couldn’t stop myself from wishing it was my mouth instead. My cock was hard now and I hoped that Shaista Bhabhi wouldn’t catch me.

This amount of unwitting and unplanned voyeurism was enough to make me feel as though I wanted to grab her and fuck her hard. I wished I had her breasts in my mouth. I wanted to take Bhabhi’s nipples in my mouth and suckle her breasts. I wanted to grab both her tits in my hands. I came back to my senses when Bhabhi noticed my persistent staring, and my beautiful sister-in-law quickly covered herself but not fully. Little was left to exposed to my eyes, although I could tell she was still hiding a lot inside of her dress. It was like a bell went off in my head. “I’ve got to find a way to fuck that woman,” I said to myself. Her half breast was still in my gaze, while she laughed out a sort of embarrassed, “Oh you!”

She didn’t care much about what had just happened and continued to feed her daughter in front of me. She was looking at me with a foxy smile on her face, and she didn’t stop feeding. It was at that time that I first realized just how beautiful she really was. The sight of her breasts fascinated me. At night, I held my cock in my palm, my fingers stretched along the length of it and rubbing ever so delicately. And then I closed my eyes, imagining what I was doing to Shaista Bhabhi. Unable to control myself, I sighed whispering loudly bhabhi’s name, “Shaista.” I would come quickly, spurting hard into my own hand, imagining it was Shaista Bhabhi ‘s cunt.

That night, I couldn’t sleep until I had relived those few minutes I enjoyed my sister-in-law breasts. In bed under the sheets, I couldn’t stop myself from masturbating, images of Shaista Bhabhi obsessing my imagination, fuelled by my strong souvenirs of that interlude, which seemed so long ago but so fresh in my memory. After that incident I casually followed her whenever she was feeding. I went to sleep thinking about her. I woke up thinking about her. When I awoke, I was hard again — for Shaista Bhabhi. Shaista Bhabhi, the object of my eternal desire, though I knew that was remote from reality, young and fanciful as I was.

I was crazy! Crazy for my older sister-in-law Shaista Bhabhi! Crazy in love, crazy in lust, I couldn’t tell which, but I knew I wanted her more then I ever wanted anything in my life!

She noticed my glances since that day when I had seen her feeding her baby. I couldn’t help sneaking lustful looks at her every time she was around. I know my Bhabhi caught me looking at her a number of times, and even though I would just about die of embarrassment, she always smiled and gave her dark oily hair a toss, as if to say, “look at me some more!” Don’t get me wrong; I am in love with my Bhabhi, and of course I felt guilty at first about my sudden interest in my sister-in-law, but I couldn’t seem to stop myself.

I suppose that was the first time I realised that I had really strong feelings for my sister-in-law but I’m not sure when I actually began looking at her in a sexual way. It may have been from the day I saw feeding her baby or it may have been before then, but she had me ogling her and having impure thoughts in no time at all. From Shaista Bhabhi’s side, there was only a small change in all this, but it was a very important change. When I was at her home, she occasionally touched me. It was almost nothing, but it made my heart leap and my already hard cock jerk too.

At first, she seemed oblivious to my sudden attraction, but after we spent more and more time together, it started to look like she was going out of her way to get my attention. I began to notice many times that she was flirting with me.

I realized that Shaista, my Bhabhi, had become the lady of my dreams and I these urges to see more of my beautiful Bhabhi grew stronger. She was always throwing herself at me, flirting with me at every opportunity, telling me in a suggestive manner that her husband and she did not have a good relationship. When a sexy, mature Bhabhi is putting herself on a plate for you the way Shaista Bhabhi was with me, well, I would have had to be an angel to resist.

I secretly wanted Shaista to notice my hard-on, so obviously sticking out through my shilwar. I was completely fascinated by her luscious, superbly feminine body, and when she was around I couldn’t stop staring at her. Whenever she walked I always had to tear my eyes away from her ass as it swayed delightfully from side to side.

I always thought, “How big are those breasts? How nice and wide her hips are! How much flesh she has down there; how soft and tight her flesh would be!” I fantasized about having those great thighs wrapped around my head or fucking that great ass. It bothered me at first that she was my sister-in-law but those thoughts soon faded. My physical attraction to her was too natural and too real and I couldn’t deny it.

She was more graceful than any other woman in our family, or any others that I have met. Her presence always excited me sexually. I sensed that she felt the same in my presence. I wanted to lick and suck those breasts so badly. I wanted to adore them. I could almost feel their rich texture melting under my tongue. I spent more time trying to find excuses to be around her as much as possible.

She was a mature woman who had a lot of experience. Soon she noticed my frequent stares and frequently displayed coy glimpses of her cleavage. She would often bend over before me, giving me a nice view of her ass, just to make me my cock hard. She started to show off herself, and she had a lot to show. When she was feeding her baby, whether for her own comfort or for teasing me, she sometimes would wear a qameez and nothing else underneath it. Her swollen tit globes, unconfined in a qameez, capped with their dark nipples, jiggled temptingly. The most erotic part was that she wasn’t directly trying to tease or seduce me.

I flirted with her constantly, sometimes rather obviously, especially when she encouraged me. What surprised me, however, was that my sister-in-law was flirting back. She was very sweet and playful, especially when we were alone in the house. Every time she caught me staring, she would start laughing, asking me what was wrong. I would always play dumb, contain my smile and then say something funny. It always started very innocently but with that kind of complexity it could lead to something else.

I wasn’t sure, but it really seemed like she was flirting with me as well, because I always found her looking at me with interest. Whenever our eyes met I found her blushing and looking at the floor. She was trying to send me a message. It was not until she started giving me those looks that I really began to believe that this woman wanted what I wanted.

I started to feel more confident around her. I could not stop myself from masturbating at least twice a day when I had seen her. By a magnificent stroke of good luck I got my chance one day when it was mid-afternoon and I was at her house. She had something cooking on the stove. I made my way to the kitchen to ask for water. She was busy cooking something and she asked me what I’d come in for. I told her that I needed water. “One moment,” she said, turning away from me and bending over to open the fridge.

She wore a shilwar; (a trousers-like baggy garment, extremely loose at the top but narrow at the bottom cuffs. There is no fly in the front and a woven string and a shoe-lace-knot is used to fasten it. Over this she wore a qameez a knee-length shirt without a collar or cuffs.

I stared at her perfect ass as she did this, her shilwar tight against her skin as she stretched them over her tight ass cheeks. Her heavy hair covered her back like a blanket on her shoulders. Her silky shilwar could barely contain her bounteous ass. I couldn’t stop staring at it and wondering how my cock would feel shoved between those luscious ass cheeks. Immediately my throbbing erection grew larger as I stared at her ass crack. She fumbled around, allowing my cock to grow enormously inside my shilwar before she straightened and handed me a bottle of water.

“Take it and get the glass yourself,” she said and smiled. When I looked where the glass was sitting on the counter in front of her I realised that there was no way I could reach the glass without touching my Bhabhi. I slowly stepped up behind Shaista, inches behind her. I reached for the glass, struggling to keep a distance between us. I felt my erect cock nestle between her ass cheeks. I felt her press back against me as this happened, and I heard her sigh slightly as I took the glass. Finally, grabbing the glass, I was able to remove myself.

She gave me a suspicious look and her best friendly-but-not-too-eager smile, and pretended nothing had happened. She hadn’t said a word, so I was a little disappointed. I assumed she had just been teasing me. I blushed and attempted to hide it by turning around and took a long gulp from the glass. I asked her, “Is there anything I can do to help?”

