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Sandy’s Plan

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Sandy stopped and considered whether she should proceed with the daring plan that she had pondering. Both Greg and Phil were in the spa. She had been talking to them in the pub after their football game and told them that her parents were out of town. This left her with the house to herself and so she suggested that perhaps they’d like to come back and have a spa to help rejuvenate their tired muscles before watchinga video or something.

She had been flirting outrageously with them both for weeks now and she new that they both would like it to go further. The thing was that she didn’t really see a long term future with either of them but certainly wanted more out of the short term. That’s what she had decided to do. She could tell from the way that they looked at each other and the way conversation had died when she left them that the considered each other to be competition. And that was where her idea had stemmed from. She was afraid that if she picked just one of them that she would miss her opportunity with the other.

Sighing at her dilemma, she decided to go through with it all. She pulled her bikini up her butt to expose one cheek and pulled the top down so that it maximised exposure without looking too obvious. Then she grabbed the beers that she had come inside for and headed back out to the boys in the spa, ready to put her plan into action.

“I hope I didn’t keep you boys too long,” she said cheekily, stepping into the spa, handing a beer first to phil and then to Greg. She noted that they struggled to look her in the eyes as she faced them. They had to drag their eyes away from her breasts as she leant forwards and when she turned to the other, the eyes were definitely all over her bare butt cheek. She sat down next to Phil, noting the disappointment in Greg’s eyes.

She moved her hand to Phil’s leg whilst she chatted to the two of them, gradually getting sillier and more suggestive as the conversation went on. Phil was obviously restraining a huge grin, thinking that he had made a leap forwards in the competition to win Sandy’s affection (or even just her body!) Noting that Greg had dropped out of the conversation a little, she stretched her leg out and ran her foot up Greg’s calf. He looked up from his momentary reverie, obviously unsure as to whether he had imagined it or not. Whilst Phil prattled on with some story or other that Sandy was only half paying attention to, she winked at Greg and ran her foot further, caressing his inner thigh with her toe.

At the same time, she moved her hand to Phil’s lap, brushing gently at the half formed erection in his pants. He moved as if to put his arm around her, but she deftly slipped from under it and made some excuse about him not being the only beneficiary of her attention. She moved then to sit next to Greg, whose eyes lit up at the prospect of this delightful girl who had just been rubbing his leg changing sides of the spa. Phil was visibly disappointed and now the conversation swung the way of Greg, who suddenly felt confident enough to extol his own virtues.

Sandy now moved her hand to Greg’s leg and started to rub Phil’s foot with her leg. Both of the boys were now trying desperately to maintain their staid expressions, not wanting the other to know what was going on beneath the bubbles of the spa and secretly delighted that Sandy was obviously only being polite to the other.

It was time for more drinks, but neither of the boys were about to volunteer to fetch them because they both thought that it would provide an ideal opportunity for them to make the next move in their mission of conquest whilst Sandy was out of the spa. Sandy laughed at them and stood up, their eyes caressing every contour of her wet body as the water dripped from it.

She stepped from the spa and went inside to get the beers. As she stood thinking about what she was about to do, she kneaded her breasts, pinching her nipples so that they stood proud of her firm C cup breasts. God she was horny and all the flirting in the spa had made her bikini pants wet – and not just from the water either! Making the decision that it would be now or never, she released the clasp of her bikini top so that her breasts fell free of constraint, grabbed the beers and headed back to the spa again.

As she emerged from the house to the deck where the spa was, both Greg and Phil watched in stunned amazement as she walked out, topless to descend into the spa and hand them each a beer. If they had had trouble meeting her gaze before, they had no chance now. They were both mesmerised by Sandy’s firm young breasts with their proud, erect nipples sitting there before them as she handed them each a beer.’

“What’s the matter boys? Cat got your tongue?” she asked, taking a seat between them, careful not to favour one or the other. They both sat there in stunned silence. Dancing with joy on the inside that Sandy had come to the spa like this, but also having no idea exactly what was expected of them (or allowed by them either for that matter). Sandy merely sat there between them, her fine breasts dancing merrily in the bubbles on the surface of the water.

