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Sammie’s Back

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“Hey…” I paused. Was I asleep or drunker than I thought? I was neither. I was awake and just drunk enough not to care about heart ache.

“Hey back.” She was coy and nearly transparent with her intent.

Sammie was the last person I had planned to see that night. I had just come out of a horrible break up and was set to drink myself to sleep. I really had no plans of anything other than rest and solitude. Sammie apparently had other plans.

“What are you doing here?” I was puzzled by her presence. I should have been excited, and I eventually got there. However, I waited for an answer.

“I missed you.” Her words were tender, but she spoke through a devilish grin.

Sammie was… she was the one that chipped away just enough ice to warm my heart, but I had to move away for a bit and she simply moved on. A couple of years later, she had married and I was nothing more than a memory.

When she and I were together, I developed the habit of leaving my front door unlocked for her to come and go as she pleased. She was bold in her assumption that I never broke the habit, and even bolder in her assumption that she would be welcome. She walked in as though she had never missed a step.

She walked in and stood, only for a moment, in the entry way. She stood as though she wanted me to notice every inch of her. Sammie, ever the feminine goddess, wore high heels despite her jeans. The denim of her jeans hugged her thin, muscular calves well into her lean thighs. There was the slightest gape of shape and light that seeped from exactly where I wanted to be. Her hips rested high and canted in the low cut jeans and led my eyes to her barely exposed stomach. She wore a tight sweater that gripped at her waist line, but held even tighter to her beautiful breasts. She dropped her large bag from her right hand as she pushed her amber hair back with her left. She was gorgeous and waiting.

She waited as though she was not in complete control. She waited for my invitation.

I leaned back on the bed that sat toward the middle of my studio apartment. I rested back on my elbows with my legs bent over the edge of the bed. “Come here.” I tried to sound suave, but felt as though I was begging. Her grin widened a bit as she sauntered toward me. She couldn’t even walk without a sexual aura about her.

As she reached the edge of the bed, she paused and stood between my open knees. I looked up her and could only return her grin. Her arms rested at her sides and she waited patiently for me to sit up and wrap my arms around her. I pulled her down on top of me and embraced her in the most passionate kiss that I had ever rendered. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was the absolute desire to be inside her, or maybe it was a combination of both, but I couldn’t hold back.

I immediately began to tug at her clothing. My hands quickly found the bottom of her sweater and just as quickly had it over her head. With her sweater removed, she placed her palms flat to the bed and pushed away just enough for me to get an eye full of her wonderful breasts. They heaved and nearly fell free from her bra as I tugged at it as well. Within a matter of seconds, she and I were laying bare chest to bare chest in a loving exchange of lip and tongue. She was gorgeous. She felt gorgeous against me.

I rolled on top of her to have her hands meet the button of my jeans. She pulled the waist line apart and ripped the zipper from top to bottom exposing my rock hard cock for lack of underwear. She quickly wrapped her slim, smooth fingers around my shaft and moaned a throaty, “MMMM.”

I felt as though I would come far too early if her soft hand was to continue stroking my hard on, so I slid away from her hand and down her body. I stopped at her breasts. Her nipples were dark pink and in direct contrast to her light skin. They were hard from the briskness of the air in the room and they grew even harder as I licked and teased them.

Having hardened her nipples to my satisfaction, I began to kiss my way down her flat stomach. I kneaded her nipples lightly between the tips of my index fingers and thumbs. I rubbed them gently and loved the exchange from the roughness of my hands to the softness of her tits.

I did all that I could to take my time as I kissed my way to the top of her jeans. I may have rushed in the excitement, but I quickly undid her pants and pulled them from her body. I paused only in time to look at the shape and velvet-like softness of her panties. It was at that moment that I knew that I was not a sudden whim within her evening plans. She knew that her panties turned me on and she wore them for me. A tiny, black, lace triangle covered her center and was only held in place by the two strings of black that ran over her hips to meet the one that ran the course of her ass.

