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Would You Like To Be Her?

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Ironically, it was my husband who noticed you first. As you climbed out of the pool in one of those frighteningly brief bikinis that the young of today wear and which put the fear of Christ up older women like me, he said. “God I thought that was Emma,” referring to our niece.

I looked up and saw this lithe, beautiful, impossibly slim, but femininely rounded young woman walking alongside the pool.

“Yes she is similar isn’t she?”

“Very,” he replied.

As you walked slowly round the pool, his eyes did not leave you for a second making me think it was not just the likeness to our niece that attracted him! . But then, I have to admit, neither did my eyes leave you, although I glanced at Richard a couple of times. This was quite unlike him for, although there are numerous problems between us, him ogling young women is not usually one of them. But then, what he was ogling was something special and had the attention of most of the men and many of the women around the pool.

You had a slight tan, that was set off perfectly by the pink material of the miniscule bikini. Your mid-blonde hair was soaking wet and clung to your pretty face moulding itself round your perfect features almost like a a scarf. You had long, slender, but shapely legs that, as my granny might have said. ‘Went right up to your bum!’ And what a bum that was! Pert, yet rounded it had that gorgeous, eye-watering shape of a peach, and a ripe one at that. As you strolled languidly to the sunlounger where you were sitting alone, the undulating swaying and wobbling of those two symmetrical cheeks, which were barely covered by your panties, was a fascinating sight.

As alluring as that clearly was to the male guests of the hotel, the rest of your physiquebody was also making a strong impact on the many closet voyeurs following your every move. Wonderfully lithe, your body seemed to encapsulate the glorious slimness of youth with the round fullness a real woman. Your breasts, which again were barely covered by the cut away bra, jiggled and wobbled as if they had a mind of their own. The combination of these with the magic dance of the cheeks of your bottom and the overt display of female flesh was a heady cocktail of sensations for yourvery captive’audience.’

I was taking a short break with my husband near to where Richard was doing some business. It was a typical holiday hotel that was built round a pool with the rooms looking down on that costing more than the others. Watching you messing with your hair, then lying down on your front and casually unclipping the bra, I could see why there was a surcharge!

We spent the rest of the afternoon round the pool then went out to dinner. As we returned at around ten, you were standing in the lobby waiting for a cab. We smiled at each other and my husband nodded and said. “Hi.”

Almost shyly you replied. “Hello.”

I said. “Have a nice time,” and that was it.

Richard and I spent the next day by the pool. For some reason, I felt disappointed when we settled onto our loungers around ten and you were not there. I sunbathed and swam, read my Kindle and listened to my iPod. I felt very relaxed and had dozed off lying on my front when, as if from afar, I heard a female voice asking if some loungers were free and Richard saying.

“Hi, yes absolutely.”

Before I had hardly opened my eyes and certainly before I had turned on to my front and sat up, I knew it was you.

“It’s very crowded today,” you said to Richard as we all smiled at each other.

“Yes I am told the hotel is full,.” Richard said in his rather authoritarian, lawyerlike manner.

You settled down and applied some oil to most of your body.

“Yes it seems fuller than it was earlier in the week, but everything seems busier even the clubs.”

“Were you just off to them when we saw you last night?” I rather nosily asked.

“Yes they go on to four hence, my late start today.”

We exchanged pleasantries during the day and then saw you in the dining room eating alone. You looked up as we passed your table and smiled. Richard said as we stopped and looked down at you.

“Off to the clubs tonight?”

Beaming a lovely smile at both of us, you replied. “No not tonight, one night like that a week is enough.

“Well enjoy your evening,” I said not wanting to interrupt your meal.

You looked up and held my gaze with a slight, quizzical smile on your lips that, for some unfathomable reason I noted were beautifully glossed.

“Yes I will try,” you replied holding my gaze slightly longer than the norm as you added. “You two too.”

As we walked away towards the bar I could hardly believe that my heart was beating a little faster. ‘What was it?’ I wondered.

