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Rural Rutting With Red

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Alex was desperate to get off the farm, but it was the only thing he knew, the only trade he had. How he longed to escape to the city, but what would he do there, he wondered.

At twenty three he still looked eighteen with his clear blue eyes and shiny blond hair and freckled nose.

He had a slender twenty eight inch waist but surprisingly broad shoulders, with muscles in all the right places. He had a big, goofy grin that people said was cute; but damn it, never the right kind of people.

After he had graduated high school he had started working on his father’s farm. As time went by all his friends started getting married so Alex got engaged to a girl he had known all his life. But deep down inside he knew he couldn’t go through with it. She wasn’t what he wanted; girls were not what he wanted thought he couldn’t admit it at the time. Eventually she grew bitter with resentment and when some hot shot guy came around she got herself pregnant by him and ended up moving on with him. And Alex was a little jealous, not of the other guy, but of her. He wished it had been him getting speared by that hot, dangerous dude and getting a dose of fresh cream up his insides.

Their farm was really isolated with the nearest neighbour being five miles away. Red, as everyone called Jack, their next door neighbour on account of his strawberry blonde hair was in his mid fifties and a great big ox of a man. Red’s wife had died two years ago and Alex used to have this silly daydream about living with Red, and being his lover and wife and fancy boy all rolled into one. He was the only other male, apart from his father, that Alex saw from one week to the next so it was understandable that he projected his fantasies onto Red. But when he thought about the age difference between them it snapped Alex back into focus and he started thinking up new plans for escaping to the city.

And then one day Alex decided he was just going to take his chances and head off to the city. He told his Mom and Dad and they were none too happy about it but said they understood. That afternoon, by chance, Red came round to their house. He’d just bought a new computer and wanted Alex to help him set it up.

‘Sure, I’ll come over tomorrow.’ Alex told Red.

‘Why don’t you grab your toothbrush and go on over right now.’ Alex’s dad suggested.

Alex though it was a good idea and went to pack his overnight bag. Alex’s dad took Red aside and asked him if he could try and talk Alex into changing his mind. He suggested Red string out the computer thing to keep Alex there a few days. His dad hoped that being in the company of someone other than his parents would get Alex out of the rut he was in and get all this nonsense about the city out of his head.

When they got over to Red’s place he suggested they crack open a couple of beers and forget about the computer until the morning. Being alone with Red brought Alex’s fantasises flooding back to him and he felt strangely elated. He could not remember when last he had been so excited by the prospect of something happening to him, anything to change his boring little life.

The two men sat out on Red’s porch and drank their beer in silence. Alex stole a quick glance at the beefy stud and felt a thrill shoot down his body that caused a warm glow in his crotch. He could see curly brown hair covering the great expanse of Red’s chest, while his tree trunk legs were covered in a reddish brown fuzz. His khaki shorts were snug and framed his ample ass. It was a hot day and there was a dark sweat stain in the crack of Red’s beautiful shapely ass. Alex was soon so lost in the thought of pressing his face into Red’s crack and inhaling his rich, masculine scent that the first he knew he had a hardon was when Red suddenly said,

‘Who is the girl?’

‘Sor…sorry?’ Alex stammered.

‘You’ve got one hell of a hard on there,’ Red said ‘I thought you must be thinking about some special girl.’

Alex blushed and squirmed trying to cover his rod as it tented his loose fitting shorts.

‘No need to be embarrassed.’ Red said. ‘It’s only natural.’

‘You wouldn’t think it were natural if you knew what I was thinking about.’ Alex said, suddenly needing to talk about these strange feeling he had. What did it matter, he would be leaving soon. And if Red was too disgusted, well he could just go back home and pack his things and leave tonight.

‘Sex is sex, no matter where you get it.’ Red said.

‘What if it’s a guy?’ Alex asked.

‘Makes no difference. You’re not the only one in the world.’

‘Feels like that to me sometimes.’ Alex said, somewhat surprised at Red’s laid back attitude.

‘Don’t beat yourself up about it.’ Red told him. ‘Go grab us some more beers.’

