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Sara and DeAnn

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Sara’s story

I met DeAnn at work. The company always hired temps to have a chance to evaluate them for a while before putting them on regular. I noticed her right away, her dark, brooding eyes and straight, black hair and, unusual for me, I was sort of transfixed by the size of her jutting bosom.

I mean I’m not one to go around comparing bra sizes with every woman I meet; it’s just that I’ve never met many who made me wonder whose were larger, certainly none at work.

I’ve always been careful not to call attention to my own or anyone else’s physical development in that area. I’ve always tried not to appear overly prideful around other women. Everyone seemed to realize that and other women seemed to appreciate it. I overheard a couple of women remark that I had great boobs but did not seem to be aware of it.

Yet the first time I come in proximity to a girl with comparable titties, I find myself childishly fixated on the topic. But there were other things about the new temp that occupied my attention as much as her bosom. I knew DeAnn was young, a few years out of high school, but she seemed so serious and melancholy for one her age, as though she had been through a lot in a very short time. The emotion invoked in me was nothing but sympathy. I felt sorry that she did not have the lightness and gaiety that was normal for one of her age. When I noticed that she went right to work and did not bother with a lot of chit chat, I was secretly happy that she would surely earn a spot as a regular. I didn’t really want to wonder why this would make me happy.

DeAnn’s story

I hired on as a temp which was fine with me because I didn’t intend to be here long. I was not interested in this nothing job where I could expect to make something of myself if I lasted twenty years. I had too many things going for me, my acting and songwriting; I just needed something to keep a roof over my head until I got some kind of a break. I noticed her right away; the one with the big boobs named Sara. She was so pathetic and obvious, looking at my rack and then back to her own to be sure she was just as large. I found out her name when I was behind the water cooler and several of the guys were talking about her.

“She’s an ice queen all right but Mack told me that if you ever get your hands on her treasured chest, she turns to putty. He said she was so sensitive in her titties that once a guy got a hold of them, she’d do anything.”

“Well, hell, if I ever got a hold of them, I wouldn’t want to do anything else. She’s got the most significant set I’ve ever seen.”

“I don’t know. That new temp they hired last week might give her a run for her money and she’s at least ten years younger.”

“Shit, I haven’t even seen her yet. Where is she working?”

“Right outside Sara’s office, talk about a stroll down mammary lane, if they’d both wear low cut blouses, the guys would wear the floor out in front of them.

Yeah, and we’d probably wear out our brains thinking up excuses to go by there.”

I ducked around a corner and into the ladies room before they had a chance to catch me eavesdropping. Interesting that little miss big bust is extremely sensitive in her titties, unless old what’s-his-name was just bullshitting his pals. I wonder if she would respond the same way if a girl touched her boobs. I’ve never liked sex with boys but I think I might like to have a woman who would do anything. I think I’ll try to make friends, even if she’s not a titty pushover, it wouldn’t hurt to have a friend here.


Now that I realized I felt sorry for her, I decided to become her friend. Maybe I could help her in some way. I glanced outside at her and noticed she was smiling after I raised my gaze up to her face. God, I hope she didn’t think I was looking at her chest.

When she came in to bring me some finished files, I said cheerfully “You’re doing a very good job so far, everybody says so. How do you think you’ll like working her?”

“Oh, it’s just a way to get by for me right now. I’ve been making the rounds trying to break into acting.”

“Goodness, what do you do in your spare time?”

“Oh, I work on some songs I’ve written I hope to get published.”

Ah, youth is so marvelous. I remember when I was that age, I was certain that I would become very famous as a singer. Eventually you wake up and realize it’s just pipe dreams.

“I can hardly wait until I can afford a car. My mother takes me to work but she doesn’t get off in time to pick me up so I have to run to the bus stop and then wait, ’cause its always late.”

“What part of town do you live in?”

“I’ve rented a little apartment on the east side, in the Casa Linda area. My parents help me with the expense. They’re glad to have me out on my own.”

“I live close to White Rock, I’d be glad to take you home.”

“Are you sure you wouldn’t mind? I would really appreciate that.”

I was strangely excited the rest of the day. I told myself to calm down; she just simply needed a ride. Then I realized how unusual that was, what else was I thinking she would want besides a ride? I couldn’t believe the way my mind was working, I had never been attracted to a girl before, but then, I’d never met DeAnn before.

On the way home, she seemed a lot more cheerful. Maybe she was just depressed at the prospect of dealing with a new job and meeting so many new people. We talked about a lot of things and then she mentioned how excited she was when she first got her apartment but after a while, it began to get a little dismal to go home to that empty room.

“There’re several good movies at the Cine 16. You want to go see a movie tonight?” I asked, sort of thinking that she was hinting.

“Sure I would. I’m really tired of looking at the four walls. What time do we need to be there?”

