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Sarah’s Happy Holiday

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To set the scene, we were staying in one of two villas that were situated on a hill among olive groves and exotic wild flowers with a beautiful vista overlooking the sea; we shared a swimming pool with the villa next door and a private beach could be found down a few rickety steps.

The small town of Gaios was about a twenty-minute walk down a long winding road and the only sign of life we ever saw was the occasional passing boat or an odd inquisitive goat.

On the first morning of our stay Kevin, my husband, went off to explore the town while I settled down to sunbathe lazily around the pool.

I guess I had been there for about half an hour when I saw a woman approaching wearing nothing but a tiny blue bikini thong. I was instantly struck by her presence, even from a distance I could see what a lovely figure she had and she moved extremely gracefully as she saw me and glided over to say hello.

She introduced herself as Jade and explained that she was my neighbour as she was staying in the only other villa, she set herself up on a sun bed next to mine and we spent the rest of the morning chatting in general and getting to know each other.

She told me that she was from Glasgow originally where she had trained to become a nurse. That surprised me as I had already decided that by the way she looked and moved that she must have been a fashion or glamour model of some kind. She seemed too perfect to be a mere mortal like myself.

She was quite tall, about 5′ 8″ with soft shoulder length brown hair, she had the most engaging deep green eyes and long dark eyelashes, with high cheek bones, a small slightly upturned nose and full ripe lips.

Her body was as close to perfection as you could get. She had superb muscle tone, a trim flat stomach, natural breasts that were quite large but held themselves upright and proud, and long beautifully sculptured legs.

She wore no make-up, she didn’t need any and she had a glorious bronze tan with no white markings except where her small thong had been sitting.

Her movements were all unhurried and elegant somehow and her smile was highly contagious.

The whole package was finished off with a very soft and endearing Scottish accent.

Jade told me that Paul, her partner, was a consultant neurosurgeon. He was in the process of finishing a medical paper and had to spend three weeks in Corfu hospital, so she had decided to enjoy a secluded holiday here in Paxos.

Just after mid-day Kevin appeared with a very welcome bottle of Martini and the three of us sat chatting throughout the rest of the afternoon.

Jade was so alluring that I cannot honestly say that erotic thoughts of getting her into bed did not cross my mind, but in truth I had no real intention of making a move on her. From her general conversation she seemed to be a happy normal heterosexual woman.

Jade refused to come with us when we went out that first evening as she did not want to ‘get in the way’ but after the second day we persuaded her to join us for the night at a cocktail bar in the town.
As funny as it sounds I had not until that evening seen Jade with any clothes on! Just a small thong and an occasional bikini top or sarong when we had lunch on our veranda, and I was certainly not prepared for how stunning she looked now that she was dressed in her eveningwear.

She wore a black chiffon halter-neck toga dress that shimmered as she moved. It was cut very low at the back and then sweeping up from the sides it lightly brushed over her firm breasts as it continued on to tie at the nape of her slender neck. The long loose ‘V’ neckline it created at the front ran almost down to her navel and the short flowing skirt hugged the contours of her upper thigh making her legs look even longer.

On her feet she wore pretty wedged sandals also in black that laced their way up around her tanned calves and she carried a tiny velvet purse.
Jade’s soft hair was cut to fall in natural layers with a short fringe swept to one side. Her make-up was light but effective, highlighting her large Green eyes. Her lips were glossed with a natural colour and her finger and toenails were painted a delicate shade of peach. Her only concession to Jewry was two small black pendant earrings and the gold ankle chain that she always wore on her left leg.

From our villa the first part of the road down to Gaios was fairly steep so Jade and myself held hands to help steady each other on the steep path, but as the road evened out she made no attempt to dislodge my hand and we chatted hand in hand like two schoolgirls all the way into town.
After a lovely meal in a restaurant overlooking the harbour we spent the rest of the night in the cocktail bar where we all got rather merry.

I noticed how tactile Jade was with me then. The music was loud but not overly so, and Jade would often put her arm around my waist or neck when she spoke in my ear.
It was probably the alcohol working its way into my system that started me off, but I returned this act by flirting with her, very innocently but decisively.

