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School’s Out

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Dave sat back and relished the fact that he could finally relax. He had just finished his last final exam at the local college and was unofficially done with school. He would go through graduation in a couple of days but all the real work was done. This past year had been brutal with a heavy class load and working full time, and he was relieved that his hard work had paid off and he was finished.

Dave was suddenly jolted out of his reflections by a pillow to the side of his head. “Earth to Dave. I’m making a run upstairs, do you need anything?” Dave laughed and shook his head no as Stephanie happily bounced upstairs.

Six of his fellow classmates had decided to get together at Stephanie’s house to blow off some steam and relax together this night.

Dave and Stephanie had been friends since high school so they were pretty close. Stephanie had always been a bit of a wild child. Back in high school Dave knew that her parents gave her a lot of freedom and often left her alone in the house over the weekends. In general she was good but Dave knew, or at least heard the rumors, that she could get wild. In college Dave would sometimes hear rumors about Stephanie’s wild antics while out partying the night before, however he had never witnessed anything himself.

They had been drinking and hanging out for several hours already and the party was beginning to wind down. Just as Stephanie came back with another round of drinks Mark and Diane got up and said they should be heading out. As they grabbed their jackets, said their goodnights, and left, Dave wondered again if there wasn’t something going on between those two. He had noticed that they seemed to be getting friendlier as the semester had progressed and the fact that they were now leaving at the same time even though they had arrived in different vehicles made him pretty certain he was right.

Dave began to wonder if he would ever get a chance to be in Mark’s shoes. He had casually dated several girls during and in the four years since high school but nothing ever seemed to get serious. Sexually, he managed to go all the way with a couple of the girls, so technically he wasn’t a virgin but he definitely wasn’t very experienced either. Mark seemed to have as many women as he could handle and Dave wondered what he was doing wrong when another pillow thumped the side of his head.

He looked over and saw that the three other people remaining all were staring at him. “Sorry,” he said, “it seems like I have been thinking about school so much lately that it feels decadent to think about my own things.”

“And what things would those be?” asked Amy. Amy was a knockout and Dave had been friends with her for nearly as long as Stephanie, however he was never sure how she really felt about him. Sometimes he felt really close to her but other times she was kind of distant and cold to him. He had once asked her out but was pretty flatly told that she just didn’t have any feelings for him other than as a friend.

“That is none of your business,” Dave said as he got up from the couch to join the other three at the table at the other end of the room. He hoped that the subject would change so he wouldn’t have to worry about covering up for how he was thinking about how frustrated he was feeling sexually.

The only other person left at the party was Debbie. Debbie and Dave had just met this semester but she seemed really nice. She was always pretty quiet so Dave was kind of surprised she was still out with the rest of them. Dave had heard that Debbie was a pretty serious dancer and that her passion was to purse a career in dance. She definitely had the body to show for it. She stood about 5’8″ tall and was very lean and muscular with very strong legs.

Dave had noticed her legs the first day she wore a short skirt to class and had since spend more than a few masturbation sessions thinking about what he would like to do with Debbie and her legs. The one thing that did set Debbie apart from most other dancers that Dave had known was her large breasts. They certainly were not out of proportion for her body size, but they were definitely large and only added to Dave’s fantasies about her.

Dave felt a slight twitch in his pants as he noticed that he was left alone now with three attractive women in an empty house. The thought of trying something with any one of the three left his mind about as soon as it came in. If this night was like most others he would have a lot of fun hanging out and talking but the night would end with his dick in his own fist while he stroked it and thought about what might have been.

The four of them sat around and talked and laughed for a while when Stephanie suggested they break out a game. Everyone agreed and she went over to the closet and rummaged around. As she searched Debbie and Amy continued their conversation and Dave found himself getting lost in the sight of Amy’s cleavage.

