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It was a Friday evening. I was a writer, coming home after a meeting with my publisher, and I was looking forward to slumping in front of the TV with a whiskey and putting something in the microwave before getting an early night. The train drew into the station and I got out and headed for the exit. As I left the station, I vaguely noticed a woman standing against the wall, and as I approached she turned towards me.

‘Can you spare some change, mister?’

She wore a loose off-the shoulder peasant blouse that displayed more than a hint of cleavage, and a short flowery skirt, and as she moved I noticed her breasts moving unhindered – she obviously hadn’t got a bra on under her blouse, and when I glanced down I saw that her legs were bare, and that she was wearing scruffy sandals on her dirty feet. She seemed to be about fifty, and looked as though she needed a good wash, and her hair was lank and greasy. She’d obviously noticed me looking at her breasts, because she grinned and wiggled provocatively.

‘Or we can go somewhere and I’ll give you a good time, darlin’ – any way you want it!’

She wasn’t exactly my type, but I suddenly felt a spurt of desire, and reached out and gripped her breast through her blouse, and she giggled.

‘A feel will cost you a quid, darlin’ – but you get your money’s worth!’

She slipped the blouse further off her shoulder and offered me her naked breast, and I cupped it and fondled her nipple, feeling it stiffen, and I knew I wanted her badly.

‘I live about ten minutes away – come home with me and I’ll make it worth your while,’ I said hoarsely, still fondling her bare breast, and she nodded.

‘But you’ll ‘ave to wear somethin’ when we do it – I don’t want to catch nothin’, nor get pregnant!’

Privately, I thought it would be a very good idea, because I didn’t want to chance ‘catchin’ nothin’ from her, either, and I nodded. ‘Come on then.’

She slipped her breast back into her blouse, and set off. We were given several curious glances as we walked together with the woman letting her breasts swing freely – my cock was already semi-erect, and I wondered what I found so attractive, if that’s the word, about her, but I just knew I wanted to fuck her.

We arrived at my flat and I opened the door and ushered her in. As I closed the door she turned and pressed herself against me, and I ran my hands over her body as I felt her squeeze my cock. I lowered my head and kissed her bare shoulder, and then her neck, and she lifted her face to let me kiss her. I forced her against the wall, twisting her arm up behind her back and savouring the feel of her soft, yielding body against me, tugging her blouse down to bare her breasts, and then I released her, panting slightly.

She giggled again. ‘D’you want to fuck me ‘ere, or give me a beatin’ – I don’t mind, or shall we go in proper, darlin’?’

I led the way into the kitchen, and decided I need a drink. ‘I’m going to have a scotch – would you like a drink too?’

‘Yeah, gin if you’ve got it,’ she said, looking around and pulling her blouse up a little, so that it only just covered her nipples, and for the first time I got a good look at her. She was about five feet seven or eight, not plump but certainly full-bodied. I already knew – and could see – that she had ripe, heavy breasts, and I saw that she had good legs. Her dark hair was streaked with grey, and her eyes were startlingly blue as she looked at me over the rim of her glass. Her face, hands, arms and legs were grimy, and her clothes were dirty too – they looked as though they’d been slept in, which they probably had, and I felt my cock getting even harder.

‘Wait here – I won’t be a moment,’ I said, and put my drink down and headed for the bedroom. I certainly didn’t want her in my bed, and I got a condom from the bedside table and went back to the kitchen. My idea was to fuck her quickly, then give her some money and send her on her way.

I found her sitting on a chair with one foot up on the edge of it, her knee beside her face as she felt her foot with her hand. Her skirt was up round her waist, baring her legs completely, and she’d taken her sandal off.

‘I got a stone or somethin’ in me sandal, and cut me foot,’ she said, wincing as she gingerly squeezed the fleshy part of her foot.

‘I’ll give you a plaster,’ I said. ‘Let me look.’