“I’ll check the paper and see the start time. Is there anything particular you want to see?”

“With sixteen choices, there’s bound to be something we like.”

When I pulled into her apartment parking lot and stopped to let her out, she brushed my arm in her goodbye and her fingers accidentally touched my titty. I could not suppress a wave of want that washed over me. There was something about her that made me unable to control myself.

“You weren’t just kidding about the movie, were you? Are you coming back to pick me up?”

“Yes, I’m looking forward to it myself. I get tired of staring at four walls, too.”

“Great! I’ll see you after a while.”


I was beginning to think the buxom mama was not going to respond to a little girly fun, after all. It took her forever to catch on that I needed a lift home and another forever to get her to take me out somewhere. But she finally came through so maybe we can play around a little. I am dying of curiosity to see if old what’s-his-name was bullshitting. The thought of just grabbing those big old tits and turning her into a sex slave was causing my pussy to really throb. I wanted to get something started in the car but I wasn’t that sure old what’s-his-name knew what he was talking about. Oh, well, a dark movie theater will be a better place to try something. The seats are so close that any kind of accident could happen without me having to come on like some kind of raving dyke.

After I fixed something to eat, I took a shower and thought about Sara and really got hot thinking of all the things I could make her do if she actually was that way about her titties. So far she seemed willing to be led; it just took her a while to catch on. I dug through my things trying to find something sexy but the problem with Mom helping to support me was that she had the final say about clothes and she thought the purpose of clothes was concealment. Maybe after a few paychecks, I can buy something that was at least made in this decade.

I did have a mini skirt Mom didn’t know about. I just hemmed up a regular skirt with a needle and thread. My legs are shapely but I don’t think that was Sara’s area of interest, not after the way she looked at my tits all day. I messed around with a shirt, buttoning the middle two buttons and tying the flaps around my ribs, just under my titties,. I was very pleased when I looked in the mirror. The neck of the shirt gaped open far enough to show some very round cleavage and the tied part of the shirt seemed to push my titties up to where they looked almost ready to spill out. I put on some dark hose that reached just the bottom of my mini and walked across the room to see how my naked thighs flashed. Very sexy, too bad Sara didn’t have a fetish about legs, too, or she would be mince meat.


I was really beginning to worry about myself. The excitement I had felt all afternoon over taking her home was mild compared to what I felt as I thought about taking her to a movie. Well, I could only hope that it was some kind of strange infatuation that would run its course soon enough. Meanwhile I could do nothing but tremble in anticipation at seeing her again. The late evening seemed to drag interminably as I dressed myself six times, always finding something wrong with whatever I selected. Finally it was time to go so I went with whatever I had on. I drove back to her apartment in a fit of mangled nerves. I did manage to quit worrying about my attraction to her and just concentrated on trying to become her friend just to be around her as much as possible.

When she opened her door, I had to squeeze my thighs rigidly together to relieve the tension caused by the sight of her in that mini dress with the shirt tied under her huge titties, When she spun around to get her purse, the skirt flared out in back and I saw her gorgeous thighs above her stockings and a fleeting glimpse of her sheer panties that showed her ass crack as plain as if she were naked. I was completely unnerved and rushed her out to the car like we had no time to talk. In the car I fixed my eyes on the road for fear that I would make a fool of myself gushing over her.

The movie she chose was very popular but had already been running a long time so there were plenty of seats where we could sit in relative isolation. We had only been sitting there a few minutes; I had my elbows forward on the armrests when she placed hers on the back of our mutual armrest. When she scooted down further in her seat, her elbow moved against the side of my titty and I felt a surge of strange sensations. My pulse shot up and my breathing became labored. I knew I should move away but I could not force my body to obey. I’m sure it was entirely innocent and she had no idea what she was doing to me. Then to my utter consternation, my own arm moved back over hers and hugged her arm tighter against my titty. What on earth would she think of me, squeezing her arm against my titty like that? I struggled to control my breathing. I was totally mortified when I started to move my upper body in a nervous, twisting motion that caused her arm to be almost messaging the side of my titty.

Then she tried to straighten her arm, but I still held it snugly against my titty. With no conscious decision on my part, I seized her hand and pulled it over into my lap. She didn’t seem to think it was too unusual. She just stretched her hand out and let it lay on my thigh. I felt so foolish, holding her hand against my leg like that. I tried to think of some excuse for what I was doing. Her hand on my leg was like a burning poker and was causing an excitement I was almost unable to bear.

“I think this is a scary part,” I said, thinking I had come up with a plausible excuse for clinging to her hand.

“The credits are still rolling.”

“Oh, yeah, I see that now.”

“You’re just one of those who likes to hold hands in the movies, aren’t you?”

“Yes, yes, I guess I am.”

“Even when you’re sitting with a girl?”