Richard and I ordered our drinks and sat in a window overlooking the pool. We talked about the business he had to conduct the next day and he told me that he doubted that he would be home until late so that I would have to eat alone.

“If the negotiations drag on and look as if they will go into the next day, I’ll stay up there, but I will let you know.”

We chatted some more until suddenly I saw Richard’s gaze going past me.

“Hi, like to join us?” he asked as you came and stood beside us. You looked from Richard to me and back again as if looking for my agreement. I smiled.

“Yes, thanks that would be nice.”

You sat in one of the low chairs the tight, short skirt of your yellow dress shooting up the lovely legs we had seen at the pool earlier. I saw Richard’s gaze look at them, before turning and raising his hand to a waiter, who took no notice whatsoever.

“It can be a little awkward by yourself in a hotel,” you said as Richard gave up on the waiter and went to the bar to get your drink.

“Yes I know,” I replied again feeling a little odd as we looked at each other. “I am often like that when I travel with Richard when he is on business?”

“So is he now?” you asked.

I explained that he was and that I would be by myself tomorrow.

“All day?”

“Yes and the evening. He will eat at the meeting.”

“And maybe stay up there,” Richard said rejoining us and handing you your drink. “I think that is becoming more likely since I spoke with my client earlier.

“Well maybe we could have dinner together?” you suggested. I agreed.

The three of us chatted very easily for an hour or so before you said that you were tired after last night’s exertions. We said our goodnights and then Richard and I watched you walk out. As you did, your hips swayed and your bottom wiggled most seductively. As there was no VLP, it looked as if you were not wearing panties, but I suspected you had on a thong.

“So you have someone to have dinner with,” Richard said as we were undressing.

“Yes that’s nice. I assume you won’t be back to join us?.”

“No and I think I will stay the night as I would need to get back on Thursday whatever the state of the negotiations,” you he replied as I undid my bra and removed it.

We got into bed. Both of us, as usual, were naked.

“So it’s good that we have met Sarah then isn’t it?”

“Yes, she’s very nice.”

“Yes and lovely looking too,” he replied as I turned onto my side, with my back to him reading my Kindle.

“Yes she is,” I said smiling as I said jokingly. “And Mister Moore I have seen you ogling her.”

“Me ogling? Never.”

“Oh yes you were. You were so blatantly staring at her legs in the bar and when she walked out your eyes were like organ stops on her arse.”

“Well you have to admit that she does have a great bum,” he replied, adding. “Just like this one,” as he stroked then squeezed mine. It felt nice

Ten minutes or so later lying on my back, with my legs wide open and wrapped round him, I felt sure that in his mind he was fucking you, not me.

I went down to the pool at around ten, immediately after Richard left. Although the weather was lovely, there was a chilly breeze and there were few sunbathers. The pool guy guided me to a lounger in a crevice in the rock wall at the back of the pool. It was an ideal wind breaker and also was quite private.

“Want some company?” I heard as I lay with my eyes closed an hour or so later. I knew it was you and I felt a little tremor of I knew not what run through me.

Opening my eyes and looking at you I saw that you were wearing a thin, purple and green, voile, pool dress with cork heeled wedges. As usual you looked lovely.

“Yes that would be nice Sarah,” I replied as one of the pool staff pulled a lounger alongside mine and laid two towels on it for you. As he did that you removed the thin dress to show that you wearing another miniscule bikini, this time a white one. It was warm, but not hot, probably around seventy two so, like me you did not bother with sun cream, but laid down on your back. We started chatting and were soon conversing about a range of topics as only two women can. You were clearly intelligent and knowledgeable and had a maturity about you that I find to be lacking in many of your age. I soon forgot the age difference.

“It’s warming up nicely,” you said an hour or so later pulling a bottle of Clarins sun oil from your large bag.

“Yes good idea,” I agreed.

