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By A Stranger

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I suppose you could say it was my own fault. I was on holiday and I suppose I let my hair down a bit. You know how it is. School’s over for the year. You’re eighteen and away from home. Nothing to do but have a good time. And that’s what I was doing. That’s all. I wasn’t doing anything wrong. Not really.

On this particular day I’d hired a moped and gone for a drive. I was just another teenager buzzing around on this little bike. It was fun.

I headed along the coast road for a while, hoping to find a beach that wasn’t crowded. Beaches are funny places at times. You’ll find one where it’s packed and, a mile down the road, same water, same sand, but no people.

I actually found a nice beach. There were people around, but it wasn’t a crush. I parked and went down to the beach and relaxed for a while. I had on a sun-dress with my bikini under it. It took one second flat to shed the sun-dress and then I hit the water for a while.

Coming out of the water I wanted a drink and something to eat, and then found out why this beach was under-used. No shops or snack bars available. I just couldn’t be bothered going in search of one, so I went for a stroll along the beach. Firstly putting on my sun-dress. Sunburn I did not need.

There were few houses around. A couple of nice holiday homes and that was about it. Then I came across this older place. It was a bit weather beaten and I thought it was deserted. It sure gave that impression. I figured it to be someone’s holiday shack, only used when they wanted to rough it for a while.

Now I was starting to feel thirsty again, so I took a stroll around this old place in case they had an outside tap. They didn’t, but I did notice one window was broken. Someone had just stuck in a piece of cardboard to block the hole.

I knew I shouldn’t, but what the hell? It was only an old shack, after all. I took out the bit of cardboard, reached in and unlocked the window. Pushing it up, I had easy access.

Climbing in I found I’d made a slight error. It wasn’t an old shack inside. It was really quite nice. It also had a lived in look and, if I’d had any sense, I’d have got out right then and there. But I was still thirsty.

I looked around and found the kitchen. Very nice. All mod cons. Checking the fridge I found a bottle of cold water, scavenged a glass from the cupboards and had a drink. I also had this little accident. When I went to put the glass in the sink I slipped. Or the glass slipped, anyway. Out of my hand and onto the tiled floor and it just seemed to explode. I was lucky I wasn’t cut.

There was nothing I could do about the broken glass. The owner would just have to wear it. It was a cheap glass anyway. Time, I decided, to be on my way.

I was turning to depart when I got this most horrible shock.

“Aren’t you going to clean up your mess?” says this deep voice.

Deep? It sounded like a very large dog growling. I turned around and there was this guy leaning against the door, between me and freedom, you might say.

“Brush and shovel in there,” he said, pointing to a cupboard. “You’ll also find dome old newspapers in there to wrap up the broken glass and a small bin to put the rubbish in.

Now I was not going to try to defy this guy. He’d caught me red-handed, so to speak, and I was in deep shit if he wanted to get nasty. And he was a big man. Over six foot and I’d hate to try and estimate his weight. Let’s just say he was big and it wasn’t fat.

I meekly got the brush and shovel and cleaned up the glass. I was very apologetic, saying sorry at least a dozen times, explained about being thirsty, and apologised some more. And he just leaned against the door and looked at me as if I was some sort of bug.

Finished with the clean-up I turned to him.

“Um, sorry about that. Didn’t mean to. I was just getting a drink. I’ll be on my way, shall I?”

“Breaking and entering, theft, vandalism,” he said softly. “and you just want to walk away? Yes, I suppose you do.”

“It wasn’t breaking and entering,” I protested. “And I didn’t steal anything or do any damage to your place.”

“Removing my temporary patch counts as breaking. You entered through the window. You stole some of my water. You smashed one of my glasses. Who knows what more you would have done if I hadn’t been here.”

Stole his water? That was a bit rich, wasn’t it?

“I only wanted a drink of water,” I said. “The glass was an accident and I apologised. I was stupid, that’s all.”

“So dumb I’m surprised you’re not blonde,” he said, sounding very snarky. “You’re a real pain, you know. And such a little thing, too. If you were a fish, I’d throw you back.”

Feel free to throw me out, anytime you like. Right now would be good. I thought it, but had enough sense not to say it. I just hung my head and tried to look ashamed instead of angry.

“Well, I don’t think you’re worth bothering the cops with,” he said, and I mentally jumped in the air, shouting “yes”. I landed with a nasty mental jolt when he continued.

“I guess I’ll just put you across my knee and paddle your backside and then send you on your way.”