I would let my hand rest on her leg in exclamation of something she had said or brush a stray hair from her face, I allowed my eyes to linger on hers just a moment longer than perhaps I am supposed to.

I was as tactile and silently suggestive as I could be without being too obvious but hopefully just enough to let her know that I was enjoying her company. Very much!

For all I knew Jade acted the same way with everyone and I did not want to mess up a newfound friend over my wayward hormones, so I managed to keep myself under control and not go to far. If I was reading Jade wrong I could have seriously offended her and I had no intention of doing so.
Kevin was as self sufficient as ever and chatting to various people in the bar, while still flirting outrageously with the two of us from time to time.

We had a great night and laughed all the way back to our villa, (Jade and myself hand in hand once again).

When we eventually got back Kevin poured yet more drinks and we sat around talking for a while, we were all getting quite drunk when Kevin knowing me as he does, bade us both goodnight and took himself off to bed.
To my disappointment Jade said that she should really be getting off to bed as well, so I insisted on walking her the fifty metres or so across to her villa on the pretence that I was not as drunk as she was and she would probably get lost in the dark.

We got to her veranda and Jade fumbled around in her small purse in the dark trying to find the key.
I was standing very close to her with my hand on the small of her back to steady her when she triumphantly produced the key, she turned towards me and thanked me for a wonderful time, then wishing me goodnight she motioned forward to give me a peck on the cheek.

I don’t know what got into me but I turned to face her as she did so meeting her lips with mine, my hand went to the nape of her neck and I gently held her against my mouth as my lips parted and my tongue tasted her lipstick. She did not pull away, instead her mouth opened allowing my tongue to probe deeper until entwining with hers.

My hand on her lower back pulled her tightly into my body as her arms embraced me, one hand stroking my hair, the other squeezing us even tighter together.
That delightful first kiss felt like it went on for ages although in reality it was a brief moment as Jade gently disengaged herself from my mouth. She was still holding me when she looked into my eyes and said that she really must get some sleep.
I had gone much further than I expected already and I knew I should not push my luck, so I stroked her face, kissed her gently once and wished her goodnight.

Wow! Sometimes I don’t know how I manage to get myself into these situations. I was happy to have a normal holiday with my husband, and when I met Jade I thought how nice it would be to have another girl to talk to around the pool.
Now I found myself lusting after the neighbour who would probably wake up in the morning horrified at what I had done and not speak to me for the other twelve days of my stay. Not a happy prospect!

Although on the other hand she did not run off screaming… But why did she not invite me in?
I explained what had happened to Kevin when I got back to my villa and he told me not to worry. He said that if she avoided me in the morning that I should just find her and apologise, blaming it on too much drink and the ambiance of this tiny paradise we have found ourselves in.

The next day dawned. Kevin had decided to go off to another beach to try out some water sports, (as you can tell I married the restless type) . So I got up and wandered down to the pool area.

I hoped once again that I had not upset Jade the night before but either way I decided that I was on holiday and should relax and enjoy myself regardless.
I had just set myself up on my favourite sun bed when I saw her approach, looking as gorgeous as ever. Jade sauntered over and smiled a good morning as she set herself up next to me as though nothing had happened.

We spent another morning happily chatting about nothing in particular and sunbathing until the heat finally forced us into the pool.

It was while we were in the water that she broached the subject of the previous evening. I was relaxing by the edge of the pool with my eyes closed when Jade swam slowly over to me. She placed a hand on my stomach and said.

“Sarah, about last night.”

My eyes shot open as she caught me by surprise. I tried to stammer out an apology blaming too much alcohol but she stopped me placing a finger over my lips.

“Please, it’s alright,” she said. “I just think we should talk about it.”

She smiled at me and I calmed down slightly. I gestured towards the sun beds and suggested a Martini.
I started by apologising again but this time did not blame the drink, I told her honestly that I found her incredibly attractive and that last night I just couldn’t help myself.
Jade was obviously very curious and asked if I have been with other women before, did Kevin know about it and if so, what did he think to it all?