We both applied the oil to our faces, chest, legs and arms. Smiling you said.

“I’ll do yours if you’ll do mine Cat.”

I did not get what you mean at first, but realised that you were referring to putting oil on our backs.

“OK sure,” I replied as you lay on your front and reached round and undid your bra clasp.

I sat on the edge of the lounger with my buttocks pressing against the top of your leg and hip. I poured some oil onto your back and smoothed it over your shoulders and shoulder blades. I could hardly believe the sensations that startedwere going through me as my hands glided across your smooth back. I found it impossible to admit to myself that they were tremors of excitement. for I could not avoid admitting to myself that I was feeling slightly excited.

I needed to stop this and get away for such feelings were ridiculous. I was not into women and getting myself into a tisszz over one, particularly someone of your age was ridiculous. That said, I had recognised some time ago that I was becoming curious about women and their bisexual tendencies.

“Your turn now Cat,” you said standing up after you did the clasp up on your bra. Looking me straight in the eyes with that gaze you had used several times, we stared at each other for slightly longer than is the norm. You smiled and said.

“Lie down Cat and………….” adding after a short pause that seemed hugely meaningful for some reason. “Undo your bra.”

I couldn’t understand my feelings, both physically and, maybe more importantly, emotionally.

As I did as you told me and I felt my body tingling. A warmth was building in the pit of my stomach and I would not not have been surprised if my nipples were hardening; I knew that my breasts felt unusually heavy. Lying on my front as you started to apply the oil, my mind flashed from topic to topic very quickly. I was amazed at how authoritative you were; it was as if I wanted you to tell me what to do. You were taking control and unusually for me I welcomed that. You were smiling all the time and staring into my eyes as if you knew exactly what I was thinking. It was as if you knew that you were arousing me. And boy, as that statement went through my brain, my mind almost erupted. What the hell did I mean? How could I be getting sexually aroused by a woman, and one young enough to be my daughter at that.

As my body luxuriated in, and my mind boggled about the sensations of your hands on my back, the ‘curiosity’ of sex between women that had been in my thinking recently, surfaced again.

But as your hands glided over my back I could not think of anything other than how wrong it was and how I was in grave danger of making a fool of myself. You had shown no signs of being bi or lesbian and, indeed, you had, I felt, come onto Richard a little in the bar and certainly, when you walked away I thought you had emphasised the wiggle and sway of your bum and hips for him .

Nevertheless, the ‘oiling up’ seemed to go on for ages, although in all probability it did not. Two or three times, however, you did things that did make me wonder. Your hands slid round my body several times almost touching the side of my breasts and then once you did graze your fingernails across it. It made me jump, but of course it could and probably was an accident.

“Nearly done,” you said putting more oil onto the small of my back about half-way down. As you rubbed that in gently and slowly, your hands inevitably edged further downwards towards the elastic my panties. On one downward sweep, your fingers slid inside the elastic and lingered there a moment or two.

“Sorry Cat,” you said, not sounding a bit sorry, but rather husky.

I went to do up my bra, but you pushed my hand away. “No let me,” you said fitting the clasp together. I sat up and pushed the bra cups into position, the outside of my upper leg pressing against yours. You held my gaze with another of those long, lingering looks and that enigmatic smile on your face.

I was still feeling tingly and slightly aroused as I watched your gaze roam up and down my body.

“You have a fantastic figure Cat, especially for a mother of two.”

“Thanks Sarah, you do too,” I managed to gulp out feeling myself wilting under your gaze.

Still sitting side by side with our hips touching and our heads turned to look at the other, you asked what was really a rather silly question, but one that was loaded with innuendo.

“Did you enjoy that Cat?”

On one level, it was a completely innocent question. But when it was related to having sun oil put on, a whole raft of other meanings emerged. To me the more significant of those was had I enjoyed you touching me.

We looked at each other for a few moments. Then you tilted your head to one side, smiled and said. “Well Cat, did you?”