“No thank you, I think you’d better go to the living room now”, she replied.

I was too embarrassed and I was afraid that she had minded when I touched her, so I said, “Bhabhi if you want to be alone and want me to leave then I can go?”

“No, no, you can stay if you want. Actually I wouldn’t mind a little company,” she said. I went to living room and waited impatiently for the next occasion I would touch her, and it became soon. The house was still and quiet around us. We both knew we were alone together.

Soon she came into the living room with a tray of tea with two cups for us. I’m sure that I must have blushed, because as she leaned down to place the tray, I was afforded a wonderful view down the front of her dress. She was being careful that the drink didn’t topple over and took her time about it. I felt like I was in heaven! Lace cups were restraining her big breasts.

She sat upright by my side after she set the tray on the table. As she sat down I could clearly see her soft globes temptingly swell out of her qameez tops and her duppata (a piece of clothing that comes with qameez, which is undoubtedly the most preferred Indian garment that women wear almost everywhere, and the dupatta is suppose to cover their breasts and head to protect it from prying eyes) had fallen down as she was now more informal.

We sat there and talked, catching up with each others lives while drinking the tea she had prepared for us. Her golden chain hung precariously in the valley formed by her soft sloping breasts. My eyes dropping to her chest every few seconds as my cock continued to push on my shilwar. Just the sight of her breasts made my cock hard. I was sure if I stood up then she could see the tent projecting out between my legs. I felt each throb and twitch my cock made and was hoping my sister in law didn’t look over and see my shilwar move.

I crossed my legs and squeezed my cock hoping to get it down. But it was only making it harder with the constant pressure and rubbing. After some time she changed her position and I could see between her legs as she was crossing them to see her crotch, how full the cloth of her shilwar looked being tightly fit around her plump pussy.

I found myself wanting to hug her. I have always had thoughts of Bhabhi like this ever since I could remember. But since I had seen her breast during feeding it became stronger. It seemed we have gotten closer now than we ever have before. I kept imaging her body pressed against mine with fiery passion in her eyes. I wanted to make a move, but all I could think of was, “what if she didn’t want me to make a move? What would happen?” I knew it wouldn’t be anything but trouble, so I just sat pretending to watch TV, while sipping tea.

I took a long sip of my tea before focusing my gaze on my sister-in-law. She saw where I was looking, and her eyes quickly looked down at her own breast. But without making any move to lift her dupata back to its position she looked straight back at me with smoldering eyes. It was exciting to be sitting so close to her. I could feel the slight movements of her body each time she took a breath.

Our bodies were so close to being together and my mouth was aching to be close to her beautiful tits. She knew I was watching her breasts and she was clearly challenging me to squeeze them. I was mentally stripping her, cloth by cloth. “You look a little uncomfortable there” she said. She could see my breathing was a little short and my face red, not just from embarrassment, but from being hot as well. “No, I am fine, thank you.” I tried to catch my words before turning towards my tea. Taking quick sips, trying to avoid eye contact and talking for the time being.

Then I thought, especially in her company, “some action is better than no action,” so I asked her, and surprisingly my voice had become a little hoarse, “Bhabhi you have put on a bit of weight and it is not good for your health.”

“I know, but I am still gaining and I can’t help it. I was born chubby.” She replied.

“But let me say the truth Bhabhi, it doesn’t look bad, it makes you look more gorgeous,” I said.

She smiled back but I saw her face go red too in appreciation and embarrassment. Still, she had been carefully watching my reactions, and laughed when she saw my startled reaction. She must have known exactly what was going through my mind.

She asked me playfully, “You like my fat?” she smiled. “I have so much of it, look here, on my tummy, look how much I’ve got.” She placed her hand and moved it over her fat belly.

“I think you have a beautiful tummy,” I replied. “What do you think? Have I become fat?” Shaista Bhabhi asked shyly, as she moved her body closer to me. “Of course not! You’re not fat! You are even more beautiful now, I think your body is beautiful,” I assured her in all sincerity.

“You like it?” she asked me with a smile. My heart screamed, I did not know how to answer her and so I just stammered, “yeeess.”

Then I asked, “Is your tummy soft Bhabhi?” Bhabhi’s eyes sparkled and she laughed merrily and the jiggle of her well-fed breasts was a real sight, “Yes! Smooth, like smooth silk.” She replied, while fluttering her eyelashes.

“Smooth like silk, huh? Things were going well, I thought, and I boldly continued. I urged myself on, forcing myself to look in her eyes. “I want to feel it. May I touch it Bhabhi?” I asked quickly, afraid of the answer and nervous about asking my sister in law a question like that.

She placed her hand on her tummy and gave it a nice squeeze and laughed, “Yes! Why sure, if you want to,” saying this, she presented her tummy to me, looking me over with those mascara-running black eyes. I heaved a sigh of relief, and my eyes lit up, relieved she wasn’t angry or anything with me about it. “Really, Bhabhi?” I asked. “Yes! Surely,” she replied.

“I was hoping you would say that, Bhabhi.” I couldn’t help smiling with inner pride. It was the first time I would have felt her soft body since that earth-shattering day when I began fantasizing about her. The blood rushed down between my legs, fattening my cock even further, my heart was thumping madly and her eyes shone brightly as I placed my hand on her fleshy tummy and started to move it around.

The touch on her tummy was enough, and I felt my head swim with lust, my dick bobbing about as I touched her tummy. Feeling the softness of her skin against my fingers, I moved up and then squeezed it. Feeling the softness and pushing my hand in on the cushiony belly. Her stomach was slightly rounded, plump and smooth as well as silky. I was enjoying this and wanting to see how far I could go before she stopped me.

My hands were shaking with excitement, “Ohhh Bhabhi, it’s so smooth and soft, and you are so abundant, so big, so luscious,” I gushed in disbelief.

“Oh, just my tummy? Do I not have a beautiful body?” said my Bhabhi with a smile. “You’re the more gorgeous woman I know. You are one hell of a desirable woman, you know…” I stopped myself from finishing, afraid it might not actually be what I thought it was and ruin it and made her feel bad, but said in my heart, “and if you want, I’m here to prove it to you.”

“What?” I snapped my head as she heard my voice, she laughed at that. “It’s just you are the hottest woman I have ever seen. Oh, that sounded bad.” I quieted down whatever it was that was having me saying such awkward things to her.

“No, I’ve never thought of myself as being attractive. You’re just kidding me. I am a dark, no good fat old woman,” she said, stuttering a little. She didn’t seem uncomfortable, but just a little surprised, but the manner in which she said it encouraged me.

I looked up at her and saw a look in her eyes that was saying, please do something else. “Look at my face. Do I look like I’m kidding?” It was all the encouragement that I needed. “You don’t know how very attractive your sexy belly is for me.” With the excitement, I couldn’t really hold back as my hands explored her soft swelling tiers of her big tummy I would slide my hands occasionally down just above her crotch, making her sigh in anticipation. She wasn’t objecting. She wasn’t pulling away. She did nothing to stop me.

Slowly, my fingers ran down her pelvis, over the shallow dip that was her slit. She wetted her lips lustily with a sneaking tongue. My fingers began to stroke her slit, through her cloth material. She silently implored me not to do it and leave the place where my hand was. She didn’t answer but reached and took my hands in hers, and asked, “That day when I was feeding my baby. Why were you staring me?”

