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Amanda reclined on the couch, lost in her book as Greg bounded down the steps and headed for the door. A duffle bag containing his soccer gear was slung over his shoulder.

“You’re not going out to play soccer in this downpour, are you?” Amanda asked as she looked up from her book. Her voice tinged with a hint of annoyance.

“Yup, you know the league plays rain or shine.” Greg replied.

“Look, just don’t track any mud in here like you did the last time.” Amanda scolded as she wagged a finger at him.

“Don’t worry Mands. I learned my lesson after the last time.” Greg grinned devilishly as he opened the door to leave.

“There will be hell to pay if you didn’t.” Amanda’s voice rising as she tried to hide a slight smile. She always loved it when Greg called her “Mands.” Other than her father, Greg was the first guy to give her a little nickname.

“Yea, yea, yea. I know, I know.”

“You better know, and when are you coming back? Are you going to catch some dinner here with me?” Amanda asked.

“Sure will, Mom.” Greg teased as he left.

“You’re lucky you have me as a friend.” Amanda called out as the door closed behind him.

Amanda and Greg had been friends since they first met back in seventh grade. She was the new girl in school when her family moved from another town. Greg was the first person she met when they sat next to each other in class on her first day of school. They became fast friends ever since that day.

Back then Greg was a member of the soccer and track teams, and he still had his lean, athletic build from his teenage years. He was a good looking guy with blue eyes and a shock of sandy blond hair. When he was a teenager there were a number of girls who had an interest in him, but his diffidence seemed to leave him perpetually single. He could never seem to muster the gumption to approach one of the thin, athletic girls he found so attractive in those days.

Amanda was a bit chunky during her adolescence, but had become a little trimmer since their school days. She was still built a bit thickly with a curvaceous figure, but was quite pretty with alluring green eyes that peered out from behind a pair of rectangular lens glasses that gave her a smart and sexy look. Her long black hair was frequently pulled back in a ponytail. Her gorgeous smile fit perfectly with her warm personality that made Amanda one of the most well-liked people in their class. She had dated a few guys in high school and college, but it had been quite awhile since she was involved in a relationship.

Now many years later, Amanda and Greg are both 32 years old. Greg was at a low point in his life, recently divorced and unemployed due to his company downsizing in the faltering economy. They had drifted apart after graduation, but reconnected at a recent high school reunion and Amanda offered to help him out. She was allowing him to live with her until he could get back on his feet.

Amanda was saddened by the struggles Greg was experiencing, but glad to have him back in her life. She had a crush on him all through junior high and high school, but never let him know, fearing that it would ruin their friendship. He seemed only to be interested in the thin, athletic girls. He never seemed to look at her the same way he looked at the girls on the sports teams. It was the fear of rejection and what it would do to their friendship that scared her the most.

As she relaxed on the sofa, she looked at a Sports Illustrated magazine Greg had left on the coffee table. It was open to an article about women pole-vaulters. Pictures of beautifully fit women in tiny track uniforms stared back at Amanda.

Amanda shook her head and sighed, “Maybe. Just maybe.”


Later that evening, Greg and Amanda had finished eating dinner together and were sitting next to each other on the couch. Greg had commandeered the television remote and was flipping through the channels to find something to watch.

“Thanks for the great dinner. You take better care of me than my wife did.” Greg said as he stretched out on the couch next to Amanda.

“It’s no problem. It’s nice to have someone to come home to. Living alone can be so lonely at times.”

“So I can stay as long as I like and eat your delicious cooking?” Greg grinned.

“As long as you don’t track mud all over the place after a soccer game.”

“I was good today!” Greg exclaimed as he flipped through the channels on the television. He stopped on the Golf Channel when he saw the female golfers walking across the green fields. Amanda could feel her heart sink just a little bit.

“You always liked the athletic girls, didn’t you?” Amanda asked.

“No, no. I’m just a sports junkie. Golf was a sport I wished I had tried.”

“Bullshit. You never would have stopped on this channel if it were a bunch of guys swinging their clubs.”

“Well, maybe the women gave me extra encouragement to stop on this channel.” Greg said as he flashed his little boy grin.

“I remember how you looked at the girls from the track team back in high school, but you were too chicken to ask any of them out.” Amanda teased. She couldn’t resist giving him that little jab.

“Yea, I know. I don’t know why I was so shy.” Greg said, slightly chagrined by Amanda’s verbal poke.