I spent the next two hours explaining my viewpoint and my feelings towards sex. I owned-up to being bisexual and told her how much I enjoyed sex with both men and women.

Jade was fascinated by all this and often interjected with questions of her own. She did not seem disapproving or in the slightest put off by my revelations.
I don’t know if it was the fact that we were totally alone in the heat of the most surreal and beautiful of surroundings, or that she was naturally open minded but she seemed to physically relax as my story unfolded.

When I was done she began to open up to me and reveal her own thoughts.

Jade began by explaining that she had lain awake for about two hours after I had kissed her the previous evening thinking about what had transpired.

She went on to say that she had never done anything like that before and was a bit taken aback by how rapidly things got out of control.

She took a deep breath and closing her eyes she said.

“Last night it all happened so fast and seemed so natural that I acted on impulse.”

She looked up at me with her huge green eyes and gave me a shy smile. “I must admit though Sarah, I am genuinely intrigued by you! You stirred something inside of me last night. My whole body was tingling when you left me at the door and I felt very confused!”

Becoming bolder she plunged on. “Look Sarah, I do think you are very beautiful,” then lowering her voice she looked down at her hands and added, “and very sexy.”

She paused as she raised her eyes to meet mine in a gesture of defiance. “In fact while I was lying alone in bed last night I half wished I had not stopped you!”

I could see the confusion in her eyes as she held my gaze and I knew that if I rushed things now I might well scare her off completely.

I reached out and took her hands in both of mine.

“Jade, please. You really don’t have to worry about it. I am not some sex mad crazy woman trying to snare you with my wicked ways.” (Actually I was!). “I don’t regret what happened last night, but I do regret upsetting you if I have.”

I squeezed her hands to reassure her. “We are both here for another twelve days yet, so let’s just forget that anything happened and I promise to behave myself from now on.”

Her eyes were almost pleading with me to say more and she squeezed my hands unconsciously.

I knew that if I left it there Jade might never pluck up the courage to mention it again so I threw her a lifeline by adding.

“If you change your mind though I am not going anywhere and I would be lying if I told you that I did want you, because I do, very much! But I will never mention it again unless you decide for yourself it is something you want to do! Above all else I want to stay good friends with you.”

With that we walked back up to my villa to make a light lunch, as we knew Kevin would be back from his excursions soon.

Jade was fairly quiet for the rest of the afternoon, I guess she was mulling the idea over in her mind and exploring the possibilities of what it would be like to take the next step. I could feel her eyes on my body as we lay by the pool and having once been in her situation myself, I had a good idea of what a dilemma she was going through.

She came out with us again that evening and while Jade was getting ready I told Kevin what had transpired earlier in the day. He seemed to think it was all rather amusing, but he agreed that I was right to ‘go with the flow’ and let Jade decide weather or not to pursue it any further.

As usual I take forever to get ready and by the time I had finished my hair and make-up and decided what to wear Kevin was nowhere to be seen. I guessed correctly that he had gone over to see Jade and dreaded what he might be saying to her, but there was nothing I could do about that now so I settled down with a drink on the veranda and watched the sun slowly setting into the sea.

It was about three quarters of an hour later when Kevin returned and he sat down nonchalantly.

I asked him what on earth he had been up to and he smiled and said that he had just been for a chat.

I was not very happy with him as I did not want to alienate Jade, but he smiled and said that everything was fine.

“I just wanted Jade to know that we are not weirdo’s,” He said smiling.

Jade appeared shortly after that looking every bit as stunning as she had the night before. She wore no more than a bra top covered in mother-of pearl sequins, accentuating her voluptuous breasts, a white mini skirt that sat very low on her hips and a pair of low white sandals. In her hand she carried a pretty white handbag in matching sequins and a light wrap to cover her shoulders if she needed it later.
The whiteness of her outfit highlighted her tan and superb muscle tone even more, and the combination of her perfect breasts, firm flat stomach and shapely legs made the overall effect breathtaking!