I leaned down and reached my arms underneath her legs to grab the outer measures of her g-string. My face hovered just over her pussy and I could smell her wetness. I looked at her with a grin, then down to her middle to render her a kiss through her soaked panties. With that kiss, I slid the strings over her hips, down her wonderful legs and to the floor. In a natural, single motion, I returned to her. I allowed my lips to start at the inside of her left ankle and followed the trail that led back to her pussy.

I kissed my way from her calf to the inside of her thigh. I knew how to tickle her just enough to really get her going. I very lightly applied only the tip of my tongue to her left inner thigh and I moved upward and inward in a single motion. Her upper leg twitched and she let a slight whimper as my mouth found her pussy.

I flicked the hood of her clit with my tongue just before licking the full length of her pink center. Her smell was intoxicating and her taste was addictive. I pressed my mouth to her completely and offered the full girth of my tongue to her hole. I did all that I could to make her come and she did. Her thighs pressed tightly to the sides of my head and her hands gripped to the roots of my hair until my scalp ached.

Sammie was a gracious woman and certainly was not selfish. She pulled me by my hair until I was even with her once more. She pulled me in for a long and lasting kiss. My cock grew even harder at the thought of her cleaning her juices from my mouth with her tongue. It was a raunchy thought, but it was enough to make me feel that sudden leak of precum fall from my cock and onto her stomach.

“Roll over.” She was back. She was in charge and she was ready to let me know it. As soon as I landed on my back, she was at my waist. She jerked and tugged my jeans until she was able to free my lower body from their restraint. I lay beneath her ready to cum.

She chuckled, “I almost forgot,” as she attempted to wrap her small hand completely around my cock. She had mentioned in passing, long before, that I was bigger than her husband. She knew just how to stroke my ego and my sexual center. Her hand ran the length of my shaft several times before a second, tiny stream of precum showed. Returning the favor, she flicked the tip of my hard on with her tongue. She looked up at me with that devilish grin then returned her mouth to my member. Her lips were soft and wet as her mouth eased down onto my cock. I expected her to stop half way down and begin to stroke with her mouth, but she kept going until the head of my dick rested in the back of her throat. She had never done that before and I have to admit that I was impressed.

It wasn’t but a second before she was hungrily slurping on my erect cock. Then she started to run the tip of one of her fingers down the crease of my sack and just between my unit and my ass. It tickled in a delightful way and it was just enough distraction to keep me from cumming in her mouth.

My eyes were closed tightly to the sensation, but that did not preclude me from following instinct. I reached down with both of my hands and allowed them to find the back of Sammie’s head. I held her by the hair and kept her mouth in place. I began to virtually fuck her mouth. Every few strokes, I slowly attempted to push my cock in to the hilt. I could hear and feel her gag a little and it made me feel powerful; as though I was back in charge.

Sammie, however, had something else in mind. She must have been playing with her wonderfully wet pussy while sucking me off because the tip of her finger glided into my ass with relative ease. I was a bit startled by the penetration, but her goal was reached. I stopped fucking her face and simply let her work her magic. Within a few more seconds, she had me at the edge of blowing my load. She must have felt that sudden twitch just before an orgasm and she stopped.

She pulled her mouth away from my cock as a single strand of saliva still connected us in the intimacy of that very moment. I wanted so badly to cum, but I wanted even more so for it to be in one of her holes. “I want to fuck you in the shower.” She was still breathy for the oral fucking she had just given, but it made her even sexier.

“The shower?” I questioned. She had never wanted that before, but years change a person and her fantasies. I had no problem with fucking her in the shower or anywhere else for that matter, so I agreed.

She stood up from her hovering position and reached her hands out to me. I took them and stood up from the bed. My cock jutted out from my body and met her just above her pussy. I grabbed her around her waist and lifted her onto me. Her legs wrapped around me, even with my buttocks, and finally gave the head of my dick access to her pussy. She lowered herself down just enough for her opening to swallow the tip, and only the tip. I tried to push upward, but she moved away. I tried to pull her down, but she resisted with a squeeze of her thighs. “Fucking tease,” I protested, but to no avail.