“Well, yes, it’s just knowing someone is with me.”

“It’s all right. That’s probably what most ladies do when they’re on a date with a hot young girl.”

“So you think of this as a date?”

“Sure, why not? We’re two people who want to be together.”

“I just never thought of two women together as being a date.”

“Well, the next time you want to get together, we’ll just call it an appointment.”

I laughed at her little joke and that somehow helped relieve the awful tension I was feeling. I relaxed a little and, in that unguarded moment, I pulled her hand up tightly against my titties. The tension returned as I began to fear that she would think I was some sort of deviate who regularly preyed upon young girls.

She seemed to think nothing of it, just let her hand remain there, palm up against the undersides of my tits. I struggled to restrain myself but could not keep from pressing her hand upward to my titties. I couldn’t explain it. I couldn’t control it. I was just grateful she didn’t run screaming down the aisle.

She seemed to be completely aware of this strange manifestation of need in me. She began to press her fingers together in the same rhythm that I rocked back and forth. Then she said something that was shocking enough, but filled me with awesome anticipation. “It’s dark enough in here that you could get away with undoing a few buttons of your blouse, if you wanted to.”

If I wanted to, seems like I have thought of nothing else since I met her. I didn’t think of it as an act of submission, of obeying her request. I just knew that I wanted to get her hands on my titties as quickly as possible and on titties bare as possible. I undid two buttons and nearly swooned as her hand began to squeeze my titties through the thin fabric of my bra.

Then her hands went to my back and she was pressing me forward, she was working to release my bra.

“Please don’t take ’em out in here. There’re too many people.”

“It’s dark enough in here. Take it off and put it in your purse. You shouldn’t have worn it, anyway, on a date with a girl like me. You should’ve known I’d want to fondle your big old tits!”

The reprimand in her voice made me feel so small and foolish. She acted like I did this all the time and should know how to dress. Without thinking, I slid my hands inside the back of my blouse and loosened the snaps. I pulled one strap through my sleeve and worked it past my elbow, then pulled the bra off through the other sleeve. I stuffed it quickly into my purse.

The movie played out too rapidly. I scrunched down in my seat. DeAnn put one arm around me and kept both her hands inside my blouse throughout the rest of the flick. While I languished in her grasp and endured ever increasing sensations, swirling my mind in rounds of steadily increasing ecstasy and bliss, she squeezed my tits and rolled my nipples in her fingers. I stifled most of my moans but I was afraid they could hear my breathing in the street.

My mind was mush and I was caught by surprise when the house lights came up and bathed the theatre in brightness. Thankfully DeAnn was paying more attention and she had her hands in her own lap while I scurried to get my blouse back in order.

“What do you have in mind to do now?” she asked in all innocence.

“It’s still early, I thought you might like to go to my place and we could visit.”

“I’m starving. Can we go by and pick up some hamburgers on the way?”

“Oh, honey, I can’t eat a hamburger. I’d gain ten pounds.”

“I don’t think you will. You’re going to burn a lot of energy during our…visit.”

Her comment sent a thrill through me more extreme than if she’d used every four letter word in the language to describe what she was going to do to me. I just melted; I was nothing inside but a sloshing puddle.

After passing through the drive through and getting a sack of hamburgers and fries, she asked me, “I bet you have nothing at home but light beer, do you?”

“I probably don’t even have that. I’m not much of a beer drinker. I have some wine and whiskey.”

“Well, pull in at this store and get a couple of six packs. I feel like having a few beers.”

“You’re turning into a rather extravagant date.”

The resentment that flashed in her eyes made me realize she misunderstood. “Oh, honey, I was just making a joke. An expensive date would be the theatre, a restaurant and champagne. We went to a movie, got fast food hamburgers and you want beer.”

“So you just wanted to tell me my tastes are cheap?”

“Please try to understand. I wasn’t trying to say anything. It was just a bad joke.”

Then her hand shot up to clutch my titty and maul it. I very nearly creamed my panties when she did that. I was helpless; I could do nothing but sit there and let her feel me up. I was a little alarmed. Even though what she was doing was making me very hot, she seemed to be doing it in anger.

“I’ll go home with you but I’m not interested in doing anything more than fondle your titties. If you want to do things to me with your mouth, you can.”

“But you’ve been seducing me; I thought you would be the one to…”

“I’m not interested. If you want it, I’ll let you…to make up for this extravagant date,” she quipped but with no trace of humor. She squeezed harder on my tit, almost painfully. She seemed to think that my titty would make up my mind for me.

“All right, I’ll do it. I’ve got to do something, I feel like I’m going to die.”

DeAnn made me unbutton my dress and she squeezed my titties unmercifully all the way to my place. I cannot imagine what people in the other cars must have thought to see a grown woman with her tits hanging out and a young girl playing with them.


