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School’s In Session

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Jack twists his head from side to side in a vain attempt to crack his neck. The last college student has finally walked out of his last class of the day and he’s looking forward to getting in and out of the office as quickly as possible so he can enjoy the long weekend. Shouldn’t be hard to do since it’s so late in the afternoon and he’ll probably be one of the few left in the suite of offices, much less the building.

J.J. walks down the hallway, her heels clicking on the tile floor as she checks out the numbers over the classroom doors. She nervously blows an errant strand of hair out of her eyes… should I really be doing this? But she can’t get Jack out of her thoughts and thinks maybe it’s time she took the initiative for a change. She takes a deep breath as she finds the right door. Hope he feels the same way.

Jack starts erasing the day’s work from the ever-present chalkboard. After a few seconds and midway through his erasing, he hears a soft female voice behind him that makes him jump a little.

“Hey, Professor…”

Damn, thought I was done with… he never finishes that thought as he turns and sees her standing there, leaning against the doorframe at the top of the arena-style classroom. Even twenty feet away, her position above him gives her an unconscious sense of power, but Jack knows that she’d have that even if she was standing right in front of him.

J.J. is dressed… well, “to impress” is the cliché that comes to mind, but clichés come about for a reason. Jack’s eyes start at her black 3-inch heels and roam up her legs to admire the black pencil skirt that hugs her hips. He slowly takes in the view of her ivory lace blouse over a black shirt, topped off with what looks like a cameo at her throat; this gives her a vintage look that is undeniably sexy. She’s let her short hair go back to its natural brown and her eyes twinkle behind her glasses.

Jack stands there, a forgotten eraser still in one hand, as she slowly walks down the steps of the classroom to him. A hundred questions rush through his mind, but he’s still speechless at the surprise. One part of him doesn’t question a thing, though, and that’s the surge of blood into his cock that quickly starts to tent his dark-blue slacks.

J.J. finally reaches the bottom of the classroom and leans against the first row of desk tabletops, her hands resting behind her and on either side. This position pushes out her chest and widens her stance, thrusting her pelvis out to him. More blood surges into Jack’s cock and he realizes that she is not looking at his face any more, but smiling widely at the visible effect she’s having on his body a few feet lower.

“Happy to see me, Professor?” Jack puts the eraser back on the blackboard’s tray and takes a step closer to her.

“Of course, I’m happy to see you, J.J…. but what are you… I mean, how did you find… uhhh, don’t you have to work today?” Jack feels like a teenager again as he fumbles his words and tries to regain his mental balance. J.J. smiles without any malice at his stammering and Jack smiles back on reflex. Looking into her eyes, he starts to feel the heat between them simmer again and that washes away any awkwardness he feels.

“Well, they let me go early and I was thinking of you…” J.J. pauses and looks demurely down at her feet. “And… I thought turn-about should be fair play… you know?” She looks up at him and he sees a myriad of emotions there – doubt, passion, lust, a little fear, but all laced with an undercurrent of resolve that makes Jack even harder still.

Jack steps even closer to her until he’s directly in front of her, resting his hands on her hips. He watches her bite her lower lip as he slips his body between her legs and pushes her against the tabletop. He brushes his fingertips down her cheek and swears he can feel the heat between them coalesce and build between the thin material barely separating their crotches from each other.

“You call being dressed like that ‘fair play’? You could give a guy a heart attack, but at least he’d die happy.”

“Oh, so you like?” J.J. rests one hand on his chest and Jack automatically pushes even closer to her, knowing she must feel his throbbing cock pushing against her. She confirms this by pushing back against him just a little and stifling a moan.

“Yeah, I think you know I “like”, my dear… but I thought you were one of my students at first. Not that I’m complaining, but I certainly didn’t expect this when I turned around.”

J.J.’s heart beats faster as she instantly realizes what she wants to do. I bet he’s fantasized about this at some point, too. Her hand moves slowly down Jack’s chest, past his stomach and waist, until her fingertips graze and trace against his hard cock. Now he’s the one who has to stifle a moan at her knowing touch.

“Oh, really? Well, Professor, I was hoping that I could talk to you about my attendance in class? I mean, I know I’ve missed more than a few days, but I do have a good excuse.”

