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Julie’s Torment

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Julie Fry sat in her office, with the door closed, tears slowly rolling down her cheeks. Her world had come crashing down around her ears that morning, and she was not sure what she could do about it.

As the Accounting Manager for Larsen Construction, she had, for the last 3 years systematically embezzled over $150,000. Phony invoices, from phony companies, the checks all ending up in her husband’s bank account. She had, like all criminals, assumed that she would never get caught, but she was wrong.

That morning Rick Larsen, the owner of the company, had called her into his office and confronted her with the evidence, proving her malfeasance. There was nothing she could say. He had offered her little choice. Either a certain 10 years in jail for both her and Hal, her husband, or complete sexual servitude for a period of one year.

‘Yes,’ he had said, ‘You can go to the police and file blackmail charges, and I may do 6 months in jail, but you will still do at least 10 years. So take your choice. For the next year you will be my complete sexual slave. You will submit to whatever I wish you to, whenever I wish, with whoever I wish. You will be subjected to the most extreme sexual activities, punishments etc that you can imagine.’

He had handed her a typed agreement and told her to look at it. The agreement merely reiterated what he had just told her.

‘If you agree, sign it , and be at my house at 8pm tonight. If you choose not to, the police will be at your door by 8.30.’ He handed her a small suitcase. ‘This is what you will wear, if you come. Tell your husband that he is to stay at home and I will communicate with him by computer.’

Julie sat and wondered what was to become of her. The thought of 10 years in jail absolutely horrified her, but the thought of sexual slavery was almost as scary.

Julie Fry’ 29 years old, shoulder length, sandy colored hair, 5’6′ tall and about 150 lbs, a little on the heavy side she knew. Her large breasts, 38D, not quite as firm as they had been 10 years earlier, and her large ass, also 38, were her best features, and she was, quite frankly a little scared about how they would be used and abused.

After about an hour Julie realized that she did not really have a lot of options. She signed the agreement, slid it under Rick’s office door, left the office and went home.

She had spoken to her husband Frank earlier, and told him what was happening. He said simply that it was her decision, and that he would support whatever she decided.

At 6.30 that evening Julie took a shower, and then opened the suitcase Rick had given her. ‘Oh God,’ she thought as she pulled out the clothes and began to put them on. A red satin, push up bra, with matching panties, both a size too small so that they fitted like they were painted on. A matching garter belt with charcoal nylons and 4′ black heels. A small black dress completed the outfit. Cut low in front so that the upper slopes of her tits were exposed, the skirt hemmed about 5′ above her knees, just covering the nylon tops.

At 8pm promptly Julie rang the bell at Rick’s house.

‘Come on in’ he said as he opened the door. ‘I am glad you decided to accept this alternative. Now take your coat off.’

Julie obeyed, exposing the outfit he had chosen for her.

‘Very nice,’ he said as he reached to cup one of her tits, squeezing hard. She pulled back, and his hand came up and slapped her face hard.

‘Don’t you dare pull back from me slut’ he growled. ‘Now get downstairs to the funroom.’ He laughed as he said this, and led her down the stairs.

‘Oh God’ Julie thought as she looked at the room. A couple of couches and a small table sat in the middle of the room, while the walls were covered in various punishment tools, whips, clamps, gags, dildos and various stocks, tables and other devices she was scared to even think about.

‘Welcome to my world’ said Rick ‘And to my friends’ indicating two men sitting on one of the couches. ‘Go and say Hi to them.’

As Julie slowly made her way over to the couch Rick started up the four video cameras, one in each corner of the room, and set the digital, still cameras, four also, to operate in automatic mode, shooting one picture every twenty seconds.

Returning to where Julie was standing Rick indicated the guy on the left and introduced him as John, and the other as Paul. Both men appeared to be in their forties: John about 5’10’ and 175 lbs with dark brown hair: Paul about 6′ and 200 lbs with light brown hair. Rick, himself, also stood about 6′ and 200 lbs, with dirty blonde hair.

‘O.K. guys, it’s Friday and she is all ours till Sunday, to do whatever we like with, and to her.’

‘Right’ said John, ‘Let’s see what we have here. Pull your skirt up babe.’

Julie, very hesitantly grasped the hem of her dress and raised it a couple of inches.

John reached forward and slapped her leg. ‘Come on bitch, all the way.’

Julie pulled her dress up to her waist revealing her nylons, tight panties and garter belt.