Alex felt giddy and light headed as he headed back into the house. Red didn’t cared that he was gay. Wow, what a guy. The world hadn’t caved in on him. Alex went into the bathroom to take a leak. And while he was there he saw Red’s laundry basket. And somehow he just couldn’t help himself. There on the top of the pile of dirty clothes was a pair of Red’s underpants. They were black and when Alex picked them up he noticed a white stain on the inside of the pouch. His heart beat in his throat as he licked the dried precum off the fabric. He was tasting a man at last. He pressed the fabric to his nose and inhaled. The scent of a man’s hairy ass and balls overpowered him and his cock was soon rock hard. Without thinking he whipped out his cock and wrapped Red’s underpants around it and started jacking off.

‘Is that good?’ the voice startled him and he just about jumped out his skin.

‘Red! Red…I’m so, so, so sorry…’please…’ he blubbered.

Red wrapped him up in a bear hug, the intensity of which felt frightening, like he was going to beat him into a pulp. Alex started crying real tears, afraid for his safety.

‘It’s o.k, sssh…it’s o.k.’ Red said soothingly.

Red kept stroking Alex and talking to him in a soothing voice, telling him to calm down, that he didn’t mind.

‘You…you don’t mind?’ Alex was flabbergasted.

‘Mind? I’m flattered.’ Red replied. ‘At my age you don’t think you’re capable of turning anyone on. But seeing the way you sniffed my undies and got so hard was just the most amazing thing in the world.

‘You saw that?’ Alex was mortified.

‘Yeah, sorry about that.’ Red replied. ‘I was peeping through the keyhole.’

‘But, that means…’ Alex was more than a little confused ‘you’re not gay are you.’

‘Put it this way, you’re the sexiest thing for miles around, male or female. A man has to get his kicks somehow. Ever since my wife died I’ve not once made love to anyone.’

‘I’m sorry. ‘Alex said.

‘Well, we can help each other out, what do you say?’ Red asked him.

Alex just grinned that goofy grin and Red got down on his knees and fished Alex’s cock out of his shorts. It was a beautiful, slender cock with a soft, fleshy foreskin that just melted back into the shaft as he peeled it back. He blew gently on the delicately tipped blushing pink head and then took it into his mouth. Alex gasped. This was his first ever sex act with another person and the memory of it would be burned into his brain forever. He looked down at the big, handsome head that was working its magic on his joy stick and then suddenly he erupted. Spurt after endless spurt pulsed out of his overexcited cock and down Red’s throat.

‘I’m sorry.’ Alex said as Red came off him, licking his lips.

‘Don’t be,’ Red replied ‘the night is still young and you’re still a young man. Come, let’s go get those beers.’

Red and Alex went back outside. The sun was beginning to set now and it cast a red glow over the reddish brown hair on Red’s beefy arms. Alex looked over at his hunky stud and smiled. There was still not a trace of grey in his hair, his unlined face looked not a day over forty and he wondered what treasure lay beneath those snug shorts. It gave him a thrill to know that before this night was out he would know the answer.

Red lay down on a sun lounger and told Alex to come and sit between his legs. The moment Alex was in place Red’s arms went around him and he kissed the young stud’s cheek. Red nuzzled Alex’s hair and sighed with happiness. It had been two long years since he had held someone, and here he had this great beauty in his arms.

‘Have you ever had sex with a man before?’ Alex asked.

‘Not since I was about your age.’ Ray replied.

‘Who was he?’ Alex asked.

‘Billy. He was my best friend, and lived on the farm next door to us.’ Ray told him. ‘Back then we didn’t have television or the internet, like you do now. In fact the only reason I’ve bought the computer is someone told me you can get all this hot sex stuff on there.’

‘You dirty devil.’ Alex said with a chuckle.

‘You’re not the only horny one out here in the sticks, you know.’ Ray replied.

‘Tell me more about Billy.’ Alex pleaded.

‘To be honest, Alex, we weren’t gay or anything.’ Red said ‘Sorry if that spoils your fantasy, but as I told you there wasn’t a lot to do back then. And girls just never put out. So were constantly horny, and one day when I was about eighteen or so Billy and I were down at the swimming hole and I popped a boner that just wouldn’t quit.’

‘What happened then?’

‘Well, Billy just grabbed hold of it like it was the most natural thing in the world. I guess it was in a way, we were horny as hell. He was my best buddy, and he was going to help me out.’