Jack clears his throat as her fingers roam over his cock straining in his slacks. He barely has enough blood upstairs to form coherent sentences, but he tries his best. “Well… you know my attendance policy… I mean, I do let students miss a certain amount of days, but after that…”

He moans out loud as J.J. squeezes his cock through his slacks and he feels pre-cum seep through his boxer shorts. He catches her eye and sees the doubt and fear gone now, replaced by amusement and lust.

J.J. feels almost light-headed with this new sense power she feels over Jack; any doubts are washed away by the juices flowing through her and into her panties. “Oh, I know, but I have a really good reason, Professor. You see, I have a confession to make…” J.J. moves her hand slowly to Jack’s belt and toys with the end of it.

“I have a little bit of a crush on you and I just can’t concentrate when I’m sitting here and watching you… at least I can’t concentrate on what you’re teaching.”

Jack’s breathing quickens as he realizes where she’s going with this. A small part of his brain is trying to warn him about getting caught, but it’s overwhelmed by the passion she’s generating inside him.

“Just a little bit of a crush?”, he jokes in an attempt to gain some control.

J.J. squeezes his cock through his slacks again – but hard this time – and Jack’s mouth drops and eyes close as he lets out a low and deep half-moan, half-growl. That sound alone makes J.J.’s wet pussy gush even more and strengthens her resolve to continue with this little scene. She leans in closer to him and whispers in his ear. “OK, maybe more than just a little bit… but I think I have an idea how to help me concentrate…”

Jack tries another smart-assed retort about what exactly she would concentrate on, but he loses his voice as he watches her kneel in front of him. She unzips his slacks and slides her hands into the hole created there. She rubs against his cock that strains the soft cloth of his boxers and smiles up at him. J.J. pushes his boxers up over the head of his cock until it pops out through his zipper into the cooler air of the classroom.

J.J. wraps her hand around his shaft, but can barely close her fingers entirely around it. She loves its thick girth and that slmost-bursting feeling it gives her deep in her pussy. Leaning closer until Jack can feel her breath on the purple head of his cock, J.J. sighs and watches it twitch at the feeling. “Oh yes, this should help tremendously…”

J.J. slides the head of Jack’s cock into her mouth and sucks gently on it, making Jack grunt and exhale explosively. He watches her rotate her mouth in a circular motion around the head of his cock and feels her tongue slide over every inch of it. His fingers tangle in her hair as she lavishes his cock with her tongue and lips. Jack tries to thrust more of his cock into her mouth, but J.J. now has both hands wrapped around the base of it and is in complete control.

Not taking the head of Jack’s cock out of her mouth, J.J. looks up at him with her hazel eyes over the top of her glasses. Jack’s mouth hangs open as he breathes faster and meets her gaze; J.J. swears she can feel his cock thicken even more between her lips. She slowly sinks his cock into her mouth until her lips meet her fingers wrapped around the base and just as slowly pulls back until his swollen cockhead pops out, glistening with her saliva.

“Well… Professor… do you think maybe we can make some type of ‘arrangement’ about my attendance?” J.J. licks her lips and kisses the underside of Jack’s cock, feeling the blood surge through it in her hands. She moves one hand to cup Jack’s balls and squeezes slightly, feeling their soft weight.

Jack’s voice cracks as he fights to maintain control. “Well… I guess that depends on how far you’re willing to go for this class.”

J.J. doesn’t answer him, at least not aloud… her reply is to slide his cock deep into her mouth, almost to her throat, and suck mightily on it. Jack watches her cheeks hollow as she moves her mouth up and down his cock, the warmth of her mouth driving him crazy. Jack widens his stance in an attempt to keep his balance and closes his eyes as J.J. works his cock in and out of her mouth.

The slurping sound of her mouth on him and her hand softly squeezing his balls is slowly driving Jack insane with pleasure. He finally opens his eyes to look back down at her, but freezes in place and unconsciously pulls his cock out of her mouth with an audible pop.

J.J. moans in disappointment, but Jack barely hears it. He could have sworn he saw a face in the window of the door at the top of the classroom, but there’s no one there now. That warning voice that had been overwhelmed before is now yelling stridently in Jack’s head; he forces his hard and wet cock back into his pants and pulls J.J. to her feet.

