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Scholarship Requirements

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Tiffany Andrews arrived early for her appointment with Miss Elizabeth Jones, Principle of Hedley Coleville Academy. She had only been to the office of the exclusive school once before, when she had enrolled her two children, Amber who was 12 and Derrick 10.

The principle’s secretary was busy, efficiently updating files and answering the telephone. The name on her desk was Anna Lin. Tiffany had met her more than once and had often seen Anna in the supermarket where they both shopped. She was a petite Asian woman, probably in her late 30’s to early 40’s. With long black hair and an elegant shape she carried with her an aura of sensuality that was enhanced by full lips, the kind, if you were a man, you could get lost in while kissing. Tiffany couldn’t put her finger on why she thought of her this way but lately she had been experiencing conflicting feelings that were confusing to her.

Tiffany met her husband when he was lecturing at her college where she was studying psychology with the intention of going on to graduate school and becoming a professional. Claude owned Andrews Psychological Clinics, a group of clinics in the metropolitan area and was noted in his field. She was a senior, aged 21, when they met, approaching him after his lecture. She wanting to pursue one of the points he had made. What seemed like a simple question started an intense conversation that led to an exciting romance that culminated in Claude divorcing his wife and marrying the young woman just fifteen months after they had talked in the hall.

Her life with Claude Andrews was idyllic. He was successful, well regarded by his peers and devastatingly handsome. He took Tiffany to place she hadn’t considered she would see until she was a much older woman. She graduated and started graduate school but withdrew prior to their marriage and never continued. Within three years she had two children, a girl and a boy, and when they were old enough, she enrolled them in the exclusive Hedley Coleville Academy. To Tiffany, life seemed too good to be true and was, when earlier in the year when Claude suffered a severe heart attack while playing tennis and died on the operating table. When it came time to settle Claude’s affairs Tiffany was lost; she was 38, adrift on an uncharted sea.

Claude’s dad, Alan was very helpful to her but in sorting out the pieces but found that Claude had managed his money very poorly and had been living beyond his means. He pointed out that as things stood Tiffany would have to pursue life much less ostentatiously, which required that she sell the elegant house. The money from the house would be able to support Tiffany and the children on a more moderate basis but the budget would not sustain the luxury of the expensive school thus, the appointment with Miss Jones.

The quality of education the children were getting at Hedley Coleville was, for Tiffany, too important to give up without doing everything in her power to maintain. Both children had become so advanced in their knowledge at Hedley Coleville and Tiffany was desperate to keep them enrolled that she asked for the appointment with Miss Jones to see what could be done. Perhaps, she thought, she could offer, as a volunteer, her services as a teacher’s aid.

Elizabeth Jones ran the school with the reputation of being a stern taskmistress and had the reputation of being an outstanding educator. While Tiffany had only talked with her a couple of times she had seen her make presentations to women’s organizations and was in awe of the woman, who carried herself with such elegance and command. She was in the office to make a plea to Miss Jones to see if there was anyway the children could remain at the school and was a bundle of nerves.

The phone on Anna Linn’s desk rang. She picked it up, listened and said to the person on the other end of the line, “Yes, I understand.” She listened with pursed lips while looking at Tiffany and a fleeting smile curved her mouth then stole away. Her eyes assessed Tiffany Andrews in a way that made Tiffany feel like she was being rated. It was as if Anna was looking at a watermelon and getting ready to thump it. The elegant Asian smiled as if she had found the perfect melon for the party and said, “Miss Jones will see you now Mrs. Andrews.”

Anna watched the woman stand and smooth her fawn colored skirt with her hands. She shook her head to adjust her shoulder length dark brown hair and brushed a strand away from her eyes. Tiffany stood about 5’10”; she had a well-defined, curvy figure that was highlighted by large breasts, probably DD. Her nipples, through her white, long sleeved pullover were visible; some would call them almond sized. Her complexion was light olive and she had sultry doe eyes.

As Tiffany walked through the door she felt like she was on display. Still sensing Anna Linn’s eyes on her she felt invaded then somewhat aroused. She had always been a man’s woman and didn’t understand the feeling she had just experienced. But, since Claude’s death, so many things had been confusing to her. As she walked from one office to another she had been passed from one set of eyes to the other.