“You shouldn’t have been so shy. I thought you were cute and really nice.”

“Are you saying you liked me in high school?” Greg asked.

“Well….” Amanda replied. She could feel her face starting to flush and her heart starting to beat a little faster, wondering if she should have said that.

“So, do we have a little confession to make?” Greg pressed, now enjoying that he had the upper hand.

“Give it a break.”

“I was your crush!” Greg needled.

“Stop!” Amanda curtly replied as she looked away from Greg.

“Hey, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to tease too far. I’m actually flattered. I wish I had known back then.”

“Just drop it.” Amanda muttered.

“Why didn’t you let me know?” Greg asked soothingly.

“I didn’t think you’d be interested in me. I always saw how you looked at all the jockettes. Why would I have thought you’d be interested in me?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Greg replied.

“I was kind of a chunky chick. You liked all those girls with the hard bodies. You never looked at me like that. I didn’t want to ruin our friendship.”

“I thought you were cute. I would have been lucky to have a girlfriend like you.”

“So, you were interested too?” Amanda asked hopefully.

“I…I don’t know. I just never thought you were interested in me like that back then, but I always thought of you as one of my closest friends. I guess with all that has happened I’ve come to a realization.” Greg said.

“What do you mean?”

“I think I’ve come to the realization of what you meant to me back then and what you’ve come to mean to me now. At the lowest point in my life, you’ve taken me in. I can never thank you enough for that.”

For a moment, they shared a nervous silence. Neither quite sure what to say or if they should make that first move. It was as if they were teenagers once again, unsure of themselves or what to do.

Finally, Amanda closed her eyes and leaned in to kiss him. She could feel the butterflies tickling her insides as she brought her lips to meet his. It was a soft, loving peck on his lips. The first kiss that she wished she had given him all those years ago.

Greg could also feel his heart nervously beating inside. He was always terribly shy, and was still afraid to make that first move even after Amanda’s revelation. Her kiss seemed to melt his apprehension away as he gently cupped her face in his hands. Kissing her deeply, their tongues twined and curled in a kiss that was long overdue.

They both pulled back for a moment. Gazing into each others eyes, their breathing was ragged. For Amanda, it was the kiss she had always longed for. For Greg, it was the realization that he truly loved her.

Amanda swung her leg around so she was straddling Greg and leaned forward, placing her hands on the back of the couch behind his head while pressing her lips to his. Gently she rubbed her lips over his, pinching his lower lip between hers. She could feel his warm breath as he gasped with excitement while she gently nibbled on his bottom lip, stretching it out slightly.

Greg placed his hands on her hips, pulling her closer until he could feel her body pressed against his. She kissed him again, her tongue sliding between his lips and curling around his. Deeply her tongue probed his mouth, sliding along the slickness of his tongue, savoring his taste. Greg rolled his head from side to side to accentuate his returned kiss. He loved the feeling of her exploring his mouth as his body shivered with excitement.

Slowly he slipped his hands along her sides. Caressing up and down, feeling the curves of her body as she wriggled in his grasp. Greg found the hem at the bottom of her shirt and slipped his hands underneath, feeling the warmth and the smoothness of her soft skin. They briefly broke their kiss as he slipped the shirt up and over Amanda’s head to reveal a lacy white bra.

As Amanda extended her arms above her head, Greg ran his fingers up her sides, along the inside of her arms She kept her arms raised above her head as Greg’s finger tips gently traced up and down the sensitive skin of the hollow beneath her arm, making Amanda quiver and gasp with pleasure. His touch felt so soft, so warm, so caring. His fingertips traced their way down the ivory flesh to her sides as she closed her eyes and whispered a soft moan. Slowly finding his way down to her full breasts and cupping them in his hands. Gently, he grasped them, feeling their fullness in his hands.

Amanda leaned forward, pressing the lacy material of her bra against Greg’s face, the lacy floral pattern felt coarse as it brushed against his cheeks and lips. He could feel her nipples growing hard against the material of her bra as they brushed against his mouth. As he reached around to unclasp her bra and he was greeted with a faceful of soft, bare flesh as her bra fell away. Gently he palmed one breast while letting his tongue circle around the pink aureola of the other.