It was so out of the blue I didn’t know what to say at first… I ran through a few things quickly in my head wondering how much shit I was going to get into. Then I remembered how she had responded. So I told the truth. “Because you are gorgeous and you have beautiful breasts.”

She blushed such a deep red I had to smile; my comments had hit the right mark. The expression on her face said she understood but she said, “Excuse me? Did I hear you correctly?” she demanded. “Where do you get off speaking to me like that?”

“Maybe I misjudged you, Bhabhi. If I did, I apologize. It’s just that I’ve had this crush on you from my childhood.” I glanced at her breast then back to her, her eyes were dark and dangerous. She smiled back at me, letting her desire for me show in her eyes, saying, “do you think you’re no longer a kid?”

With that glance, that moment I knew that she and I were going to be full-fledged lovers before I left her house that afternoon. I saw more than passion and strength in her eyes. Her lusty eyes gave me more courage and I moved my hand back to her naval and started to lightly massage it with a slow gentle motion. When she did not resist I worked my way down to firmly from her naval to the lower part of her tummy and I felt the knot of her shilwar. I slowly crossed it and my hand found her slit once more. Although my movements were a surprise to her, her body had reacted involuntarily and she thrust her thighs upward in anticipation. She looked straight into my eyes but she didn’t say anything.

Her face was red with excitement and lust. She didn’t move from me nor did she ask me to stop but after a moment she blurted, “What are you doing? Oh, I am sorry, I don’t know why I behaved so…so…” she gasped with a shock and jerked up but I was prepared for this, so I hugged her closer preventing her getting up and turned her face toward me and planted a soft kiss right on her juicy lips.

Her lips were half parted and her breathing had become faster. My own breathing had become rather heavy with anticipation. I decided it was high time to take the initiative because in most cases, even a sexually aroused female wants the male to take the lead. I was both excited and nervous. What would be her reaction? I realized that I had taken a big gamble. Flirting is one thing but I had forced the issue. I had escalated it to a higher level. Did I do the right thing? After all, it was so exciting flirting with that woman. Had I ruined even that?

As nervous as I was, however, I was still hopeful. Deep down I believed I had made the right move. Every instinct in my body had told me that she would be receptive to this. “It’s okay, don’t worry.” I said, in a very embarrassed way. I looked at her quickly, but then my hand went back to her thighs.

She half-heartedly resisted saying, “We shouldn’t be doing this,” she said, but she didn’t seem upset.

Abruptly she pulled back for a moment, “I’m sorry Zahoor I didn’t mean it. Zahoor, I really should not and I don’t know if…”

I didn’t reply. “Get off,” she said, trying to pull away but failing. I didn’t remove my hand from her thighs. I was patting her thighs softly. She looked up sharply, “Listen. You shouldn’t have done what you’re doing. Be careful, don’t bite off more than you can chew.”

“I think I am in love with you Bhabhi. You know I’m very attracted to you don’t you Bhabhi? I can see it in your eyes.” “Zahoor,” she protested, “you know this is wrong. It is kind of funny but wrong. I’m a married woman, and besides, I’m much older than you.”

“You’re a lovely lady Bhabhi, and your age doesn’t matter, you seem so much younger. Please…I know you’re married but nothing that feels this good could possibly be wrong. This incredible attraction we have for each other. You feel it too, don’t you? Bhabhi, you are the most extraordinary woman I have ever seen in my life,” I continued. “I’ve always been so drawn to you. It’s not just a physical attraction either. I love you. I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind since the day I’ve seen you feeding the baby. I thought that all those looks, all those accidental touches meant that you felt something of what I did, please just follow your instincts and let this happen.”

Her arm pressed against mine, and her head dropped gently down onto my shoulder. She was breathing deeply. I felt like I was on the first few hesitant steps to a new and very different heaven, and it felt great. She closed her eyes and nodded. “I do. I mean, I don’t know, I feel the same way, I always thought you were a good looking boy and I would like to help you realize your dreams, I want to but we can’t.” As she said this Shaista Bhabhi avoided eye contact with me and her voice was trembling.

Hearing this my hopes were slowly starting to fade and I asked her, “Then why are you sitting here, holding me?” “Because I can’t help myself.” She looked up at me; her large black eyes were filled with a simple, pure, unashamed desire for sex with me. “I will stop if you want me to,” I whispered.

She blushed and her cheeks turned almost red in color. “I don’t know, but this is dangerous,” she said, her voice was shaking. She was breathing heavily. It was obvious that she was extremely excited. She gave me a little peck on the cheek to confirm that she was not angry about what I had done, but that I shouldn’t go further. Her cheeks were now a rosy pink and her eyes were sparkling with excitement.

“I know, but I want you, and I also know that you want me to make love to you. Bhabhi, it was you who gave me the courage to touch you, I would not have had the courage to touch you but you invited me to sit so close to you, so please don’t blame me for it. I want to assure you not to worry because I wouldn’t tell anyone about this. You do want me don’t you?” I said lightly tracing circles across her qameez.

“No, please” she growled in protest but did not push my hand away this time. “Yes! You’re right, I want you too, but I am afraid, I have never done it with any other man besides my husband,” she said with a confused look on her face.

And then, suddenly, she moved closer and embraced me tightly; she hugged me. My face was buried in the crook of the neck smelling her jasmine scented oily hair. She cupped my face in both her hands and planted her lips on mine. With an initial light brush our lips touched. Barely an instant later and we were fully embraced in a deep and utterly intoxicating first kiss.

She continued to hold my face in both hands cupping them lovingly, looked into my eyes while she whispered conspiratorially and softly, “I have always wanted you, but had never found enough courage to express it.” We pressed into each other, the kiss growing more intense with every second. My eyes were closed now, my entire world focused on the sensation of Shaista’s kiss. She parted my lips with her tongue, thrusting it into my mouth with urgency. I kissed her back with equal fervor.

Both of us were inflamed with passion and held on to each other, as if for life itself. Our lips curled around each other and tiny sounds escaped at intervals from our moist mouths. Our bodies shifted, I moved toward her, pressing her into the back of couch. I could now easily feel the soft roundness of her perfect breasts pushed up as they were against my body. I held her full frame against my body; my other hand began to roam over her body.

“I can’t believe I am doing this. There is just something about you that I trust. I don’t know why.” Shaista Bhabi whispered. I don’t know what came in her mind, as she seemed restless. All she could whisper was a feeble, “But…” as our lips met. Gently, warmly our lips touched, our arms clapsing each other. “No but…” I whispered back.

Bhabhi gasped, “I am your brother’s wife. I feel guilty, we should not be doing this!” “What happened Bhabhi, I know and I love your husband, but I also know you need me and I need you now, You were a woman then and you are a woman now, we are doing nothing wrong, just two lonely souls seeking solace in each other.” I sighed, whispering into her ear, nuzzling her neck as I started to frantically want that woman and any justification would do.