Amy was taller than Debbie and probably stood about 5’10”. She had beautiful black hair that she kept about shoulder length, but the feature that had always made Amy stand out was her breasts. They were very large and, Dave thought, perfectly shaped. He couldn’t count the number of times that he would sneak a glimpse of her perfect breasts as she walked by him or as they talked. He thought that Amy had caught him staring a few times, but she had never said anything to him. Tonight she was wearing a v-neck shirt that revealed the perfect amount of cleavage. Just enough to tease but not enough to seem slutty. Stephanie’s voice brought Dave’s attention back from staring at Amy’s chest.

“How about some cards?” Stephanie asked. “I’m taking a trip to Vegas this summer and I think I need to practice. Blackjack OK with everyone?”

Everyone agreed and Stephanie returned with the cards. They played for a while as the conversation continued and pointers were exchanged back and forth about how hands should have been played or about what to do next. It was then that Stephanie said, “You know, I am really getting a good feel for the game but I think to really practice I need to have something riding on the games. After all, in Vegas you don’t get the chips for free and I don’t want to blow all my money because I am not used to playing when something is on the line.”

“You could get some chips and we could use those,” Debbie suggested.

“I don’t think that would work for me since the chips wouldn’t really mean anything without having money attached to them,” Stephanie answered.

“We could play for change,” Dave said, “we could use quarters, dimes, and nickels. That way some money would be involved.” Amy and Debbie nodded in agreement.

Stephanie screwed up her face and thought about the suggestion. “I suppose that would be better, but it still wouldn’t quite do it for me.”

“Since you don’t seem to like any of our suggestions how about you tell us what you have in mind?” Dave said in a playfully exasperated manner.

Stephanie thought for a second, almost as if she was weighing whether or not to say something, and then finally said, “We could play for our clothes.”

With that Amy, Dave, and Debbie all froze momentarily. In silence they all looked at each other to try and figure out how to respond. Dave’s heart was in his throat at the mere idea of playing strip blackjack with these three, and his dick was already starting to stir and grow hard. As he looked around he thought he noticed Amy’s nipples starting to poke through her shirt, but before he could verify that Amy crossed her arms mischievously and looked him right in the eyes saying, “I’m game.”

Dave was inexperienced but he sure wasn’t stupid. Two women were offering to play strip blackjack with him and even though he was secretly scared out of his wits he tried to sound as cool as possible as he said, “OK, count me in.”

All eyes turned to Debbie who sat like she was in a state of shock. Stephanie said, “It’s OK Debbie, we are all just good friends having a little fun. If you start to play and get too uncomfortable you can always leave and there will be no hard feelings. Besides, with your body I don’t think you have anything to be embarrassed out with being naked in front of us.”

That last sentence just about knocked Dave out of his chair. It was completely true, however to hear those words come from another woman was something he had previously only seen on the many porno tapes that he had rented. Debbie thought for a little while longer and finally said, “OK.”

With that Stephanie let out a wicked giggle of anticipation and went upstairs to get everyone another round of drinks. As she left Amy said that she thought they should set some ground rules for the game. Dave’s head was spinning at what was happening but he was able to focus enough to hear Amy suggest that each person be given three chips. When you lost a hand you would lose a chip, and if you won a hand you wouldn’t lose any chips. If you lost and had no chips to pay you would have to remove a piece of clothing, but your reward for having to remove clothes would be three new chips. “After all,” Amy said, “blackjack can be a very quick game and we don’t want the game to be over too quickly.”

For some reason she looked at Dave when she said that and Dave’s dick again stiffened. He wasn’t quite sure what Amy meant by that remark but there was something very erotic about how she said it that grabbed his attention. Amy continued, “Last one dressed will be the winner.”

Stephanie returned, agreed to Amy’s rules, and dealt the first hand. Dave studied his cards with newfound urgency, but he still had a hard time focusing on anything except the growing pressure in his pants. The game continued for a while with nothing much happening. Each person’s supply of chips shrank slowly as they took turns winning. As the hands progressed the conversation picked up and everyone seemed a little more at ease, although Dave could only speak for himself by saying that his heart was still in his throat.