J.J. is confused and a little scared… did I do something he didn’t like? Jack sees this in an instant on her face and silences any questions with a kiss. A long, passionate kiss that J.J. feels in her pussy first, but spreads out into every part of her body. He breaks from the kiss and stares into her eyes, passion and heat flying out from those blue eyes that always captivate her.

“I’m sorry, baby, but maybe we should continue discussing your… attendance… somewhere a little more private?” Jack cups her breast in his hand and feels her hard nipple grind against his palm. “Maybe my office?”

J.J. moans and breaks out into a big smile. “Sure, Professor.” She bounces up the steps of the classroom and stops at the door, turning her head to look back at him. “Are you ‘coming’?”

Jack laughs at her pun and sprints up the steps to catch her. “Oh yes, my dear…” He opens the door and gives a quick look down both ends of the hallway. Nobody there, but I could have sworn… Jack squashes that thought as he grabs J.J.’s hand and pulls her toward the bank of elevators a few feet away. His cock is still straining through his pants and he has more important things to concentrate on.

As they ride up in the elevator, Jack stands behind J.J. and wraps his arms around her waist. Pulling her back into him, he feels his hard cock against the pencil skirt and pushes it between her ass cheeks. They both moan as J.J. pushes her ass against Jack and he kisses the back of her neck. The elevator dings, the doors open as they reach the floor his office is on, and they both almost run down the hallway.

Luckily, no one is in the suite of offices at the moment or Jack would probably have some heavy explaining to do. There are only two coherent thoughts in his head right now, however: he’s glad his boss never saw fit to make him share his office with another professor and he’s even more glad he snagged the oversized plush office chair from surplus when he had the chance. Jack has no doubt it will get a lot of use in the next few minutes.

Jack pulls J.J. into his office, turns her around, and pushes her against the door to close it, all without even turning the lights on. In the dark, he pins her hands over her head and her body against the door with his. He kisses her passionately and feels her hips squirm against his, almost as if they are trying to fit his cock better between them.

He finally breaks away from the kiss and flips the light switch up. He stands there and watches her as she leans back against the door, her breathing heavy. Her hair is slightly tousled now and she has a fine sheen of sweat on her forehead, but that overall look only makes Jack want her more.

“Turn around.” J.J. smiles and slowly turns in front of him, his eyes devouring her. When her back is to him, he grabs her hips to stop her and caresses her waist – first from the sides, then around the front, and then on to the back. J.J. moans and her hips unconsciously sway as Jack’s soft touch heats her up even more.

Jack reaches for the zipper of the pencil skirt and slowly pulls it down to its stop. He kisses the back of J.J.’s neck as he slowly pushes the skirt down her hips until it lies in a puddle at her feet. Continuing to caress her hips and waist, he pushes her wet panties down as well, kneeling behind her as they join the skirt.

Jack helps her lift first one leg, then the other, out of the pile of clothing and pushes them away. J.J. starts to turn around, but Jack stops her with both hands firmly holding her backside. “Don’t move, stay right there.” His deep and rough, yet commanding tone makes J.J. wetter still, though she didn’t think that was possible. Jack spreads her ass cheeks until he can see her pussy, swollen and red with desire.

J.J. gasps as she feel Jack’s tongue dive into her pussy from behind. She unconsciously widens her stance and pushes her ass back to give him better access. Holding her hips tightly, Jack swipes his tongue up and down, tasting her sweet juices start to cover his tongue and lips. He mashes his mouth to her pussy, pushing his tongue deep into her and swirling it around.

J.J. reaches under her shirt to play with her breasts, squeezing her own nipples and loving the sparks of pleasure that shoot down her body to her pussy. As much as she loves the feeling of Jack eating her out, she needs something more in her… something that will fill her as deep as anything ever has.

Somehow, she squirms off of Jack’s pleasuring and questing tongue and turns around. Jack stands and she kisses him hard, tasting her juices on his lips and in his mouth. She moans at the taste and fumbles with his belt and pants. Jack helps her as they finally push and shove his pants and boxers down around his ankles, forcing him to take a few steps back to keep his balance.

Before either one of them can do anything further, the backs of Jack’s knees hit the front of his office chair and he falls unceremoniously into it. J.J. giggles at the sight before her: Jack’s slightly stunned expression, his pants and boxers snagged around his ankles, but his cock hard and true, the purple head glistening as his erection sticks almost straight up.