To my surprise Jade held my hand the whole time again as we descended the hill towards Gaios. Kevin kept up a steady banter to avoid any embarrassing silences and before long we were on the edge of town.

Kevin loved the admiring glances ‘his two girls’ were getting as we wandered past the waterfront bars, (and so did I) and he led us to a delightful restaurant near the yacht marina.
Jade showed no sign of any uneasiness, in fact she chatted animatedly the whole time in her soft Scottish lilt.

The meal over, we had a couple of drinks in the cocktail bar and then went on to a small but busy nightclub.

Kevin quickly disappeared to talk to some people he had met earlier that day leaving Jade and me alone.

As he left Jade said that she thought he was really sweet and I replied saying that I hoped he did not say anything inappropriate when he spoke to her earlier.

She smiled and said that quite the contrary he was lovely and had put her mind at ease.
I began to relax at last. Jade acted just as tactile and spoke as freely as she had the night before and I guessed that she had dispelled any ‘ghosts’ she may have had regarding my recent advances.

We danced for much of the time and were ‘hit-on’ by many guys.

We had quite a laugh fending them off and I was quietly pleased at one time, when Jade told two of our more persistent admirers that we were lesbians and wrapped her arms around me to prove her point.
All evening Jade had been fun to be with and I suspected that she had decided one way or the other what to do about me.

The signs were hopeful judging by the way she dressed and how she was acting, but I was determined not to make any move until she gave me a clear, unequivocal sign.
Kevin rejoined us, and the night drew on until we eventually made a move for home.

Jade invited us back to her veranda for a nightcap but Kevin refused saying he was tired and needed to get to bed as he was up and about early again the next morning.

I was about to go with him but Jade insisted that I at least, join her.

You can imagine the conflicting thoughts that were going through my head!

Was she inviting me back for just a drink or had she decided to try something more! Was this a test to see if I could behave normally or did she want me to try again! Right then and there I wanted nothing more than to peel off the few clothes she had on and run my hands over her incredible body, but I knew had to control myself and work to her agenda.

Jade had left her light off and it was dark again when we got to her door but this time she had her key ready. She unlocked the door but then straightened up and turned towards me without opening it.

In her quiet voice in the darkness she hesitantly said.

“Sarah, about last night.” I remained silent, waiting. I could feel the nervous tension coming off her in waves.

“Would you do it to me again?”

This was what I was waiting to hear!

My hand reached out and gently touched the side of her face, and then without a word I pulled her towards me. I brushed her lips with mine and could smell Jade’s musky scent as I slipped my tongue into her soft and now yielding mouth.

She returned my kiss but unlike the impulsiveness we shared the night before she seemed unsure of how to react.

I forced my mouth against hers kissing her with renewed passion as I crushed her body against mine, our breasts were pressed together and my nipples reacted sending waves of pleasure to my groin. I eased the pressure on her mouth and our tongues danced delicately as we sucked at each other hungrily.

I could feel her body shaking as my thigh pressed into her pubic mound and I began rubbing my leg into her crotch. Her legs nearly gave way and she held on to me in a vice like grip as she lost control for a moment.

A low moan escaped from her mouth into mine and knew she had just had a small orgasm!

God I had hardly touched her! Jade had obviously got herself so worked up that she was ready to explode!
I eased myself off of her and asked her if she was okay.

“I think so… You are… beautiful!” She panted.

I kissed her again softly, and then forced her to sit down while I went to get some drinks.

I did not want to stop! I wanted to take this wonderful creature straight to bed and ravish her, but knowing it was her first time I wanted to be sure that she was really ready for this, that she knew what she was getting into.

Jade had a steady partner and I did not want to be the one to cause problems between them.

I returned with the drinks and handed Jade a brandy as I sat beside to her. Leaning forward I held her hand and asked if she was really sure she wanted to go any further.

“Oh Yes!” Her reply was instant. “Please! You just have to!”

She rushed on to say that she had thought of almost nothing else since the previous evening, and the more she thought about it, the more turned on she became by the idea.