I answered honestly, but nervously. “Yes Sarah I did, thank you.”

“No need to thank me Cat, I enjoyed doing it.”

“Really?” I muttered becoming as nervous as I was surprised.

‘Surely,’ I was thinking ‘she will see my arousal.’

“Yes really I did. I enjoy giving massages,” you said leaving the topic hanging as you stood up. “I have been on an aromatherapy course.”

“Have you?” I mumbled, watching fascinated as you walked round the end of my lounger and laid down on yours.

We chatted away for the remainder of the morning and then went to the poolside restaurant for lunch. We both had Caesar salads and, after a discussion about drinking at lunch time, we shared a bottle of dry, white wine.

As we finished our meal and the wine we both e seemed to relaxed more and it was as if we had been friends for some time. You really were an easy woman to get on with and although I realised how attractive you were, I began to put all the silly feelings about bisexuality out of my mind. ‘It was all my imagination,’ I thought to myself. But that thought was suddenly violently explode.

Leaning across the table, you rested your fingertips on the back of my hand and fixed me with that intent stare.

“So Cat,” you said softly and slowly. “Would you like me to give you a massage?”

Although there was a goodly part of me that could not believe that this was happening, let alone imagine that you were ‘pulling’ me, the evidence was mounting. On the other hand, it just seemed so improbable that a young woman as feminine and as beautiful as you could be interested in women at just the same time as my curiousity was so high.

My mind was in a whirl, both from the wine, but more so from you, as we looked at each other across the table. Your fingertips with your white painted nails were still resting on the back of my hand, but now they were pressing on it and moving in tiny circles.

I looked around worried that someone might be looking at us. Fortunately, I couldn’t see that anyone was, so I did not move my hand away; it actually felt nice. Also, it seemed to encourage you.

“Well Cat, would you like me too?”

I was surprised as I heard myself saying. “Yes ok Sarah, thanks.”

We went back to our loungers, collected our stuff and agreed that we would both have a shower and that I would come to your room in half an hour or so.

As we parted in the reception, you put your hand on my upper arm and said quietly.

“Might be best if you wore a bikini Cat as I use oil.”


Chapter 2

As I showered and got ready to, as I told myself several times, have you make love to me, I could hardly stop shaking or believe what was happening. Walking down the corridor forty-five minutes later after having dried my hair, it seemed beyond belief that that I was going to another woman’s room probably to havefor sex. Although I was pretty sure that your invitation was not innocent and that I had not got the wrong idea, there was, inevitably a nagging doubt that I may have got the wrong end of the stick. As I tapped on your door I was not sure what I wanted, the wrong or right end of the stick!

“I thought you had changed your mind,” you said as you opened the door. You looked fantastic. You were bare footed and wearing just a black bikini. I gulped when I saw you and walked past you into your room.

The curtains were drawn and the room was lit only from a light coming through the door to the bathroom, which was almost shut. There was some soothing, almost haunting classical music playing from an iPod.

“No, no Sarah, not at all,” I said feeling hellishly nervous at being alone with you in your bedroom.

“That’s good Cat, so shall we start with the massage?” you said, very suggestively I thought.

“Er yes. Yes, Sarah, that’ll be great.”

“Well lie on the towel on your front and we’ll get going,” you said nodding at the bed on which you had laid a large dark blue towel.

Kneeling beside me, you started on my back by pouring warm oil between my shoulder blades. You massaged me fairly deeply all over my upper back and shoulders. It felt good. That finished, you repeated the exercise with each of my legs. I was beginning to think that maybe I had read the situation incorrectly and that this was just a straight massage, so similar was it to all the spa treatments I had experienced over the years.

Then, though, the clues that it might well be more than that began to add up.

“I think we ought to undo this,” you said not waiting for my agreement as you unclipped the clasp on my bra.

You massaged the rest of my back down to my waist and then I felt you pulling on the waistband of my panties. You eased it down a little.

