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Ropes, Passion, Desire & Emotions

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Hello, my name is Linda, I’m 28 years old. I have an online girlfriend, two years younger than me, on the other side of the globe. I wrote this story for her but she allowed me to publish it here. It is a story about how I wish our lives could be… sharing one special night of our lives with you. I hope you enjoy it.

I came home, tense and in a bad mood after a shitty day at work, but the sight that greeted me inside my door instantly improved my day. Sherry, my slave walked towards me. She stopped 3 feet away from me and assumed the “auction” position. This position allowed me to inspect her. She stood with her legs spread shoulder’s width apart, arms out straight at an angle, hands away from her body, palms up. Her eyes were lowered but her chin was up which gave me an unobstructed view of her beautiful, naked body. I smiled approvingly and walked toward her intent on giving her a sensuous kiss.

Oh, how I love this girl. She touches my soul. She takes care of me and I take care of her. We’ve been together for 5 months now and my love for her grows stronger day by day, I thought as I kissed her.

“Run a bath for me baby,” I told her after breaking the kiss and walking past her to pour myself a glass of wine. She scampered upstairs and I followed a few minutes later, carrying my wine glass. When I reached the bathroom I smiled at the sight that greeted me. Sherry was on her knees beside our large tub, checking the water to make sure the temperature was just right for me. I stepped into the room and she walked toward me with a questioning gaze.

“Take the glass and remove my clothes,” I told her.

She put the wine glass down by the tub and started to peel off my clothes. Sherry surreptitiously took every opportunity to caress my skin as she undressed me. Once I was naked I slipped into the hot water and sipped my wine. After soaking a few minutes I ordered her to wash me.

I felt myself relaxing as her skilled hands worked on me and the wine began to hit me. My thoughts drifted to my plans for tonight. I had been planning this night for quite some time now. In spite of the warmth of the water my nipples hardened as I thought of what would happen later this night. Anxious to get the night started I stepped out of the tub and allowed her to towel me dry.

Once I was dry, I grabbed her hand and lead her to our bedroom to get dressed for the evening. I told her to bring me my tight black leather pants and a tight black halterneck top. There had been no need for underwear, it would have only been in the way if things went as planned. She knew which ones I meant and flashed me a sexy smile as she moved to get my clothes. When she returned she dressed me, her fingers taking every chance to caress my skin again. Her actions were bolder than they had been when she undressed me.

I moved over to the vanity table and cupped her cheek in my palm.

“We’re going out tonight, have that in mind as you apply my make-up,” I told her.

Once she finished I ordered her to make herself beautiful and walked to our bedroom to put on my high-heeled boots. I checked my image in the mirror once they were on. What I saw pleased me. Without heels I’m 5’10”, but in these shoes I stood about 6 feet. My red hair cascaded down my shoulders and the black clothes I wore were a lovely contrast to my fair skin.

My top clung to my perky tits, showing them off to best advantage. I really don’t need a bra and I know how much Sherry enjoys the sight of my nipples poking out, lifting the fabric when I get aroused. The leather pants hugged my curvaceous hips and ass, leaving little to the imagination. Yeah, I am ready for a night out on town, I thought to myself with a slight nod to my reflection.

Before I left the bedroom I selected a simple black dress for my slave to wear and laid it on the bed.

I told Sherry to meet me down in the den when she was finished with her make-up. Once I was downstairs I refilled my wine glass and sat down on the couch. I sipped my wine, enjoying the richness of this full-bodied Spanish red. A minute later she came down the stairs and moved to assume the auction position before me. I raised myself from the couch and slowly walked around her, inspecting her beautiful face and still naked body.

I love the power that I have over her. In moments she was blushing and her breathing was heavier from my eyes roaming over her body. The knowledge that I was able to excite her quickly wakened my own arousal.

Seeing her vulnerable naked body in front of me made my knees weak and it took all my strength not to take her there and then. Only my plans for the night restrained me from taking immediate satisfaction. Some things are worth waiting for, I reminded myself.

“Stay put,” I told her, and walked to the closet where I reached for the rope I had purchased earlier in the week. It was a 40 foot length of black 1/4″ braided nylon rope which I had prepared earlier by whipping the ends to prevent it from unraveling. Grabbing it in my right hand I walked back to my obedient slave who stood waiting for me.

When she saw the rope in my hand she I could see the questions in her eyes, but she did not voice them.

“Lift your arms up straight out from your body,” I told her.

I doubled the rope and began to prepare it for the use I had envisioned. I started by tying a knot at the midpoint and leaving a small loop about an inch in diameter. Once done I placed the rope around her neck letting the small loop hang down her back. I tied the ends in front of her body positioning the new knot just above her breasts. I made a second knot just below the breasts and one at the belly button. Moving down I placed one between the belly button and the vagina.

