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It Wasn’t A Dream

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“What a nice place you have,” you say to me, as you step into my home. You smile teasingly, “I didn’t think a man could ever be this neat.”

“Thank you,” I say with a sardonic grin, “I find it’s easier to be neat. Do you mind leaving your shoes here? May I take your jacket and would you like something to drink?”

“Fresh! I’ve just walked in and already you’re taking my clothes off,” you say, looking down coyly, then you smile to let me know you’re joking. “I am thirsty, a glass of water would be nice.” You step out of your pumps, then slip off the short sleeved bolero vest, and hand it to me.

You are resplendent in a rich, pink, silk dress, patterned with small red flowers. The sleeveless dress clings to your body, from the one-button straps at your shoulders, to your belted waist, down snugly over your hips and bottom, then flowing gracefully to just above your knees.

Once again this evening, I am mesmerized by your beauty, from your blond, curly hair hanging below your shoulders, to your dimpled cheeks, down to your small, pink toenails, you are a masterpiece of feminine sensuality.

“Water?” you say, breaking me out of my trance.

“Right! Sorry!” I hang up your vest, then turn on a light in the great room. “Please make yourself at home.”

Slipping into the kitchen, I emerge a few moments later with two glasses of ice water. I place them on the coffee table, then walk over to where you’re looking at my books.

“You read a lot, I see,” you say. “Not only are you quiet, but you’re deep.”

“Out of all the men in the office, why did you agree to go out with me?” I ask. “I’m sixteen years older than you.”

“Sixteen and a half, but who’s counting? Even though you’re shy, you’re friendly. You have a good sense of humor, and you’re cute. Where’s that water?” You walk to the sofa and sit down, sipping your drink.

I turn the stereo on, load it with soft music, and join you on the sofa. Our conversation continues from dinner. We talk of books, of music, of sports (you’re very knowledgeable), until finally I say, “Would you like to dance?”

“Love to,” you say, taking my offered hand. I dim the light to a more romantic level and lead you to the middle of the room. You glide into my arms and we dance around the thick carpeted room, slow and graceful, as if we had danced together before.

When we’re near the French door to the balcony, I say, “Let’s dance in the moonlight.”

Once we’re outside, you melt back into my arms and we dance, hips swaying together, my arms around your waist, your head on my shoulder. My arms tighten around you, pulling you even closer. You look up into my eyes, seeing the hunger there; your lips are parted and your breath catches in your throat. Before you can breathe again, I lean down and kiss you. Your kiss is as sweet as morning dew. It grows in a passion and with a rhythm as old as time. My tongue penetrates your moist mouth, where together our tongues dance and flick. I feel you shiver and I smile. Your knees buckle and we sink slowly to the floor, never breaking the contact between us.

Can you feel my arms tremble? I hope not. I would hate for you to think I was nervous. I’m not. I tremble with long suppressed desire, fighting to get out. I don’t want to give in to my male needs until I have taken you to the mountaintop. Only then will I allow my lust to burn uncontrollably, consuming both of us in orgasmic bliss.

I slip one arm behind your back, then scoop the other under your knees. With little effort I lift you up and carry you through the French doors and into the great room, where I set you down and pull you back into a tight embrace. When our lips meet your knees buckle again and I have to lower your nearly limp body onto the soft carpet.

The music plays softly in the quiet room. The romantic melodies soothe the soul but fan the flames of love. One light burns in the corner of the room, enough light to see clearly, but dim enough to soften the edges.

I have one arm around you waist, the other behind your shoulders, my hand at your neck holding your head and shoulders off the floor. Your arms are around my shoulders, keeping our lips inches apart. I look in your eyes and see green fire, smoky with want, half lidded, ready to close when our lips touch. I can see in your eyes your acceptance of what is happening. I can also see that not only is this what you want, it is what you have wanted for a long time.