She continued, almost tripping over her words, saying that it was all she could do not to rush me back here earlier and offer her-self to me on a plate.

I smiled warmly at her and then taking Jade by the hand I led her into the bedroom.

Standing by the side of the bed I slipped out of my white mini-dress allowing it to fall to the floor and stepped out of it wearing just the thong I had on underneath.
Jade was staring at my body as though she had just seen it for the first time, and I guess in a strange sort of way that was true.

My nipples were not usually as hard as this around the pool and my body was pumped up with the rush of adrenalin.
She stood next to me with her arms by her side looking completely helpless.

“Lay on the bed.” I whispered.

The room was bathed in the soft light of a lamp in the far corner and Jade’s tanned skin glowed in the luminescence. She looked at me with wide eyes and said.

“I don’t know what to do?”

“That’s easy.” I replied smiling. “Just do to me, what you would like done to you.”

I knelt across her stomach with a growing feeling of excitement and lowered my left nipple into her mouth. She sucked on it gently, sending a shock wave of sensation through me, her hands found their way to my back and wound their way down to my buttocks where she held on as though scared to go any further.

She gnawed and sucked at both of my nipples in turn and I could feel the excitement building in her as she did so.

I stood up and removed my thong, I was already very wet and I could see her looking at my trimmed mound in anticipation of what was to come.

I straddled her again and lifted her slightly to undo her bikini top, I slipped it off allowing her firm round breasts to free themselves. Her nipples were like hard little pebbles and the areolae surrounding them were gorged.

I eased down the bed and unzipped her mini skirt, slipping it down her slender legs and then reaching up I slowly pulled off her tiny panties.

This was the first time I had seen her completely naked.

Jade’s pubic hair was trimmed to a tiny triangle that flowed naturally into the crease of her labia, accentuated perfectly by the whiteness of her skin where her thong bikini bottom had been.

I rose up and kissed her on the mouth, then kissed my way slowly back down her neck to her waiting bosom. One after the other I took her nipples in my mouth and sucked and nipped at them, sawing my teeth across each nipple as I teased them with my tongue.

She began to moan as her pleasure mounted and I could feel her pussy pressing into my stomach as the sensation worked its inevitable way down to her clitoris.
I rolled onto my side and ran my hand past her navel, down her flat stomach to the short triangle of pubic hair.

Her legs opened automatically and I slipped a finger into her labia. Her body twitched as I did so and my finger felt the wetness emanating out of her. I located her clitoris and pressed against it.

She reacted as though she had been stung by a bee! Her body clenched and a gasp escaped from her lips, her body shook as I teased at her clit, rubbing it in a circular motion.

My other hand found its way between her legs and sought out her now very wet entrance and as I inserted a finger into her vagina her muscles contracted around it and she instantly erupted into an orgasm.

Boy was she ready for that! Jade was so wound up with nervous energy that she had almost no control over what was happening to her.
I watched as she came, her beautiful body arched up off of the bed as though she were receiving an electric shock, the muscles of her perfect frame taut in the throws of her orgasm.

I could feel her hot sticky juices flooding into my hand. Her vagina pulsed around my finger as I continued to rub madly on her clit and she released a long low moan as both of her hands rushed down to grab my own and hold it motionless against her pulsating clitoris.
My own body was shaking. I was unbelievably turned on. Not only by the fact that I had just made Jade come, but I was acutely aware that I was the first woman ever to do so.

It was a first for me as well! Every other woman I have had sex with had experienced it before.

Now here I was with my very own ‘virgin’ and I knew that even if I never saw her again, Jade would remember me for the rest of her life!

I allowed her to orgasm to expend itself and then re-positioned myself between her legs. I looked closely at her sex. Her labia and clitoris were extended and swollen, covered in the juices she had just expelled. The musky aroma of her come made me shiver with lust as I inched forward and ran my tongue the full length of her vagina.
She tasted indescribably wonderful and I lapped at her greedily working my tongue into all the crevices of her pussy and deeply into her moist hole as I swallowed more of her sweet juices.
I almost came when the realisation hit me again that I was the first ever woman to ‘go down’ on Jade and I savoured every exquisite moment of her reaction.
I inserted two fingers into her this time as my mouth went to work on her pulsing and engorged clitoris. My fingers slowly pumping in and out of her silky hole as I sucked and tugged at her clit.