Five inches lower, near mid-thigh, I doubled the rope for the lowermost knot. I wanted it to be larger than the rest. I brought both ends down between her legs, through the crotch and up in back. I threaded both ends through the small loop and pulled them until all the slack was taken out.

I brought the two long ends of rope around her sides to the front, bringing each end through the loop between the upper two knots on her chest and then pulling back to the rear again, tightening the rope. Behind her again I made a knot on the back, next to the spine, thereby splitting the first loop into a diamond. I looped both ends around her body and threaded them through the second loop creating a diamond. I continued by making another knot on the back and then repeating this process. Each diamond shifted the original knots I had tied in front of my slave upwards, tightening the rope in the crotch until finally the large knot I had tied was pulled up tightly to her clit. Finally, almost out of rope, I tied the last knot on her back just at the top of her ass crack to complete the Karada, or Japanese rope harness.

As I took a stepped back I enjoyed she sight of my slave and my work. God she looks good, I thought to myself. She stood 5’7 in her bare feet, showing off her perfect hourglass figure (36c-25-36). Her dark hair flowed down to the middle of her back.

She kept her beautiful, expressive, blue eyes down on the carpet. The black rope was biting into her soft skin. I walked around her, checking that I had tied the harness nice and tight but not too tight. That she could have breathing problems and might faint was not in my plan for tonight.

As I pulled on the ropes around her body I could hear her sighing softly as each tug of the rope stimulated her clit. You should have seen the sight of the rope disappearing into her pussy and the way the large knot at her crotch just barely peeked out between her smooth shaved lips. It was a beautiful sight and it aroused me tremendously.

I told her to go up and get dressed in the clothes I had chosen for her. A short while later she came down the stairs looking truly beautiful in the simple dress. You could not detect that she had a rope harness underneath.

“Kneel in front of me,” I ordered her.

She sat down on her knees, her thighs spread wide, hands resting atop them, palms upward in submission. I finished off her outfit with a leather collar around her neck. It was sign to all others that she belonged to me. I don’t need a leash on her, she is well trained and obeys my every command.

“Heel!” I told her. I knew that she would walk right by my side until I told her otherwise.

As I looked out through the window I could see the taxi stopping right in front of our house. I was impressed, they were on time for once. The weather was warm so there was no need for a coat.

Sitting down in the taxi I gave the driver directions to my favorite club, Club Greyscale. It had a very mixed crowd and played alternative music (gothic, industrial, synth, punk rock and best of all… NOT Britney Spears).

It’s a 20 minute drive to get there and I leaned back against the seat, relaxed and looked deep into my slave’s eyes. I could see the lust burning in her blue eyes and I felt myself getting wet. I reveled in the knowledge that she was wearing the Karada underneath her dress, with the rope slightly restricting her breathing and each inhalation increased the pressure on the larger knot, which forced it against her clit. It was a real turn on for me.

I grabbed the iron ring in her collar, pulled her toward me and kissed her passionately on her lips. Our tongues twirled as I pulled her body over mine and caressed her upper body with my hands. I felt the rope through the fabric as I cupped her breasts. It squeezed her full breasts together. She moaned into my mouth as I pinched her nipples through the dress.

I snuck a peak toward the driver and caught him watching us in the mirror. I didn’t mind showing our love or our lust for each other, but I reminded him to take a glance at the traffic at least once in a while since an accident was not in my plans. I ran my hands down her back and grabbed her nice round ass. As I slid her dress up around her waist, parting her ass cheeks with my hands, my fingernails dug into her flesh. I lifted her up so she straddled my hips. My caresses exposed the black rope passing between her cheeks to the driver. She was wet, very wet, and the rope was soaked in her juices as well as her thighs. I bit down on her hard nipple through the dress and she moaned again.

“Oh yes Goddess!”

Did I tell you that she calls me that, oh I love to hear her scream for her Goddess.

All to quickly the ride was over. The old saying is so true; time flies when you’re having fun. I left the cab and lead her toward the club. As we walked inside I spotted an empty table and told her to sit down while I walked over to the bar and bought her a drink and myself a beer. I sat down at the table, looking at the faces in the crowd. I realized that I recognized quite a few of them. Friends were soon joining us at the table for a chat. The atmosphere was good that night and we were laughing and having a good time, enjoying the music, our drinks and the company.

Only I could see that my little slave was more flushed than usual and trying not to laugh as hard as she usually does. I love to hear her laugh, but tonight the sound brought me even more pleasure, because I knew how every breath and upper body movement stimulated her. I flashed her a knowing smirk and she blushed an even darker shade of red.

The beer and the drinks were flowing and soon I had a good buzz. The music changed and they started to play some slow songs. I took Sherry by the hand and lead her to the dance floor. We embraced and I held her tightly against me, she felt so good in my arms. We swayed our bodies to the music and I pressed my breasts against hers letting my hands roam freely over her back. The texture of the ropes through her dress was delicious. I deliberately swayed our upper bodies more than I usually do when we dance and she whimpered softly.