You are half lying on the soft, plush carpeting, your legs bent to one side, your body turned into my embrace. I am on one knee next to you, our lips closer now. You tighten your arms and bring our lips together. Two sets of soft, warm lips meet, then press harder as passion grows in two hearts. Although your lips stay together, I can feel your mouth open slightly, telling me a tongue would be welcome. My tongue slides through my lips to taste your lips, which part at my invasion. Before you can meet my tongue with yours, I gently, ever so softly, slide my tongue just across the inside of your upper lip. It has been so long since a man touched that erotic spot you had forgotten how electrifying it is.

You pull back quickly from the shock, eyes wide, a soft “ohhh” escapes, telling me you liked it. My eyes are smiling into yours. “I know many such places on a woman’s body,” I say. “Tonight you will enjoy them.”

A smile graces your lips. “Tonight we will enjoy them,” you murmur.

I bend and lay you down, your blond hair a halo around your angel face. I straighten up slightly and your arms loosen to let me. One of your hands is now on the back of my neck, the other on my shoulder. My hands have moved from behind you to your sides, as I kneel, still on one knee beside you. Pressing hard enough that you know where my hands are, and where they’re going, I slide them over the smooth silk of your dress, over your ribs, to your breasts which I cup slightly, then up to the buttons holding the shoulder straps together, one on each side of your neck.

I have been watching my hands, but now I look up into your eyes and you can see the question in my eyes. You know I will go no further without your permission. Your eyes say yes. I glance at your lips, then back into your eyes. Speaking clearly, you say, “Yesss.”

Without looking at them, my fingers deftly undo the buttons on your shoulders, then start undoing the buttons from your décolletage to the belt at your waist. I fumble slightly with the belt, but it quickly succumbs to my onslaught and opens. I lean back to undo the last four buttons, one just below your navel, one above your pubic bone, one at your upper thighs, and the last at midthigh.

Pinching the fabric with the thumb and forefinger of each hand, I slowly pull the front of your dress open. First your knees are exposed, then your thighs in the stay up hose. The silk slides away from your black lace, string bikini panties, continues to open until your navel is exposed, catches slightly on your bra. A small tug from me pulls the dress apart and exposes the black lace bra, and finally the dress is completely open, laying under and around your body like a pink aura.

My breath catches in my throat as my gaze sweeps you body. Never in my life have I seen a more beautiful, well-proportioned woman’s body. Your eyes crinkle at the corners as you smile at me with your eyes half closed. I reach to the front closure of your bra and open it. “Oooooh!” you purr, as your breasts spill out.

Your breasts are magnificent! Both of them are a healthy hand full, with big pink areola and large hard nipples. My lips hunger to taste them, but I have unfinished business below.

When my hands slide down to the string of your panties, you whisper, “They tie at the sides.”

My hands quickly find the ends and pull. The knots open eagerly, and I pull the front panel of your panties down, exposing your trimmed, blond hair, and your swollen, glistening sex. You are the perfect image of an aroused female, dressed only in your hose.

Your breasts shake and sway provocatively as you sit up, allowing the bra to slip off behind you. “My turn now,” you growl as your hands loosen and pull off my tie. Casting it to one side, you undo the buttons on my shirt. When the shirt is open, you run your hands up across my hairy chest to the shoulders, pushing the shirt off and down my arms.

“Now stand up,” you command me. I hasten to comply, this being one exercise that will have a pleasant ending. You open my belt, unsnap my slacks, lower the zipper, and pull the slacks down to the floor. I raise one foot, then the other as you pull the pants off me.

My penis has tented my boxers until the elastic is stretched away from my stomach. You grab the waistband of my boxers and pause. Looking up into my eyes, you give me a wicked grin, then pull down on my boxers. My penis catches on the elastic as the boxers slide down, then springs back hard enough to slap against my stomach.

The boxer shorts lay around my ankles as you stare wide-eyed at my penis bobbing only inches from your face. “Oh! My! God!” you say reverently. Looking into my eyes, you say, “You really are the answer to my prayers.”