I kissed her again deeply, a passionate kiss that had been missing in our lives for so long, yet one that we craved. Deeper we kissed as our mouths opened. Her lips accepting my kiss while my hands glided upon her back. I pulled her into me, our bodies melting. Her tongue shyly peeked out to meet the tip of my tongue. Lovingly we kissed, our tongues twisting together. She giggled as we broke our embrace, “You’re so naughty,”

Her eyes drifted shut, and her breathing became strained as my hands roamed over her body. I held her firm boobs in my palms and started rubbing them gently. She placed her hand on my erection; while I was tenderly squeezing her boobs and she began slowly rubbing up and down my cock, which made me drove, crazy and nearly made me pass out. Neither of us said anything. The only sounds were the heavy breathing that both of us were trying to mask. Naturally I was very nervous, but I think it was more excitement than anything. I was massaging her breasts, touching her rock hard nipples with my hands. I laid her down on the sofa and lay on top of her. Her legs opened and I found my cock between her thighs. I slid my hands up her back, slipping past her waist to her shoulders. All the while, I was grinding my cock against her pussy, dry-fucking her through our shilwars. In ecstasy I closed my mouth on her breast, through all those layers of clothes, and bit down firmly but not painfully on the mound of flesh.

She was moving against me, pressing her crotch against my erection. She was moaning in breathless anticipation. I couldn’t believe it, but my cock got even harder. She couldn’t stand it anymore and tongued my mouth with frenzy. She put her arms around me and opened her mouth, inviting me to deepen the kiss. Her kiss was soft, gentle, probing. It was so inviting, I felt her pulling me closer, wanting to be enveloped by the kiss. I kissed her back with the same force.

Cupping her breasts in my hands, I slowly heaved them and rotated them in my palms like you do while buying fruits in a shop. I squeezed until she moaned with pleasure. We broke for breath and looked at each other in marvel. We broke the kiss, but not the contact. She kissed my cheek, around to my ear and gently bit my ear lobe, moved down to let her lips caress my neck. She continued to kiss my face and neck, nipping the flesh lightly with her teeth. Her hands involuntarily reached to my cock and tightened in clasp over the middle of my raging cock I leaned toward her ear and whispered, “I want you to fuck you now,” daring her to respond. She reluctantly let go of my cock and I withdrew my hand from her breasts. I gasped as my cock was poking her soft belly like a pistol.

“Shhh! Zahoor, not here”, she whispered surreptitiously.

“Then where?” I whispered back. “In my bedroom. Let’s go to the bedroom. But you just have to leave by 4 pm, the children come home at 4.30 pm.” She took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. I followed her like an eager puppy. When we entered the bedroom she closed the door behind us. She was glancing around as if leering eyes were watching our every move. We stood in middle of the room, I took a step back and looked at her from top to bottom. I embraced her again, tenderly. We did not say a word as we clung together, our bodies molding as one.

Her face was buried into my shoulder as she felt our combined lust pull us together. Slowly we peeled off of each other and looked deeply into the other’s eyes. Her eyes were so full of lust I thought. Her eyes seemed to penetrate deeply into my soul as I met her gaze. We kissed passionately, squeezing each other tightly. Our tongues locked together, attacking each other while each of us groaned with excitement. Our bodies were on fire. I reached down with both hands and for the first time I squeezed that magnificent ass, the ass that had been the object of my intense sexual desire for several years. Then we broke the embrace, she walked to the bed and sat on the bed, pulling me towards her until I was standing face to face with her.

“Bhabhi! I want you. Let give me your body the pleasure it has craved. Let me do you the way your husband can never imagine of doing with you,” I said and grabbed her head in my hands. She lay back and invited me to join her in the bed. I climbed in and lay down beside her, took her in my arms and kissed her like I would never let her go and never wanted to! Once again we embraced and she threw her arms around me and gave me a long passionate kiss. “Why don’t you pull down your shilwar Bhabhi?” She unknotted her shilwar, lifted up her bum and slowly eased down her shilwar over legs and past her ankles.

The magnificent cunt of my Bhabhi came to my view. What a sight it was. The most wonderful sight ever, her black bushy pussy with her cunt lips peeking out from behind her dark pubic hair. It was the most erotic vision I had ever seen in my life. My mouth flew open at the site and I gasped. My eyes were filled with a sense of wonder, I couldn’t believe what was happening and feared that I would wake up at any moment from a dream so excruciatingly beautiful that it could not last. I felt my stomach lurch with desire. My hand reached to her cunt and I rubbed it and cupped her full pouting pubic mound. I couldn’t really cover it completely with one palm, it was so full and large. Bhabhi shook in passion.

My chest was thumping, my cock was twitching like crazy, and she reached down to my shilwar and put her hand on me. She gave a sharp tug to the string of my shilwar and I helped her slide my shilwar off; it fell down to my ankles with a swish. My cock was now freed, as I’d not worn any underwear. I looked up at Shaista Bhabhi, my head swimming. She was looking at my cock as though admiring it, or was it my imagination? Her hand slid down onto my belly, and in an instant her fingers were wrapped around my hardness, which was pointing upwards to the sky.

She held it very lightly, not squeezing at all. Her thumb was flat against the end knob, which was very moist, and her fingers entirely around its length. She began expertly teasing my cock. She stroked the length of it then massaged the head. She began giving me a full hand job. Her hand was slow and deliberate. My testicles were screaming for release. My cock expanded in her firm caress. Looking up at me she said with a sweet smile, “You have got a big one,” with loving hands she continued to caress my cock up and down. Simultaneously I slowly moved my hands behind her back to unzip her qameez. Suddenly she pushed me away. “Don’t Zahoor, don’t remove it. We don’t have time. It takes time to dress up again,” she whispered.

“No, Bhabhi I want it to see” I said. She pulled her qameez with her bra to her neck exposing to my amazed downward gaze those ripe, full, voluptuous, and marvelous breasts. My eyes instantly locked onto her exquisitely shaped breasts, very natural with wonderfully pointed tips ending with erect nipples a tiny nipples pointing up towards my face. They were, needless to say, everything I had every fantasized about. Firm, round, awesome, perfectly formed. Her breasts were big and for large breasts they were not too saggy. In fact they were magnificent.

The nipples were about half an inch in width, but poked out almost three quarters of an inch. I was amazed that I had never noticed them before now. These felt so good, better than any girl of my age I felt up or seen, these were mature and plump. They were beautiful and begging to be kissed. The areolas were light brown and the nipples were even darker, almost brown. Her nipples were quite big compared to the size of her boobs.

I began to use both my hands on her breasts, first squeezing and fondling, then focusing on her stiffening nipples. I placed a thumb and forefinger on each side of both nipples, and began to brush them back and forth. As they hardened, I began to pluck them, and flick just the tips of my fingers against the tips of her nipples.

“Did you miss these?” she asked. “Bhabhi, you know your boobs are awesome, so beautiful!” I replied. I continued, “They feel so good, can I lick them?” I asked.

Without hesitation, Bhabhi placed a hand over my head and drew my head up towards a breast, saying, “Yes! You can do whatever, take them, they are for you, I have always wanted to give these to you, but had never found enough courage to go through with it,” Shaista said, full of lust and raised her breasts up, offering her nipples for me to savor. She then pulled me to her, burying my face between her breasts. She held the back of my head, guiding my mouth between her aroused nipples. “Suck my nipple, go on, it’s all right, take it into your mouth and suck it for me,” Without hesitation, she guided my mouth, and my lips closed around the nipple of the breast of Shaista Bhabhi, my sweet sister-in-law. I began working my mouth down to her tits and flicked my tongue around her nipples, pinching them lightly with my teeth. Hesitantly, I sucked her nipple, pressing my tongue flat against it, feeling its rubbery texture, tasting a hint of salt on her flesh.

Shaista Bhabhi began to slide her hand along the length of my cock, then said: “Go on, suck harder, I like it”.