“In the shower,” she nearly commanded as she leapt free from my grasp. I smiled at her as she pointed toward the bathroom. She was adamant about this shower thing, so I complied. I began to walk away, but realized that she was not coming with me right away. “Aren’t you coming?” I was puzzled once more by her strange behavior. “No. I’m going to let you get it warm first,” she explained matter-of-factly.

Once more, she was in charge. I walked, naked and alone, to the shower. My cock bounced from left to right with each step until I reached the nozzle and turned it on. Once the shower was warm, I stepped in. The water was relaxing as the warmth ran through my hair and down my back. In a natural motion, I leaned my head back and closed my eyes to the stream of water until I heard the shower curtain open.

“It’s about time,” I said as I wiped water away from my eyes. I wanted to move quickly as to get a glimpse of her full naked body before pinning her to cold tile wall. However, that is not what I saw.

“What do you think?” Sammie’s voice was sweet and coaxing despite her devious behavior. I looked her over and asked, “What the hell is that?” She answered, “What do you think?”

She stood with her arms down to her sides, but she let her fingertips glide up her hips to the leather straps that resembled those of her panties. She tugged lightly upward on them as though she was adjusting a bikini. She seemed as nervous as I had become. “So?” she questioned.

I half laughed and asked, “How is this supposed to work?”

Sammie grinned that evil grin. She had me hooked with curiosity. She reached just outside of the shower curtain to the edge of the sink and returned with a bottle of lube. “Give me your hand,” she commanded softly. I did so and she poured a generous amount of lube into the palm of my hand. She was smooth as she put the bottle aside and grabbed my hand with both her hers. She guided my hand to the rubber cock poking out from her leather, panty-like straps. Her hands grasped around mine until my hand was wrapped around her strap on dick. She guided my hand up and down slowly as to teach me how to jack off. Then she leaned in and kissed me deeply. I trembled.

I’m not sure how long I rubbed her cock, but I found that her hands were no longer with mine. She had moved her hands to my cock as I rubbed hers and we continued to kiss.

Sammie, apparently more ready than me, put her hands to my shoulders and steered me to go around her. I still faced the wall away from the shower head. I felt her turn around to face my back. Her shaft seemingly slapped me across the ass as she turned and I chuckled a small nervous laugh.

“Put your hands on the wall.” I couldn’t tell if she was gritting her teeth or not, but I knew that she was now giving commands. I did as I was told and placed my hands flat to the wall. She had not told me to bend over, but it only seemed like the thing to do if I was to be fucked in the ass with my hands on the wall.

Sammie wasted no time. I felt her hands separate my ass and I nearly jumped at the sudden cold that was the tip of her rubber cock at my hole. She pushed inward to me awkwardly and the tip forced its way into my ass. I gritted and sucked air through my teeth in the universal sign of anguish.

I jumped forward and away from her strap on. “That thing is fucking huge,” I protested. Again, my protest went to no avail. Sammie told me to turn back around and put my hands back on the wall. Reluctantly, I did so. She spread my ass once more and paused when the tip was at my hole again.

“Push back when you are ready.” She may have been in control, but she was at least going to be gentle.

I inhaled deeply then exhaled. I felt myself relax and I eased back. I felt my ass open a little, but I was not ready. I pulled away again, but this time it was slower and I kept light pressure against my rectum. Another inhale and another exhale later and I pushed back again. This time, the head of her rubber member popped into my ass. I nearly jumped away again, but I took another deep breath again. I suddenly felt sorry for every woman I had ever fucked in the ass. It was painful as I stretched open.

Sammie still didn’t move. Her hands stroked up and down my back softly as to relax me further. Her touch was soothing, but only a second more of having a rubber cock in my ass would help me stop clenching. I took another deep breath and slowly slid my ass all the way down the shaft.

I could feel it deep within me and I felt as though I was ready for whatever Sammie had to offer. “Are you okay?” she questioned. I didn’t answer with anything more than a nod of my head. My hands were still pressed hard to the wall. Suddenly, I felt Sammie’s hands grab my hips. I wasn’t quite sure if she knew what she was doing, but she had the first step down. Then I felt the fronts of her breasts touch my back. She leaned over me and whispered, “Do you remember the time you fucked me in the ass?”