My boxers are still around my ankles, effectively tying my feet together. Standing upright on your knees, you grasp my butt with both hands to steady us, then slide my penis into your mouth as far as it will go.

“Oh! My! God!” I say reverently. Your lips and tongue play a symphony on my impossibly hard dick. I did not realize how excited I was. “My Darling, I’m about to cum!”

You slide off me only long enough to say, “Cum for me. In my mouth.” Then you plunge me back in. You suck hard up and down my penis, once, twice, and on the third time you feel me swell up even more as I start throbbing. You quickly pull back until only the head is in your mouth, my cum shooting onto your tongue, filling your mouth. I shoot four, five, six times. When my ejaculation has stopped, you slide my penis back into your mouth, coating me with my own cum. Then with incredibly hard suction, you pull completely off me, taking all my cum back onto your tongue. With one drop of sperm still on your lips, you look up at me, smile, and swallow twice.

“You are delicious!” you say, licking your lips.

My knees finally give way from the intents orgasm, and I fall down on the carpet. I can see you smiling at me, still licking your lips. I reach up, pull you down onto me, and kiss you with gratitude and passion. Our tongues dance, and that enflames me again.

I roll us over, putting you under me. “Wench,” I say, “that was not what I planned.”

Smiling, you say, “So make a new plan.”

“Oh I don’t know,” I say. “I think the old plan can still be used.”

I raise myself up until I am kneeling astride your hips. I lay your arms down outside my legs, palms up. “Try not to writhe too much, my pretty. It will only delay the inevitable. Muah, ha ha ha!”

Bending down, I look deep into your eyes, then kiss the tip of your button nose. Kissing all the while, I move to your right temple, and I softly rub you with my lips. I do the same to your other temple. I kiss each eye, then your lips. I run my tongue along your lips until you part them. I caress the inside edge of your upper and lower lips. I softly breathe into each ear, then trail my tongue down your neck, kissing and nuzzling as I go.

I kiss down your left arm, jumping over the inside of the elbow, down to your wrist, then kiss and suck the tips of each finger. Kissing back up your arm, I stop at the elbow, where I kiss and suck gently.

“Oh!” you say, pulling your arm away. “What did you do?”

“Only kissed,” I say. “Didn’t you like it?”

“It felt electric!”

“It was supposed to.”

I do the same to your right arm. You don’t pull away this time, but you almost do. I caress your breasts with my lips, licking around the areola and flicking my tongue over the nipple. You say, “Mmmm” several times while I do this.

I kiss, softly, gently, and deliberately, back and forth across your body, working my way down over your ribs, your stomach, your pubic hair, your thighs, your knees, and finally, your feet. I kiss and suck each toe.

Wrapping my hands around your feet, I gently rotate the toes of the left away from the toes of the right foot. This causes your knees to bend slightly and come open. With a push up on the soles of your feet, your knees spread wide, giving me a clear, open path to your pussy, which is glistening wet in the soft light.

“And now,” I say with a smile, the piece de resistance!”

You need no encouragement to keep your legs open, and in fact, you throw your legs wide apart, encouraging me as I advance to your sexual jewel. Your nether lips are swollen with desire and anticipation. I inhale deeply through my nose, smelling your womanly odor. The odor is definitely an aphrodisiac because I feel myself grow hard again. “Mmmmm” escapes your lips when I exhale on your pussy.

“Tell me when you want me to stop,” I tell you.

Extending my tongue, I slowly run it from the bottom of your pussy, up between the lips, gently over your clitoris, and up to the pubic hair. The feeling is so intense, and you are so super charged, you roll your hips slightly to the side, escaping the almost painful stimulation. You quickly roll back for more.

You taste strong, slightly bitter, slightly sweet. You taste of a woman far along the path of lust, needful of full orgasmic release.

I wrap one hand around your leg where it bends at the hip, the other hand I place on the inside of your thigh, bare inches from your open sex. My tongue glides over you again, slightly deeper this time. “OoooOOhh!” you groan as you buck your hips up.