The woman on the other side of the desk stood. She had so much poise that she could have been a blonde haired; blue-eyed Greek goddess of old, dressed in a flowing white robe. The woman was wearing a business suit, gray pinstriped slacks (the jacket was hanging on a hanger on the wooden clothes rack) and her blouse was pleated in front with short-cuffed sleeves. To Tiffany she appeared to be approximately her age. She was about the same height as Tiffany, perhaps an inch or so shorter, maybe 5’8 or 9. Her hips were curvy but not overwhelming so. They had tightness about them that suggested consistent workouts. Her breasts were not as large as Tiffany’s, probably 36D, and the way her nipples protruded it was clear she wore a sheer net bra.

Offering her hand she said, “It’s good to meet you again Mrs. Andrews.” She shook Tiffany’s hand firmly and held it a bit longer than was comfortable. At the same time her eyes moved quickly down and up Tiffany’s body and fixed on her eyes before her hand released its grip.

“I’m surprised you remembered me Miss Jones; we’ve only talked twice in the last three years.” The principal was maintaining firm eye contact, as was she, but Tiffany had the feeling that her peripheral vision was centered on her nipples and she wasn’t able to stop the warm sensation that settled in her saddle.

“Please call me Elizabeth, Mrs. Andrews. May I call you Tiffany?” Tiffany nodded. “In answer to your question Tiffany, even though we have interfaced yes, infrequently, you are the kind of woman who stands out in a crowd.” She held eye contact and said, “Forgive me, it has been such a long time but let me express my regrets at the loss of your husband. He seemed like such a vibrant man.” She gestured to the seat in front of the desk and said, “Please have a seat Tiffany.” Tiffany sat down and Elizabeth moved behind the desk and sat.

She picked up two manila folders that were on the desk. “If you’re concerned about Melinda or Derrick, they are excellent students…model students I would say.”

“Thank you Miss (Elizabeth silently mouthed her name) Elizabeth. Their performance is not why I asked for the appointment.” She put her hands on the desk, flattened her palms together then nervously drummed her fingers. “I…I have a much more difficult subject to talk with you about.” Elizabeth raised one eyebrow.

“You seem upset Tiffany,” she said. “Please feel free to talk plainly with me.”

Tiffany cleared her throat. “Sometimes circumstances present themselves in away that take one completely off guard.” She cleared her voice again.

“You’re referring to your husbands passing?” Elizabeth reached her right hand across the desk and patted Tiffany’s left. “I can imagine how devastating that must be for a young woman like you.” Her lips curved a sympathetic smile and she patted Tiffany’s hand and drew hers away.

“Y…yes…that was a shock but there’s more and I don’t quite know how to begin.”

Elizabeth pushed the button on the intercom. “Anna, would you please bring in a carafe of water and a glass?” Looking into Tiffany’s eyes she said, “The best way to start a difficult subject, Tiffany, is from the beginning.”

There was a six-person conference table in the alcove to the right of the desk. Elizabeth stood. Maybe it would be more comfortable have this discussion at the table; it would be much less formal.” She rounded the desk, took Tiffany’s hand and led her to the table, pulling out chair to the left of the end. At the same time Anna Linn came in carrying a polished chrome tray with a carafe and three glasses. Elizabeth took the tray from Anna and the two women’s eyes spoke something that caused Anna’s nostrils to flare. “Thank you Anna,” she said dismissing her. The secretary left the room and Elizabeth set the tray on the table, poured two glasses of water, set one in front of Tiffany and one in front of the seat on the end. She sat down, looked at Tiffany and said, “Now, tell me what’s on your heart dear.”

Tiffany sipped from the glass, set it down and began. She told of how pleased she was with Hedley Coleville School, how happy both she and Claude had been to be able to even enroll the children. She told of the devastation of Claude’s death and how, thru her father-in-law she learned of his financial condition…how she sold the house and had scaled down her lifestyle, all with the goal of keeping the children at Hedley Coleville. “But, even after that…”

“You’re still not able to afford the tuition?”