Old what’s-his-name was sure not bullshitting. I had only to lean against her titty in the movie and she was ready to go before the credits finished rolling. She tried to make a joke about out extravagant date but I just acted like I resented it and used it as an excuse to mistreat her. I kept my hands on her naked tits to keep her interest focused. Soon I discovered I enjoyed squeezing her luscious tits. It was awkward for her to drive; but she managed. Finally she ended up driving with her left hand only, so she could twist towards me and offer her tits.

She babbled endlessly that I was the one doing the seducing and I should be the one to do things, she’d never touched a woman in her life and had no idea how to proceed. I didn’t try to argue about who played which role, I just kept up the pressure on her tits. By the time we reached her house, she was panting like she’d run all the way from the movie.

Inside her home, the familiarity seemed to give her second thoughts. I knew that was because I had little opportunity to squeeze her titties as we walked inside. “I’ll fix us a drink. We need to talk.”

As she stood at her bar, I didn’t want to give her too much time to think. I moved up behind her and wrapped my arms around her shoulders and felt her titties. I asked her, “How are we going to talk about something when you can’t even say the words?” I felt her sharp intake of breath and knew her resistance was crumbling.

“If I can’t say the words, how do you think I’m going to do such things to you?”

I squeezed her titties rather roughly and then released her, “Well, if this is as far as I can go and you don’t want to take it any further, I may as well go home.”

“You can’t go.”

“Why not?”

“You…you…don’t have a car,” she said; as though she had just seized back some of the power she had allowed to slip away.

“That’s really despicable. I’ve been out with some pretty lecherous men before but I’ve never had one tell me I had to put out or walk home.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean it like that.” She rushed over to me, apologizing, realizing her little power play had blown up in her face.

I just kept acting angry and turned my back on her as she approached me. She came right up behind me as though intent upon getting her naked titties touched somehow, even if only to rub them against my back.

Her hands were on my hips, her nipples pressed against my back like a couple of thimbles mounted on water balloons. She was almost sobbing her apologies. I decided to try a little power play of my own and said, “Take your dress off!”

“My dress?”

“Take it off and your bra, too. You’re half out of it anyway and it’s certainly not covering up your titties.”

“We’re in the living room, the picture window…”

“Take it off or I’m going to start finding a way home.”

She emitted a little whimper of concession, slipped her dress off her shoulders and let it slide to the floor. I moved away from her and turned to face her so I could see her humiliation and punish her for her stubbornness. She stood with her eyes closed, her dress a puddle around her feet.

“Look at your big old tits, the way they quiver like jelly. Rub them against me some more.” She pressed herself closer. She was a marvelous sight standing there in her pink, old lady’s panties.

“Your panties aren’t very fashionable.”

“What do you mean?”

“They’re old-fashioned. No one wears panties like that anymore. Mine are cut high on the hip to make my legs look longer. I’m surprised that you take a young girl out and wear out-dated panties.”

“I don’t have any that are like that but could I see yours so I’d know what kind to get?”

I turned sideways to her and lifted my skirt up to my waist. Her eyes were riveted to the high cut panties that exposed nearly my entire hip. I sat down on her couch, keeping my mini high on my hips and spreading my thighs. She came over and kneeled in front of me, to see better but also to hide her nakedness from the picture window. I lifted my skirt out of the way and her vision was arrested between my legs. I spread my thighs wider. “Do you want to kiss my panties?” I knew I was going to have to help her with her decision making.

My panties were so thin and so wet I knew she would have no trouble seeing the cleft of my lips. I reached inside of each panty leg and pulled my lips apart so she could see the glistening pink. She surprised me by saying, “Maybe I will, but first, can I see your tits?” I thought she was on the brink, but she apparently had enough control to insist upon her little fetish.

I reached down between my legs and grabbed her by her tits, “Oh, no, don’t do that,” she pleaded, “I can’t think straight when you hold them.” Her pulse and her breathing quickened. Her breath felt hot on my thighs.

I squeezed her big titties and pulled her forward.

“Oh, if you don’t stop, you’re going to make me want to suck it.”

“That’s the idea.”

“All right, all right, let me do it,” she conceded as she pulled my thin panties to one side and leaned forward with her tongue extended, pushing it tentatively against my pussy. She struggled to overcome her reluctance and was very ashamed that she was doing it, or ashamed that she wasn’t doing it very well. Then she seemed to heat up more and started sliding her tongue in and out at a furiously increasing rate, moaning like my pussy was caviar.

“Rock your hips up a little so I can get to it better, oh my god, I never knew this could be so exciting.”

I was a little embarrassed for her. She was voracious. She pushed her tongue up to the top of my folds, separating the lips and isolating my clit. Then she took my clit between her lips and her cheeks hollowed as she seemed to want to suck the little nub down her throat. I felt the tension building and knew I was about to come. I tried to push her face away in warning but she shook my hand off and began swallowing and begging for more.”