Eventually the chips ran out and clothing starting being shed. Amy and Debbie both hit a really lucky streak and had only lost their shirts so far. Stephanie was down to only her bra and panties and Dave was down to only his pants and boxers. Even this was enough to give Dave a throbbing hard-on. Seeing Amy and Debbie’s breasts covered with only bras would have been enough, but also having Stephanie undressed was nearly enough to make him cum in his pants.

Although Stephanie’s breasts weren’t nearly as large as either of the other two Dave always felt they were a great size for her. There wasn’t really any one feature about Stephanie that stood out but all the pieces fit together very nicely. When you added in her slight “wild child” streak it was more than enough to cause her to be involved in Dave’s masturbation fantasies on more than one occasion.

Stephanie lost several hands in a row and as she removed both her bra and panties Dave could almost feel the lust and sexual energy in the room. She said, “I guess this is only fair as I suggested we play for our clothes.”

Debbie sat silently staring at Stephanie’s body as Dave mutely nodded. “I guess you’re right,” replied Amy who was staring at Stephanie with one eyebrow slightly raised in a way that was both sexual and inquiring at the same time. Just as Amy and Stephanie broke eye contact Dave thought he noticed Amy’s eyes travel from Stephanie’s face down to her newly exposed pussy pausing slightly at Stephanie’s breasts with their slightly hardened nipples.

“Hey, let’s go. I don’t think the game ends just because I’m out. You all have had quite a look at me and I think it’s fair I get the same chance with you,” Stephanie announced to the group. With that she again sat down to Dave’s left where she had previously been sitting. Now however she pushed her chair back slightly from the table which offered the other three players a wonderful view of her naked body.

The game continued but everyone seemed more than a little distracted by Stephanie’s body. Dave’s pants were next to go. He was somewhat embarrassed by the obvious erection that was trying to poke through his boxers, but he wasn’t going to chicken out now. He wanted to see where this was heading.

Several hands later Dave had no chips left and again lost, so he had to remove his boxers. He stood up and took a deep breath as if trying to summon his courage and then turned around and slipped the boxers down to his ankles. When he turned around to face the table there was a definite gasp from the three ladies.

His dick was average in size, but it was completely erect and his guess was that the sight of his erect dick had affected the ladies in the same way that seeing Stephanie’s naked breasts for the first time a few moments ago had hit him. Dave smiled slightly as the gasp had helped remove some of the awkwardness he was feeling and sat down again. Following Stephanie’s cue he also pushed his chair back slightly to give everyone a good view of this rock hard dick.

Amy and Debbie continued playing and suddenly Dave felt Stephanie’s hand on his shoulder. “It looks like you could use a little help,” she whispered in his ear just before looking down at his dick. Dave stared at her silently not knowing what to say. Stephanie then stood up and said, “You two ladies keep on playing. Dave and I will be right back.”

With that she grabbed Dave’s hand and led him into the bedroom that adjoined the room they had just been in. Dave’s dick bobbed as he hurriedly followed her into the room and he was still trying to comprehend what might be happening. Before he could wonder any longer Stephanie spun around, sat on the edge of the bed, and wrapped her lips around Dave’s cock.

The feeling of her warm and wet mouth on his dick was better than Dave could have imagined. Dave moaned loudly and watched Stephanie hungrily kiss and lick his cock. After all too short a time Stephanie looked up at him with a look of complete lust and said, “I can’t take any more, I need you to fuck me.” She immediately scooted up onto the bed and spread her legs inviting Dave to mount her in the missionary position. Dave took a second to admire Stephanie’s obviously wet pussy as it was now fully exposed to him. Dave crawled on top of Stephanie and her hands quickly guided his cock into her pussy. With one thrust he shoved his full length into her and she let out a squeal of delight. He groaned at the sensation. Stephanie’s pussy was tighter than anything he had felt before and so amazingly wet that he never wanted it to end. Stephanie looked him in the eyes and said, “Fuck me like I know you want to. I want to feel you cum.”