“Yes…I mean no…I mean I can afford to keep one here but not both.” Tears sparkled in the corners of her eyes. “I feel like Solomon telling the two women that he would cut the two children in half…”

Elizabeth reached for a box of tissues in the middle of the table and eased it in front of Tiffany who took a tissue, wiped her eyes and blew her nose. Elizabeth reached a waste can and held it for Tiffany to drop the tissue. “I feel like such a fool, acting like this Miss (Elizabeth mouthed her name)…Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth patted her hand and said, “Tiffany, let’s not assume the worst. I think we can work this out.”

Tiffany felt a surge of relief and offered; “I would be honored to work as a teacher’s aid…I graduated with honors with a major in psychology. I’m sure I would be very good with the children and…”

Elizabeth fixed Tiffany’s eyes, took both hands and interrupted, “My dear, sweet Tiffany, that is entirely out of the question; we are overstaffed as it is.” She chuckled and squeezed Tiff’s hands. “I had heard about your dilemma from your father-in-law and have had a good deal of time to consider the possibilities. I’m sure we can work out an acceptable solution.”

“Oh, Elizabeth,” Tiffany enthused, “I can’t believe you are saying this…I would do anything?”

“Anything?” Elizabeth interrupted.

“Yes, anything.”

Elizabeth got up, walked behind Tiffany’s chair and began to massage Tiffany’s shoulders. “You are so tense my dear lady…relax…we can make better sense if you are not so uptight.”

An alarm went off in Tiff’s brain. She couldn’t be suggesting what I’m thinking.

Elizabeth continued her massage, talking while she kneaded Tiffany’s tight shoulders. “We have had other circumstances, Tiffany, where mothers have fallen into difficulty and we’ve been able to work it out.” Her fingers were gently caressing the side of Tiff’s neck, which made the vulnerable woman begin to relax. “There is a sacrifice on the part of the mother…there has to be, you know but…to a person, each woman has accepted the challenge and is happily participating…some still participate, even after their children have graduated.”

Tiff felt like she was being hypnotized. Elizabeth’s fingers deftly caressed behind her ears then on the rims. Tiffany had been naïve when she married Claude, the only sex she had had with boys was heavy petting. It seemed wrong what Elizabeth was doing. But she was making her feel so good. She flashed back to the night her roommate was upset, crying so uncontrollably. She had hugged her, had consoled her until the girl kissed her. She loved the kiss but thought it wrong, did not pursue what her nature said she should. She remembered masturbating and having a thrilling silent orgasm before going to sleep that night.

Elizabeth’s fingers were massaging her temples, scratching along her hairline. “You have even met one of the women who have enjoyed their…uh…sacrifice.” Her hands were working the cheekbones. “Each one is a beautiful woman…just as you are Tiffany.” Her hands smoothed over her shoulders then up and down the sides of her arms.

She was warm to the core of her body and she thought, the children will have an excellent education then she thought of how the kiss of her college roommate felt and she remember how, so many times, she had masturbated thinking of her.

“You do know how beautiful you are, don’t you Tiffany?” Her fingers were caressing her collarbones. Tiffany nodded. “Very, very beautiful my sweet.” Tiffany felt Elizabeth’s soft, warm lips on the back of her neck. “Would you be surprised if I told you Anna is the woman who still does my bidding.? Tiffany thought of Anna Lin’s full lips, the way she was looking at her. She had a lump in her throat and felt her breathing increase. She shook her head no. “She is beautiful too, don’t you think Tiffany?” Tiffany felt Elizabeth’s hands close on her breasts and fondle them. “Such beautiful breasts.”

The door opened and Anna walked in. “Don’t you think Tiffany is beautiful Anna?” Anna told her yes and walked to Elizabeth who took her hand and led her to the side of the table where Tiffany could see. She held Anna’s face between her hands and kisses her full lips.

How wrong can this be Tiffany thought, thinking again of her roommate and wishing they had “known” one another? She hadn’t had sex since before Claude had died… had masturbated over and over thinking of him…and had masturbated over and over thinking of Miriam, her roommate. She watched the two women kiss, watched as Elizabeth pulled Anna’s sweater up and over her arms, dropping it on the chair. She felt the familiar tingle between her legs and wanted to touch herself. Elizabeth unhooked the front of Anna’s bra, exposing her petite, elegant breasts, which excited Tiff even more and she clamped her legs together to put some kind of pressure on her clitoris.