She once again started the idle chit chat that had kept them going up to this point and slowly managed to bring their minds back to where they were. Gradually the boys relaxed a little and returned to the conversation, adjusting to the sight of two beautiful breasts free before them.

After a little while, Sandy used her foot on Greg, moving it up and down the outside of his calf, before stopping and then doing the same thing to Phil with her other foot. Both of the boys had looks of bliss on their faces from the moment that she first made contact. “I have a request boys,” Sandy said with a hint of glee and mischief in her eyes. “and what might that be?” asked Greg, curious as to what could possibly come next in this encounter. “I want you to both take your pants off for me.” Sandy replied. “I promise that it will be worth your while.”

The two boys looked nervously at each other, obviously not quite sure what to do in this case. Given the chance alone, there would be no hesitation, but in front of their mate? That was something of another prospect altogether Greg then made the move. He untied the front of his board shorts and started peeling them down his legs under the water. Not wanting to risk this being the thing that tipped the balance in Greg’s favour, Phil quickly followed suit.

“Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?” asked Sandy, smiling gleefully at the boys. “But there’s a bit of a problem you see, All this water and all these bubbles mean that I don’t get to enjoy what you’ve got hidden in there for me. And I know that there’s something there that I want to see,” she continued, taking her nipples between her fingers and rolling and pinching them. “I want you boys to stand up and let me see you in all your glory, first you Greg, and then Phil. You have to stand here in front of me for 30 seconds and you’re not allowed to touch yourself” She finished.

“umm, I don’t know,” started Greg. “I’m not too sure that I want to be doing this in front of Phil here” “well, you can leave now, and maybe never see me again, or you can play my game and take your chances.” she answered, pushing her breasts together, playing with them gently. “weeeeelllll, if you’re going to put it like that …” he said, standing up before her, his back placed towards Phil. Sandy clapped with delight as she took in the sight of the stiff naked penis before her. “mm, I think that I am going to like the rest of this game,” she said, admiring the 6 inches, pleased with the fact that it was circumcised. She moved closer to the cock before her, blowing at the tip of it, moving very close but not touching it. She lifted herself out of the water a little and rubbbed her erect nipple against the tip of the cock. Greg flinched and his cock twitched at the touch. “ok, sit down now,” She told him, “you’re time is up. Phil”, she said, turning to face the other boy in her spa. Phil, having seen Greg was certainly not going to wimp out on this opportunity, so he was practically already standing by the time that she had turned around. “oh, I am DEFINITELY going to have fun tonight,” Sandy said, noting that Phil’s cock was slightly longer and thicker than Greg’s and also circumcised. She repeated her performance for Phil, blowing at him and rubbing her nipple against the tip of his dick. He too, flinched at the touch, but smiled and groaned througout. He sat down when Sandy gently pushed him back.

Sandy then stood between the two boys, feeling the cool night air on her breasts and nipples. She played with them, turning first to one boy, then to the other. She motioned for them to move so that they were sitting on the same side of the spa. They gave each other that nervous look, but then grinned their silly little ‘this could be worth it grins’ and moved to sit next to each other. Not too close though.

Sandy knelt down in the middle of the spa in front of them and then reached forward to take a cock in each hand. Slowly she squeezed the two erections then pumped them up and down a little, telling the boys how much she liked having a cock in each of her hands. The boys just leaned back, sometimes closing their eyes and sometimes taking a look at the gorgeous girl before them whilst she pumped their cocks.

Sandy pulled on Greg’s cock, indicating for him to lift his arse off the seat. She kept pulling until his dick broke the surface of the water like a periscope. She leaned over him and took the cock in her mouth, swirling her head around the tip, then sucking at the head of it, her lips pulling at the sensitive ridge where it joined the shaft. Then she sucked the cock into her mouth further, opening to take as much as she could, before slowly sliding back up and releasing it from her mouth. Sandy noted Phil watching her suck on his friend’s dick and pulled on his cock, letting him know that it was his turn. There was no hesitation as Phil lifted his erection clear of the water, eager with anticipation at getting a little head. His cock soon disappeared between Sandy’s luscious lips and he moaned in pleasure.