I sucked harder, and then harder I was afraid I would suck too hard, even bite her nipple, and hurt my sweet sister-in-law. I licked around her tits and took them half into my mouth, sucking hard, using my teeth gently and licking on them. I was exhilarated with the scent of her body and it was making me wild.

Now I started sucking it and it started hardening and further growing in my mouth. I let it out of my mouth and took the other nipple in my lips. But with my fingers I kept softly rubbing, stoking and pulling the nipple I had just let out of my mouth. My Bhabhi held my face tightly against her breasts and kept caressing my hair, kissing my forehead and murmuring under her breath. After sucking on her nipples, pleasing her for a time, I placed my mouth between her two mountains and sucked as hard as I could.

She ran her fingers through my hairs. “Are we going to have sex or what?” “Yes, Bhabhi, we have to do it,” I replied. “Do it then, do me Zahoor, we have waited long enough, climb on me; don’t waste time, we don’t have long. I am so horny. I feel like I am on fire. Take me please. Please take me. Pound my cunt to pulp till I scream the roof off! ” I was blown away by the urgency in her voice; the forbidden fruit was there, waiting, open for me. she was in the throes of passion, uttering words that I never thought she could ever say.

I sat between her legs and positioned myself in between in her thighs. She spread her legs wide, giving me total access to the mysteries of her cunt. She had a beautiful pussy, it was very large and the outer lips were slightly wrinkled and darker in color compared to the skin on her thighs.

Her pussy was noticeably wet and glowing and her folds looked soft and. I brushed my fingers across her swollen lips, and spread them gently. Suddenly, I shoved a finger deep into her pussy. She clutched at me, surprised by the sudden invasion, and anticipating more. I responded by ramming another finger deep into her cunt, and began working my fingers around inside. “Are we really going to do this?” I asked.

“Yes, we are, If you want to,” she pulled me to her as she spread her thighs as wide as she could get them. I wanted my cock inside of her so bad now. She opened her thighs wider and guided the tip of my cock into her gaping hole as I lay on top of her.

At that moment, Shaista my sister in law was not a 36 years old woman and I just a nineteen year old boy. I was ‘man’ and she, ‘woman’ and we were going to do what only a man and a woman can do. I plunged forward, savoring every single inch of her tight pussy. It felt unbelievably good, so much better than I had imagined, and almost no resistance at all! Her pussy was dripping with excitement and she moaned as I slid in easily deep into her eager and slippery cunt, filling her with my thick length.

I was buried to the hilt in a wet, velvet vise. I rested there for a moment, looking into her eyes, both of us relishing this moment of bliss.

Her cunt was so wet, so warm like an oven. Her eager cunt lips wrapped around my shaft like a glove as she welcomed me greedily and, with her hands, brought my face down to hers for a long, sensual kiss.

She gave a deep sigh saying, “oh that felt so wonderful, Zahoor!” I slid my cock back and buried into her pussy again and enjoyed the rapturous feeling. She was better than I had dared dream.

It was difficult for me to believe that I was actually fucking my sister in law’s pussy, my own sister. I looked at her face; her eyes looked up at mine and were full of lust. She grasped my cock with her vaginal muscles. She wrapped her legs around my waist and gripped me tight while I pumped inside her, relishing in the damp warmth of her body.

After a few hard strokes I started moving with all my power and speed. I was pulling my cock out to the maximum possible extent without letting the tip slip outside. She started moaning loudly. I decided to savor this as much as I could. I slammed away for as long as I could, my balls slapping against the base of her pussy, my pubic bone pressing hard against her clitoris, then I stopped.

I slowed right down, teasing the both of us, it still felt amazing, but it subdued the approaching climax. Once I felt my impending orgasm subside, I picked up my pace again. Shaista Bhabhi starting moaning with pleasure as I pounded into her.

We kissed some more. And the more we kissed the hotter it got! Her tongue and lips were everywhere. On my face, my lips, my neck, my ears. And mine were the same. I kissed her lips, her cheeks, her neck, and ears. I was forcefully kissing her, invading her mouth as soon as I got a chance, whilst wrestling and defending my own mouth from her passionate tongue.

I had to slow down again, so I moved my body and supported my weight on one elbow, freeing a hand to tweak her nipples. Back and forth between each nipple, long slow thrusts of my throbbing cock in and out of her sopping pussy. The electricity cut out. The only fan in the room was not working now, though it was mid-afternoon in the hot and humid weather but who cared. We were fucking like rabbits.

She would bite my shoulder and pledge her undying love to me, and I would plunge my cock into her and swear I’d never love another the way I loved her!

She fucked me happily and enthusiastically, thrusting her soppy dripping pussy back till her soft ass cheeks banged against my underbelly taking the full length of my cock into her wet mature cunt. I continued pumping into her steadily.

Shasta’s moans grew louder and louder with each of my thrusts. Her hands clasped me tightly, but then my sister in law said to me, “Zahoor, slow down otherwise you will lose it soon,” She moved her bottom, while her hand clasped my buttocks and pulled on me as she spread her legs wider to accommodate more of me in her cunt. She asked me “Zahoor, squeeze me, twist my nipples a bit”

I had my hands full of those ripe breasts then and the little hard nubs of nipples got the treatment they deserved as I squeezed the yielding breasts and pinched and pushed the nubs back into their areola first and pulled them back to full length again. I leaned in and placed my mouth on her breast. My hungry mouth was now being crushed with her proud breasts. I could feel her pussy gripping my cock even tighter, making my cock twitch in response.

It was so subtle and it felt so wonderful. I continued to kiss and devour her soft and succulent breasts flesh. The breasts that had proudly breast-fed her children looked capable of quenching my hunger and thirst too. Her pussy would contract around my cock causing it to throb, the throb then making her pussy contract again, only this time more insistently. I was trying to slam my cock in as hard as it would go. Our pace increased further and we were both breathing heavily. The sweat between our bodies was slick as we slid against each other and I rocked my cock into her.

As I sucked her breast, I reached around and squeezed her firm, sweaty ass, pulling her into me even more. Our slick flesh slapped against each other we both were impossibly excited and naturally noisier as the room was filled with the maddening aroma of moist sex and sensual moans and groans of ecstasy of two bodies aching for a common release.

The room was filled with sounds of her moaning, my grunts and the slick, liquid sounds that were emanating from the union of our organs. “You don’t know how many times I’ve dreamt about this,” I said breathlessly. It was a great pleasure for me to fuck my Bhabhi (sister in law) on the bed where my elder brother fucks her. “Probably just as many as I have, ooooh! How I missed out on having this good lusty meat all this while in spite of being so close with you! Your cock, its so… its so… fucking great!” she replied with obvious lust. Our lovemaking was getting ever more vigorous and Bhabhi’s pussy was slurping as my glistening cock pistoned in and out.

I was squeezing her marvelous soft tits and shoved a little extra harder up into her accommodating hot pussy. Her pussy walls would then grip me spasmodically. To that, my cock would jerk a little more in her soft love tunnel in appreciation. She was making sounds again, grunts and moans interspersed with words like, “Ooooh! Zahoor, How I dreamed of your hard cock! Your cock, its so hard and nice!” her talking like that drove me further on, making my cock stiffer as it would rear its head in her wet pulsating silky quim.