‘What did he do to you.’

‘Just wanked me off that first time, but to me it was the best thing in the world. There is something about someone else’s hand that feels so different from your own. I thought I was having a heart attack when I came.’

‘I bet you came loads.’ Alex said.

‘Almost as much as you shot down my throat.’ Red told him as he slipped a hand up underneath Alex’s T shirt.

Alex’s skin was smooth and warm, while the hard muscle danced underneath Red’s probing fingers. His hand brushed against the tiny nubs that were Alex’s nipples and he was pleased to find them already erect. This was one horny little love pup and before the night was out Red was going to going to give him all the loving he needed. After all he had two years worth of loving to catch up on.

‘And did you do Billy?’

‘I had to repay the favour. After that first time we became more and more adventurous. Billy sucked me first and I soon learned to deep throat his schlong. Then after a couple of months we were messing about one day when he suddenly sat down on my pole. I don’t mind telling you that I came within the minute. His ass was just so warm and tight that I gushed before I knew what was happening.’

‘A bit like me then?’

‘Yep. I was that eager. So you see, I fully understand where you’re coming from.

‘And did you ever….?’

‘Oh yes, It hurt like buggery at first but I soon learned to tame Billy’s huge fucker. I really got into for a while there and it freaked me out a bit. I think it freaked him out a bit too and soon after that we both started dating.’

‘So, it came to an end.’

‘Yeah, it just sort of petered out. Billy got married first and I married Sue about three month after that.’

‘So when was your last time.?’

‘The night before my wedding.’


‘Yes. Billy said he wanted to make love for old time’s sake. He was my best man and we snuck away and fucked each other silly. I think he fucked me three times and I did him twice as I was trying to save some juice for the honeymoon. I don’t mind telling you that I could hardly sit down the next day but it was worth it.’

‘And did you never do it again?’

‘Not until today.’

‘I’m flattered.’ Alex told him. ‘If you knew how many nights I’ve fantasized about fucking you. Each time I saw you I would sneak a good look at your beautiful beefy ass and store the memory for wanking over later.’

‘Well, now I’m flattered.’ Red replied. ‘Are you ready to give me a kiss yet?’

Alex’s heart fluttered as he turned around so their lips met. Red’s breath was beer warm and his tongue seemed to be a foot long as it entered Alex’s mouth and duelled with his own tongue. The older man’s big hands stroked up Alex’s slender but muscular back. Alex was so taken with his first man on man kiss that he almost forgot to breathe. He was red faced when he finally tore himself away from the husky, hunky next door neighbour and gulped air into his lungs.

‘I want you.’ Alex growled as he started unbuttoning Red’s shirt.

He clucked approvingly as he caught sight of that furry, big chest with the large red nipples that his mouth instantly fastened itself to. This was a first for Red; in all the sex play he had with Billy somehow they had never gotten around to sucking nipples. He sighed as Alex sucked his very sensitive and very erect nipples all the while running his fingers through Red’s sweaty, hairy chest.

Alex kissed his lips across the scratchy fur, inhaling the magical scent of a bearish man in his prime. He had Red take the shirt off completely and pushed Red’s arms above his head. His pits were fuzzed in long brown sweat sodden hair and Alex lapped greedily at them now while his cock grew harder and harder. It rubbed up against Red’s belly and the older man liked what he felt. His hands closed around Alex’s tight little ass and massaged the cheeks. Then he slipped his hands under the young stud’s shorts and underneath his underpants. His asscheeks were silky smooth.

While Alex was still licking Red’s neck and pits Red fished his massive cock out of his shorts and slipped underneath Alex’s shorts and into the crack of his ass. Alex gasped in surprise as the warm, spongy bulbous cock head made contact with his puckerhole. It was the horniest thing he had ever felt in his life.

‘Are you going to fuck me?’ he asked.

‘I think it might be a little big for you to handle if you’ve never been fucked before.’ Red said. ‘But I’d love for you to fuck me.’

‘Are you serious?’ Alex asked as he got up and shed his clothes. His slim eight incher boner sprang free and pointed up at his navel.

‘Damn, that’s a mighty fine cock you have there.’ Red said as he reached out for it.