This was driving me crazy too and I grabbed her wrist and dragged her toward the toilets. Luckily there was one vacant and I hurriedly pulled her through the door, locked it and pressed her up against the door. I caught her other wrist in my right hand too, and raised them together above her head. I kissed her soft lips fiercely, using my free hand to force her dress up around her waist. As I pressed my thigh between her legs, it was instantly soaked with her juices. I was stunned to see that they were literately flowing from her pussy and down her thighs. She started riding my leather clad thigh. The smell was intoxicating as the odor of the public toilet gave way to the mixed fragrances of her perfume, her skin, the musky scent of her juices running down our thighs and the strong smell of warm leather. I looked deep into her pleading eyes.

“Please Goddess,” she whispered hoarsely to me.

“What?” I asked in a husky voice as I started pulling at the rope in her crotch.

“Please Goddess, let me cum.”

“Yes!” I told her, “Yes, cum for your Goddess, you slut!”

She had been trying so hard for the past hours not to cum until I said that she could. She didn’t need any more stimulation and as soon as I started pulling at the rope and told her she could, she started quivering as she let go. She screamed out loud and shook violently and finally went limp as her orgasm rocked her. I kept pressing her against the door to keep her from falling. Finally the strength returned to her legs and I released her.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

“Oh yes,” she panted with a smile that melted my heart.

We heard a knock on the door and realized that we had occupied the stall for quite some time. I thought that there was probably an angry crowd outside. Before we stepped outside I just had to use the toilet. I really needed to pee, it must have been all the beers I had earlier. I slid my pants down, sat and let it flow. When I was done I realized that there was no paper left in the stall. I looked over at Sherry who was trying to make herself presentable again.

“Kneel in front of me,” I told her, as I stood up.

“Lick me clean,” I ordered after placing my pussy right in front of her face.

She started eating me out like there was no tomorrow, lapping up the mixture of my pee and my juices, which were now flowing freely. She licked from my ass, through my wet folds to the front and then back, each time avoiding my clit but probing my cunt and ass. Soon I had to sit down and spread my legs wider. People were yelling outside the door now… but who cared… we didn’t!

“Yes Slave,” I moaned. “Oh yes, that feels so good, fuck me with your hand.”

She inserted two fingers into my pussy, then three and then four, knowing how much I love to be stretched wide. Her tongue flicked at the hood of my clit, pushing it up and exposing my hard button. Her lips closed around my clit as she hummed on it to cause a vibrating sensation. She suck hard on it, and then flicked her tongue over it while fucking me with her fingers.

“Oh yeah baby, fuck me!” I gasped.

She slid one finger down to my ass and pushed it inside. Her finger was coated in my slick juices and slid in easily. My breathing had become ragged and I could barely stay on top of the toilet as I bucked my hips and started to jerk violently. She kept fucking me with her hand, harder and harder, faster and faster and I could feel the tension build in me until it was unbearable. I felt as if I were about to explode. When she bit down on my clit a huge orgasm washed over me, wave after wave, my whole body spasmed. I grabbed her hair and held on to her, forcing her head against my pussy.

When I finally started to get my bearings again I realized that we’d better get out of there fast or we would get lynched. It was time for us to leave, I wanted to get her home so I could remove her harness and get free access to her pussy.

Back home I lead her upstairs to the bedroom and sat down on a chair.

“Remove your dress and bring me your cuffs and a blindfold,” I demanded.

She undressed in front of me, dancing and teasing me with her moves. I sat still on the chair, trying to keep my cool, until she finally exposed the ropes on her torso.

She left for a short while then brought me the black leather cuffs and a soft blindfold. She knelt in front of me presenting them to me. She held them out in front of her, presenting the objects resting in her open palms. I took them and cuffed her wrists behind her back and then cuffed her ankles together.

I left her there to wonder what I would do to her as I walked down the stairs to the basement and fetched my large sharp hunting knife. I could see her eyes widen as I walked back into the bedroom with the knife in my hand. I grabbed her collar and jerked her to her feet. I then blindfolded her and slowly walked around her, admiring her body. She was shaking and as I laid the cold steel against her stomach she jumped.

“Please don’t hurt me.” she whispered.

“WHAT?! So when you told me that you were mine and that I could do every thing I wanted to you, you lied to me?” I exclaimed loudly. I could see her lower lip start to tremble.

“Nnnnno… no… it’s true. I’m yours my Goddess. I’m your slave and will do anything you say or wish, I will go anywhere you want me to. Use your slave and slut for your pleasure,” she stammered with tears in her eyes.

“Then trust me?” I said more gently.