That sight of Jack’s obvious desire calms her brief bout of giggles and she bites her lip in anticipation. She takes one step toward Jack and then straddles his legs. Jack stares at her intensely, the heat and passion between them not needing any words. He shifts his weight slightly forward on the large chair which pushes his cock front and center.

Neither one breaking eye contact, J.J. reaches down and grasps Jack’s cock in her hand, squeezing it gently and making the purple head turn an even darker shade. She squats over Jack’s lap and guides her sopping wet pussy on top of that head, using her hand to slide his cock back and forth between her pussy lips. Both of them groan loudly as she slowly – almost like a slow torture even – lowers herself onto Jack’s cock until its hardness is completely buried to the hilt in her deep, tight pussy.

J.J.’s mouth hangs open in pleasure and her eyes close as she shifts back and forth in slow movements to accommodate his girth, wanting his cock to fill her so completely. Jack takes the hem of her shirt and lifts it up, forcing her to raise her arms until he can lean forward and take it off. He throws the shirt into a corner of the office and caresses her breasts gently, feeling their softness between his fingers.

J.J. finally opens her eyes to see him smiling up at her. She smiles back and leans forward, unbuttoning the top button of his dress shirt. Neither one of them has said a word in what seems like forever, but they both instinctively know what to do. As she finishes unbuttoning his shirt, Jack leans forward and she pushes it down over his shoulders.

That’s as far as she needs it to go… all she wants is to see his hairy, muscular chest and run her fingers through his chest hair. Scratching gently and causing Jack’s eyes to narrow in pleasure, she runs her hands down and across his chest and stomach. Jack rests his hands on her hips and pushes her hips more firmly down on his own. With a little smirk on his face, he doesn’t seem to move a muscle, but J.J. somehow feels his cock twitch and jump in her tight pussy.

“Ohhhh…” she moans and her eyes widen in pleasure. How can he…? Then she realizes it must be something similar to certain exercises women perform; Jack is flexing his Kegel muscles as hard as he can. Given that her pussy is filled to the brim with his hard cock, he can’t make it move too much but it’s enough to send shivers up and down her spine.

Those shivers cause her to start riding Jack’s cock, feeling its soft steel probe her insides. Both of them close their eyes as the pleasure courses through their veins. Jack is the first to open his; he watches J.J.’s lithe body bounce up and down in front of him, her breasts swaying seductively in front of him.

He brings his hands from her hips to her back and pulls her upper body to him until he can catch the nipple of her right breast into his mouth. J.J. moans and opens her eyes to watch him suckle on the jutting nipple and the soft flesh that surrounds it. When Jack switches to her other breast and lavishes the same attention on it, J.J. runs her fingers through his short salt-and-pepper hair and pulls his head tighter to her.

J.J. loves not only the obvious friction that her position is causing – her clitoris consistently rubbing against Jack’s pelvis on each down-thrust – but the power she has over the whole scene. I should have done this to him a long time ago. She dictates how fast or slow the pace is and Jack is happy to watch her alternate speed and pressure to her body’s whims. Taking a brief respite from her breasts, he watches avidly as a slight blush appears above them and spreads to her neck.

Jack moves his hands from her back to pull her shoulders down and closer to him. He kisses up and down her neck, sucking in some places and barely caressing in others. He moves his mouth to her ear and pinches the lobe between his lips and teeth before whispering to her in time with her thrusts.

“Fuck me, J.J. Ride my cock and cum on it. I want you to fill yourself up with it. Do it.”

J.J. rides Jack’s cock harder and faster as his talk spurs her on. She was close before, but now she knows she’s right on the precipice of the chasm of her orgasm.

“Do it, J.J. Do it now because I can’t hold back much longer… I’m gonna cum in you.”

That last sentence is the final straw for J.J.; she pushes herself down hard onto Jack’s lap and feels his throbbing cock thicken in her tight pussy. She pushes her head into the crook of Jack’s shoulder, biting it to keep from screaming as her body shivers and twists in his embrace. She feels her juices run out of her body, covering Jack’s balls, as her pussy clamps down on his cock time and again.