I knelt in front of her, and she put her grimy foot on my thigh. I turned it slightly, to see a small cut on the sole. Almost without thinking, I lifted her foot and kissed the cut, tasting her saltiness, and ran my hand up her bare leg and thigh, feeling her soft skin.

‘It’s not bad,’ I said, seeing her looking at me strangely, and I got to my feet.

‘That was nice,’ she whispered, and took a long sip of her drink.

Her skirt was still up around her waist, and I looked at it and her blouse again. To my surprise, I heard myself saying:

‘Those clothes look as though they could do with a wash. I’ve got some stuff to put in the machine, and you can chuck them in, too, if you like.’

She looked at me gratefully. ‘That’d be nice! They ‘aven’t ‘ad a wash in days – me neither!’

‘I like you dirty,’ I said, and I saw her run the tip of her tongue over her lips. She quickly peeled off her blouse and unfastened her skirt, letting it drop to the floor, and then eased her grubby white panties down over her thighs and stepped out of them.

‘Here I am!’ she said, ‘nice and dirty!’ and I studied her naked body. Her breasts were capped with dark brown aureoles the size of my wrist watch, with equally large nipples that stiffened as I stared at her, and the base of her slightly-curved belly was adorned with a thick triangle of hair, and I thought she looked wonderful.

I produced the condom and fumbled with the zipper of my trousers, but she brushed my hand away.

‘Let me do it, darlin’!’ she murmured, and sank to her knees in front of me. She reached into my trousers and dragged out my stiff cock and kissed and licked it, then opened the packet and got the condom out. She kissed my cock again, and then expertly slipped the condom on before getting to her feet.

I took her in my arms and kissed her hungrily, slipping my hand between her legs and discovering that she was already dripping wet. I pushed her back against the kitchen table and she spread her legs invitingly. I stared into her eyes as she guided me into her, and then I started to fuck her. At first I fucked her slowly as we continued to stare at each other – my left arm was around her naked body, supporting her, while I kneaded her heavy breasts with my right hand. She arched her back, thrusting her breasts towards me, and then she slid her arms round my neck as I began to quicken. She started to writhe against me, and then her mouth found mine.

We kissed with increasing passion – I ran my hand over her smooth bare back, and released her breast to stroke her thigh as she hooked her leg around me, and she began bucking against me. She was making little noises in her throat, muffled by our mouths as they worked on each other, and suddenly I could hold back no longer and erupted violently, my legs trembling as I spurted uncontrollably.

She gave a little scream, and fell back on the table, her breasts heaving and her head thrashing from side to side as I continued to ram my cock into her. Finally she gripped my arms and hauled herself up to kiss me wildly, clinging to me and grinding her breasts against my chest. At last we broke apart, and as she smiled at me I was alarmed to see tears in her eyes.

‘Are you all right?’ I asked. ‘Did I hurt you?’ and she shook her head.

‘No – I’m ‘appy, that’s all. I get fucked all the time, but some’ow that was special – I can’t explain it, it was just – I don’t know!’ She kissed me again, and then grinned. ‘There’ll be no charge – just a quid for that feel you had earlier!’

Suddenly she was all business, sorting through the laundry basket and loading the washing machine while I watched her, and then she kissed me.

‘I know you like me dirty, darlin’, but do you think you’d like me clean, too? I’d love to ‘ave a bath, and wash me ‘air!’ she said.

I poured us both another drink as she ran herself a bath. I carried them into the bathroom and sat on the edge of the bath and watched her as she proceeded to wash herself. I realized I couldn’t take my eyes off her, and wondered why. She wasn’t particularly beautiful, although her body was magnificent, and there was something very attractive, and almost familiar about her that I couldn’t explain.

She saw me staring at her, and she grinned. ‘If you’re goin’ to look at me like that, take your clothes off too and let me ‘ave a look at you as well, darlin’!’

I quickly undressed, and when I sat on the side of the bath again she leaned over and took my soft cock in her mouth, sucking me gently. Almost at once I started to harden again, and she laughed and squeezed my balls.