I lick you again with the same result. Then again. We establish a rhythm, you buck your hips as I start to lick, then come back down so I can flick my tongue over your clit. Seven times we do this, eight times, nine. You start hitting the floor with your fists in time with the clitoral stimulation. “Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!” You say/moan. Your climax is coming fast, and after three or four more licks you scream in release. “Aahh… Aaahh… Aaaaiiieee!”

I stop licking you. I know you are painfully sensitive from your climax, and I don’t want to hurt you. I gaze at your red and swollen vagina, only inches in front of my face. I can see your lips throbbing from the orgasm, and I see additional juice trickle from between your lips and run down into the lower crack.

Patience. I wait, knowing that rushing now would ruin the evening, and I have all the time I need. After a few minutes, I place my palm over your swollen pussy lips and press gently. You jump slightly when I touch you, then settle down. My pressing hand will ease the sensitivity.

A few more minutes and your breathing almost returns to normal. I remove my hand from your pussy and see that your are no longer throbbing, although you are still swollen and wet.

I place my index finger on your pubic hair, then slide it firmly down, over your clitoris and between your wet vaginal lips. When the tip of my finger is over the hole, I slide it smoothly into you as far as it will go. “Mmm?” you say, then “Mmmm!”

Your pussy walls are tight around my finger as I slide it in and out, starting a new sexual rhythm. You buck and roll your hips as I plunge my finger in and out. You know my finger is only a preview of what is to come, but it still feels good.

Another climax starts building within you. I can hear you’re breathing becoming labored and I see your fists clenching at your side. My finger plunges in and out faster. I hear “Oh, ooh, ooohhh!” softly coming from your lips. In and out faster. Oh! In and out. Oh. In/out. Oh. Inout. Oh. Faster. Oh!

I’m watching your reaction. You’re starting to raise your shoulder off the carpet, as if you’re about to do a sit-up. Inout. Oh. Inout. Oh. When the “Oh!” changes to “Ah. Aaah. Aaaahh!” the time is right. I press my tongue against you clitoris, flicking the tip hard.

“Aaaaaaiiiiieeeehhh!” Your scream rattles the windows. You’re curled up almost double, while you’re heels beat a tattoo on the floor. You’ve grabbed two handfuls of my hair with you hands and press my face hard into your sex.

It hurts but I don’t care. All I want to do is give you the best orgasm you have ever had from a man’s tongue. I know I’ve succeeded when you collapse limp and covered with sweat.

My finger slips out of your hole, and I lay my head against your thigh. “Would you like me to stop now?”

“Oh, yes! Stop. Where’s the bathroom? I really have to pee.”

“First door on the left,” I say, pointing down the hallway.

You slowly stand up and stumble down to the bathroom. You don’t come back for almost ten minutes. While you are gone I turn out the light, get you something to drink, and open the curtains. The moon is shining bright through the French door, casting its silver light on me, as I sit on the floor, leaning against the easy chair, waiting for you.

“I’m over here,” I call out as you come into the room, still light blind from the bathroom light. You sway over to me as your eyes become accustomed to the softer light.

Patting the carpet between my legs, I say, “Sit and rest for a while. Let’s watch the moon.” I lift up a glass of water, “Thirsty?”

“Yes!” you say, taking the glass and gulping it all down. “You, gentle sir, are the most thoughtful man I’ve ever known.” Putting the glass down, you sit between my legs and lean back against me. I wrap my arms around you as you snuggle into me.

“This is so romantic,” you say. “This has been the most wonderful night I can remember. Thank you”

“I should be thanking you, but the night’s not over yet,” I say, moving my hands to cup your breasts. “The night is young, and I’m still willing.”

“After what you’ve done to me tonight, my darling, I will do anything you want.” You turn to look me in the eyes. “Anything!”

“Make love with me.”

“Gladly, and with all my heart!” you say, as you twist around and kiss me. You continue turning until you’re on your hands and knees in front of me, your breasts hanging down.