Dave began thrusting in as controlled a manner as he could. His initial thought was to just wildly fuck her until he came, but then he thought he had better make it last as long as he could. He knew that no matter how hard he tried that his heightened state of arousal and the lurid way that Stephanie was fucking him would probably mean this was destined to be a short fuck.

He pushed himself up with both hands to thrust a little deeper into her. She had reached down and was playing with her clit as Dave continued to fuck her. Dave tried to record everything about the scene in his mind. He watched Stephanie’s face, eyes closed, mouth slightly open. He listened to the wet, slurping noises being made by her pussy as it seemingly tried to swallow his dick on each thrust. He watched her breasts ripple with each of his thrusts and noticed that her nipples had become erect.

He tried to look down to watch his dick moving in and out of her but her hands massaging her own clit was all he could see. Periodically, Dave would feel one of her hands lightly grasping his dick just at the point where it entered her body. She would hold the grip for two or three strokes and then her hand would return to its work on her clit. The extra sensation of her hand wrapped around him as he fucked her was almost too much for Dave to stand. Suddenly, just as she was releasing his dick with her hand, Dave knew he had passed the point of no return and blurted out, “I’m going to cum.”

Stephanie started moving her hands more rapidly on her clit and just started yelling, “Yes, yes, yes.”

The power of his orgasm and the amount of cum that he shot into Stephanie’s eager pussy surprised him. He shot load after load into Stephanie’s waiting pussy and continued to thrust into her. Just as his orgasm had ended Stephanie yelled, “Oh, god!” and her pussy starting quivering and clenching Dave’s dick. Her body went stiff as she groaned loudly and the tremors in her pussy reached a peak.

Dave collapsed on top of Stephanie’s sweaty, panting body and tried to compose himself. She hugged him tightly and gave a very contented purr. They were still for a few moments when she raised her head slightly and said, “I think we should go rejoin the game, don’t you?”

“The game?” Dave thought. He had totally forgotten that in the next room Amy and Debbie were still there and presumably still playing cards. He couldn’t believe that he had just had the most amazing sexual experience of his life while two other partially dressed women were in the next room.

He looked at Stephanie and nodded his head. They got up from the bed with a very passionate french kiss. Stephanie’s tongue sliding along his tongue and exploring his lips caused his dick to twitch yet again and it rubbed against her stomach. She smiled devilishly and lightly fondled his cock and balls in her right hand. It was completely covered in a combination of his own cum and Stephanie’s juices and he watched as Stephanie’s hand gathered some of the mixture. She quickly licked the juices from her fingers as she pointed him toward the still open door. “There will be more time for that later,” she said.

Both Amy and Debbie stared at them as they returned to the room. It looked like they had simply continued to play as he had fucked Stephanie. They were sitting in the same places as when he left the room, however Debbie was only wearing panties and Amy only was wearing a bra and panties. Amy looked Stephanie directly in the eyes and said, “That sounded fun.” Amy then very deliberately looked at Dave’s still wet dick and gave him a quick wink.

Dave and Stephanie sat down on the couch next to the table and watched the action. Debbie lost a few hands in a row and had to remove her panties. Dave’s fantasies about Debbie couldn’t even come close to seeing her nude. She looked like those fitness models that perfectly combined sexuality and athleticism.

Once Debbie had stripped naked and the other’s had a good long look at her, Stephanie stood up and declared that Amy was the winner and suggested that Debbie and Amy join her and Dave on the couch. The couch was in an L-shape and Dave was sitting on the short end of the L. Debbie took a seat in a padded chair next to the couch on the other side of the room from Dave and Stephanie sat at the other end of the couch next to Debbie.

Amy slowly walked to the middle of the room and joked, “I just don’t know why, but these clothes seem out of place.” With that she started doing a very slow striptease in time to the music coming from the stereo. She danced very slowly and moved her hips in a delicious motion that reminded Dave of how Stephanie’s hips had just moved as he fucked her. Dave was absolutely mesmerized by the show Amy was putting on. He watched intently as she slowly guided her hands over her stomach and breasts. She slowly sucked on a finger as she took turns making eye contact with everyone in the room.