‘Wait until I’ve finished – and I’m not sure that the next one will be free, so don’t count your chickens!’

When she was finished she stood up and started to dry herself, and I pulled her towards me and kissed her breasts. This time she tasted soapy, and I licked her nipples as I slipped my hand between her legs. She laughed and pushed me away, then she got out of the bath and started to wash her hair at the hand basin. Seeing her bending over, naked, with her full breasts swinging, was more that I could resist. She looked at me, her face mirroring her disappointment as I left the bathroom, but I was soon back wearing another condom and I entered her from behind. She gripped the rim of the basin as I rammed into her, reaching under her to grip her dangling breasts, squeezing her rigid nipples as my belly slapped against her soft buttocks.

I took me longer to come this time, and we were both gasping by the time I finally ejaculated. Again my semen spurted endlessly, and then she turned and kissed me, laughing and complaining that she had shampoo in her eyes as I held her in my arms. ‘Now, where’s that plaster you was goin’ to give me for me foot?’

Afterwards I gave her one of my shirts to put on, and I was glad to see that she didn’t button it up, but left it hanging open to reveal those gorgeous breasts of hers. I dug out a couple of ready meals from the freezer, and she put them in the microwave while I opened a bottle of wine. We sat at the kitchen table and I raised my glass to toast her, then paused.

‘I’ve fucked you twice, and now we’re having dinner together, and I don’t know your name!’ I said, and she smiled and kissed me.

‘I’m Rosie,’ she said, and I fondled her bare breasts.

‘You’ve got nice tits, Rosie.’

‘And you’ve got a nice cock, darlin’.’

All thoughts of throwing her out had disappeared, and I realised that I didn’t want her to go. ‘Where are you spending the night?’ I asked, and she shrugged.

‘Some bastard stole all my stuff, but I’ll find some bloke who’ll let me share his sleepin’ bag in exchange for a fuck,’ she said. ‘It’s ‘appened often enough before.’

‘How would you like to stay here and share a bed in exchange for a fuck?’ I asked, and she grinned wickedly.

‘Would I get any sleep?’

‘Probably not a lot,’ I admitted, and she kissed me.

‘That’s all right, then.’

In fact, we only fucked once – a slow, leisurely sensuous fuck that seemed to last for ages, kissing and touching each other as I moved in and out of her unhurriedly. Her body was somehow magical, the feel of her skin, her soft, yielding flesh, the way her vaginal muscles tightened around my cock, her full lips responding to mine …

But I awoke in the night to find those full lips surrounding my cock as she sucked me, one hand rubbing my shaft while the other caressed my balls, and then I erupted in her mouth, before she snuggled against me once more.

I slept late, to wake up to the smell of coffee and bacon frying. I got up and went into the kitchen, to find Rosie laying the kitchen table. She smiled at me cheerfully.

‘I was just coming to call you, darlin’! Breakfast’s ready!’

I gratefully swallowed a cup of coffee, and I gradually realised that Rosie was wearing her clothes, freshly ironed, and I saw the rest of the washing ironed and folded neatly, last night’s dishes washed and everything in better order than it had been for months.

We sat down to eat, and I noticed her looking at me curiously. ‘Last night, darlin’ – the way you fucked me – I – I felt it was different, some’ow. It was – I dunno …’ She laughed. ‘Don’t take no notice of me, darlin’ – I’m being silly!’

‘No, Rosie – I felt it too. It started off that I was just going to fuck you and then throw you out, but …’ my voice trailed away, and Rosie laughed again and kissed me.

‘You need a shave, darlin’! It don’t matter, it’s just that you fuck very nicely! Now, go and shower and things, and I’ll clear up ‘ere!’