“Some has run down into your ass crack. Can I get that, too?” She looked up at me hopefully. I nodded, raised my hips more and she plunged her tongue down and slurped up whatever had collected there. She was not content to stop with that, she started to work her tongue inside my puckered hole. That made me so delirious that I could hardly object, although I never intended to humiliate her that much. I just hooked my elbows behind my knees and rolled my ass up to give her complete access.

She started screaming very loud as her own sexual tension built into such a crescendo that I felt a little cheated as her orgasm shook her like a rag doll in the wind. She was muttering heavenly praises as she collapsed to the floor.

When she collected herself, she was terribly embarrassed by the way she had behaved. I was a little surprised that her disappointment in herself manifested in anger towards me. I had just given her the best piece of pussy she could ever hope for but she did not seem grateful in the least.


This is what I get for trying to be a friend to this wretched girl. She talks me into taking her home, and then talks me into taking her to the movies, and then she comes home with me and makes me kiss her pussy. Then she…then she pushed her asshole into my face and made me even…My god, I can’t imagine that I could do that. She put some kind of spell on me. Now that it’s over, I have no desire to repeat it so it can’t be me. I am not warped, twisted, or perverted. She did something to me.

I just want to crawl off somewhere and die. What if she brags about what she made me do? I will die, I know it. I just want her out of here and away from me. “I guess…” I tried to say, but my throat was so coated with what she made me swallow that I couldn’t even talk. I made a rather unladylike sound as I tried to clear it, “I guess you need…to be getting home.”

She moved so suddenly towards me I was frightened. She had not even bothered to cover her pussy after I was through with it and I couldn’t help but look at it as she leaned down over me in a squat with her knees spread wide. She pushed me over onto my back and put her hands again on my titties. This wretched girl was still convinced that she could lead me around by my tits like they were a ring through my nose. I started to push her hands away but then I decided to just let her play with them for a little longer, she enjoyed them so much. I was a little alarmed that my breathing was becoming so ragged. I was forced to pant a little as she fondled my tits. Well, I’ll just let her get this out of her system, she’s obviously fascinated with my perfect tits and if I stop her, she might become violent. With the trouble I was having breathing; I was too weak to even protest as she continued to rub my titties. Then she swung her leg over my face and I found myself again staring up into her pussy. Maybe she just needed a little bit more to make her satisfied. I would just do it one more time to get her sated enough so she’ll let me take her home. Then I’ll never let her get me in this position again.

It worked. She rocked her hips back and forth furiously as though she were fucking my face. When she did that, my tongue ran up the crack of her ass but I’m sure she’ did that on purpose. Oh, well, I’d already done it once, I could do it again if that’s what it took to get her off and get her out of my house. After I pushed my tongue up into her asshole, she stopped jerking her hips; she just froze herself in position. I had to raise and lower my head to work my tongue in and out of her asshole. She always managed to make it look like I was the one doing the perverted things.

Suddenly she started moaning quite loudly. I knew she was going to come again and in the position I was in, I wouldn’t be able to get any of her juice unless I could move my mouth back up to her pussy. I didn’t know why she insisted that I do her asshole so much. I decided that was the last time she was going to make me do anything nasty to her. I lunged up to get my mouth in place just as her pussy erupted torrents of juice, so much that I feared she may have released her bladder but I managed to get it all and not spill any by making a seal over her soaking wet cunt. Why did such awful stuff have to taste so good? I had to lick all through her folds to find any little stray drops. I’m sure she tells herself that I love what she makes me do to her.

She managed to sweet talk me into letting her spend the night because she was too tired to go home. I put on my slinkiest nightgown, so sheer it showed everything, to give her a little thrill and also because I never had any opportunity to wear anything sexy to bed. The little street urchin did not bother to borrow a gown, she just stripped off her clothes and climbed naked into my bed beside me. I didn’t have an opportunity to explain that I had another bedroom that she was welcome to use. Young people today just presume too much. I didn’t try to disguise my displeasure as I turned out the light with a rather haughty look on my face at her lack of breeding and manners.

Then she gathered me in her arms despite my displeasure, and pushed her pelvis up snug against my ass. I didn’t try to stop her, I thought she could have her fun but soon I would not have to tolerate this type of lewd behavior ever again. Apparently she was not yet sleepy as she started pumping her hips against my backside in a very familiar, provocative manner. Again I let her and pushed my ass back to give her a little better access. Then I happened to raise my arm and she took that as an invitation to reach under it and began to manipulate my tits again. Suddenly sleep was no longer on my mind as my breathing again became difficult. That did nothing but reinforce her delusion that she could lead me around by my titties. Then I really stopped worrying about her delusions, I just found myself wanting to suck her pussy some more so when she twisted me around and pulled on the back of my neck, I let her guide me to her wide spread thighs. I grimaced under my breath at this monumental indignity but I knew I had to get her satisfied if I was ever to get any sleep. I went ahead and sucked her pussy for her some more and did her asshole since it was so close and it seemed to arouse her so much.