Elizabeth left Anna, whose full, pouting lips pursed as she watched her stand behind Tiffany again, slipping her hands under Tiff’s arms and lifting her top to expose her breasts. “Show this lovely lady what you have learned Anna,” Elizabeth said as she slid her fingers beneath the fabric of Tiff’s bra and fondled her breasts. Anna pressed on her own breasts, moved them in opposing circles forming her luscious lips into an oval that emitted a soft ‘ooo.’ “Isn’t she an exquisite example of a woman?” Elizabeth whispered in Tiff’s ears. Her voice was husky and sensous.

Tiffany felt like she was in a gauzy dream. How could she have imagined that her sojourn to the principal’s office could lead to this? But Elizabeth indicated that the problem of her children staying enrolled in Hedley Coleville could be solved and her mind was easy about that facet. But, what can she be expecting of me, she thought. In her heart she knew what Elizabeth Jones was up to. She felt like she was being blackmailed and reason railed against it.

But reason wasn’t in control and with the memory of her missed opportunity with Miriam coupled with the celibacy that had been forced by Claude’s death, Tiffany Andrews, demure mother of two, watched the petite and sexy Asian play with her breasts, now rolling her nipples between her fingers her and thumbs and sighing and oohing. She felt Elizabeth’s fingers doing the same to her nipples, wondering what else would be required of her. She wasn’t going to upset Elizabeth and thought, since she had been given the opportunity to save her children’s education, even though the opportunity might lead her in a direction she had not been prepared to follow, she resolved that she was going to enjoy it, to show enjoyment, to please Elizabeth no matter what.

As the sensations electrified her own breasts Tiffany watched Anna undo her skirt, letting it drop to the floor. She was beautiful, her long hair draped over her left shoulder hiding the nipple of her left breast. The right breast was in full view. They were slight, probably 32A, just beyond puffies. Her nipples and areolas were dark, almost black, her dark skin against her stark white panties was stunning. She looked at Tiff and licked her luscious lips, wiggled her hips and peeled down her panties. Her pussy hair was trimmed but full…full in a way that Tiff hadn’t considered. It wasn’t curly like hers but soft and straight, almost silky. She desired to lay her face on Anna’s mound and feel her soft fur against her cheek.

An electric shock coursed down her spine when Elizabeth’s hot breath whispered, “Have you ever seen such lovely pussy hair Tiffany?” She wanted to answer but gasped as Elizabeth’s fingers squeezed her nipples. She’d never had them pinched before and they hurt…bad. She wanted to squirm free but just as she was ready to yelp her nipples became numb and her pussy seeped its warm liquid. Elizabeth released her nipples and the blood rushed back, causing pain then pleasure.

“Do you want to get on the table Anna?” Elizabeth said and Anna mouthed a silent yes, walked sensually to the table and turned. She placed her hands flat on the surface and boosted herself to sit on the edge.

Elizabeth’s lips were no more than a half-inch from her ears. “Would you like to see her pussy Tiffany?”

Eyes saucer wide, Tiffany gulped and nodded as Anna responded to Elizabeth’s cue and laid her back on the table. She pulled her legs up and placed her feet flat on the edge of the table, spreading her legs. Anna’s demure lips opened with a soft click and Tiffany, expecting pink labia, was stunned to see that they matched her dark areolas. “Show us more baby,” Elizabeth coaxed and Tiff gasped as Anna spread her dark labia, exposing the contrast of her bright pink vagina. “And more…” Anna lifted her legs, keeping her thumbs on her opened pussy, and spread her cheeks. Tiffany was stunned at the sight of Anna’s pubic hair standing upright like black seaweed, her glistening dark (almost black) labia framed by her puffy lips, through which blazed her ruby rare cunt, punctuated by her pouting black asshole.

Tiff’s breasts were now hanging free but she felt her nipples throbbing with her heartbeat. Elizabeth coaxed her arms straight up so she could peel off the garment. She dropped Tiff’s bra straps over her shoulders and her bra fell to the floor. “Play with your clitoris Anna,” Elizabeth commanded.