Gently, he pinched her hard nipples, rolling them between his fingers and thumbs as she softly groaned. Her thighs gripped tightly around Greg’s waist. He brought his mouth back to her nipple as he held her breasts in his hands. His tongue swirled around the pink flesh in a narrowing spiral until it reached the protruding nub. Alternately, he sucked a mouthful of flesh and flicked his tongue over her nipple, making it even harder and longer. The nub fluttered with each lap of his tongue and he could feel her heart beating against his lips.

Amanda’s moans became vocal whimpers as Greg licked and sucked each nipple. She felt as if she was about to cum from the attention he lavished upon her ample breasts. She was breathing hard as she touched Greg’s hands, signaling him to stop.

“Let’s go upstairs.” She said as she slid off his lap to stand up. She took him by the hand and led Greg up the stairs to her bedroom.

Her breasts bounced and jiggled as they walked up the steps. She was naked from the waist up while wearing a pair of dark blue jeans. Greg was having difficultly walking from his erection straining against the material of his jeans. When they got to the side of her queen-sized bed, Amanda turned and unbuttoned her jeans, sliding them down her thighs to reveal the tiniest pair of string bikini panties Greg had ever seen.

She looked incredibly sexy wearing just her glasses and the tiny white panties, which barely left any mystery. She sat down on the bed and leaned back. Her feet resting on the bed as she propped herself up on her elbows and spread her thighs. She peered out from behind her glasses at Greg with a come hither look that let him know exactly what she wanted.

“Take it off for me, Greg.” She purred.

He pulled his shirt off and tossed it aside, then pulling down his jeans and boxers leaving them in a pile on her bedroom floor. He stood before her, naked with his hard cock pointing up at the ceiling as Amanda’s eyes drank him in.

“You have such a gorgeous body. Now, bring it here.” Amanda cooed. She beckoned him to come to her with her finger as she spread her thighs apart just a little bit wider. Greg slid onto the bed, bringing his face between her thighs. Her panties were wet at the opening to her sex and he could smell the musk of her excitement.

“Lick it.” She said, using her tongue to accentuate the “L” in ‘lick.’

Greg lowered his face to her white cotton panties. The back of Amanda’s thighs rested on his shoulders as his tongue traced over the damp material that concealed her hot opening. Amanda shuddered as his tongue traced over the cotton barrier to her pussy. He licked up and down, teasing her, making her want more.

“Pull them off. Lick me there.” Amanda gasped as she lifted up to allow Greg to slide her drenched panties down her thighs, pulling them over her right foot to leave them dangling around her left ankle.

Her drooling pussy was finally exposed, revealing her wet slit that was bordered by a small, closely trimmed patch of black fur. Greg’s face dove right in, letting his lips brush against the coarse hairs of her pubic patch before bringing his tongue to lap enthusiastically at the dripping folds of soft flesh, then working his way to the engorged button at the top of her opening. Greg’s tongue was like a brush, painting her clit with long strokes, letting the full length of his tongue swipe over the fleshy protrusion. Each lick made Amanda see colors.

Greg went from just licking her swollen clit to sucking it into his greedy mouth, letting his tongue swirl around the nub of flesh between his suctioning lips. The sensations were driving Amanda wild, her juices were flowing in a steady stream down the crack of her ass and pooling in the wrinkled opening of her anus.

Greg let his tongue explore lower, following the trail of sweet pussy juice to the tight ring of her ass. His tongue circled and teased her little hole. It caught Amanda by surprise as her ass had never been licked before. It felt foreign, but she loved the feeling. It made her wriggle and moan with pleasure. She raised her legs up higher to expose her ass even more for Greg’s flicking tongue.

He alternated flicking up and down and circling her virgin anus, feeling it flex against his tongue as his prolonged attention made the nerve endings in her small opening tingle with pleasure. Greg slipped two fingers into her slick pussy, searching for the bundle of nerves along her velvety walls that would drive her to ecstasy. He knew he found the right spot when Amanda gave a sharp yelp as her body shimmied on the bed. His fingers slid in and out, faster and faster as he licked her wet little ass.

It was all driving Amanda to the edge of orgasm. The licking and fingering were making the nerve endings in her ass and pussy scream for completion. Her thighs were spread and her knees were pulled up to her chest, exposing all of her body to Greg and his carnal wishes. Her white little panties were swinging from her ankle.

“Please let me cum Greg, please let me cum!” She whimpered as her head arced back. Her eyes tightly closed as she winced from the near pain of being on the edge of explosion. .