Jack had tried to hold his own orgasm back, but he knew he wouldn’t last too long the first time when he had seen this incredible woman standing at the top of his classroom. Grunting as he feels her pussy squeeze his cock and her mouth bite his shoulder, he can’t help but explode into her and thrust his hips as high and hard as he can. He squirts one, two, three times deep into her and feels his juices mix with hers as they start to come down from the heady pleasure. He moves his hands back down to her hips and holds her onto him tightly to savor the last few spasms around his cock.

J.J.’s head rests on Jack’s shoulder as she starts to catch her breath. When she feels another pair of hands trail softly down her back, she gasps and arches away from Jack in surprise. But when she feels those hands slide around her sides with smooth assurance to cup her breasts, she can’t help but let out a throaty moan. Something about that touch – so knowing, but so gentle – erases any fear and surprise she has and replaces it with even more lust and desire.

His eyes still closed as he too recovers, Jack hears J.J.’s gasp and moan. He’s about to ask her what’s wrong, but freezes when he hears another female voice in the room.

“You should really lock your office door, Jack. At least if you’re going to have fun in here and don’t want anybody to know.”

Jack looks incredulously – and a little fearfully, truth be told – over J.J.’s shoulder. It’s Cheryl Lynn, a fellow professor whose office is just a few doors down the corridor. Petite Cheryl Lynn – even shorter than J.J. – who usually wears her dark hair up but Jack sees it’s now let loose and wild around and down her back. With her wide mouth and the beauty mark next to her eye, she has always reminded Jack of movie stars like Audrey Hepburn or Vivien Leigh.

Cheryl Lynn has an approachability about her, however, a sexiness that every once in a while she physically shows by wearing a low-cut blouse – like the one she’s wearing right now – and a quick and flirtatious wit that matches Jack’s own.

To add even more shock and fear to the thoughts racing through Jack’s mind, he now realizes whose face he saw in that brief instant he had looked at the classroom door as J.J. was so expertly sucking him off. It was Cheryl Lynn’s face – but was it his imagination playing tricks on his memory when he thought he had seen her smile at him with pleasure and admiration in that brief instant?

Cheryl Lynn’s face breaks out in a wide and salacious grin and she winks at Jack. “But don’t worry now… I locked it for you.”

Before Jack can respond with some lame and vague excuse, Cheryl Lynn turns J.J.’s head to face her and gives her a long, deep, passionate kiss. J.J. unthinkingly responds to this and runs her hand through Cheryl Lynn’s midnight tresses. Jack watches this exchange and his mind starts to turn away from excuses or explanations, probably helped by the fact his cock immediately and unthinkingly responds to the scene before him.

J.J. has no idea who this woman is, but her touch – and most definitely her kiss – awakens something in her. J.J. has always known she was bisexual, but she usually needed time to get to know a new partner first. But the craziness of this situation – J.J.’s new-found enjoyment of power over Jack and the thrill of possib… well, actually getting caught now – pushes away any doubts.

J.J. slips her hand in between the woman’s blouse and squeezes her bra-clad breast, feeling the hard nipple there. The woman moans and kisses J.J. even more fervently, their tongues intertwining and sparring with each other. Finally, the two break apart and J.J. stares into the woman’s topaz-colored eyes, seeing the same lust and passion she must have in her own.

“Hi there, I’m Cheryl Lynn.”

J.J. giggles at the ease of the introduction given the circumstances. “Hi yourself, I’m J.J.”

The woman smiles at her and nods at Jack. “Nice to meet you. Seems we have a friend in common here.”

J.J. realizes that Jack’s cock has not wilted since he exploded deep inside of her, but is still rock-hard and thick in her pussy. She turns and sees him half-smiling at the both of them, but can feel his blood beating fast and his eyes holding a small spark of doubt and fear.

Cheryl Lynn must have seen the same spark because she stands and starts to undress. “Hey, Jack, why don’t you let your lady friend sit for a while and relax? Maybe I can show you a thing or two.”

J.J. lifts herself off of Jack’s cock with a momentary sigh of loss at the void she always feels when he pulls out of her, but is soon entranced by the sight of Cheryl Lynn revealing her body. Jack is silent too as he stands and shuffles slightly to the side so that J.J. can sit down. Neither one of them quite knows where this could be going, but both of them are starting to feel that heat of passion and lust build again – this time divided between three people instead of two.