The delectably petite Asian woman placed her feet on the tabletop again, trapped her clitoris between her two middle fingers and rubbed it gently, moaning and working her legs open and closed. Her ass wriggled on the table and her moans sounded like a kitten pleading for its mother’s milk. The soft wet sounds of her rubbing fingers made gentle clicks.

“Fuck your cunt Baby,” Elizabeth soothed and Anna slipped the middle finger of her right hand inside, digging against her g-spot and writhing like a snake being held down. Another finger joined in and she worked them in and out with sodden slurps. Elizabeths hands fondled Tiff’s breasts. She pecked her neck with her lips and licked the rims of her ears. Tiffany squirmed in her chair, feeling her wet pussy lips slide against each other. “Have you ever eaten a woman’s pussy Tiffany?”

“No,” she answered in a tremulous whisper.

“Let me show you.”

Poised, Elizabeth walked to the table, her hips now swaying sensuously. She stood over the writhing form of Anna, looked back at Tiffany with a pleased smile then pulled a chair behind the petite Asian and sat down. Tiffany watched as her back bent and her head went down between Anna’s legs, lower until she could see Anna clench her palms flatten on the tabletop. The only noise in the room was Anna’s pleasured moans until the wet silkiness of Elizabeth’s tongue joined in; followed by the sound of Elizabeth’s nostrils pulling air.

As she watched, Tiffany became aware of Elizabeth’s hand on her right breast pushing it against her chest and massaging it in a circular motion; Elizabeth’s left hand was inside her panties, rubbing her own wet clitoris. Anna’s legs stiffened and frog kicked, her moans turned to measured shrieks. The view of the back of Elizabeth’s wagging head and the sound of her lapping tongue and lusty moans made Tiff rub her clit more forcefully. She stiffened, gritted her teeth, gasped and cried out, “Oh God!” Her orgasm surged through her body and she quivered and released in the most satisfying orgasm she had had since before Claude died. Miriam’s face flashed into her brain and she whispered, “Yesss,” before being shrouded in blackness.

When she awoke she was laying on the lush carpet, naked. A small black haired woman was kneeling at her feet, massaging them. She couldn’t see her face and the woman’s long black hair covered her breasts. Tiff’s head was resting on a soft warm pillow. She looked up and her eyes caught the lovely shape of two beautiful breasts tipped with medium sized, pinkish brown nipples. They were centered on large round areolas and stood out like erasers. Above the breasts was the face of a beautiful blue-eyed woman. Her senses returning, she realized she had blacked out…that she was laying in Elizabeth’s warm and naked lap, and Anna, the beautiful Asian secretary was massaging and now kissing her feet.

“Welcome back sweetie” Elizabeth purred.

Anna’s touch was so very delicate. Tiffany felt like she was being massaged with butterfly wings. The warmth of Elizabeth’s nude body filled her with a feeling of safety and security. She watched as Elizabeth’s face loomed over her; her lipstick had worn off. When they touched Tiff’s lips they felt soft… warm pillows. A familiar aroma, the same aroma Tiff had smelled on her fingers whenever she had played with her own pussy, the same aroma she smelled on Claude’s cock after it had been in her pussy before he had cum, filled her nostrils now. It was the smell of Anna’s pussy…and she loved it.

It was as if she were afloat on a billowy cloud being attended to by angels. Elizabeth’s hands fondled Tiff’s breasts, her fingers tenderly exploring the expanse of soft flesh, pimpled areolas and the large nubbins of her nipples. She felt Anna’s hands lifting her waist and she instinctively arched her back to help. She felt the soft pillow being placed beneath her ass, Anna coaxing her knees up and spreading her legs then, Anna’s soft warm tongue sluicing through her groove.

The connection of electrical charges was completed and her body became charged with incredible warmth. Two tongues: Elizabeth’s exploring the inside of her mouth, its slick underside on the velvet top of hers and then the velvet of Elizabeth’s under the slippery underside of hers. Anna’s, wetting itself in the pool of her slit then sliding juicily to her clitoris, moving in tiny micro-circles, touching nerve endings that sent charges in new directions.