Greg refocused his licking to her swollen clit. Again, licking and sucking the extended button of flesh as he furiously pumped her hot opening, now using three slickened fingers. Rivulets of her juices rolled down his hand to his wrist. Her hips arched upwards with one forceful thrust then suddenly fell back onto the bed as the walls of her pussy clenched around his pistoning fingers. Her body pulsed and she cried out as orgasm ripped through her body like a fierce storm of pleasure.

Her hips were rocking in time with the contractions of her orgasm. Slowly settling down as she went limp with exhausted pleasure. Greg slid up along side Amanda, cuddling her lightly trembling body.

It took a few minutes for Amanda to regain enough composure to manage a raspy whisper. “That was absolutely fantastic.”

Greg smiled, seeing his long time friend in such pleasure. He kissed her, deeply, as they basked together in the glow of her post orgasm bliss.

But just basking in the glow wasn’t enough for Greg. His throbbing cock was dripping from the excitement of getting Amanda off. He wanted to slide inside her and feel her warmth around him.

Gently, he rolled his body to position his hips between Amanda’s thighs. She spread her legs as Greg reared back onto his knees, bringing the bulbous tip to her sultry opening. He teased the pink lips with the thick head of his staff, letting the soft flaps of flesh fold over the thick knob at the end of his cock. He teased his stiff member up and down, coating his already moist tip with a glaze of Amanda’s warm juices.

Greg sucked in a deep breath as he pushed his hips forward, his rigid spindle easily slipped inside. With a single motion he slid all the way in until his little tuft of curly hair came to rest against Amanda’s own patch of black pubic fur. His velvety sack was resting against her warm ass. He closed his eyes and grimaced with ecstasy, the humid warmth fully enveloping him with lustful pleasure.

Amanda wrapped her legs around Greg so her calves were against he muscular ass, pulling him closer to her while her panties still dangled from her ankle. She held him there for a moment as they mutually relished the feeling of each others body. She had fantasized about this many times; she was savoring the reality of the moment, not wanting to let him go.

Greg began to rock his hips back and forth, encouraging Amanda to loosen her grip. With each thrust he would pull back a little more, slowly working his way up to a steady tempo. The two lovers gasped and moaned in time with each of his thrusts.

Amanda slid her body forward, bringing her ass to the edge of the bed then rolling slightly onto her side. With one foot on the floor and the other up on Greg’s shoulder, she spread her thighs wide, giving him full access to her slick hole. Greg took full advantage; with his knees firmly planted on the mattress he was able to increase his leverage. With each thrust he was able to fill her completely. His body brushing against her pink pussy lips with each stroke. The bed creaked with each forceful push of his hips as he fucked her relentlessly. Her ample breasts shook when their bodies met at the end of each thrust. Their moans and pants were louder and more vocalized. Her juices were streaming down his shaft to his balls.

Harder and faster he pumped, bringing them both to the brink, but then stopping temporarily to regain control. He wanted to make this last as long as possible. While quelling his rising orgasm he leaned forward and sucked her nipples until he could start again.

He continued his pattern of thrusting and resting, thrusting and resting until Amanda could take no more. Her entire body was burning to cum. From her hard nipples down to swollen clit, she wanted to cum. She needed to cum. He fingers moved from clutching the bed linens down to her inflamed crotch. Her fingers strummed on her sensitive nub, driving her to another orgasm as Greg pumped her hot canal.

But again, he managed to stop himself short of cumming as Amanda thrashed in the throes of her second orgasm. He managed to successfully ride her bucking body as she reveled in her rapturous climax. They lay on the bed for a moment, allowing Amanda to regain herself.

This time, Greg took control. He guided her to roll so she was on all fours. Her knees arched her ass up into the air as she balanced on her elbows. He was flushed and perspiring from exertion. Again he fucked her sopping pussy, making sloshing noises and a rhythmic “fap, fap, fap” as their bodies slapped against each other.

Greg gripped Amber’s ample ass with his strong hands, pulling her to him with each thrust. Amber could feel his thrusts slowing again as his hands shifted over her buttocks. Greg stopped as he moved his right hand to the small of her back, running his thumb down the crack of her ass. He teased the tight ring of her anus, rubbing the clenched little ring with the flat pad of his thumb.

“Oh, that feels good.” Amanda purred.

“You like it when I rub your ass like that?”