He stroked the slender wand, watching the head disappear and reappear with each stroke. It was just the prefect size for hand, mouth and ass. Red pulled the young stallion towards him and once more took that beautiful cock into his mouth. This time there was a delicious tang to Alex’s cock, the tell tale signs of his earlier eruption. As Ray sucked he stroked Alex’s smooth thighs and large, loose hanging reddish brown balls. He could tell that Alex was in a hurry to blow and realized that if he didn’t get nailed now they might run out of ball juice before the night was over.

Red took Alex by the hand and lead him into the bedroom. He stripped off and Alex whistled in delight when he saw his soon to be lover exposed at last. His body was like a work of art: broad shoulders: big beefy, hairy ass: big chest and flat stomach and then hanging below that a massive, thick circumcized cock with its huge flared knob and underneath that a pair of over sized fuzzy brown balls. Alex kneeled and pressed his face into Red’s big thatch of pubes. The smell was utterly intoxicating.

Alex was so turned on he just could not stop, not if you had paid him a million bucks. He licked down the side of Red’s balls, up and down the inner thigh driving the big bear wild. And then that nip, nibbling tongue worked onto his big balls themselves, sending tingles of delight up and down Red’s spine. Alex went down further on his haunches to get up under Red’s balls but found it too difficult so he pushed him down on the bed. Red held his big, furry thighs apart allowing Alex access to his balls and ass.

Red’s asshole was a beautiful crinkled red slit in a jungle of damp brown fur. The sight of this most secret of places had Alex drooling precum in a long unbroken string. He continued his tongue tour of Red’s giant balls before licking ever lower until he was licking around the winking puckered ring. Red yelped in pleasure as Alex’s tongue worked all around his ring before gliding over and then into the depths of his ass. The eager stud munched his ass like he was born to it and Red was soon so turned on that he had to have Alex right away.

He tugged on Alex’s shoulders and the younger man brought his face up to Red’s. Their lips met in a horny kiss and Red went wild as he tasted himself on Alex’s tongue. This was something he hadn’t known for thirty years. As they kissed Alex’s slender cock entered Red’s well lubed ass with out any need for intervention from either of them. Both men were greedy for each other as they kissed and fucked, fucked and kissed. Red’s squeezed Alex’s baby cake ass cheeks and drove him deeper up his chute. The amount of precum that Alex had oozed out made the fuck absolutely perfect. His cock glided up the silken passage of Ray’s ass tripping nerves that hadn’t been used in a very long time.

Ray’s thick cock had inflated again and was at full mast between them. It was like having a limb pressed between their flesh and the feel of it, and the look in Red’s eyes, took Alex too soon to the edge. He fought back his orgasm for as long as he could but too soon his cock jerked and he saw stars as he spunked off another huge load of scalding man jizz. He dropped his sweat soaked body onto Red’s and apologized.

There’s no need to apologize.’ Red said as he hugged Alex close.

To Alex’s great delight he found that his cock stayed hard so he reared up and started gently stroking into Red again.

‘Oooh that’s the way.’ Red moaned as he stroked his impossibly fat cock. A bead of precum appeared in eye of his cock before he smeared the silken fluid into his supersensitive cock head. The soles of his feet burned as pleasure shot through his entire body. Red’s asshole spasmed around Alex’s probing cock and he felt like he wanted to piss real bad. The moment passed and now all he wanted to do was cum. It was the single most important thing in the world. His hand flew over his slippery cock as he worked himself closer and closer.

The knowledge that he was giving this hot man so much pleasure filled Alex with pride. He stroked slowly, concentrating only on pleasing Red. He looked down at the older man now. He had his eyes closed and his brow was all screwed up like he was worried about something. Sweat glistened on his face and he looked unbelievably sexy that way. Alex’s stomach muscles protested but still he supported his weigh on his hands and stroked on.

Red was mumbling now, and his hand flew faster and faster over that thick cock of his. It was almost a maroon colour now and looked like an angry cobra ready to spit. Suddenly he grunted and a very thick and huge rope of cum exploded out of the eye of his cock. He shuddered as two more smaller spurts followed it.

Red sighed and pulled his young friend into his arms for another kiss. His spunk cemented them together as they drifted off to sleep.


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