The kiss between Elizabeth and Tiff was long; their tongues probed and circled wildly. Like a snorting mare Tiff’s nostrils inhaled for both she and Elizabeth, hers served as an exhaust. Both chins glistened with saliva that leaked from the seal of their lips.

Cradled in Elizabeth’s arms Tiff experienced new sensations; a woman’s kiss, hands fondling her breasts, another woman’s tongue licking and laving her vagina, lapping and probing her anus. She felt Elizabeth’s fingers caress her tummy and scratch through her pubic hair, those long red fingernails. She felt Anna’s mouth compress on her vulva and heard her throat clutching for breath (Elizabeth’s hand had left Tiff’s tummy and she laced her fingers in Anna’s hair and pushed her head against Tiffany’s pussy). She was floating in her mother’s amniotic fluid.

Once again, Anna lifted Tiff’s legs. She puckered her lips on Tiffany’s puckering asshole and oozed a mouthful of saliva inside then slid her middle finger in Tiff’s ass, slithering in and out. When Anna’s tongue left Tiff’s clit Elizabeth’s finger penetrated the ravished woman’s cunt and worked opposing the movement of Anna’s finger. Her thumb twiddled Tiff’s clit and her left hand rolled and pinched the knot of her nipple.

Tiffany’s orgasmic threshold had been crossed. She stiffened like her toe had been pushed into an electrical socket and her body vibrated in passionate spasms. She had known the joy of orgasmic sex with Claude; he had been a skilled and tender lover. But the ministrations of these two women were incredibly in sync with her desires. Where, sometimes, she had to show Claude where to place his fingers, or how much pressure to apply these angels knew. They were women. They knew! And, her release was not only more intense but more natural.

It seemed that they were all working as a team whose goal was to bring Tiff back into the realm of sexuality as well as steeping themselves in mutual pleasure. Deep down, she knew that she was there at Elizabeth’s behest, a sensual ultimatum. Her first instincts were to rail against it, to resist but, once her juices began to percolate again, she knew that what ever Elizabeth demanded of her she would willingly comply. Two glorious orgasms…and what would be expected of her in return? She lusted for the answer.

“Maybe you would like to eat Anna’s pussy,” Elizabeth said to her. Tiffany recognized that she was too classy a woman to make a command. But, it was a command, none-the-less. “Anna, perhaps you would like to lay on the floor.” She smiled like a good teacher. “Maybe Tiffany would like to sit on your face?”

Anna laid on the floor, her dark brown eyes, like a puppy that had just been rewarded, soaked in Elizabeth’s approval. Elizabeth put the pillow under her head. She held out her hand and took Tiffany’s, helping her to her feet. “Come my dear.” She led Tiff to stand at Anna’s head then took both hands, and while straddling Anna’s feet said, “Kneel down and put your pussy on Anna’s mouth.” She wanted to say ‘yes ma’am’ but just nodded her head, bent her knees and with Elizabeth’s hands steadying her she knelt then slowly lowered her ass until she felt Anna’s lips on her pussy.

She looked up, wincing with pleasure when Anna’s tongue flapped like butterfly wings in her sodden groove, and, for the first time got a good look at her children’s principle, standing naked before her. In her three inch heels she towered over her. She looked like a fashion model, slim hips, slight breasts, a flat belly and a shaved mound. Elizabeth looked hard into Tiff’s eyes then, with hers, forced Tiff’s vision to Anna’s pussy.

As commanded, she lowered her body until her tits had sagged to Anna’s tummy, indenting her nipples. Elizabeth stepped back, bent down and took hold of Anna’s ankles, raising her legs. “Wrap your arms around her legs, hun.” Tiffany complied, wrapping her arms around Anna’s legs, just below the knee. She spread them and lowered her head, gazed at Anna’s black mink triangle and, while wiggling her ass to the sensation of the Asian’s waggling tongue, she lowered her head close to Anna’s pussy. Once again she was taken with how slight her pussy lips were, and when she spread her legs wider and saw the puffy lips open and expose the labia, she was amazed at how black they were, and how, when the woman’s cunt opened, her insides glowed a deep pinkish orange.

