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Running With Kings Ch. 01

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Scott Griffin pulled his blue Ford Mustang into a parking space just to the left of the loading dock of Stonewall Hall. At least six cars were battling for spaces closer than his to the door in the loading area, but he didn’t care. He was only a little farther away but he could walk his bags in the little extra distance. He wouldn’t have to deal with the pushy parents and students in the area as well. College was something he looked forward to, but people in crowds drove him crazy.

Scott had driven himself to move in day for three very simple reasons. First, the college was only a half hour drive from his small suburban home. Second, his parents were away in Oahu. Third, he didn’t have much stuff. He didn’t need half his friends and family helping him to move into his half of his dorm room. He was already ten times closer to being done than the kids who brought vans and truckloads of crap they wouldn’t use anyway. Everyone got so worked up about this college thing. The way Scott looked at it was college was high school away from home and most importantly he was away from the rules of home.

There was a gentle mist in the air as he walked across the soft green lawn in front of his hall. He walked into the main entrance and followed the signs to the main lounge where he was supposed to check in. Some overly happy person wearing a tee-shirt advertising their affiliation with the campus life office was beaming at him and, of course, was very happy to meet him. After suffering through the obnoxious check in process he walked down to his room, Stonewall Hall, Room 203. He inserted his key card into the slot, heard some shuffling inside the room, the lock clicked, and he opened the door.

The first thing Scott noticed about the room was his roommate who was walking toward him with an extended hand and a smile. He was sick of smiles already. He too flashed a smile when he realized he wasn’t some sort of drugged up freak. Jeff was about six feet tall. He was wearing stonewashed jeans that he wore lower than the Calvin Kleins beneath. The Abercrombie shirt he was wearing was form fitting showing off his excellent physique. Scott was relieved that he was living with someone who took care of themselves, not some slob who only ate and played on the computer.

“Hey! I’m Jeff, you must be Scott, nice to meet ya!”

“Nice to meet you, too.” Scott managed a happy tone. He was pleased about his roommate but the whole idea of sharing a room for a year was slightly annoying. “I’m Scott, well I guess you already knew that.” He looked around the room again, “So, you didn’t bring too much stuff either?”

“Nah, who needs all that crap, all ya need is your clothes, your books, your TV, and your computer.” Jeff paused in the situation, feeling awkward and then continued. “Do you need a hand bringing in all of your stuff?”

“Sure, especially since its raining harder now, I really appreciate it.”

“Let’s do it.” Jeff beat Scott out the door.

The two roommates spent about ten minutes of walking back and forth to the car until they had successfully brought in all of his belongings. They weren’t even that wet. Scott joked with Jeff about the morons who had got the close parking space and were now mad because they were parked it. They laughed together as they dropped the last box to the floor.

The room was good sized for a freshman dorm. The two beds, dressers, desks, and chairs were each separated onto the appropriate side of the room. At the front of the room were two recessed closets forming a hallway-like entry. The room had one window in the center, it was tall and wide. The window let in a great deal of natural light. They had a wonderful view of the loading dock, the only detractor. All in all it wasn’t so bad.

There was one bad thing about the room though. It was hot. The window was wide open but the slight breeze could in no way compete with the sweltering heat that was so common in August in central Texas. Scott’s wet tee-shirt was clinging to him amplifying the heat, so he reached behind his head and pulled the shirt off. That was a little better. He sighed as he felt the almost non-existent breeze cool his damp skin. He turned to Jeff.

“I should have asked, Jeff, are you okay with me going around with my shirt off, it’s kind of how I relax.”

“Hell no, It’s hot in here. I don’t mind if you don’t mind me doing the same thing; it may be the only way we survive. Just warn me when you’re changing. We’re gonna be good friends, but I don’t want to see your junk!” Jeff laughed as he pulled his shirt off over his head. He took in the slight breeze and sighed.

“Yeah, we are gonna be good friends, and believe me I don’t want to see your bat and balls either. So we’ve made our first roommate decision. Our dress code is anything but nude.” Scott thought to himself that this roommate thing might not be so bad.

“Excellent, well, in that case I’m gonna take off these wet jeans too.” As Scott striped out of his jeans, Jeff did too.