As Amy’s dance continued Dave noticed that Stephanie had reached over and was slowly stroking her fingers along the top of Debbie’s thigh. Debbie sat motionless and stared at Amy’s performance.

Amy’s erotic dance continued and she teasingly removed her bra directly in front of Dave. As she slowly dropped the bra to the floor Dave got his first glimpse at her breasts. They were perfect. They were large but there was no sagging at all. Her nipples nearly hypnotized him as they were completely erect and stood out like a couple of pencil erasers from her breasts. Amy returned to dancing and started to slowly rub her breasts and tweak her nipples.

Dave’s dick had fully come back to life and was as hard as he had ever know it to be. Amy’s show was also affecting Debbie as she had now parted her legs to give Stephanie access to her pussy with her wandering hands. Stephanie’s hand was buried between Debbie’s legs. Stephanie quickly stood up and knelt on the floor in front of Debbie. Debbie slid forward so she was sitting on the very edge of the chair and then leaned her head back to continue to watch Amy’s dance. Stephanie lowered her head to Debbie’s pussy and the room was filled with the sound of Stephanie’s tongue exploring every part of Debbie’s wet pussy.

Amy’s attention was mostly caught by the lesbian performance they were witnessing and her dance had become more distracted. After she removed her panties she stopped dancing and silently continued to feel her own breasts and nipples as she watched Stephanie suck Debbie’s pussy.

Debbie had closed her eyes and thrown her head back and was lost in the pleasure she was feeling from Stephanie’s tongue. She placed her hands on Stephanie’s shoulders and began to groan with deep pleasure.

The scene before him was too much and Dave knew he had to do something with his now aching dick. He stood up and approached Amy from behind. As his cock pressed against her ass he put his arms around her and started to massage her breasts. Amy gasped at this and used her hands to guide Dave’s hands over her breasts. Although he was now living a fantasy in massaging Amy’s naked breasts he knew he had to do something about his hard cock so Dave slowly guided Amy to the floor in front of the couch. Amy knelt on the floor and leaned over the couch so she was still facing Debbie and Stephanie. Dave knelt behind her and guided his dick into her dripping pussy. She groaned quietly and reached one hand behind her and rested it on Dave’s hip. Dave gripped her hips firmly and began to thrust into her. His previous fuck that night was going to allow him to control himself a little better this time, so he tried to take his time as best as he could.

Stephanie continued her work on Debbie’s pussy and judging by Debbie’s groans she wasn’t going to be able to take much more. Debbie yelled, “Oh, yes. That’s it!” and pulled Stephanie’s head into her pussy with both hands. Dave could only see Stephanie’s head moving but imagined that her tongue was deeply buried in Debbie’s pussy. Debbie came with a shriek and her whole body went limp.

Just as Debbie was cumming Amy starting to thrust herself back on Dave’s dick and starting grunting loudly. In wasn’t long before she came with a very satisfied moan and Dave felt her pussy twitch and clench his cock as Stephanie’s had done a short while earlier. This sensation was more than Dave could take and he closed his eyes and started driving into Amy with renewed force.

The room was filled with the thumping sound of Dave’s body slapping into Amy’s ass and the wonderfully wet sound of Dave’s cock sliding in and out of Amy’s pussy. Dave came with a force that equaled his earlier experience with Stephanie. He kept his eyes closed and just enjoying the sensation as he slowed his thrusts into Amy’s now sopping wet pussy. When he finished cumming he stayed inside her and just enjoyed the feel of his dick growing soft while still inside her. He began to slowly rub Amy’s back and shoulders when his hand suddenly bumped into another hand.