She had dreamed of putting her mouth on another woman’s pussy since she and her college roommate, Miriam, had kissed that night years ago. And now, as the redolence of Anna’s female musk wafted in her nostrils, she pressed her lips on the puffy lips, pointed her tongue and opened them and, when she tasted the exquisite honey she clamped and quivered in a mini orgasm. This ignited Anna’s passions and she wiggled and moaned, lapped and slurped.

Tiffany savored the smell and taste and texture of Anna’s pussy. With the tip of her tongue she touched her clit the way she liked to have her own clitoris touched, glided it over the surface of the slippery node, amazed at, though it was so small, how large the surface seemed to be. As Anna was doing the same to her, using her woman’s tongue to excite a woman’s parts, knowing how and what and how much and how little, Tiff had taken so naturally to the lingual luxuriance that Anna’s cunt was flowing with her excitement.

“Hold your ass up Mrs. Andrews,” Elizabeth commanded. Reaching her hand under Tiffany’s abdomen she pulled her up and away from Anna’s tongue, which was still flapping on her clitoris. Since Claude’s passing Tiff had longed for the feeling of a rigid cock inside her, something she wondered if it would ever happen again. She wasn’t prepared for the feeling and wondered how Elizabeth was achieving it.

While the two women were writhing on the floor Elizabeth had walked to her desk, opened the bottom drawer and had taken out the strap-on she kept for these afternoon idylls, along with other toys. She had always been amazed at how many people lived over their heads and it wasn’t unusual for mothers to come in from time to time, hemming and hawing about their financial condition. The women always said they would do anything to keep their children enrolled and if Elizabeth was interested in adding them to her harem she would show them the way. She had only met Tiffany Andrews a couple times since she enrolled her children at Hedley Colville but, secretly, wished she could have sex with her. Though she was sorry for the attractive young woman’s loss, she was pleased that she came into to plead for her children’s continued enrollment.

When Elizabeth held her hips and she felt the large object penetrating her pussy she yelped like a wounded coyote. It wasn’t painful, but painfully wonderful. The large hard object (she had no idea what it was) filled her pussy and stopped just short of her cervix. Elizabeth’s hand pushed the back of her head down and she resumed eating Anna’s pussy. Elizabeth pulled back, almost removing the object from her pussy then shoved it in hard. She lifted her head and yelped again, feeling Elizabeth’s hand pushing her head back to Anna’s pussy.

“Would you like me to fuck you too, Anna?”

“Yes, please, Elizabeth. Please,” she implored in her subservient Asian woman’s voice.

She pulled the strap-on penis from Tiff’s cunt, took her hand and helped her stand up. As Tiffany stood she looked in wonder at the large black dildo wobbling in front of Elizabeth’s crotch. Elizabeth took Anna’s hand and helped her up then led both women to the end of the conference table and had them stand together. “Show her what I want Anna.” Anna complied and turned, bent over and stretched her arms forward. She placed her hands flat on the table. “Tiffany?” Tiff turned and copied Anna. “Kiss each other ladies.”

Anna and Tiff turned toward each other, both so vulnerable, standing naked before the grinning woman with the menacing dong. Their lips met in a tender kiss, which had the same effect on each woman, each one’s ass wriggling in a plea or an invitation to Elizabeth, their minds anticipating the penetration of the black cock’s thrust, each thinking, “Choose me.”

Anna felt it first, her gasp forcing her own air out of Tiff’s mouth with a “pwah!” She bucked against a second and third thrust, exploding high pitched oohs from the tiny oval of her petite lips, which pouted when the large dick pulled out.

Tiff marveled at the expressions on Anna’s face and when her turn came, the absence of Claude’s cock, the yearning for the sensations which she had become addicted to and the glee in being penetrated so forcefully, she whooped like she had been immersed in ice water. The nerve endings in her vagina reached out like the arms of a starving crowd, and wallowed in the overpowering sensations. Desperate to be satiated she clamped the muscles of her vagina but couldn’t hold on and, when Elizabeth pulled the cock out with a “pop,” she mourned its loss. Tears welled in her eyes as she watched Anna lurch forward from the driving force each of Elizabeth’s four thrusts, grunting like a wounded pig. “Fuck me,” she cried out and was rewarded ten (she counted them) fucks of that glorious, hard cock, each long stroke creating shocking sensations throughout her body.