This was followed by the slow rhythmic movement of her hips, her vaginal muscles clutching my member every time I pulled away. We continued with this till she suddenly started to push and grind her bottom at a frantic speed, moaning and groaning as though possessed by the devil, as she peaked to a rapturous climax. Her pussy was making wet squishing sounds as my cock drove up into her wet pussy as only a stiff cock driving into a wet, lubricated and greasy pussy can. It was like poking into a cup of hot jelly. Or like hot knife into a slab of butter.

I pounded far up into my Bhabhi’s willing and inviting mature cunt and my hands held onto her shaking buttock globes and sometimes She dug her fingernails into my back; she felt my muscles tense with every move she made. I felt her nails scratch deeply, leaving bloody trails down my back. She came for the third time.

But I had not yet finished. I just kept fucking her. I fucked her so long and hard that she finally stopped moving against me, stopped meeting my violent, hammering thrusts, stopped fucking me back and just laid there, taking it. Beads of moisture exuded from her skin on her forehead, resembling the morning dew on a rose petal. Sweat poured from our bodies, sliding down into our sweet junction mingling with the combined juices as I labored to fulfill my sister in law’s famished cunt and its cock craving.

I was fucking her in simple missionary style, her mouth was dribbling saliva and her cunt was dribbling pussy honey. She had climaxed at least three times. Not the explosive kind, but three long waves that came and went, racking her passion heated body.

Finally I cried out, “I can’t hold it any more Bhabhi.” “Oh! Yes,” she couldn’t complete her sentence and clutched me tightly, moving again with my rhythm, matching every movement, riding me back. It had become a frantic, driven rhythm, purposeful and unwavering. Faster and harder, her nails clenched into my flesh, my teeth were sinking into her body.

“Cum inside of me, Zahoor. It’s okay. I want you to squirt your load deep into me.”

A few more thrusts and I let loose, my balls clenching as fireworks went off in my brain and my dick exploded like a pent up volcano pumping seed from the bottom of my nuts, every thick dollop deep, deep into the waiting pulsating oven of my sister in law’s womanhood, I could feel her cunt pulsating as my cock continued to throb and pump squirts and squirts of cum into her.

I looked down and watched as she stroked her pussy up my cock, our combined secretions dripping from her pussy, making my cock slick, soaking our pubic hair, squirming to get more. I barely remember collapsing in utter exhaustion on her soft well-endowed sweaty body. With my arms around her neck, I pulled myself into her and we tongued each other’s mouths. Our bodies had perspired like we had come out of a bath just then and I could feel her massive breasts slip and squeak on my wet chest surface as we wriggled about against each other.

I lay on top of her, my cock still inside of her, still semi-hard, sighing and trying to catch my breath for several moments. Bhabhi clasped her legs around me to hold me and rested on her back. She was floating and wanted to treasure this experience for eternity. I started playfully running my hand through her hair while kissing her lightly all over her face. Bhabhi returned the soft kisses and started using her tongue to stroke my face.

Our bodies were both wet with perspiration but we kept them locked together. We could feel our combined juices drip out of her pussy as my cock shriveled. She reached out and pulled the cloth that happened to be her bed sheet. She placed it under her ass to absorb the leaking juices. After we caught our breath, we talked and laughed for a few minutes.

Neither of us could believe what we were experiencing. She clung to me and pushed me slightly away from her face to look at me and say, “promise me you won’t tell anyone, even your friends, Zahoor, promise me,” she pleaded.

“I promise you Bhabhi, but you should promise that you will allow us to do it again.” I replied.

“Yes! I will, you’re really very good; you are incredible, you made love to me like my husband has never done in all my life, my husband I mean your brother has never satisfied me like you satisfied me” she said, “I wish I had a husband like you. That girl will be the luckiest one, to marry you. A woman may resist you in the beginning but she will simply love it when you’ve finished with her.” she said to me with great affection.

“I want you to eat, lick and suck my pussy. I want you to fuck me completely. I want you in every hole I’ve got. It may not all happen today but this is only the beginning. I know you love my big ass and I want you to put your mouth and tongue all over it. I want you to kiss it, eat it, suck it and fuck it. I want you to totally possess me because my ass is now yours. Anytime you want it, anywhere you want it. How does that sound?”

I was not sure how long we stayed that way. I rolled off of her; my cock was still in a half erect stage. Her thighs were wide open, and I stared at her cunt, watching the liquid ooze from her hole.

I kissed and licked her stomach, rolling over onto my side, propping my head on my left elbow so that I could look right into Bhabhi’s eyes. She lay stretched out on the bed next to me and returned my glance with a big smile. I felt totally connected to her. We lay in each other’s arms in the sweet afterglow of an incredible fuck. As I was playing with her breasts she was rubbing my cock.

It was hard again almost instantly, even though normally it takes a while for me to recover. “I want to fuck you doggy style,” I said, and without even answering me Bhabhi pulled out of my arms and knelt down on the bed with her face in the pillow. She was watching me with a twinkle in her eye and wiggling her ass in the air. The bright pink slit of her pussy was calling me again. I knelt down, and grabbed her hips to move her around so that her ass was right in front of my face. I then separated her thighs and buried my face in her pussy. She yelled loudly while I gripped her ass tightly, forcing it harder and harder against my face. My tongue was buried deep inside of her pussy and I licked her feverishly. I licked her pussy, thighs, and ass with a fury that I never imagined possible.

Her entire body shook and I could feel her ass tighten as she exploded violently. “Oof! You wanted to do me from behind, now you’re eating me, do me, shove your cock in my cunt!” she screamed. I knelt down behind her and slid my cock in slowly, enjoying the delicate sensations all the way into her hot moistness as it pleasured every part of my cock simultaneously.

Her pussy felt hot, like it was erupting. I started pumping her volcano with incredible passion, squeezing her ass and pulling her hips against me. She pushed back, dragging my cock against the walls of her pussy squeezing and fucking me with as much force as I was fucking her.

Her large breasts were swaying back and forth as we fucked. I reached around her and squeezed her juicy tits. They felt larger and perkier because of gravity. I squeezed and rubbed her nipples with my fingertips. I noticed she didn’t moan like when I was on top of her, but she whimpered into her pillow as if the pleasure were too much to bear. I gripped her hips and thrust at her, my mind reeling with pleasure.

Somehow, another sexy image popped into my head, and I had to act on it. “Bhabhi, would you ride me,” I said to her. “Are you serious?” “Yes! Why not?” I replied. “I am too heavy to ride on you” “Of course not” “Ok then, I’ll do as you want.” I pulled out my cock from her cunt and I rolled over and lay flat on my back.

She climbed on me and positioned herself above me. My cock was in between her legs she grabbed my cock, guiding it into her sloppy pussy hole and forcing down deeper onto me. She was forcing her mound down on my pelvic bone. I clenched my ass pushing back against her as hard as I could. I pushed her off a little and started guiding her with my hands on her hips, up and down on my cock. It felt great. So warm so wet, I could see the juices on my cock, it was shiny. Almost as good was the view of her voluptuous breasts and tummy bouncing and jiggling as she rose up and down in front of me, and I could feel her pleasure as she ground her clit again my pelvic bone.

I pulsated my cock during one of her downward thrusts and she gasped, I forced her open more as her thrust pushed my cock against her cervix. She started going wild, faster and faster grinding her clit against me, until she came. She groaned and grunted as I tweaked and pinched on her nipples. I began pumping into her vigorously. Her climax was continuing as I somehow came once again, my self-control from earlier completely washed away by desire, replaced by a virility I had never felt before.