I knew by the end of the night that this woman was so enthralled by me that I could do anything I wanted and what I wanted was to have her support me for a while until I got my big break. We were dressing for work and I noticed she was really trying to invite me to make us late by putting on all of her clothes but leaving her titties completely bare until the last minute. She had on her hose, garter belt, panties, skirt, and make-up but left her tits swinging enticingly while she ran around doing everything but put on her bra and blouse.

“So your apartment is only rented by the week?” She asked me with her quivering tits swinging inches from my face as I sat at the make-up mirror. I heard the hint in her voice and knew she was leading up to inviting me to move in.

I leaned over and put my mouth over her nipple and sucked on it for the very first time. Once her arousal was obvious, I took my mouth off her tit and said, “Maybe I could move in with you and save my parents having to help me? They really have enough financial trouble of their own.”

“I suppose that would be all right. I have another bedroom that’s not used at all.”

Are you sure you want me sleeping in that other room? Don’t you want me in here with you so you can get at my pussy whenever you need it?”

She had very nearly swooned with my mouth on her tit but she was intent upon maintaining her dignity. “I’m not going to suck your pussy for you every night. I was just offering to help you in your financial situation, not become your personal cuntlicker. It’s my house and I’ll make the rules.”

“If I want to become independent of my parents, I won’t be able to help you much with your house payments…”

“That’s not necessary. There are no house payments. It was free and clear when I inherited it from a great aunt that passed away. She had children but they are all so well off that none of them needed it and she was always so partial to me.”

“Some people are drawn to your submissive nature.”

“I’m not the least bit submissive. I am very independent and have a very important job at work.”

I moved my mouth to the other nipple and sucked hard, watching her eyes scrunch up in total ecstasy. I started to slap the one I had already sucked and her moans became louder as I slapped harder. She was panting mightily and trying to get my skirt up so she could see my pussy. I slapped her tit with a stinging blow, then grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her over my lap. She was sobbing uncontrollably as I worked her skirt up and her panties down to mid-thigh but she made no effort to get off my lap even when I released her neck to adjust her clothing.

“Women who admit they’re submissive like to be spanked. Do you want me to spank you?”

“Yes! Yes! Whip my hinny and make me want to suck you off again.”

I reached under her to grab her hanging bare titty just to be sure she remained at an acceptable level of arousal, then I laid into her backside with a furor that released all the frustration I felt with women who are so hypocritical. “I’m going to quit my job after today and then you’re going to help me move in here and then I’m going to spank you some more for being so stubborn and refusing to admit that you are a submissive woman. Now get between my legs and suck it before I raise blisters on your big ass!”

She only had to suck for a short while before she was rewarded with another huge load of cum for her to slurp up It kind of bothers me that she has become so quickly addicted to cunt juice but I don’t know what I could do about it. Then she stood and finished dressing and made the whining comment that my remark about her ass being big was uncalled for. She was really grasping for shreds of dignity.


I was crazy to let her talk me into moving in with me. One moment of feeling sorry for her financial situation and I’ve paid for it ever since. I did not discourage her from quitting her job; I was sort of relieved that she wouldn’t be around to tell her wicked tales about me. I’m sure she would have exaggerated to where I was made to seem like some kind of predatory dyke drawn to young girls. No one would ever understand that she had seduced me and made me do all those nasty things to her.

It would be all right if she ever did anything around here but she lies around all day and when I come home she makes me clean the place up before she will even think about caressing my titties or spreading her thighs for me. And, God help me, I’ve grown so accustomed to sucking her pussy that I really need it every night. The more I want it, though, the less interested she seems to be.

She moved into the spare bedroom and put a lock on her door. Sometimes I have to beg for an hour before she will let me in. The only thing that seems to have any impact on her is when I mention that if I don’t get my rest, I’ll never be able to hold my job. She does realize that such an event would have a very negative effect on her current lifestyle. At that, though, she just opens the door, spreads her thighs and tells me to get it over with. When I’m finished, I feel dirty and cheap. She used to play withh my titties to get me hot.

Everything changed when she ran into an old high school friend and invited her over to the house. When I came home, she all but ignored me and went back to chatting about their school days and especially the chorus they were in together. I felt so completely left out. While I was cleaning the kitchen I could hear them talking and the girl, Helen, made a disparaging comment about DeAnn’s sexual orientation when she realized she lived with an older woman and had no job.

“So is your Sara sort of like a sugar daddy to you? She pays the bills in exchange for a little of your pussy once in awhile?”