“Yes. I’ve never done that before, but don’t….”

Amanda could feel the pressure on her anus increasing as she gasped, “Wait…OHHH!”

Amanda’s thighs shimmied at the sensation of his thick digit penetrating her virgin hole, still wet from her previous orgasms. It was a taboo that she never thought she’d experience. But much to her surprise, she liked the feeling of having her ass fingered.

Greg slowly fucked her ass with his thumb. Feeling the tight ring stretch over the thick knuckle as he slid in and out, he could feel his cock still sheathed inside her hot pussy. Slowly, he would alternate thrusting his thumb and then a thrust from his waist.

“Oh fuck Greg!” Amanda exclaimed as she arched her back, relishing the sensation of being double penetrated for the first time as Greg’s thumb and cock alternately pistoned in and out.

Greg withdrew from both of Amanda’s openings and slid forward to kiss her. She loved the feel of his warm chest and stomach against her back as she turned her head to return his kiss. As he leaned forward, his hard cock slipped between the crack of her ass. His swollen head was resting enticingly against her puckered aperture.

Greg grinned salaciously as he pulled back.

“What are you going to do?” Amanda nervously gasped.

Without saying a word, Greg reared back, teasing her ass with the tip of his slick cock. Firmly, he pressed the tip against her crinkled little opening. Slowly the head penetrated the tight band of her anus as she whimpered loudly.

Patiently, he waited for her body to relax as she got used to the feeling of his thick cock in her ass. She buried her face in the covers, spread her legs a bit wider and arched her ass higher to open herself a little wider. It seemed to work as he was able to carefully work his way between her quavering ass cheeks.

The ring of Amanda’s virgin opening still tightly squeezed his shaft. Slowly, it loosened as he gently caressed the roundness of her ass with his fingertips. Soon Greg was able to begin sliding back and forth.

Amanda was making guttural moans as he started with a slow tempo. In and out, he filled her ass with his cock, still slick with her juices. The burning pain gave way to pleasure as she reached down to finger her clit. She couldn’t believe it, but she loved the feeling of being fucked in the ass.

The ring of her ass slipped up and down his glistening shaft, just to the rim of his mushroom head and back down the base. Faster, he picked up the tempo. The warmth, the tightness, the velvety texture. It was pushing him to the brink. He could feel the cum roiling inside his balls. His cock felt tight and was throbbing, ready to explode. This time he wasn’t going to stop. This time he was going to cum.

Greg palmed her ass cheeks as his hips bucked with abandon. He could feel himself crossing the threshold. Warm streams of cum erupted from his cock, filling her insides and seeping out from his point of entry. It seemed like he was cumming forever as he released his pent-up climax. His white sap leaked down the back of her thighs.

The sensation of his pulsating prick releasing jet after jet of hot fluid pushed Amanda over the edge one final time. Her body quivered and shook with orgasm as her body tightened around his shaft. She collapsed flat on the bed as she writhed with pure ecstasy. Her black hair clung to her glasses and face, soaked with perspiration. Her face was flush and both of her entries were dripping from sex. Greg softly collapsed on top of her back, gently kissing her behind her ear. The two lovers drifted off to sleep, completely spent from an evening of requited desire.


Amanda awoke to the sound of the shower running. Morning light was streaming in through the windows. Somehow during the night they had managed to crawl underneath the covers of her bed. Her body was still a little sore from their evening of exertion.

She thought it was a good sign that Greg was using the master bathroom at the back of her bedroom instead of the one in the hall he normally used. He emerged back into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around his waist and a smile on his face.

“Good morning, sunshine.” He smiled.

“Good morning to you.” Amanda replied with the widest smile Greg had ever seen.

Greg just drank her in as she lay on her side in bed. The covers rested on the curve of her thigh, exposing the top half of her body. He admired her curves, her full breasts. The morning light shone in on her. Illuminating her like an angel.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Amanda asked.

“I just thought I’d get cleaned up to start the day.”

“And leave me here all alone?” She pouted.

Greg just hung his head in mock shame and grinned.

“Sorry Mands. I should have known better.”

“Let me ask you, in all seriousness. Are you going to share this bedroom with me or was last night a one-time thing?” Amanda asked.

“I don’t want this to be a one-time thing. I’d really like to make this a relationship.” He said with sincerity.