I pumped my seed deep in her cunt once again, exploding inside of her. She collapsed onto me, exhausted. Instinctively we wrapped our arms around each other; breathing heavy with excitement, my arms around her shuddering heaving body, with my cock still buried inside her.

“Now wasn’t that nice? I didn’t know there could be sex like this!” Bhabhi said. “I didn’t get such a love making session in my entire married life, even once.” She was looking a perfect picture of one very happy woman.

“The children will be back soon, so let’s make sure everything looks in order.”

This was the first but not the last of my experiences with my sister in law. There is more to be told! I’ve been fucking her on a regular basis for about seven years.

From that day onwards Shaista Bhabhi and I became inseparable as lust and passion overwhelmed us. Whenever she could get the chance she would call me to see if I was available, and of course most of the time I was.

I would come to her house and we would always be nuzzling or cuddling and teasing each other when we were alone, making love for hours on end. Shaista was an incredible woman, who loves to have her tits, ass and pussy fucked, licked and fondled.

She loved it when I lay my head in her lap and suckled her tits like a child. When I was there in Shaista’s Bhabhi house, which was at least twice in a week for minimum two hours with her, my cock used to be in a constant state of erection and would be buried in her juicy pussy pounding away. She was so wickedly playful. I was always hugging and kissing her deeply while my hands would roam about freely like a hungry cow left to graze on a full meadow.

Bhabhi too seemed to be obsessed with thoughts of sexual passion and fulfillment whenever I was there and sometimes would wantonly stand and spread her plump ass checks while I was rubbing between her ass crack that was my favorite fantasy. Sometimes in those exciting and heady moments of pleasurable, my hands would roam on the wide expanse of her lush smooth back, soft yielding breasts, pinch an erect nipple and caress her soft mildly swelling tummy or her soft layer of flesh that sat around her waist.

We used to kiss, lick, and nip and softly bite each other’s body in every nook and cranny and the room would fill with sounds of those slurping kisses. I kept all these relations very secret and now I was like her second husband and she told that she gives me far more sex than she gives her husband.

We were exactly matched, like good friends with great benefits. We enjoyed the same activities, wanted similar things and both of us had an insatiable appetite for the sexual side of life. She was my best Bhabhi and lover and so was I hers. I was also her special young brother in law and lover. We both really needed each other.

We always felt closer to each other on deep level than we ever had with anyone else. It wasn’t love, in the normal romantic, passionate sense. But it was more than just lust. Sometimes we would play little games of seduction as if we were getting it on for the first time. I would hug her and she tried to resist. I would let my hand move up her over her ass. I always liked to cup and fondle her breasts and ass.

Once I got a call from Shaista asking me to meet her, I went to meet her as usual. When I got there As usual, Shaista Bhabhi’s main door was open. I walked through the door of house and she was in the kitchen facing away from me and her wide hips looked so inviting. I put my arms around her waist, pulled her back toward me and nuzzled her neck. I kissed her lightly around her ears, and then stuck my tongue in her ear and she shivered with excitement.

I moved my hands up to her breasts and began to massage, squeezing her both breasts with my both hands over her clothes. She resisted playfully. I was massaging her boobs in a circular manner with my palms and occasionally giving them tight squeezes. I moved my hips forward and I could feel my engorged cock pressing into her bottom crack through the dress. She thrust her hips at me. She was breathing heavily, and she turned and we were now facing each other; she started sucking my ears and neck.

My hand holding her ass even through the shilwar she was wearing my fingers dug into the flesh of her butt. We were kissing passionately with our tongues playing with each other’s. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and took my cock in her hand. I bent down and placed my mouth on her fabric covered breast and suckled it. Shaista Bhabhi allowed me to suckle for a while, and then pulled me off of her breast by my hair. She impatiently pulled aside the qameez covering her breast, causing the dainty little buttons to fly off and the qameez to rip at the neck.

She guided my mouth back to her now bare nipple, and arched her back to allow me full access as I took my pleasure with her breast. “Bhabhi,” I said hoarsely. “You haven’t taken my cock in your mouth. Please take my cock in your mouth today. I really, really need you to suck my cock please,” I said to her, placing her hand on my cock. A wicked grin spread across her face. She looked at me with a smooth gaze and without saying a word she obediently began to sink to her knees in front of me.

Looking down, I watched as she slowly unfastened my shilwar and then pulled it all the way down to my ankles, pulled out my ever-growing cock and knelt down on the floor between my legs. She began to rub her hand up and down, starting to masturbate me. She slowly brought her mouth to the head of my cock; she licked and sucked them before kissing her way up my cock. Looking up into my eyes, she slid her lips over my bulging head with her hand still wrapped around my cock.

Her tongue swirled under the ridge of my crown as then she slowly engulfed my cock in her mouth and stayed like that flicking her tongue on it. Slowly my cock swelled in her mouth to the fullest and she got into it and sucked my cock really slowly with her lips tightly wrapped around it. Her hair was falling down in the way, so she took her hands off me and raised her hair and tied it, it was a sight to see her lips wrapped around me sucking my cock. She continued sucking while lightly tickling and scratching my balls with her nails. I grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her face. She was slurping and sucking as fast as she could. Bhabhi drooled as she tried to keep up with my thrusting motions. Her fingers dug into my thighs, moving her head as I pumped my cock in and out of her mouth. She was making muffled sounds as she sucked and I could sense she was pushing her self to take the whole length inside her mouth, deep throating me.

She was truly making love to me with her mouth. I looked down at her and there were beads of sweat on her forehead. “Stop it Bhabhi I want to do you now,” she looked up at me my cock fell from her lips. “No Zahoor! Not here!” she whispered furiously. “But I want it here,” I replied.

She also looked on fire as I unfastened the string of her shilwar and in my hurry to unfasten her shilwar I had pulled the wrong end of the string and taken out the loop. The knot was tightened and there was no way I could open it. The urge was unbearable both for us. I wanted to unfasten her as soon as I could. She tried to put her fingers below the string to get just a touch.

She unknotted her shilwar and slid it down over her hips. She let her shilwar fall around her feet, stepping hurriedly out of it. I was stunned at her quickness. I made her go down on all fours and licked and kissed her hot butt cheeks. They were perfect creamy globes. I moved my dick all over them, then I grabbed her hips and inserted my cock in slowly. I moved part of my of my cock in and out and as she caught the rhythm I thrust the whole of it inside. She began to match me and push back at me as I thrust forward.

When she got used to it, I started ramming her. Her soft ass was hitting me on my thighs and making a slapping noise. Her boobs were swinging enticingly as her whole body shook with each stroke. I rode her like this for twenty minutes, holding her boobs and also pulling her by her hair when she suggested. She pushed back at me all the time. She started to cum, and pumped her ass against me violently and finally convulsed in the throes of her orgasm. I could feel the flood of her juices against my cock as she came; it ran down both the insides of our thighs.

I was about to cum inside her pussy. I was at my breaking point and unable to stop myself. Once my cock ceased spraying her insides with man juice, I lay next to her and stroked her body my hands moved freely over her body. She rolled toward me and embraced me and held me tight. We lay there for a while making small talk and then Bhabhi started stroking my cock, while my cock was roaming on her butt. It was easy for me to become hard again after having a fuck session with her.

“I like playing with your cock. You have a big cock,” Bhabhi told me.

“It’s not that big,” I replied.