I peeked in to see how the little bitch was going to handle being called a whore. Her face was flushed with embarrassment and she seemed at a loss for words. Then her face resolved itself into grim determination and she said almost too casually, “No, it’s not like that at all. The woman doesn’t keep me, I let her take care of the financial matters for me and, in exchange, she gets to be my sex slave.”

Helen’s face erupted in shocked disbelief, “Bullshit! You’re her little pussy whore. She probably makes you do all the sucking.” Then she laughed derisively and DeAnn’s face burst into sheer anger.

“Sara! Get your ass in here right now!” Helen had stupidly provoked her anger and I would be the one paying the price. I hurried into the living room.

“Do you have on your underwear?”

“Yes, I just got in from work and started on the kitchen. I thought with company here, you’d want to suspend the rules.”

“Good.” She said and I was very relieved. “I want you to model your underwear for my friend. For your sake I hope you’re wearing some of the nice panties that I picked out and not any of your frumpy old-fashioned drawers. I was thankful that I had on the black lace French cut things that she made me buy but I was far to inhibited by her friend to do anything. “Come over here.” She smiled sweetly and I could do nothing but obey. “Lean over a little bit.” She said as I stood beside her. The thought of her playing with my titties drove out every other consideration for whatever was going on in that room. I brought my boobs down to her face level immediately. She reached and took one in each hand and I surrendered to the delirium I always felt when she touched me there.

“Now, I want you,” she squeezed both my titties, “to take off your blouse,” -squeeze, “then your skirt,” -squeeze, “and walk around the room and give my friend,” -squeeze. “a good look at you in your underwear.” All other thought was driven from my mind by her attention to my titties. When she took her hands away, I rose and undid the buttons of my blouse and pulled it off to reveal my big tits encased in a tiny, sheer black wisp of a bra. I walked over to jut my tits in Helen’s face as she gasped in disbelief. Then I unzipped my skirt and let it fall slowly to the floor by moving my legs closer together slowly. My sheer, wispy black panties were gradually revealed to her startled expression, not to mention her rapt gaze. Then I swirled around the center of the room a little, enjoying the freedom of my semi-nakedness, the growing fascination of the girl, Helen, and most of all, the obvious approval of DeAnn.

“Helen,” DeAnn said, “why don’t you turn around on the chair, get on your knees and pull your skirt up. Let’s see if my love slave wants to lick your asshole for you.”

The idea appealed much more to Helen than it did to me as she quickly spun around and drew her skirt up over her firmly rounded hips. I suppose lowering the panties was left to me. I was so hot from DeAnn’s actions on my titties that I never thought of refusing. I went over and grasped the waistband of her panties still under her skirt and stretched them out over her beautifully shaped ass and pushed them down to her thighs. She cooperated by reaching a hand on each cheek and pulling her asscheeks apart for me. I firmed my resolve and extended my tongue into the valley and began to lick her puckered hole to get her loosened up. Then I managed to work my tongue inside and Helen moaned in rapture.

“Now, Helen, turn around and kiss my love slave. Take her tongue in your mouth and see how you like the taste of your own ass.” Helen was too enraptured to refuse and as she turned around, I put my tongue in her mouth and she sucked on it voraciously. Then she dropped her mouth to my titty and I nearly went ballistic. My arousal soon matched hers and I pulled her down on the floor and spread my thighs over her face. I plunged my face into her hairy pussy. She began to suck my pussy like a dyke who had been locked in the closet all her life. I felt free to do the same to hers. I haven’t felt so aroused and sucked a pussy so willingly since my first night with DeAnn.

DeAnn even became aroused at the sight of us two licking each other’s cunts. She undressed and came over behind Helen and humped her ass with her big clit. At times, I could suck both pussies until she drew back to take another fierce lunge against Helen’s fulsome ass.


I had just about had all I could stand of Miss Big Tits and her constant foraging between my legs. She never knew when to stop. However, when my old high school friend, Helen, decided to move in with us, things got a lot netter. Helen turned out to be as big a pussy hound as Sara despite her comments when she first learned of our living arrangements. I don’t think she was hypocritical, she just had no idea she was that way until she tried it. She quickly learned on her own how to manipulate Sara by playing with her titties and they were at each other’s pussies most of their waking moments. This gave me a little time off from Sara’s constant demands.

I worked hard on my music and finally got a demo tape I was proud of on my old tape recorder. An actor friend of mine who was also a computer geek helped me cut CD’s on his computer and he made me several copies. This city was no hotbed music center but I managed to find a few companies that produced music. I started making the rounds, trying to get them to listen to my tape. Most of them were sleazy with the man in charge more interested in the size of my bust than the songs on the tape. They would be all enthused about making me a star if I wanted to stop by their place for an in-depth audition. When I let it known that I didn’t want anything they had that deep inside of me, they’d hurriedly rush me out the door.