Sandy too, moaned around the cock that she was sucking as Greg, deciding it was time to get a little more active in what was going on, took hold of her breast and rolled the nipple between his thumb and finger and then squeezing and kneading the breast. Sandy stopped sucking and stoop up in the centre of the spa again. she ran her hands down over her breasts, squeezing them on the way before caressing her tummy and slipping a hand inside her bikini bottom to tease the boys with what they couldn’t see. She moaned as her finger slid between her wet lips, just brushing her erect clitoris briefly.

Turning and twisting in front of the boys showing them her butt, she slowly slid her bikini bottoms over her arse and down her legs until they were under the water, She wiggled about until she could step out of them before slowly turning to face the boys. Their eyes were glued to her, seeking the object of their desire as she moved around to face them.

She saw their eyes light up as she completed the turn, her wet, freshly shaven pussy glistening in the lights hung about the spa.

“I think that its time that you boys helped me out here,” she said as she moved away from them. She moved to the opposite side of the spa and sat on the edge, leaning back and spreading her legs, offering herself to them, her feet supporting her on the seat. Greg and Phil looked at each other, not sure of who was going to make the first move. Phil decided to be the first one and moved forwards, ready to push his erect cock between the silky smooth lips of Sandy’s pussy.

“Oh no big boy,” Sandy said as he moved closer, “first you have to please me with your tongue!” Sheepishly, Phil changed his angle of attack, kneeling before Sandy, moving in to lick at her pussy. Sandy placed her hand on Phil’s head, pulling him to her pussy which was on fire with anticipation and desire. She moaned and sighed in ecstasy as his tongue pushed into her pussy before licking up the slit towards her clitoris.

“Why don’t you let me help you stay interested?” she asked Greg, beckoning for him to come over to her side of the spa as well. Not needing further encouragement, Greg made his way across, following Sandy’s direction to stand beside her out of the spa.

While Phil’s tongue continued to please Sandy, licking up and down her lips and circling her clit, she took Greg’s swollen member into her mouth, sucking up and down its length, licking a little glob of precum from it drawing away so that it suspended between the slit of his cock and the tip of her tongue. She licked up and down the side of the cock, feeling the swollen veins as she tried to wrap the cock in her tongue before sucking it deep into her mouth again.

Phil was working her clit hard now and between mouthfuls of cock she encouraged him to lick and suck her clit. She felt herself building to orgasm and pushed his head away, wanting to drag this out more. She indicated to the boys that she wanted them both to stand before her. She took a dick in each hand and took turns sucking on them. First one, then the other. She fondled their balls, squeezing and tugging them as she worked their cocks with her mouth, feeling them thrusting towards her, their hands occasionally reaching down to caress her firm breasts, tweaking at her nipples.

She motioned for Greg to take up where Phil had left of moments before and got Phil to move to where she could suck at his cock. Greg started to suck and nibble at her bare pussy lips and she squealed with delight, sucking hard on Phil’s cock as he thrust at her mouth. She felt that glorious and familiar sensation build within her and sucked hard at the cock as the wave of her first orgasm washed over her. Phil sucked at her convulsing pussy before sitting back and just watching the movement of her lips pulsing through the orgasm. Sandy kept sucking at Greg’s cock, wanting him to cum, to catch his semen as it squirted from him.

She moved up and down his shaft with her lips and soon felt him still and clench as he prepared to unleash his seed. She used her hand to pump his shaft as she sucked on the head, feeling his cock convulse as it spurted his come into her mouth.

She sucked hungrily, swallowing quickly to take it. She held him in her mouth as he pulsed a couple more times, sucking gently and tenderly at the dick, cleaning it as she released him.

“Now I want that cock of yours in my pussy,” she told Phil who had sat mesmerised by the sight of her slurping away at his mate’s exploding member. He was only too happy to oblige and moved to place the head of his cock against her slit, dripping with her cum. He pushed in side her, his dick spreading her lips and sliding slowing into her vagina. Sandy sighed with pleasure as she felt the warm hard cock penetrate her. She reached out and pulled him into her, then rocked back and forth slowly on the edge of the spa, her pussy still recovering from her first orgasm.