“Like fuck you will” I thought indignantly. He wouldn’t dare.

“You wouldn’t dare,” I said. “I’d have you charged.”

“I’d love to see you explaining it to the police. I can just hear you. Well, officer, this man caught me while I was burglarising his house and he smacked me on the bottom.”

The swine gave me an amused look, and I could see his point. I might actually be able to charge him with assault, but I was the one more likely to finish up in a cell.

He straightened up and he suddenly looked even bigger and taller.

“Are you going to cooperate with this spanking,” he asked. “Not that it matters. It won’t make any difference to the quality of the spanking.”

In that case I saw no reason to cooperate. He reached for one of the chairs at the kitchen table to pull it out and I took the chance to try to dodge past him. He didn’t even take his hand off the chair. His other hand just shot out and caught my arm and that was it.

He turned the chair around and sat down while I wriggled and tried to pry his hand off my arm. He flipped me across his knee as though I was a child and easily held me there with one hand. I found my dress being lifted and his hand came down hard on my bottom.

I shrieked. Well, wouldn’t you with some Neanderthal slapping you around? I had one hand gripping the leg of the chair tightly, while my other hand was trying to fend his hand away from my bottom. That spank had hurt. So did the next one. He was just ignoring my frantically waving hand and I finished up using it to try to cover my bottom. By this time I’d already received four good wallops.

He took hold of my hand and pushed it away from my bottom. I flailed about for a moment and then grabbed one of the back rails of the chair and hung on hard. A couple more spanks and would you believe what the rotten sod did then? He pushed my bikini bottom down so my bottom was bare. Not a little down. Right down to my knees so he could see everything. Rotten swine.

Then he resumed beating me. And while this was going on this little voice is yelling at me, trying to get my attention. I was doing something wrong, but damned if I knew what. Then I twigged, and this time my scream wasn’t for the spanking. It was a case of me suddenly asked myself how the fuck I could be holding the back rail of the chair when he was sitting on it. As soon as I asked myself that I just knew what I was gripping so tightly.

You’d think it was a poisonous snake, I let go so fast. That got his attention. He stopped spanking for a moment, his hand relaxed on my poor bottom while he drummed his fingers lightly against my pussy. I couldn’t believe his gall. How dare he do that? What he said was worse.

“I don’t recall telling you to let go.”

His voice was very matter of fact, but I found myself automatically taking hold of him again. Then the spanking resumed.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. Not only was my bottom being beaten, but it was bare. I was holding onto something I shouldn’t. OK, damn it. I was holding onto his cock and it was erect and I was dreadfully aware of it and how big it was and how small I was and thanking god that I was only getting a spanking.

Then he started rubbing my mound in between spanks, and I was getting aroused. I couldn’t help it. A stranger has just grabbed me and was demonstrating he could do what he liked with me. My bottom was stinging, my breasts were tingling and my pussy was hot and wanting. And I was holding onto his cock as though it was the straw that people clutch at.

When it dawned on me that the spanking had stopped to be fully replaced by groping I managed to object.

“What are you doing? You can’t do that. It’s indecent assault. Stop it at once.”

“Stop fretting,” came the reply. “I’m just warming you up prior to bedding you. Just relax and let it happen.”

He had to be joking. Just relax while he got ready to have sex with me? Yeah, I could see myself doing that.

“There’s no way I’m agreeing to have sex with you,” I snarled. “You’re a swine. Not if you were the last man on earth.”

That’s a silly saying, once you come to think about it. This bastard obviously thought so.

“I suspect that you’re right, if I was the last man on earth. You wouldn’t be able to get near me for the crush. However, we’re talking about the here and now, and I don’t recall asking you.”

Ay? I thought he said he was going to. And his fingers were still doing delicious things to my body and I wish they would stop.

“You just said you were going to bed me?” I pointed out. “What’s that mean if it’s not asking for sex?”

“It’s just letting you know what’s going to happen,” he said calmly, as though explaining to a child. “I wasn’t exactly asking.”

This was not going to end well, I just knew it. Not only was he playing with my pussy but he’d undone my bikini top and pulled my sundress down so my breasts were now free. Free for him to play with, it turned out.

“If you take me without my permission,” I said, “then it’s rape. Are you going to rape me?”

“That depends,” he said. “Are you going to give me permission?”


“Then, unfortunately, it appears the answer to your question is yes. What are you going to do about it?” he said quite calmly.