“Rub your clit baby,” Elizabeth said, breathing heavily from her exertion. She pulled out on the tenth and before giving Anna her ten she said, “get ready to cum for Mama sweetie.”

Desperate to cum while being fucked she rubbed like she had never rubbed before. Her head wagged wildly, her hair swishing back and forth, and she cooed at what was to come. Anna began snorting like pig, punctuating her snorts with “yes, yes, yes,” and, when Elizabeth commanded that she come now, she arched her back, stiffened, let out a screaming whoop and fell flat on the table with her arms extended Moslem-like supplication, panting from her exertion.

“It will be twelve for you Mrs. Edwards—my Tiffany—and I want you to cum on twelve.” She slid the long, hard cock inside Tiff’s cunt and cooed, “onnnnne, count with me baby,” and Tiffany repeated the count.

She kept rubbing her clit and wiggling her ass, bucking back at each number, the first two slow, “two.” Then , faster “three, four, five.” She bucked and repeated each number, rubbing her clitoris, bending her knees like a little girl who had to pee. Tiffany felt the moisture of Elizabeth’s perspiration dripping on her back and heard her gasp the last seven numbers. Her response was a dreamy echo. She was surrounded by an aura of sexual bliss, all of her nerve endings rigid, all being caressed with either phallic or imagined ecstasy. It would be hard to express what laid behind the door to her release. Was it the rubber band of a model airplane, its strands being twisted into knots until it was ready to break, that would whisk the plane in vibrating flight, or was it the long ride up, up, up the longest rollercoaster in the world, just before reaching the crest? Or was it both? Or was more?

Her body was on fire when Elizabeth slammed her hard to the shout of “twelve!” The shutter of her mental camera released, letting in a kind of light she had never seen before—rapture—the images were surreal, the kind of surreal she had experienced as a teenager when she had dropped LSD. The pictures were larger, with vivid colors. In a giant emerald OZ she was a munchkin. Anna’s eyes looked out of a forest of ebony hair. They were Bambi’s eyes and her lips were huge and sensual. Even though Elizabeth was behind her Tiff’s all-seeing eyes saw her standing proud, her smallish breasts perking, her nipples standing out like little fingers, to the first knuckle, indicating, “come to me.” The black cock of her strap-on was buried in Tiffany’s behind.

The shutter snapped shut, burying her in darkness and the earthquake began. She was aware of crying out again and again, of the heat of her body rushing to her skin and retreating to her guts then back out again, each time in lessening waves. She felt her pussy flood with her sexual moisture, her asshole puckering tight, her toes crimping. She levitated, was carried by invisible hands to a soft, warm water bed. Or was she again in her mother’s womb?

When she recovered her presence she was on the floor, between the sweaty bodies of Elizabeth and Anna. Their kisses felt like butterflies’ wings on her neck and ears and their perspiration like a soothing steam bath. “You must have come today, Tiffany, for reasons other than your children,” she heard Elizabeth say.” To her the reason became muddled, the children, yes, but the answer to her prayers.

After they had all toweled off Elizabeth sat behind her desk. Tiffany was in the chair across the desk and Anna stood at the door. “Tell Meredith that our conference is over, Anna.” Anna opened the door, went out and closed it.

“So,” Elizabeth said, “Can you afford tuition for one of your children, Tiffany?”

Without hesitation Tiffany answered, “Yes, that would fit into my budget.”

“Then Amber will be paid for by you and Derrick will be on scholarship. Do you think that will work?” Tiffany nodded acceptance. “You can come in once a week and help me with filing. Will that be alright?”

Alright? She could have been at the most elegant spa in the world and she wouldn’t have felt better. “That would be just fine, Elizabeth.”

“And…” Tiffany looked at apprehensively at Elizabeth. “Anna has to go back to Taiwan next month to renew her visa. Do you think you could fill in for her for a couple of weeks?”

“A couple of weeks,” She answered as if she had been invited to go on a cruise.

“Yes, I particularly need your help to counsel with a couple of mothers who are having financial problems…..”

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