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Ruth and Her Lover – Brian

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Brian came home from an overseas working stint. He had been away from home for about 2 ½ years and had finally decided that he was due to have a vacation.

He had been married before he left the country but his wife had filed for divorce while he had been overseas, as she had met someone else.

He had written to his Mom and asked if he could stay with her on his holiday. Ruth was so pleased that she immediately wrote and got all the details of when he would be returning.

At this time, Brian had just turned thirty and Ruth was forty nine. Ruth was still a very attractive lady. As Brian was her only child, she hadn’t suffered any distortion of her body, and still kept herself trim and toned by going to the gym 2 or 3 times a week and playing tennis and golf. She stood about 5’9″ and now had silver blonde hair and green eyes.

Brian himself was about 6′ and had a few grey hair at the temples. Like his mother, he also had green eyes. He had a tanned, toned body because of his work outdoors.

He arrived home and found no-one there. He couldn’t understand that, as his Mom had taken a note of when he would be arriving. Maybe she had to go to the shops for something at the last minute.

He proceeded upstairs and decided to freshen up while he was waiting. He had his shower and unpacked his cases and then went back downstairs to see if she had arrived yet.

He walked into the kitchen and found her putting away some groceries.

“Hi Mom, how’s my favourite girl.”

Ruth turned around and fell into his arms.

“Oh Brian, welcome home darlin’.” she cried as she hugged him.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t here when you arrived, but I had to pick up something that I had forgotten.”

“That’s alright Mom, I took the time to shower and unpack.”

“Would you like a drink baby,”

“I’ll get it Mom, are you still drinking Vodka and tonic. ”

“Actually Brian, I have got some wine for tonight”.

“Red or White,” Brian enquired?

“I’ll have a Red thanks.”

“I’ll join you in that.”

Mom and son sat in the lounge room and talked for an hour. They had so much to catch up with. Ruth asked him how he felt about the divorce and he told her that he wasn’t overly concerned. After all, his ex-wife did deserve someone who would be around a lot more than him. He had got over it and put it behind him. He was going to carry on with his own life.

Ruth went back into the kitchen and carried on preparing dinner for the two of them.

They sat down about ½ hour later to a virtual feast. There was a vegetable soup for starters, followed by a Chateaubriand with salad and then a Passionfruit Flan and cream, all which Ruth knew that Brian loved.

After helping her pack the dishes in the dishwasher, they both went back into the lounge and continued to drink and talk.

“So Mom, how is your love life lately, enquired Brian. Have you found yourself a new boyfriend since Dad left.”

“Not yet darlin’, I am not terribly interested in casual relationships. I have had some other thoughts though.”

“What about you Brian, did you meet anyone overseas.”

“Nah, he replied. I thought I had better wait until I was home for good before I became interested in anyone. Although I did have a couple of things going for me while I was over there. Only casual flings though.

By this time it was getting on to about 11pm and Brain was feeling a bit of jetlag. Ruth had to work the next morning, so they decided to turn in.

The next morning Brian came downstairs very early and found his Mom in the kitchen still in her PJ’s. Not just any PJ’s, but practically transparent. Ruth turned to him and her nipples were standing erect and showing through the filmy material of her top.

“Sorry baby, I am just so used to being here on my own that I didn’t think to cover up this morning.”

“That’s fine Mom, it is a good way to wake up. You are still one sexy looking lady, even if you are my Mom.”

“Well thank you son, it’s always good to hear a lovely compliment; especially from your son.”

“Mom, I could look at you anytime.”

“Well Brian, I have to go to work now. I will see you about 4.30p.m. when I get home. Is there anything special you want for dinner?”

“No Mom, I am going to take you out tonight, so come home as early as you can and prepare for a big night out, OK.”

When Ruth arrived home, Brian greeted her with a hug and a kiss. Then he told her that a bath was waiting for her and she was to go up and get into her sexiest gear so he could show off his current date. He told her he had ordered the cab for 7pm and that they were going to a very upmarket restaurant and then nightclubbing.

“Alright sweetie, I will be down in about an hour and a half,” replied Ruth.

Ruth proceeded upstairs and found her bathroom scented with such a sensual aroma of various oils in the bath water. She immersed herself for about a half an hour, then dried herself and went into her bedroom.

She found some very titillating lingerie laid out on the bed, Brian had been in there while she was in the bath. He had also been shopping and found a beautiful aquamarine dress with a deep cleavage and a full handkerchief skirt, which swirled around her lovely legs as she walked. The outfit really complimented her skin and trim body.

She applied a light make-up, picked up her clutch bag and slipped on her 4″ high heels and made her way downstairs.

Brian had heard her walk out of her bedroom door and was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. He was stunned. This lady could be one of his own generation. She looked too young to be his Mother.

“Wow, Mom, will you be my date tonight. I wouldn’t be game to introduce you as my Mom.”

At seven, the doorbell rang and Brian answered it. He escorted Ruth to the Limousine and followed her.

“Brian, you didn’t have to go to this trouble, we could have gone in my car.”

“Mom, it has been a long time since I have had the pleasure of escorting such a beautiful lady to dinner, that anything I could do to make it more interesting was a bonus. Mom, while we are in public, may I call you Ruth instead of Mom?

“Of course son, that would be wonderful. To think I have such a handsome escort for the evening does wonders for me.”

“Well Ruth, lets just go and enjoy the night.”

