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Rubbing Robbie

Category: Incest
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My 18 year old brother, Robbie, swam every day in our backyard pool during the summer of his graduation. He wore short, tight “Speedos” for a bathing suit, and watching him walk around in them was a real turn-on to me. He was staying out in the sun too much, I could tell and that wasn’t good for his skin. I kept telling him that he needed to get some lotion on his skin, but he just ignored me.

One Saturday morning, Mom and Dad left for a two-day trip to a Family wedding, leaving the two of us alone. The first thing Robbie did was go upstairs and put on his swim trunks. He wore his usual bright light blue ‘suit’. I wore my string bikini, and we met, back out to the pool.

“You need some lotion,” I said.

He shook his head; “Naaa! – Stuffs for wimps!”

“You’re going to burn, Robbie. You need something on you,” I insisted and I caughgt him, stareing at my boobs under the tiny top.

“Ok,” he suddenly said.

I went into the house and came back with some really strong sunscreen. I squirted a big gob of it into my hand as Robbie laid down on a towel on the concrete deck.

Robbie was a year younger than I was, and he was well-developed in the chest, stomach, and leg muscles. He went out for track and swimming, and was pretty good at most of the other sports at school too, even lined himself a “sports scholarship” for the fall of the year! – ME, on the other hand, elected to “fuck-off” for a year and have some FUN, then, returning to a “Community College” in winter for my B.A. degree.

I ran my hands across his shoulders as he lay there, thinking of what a strong, muscular back my brother had. Moving further down, I spread the sunscreen on his arms and the small of his back, rubbing it into the skin thoroughly.

Then, I came to his thighs. I moved down quickly to his feet, ignoring his thighs for the moment. I felt a slight tinge of excitement looking at his thighs, and at the outline of his balls nestled between his slightly parted thighs. I moved my hands up to his calves, massaging the ointment into the skin.

Then I moved up to his thighs, and looked inadvertently between his legs. The tight fit of the bikini bottom left very little to my imagination. I could clearly see the outline of his muscular buttocks, and between his legs, I could see the sac of his balls hanging there. His legs were spread just enough to make me want to see more, to spread them apart further.

The sight of the outline of my brother’s balls was turning me on, I thought. I looked down at him. Such a sweet guy, so innocent, so muscular. My brother was a good guy, and a handsome guy, too. I loved my brother.

I worked my hands to his inner thighs, moving up slowly, all the way to his buttocks. Once, my finger came in contact with the bulge of his balls in that light blue bikini. He didn’t flinch, didn’t move.

“Turn over,” I said, my voice not sounding like my own.

He turned over quickly, lying flat on his back. The first thing that I noticed was the enormous bulge of his cock in his bikinis. I rubbed his chest, moving down to his belly, glancing at the throbbing cock all the while. Then I moved down to his feet and up his thighs. I really wanted to just grab the damn thing and stroke it.

I was turned on. My pussy was wet and tingling, just from looking at that hard, throbbing bulge in his bikini bottoms. I glanced up and down the beach, then looked back toward the beach house. Mom and Dad wouldn’t be back for hours, I knew.

I saw his cock jerk. Excited, I moved my other hand upwards and brushed against the fabric where it pressed the bulge of his balls. His breathing quickened. How he could simply lay there, I had no idea.

I felt him take a deep breath. With one swift movement, after all the arguments against the idea left me, I reached down and tugged at the elastic to his trunks. His cock flopped up and slapped him in the stomach.

He suddenly tilted his head, looking at me, and then rested again. “Ah,” was all he said.

I gasped. I didn’t expect the head of his prick to be so huge. It was shaped like a mushroom, and it had a tiny smear of sticky fluid right on the tip of it, where there was an elongated hole.

The entire head free and throbbing, I could see the edge of the head flutter with his heartbeat, and I could see where the skin of the shaft began. It was a different color than the head, a light brown color — darker than the rest of his body.

I continued to rub his belly, and I brushed my finger against the head of his prick. He took a deep breath, and their was a slight moan as he exhaled.