“We don’t want to get oil on these do we Cat?”

“No,” I muttered my sexual anticipation temperature starting to soar.

I felt you roll the panties down exposing my waist and the top of my bum, just where it starts to flare up into the two mounds of flesh. You massaged my lower back and up the slope of my bum, your hands continually pressing against the waistband; so much for not wanting to get oil on it them, I thought.

“Feel good Cat?”

“Mmmmmm, very nice” I groaned back finding speaking difficult with my head resting on my arms.

You returned to my legs. Without saying anything, you pulled them apart a little and began massaging them from my knees upwards. This time, though, it was softer and slower and was more of a caress than a deep massage. , or was that my vivid imagination? On each upward sweep your hands went nearer to my panties, nearer to the very top of my legs, yes nearer to my pussy. They went nearer, but not quite all the way.

Lying there with my eyes closed, my teeth clenched and my legs open I had the most excrutiating sensations. Half of me wanted your hands to keep going, reach my panties, push them aside, expose my lips and go inside my pussy. But an equal part of me was scared. I was not bi or lesbian. I had no experience whatsoever of sex with my own gender and at the most I was simply curious. I was amazed, however, at just how far I had gone in such a short time in starting to satisfy that curiosity and was wondering how much further you might take me.

Although your hands did not go all the way up my legs and onto my panty covered crotch, they did go most of the way up and onto the cheeks of my bottom. Several times they slid slightly inside the leg holes of my panties.

“Sorry Cat, I am getting some oil on your lovely bikini knickers,” I heard you say, as if from afar

Nothing else happened for a moment or two. I simply lay there as you, presumably, simply stared at my bum. That excited me. It played to my latent sense of exhibitionism that had come to the fore when Richard my ex had taken ‘glamour’ photos of me. I may even have slightly wiggled my bottom a little.

“We really need to get to those delicious glutes, don’t we Cat?”

I recalled vaguely that was the name of the large muscles that create the cheeks of one’s bottom, but I did not get the significance of your remark.

“Yes,” I whispered.

Resting a hand right on my cheek you said rather huskily. “We have to get to those very nice and very sexy glutes and massage them don’t we?” you went on quietly. That excited me even more, but nowhere near as much as your next words did for you said.

“They are lovely panties Cat, but also, very unnecessary,” as I felt you slip your hands into the waistband.

You didn’t wait for my comment or agreement. You didn’t ask and you did not hesitate. Excitingly you simply assumed my agreement, you took over and took control and that made my pulses race and my heart pound, with desire, I suppose.

“After all we are all girls together so lLift up a little for me,” you said quietly as your fingers pulled on the waist-band. ‘”Fuck she’s taking my knickers off,'” I thought as I did as you asked and lifted myself up. And that is exactly what you did, took my knickers off. It was an amazing feeling to be lying there on that mattress, my eyes closed, the room dim with soothing, classical music playing as this young woman, kneeling beside me her bare leg, pressing against mine slid my panties down my legs. I knew that you must have seen all of my bottom and probably my pussy as well from between the backs of my slightly parted thighs, which I closed. I smiled as horse and stable door came to mind!

I knew then, that with that most erotic of gestures that this was definitely not going to be a straight massage. And from then on it wasn’t. All pretence at anything other than this being sexual had gone. Your touch became softer, more of a caress than a massage, you went nearer to my more intimate places and your body, mainly your knees and legs came into more frequent contact with mine.

I had expected that when ‘the action’ started I would be nervous and be torn as to whether I would really go through with it and do whatever sexual act or acts turned out to be on your agenda. But I wasn’t. In fact it was quite the opposite. I enjoyed being naked, having your fingers run over my bare bum and having your eyes gaze at me. I had found you removing my panties to be an incredible turn on, your light touches to be soothing yet arousing and your legs pressing against my hips and legs exciting. The combination of these made me a little nervous for clearly I knew they were the precursor to me doing something much bigger; just what that was I wasn’t sure. But what I did know was that I would do something sexual with you.