After a wonderful dinner and a couple of bottles of Red wine, they decided to carry on to the nightclub. The Limo was waiting outside for them and delivered them to the venue. Brian asked the driver to return in a couple of hours to take them home.

They had a couple more drinks and Brian asked Ruth if she would care to dance.

He took her into his arms and they slowly waltzed round the floor. As the floor filled with dancers, the space between them narrowed. Ruth found that she was dancing so close to Brian that she could feel his body against her own. He seemed to have an erection that rubbed against her pudenda. She was starting to feel very horny and guessed that Brian must feel the same.

She carried on with her head resting on his shoulder and both his arms wrapped around her waist. Occasionally he would nudge her body towards his with his hand and rub himself against her. She looked into his eyes and read the need in them. She was feeling the same need and suggested that they make their way home. Brian just nodded and called the driver and asked him to return a bit earlier than arranged.

They arrived home and as soon as they got in the door, Brian bent towards Ruth and covered her mouth with his. He knew that this was what they had been working towards all night. He was going to get his wish and at last make love to the lady of his dreams.

Ruth took him by the hand, and without saying a word, led him upstairs to her room. She then proceeded to undress him, garment by garment until she was down to his boxers. He was tenting them by that time.

Brian then began to slowly remove Ruth’s clothes. She stopped him and told him that he was to lie on the bed while she stripped for him.

“Don’t keep me waiting too long please Ruth, I have dreamt of this for so long that I am afraid I am not going to last long the first time round.”

“Baby, you don’t even know how long I have waited. After so long, a few more moments won’t hurt.”

Ruth then slowly stripped until she was down to just her thong.

“Stop right there, whispered Brian. I want to be the one to take those off……. with my teeth.”

Ruth lay beside him on the bed. He gazed longingly at her; his eyes taking in the sight from the top of her head down to her toes.

“You are so beautiful Ruth, I never thought I would ever be so lucky to see you like this.”

He trailed his fingertips over her face, her lips, her breasts and down into the cleft between her thighs. He followed that with his tongue in all the same places, stopping to kiss her thoroughly in a French kiss, then worked his way to her full breasts and nipples which he laved and suckled for a few minutes, all the while he teased her pussy with his fingertips. He made his way gently downward to the slit between her thighs. He proceeded to work her thong down and over her thighs until he had taken them right off….with his teeth as promised. Ruth opened her legs to give him better access. He buried his head in that precious valley and continued to lick and suck on the outer lips of that promised land. He felt as though he had died and gone to heaven.

He pulled his nose from Ruth’s pussy and bumped it against her clitoris. He wiggled his way upwards until he could, once again; capture her clit in his mouth. This time around there was no need for him to push the hood out of the way. Her excited little bud had grown quite large by now. It was wet and shiny and it stuck out from beneath her hood at least half an inch. Brian nibbled and licked until Ruth was screaming like a banshee.

He licked hard and watched as her fat, spongy cunt lips vibrated and quivered. He could see Ruth staring at him licking her sweet cunt and her breathing was fast and her moaning had turned into loud groans, which she was emitting with gusto. Her eyes were large, probably because of what he was doing; and he was her son.

“Is that nice Mom?” Brian asked between licks of her cunt lips.

“Ohhhh, son,” Ruth yelled. “Son! Son! Son! Don’t stop, baby. It’s almost here!”

Brian licked the length of her clit. Up and down his tongue went, teasing, no, torturing Ruth’s hot little appendage. In just a couple of seconds, her dam broke and flooded his face and mouth with her ejaculate.

The musky aroma coming from Ruth was causing his erection to pulsate to such a rhythm that he was afraid he would ejaculate before he was ready.

“I don’t think I can wait any longer my darling, I have to immerse my sword in your wonderful sheath,” Brian whispered.

“Go Brian baby, I am so ready for you. I want you to love me for as long as you like.”

He fitted himself into the sweet, warm, wet cunt that awaited him, and lay there looking into his Mother’s eyes. He saw the desire that shone there and knew that it was for him alone.

“I am now going to make you my woman Mom, I never want anyone else but you.”

“Go ahead Brian, I have been your woman from the day you were born. I always knew that we would be together.”

Brian then began to pump his rigid cock in and out of his Mom’s cunt, slowly at first and working up to a hard and faster movement. He knew he wouldn’t last too long on this first cum but he wanted to make it worthwhile for his lady. She grabbed his shoulders and wrapped her legs around his hips and met his moves with some of her own; gaining speed with each one. After about 5 minutes Brian could feel the cum beginning to erupt through the canal of his penis and cried out, “Momma, I am cumming……right into you.”

Ruth had the same feeling and she also cried out that she was cumming, both of them peaking at exactly the same time.

“Wow Mom, that was some journey. I never want to stop taking those trips with you. You fulfil my every desire.”

“Brian, while you are here, I will be your lady and we will have many adventures.”

“Mom, I have news for you. Today while you were at work; my work contacted me and told me that my overseas stints are finished and I start working in the home office as soon as my vacation has finished. Looks like you are going to have me around for a long time.”

“In fact, as the home office is in Denver, I thought we may move there and get a house and live as husband and wife. You are still beautiful enough to pass for my wife, and who would know any different, as we would be in a different state. What do you think?

“Oh Brian, what wonderful news. As I work in the Real Estate business, I can put the house on the market straight away. Let’s start making plans in the morning. Tonight I just want to make more glorious love to my new husband.”

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