“Thank God! I’m glad you are as overheated in this room as I am.” Jeff had a lean swimmer’s build. He was thin, but had very well-defined muscles. His skin was milky white and seemed smoother than pearl. There was not an ounce of body fat on him. He didn’t have much body hair naturally; just a shock of dirty blonde hair in his pits two tones darker than the short, spiked hair on the top of his head. Small beads of sweat ran down his neck, they slowed as the moved down over his smooth pecs, would continue down his abs or drip off onto the floor. His legs were hairless and his thighs powerful and defined. Jeff wore briefs that clung tightly around his waist and hugged his proud bulge. His ass was round and firm and just as smooth as everything else on his body.

“Well, I better get unpacking; I’ve got to get to the first cross country practice at the track in an hour.” Scott’s boxers clung to his tight eighteen year old ass. They pulled slightly as he bent over, exposing the top of his crack to his new roommate. As he picked up a box, the power of his arms rippled through biceps. His tan back undulated with his tight teen muscles. As he turned in Jeff’s direction to put the box on his bed, Jeff got his first look at Scott’s built upper body. His chest was firm his perfect nipples were always hard, always aching to be free of his tight knit tee-shirts. His boxers were could barely restrain his manhood. Once he had hit puberty he was forced to switch to boxers, only they could contain his eleven inch penis. Fortunately, he wasn’t aroused or his boxers would have tented too far to hide. He knew it would happen eventually, living in close quarters, those awkward moments would happen.

As Scott unpacked his box of books, Jeff jumped in to help him out. “Here, let me help you out, since you have got to be ready for practice.”

Jeff quickly moved a box labeled “computer stuff” onto Scott’s bed. Scott’s heart stopped, Jeff moved too fast to keep this from happening.

“Holy shit!” Jeff stepped back, “I am so sorry, I should have asked.” The box tipped over and Scott’s extra-large Fleshjack, lube, and a hard drive labeled “porn” tumbled onto the bed.

Scott flushed, first in his face then spreading out onto his chest. There was nothing to do but own up to it, now that his masturbatory collection was there in the open. “Yup, I jerk off a lot. What can I say, I have a big dick and I love to cum.”

Jeff started laughing. “That’s awesome dude, so fucking brutally honest.” He pulled open the top drawer in his night stand. “Yup, all us boys, we fucking love to cum!”

A pile of DVDs filled one side of the drawer, “gang bang” was in every title. Next to the DVDs was a bottle of lube, a slender dildo, and a white vibrator molded to look like a cock. “I know what you’re thinking, I’m not gay, but I had a girlfriend who was into some kinky shit. She used to fuck me with a strap-on, I kind of got used to it. But I only do it with girls. The whole cock thing, well they didn’t have any that weren’t shaped like a cock.” He pulled out a DVD with a bunch of blonde coeds with big tits sucking dicks.

Scott laughed too, picked up his hard drive and proudly declared. “Nothing but college sluts getting fucked bareback.” He slapped Jeff on the shoulder laughing uncontrollably.

Jeff slapped him on the ass in return. “That’s what I’m talking about stud!” He fell to his knees laughing.

After about thirty seconds, both of the young studs regained their composure. When he stood, Jeff draped his arm around Scott’s muscular shoulders. They stood close to each other along Scott’s bed. With his free hand Jeff picked up Scott’s Fleshjack.

“I’ve always wondered if these things were all they are hyped to be.” He held the fuck toy in his hand examining it carefully.

“Dude, this thing makes me cum two or three times a day.” Scott replied emphatically and watched Jeff inspect his toy. Jeff took his other arm from Scott’s shoulder and slipped his fingers into the toy, curiosity getting the better of him. Scott quickly continued: “But you, should know, I came in it about an hour ago and didn’t get a chance to clean it before I packed it.”

Jeff’s fingers quickly withdrew and he dropped the toy to the bed. “Okay then. Well, maybe once you clean it up, I can borrow it someday and see what all the hype is about? I’ll gladly share my toys with you!” He kicked his open drawer.

“You can borrow mine anytime.” Scott smiled. It was a little weird to share his toy, but what the hell as long as it was clean when it came back to him. The thought of another guy’s dick in his toy was a little weird, but he could handle it. “I don’t know if I’m ever going to want to use your toys though…no offense.”

Jeff smiled in return. “None taken, but trust me you haven’t had a great orgasm until you’ve cum with this monster up your ass.” He pointed to the vibrator and laughed.

He closed the drawer and the two kept on joking while they unpacked the rest of Scott’s belongings.

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