With that, she stood back up. Her hands were still fixed to my hips and she pulled back as she thrust her hips forward. Before that, I thought that I had the full length of her dildo in my ass. She somehow managed to find more to give as her hips pushed into my ass cheeks.

I felt the cock withdraw from my ass until the lip of the head stopped it from coming out all the way. Sammie slid the length of her toy back into me. Her second pump was better than the difficult and painful first. In fact, it felt magnificent. She withdrew again; then thrust forward again. I don’t know if she had ever done this before, but she was fucking me like I had fucked her so many times. She pulled out and delivered in long strokes that nearly buckled my knees each time. She was firm, but loving.

Before I knew it, I was pushing my ass back to meet her thrusts forward. It was as if I was begging her with my ass. I pushed back to pull her in deeper as her hips slammed into my ass cheeks over and over again. Then, she made sure that she had control. She pushed forward and moved to fuck me deeper. I could feel my legs giving out and my arms finally collapsed. It may have only been a few minutes, but it felt like an eternity as my forehead fell to my lower arms. I was only braced by the sturdiness of the shower wall and Sammie’s grasps on my hips. She fucked me hard and deep until I was pinned to the wall in the same fashion that I had planned for her.

Then, there was a strange sensation. I felt Sammie twitch in a completely different rhythm. She broke her stride as she came. I wished that I had given her the orgasm rather than the constant rubbing and bumping of her clit against the dildo that was in my ass, but I loved that she came.

The thought of Sammie “cumming in my ass” made me even harder. My cock ached to cum, so I reached down with my left hand to stroke it. Sammie apparently didn’t like that all too much, so she smacked my hand away. “Put your hand on the fucking wall.” She was brash and even sexier than before. I folded my left arm across my right and rested my head against them on the wall.

Sammie pumped harder and faster than she had before her orgasm. This was clearly her revenge fuck for the time that I had shoved my cock into her ass.

“Please…” I muttered.

“What?” she questioned through gritted teeth.

“Please let me cum.”

She didn’t say a word. She simply slowed her pace to long and hard strokes against my hole. She was sure to slap her hips against my ass with every push. She was in so deep that I felt that I might pass out if I didn’t come soon.

Just then, I felt her hand wrap around my rock hard cock. She began to rub up and down with the same rhythm that kept her going in and out of my ass.

“Ahhhh!” was the only phrase I could muster. I had never had a screaming orgasm before, but the gobs of cum that fell from my cock were too much to handle silently. Thick wads of cum poured out of me as I came and kept cumming. It was almost painful to have my asshole clenching tightly to the shaft that was still pumping in and out of me.

My breath returned to me just in time for me to beg her to stop. Stop jacking my cock. Stop fucking my ass. Stop making me cum. My heart pounded and my loins throbbed. My dick was still hard, but was done. My ass did nothing to hold the large dildo as Sammie pulled it free from my anal grip. I was completely spent.

Sammie got out of the shower and I heard the sink turn on. I could only assume that she was washing up. I, however, was still unable to move from my “just been fucked” position. My head still rested against my forearms. I was still bent at the waist and perched against the wall.

I heard the sink turn off and I was finally able to stand. I felt my hole clenching and relaxing at the absence of the dildo. I felt as though I wanted more, but knew that I could not handle it.

I exited the shower, dried off, and returned to the bed where Sammie lay waiting.

“Did you like that,” she questioned as if she had not just given me the biggest orgasm I had ever endured. I simply laughed. “How does your ass feel?”

“Open.” It was the only thing I could think to say, but she chuckled like she knew exactly what I was talking about.

I lay down next to her and embraced her in a kiss. I pressed my naked body, along with my softening cock against her. I wanted so badly to stay awake and to hold onto her for awhile longer, but drifted asleep.

The next morning, I woke up and Sammie was gone. She left no note, no message, no tender word. She just left a strap on dildo and harness on one foot post of my bed, and a pair of black, lace g-string panties on the other.

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