“It’s bigger than your brother’s,” she said with a sultry tone.

We continued our conversation as Bhabhi surprised me by saying as she continued to stroke my cock “Zahoor, do you think you would like to fuck me in the ass now?”

I was lost for words as I had been wondering if she would let me fuck her in the ass. I was in love with her gorgeous ass. I couldn’t even think of it without my lips puckering and my mouth watering. But as much as I wanted that incredible ass, there was no way I wanted to put a damper on our relationship. I didn’t want her thinking that that was the main way I loved her. “Yes I would, have you done it before?” I replied.

“No, I have not,” she replied.

“Bhabhi I really want to do your arse, do you think you can handle it?” Her eyes lit up a bit. She looked straight at me, a big grin spread across her face and she looked deeply into my eyes. “Of course I can handle it, you know what a horny sexy lady I am.”

“Actually I wanted it from the day we have done it but I hadn’t courage to ask for it from you,”

She spoke, “you silly naughty boy.” She said this with smile. “I always knew you were fond of my butt. I never guessed it was that intense” she paused, “let’s do it.”

It was yet another of my dreams come true, and hers. She moved on all fours with her ass elevated. She placed her head on the mattress. I kneltt behind her on the bed and positioned myself next to her ass. When I saw the loveliness of her naked bum, those perfect cheeks there, right in front of me, I caught my breath. I gently caressed it, my fingertips tracing every precious curve. Only inches away, jutting out like an offering. I took time to enjoy every aspect of it, the curves, the fullness, the softness. I trailed kisses each her ass cheeks. I was trembling with desire. I gently rubbed my face all over her beautiful butt. She had really so soft, so smooth, and so warm a bottom.

Then I laid gentle kisses over every square inch of her silky bottom. Gently I spread her cheeks and tried to kiss her asshole. It really caught her by surprise. She jumped up and said, “What are you doing?” “No Bhabhi I like it and I want to lick and kiss you there, I want to kiss your arse hole” “Why would you want to kiss there? I mean, the cheeks are one thing, but where you are kissing is a dirty place and not for kissing!” She stopped for a moment and looked at me. “What’s wrong with it? Who wouldn’t want to kiss the gorgeous thing you have? I could spend hours between the cheeks of your butt.”

Once again I kissed her asshole with more passion and tenderness that most would kiss another’s mouth. I started playing with her pussy and her ass, lubricating her asshole with her own cunt juice. I tried to get her asshole wet enough with her juices and my saliva. After a lot of her juices and my saliva I placed my cock against her ass hole and tried to insert my cock in her ass but it just wouldn’t go. Afraid of hurting her I tried more of my saliva for lubrication but to no avail. “Do you have any cream or petroleum jelly, Bhabhi?” I asked. “There is in the bathroom,” she replied.

I got off the bed to retrieve the petroleum jelly from the bathroom. I returned to the bed and put an ample of amount of lotion in her asshole coating the tiny puckered opening of her anus and lubricating the rim. Bhabhi moaned and buck her hips backwards. I applied petroleum jelly on my saliva-covered cock and nestled my dick against the entrance of her rectum momentarily before easing the tip inside her anus. I gripped her hips “You want my cock inside your ass my sweet Bhabhi?”

She stiffened a bit and groan and replied “Yes, I want it, I need it.”

I leaned down and nipped her ear, then guiding my cock with one hand and holding her hip with another, I slowly pushed it against her arse. Slowly forward I pushed, feeling the strong rim of muscles around her anus objecting to my size. But I didn’t stop, just continued slowly pushing. I felt my cock head slip in quite easily past her sphincter. She buried her face in the pillow completely, struggling to control her combined pleasure and pain. Then I gripped her hips, and began to pull her back onto my shaft.

More and more I began to slide into her. In a couple of strokes, half of my cock was inside her, I could feel my cock struggle to stretch the resistant muscles. She felt so good, so tight. She was hot in there, her ass gripping me tightly. I kept going, until I felt the hair of my groin pressed against her cheeks. I pulled back almost all the way then slid back in. I moaned, it felt so good, so tight. I held my breath in wonder as I felt my thick cock stretch her ass open and invade her body.

Her ass was squeezing my cock, milking me. I pressed in deeper, every inch feeling like heaven to me. Shaista Bhabhi moaned as my cock filled her hole. Her ass muscles clinched against mine, massaging my cock. I stopped still inside her, enjoying her warmth, wanting it to last forever. “How does it feel?” I asked her. She moaned and said, “Oh! Zahoor its feels so good and it hurts both at the same time,” she said. She turned her head back to me and smiled slightly and gave a gentle nod to tell me that she was all right. “Relax, Bhabhi,” I whispered into her ear.

I pulled out, applied more petroleum jelly pushed in again, deeper still and she pushed her ass back against me, ready to take more. Doing this a few times, I again buried the entire length of my thick, hard cock in her ass.

Now slowly, agonizingly, I withdrew most of my throbbing cock from her ass. I watched as it emerged, wet, slick, and so tightly squeezed that it was red skinned now. Then I mercilessly plunged it back inside her. Then I withdrew again.

Slowly I built up the tempo, She let out a low moan of pleasure and pushed her ass back at me. “Aahhh… that feels even better than before,” Shaista Bhabhi sighed as I now started to really ram hard into her, my hips slamming into her buns. With my fingers on her curving hips, I moved her against me. I was lost now in the rhythm. In and out, again in and out, and again in and out.

I closed my eyes, fucking her ass just like I had in my dream. She bumped her butt against me, and moaned. “Oh yes, Zahoor.” I continued to pound her ass. She grunted in time with my thrusts. I leaned over her and whispered in her ear, “Bhabhi I wanted it for so long, you have such a gorgeous, precious, delicious ass and it feels so good wrapped around my cock. I think you have the most beautiful ass in the world.”

I burrowed my cock as deep into her as I could. I reached for her pussy to finger fuck her and when I touched her pussy she was sopping wet. I started rubbing her clit and fingering her frantically working her toward an orgasm. I could feel her juices coating my finger. Shaista Bhabhi was obviously enjoying what I was doing as she was pushing her hips back to me. “Yes, play with me. It feels so good. Make me cum, make me cum, I have wanted to do this for years.”

I felt my cock inside her ass swell up and I started pumping faster. Our moaning had turned to screams by now. I was so close, feeling my balls tighten, ready for release. We were both so close, ready to explode. Bhabhi screamed as she finally climaxed. “Fuck! Yes, oh! yesss, yess! I’m cumming!” I felt Bhabhi’s body rock with her orgasm, her juices squirting out, gliding down her thighs. Feeling her body tense around my cock as she came sent me over the edge. The tightness of her ass and the trembling of her pussy set off my own orgasm. I was moaning, trembling, grunting and pounding her furiously, pounding her hard as we moved together.

I couldn’t believe how much of my seed I poured into my sweet sister in law. It just didn’t stop; it kept spurting out of me into her tight tunnel. I collapsed on top of her, my cock still inside her ass. When my shrinking cock finally slipped from her ass with an audible pop she sunk down to the bed. I wiped her ass with a damp towel, then got up and wiped myself. At last, I dropped to the bed, lying next to her, clasping her in my arms. I panted, staring at the ceiling, wondering a dozen things. She rested a hand on my chest, and nestled her head into the crook of my shoulder. I pulled her close.

There are lots of to write more as Shaista Bhabi and I’d never finished our secret affair after my marriage and even her son marriage.

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