I rubbed it more forcefully, smearing the fluid across the head of it. I moved my hand further down and the other hand further up. I pressed against his balls as I moved my fingers under the elastic. I pulled the band away from his body, freeing another inch of his stiff prick. He lifted his buttocks away from the blanket, and I simply pulled the briefs down to his ankles. He kicked them off.

I looked at his big fleshy orbs that had turned me on so much. Nearly hairless, his ball-sac was heated by the sun and the closeness of the fabric. Each testicle hung low, showing its nearly perfect egg shape through the skin. The skin of his scrotum was nearly brown, flecked with just a few short hairs.

There was a small patch of hair in his pubic area. Short and thick, the hairs were the color of the hair on his head — very dark brown, nearly black.

I put one hand on his thigh again, and then put my other hand back on his belly. I moved one hand up to his balls and rubbed gently at the base of them. They were hot, pliant, and I could feel the egg-shaped orbs beneath the skin.

With the other hand, I touched the tip of his prick. I pushed it one way, and released it. It sprang back where it was, leaving a trail of sticky, clear fluid across his belly and in his navel. I moved my fingers to the tip of his hard cock and simply ran my fingers down one side of it.

He moaned, “Oh, God, Sis, I love that.”

At long last, he had said something. I needed no further urging. I gripped the hard cock at its base and ran my ointment-covered hand up the fleshy, hard shaft, all the way to the head. With the other hand, I cupped his balls and felt of the two eggs inside. I squeezed his prick and moved my hand back down to the base again, watching the head fill with more blood and turn bright purple. His cock seemed to grow even larger then, filling with blood. The head looked like a balloon, like it was ready to pop.

I worked my hand up and down the shaft, working the ointment into the skin. His belly began to move in and out and his legs jerked involuntarily. I wanted to put the thing in my mouth. I had no idea what the residue of the ointment would taste like. I knew it was coconut based, or some other type of fruit. I figured it wouldn’t taste bad.

I bent and put my lips against the head of it. I ran my lips around the head, smearing them with the sticky fluid easing out of the slit. I stuck out my tongue and moved it around the head and then down the shaft. I picked up his heavy balls in my hand and guided them toward my mouth. I licked for only a few seconds, feeling the wrinkled skin beneath my tongue. I let go of him and reached behind me, removing my top. Then, I stood briefly, and I pulled my bottom off.

“Let’s fuck, Robbie,” I said. He opened his eyes and looked at my breasts, at my cunt. He nodded.

Straddling him, I rubbed the tip of his cock against my cunt. His hands were on my ass, spreading my cheeks as I faced away from him. He lay flat on his back, his sunshades reflecting the glare of the overhead sun. I eased myself down on his hard cock, and I could feel it swell as it filled my pussy. I was turned on to a point I had never felt before. His cock was big and fat, and filled me completely.

I could feel the cock throb inside me as I slowly lowered myself onto it. It slid easily all the way into my cunt. I rested, my ass on his pubic hair, his cock buried in me all the way to his balls.

I raised myself slowly, almost pulling his dick out of me, then lowered myself back down again. I could feel his shaking hands kneading my ass cheeks, rubbing my back. He moved one hand around to feel of my tits, tweaking first one nipple, then the other. He began to get the rhythm that I was using, and he started to raise his ass and meet each of my movements with a thrust of his own. I raised myself up and stayed there, letting him thrust in and out of me from below.

He moved slowly at first, then picked up speed, bouncing his balls off my cunt on the upstroke.

He was grunting, and his grinding motion speeded up. I could feel myself getting ready to come, and I did, shouting “Fuck!” I came again and again, feeling my brother’s hot, hard cock moving deep inside me.

I could feel my own slipperiness now, and I knew that I had just flooded his hot, hard cock with juices. He sped up, and grabbed both of my hips, one hand on each side of my body. Then, he really slammed me down hard on his cock, and I heard him shout. He came inside, filling me with load after load of his hot juice. I could feel his cock jerk and throb with each load of the manstuff.

I sat atop him for a short time, and then I pulled off.

“Well,” he said after a while, “I don’t think my dick is going to get burned, being buried in your cunt like that.”

I rubbed his cock with the ointment, just in case!

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