I put the knife between my teeth, lifted her up in my arms and carried her to the bed. I laid her down, unfastening her cuffs and refastening them to the corners of the bed, leaving her spread on her back, totally helpless.

I took the knife and once more lay the blade flat against her stomach. She stopped breathing and didn’t dare to move one inch. I lifted the blade to her breasts, letting the tip caress her left breasts and then the right.

I dragged the blade round and round, careful not to draw any blood. Her nipples were hard and erect. I sucked her right nipple into my mouth and at the same time laid the flat side of the knife against her left nipple. The mix of the different temperatures and textures between my warm soft lips and the cold hard blade caused her nipples to stiffen even more. I knew how sensitive her nipples usually were and with her senses heightened because of the vulnerability she was feeling, her nipples were rock hard and pointy. I sucked harder on her nipple. Oh how I love to suck her breasts!

I had to have her right then. I wanted to drink her essence, but the ropes were in the way. I used my knife to cut them away. I lifted the rope so I could put the knife between it and her soft skin. I cut next to her neck first, then her stomach and lastly at the top of her mound. She twitched but didn’t make a sound.

I knew that I should have just tied the harness open. I had used knots so I would be able to untie her later, but I couldn’t take the time for that now. I knew would have to buy more rope, but it was well worth it. I peeled the ropes off her body and sat back a little to admire the red marks on her skin where the ropes had bitten. God, did it look sexy to me. I let my fingers trace the marks on her torso, following them down between her wet pussy lips. I moved my head down between her legs and smelled her hot pussy. I wanted, no needed, to taste it.

I noticed I’d accidentally cut her when cutting off the final strands of the rope near her pussy. I moved my lips to the small cut and gently licked away the few drops of blood that had gathered there.

I used my fingers to spread her lips wide. I could see the marks of the rope between her lips and thrilled at the sight. The flesh was a red instead of the usual pink. I felt a burning sensation in my belly that spread like a blazing fire through my veins. I traced the rope marks with my tongue and it was obvious that she was so sensitive where the rope had teased her for hours. Back and forth, back and fourth… She was moaning as I tasted her sweet juices. I began running my tongue along her wet folds avoiding direct contact to her clit. I exposed it and blew hot air on it and couldn’t believe the reaction I got from her when I did. Her clit was red and extremely sensitive. She moaned and thrust her hips forward toward my mouth, silently begging me to touch it.

I placed my right hand at her back entrance, teasing the hole with one finger. I could feel the muscle around it tense but I kept massaging and finally felt it relax and allow my finger inside. I heard her catch her breath as I slowly pushed my finger inside her. Soon I could feel her muscles squeeze my finger and I knew that she was close to cumming. I bit down on her clit, flicking my tongue against it between my teeth. She went totally crazy, screaming at the top of her lungs,

“Yes Goddess! Yessssss, fuck me! Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

I stayed with her during her orgasm, grabbing her hips with one hand to hang on. I was glad that she was restrained or I would never have managed it. I could feel her ass clenching and unclenching around my finger.

After the spasms had subsided I raised myself from the bed and went to the cupboard where I fetched my strap-on. I stepped into the harness and buckled it around my waist. I enjoyed the feeling as the large vibe attached to the inner side of the harness as it came into contact with my clit. This reminded me of the knot that my little slut had pressed against her clit all night and made me even more aware of the vibe than I usually am.

I positioned myself between her legs, sliding the dong up and down between her wet lips, wetting the tip. In a single motion I thrust the whole dong deep inside her and started pounding into her, mad with desire. I pressed my breasts against hers and kissed her deeply. Our tongues swirled around each other and our breaths mixed as we panted into each other’s mouths. I knew the signs and she was as close to cumming as I was. Her moans were driving me mad. I pounded deep and fast into her, brutally taking her, each thrust sending sparks through my clit. The world closed in around us until it was only the two of us. Our pussies became the center of the world.

Thrusting and thrusting, the sweat coating our stomachs and breasts, the sensations flowed. I slid my body up and down, my muscles tensing, more and more until finally I exploded. In the heat of passion I bit down on her neck causing her to scream as the mixture of pain and pleasure sent her over the edge too.

As we slowly returned to the land of living I reached for her restraints and undid them. She curled up into fetal position and I held her from behind, wrapping myself around her. I gently kissed the bite mark on her neck and asked, “Are you OK love?”

She nodded and I kissed her on top of her head, whispering ” I love you.”

She turned around and looked into my eyes as she told me “I love you too, my Goddess, my Linda, my everything. You’re the best thing that ever happened in my life. I’m so glad we’ve found each other.” We kissed again, letting all of our emotions show in that kiss. We fell asleep holding each other, exhausted from a night full of ropes, passion, desire and deep emotion.

Author’s Note —

Hi! This is my first story. Let me know what you think about it. And, of course, don’t forget to VOTE! 😉

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