I felt you shuffle behind where my feet lay on the bed. You took hold of both of my ankles and without asking pulled them apart, so that my upper legs were wide open. You didn’t say anything but simply did it. I also said nothing, but more importantly I did nothing, I just lie there and let you spread my legs into a position where my most sexual and feminine places were exposed to your gaze. I knew also that soon they would not just be exposed to your gaze. That sent yet another strong ripple of arousal through me.

I have never thought of myself as being sexually submissive. With Richard and David, with whom I had my one and only affair, I had nearly always been a sexual equal, sometimes being the initiator and occasionally being dominant with them. Yet I was getting almost as much excitement from the way that you were controlling and directing events and yes, dominating me, as I was from what you were doing to me, although I realised, you had not yet done anything to me.

However, that changed quickly. Still lying on my front, I suddenly got the most stringent charge of sexual arousal as I felt your fingertips glide up the inside of my left thigh, stopping just millimetres from where my pussy lie open, wet and waiting. But waiting for what I wondered; a finger, several of them, a tongue, a vibrator or all of them?

I felt your knees against the soles of my feet, you were pressing there as you caressingly massaged my inner, upper legs. Even in the dim light, you could not have avoided seeing my pussy lips, I wondered if they were glistening with my excretions.

You lifted one foot. You caressed and massaged my ankle, my instep, the arch and each of the toes. That was surprisingly erotic. Lifting it further you pressed, quite hard, on the sole, massaging all over that and the ball of my foot. Then, you rubbed the bottom of my foot against you. I was not sure, though what part of your body that was, well not at first that is. Then I realised that my foot was being pressed against your tummy and that you were moving it upwards, further and further until it was pressed against a bulge. Then it hit me like a punch in the stomach, you were pressing my foot against your breast and that was bare. ‘Fuck she has taken her bra off’ crashed into my mind.

I felt you shuffle between my opened legs, your knees pressing against my legs, just above my knees pushing them even wider apart. I knew that you must be staring at my open pussy. Your hands found my bum, squeezed each cheek and rolled the flesh around, kneading and squeezing it and then pulling my cheeks apart. I could feel you leaning forward and then had I a fabulous sensation, one that I had never experienced before. I felt you blowing firstly, along the crease between each cheek, then right on my bum hole and then all along the cheeks of my pussy. It was an amazing feeling and I couldn’t stop a deep grunt of pleasure slipping from my mouth as my entire body jerked and my bum wiggled at him.

“Nice?” You asked, moving your face away.

“Mmmmmmm,” I moaned back.

“Good,” you went on rewarding me by replacing your breath with your finger and running that gently right along the length of the crease in my bum.

“Are you anal, Cat?” you rather surprised me by asking.

I wasn’t sure quite what you meant so maybe rather naively I asked. “You mean anal sex?”

“Yes, do you like anal play as part of your foreplay?”

“Yes,” I grunted feeling amazed that you were asking such questions in such a matter of fact manner. I was even more amazed when I realised that they didn’t faze me.

“And penetration?” you asked pressing your finger right on my hole.

“Maybe,” I sighed loving the pressure’

But you stopped, moved your hands away and said quietly. “I think it’s time for your front now. Turn over please Cat.”

Inevitably as I struggled to lift my body and turn so the cups of my unclipped bra fell away from my boobs. Unconsciously, I grabbed it and went to put it back in place on my breasts. You reached out and took hold of my bra. and said with a mischievous smile on your face.

“We don’t want to get oil on it do we Cat?”

I looked up at you and saw that you had replaced or slid back into position your bra.

You had that beguiling smile on your face as you gently tugged on my bra. It seemed such a natural thing to do so, with our gazes locked I let go. The cups seemed to glide almost as if in slow motion off my breasts and on to the bed.