We kiss again, and I reach in to caress your tits. You kiss me harder, sliding your tongue into my mouth. You reach between my legs and caress my penis. I’m as hard as I was when you undressed me.

“What do you want me to do?” you ask.

Smiling, I say “Stand up. Now straddle my hips. Good. Now lower yourself down on me. Oh, yes!”

You have impaled yourself on me, surrounding me with your tight, wet pussy. I see the smile on your face, the smile of a woman who feels full and complete. It is the smile of a woman who is totally happy.

Here I am, sitting on the floor, leaning back on the easy chair, my legs bent up behind you. You are sitting on me, your legs, one on each side of me, bent back like you are kneeling. That which makes me a man fully and completely embedded in that which makes you a woman. We are truly one, our bodies joined in the way they were meant to be. Life is sweet!

The moon shines into the room, directly behind your head. As I gaze at you, I see a halo around your head, a bright silver glow, and I think, “I am truly making love to an angel.”

Because of the reflected light from the room, I can see the blush across your cheeks and chest. Your eyes are half lidded, your head tilted back slightly, your mouth slightly open, curled at the ends in a slight smile. Your walls are squeezing me in small, rippling spasms. You are having a long, constant, orgasm.

You lean forward and put your hands on my shoulders, causing another spasm. I reach up and cup your breast, causing still another spasm. With your face closer to mine, I can hear you moaning. “Oh. Oh. Oh.” Coming at the same time as your squeezing.

I stay completely still, giving you time to calm down, because too much of a good thing can become torture. I want this to be only pleasure for you.

We remain still until you are no longer moaning. Your breathing returns to near normal and you look at me. “You’re incredible!” you say and lean forward against me as I wrap my arms around you.

After five or ten minutes you sit back and say, “Your turn, my lover! Let me please you. Cum in me. Empty yourself in me. I want to feel you throb inside me. Cum in me!”

You start bouncing on me, raising up and letting yourself drop down hard. Again and again. You rotate you hips in small circles, then forward and back. Then up and down again.

As you continue bouncing, you can hear me, “Unh. Unh. Unh. Unh.” I have a tight grip on your waist, squeezing you and digging my fingers into your hips. I’m helping you to bounce. My moans are getting louder. “Unh. Unh. Oh. Oh! Aaah! Aaah! Yeah! Yeah! Oh! Yes. Now. Now! Aaarrrgghh!!” I throw my head back and bellow.

I cum. I throb. I shoot my seed deep into your womb. I cum, and cum. I cum so hard it almost hurts. Almost. This pain is pure pleasure. Pleasure only the right woman can give me. You are the right woman.

You fall forward on me, kissing me briefly, then hugging me tight. We slide sideways onto the floor and lie in each others arms, spotlighted by the moonlight. I become soft and slide out of you. Some of my seed oozes from your nether lips, tickling you and causing you to smile.

Your face glows in a post orgasm blush, a smile of contentment graces your lips, and your eyes sparkle with tears of happiness. I have never before seen a more beautiful woman.

“Stay with me tonight, little kitten,” I say. All you can do is nod your head, tears of joy streaming down your cheeks.

I pick you up like a bridegroom his bride, and carry you into the bedroom. Your arms are around my neck and your head rests on my shoulder. I put you down on your feet by the bed, then quickly flip the covers back. Just as quickly, you slip between the covers. You still feel my wetness between your legs, but you feel more feminine because of it, and you don’t want to wash it away.

I crawl in bed beside you, wrap my arms around you and hug you to my chest. I can smell your hair, sweet and clean, as it lays across my shoulder. With your head against my chest, you can smell my masculine odor and my cologne. You slide your thigh up across my thighs until my flaccid penis touches your leg. It makes you smile even more.

Exhaustion takes us and we fall asleep together. In the morning, late, we wake up still in each other’s arms. As luck would have it, we wake up at the same moment. The first thing we see is our lover’s eyes. We smile happily and think the same thought.

“It wasn’t a dream.”

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