By the time J.J. sits in the plush office chair, Cheryl Lynn has kicked off her flats. She unbuttons her blouse and shrugs it off her shoulders, revealing a black lace bra that holds her medium-sized breasts up and out. With smooth self-assuredness, like she knows that Jack and J.J. can’t take their eyes off her, she unbuttons her slacks and slides them down her toned legs to reveal a matching set of black lace boy-short panties.

As Cheryl Lynn unhooks her bra from the back and holds the cups in place with her other hand, J.J.’s hand sneaks down to her wet pussy. This woman’s calm yet sexy demeanor is turning J.J. on even more than the great sex she just had with Jack did. J.J. slides her index finger up and down her moist pussy lips and gently rubs the tip of it against her clit, causing her to shiver with pleasure and sparks firing again throughout her body.

“Mmmmm, my dear, that looks good.” Cheryl Lynn hasn’t missed J.J. starting to pleasure herself and drops her bra on the office floor to reveal two generous breasts topped with large areolas and rigid nipples. She tweaks one of those nipples between her fingers as she watches J.J. slide her hand up and down.

“You don’t mind, do you, Jack?” Not waiting for an answer, Cheryl Lynn kneels in front of J.J. and spreads her thighs open with both hands. Without hesitation, J.J. opens herself wide for this woman, her mouth hanging open as she watches Cheryl Lynn’s face get closer and closer to her steaming sex.

Jack simply stands there, his mind a riotous confusion of thoughts and emotions. His cock, however, has no confusion whatsoever and stands tall and proud in reaction to the sight before him. Finally, Jack decides to just roll with it. Fuck it… in for a penny, in for a pound. When he realizes that he still has his pants and boxer shorts around his ankles, he chuckles self-consciously and proceeds to disentangle himself. But he never stops watching the sexy scene, one he never could have foretold but is increasingly more anxious and lustful to see, unfold before him.

Cheryl Lynn fully spreads J.J.’s legs until each of her ankles are resting on the armrests of the office chair. This fully exposes J.J.’s pussy and she can see how red, wet and engorged it has become. When she sees a trickle of a mixture of Jack’s cum and J.J.’s juices start to seep out, Cheryl Lynn swoops down and captures it with a long swipe of her tongue starting at the bottom of J.J.’s pussy.

J.J. moans loudly as she feels that tongue expertly slide into her pussy and lap up those juices. Cheryl Lynn takes her time, exploring each nook and cranny as only someone who enjoys getting eaten out herself can. She slides her tongue to the top of J.J.’s pussy and darts the tip of it against J.J.’s clit. J.J. throws her head back in pleasure and twists her hard nipples with both hands.

When Cheryl Lynn slips her index finger into J.J.’s pussy and slowly starts to crook it in and out of her, J.J. gasps and stares down at the woman. Cheryl Lynn continues working on J.J.’s clit, alternating between stabbing it with the wet point of her tongue and suckling it in her mouth. In almost no time, J.J. can no longer handle the dual assault of Cheryl Lynn’s tongue and finger and cums with a loud and deep moan into the woman’s mouth.

Jack watches Cheryl Lynn hold J.J.’s thighs tight as she bucks in the office chair and suck J.J.’s juices into her mouth, though some of the juices escape to soak into the office chair. He has slowly been pulling on his cock with his right hand at the scene before him; usually, it would take him a while to cum a second time, but the two gorgeous and sexy women enjoying each other in front of him makes him wonder how long he’ll be able to last the next go-around.

J.J. opens her eyes to slits and sees Jack fisting his hard cock. “C’mere baby…” she gasps as the spasms of her orgasm still rock her body. Jack steps around the kneeling body of Cheryl Lynn – though her sexy heart-shaped ass does not escape his attention – until his hips are near J.J.’s head. J.J. pushes Jack’s hand off his cock and replaces it with her own. As she squeezes and pulls on his steely cock, she sees a drop of precum ooze out.

Without thinking, J.J. pulls Jack’s cock to her mouth and sucks the head of it between her lips. Jack moans at the suction and J.J. tastes his precum slide down her throat. Wanting more, she licks all around the top and bottom of his cockhead, sticking the point of her tongue into the hole at the end as well. She feels Jack cup the back of her head with his hands and moans around his cock in approval. Though the power she had over him before was intoxicating, J.J. wants Jack to have his way with her now.