“You have lovely breasts,” you whispered as, momentarily I thought you were going to touch them, but you did not.

“Thank you Sarah, you do too,” I replied as almost mesmerised I watched you slip your bra off and drop it on the floor.

“Only fair Cat,” you breathed adding. “Now lie back.

You then gave me one of the loveliest scalp and face massages I had ever had, something I find immensely erotic even when performed by a straight masseuse or a hairdresser. As the lovely, more erotic than sexual, if there is a difference, feelings flowed through me, my mind was consumed with wondering what would come next. I wondered just how far you would take me into, and it made me gasp when it registered, the world of lesbian sex!

Those questions had to remain unanswered though, at least for a while, for you started to massage the front of my shoulders along my collar bone. My eyes were tightly closed, but I knew you would have to be leaning forward from your kneeling position. I frequently felt the silky touch of your skin on my arm, brush across my face and once or twice slip across the side of my breasts.

I felt other things touch my arms and I opened my eyes to see the tip of your nipple brushing against my shoulder, and the nipple was hard; god was that turn on?

Your hands were softly massaging that area between my collar bones and where the flesh became fuller as my breasts flare out from my chest. Your fingers were rotating in little circles, moving steadily downwards, although when they moved down a few inches they would then go back up again to near my collar bone. Down, then up, up towards my shoulders, down towards my breasts, up to nice feelings, but not sexual and down towards the erotic playground of my breasts and nipples, where the feelings were totally sexual.

You took your time. Nothing was rushed. You moved forward a little and waited to make sure I was comfortable before taking a further tiny step. I was grateful for that, but also incredibly aroused by it for I felt that you were leading me slowly towards an inevitable conclusion, but as yet I had no real idea what that would be.

Your fingers strayed downwards in those little rotations until they reached where my full breasts reared up from my upper chest. They would venture, almost enquiringly, onto the softer flesh, press on that and then retreat back to the ‘safer ground’ above where the swells started. Each time they crossed that boundary and ventured into the ‘forbidden territory’ of my breast flesh, they went a little further. Each time they climbed further up the sensitive mound and went nearer to the coral pink centres of my nipples that inevitably were stunningly hard and aching.

Although I kept my eyes closed most of the time, I opened them occasionally and our gazes locked. We smiled at each other and you licked your lips, a gesture that I found particularly suggestive.

You continued with the charade of pretending to ask my permission and all the time going further onto each of my breasts. It was agony, it was ecstasy, it was teasing and amazingly arousing as slowly you primed me, got me ready and prepared me for my first venture into what I had become so curious about, lesbian sex.

My eyes were tightly closed, my teeth were clenched and I was gripping the bed-clothes as my breasts got ready for your final assault. I wanted you to hurry, but you knew precisely what you were doing and continued at the languidly erotic pace until you knew that you had me, hook, line and sinker. Then and only then did you cup my breasts, capture my nipples between your fingers and squeeze the succulently, sensitive flesh of each mound.

The grunt that escaped from my mouth was almost animalistic, my body trembled, and I writhed my bottom and arched my back pushing myself against your hands. You really did have me now and it was fantastic

“Oh yes,” I moaned as you squeezed and rolled my tits around. You pinched my nipples with just the right amount of pressure and pulled them quite hard. You pushed the two, more than a handful sized orbs together squeezing them into one mass of tit flesh, and you pushed your fingers into the crevice between them.

I opened my eyes and looked at you staring at them and at me.

“Oh Cat you have such lovely breasts, they are gorgeous,” you whispered cupping and kneading the pliable flesh. “And such gorgeous nipples,” you went on pinching them and thenm pulling each in turn so they stretched to their maximum length.

I watched your eyes slowly run downwards and remembered that you had earlier removed my panties so that my entire body was exposed. I had momentarily forgotten they had gone so excited was I from you uncovering my thirty five inch double D’s. It felt wonderful to see the lust and desire in your eyes as I flaunted my nudity at you. You had got it just right. Earlier and I may have been alarmed and embarrassed and later I would have become too frustrated. Smiling slightly I squirmed my body as if inviting your further attention, which of course I was although I still had no idea what that might be. I smiled as I thought to myself, ‘a duck to water.’