As she recovered she released him and he began to slide his cock in and out of her, the head almost escaping before pushing deep back inside her cunt. She moved with him, her hands behind her, supporting her weight, her breasts thrust out, pointing her nipples at the night sky.

Greg idly stroked his recovering cock as he watched his friend slowly fuck the girl who had just given him such amazing head. He moved in to suck on Sandy’s prominent nipple. She moaned in response, telling him to bite and suck on her nipple and breast, loving having another man to please her as she was fucked.

Sandy told both of them to stop. “Let’s get out of this spa so that we’re all more comfortable,” she said, leading them inside, all of them still dripping wet (and not just from the spa).

She indicated for Phil to sit down on the couch and got down on her hands and knees before him, her arse presented to Greg who moved behind her. She took Phil’s cock into her mouth, sucking at her juices that still covered it as Greg pushed his cock into her pussy from behind, spreading her again. She thrust back to meet his push, wanting to feel his balls against her arse. She sucked down hard on the cock in her mouth and just held as much of it as she could as she was rocked back and forth by Greg’s movements behind her, sliding in and out of her wet pussy.

Removing her mouth from Phil, she pumped his shaft with her hand, using the saliva and precum to moisten the cock through her fist as she told Greg to fuck her harder. “Fuck me Greg, slam that cock into my pussy. I want to feel you fuck my cunt.” Greg responded, moving quicker and harder, grabbing her slim hips to pull her onto his cock, fucking her as she again worked Phil’s cock with her mouth. She felt Phil’s balls tighten and held his cock in her mouth as he cried out, semen erupting from his cock into her mouth. He slipped out of her mouth as Greg thrust into her and a spurt of cum splashed on her face. She held his pulsing cock and groaned and pushed against Greg’s thumping cock. Greg pulled on her hips so that he was buried inside her as he exploded in another orgasm.

“ooooooh yes,” cried Sandy as she felt the cum erupt inside her pussy, She held herself there, feeling the cock as it emptied itself. Greg slowly slid from her pussy, spent and Sandy collapsed against Phil on the couch, licking the last of the cum from his cock. Looking him in the eye, she used a finger to wipe the cum that had landed on her face into her mouth. Sucking at it, licking her finger as she loved the slut that she was being.

She felt Phil’s cock twitch as he watched her tease him, licking cum from her fingers and cleaning her face. She quickly sucked at his cock again and was thrilled when it came alive again in her mouth. She sucked him until he was hard and then quickly, before he knew what was going on, stood and turned, sitting down on his cock. He slid easily into her pussy, lubricated with his friend’s cum.

She moved herself up and down on his cock and he reached around to play with her nipples, loving the feeling of her bald pussy sliding up and down on his dick. Slowly, Sandy slid up his shaft, letting the head of his cock come free. She grabbed his cock again, holding it as she wiggled about so that the slimy cock rubbed against her anus. Slowly she moved back down, this time the hard cock pushing at the opening to her arse. Phil sat still, marvelling that he would get to try anal with this chick whom he had been chasing for so long.

Very slowly, controlling her movements, Sandy lowered herself, the large cock stretching her anus. Once it was in, she sat there, getting accustomed to the size. She played with her pussy while she wiggled about and Phil felt her breasts. Then she slowly moved again, up and down, the erect cock sliding in and out of her arse. It felt better and better and she moved faster, loving the feeling of being spread over the pole inside her. As she moved, she rubbed her clit, working herself into a frenzy until she couldn’t take it any longer. She could feel Phil holding himself, trying to hang on and as he lost it, his cock exploding in her arse, she couldn’t take it any more and she too was launched to orgasm.

Phil’s cock convulsed as her pussy and arse clenched and unclenched in orgasm. She slowly slid from Phil, collapsing next to him on the couch, thrilled at the success she had had tonight.

“I think I need to take you two boys to the shower,” she said, eyeing their naked bodies up and down. “Just as soon as I can walk again” she laughed.

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