He opened his eyes to see that Amy and Stephanie were now engaged in a very passionate french kiss and Stephanie was rubbing Amy’s shoulders. He watched intently as their tongues danced together. He slowly removed himself from Amy and sat back on the couch to watch this new show. Stephanie pulled Amy up onto the couch and continued their passionate embrace. Stephanie broke the embrace and leaned over to suck one of Amy’s nipples into her mouth. Dave could see Stephanie’s tongue dance across the hard nipple. Her other hand moved to Amy’s other breast and she started to squeeze and roll Amy’s other nipple between her thumb and index finger. Amy gasped with pleasure and threw her head back. Stephanie continued her work on Amy’s breasts until Amy announced it was her turn and pushed Stephanie back into a sitting position on the couch. Amy then lowered her head and returned the favor by sucking and fondling Stephanie’s breasts and nipples.

Dave glanced over at Debbie and saw that she was staring intently at the other couple. She had one hand on her pussy and was slowly stroking her breasts with her other hand. She looked over at Dave with a look of complete passion and lust. As they made eye contact Debbie stood up and slowly walked across the room to him. She dropped to her knees in front of Dave and began to stroke his dick with both of her hands. Her hands were quickly covered in the combined juices from Dave, Amy, and Stephanie. Debbie ran one hand under Dave’s dick and began to fondle his balls while stroking him with her other hand. Debbie alternated between lowering her head to kiss and suck Dave’s semi-hard dick and turning around to watch Amy and Stephanie.

Amy and Stephanie had moved into a 69 position with Amy on top. They were each hungrily eating at the other’s pussy and Dave suddenly became very turned on at the thought that they were each tasting his cum from inside the other’s pussy. In this night’s adventures Dave had yet to actually taste a pussy, and he thought it was time to fix that situation. He stood up from the couch and slowly lowered Debbie onto the floor on her back. He moved between her legs and quickly went to work kissing and licking her pussy. He loved to suck pussy, but he didn’t have much experience. Debbie was groaning loudly and grinding her pussy into his mouth so he figured he was doing something right.

He quickly looked up at Debbie and saw that she had her head turned and was staring at Amy and Stephanie. They had again changed positions and Amy was lying on her back on the couch with Stephanie between her legs. Amy’s left leg was thrown up over the back of the couch and her right leg was hanging off the couch with her foot on the floor. Stephanie was fucking Amy with her fingers and leaning over and sucking Amy’s clit into her mouth. Amy had both hands on her amazingly erect nipples and was squeezing and pulling at them. Amy opened her eyes and looked straight at Debbie as she started to cum. Stephanie quickly removed her fingers and slid her tongue as far as it would go into Amy’s pussy. Amy and Debbie stared deeply into each other’s eyes and each orgasmed at the same time from the work Stephanie and Dave were doing on their pussies.

After Debbie came she pulled Dave on top of her and said, “Fuck me hard!” Dave didn’t need to be asked twice and buried his cock into her pussy. He drove into her so hard that he thought that he might be hurting her, but she continued to urge him to keep fucking her. Dave drove his cock into Debbie until they both had worked up a heavy sweat in the early summer night’s heat. He stared at her now sweaty breasts as they bounced back and forth from the force of his thrusts. Finally, he couldn’t take anymore and he unloaded a third load of cum into Debbie’s waiting pussy. It wasn’t as much cum as he shot into the other two earlier, but the sensation Dave felt was as intense as he had ever experienced. Debbie closed her eyes suddenly and came one more time when she felt Dave’s cum inside her pussy. He collapsed next to Debbie and they lazily stroked each other’s bodies as they turned their attention to watching Amy and Stephanie on the couch.

The pair on the couch had switched places and Amy had her head buried between Stephanie’s legs. Stephanie was groaning loudly and obviously enjoying Amy’s work. Stephanie’s body stiffened and she groaned deeply and loudly as she came all over Amy’s busy tongue. After Stephanie’s orgasm Amy slid up and lay down next to her on the couch. They kissed deeply as Dave and Debbie did the same on the floor.

It didn’t take long for all four of them to fall asleep where they lay. Just before Dave drifted off he thought to himself that this promised to be a great summer.

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