You were kneeling behind my head. “Mmmm, lovely, so lovely,” you murmured, bending over me so that your thighs and stomach pressed against my face obliterating my sight.

Your hands slid further and further down my body. Past my tits, over my lower chest, onto my hips, along my stomach, into my landing strip of pubic hair, across my mound and, with no hesitation at all right between my legs that I so willingly opened for you.

Your fingers made a cursory caress of my pussy lips before unfolding the pink petals above them. Unlike men, you found my clit immediately, but then that is your job I smiled, revelling in the more extreme sensations now roaring through my body. I opened and closed my eyes and loved the way that each time I opened them I saw that you was staring deeply into them.

Although neither of us spoke a word the emotional and sexual exchange was enormous, well at least for me it was. I felt so bold and adventurous, aroused and excited, inhibited, sexually liberated and so fucking turned on I was almost cumming. It felt amazing to have you at my sexual beck and call to give me the anonymous pleasure I so craved. Knowing that once we finished I would dress and maybe walk out of your life for ever if I chose made me feel so different to any sensation I had before when having sex.

You were now squeezing, cupping and pinching my tits with one hand as you caressed, stroked and rubbed my stomach, mound, thighs and pussy with the other. I was gripping the mattress, gritting my teeth and opening and closing my eyes as my head rolled from side to side. I squirmed my body and arched my back illustrating to my extreme sexual arousal to you. You knew I was near and knew that you would have to do little to tip me over the edge, but being the expert I could now tell that you was you kept me right on the brink of my orgasm.

Your fingers were now probing slightly inside me. They were enquiring and seeking an invitation. They were asking my permission. Though considerate and thoughtful it was totally unnecessary, for what they were enquiring about was exactly what I wanted. And that was three of your fingers to be shoved right my cunt. Looking you full in the eye I eased my head up a little, raised my knees and opened my legs.

“Yes,” I grunted gripping tightly on the sheet as I felt my lips opening as your fingers slid into me.

But then I felt something else. Somehow you had manipulated your fingers so that one, probably your forefinger pressed against my bum hole. It was enquiring not forcing itself. You were repeating the question you had asked earlier, but now it was with a gesture and not with words. I could have said no, shook my head or wiggled myself away from it, but I didn’t. I stayed exactly as I was; legs open, knees slightly, raised, with my eyes closed and your fingers in me with one pressing against my anus. As you pressed more firmly that eased into me and so I realised that you had carefully used my juices to lubricate me. The fingers up both my passages at the same time gently pumping really was the most amazing sensation and one I had not before experienced

I closed my thighs round your hand as you started to pump in and out of me. You pressed your other hand against my face, your fingers running round my lips. I took hold of that and I sucked your fingers into my mouth.

You had me now. I was completely gone. I was over the top and cumming continuously as wave after wave of wonderful feelings invaded every part of my body. I wanted him to give something back, to be a participant in this wonderful act and to give you pleasure, but I was far too far gone to be able to work out what to do.

The orgasm seemed to go on and on, it seemed to last for ages. And you were with me every pulsating, throbbing, convulsing and stupendous moment of the way. You stroked me, caressed me, cuddled me and whispered lovely words into my ears. At last it ended,

“Ok Cat?” You whispered running the backs of your fingernails across my cheek, down my face, onto my chest and over my breasts as the shuddering in my body slowly subsided.

“Oh yes Sarah, yes, yes yes,” I replied smiling and kissing your hand.

“Would you do it again?”

I was now regaining some form of normality and thinking more logically. I kissed the palm of your hand, looked you right in the eye and said.

“Richard is not coming back tonight and I would be very lonely in bed by myself.”

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