I could feel the pressure building up in her again and began to pump my fingers harder and faster, I sucked her clit vigorously and her muscles began to spasm in powerful bursts.

She was uttering helplessly.

“Oh God, Oh my God!” Shaking her head from side to side.

The pleasure I was giving Jade was rebounding back into my own body and I knew I was close to coming myself.

My hips gyrated as I rubbed my thighs together feeling the lips of my pussy grating against each other.

My breasts were tingling, my nipples pressed against the bottom of the bed sending even more shockwaves down to my sensitised clit.
I removed my fingers and continued to lap furiously at Jade’s pussy as her body tensed and her hips started to rise up off of the bed once again.

I could feel the avalanche of her next orgasm begin and had no option but to join her as my own body took control.

In one momentous moment Jade’s legs slammed together locking my face into her sex, both of her hands shot to the back of my head forcing my mouth deeper into her pussy. Her come flooded down my throat as her second orgasm ripped into her.

My mind exploded with fireworks! My mouth pressed hard against her sweet hole in a vice like grip.

Every nerve ending in my body danced to a cascading wave of sensation as we came together, our body’s convulsing in an embrace of pure physical female lust!

Jade relaxed her grip and I knelt at the end of the bed for a couple of seconds allowing my head to clear and my body to regain some measure of control. Then climbing back on to the bed and laying on my side I kissed her on the neck.

She shivered and stroked my face then lifting it to hers, kissed me full on the mouth. This time she was not tentative at all and kissed me passionately, her tongue forced its way into my mouth and she tasted her own sweet juices as she crushed our lips together.

I pulled away and gave her a knowing smile.

“Taste mine.” I said.

And with that I climbed over her, my sodden vagina just above her mouth, with me facing the bottom of the bed.
I looked down at Jade’s pussy and almost went straight down on her but I resisted the temptation as I wanted Jade to enjoy her first experience of ‘eating a woman’ without any distractions.

She started slowly, Jade had never seen another girl’s vagina so close up before and I guess she was looking closely at the folds and contours before she started.

The thought of this really turned me on and I could feel my pussy tingling madly before she had even touched it!
Her hands rose to my thighs and I soon felt her hot breath on me. She reached up with her mouth and kissed my sex lips as though they were on my mouth. I groaned involuntary at the intensity of what was happening and lowered myself onto her.
Jade’s mouth found my hyper sensitive clit and she teased it with her tongue causing me to groan aloud.

My hands automatically wound their way to my breasts and I squeezed and pinched at my nipples sending lightning bolts into the pit of my stomach.

My juices were flowing freely now and Jade was lapping and sucking at me moving from my clit to my hole and back again. My body was so sensitised by Jade and by the mental image of what she was doing that I was reeling with sexual ecstasy.

I had to hold on to the headboard with a grip of steel to stop myself falling off of her.

“I’m… going… to… come!” I groaned through clenched teeth.

And with that she buried her mouth into me and sucked even harder!
The orgasm that followed hit me like an express train and leached out of every pour in my body!

I ground my over tenderised pussy into Jade’s face, my come rushing into her mouth as she drank at me greedily.

She forced me away slightly and reaching around behind my buttocks inserted two fingers into my vagina as her mouth moved to my clit. It was deliciously unbearable and I shook violently in an almost painful bliss.

The image of Jade’s squirming body underneath me was now more than I could bear and unable to contain myself any longer, I threw myself down onto her, hungrily seeking out her clitoris. Forcing two fingers into her I quickly matched her tempo as we fucked each other with our hands.