One day I was sitting and playing my music. Sara and Helen were finished with each other for at least the next fifteen minutes and they were listening to me. Sara came over in all her naked glory and picked up the sheet of paper where I had the words written. I continued playing and she started to sing, picking up the tune from listening to me sing it. All the time I had told her about my songs, she never once mentioned that she had the most beautiful voice I’d ever heard. She sang like her heart was breaking in a deep, reverberant voice that resonated throughout the house. Then, to top it off, Helen chimed in with the most beautiful harmony, about an octave higher than Sara.

Now I am no virtuoso on the guitar and could only play standard chords so my accompaniment was a bit monotonous but Sara and Helen riffed through the melody and succeeded in covering up the monotony of the music with syncopated singing that drifted off into harmonies that expanded the melody like the unfurling of wings. Sara would venture an octave below the written note sometimes while Helen reached higher. It sounded so eerie and unique, nothing like what I had written but listening to them and what they did for my songs made my hackles rise.

I put a new tape on the recorder and we spent the entire week-end, except for the times when someone wanted to suck pussy, working on creating a tape that would rattle the window panes of the music producers. Even the urge to suck pussy seemed to gradually recede as we all three got caught up in the music.

“Why in hell didn’t you tell me you could sing like that?” I asked Sara after we finished listening to the last song on the tape.

“I never could sing like that before I met you. You’ve pretty much put a tear in my voice.”

“I’m going to put a lot more than a tear on your ass with my belt if I have to listen to any more of your self-pity.”

“I’m ready when you are, sweetness, you can’t spank me enough for me to ask you to stop.”

“Well, get it bare and drape it over my lap.”

“I keep it bare when I’m around you. I never know when the mood may strike you.” Sara said as she climbed over my lap with her voluptuous ass jutted up towards my face.

I spanked her very hard, the excitement of the music still boiling my blood. Sara finally started to cry but she wouldn’t say quit. I finally stopped because I thought she might lose her mind with so many orgasms in so short a time. I gently rolled her off my lap and then Helen ran over and said, “Do me too!” Then she stretched her naked self across my thighs and I had to blister her ass, also. These two sluts were wearing me out.

While Sara and Helen worked the next day, I started making the rounds with my new CD’s. I had never dressed sexy because I wanted to avoid encouraging the sleazeballs and I dressed normally because I was sure this tape would sell on its own. I started at the bottom of my little list, ‘Worldwide Records’; to be sure I didn’t accidentally go back to one of the places that had brushed me off. I sure didn’t want to do them any favors. Surprisingly when I went in, the executive producer turned out to be a female. However, the lecherous look in her eyes when she saw my big tits made me realize that she might be as bad as the males. If necessary, I wouldn’t mind giving a little pussy to a woman in exchange for a little consideration for my music.

“Why don’t you come over and sit on my lap while we listen to your little tape?” She patted her generous thighs as though to dispel any doubt that she was interested in anything to do with music. She smiled smugly as I approached her and set about pulling her skirt up out of the way so I would be sitting on her bare thighs. “My, but you have a dainty little round ass completely overshadowed by your big bosom.” She commented as she reached for my waist and sat me down on her thighs, giggling like an excited schoolgirl.

To observe the formalities, she pressed the ‘play’ button on her desktop control panel and the acoustics in her room were unimaginable. Sara’s pearl-shaped, tearful tone erupted from the speakers and paralyzed the producer. Her hands were all set to wrap around my titties when the music started and she froze.

“I was lost in the dark, without a spark
Of direction or desire.
An’ you came to me, bringing me warmth like a fire.
My worn out heart was shattered apart,
But you made me able to bear.
When you came to me, just like… a breath of air.”

“My God! Whose voice is that and why isn’t this song on the radio?”

“That’s Sara Lynn Allen and the back-up is Helen de la Rosa. I’m just the writer, DeAnn Drummond.”

Seeming to remember her second purpose and realizing that I had willingly sat in her lap, she brought her hands up to cup my titties. “Is either of them built like you?”

“Well, Sara is just as big up top which is where your interests seem to be centered but her ass is much curvier. Helen is just normal in the bust but she loves pussy.”

“Do you think any of you…er…would want to fool around with me?” She asked with such a lustful tone that I knew she was awash in her fantasies of screwing us.

So I relieved her mind, “We all do. Whenever we’re together and not making music, at least two of us are fucking.”

“Would you mind if I sucked your sweet pussy while we listen to the rest of the tape?”

“I really do like to have my cunt sucked.”

“Well, you came to the right place. Get up on the desk and let me get your panties down. Goodness, there’s another beautiful song. I hope you have enough to make an album; I think we’re all going to soon be very, very rich.”

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