Can you believe this guy? Say yes or I will rape you. Screw him. He’d have to rape me. I wasn’t going to just lie down and submit. He had, I had to admit, asked a good question. What was I going to do about it? I didn’t have the faintest idea.

I think one of the things I found infuriating about the whole situation, apart from my idiocy in getting into it, was that I was damn well waiting for him to take me. I was hot and wet and thoroughly aroused. Partly from that damned spanking and partly from the foreplay he was indulging in. Despite myself I could feel myself pushing breasts and pussy towards his touch. It was a wonder that he wasn’t just laughing at my show of reluctance.

I still tried to put it to him plainly.

“There is no way I’m just going to lie back and let you take me,” I told him. He couldn’t have it much plainer than that.

“Not a problem” he assured me. “I’m sure we’ll work something out. If you’ll excuse for a moment?”

The next moment my face almost exploded with embarrassment. Through all this I’d retained my hold on his cock. I couldn’t believe it. He pried my hand loose and unzipped. I could sense him freeing the monster and then he put my hand on his naked cock. What was worse, I promptly closed my hand around it. I know I was feeling aroused, but this was insane. But I still didn’t let go.

Now I have nice long nails. They’re quite strong too. I was going to fight him. Honest I was. I was going to scratch him good and teach him not to take me for granted. But he cheated.

One moment he was holding me across his knee then he was standing up and I’m sliding down onto the floor on all fours. He lifted my hips a bit higher and his cock just pushed past my lips and into me. It was so totally unfair. One moment I’m lying across his knee and the next I’m on all fours and I’ve been royally shafted, doggy fashion.

And I mean shafted royally. All his touching and spanking and teasing and talking had got me horribly aroused. It was a wonder I didn’t come while he was petting me. Now I was all hot and bothered and wet and expectant, and when he took me from behind like that I didn’t have a chance. My pussy just yielded and he came slithering in. And in and in and in. He felt enormous once he was inside me. I couldn’t believe how big he must have been.

So much for my resistance. A bit late when he’s already inside you and your body is cooking. The heat had been set to high even before his cock came charging in like that, and it sure fanned the flames.

He continued to fan them, too, sliding back and forth very industriously while my hips are humping up and down, my bottom bobbing as I moved with him, eager to keep up with him. The whole situation was just impossible.

“Um, you don’t seem to be resisting very hard,” he whispered in my ear, while his hands were doing terrible things to my breasts and nipples and his cock was doing its happy little thing.

“Shut up,” I said. “Just shut up. I don’t want to hear a word.”

I knew he was laughing, even if I couldn’t hear it. I could swear I could feel the vibration of his laughter travelling down his cock and teasing me. All I could do was groan and hump even harder. It was all so unfair.

He just kept on and on, taking his time and enjoying himself. I was expecting to climax almost as soon as he started into me but for some reason I didn’t. Then I was expecting to climax as he pumped into me. I mean, I was hot and ready and his cock was filling me and agitating me almost to death so why wouldn’t I climax?

Because. He. Wouldn’t. Let. Me.

Every time I thought I was about to he seemed to sense it and he’d slow down, bringing me down off the boil that little bit. I was damn near screaming with frustration. Not that he would have noticed. I was already screaming with lust and pleasure. After all, I had to relieve my feelings somehow.

I couldn’t believe a man could last as long as he did. He just seemed to keep going and going, and still stopped me from coming. And then that limb of Satan, that sadist, that miserable excuse for an ape masquerading as a human being, leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“I’m about ready. When I pull out, why don’t you roll over on your back, spread your legs and wait for me to take you?”

What the hell did he think I was? A toy doll that would do anything he asked? A puppet for him to control?

Then he was actually pulling out of me and pushing me gently onto my side. What the fuck could I do? I lay on my back with my legs parted, watching him come down upon me. (And that cock looked just as big as it felt, I noted.)

Then he was driving down into me, hard and fast, and my legs were rising to surround and hold him and my bottom was lifting clear of the floor as I pushed up to meet him. Now he was ready, he had said, and he was banging into me in a great rush. Without him deliberately stopping me I climaxed, bearing him to the punch quite easily. I was shrieking when I felt him stiffen and then I could feel he was coming as well as he just unloaded into me, flushing my system with his seed.

He let me have a shower afterwards. Wasn’t that nice of him? He also asked where I was staying. When I asked why he wanted to know he had the nerve to say that he might want to come past and ravish me again. I can’t believe the arrogance of that man. It would have served him right if I hadn’t given him my address.

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