My head was swimming with over stimulation and I fought to keep control as I matched her rhythm.
We rolled onto our sides as though we were one person not two, locked onto one-another other like two leaches, our mouths sucking furiously, and our fingers working in unison. I could actually feel Jade’s clit pulsing against my tongue, my own responding to hers in our now synchronised rhythm.
The circle was complete, locked in our embrace we were both giving and receiving exactly the same pleasure as the other, joined at the very core of our desire. The exquisite thrill! The unique touch that only another woman can provide, feel or understand.
The soft folds of Jade’s labia were covered with her come and my mouth sought out every contour, savoured every exquisite drop of her juices, the musky aroma of her sex filled my senses and my heart was pounding as the thought struck me once again that this was Jade’s first ever time with a women!
I was making her come!! And she was revelling in mine!!

That image pushed me over the edge. There was no thought anymore, no control, just an automatic response to a burning need.

The stimulation I was receiving from both ends of my body was almost indescribable. The ecstasy from Jade’s soft and come soaked pussy on my mouth crashed violently into the sensation she was causing in my own vagina, the two exploded into the pit of my stomach sending sheets of agonising pleasure to every cell in my body.
I was having what I can only describe as either one long continuous orgasm or so many close together that I could not tell the difference.

Jade had long since joined me in the throws of orgasm and between us we writhed around the bed, making guttural animal like noises, the muscles of our two body’s locked on to each other with a grip of steel in a battle of bewildering sensation as the crescendo of our orgasm reached its mind-numbing peak.

We rocked back and forth against each other seeking out the last vestiges of the immense feeling until our muscles slowly began to relax and our hunger became sated.
I had ended up underneath Jade somehow and I kissed and nipped at her clitoris and labia as she did the same to me, bringing small stabbing aftershocks of pleasure while we gradually quietened down.

We stayed like this for ages until finally she rolled off of me and we lay facing each other, our legs entangled, our breasts touching, and our lips inches apart.
Jade’s huge green eyes peered into mine as she struggled with the emotional impact of what had just happened. Eventually she spoke, her words rambling as she tried to explain how she now felt.
Jade told me that she felt as though an invisible barrier had been shattered inside her mind, feelings of such intensity, such raw power she did not know she possessed had come crashing in on her.

“I had no idea that I could be so completely overwhelmed by such passion,” she continued. “I have never been so aroused in my entire life! God I thought I was going to die when you made me come the last time!”

She spoke like this for quite a while releasing a string of emotions from how wonderfully wicked it had felt breaking the taboo of having sex with a woman, how the fact that she knew that she really shouldn’t be doing this had heightened her pleasure ten fold.
She went on explaining how she loved the feeling of my vagina pressed up against her mouth.

“It felt so natural,” she explained “I was getting such a high just doing it to you… And when you joined in …”

She shuddered involuntary as the thought provoked a reaction from her body, and she looked into my eyes and kissed me again.

I allowed Jade to continue to release her emotions as I gently caressed her with my hand. I answered her many questions and we laughed when she said that she didn’t know why we hadn’t done this before?

I stayed with Jade all that night, we had another prolonged bout of sex although it was gentler, more profound than before as Jade explored my body and I showed her how wonderful her own could feel.
I made her come so many times that I lost count until eventually drenched with sweat and totally exhausted we both fell asleep.

That was how it started and how it continued for the rest of our holiday.
Paul her partner only appeared twice, once through the day and one evening. We all acted perfectly normal while he was around and he was blissfully unaware of the fact that his partner had just joined the ranks of the bisexuals.

As for Kevin, he loved the whole thing. I made sure that I found the time to make love to him as well as Jade as it would not be fair of me to leave him out in the cold. And I always made sure that I left the shutters open on the windows of Jade’s bedroom so that he could watch us having sex anytime he wanted.

I even mentioned a threesome to Jade but she declined, explaining that somehow she did not feel as though she was being unfaithful to Paul while she was having sex with me, but she would if she had sex with another man, even Kevin.

So he stayed cool about the whole thing and just enjoyed the show.

And there you have it. My latest and most unexpected adventure with one of the sexist girls I have ever had the pleasure of sharing myself with.
We swapped telephone numbers although I don’t know if I will see her again, but I will remember my holiday to Paxos for a long time to come!

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