“I’d like to share this bed and house with you. But there is one last thing I owe you. Come here.” Amanda motioned with her head as she swung her legs out from under the covers. She was now sitting on the edge of the bed.

Obediently, Greg came to her. She brushed her lips against the fuzz of his navel. His skin felt soft and smooth, still warm from the shower. His body had a clean, soapy aroma. She could feel the muscles in his abdomen twitch and contract reflexively from her touch. Her hot breath on his flesh felt exciting. She opened the towel, letting it fall onto the floor around his feet as she exposed his cock.

She grasped his waist, holding the muscles that led from his hips to his lean thighs. Her lips traced down the patch of fur right above his cock, down the flaccid shaft as it hung between his thighs. She parted her lips, letting the helmeted tip rest in the little cradle she created for it with her warm mouth.

He ran his hand through her thick black hair, pushing it from her face as his cock slowly began to thicken. Her tongue gingerly licked at the tip, encouraging it to grow to its full girth.

Amanda’s encouragement was met with complicity as Greg’s cock extended to its full size once again. His thick stalk pointed upwards, grazing against her soft cheek as she ran her tongue along its length, then licking her way back to the swollen tip.

Grasping his shaft in her hand, Amanda used her tongue to pay special attention to his thickened cockhead, letting the entire length of her tongue take long licks on the sensitive tip. Greg breathed a soft gasp with each lick of Amanda’s tongue. Her lips parted and slipped around the head, popping over the rim of the burgeoning bulb as she used her tongue to circle around the smooth flesh of his cockhead, teasing the thick knob and making Greg gasp with pleasure before making her way down the thickening shaft. Her nose brushed against the wild hairs of his patch as she sucked in his fullness.

Amanda’s lips moved slickly up and down the length of his shaft. Her tongue danced and circled around the sensitive underside. He was steely hard again inside her wet mouth. What a wonderful way to greet the morning.

Her mouth slurped on his hard cock, leaving threads of saliva to slide down and hang from his sack. He moaned with pleasure as she softly teased is balls with the tips of her fingers. She let his balls rest in the palm of her hand as her finger tips gently tickled the skin behind his balls that lead to his ass. She could feel the swell of his erection all the way behind his sack.

Greg shivered from the sensation of being touched there. It was unexpected and unfamiliar, yet quite pleasurable. He spread his legs slightly and placed a hand on the nightstand next to the bed to help keep his balance. Her mouth and probing fingers were giving him pleasure like he and never experienced. It all felt so good.

Amanda’s saliva and Greg’s precum were steaming down his shaft and hanging from his balls. She swiped it up with her middle finger, soaking it in a glistening coat of clear goo. She let his cock fall from her mouth and looked up at him with a lascivious smile.

“I can’t believe you fucked my ass last night. Even more, I can’t believe how much I liked it. Now it’s your turn for me to return the favor.”

She probed at his tight opening with her slickened finger. Greg’s eyes widened with surprise as she found the crinkled aperture to his own tight ass. Gently she rubbed the pad of her fingertip over the puckered opening. It was an unexpected turning of the tables.

But he was surprised to find that he liked the feeling of having it played with. Gently she pressed against the resistant little opening. Her finger prevailed as the tight ring surrendered to her pressure. Sliding into the soft tissues, she curled her finger, finding the bead of his prostate. Gently she applied a little pressure to it.

Surprisingly, it drove Greg wild. His legs tremored as he fought to keep his balance. The sensation was unbelievable as his cock grew even harder. Amanda relentlessly sucked. Her lips sliding furiously up and down his length as her finger worked the sensitive gland inside him. He griped the table for all he was worth, fighting to keep his balance as he lost the battle to keep control of his rising orgasm.

It didn’t take long for thick torrents of cum to spew from his pulsating cock. He cried out as he filled her mouth with a slurry of cum. The force and amount caught Amanda by surprise. Amanda had no idea it would have this affect on him. The first salvo completely filled her mouth. Stream after steam kept coming and coming as thick globs leaked from the corners of her mouth and ran down her chin, hanging from her face in thick white strands. It seemed like he came for over a full minute.

He collapsed on the bed next to her, spent yet again as he smiled up at Amanda.

“Wow, I guess you owed me that. And I thank you.” Greg gasped.

Amanda smiled down at him. Knowing that the ‘maybe’ she had desperately hoped for came true, and knowing that they would be trading paybacks for quite a long time.

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