Sensing that, Jack tightens his fingers into J.J.’s short hair and starts to thrust in and out of her mouth. He doesn’t try to force his cock down her throat; he knows that both of them will enjoy it more if she can lavish all the attention she can on it without worrying about gagging. J.J’s saliva collects around his cock, saturating his balls as he slowly fucks her mouth with his thick cock.

Though neither one of them has noticed, Cheryl Lynn has been watching the two of them since J.J. first spoke to Jack. She gently flits her fingers against J.J.’s pussy, keeping it wet and aroused but not stoking the fire in there… not yet. She slips her fingers between her soaked panties and into her own pussy, matching the movements she makes on J.J. As she watches J.J. pleasure Jack, Cheryl Lynn bites her lower lip and makes her decision.

Standing up, Cheryl Lynn puts her hands on her hips, cocking them to one side. “Well, I’d say it’s only fair that I get the benefit of that lovely mouth your girl has, Jack. Especially since it’s twice now that she’s sucked your cock.”

J.J. pulls her mouth off Jack’s cock in momentary confusion – twice? – but is distracted by the sight of the petite woman before her. Cheryl Lynn shimmies out of her black lace boy-shorts and kicks them to the side. Sliding her hands down her legs and back up to her waist, Cheryl Lynn frames her pussy and both Jack and J.J. can see and smell her arousal.

“Get up, honey. Like I said, it’s my turn.” J.J. slides off the chair, but doesn’t let go of Jack’s cock. She slowly works her hand up and down his cock, matching what Jack was doing when he watched the women earlier. Neither Jack nor J.J. is in control now; Cheryl Lynn dictates what happens next and both of them are happy to oblige her.

Cheryl Lynn sits in the office chair and beckons to J.J. As J.J. lets go of Jack’s cock and turns toward Cheryl Lynn, Cheryl Lynn cups her face in both hands and kisses J.J. again. J.J. responds back and runs her hands over the soft skin of Cheryl Lynn’s shoulders and chest. J.J. breaks the kiss and plants small kisses down Cheryl Lynn’s cheek to her neck and collarbone. J.J. feels Cheryl Lynn run her fingers through her short brown hair, gently pushing her head even further down.

J.J. kisses all around Cheryl Lynn’s right breast as she cups it in her right hand. Loving the feel of the soft skin and heft to it, J.J. would stay longer if she didn’t feel Cheryl Lynn guiding her even further down her body. Kneeling in front of Cheryl Lynn, J.J. watches her spread her pussy lips wide and run her fingers up and down them.

“This is just for you today, honey, so enjoy it,” Cheryl Lynn coos.

J.J. replaces Cheryl Lynn’s hands with her own, feeling Cheryl Lynn’s juices coat her fingers. She sucks two of her fingers into her mouth, tasting the juices there. J.J. then slides those two fingers deep into Cheryl Lynn’s pussy and starts to work them in and out of her tight and wet channel.

Cheryl Lynn moans deep in her throat and spreads her legs even wider to give J.J. better access. J.J. can’t resist getting a taste from the source, though, and slides her tongue deep into Cheryl Lynn’s pussy, above her thrusting fingers. She licks up to Cheryl Lynn’s protruding clitoris and sucks the fleshy knob between her lips, all the time continuing to fuck Cheryl Lynn’s pussy, now with a third finger added in to stretch her out.

Cheryl Lynn thrusts her hips in time to J.J.’s motions and feels the wave of her own orgasm start to build and crest inside her. Looking over at Jack, the first thing she sees is his cock – harder, thicker and throbbing more than any cock she has seen in a long time. Oh, that’s nice… but maybe next time. Cheryl Lynn smiles, partly to herself and partly to Jack.

“Go on, Jack… I can tell you want her. Fuck that nice little pussy while it’s so open and inviting.”

Jack’s attention had already been riveted on the scene before him, but it’s torn between watching J.J. orally pleasure his colleague and the way her sexy ass clenches and sways in front of that office chair. When he hears Cheryl Lynn’s command and J.J.’s moan of approval even through a mouthful of pussy, he has absolutely no problem complying.