Paul reached forward and ran his hand over the front of her panties. ‘Ummmm very nice,’ he said. Rick meanwhile had pulled the back of her dress up, showing her panties stretched tightly across her big ass. ‘Oh yes very nice’ he said. I am gonna just love whipping this and fucking it too.’

‘Let’s see her ass Rick,’ John said. Rick grabbed Julie’s hair, spun her around and bent her over at the waist. ‘Oh yes,’ John said ‘A beautiful big ass.’ He raised his hand and slapped her hard on her right asscheek. Julie squealed ‘Shut up slut,’ John growled as he continued to rain slaps on her ass. ‘Let’s see those tits too,’ Paul said.

Rick pulled Julie erect by her hair and turned her to face the two men. Pulling down the zipper of her dress to her waist, he then pulled down the front of her dress exposing her bra-clad tits. The tight fitting pushup bra barely covered Julie’s nipples. John reached out to pinch one of her nipples. Julie cried out, and tried to pull away. In response John slapped her hard on the exposed upper slope of her left tit. ‘This bitch needs breaking,’ he said. ‘Let’s get that dress off and get her over the table. I think a little punishment is in order to show her just who is boss here.’

‘No, not yet,’ Paul said .’I want as blow job first.’

‘Oh no,’ Julie screamed. ‘I can’t do this.’

Rick twisted Julie around and grabbed her chin in his hand and pulled her close, almost nose to nose. ‘Look bitch, you do not seem to understand your position here. If you like you can walk out now, but if you do you will be in jail by noon tomorrow. Now make up your mind, either you go through with the agreement you signed or suffer the consequences.’

Julie agonized in her mind as tears rolled down her cheeks. She knew that she could never survive jail, and she was not too sure she could survive the next year of this either, but she knew she had no real choice. ‘O.K.,’ she whispered. ‘Whatever you say.’

‘That’s better,’ Rick said as he finished unzipping the dress and pulled it down for her to step out of. ‘O.K. Paul, we will do both. I will whip her ass while she sucks you off. Now take it out for him.’

Julie bent over Paul, sitting on the couch and unzipped his pants. Julie reached inside and released his hard cock, a good thick 7′.’Now, spread those legs and get that ass up,’ Rick said as he picked up a paddle. ‘I am gonna paddle your ass till you make him cum.’

Julie obediently bent over at the waist and lowered her mouth to Paul’s waiting cock. As her open mouth neared his hot pole, he grabbed her hair and pulled her hard down onto his waiting cock.

Rick ran his hands over her large ass, admiring the way her panties clung to her like a second skin. Raising his paddle he brought it down hard on both cheeks. Julie jerked from the force of the blow. Meanwhile Paul was ramming his cock deep into her mouth, scraping the back of her throat. She began to suck hard on the hot cock raping her mouth, as Rick continued to rain blows down on her ass.

As Paul; and Rick continued to assault her, John crouched down and began to pull on her nipples. Despite her feelings Julie felt her nipples begin to harden.

Again and again Rick brought the paddle down, sending bolts of fire through Julie’s big ass.

‘Oh my god,’ she thought. ‘Will this never end?’ She sucked harder and harder on Paul’s cock, hoping he would hurry up and cum.

‘Spread your legs slut,’ she heard Rick bark, and she obeyed, spreading her legs as wide as she could. Rick ran his hand between her legs and began rubbing her cunt through the tight panties. ‘Hmmmm,’ he said, ‘I think she is getting a little wet down here. She must like it after all.’

Raising his paddle he brought it down hard a couple of times on Julie’s tender inner thighs, and then returned to punishing her ass. Paul was ramming his cock harder and harder into her wet, warm mouth. Julie felt his cock begin to jerk and spasm.

‘Oh no, is he going to cum in my mouth?’ Julie wondered. As if he had heard her thoughts Paul said ‘O.K. bitch I am cumming. You better swallow every drop or else.’

Suddenly she felt the hot spurt of his cum hit the back of her throat. Quickly she swallowed as shot after shot of his seed spurted into her mouth. Finally he was finished and Rick stopped paddling her, by now, sore ass.

Yanking her to her feet, Rick pointed to the other room. ‘Go get cleaned up bitch, and change into the clothes in there. Then get back here, and we will start on the serious stuff.’

Slowly Julie walked into the combination bathroom/bedroom wondering just what was in store for her.

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