Kneeling behind J.J.’s sweet ass, he runs the head of his throbbing cock up and down her pussy lips. Ordinarily, he would take his time and slide every inch of his cock slowly into J.J’s pussy so they both could enjoy the slow buildup of pleasure. But this whole crazy scene has made him insatiable and he can’t help but thrust mightily into J.J. with one push. Thankfully, J.J. is dripping wet and his cock is wet with J.J.’s saliva and his precum, so his cock slips into her wet folds easily.

J.J. moans deeply as she feels Jack’s cock fill her so completely and so fast. As he starts to thrust in and out of her, J.J. more rapidly fingers Cheryl Lynn’s pussy and suckles her clit harder into her mouth. Cheryl Lynn grasps J.J.’s head in her hands and holds her mouth tight against her pussy, grinding on that questing tongue.

Jack knows that he won’t be able to hold back his orgasm very long… these two sexy women before him have eliminated any chance of the usual delay he has between orgasms. They’ve driven him almost mad with desire and he slams his cock back and forth into J.J.’s accommodating pussy. He pulls her ass cheeks out and apart so that he can watch his cock slide in and out of her pussy, watching her pussy lips cling to every inch and drenching it with her juices.

J.J. screams in pleasure as Jack ravishes her pussy. Resting her head on Cheryl Lynn’s stomach, she tries her best to continue sucking on the woman’s clit, but can only manage to lick it when Jack’s thrusts push her into Cheryl Lynn’s pussy. Jack’s thrusts do allow her to keep thrusting her three fingers into Cheryl Lynn’s pussy, though; Cheryl Lynn’s entire pussy area is now awash with her juices.

Cheryl Lynn gently holds J.J.’s head against her stomach and feels her orgasm start to peak. But she knows how she wants this little scene to end – with a trifecta of orgasms – and just how she can make it happen.

“Cum in her, Jack… fill up that pussy with your cock and cum. Do it now and make her cum around your cock at the same time. Do it!”

Jack’s hips are a blur as he grips J.J.’s hips and relentlessly plows her pussy. Cheryl Lynn’s words send him over the edge and he slams his cock deep into J.J.’s tight and wet pussy one last time. Grunting, swearing and breathing heavily, he unleashes more cum in J.J. than he thought he ever has in his life.

J.J.’s mouth drops open as she feels Jack explode deep in her time and again and her pussy clamps down tight on his spasming cock. As her own orgasm courses through her body and makes her shudder and shake around Jack’s cock, she has barely enough presence of mind to twist her hand up in Cheryl Lynn’s pussy so that she can use her thumb to rub Cheryl Lynn’s juices against her clit.

Cheryl Lynn grips the arms of the office chair tightly and feels her body let loose with the group’s third orgasm. Her pussy clamps down on J.J.’s fingers and her juices coat her hand and run down the office chair. Cheryl Lynn tosses her head back and moans long and loud as her orgasm deeply shakes her and leaves her tingling with orgasmic aftershocks.

After that, the only sound in the room is the labored breathing of all three as each of them slowly come down from their individual heights of pleasure. Jack is bent over J.J.’s ass, his cock still throbbing deep in her pussy and his whole body quivering; J.J.’s pussy oh-so-slowly stops squeezing his cock. J.J’s body almost completely lies on the carpeted floor, both hands lying limply at her sides, her ass being the only raised part of her… mostly because Jack still holds it up with his cock buried inside her.

Cheryl Lynn gently slides her fingers through her pussy lips and brings them to her mouth to suck up the juices. Sliding out of the office chair, she kneels down to pick up her shirt and slacks but gives J.J. a deep kiss before she stands. Slowly putting on her clothes, but without her bra and panties, she smiles as she watches the two sweaty bodies before her.

Cheryl Lynn grabs her bra and panties and throws them on the office chair. Holding her flats in her hand, she steps to Jack’s office door, unlocks it and opens it a crack. Before she opens it more, she turns to both of them and smiles through her tousled dark hair.

“I’ll get those back from you next time.” With that, she slips through the door and closes it behind her.

J.J. turns her head to look at Jack with tired surprise and sees in his eyes that they share the same thought and response. Both start to smile as the implication sets in.

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