When I emerged from the bathroom with a towel round my waist, Rosie snatched the towel away and pushed me down into an armchair. She knelt in front of me and started kissing my body, licking my nipples and nibbling my belly with sharp teeth before taking my cock in her mouth. She started sucking me, then paused to pull her blouse down off her shoulders to rub her bare breasts against my legs before sucking me again. I lay back, tangling my fingers in her hair, loving what she was doing to me, until I finally exploded, choking her until she started to swallow my semen as it spurted against the back of her throat.

Rosie kissed and fondled my cock as it softened, and then she shakily got to her feet. ‘Swallowing that stuff is supposed to be good for the complexion,’ she grinned. ‘I’ll soon have the skin of a sixteen-year-old if I keep on like this!’

I just smiled at her weakly, and she pulled her blouse up over her shoulders. ‘Now, then!’ she said severely. ‘There’s bloody nothin’ in the fridge – I was lucky to find the bacon and some eggs, although Gawd knows how long they’ve been in there! Give me some money, and I’ll go and buy some food.’

‘My wallet’s on the dresser,’ I groaned, unable to move. ‘Take what you want …’

Rosie went into the bedroom and returned with a handful of notes, and I was suddenly alarmed. ‘Are you sure you’re coming back?’

She ruffled the notes thoughtfully. ‘We’ll ‘ave to see, won’t we? But if I don’t, you’ll ‘ave ‘ad your money’s worth, won’t you, darlin’?’

I was in an agony of anxiety until, an hour later, the doorbell rang, and there was Rosie, lugging several bulging shopping bags.

‘Christ, that lot’s ‘eavy! Cartin’ them bags damn near killed me! Come and give me a good fuckin’ while I get me breath back!’

I followed her into the bedroom as she undressed on the way, and then she lay on the bed on her back, her legs widespread, reaching out to welcome me. I reached into the bedside table for a condom, but she stopped me.

‘No darlin’ – don’t bother. You ain’t got nothin’, and neither ‘ave I, and I can’t get pregnant, and’ I want to feel your stuff spurtin’ into me proper!’

I kissed her wildly, glad that she’d returned, and excited by her naked body, and then I started fucking her. She started to jerk spasmodically almost as soon as I entered her, and within moments her body was damp with perspiration. She wrapped her legs round my waist, forcing me deeper inside her, and we kissed and caressed each other as if neither of us had had sex for years, until at last we came together, our bodies slamming against each other as I pumped my semen into her.

It took us both a long time to recover, but finally Rosie rolled off the bed. ‘I’d better unpack the shoppin’, darlin’. Put it away before it spoils, or you fuck me again!’

I groaned, and after a while I got up and followed her into the kitchen, just as she straightened and closed the door of the fridge. Then she crossed to the counter.

”ere’s your change, darlin’. Except for the quid you owe me for that feel you ‘ad!’ she smiled, and held up a pound coin to show me, and kissed it. ‘I loved it when you put your ‘and on my tit!’ she said softly.

‘Oh, and another thing. I couldn’t find any Vaseline in the bathroom cabinet, so I bought some, so that you can fuck me up my arse. Will you, darlin’? I love that …’

I fucked her up her arse, all right, and in her vagina, and in her mouth. It was Saturday, and we spent most of the day in bed, sometimes eating, drinking, or briefly sleeping, and then fucking again. I was amazed at my stamina, but somehow just the sight or feel of her got me hard and ready to fuck her.

In the evening Rosie cooked a mouth-watering meal, wearing my shirt – unbuttoned – and laughing and trying to push me away as I kissed and fondled her, and then I lit a couple of candles and poured the wine and we sat down to eat. Her cheeks were flushed with cooking and all the fucking, and her eyes sparkled in the candlelight, and I thought she looked ravishing, her bare breasts gleaming and peeping enticingly through the open shirt.

Suddenly I was curious. ‘Tell me about yourself, Rosie,’ I said, and she shrugged.

‘There’s not much to tell, darlin’. Been married a couple of times, ‘ad lots of lovers, and Gawd knows ‘ow many ‘undreds of casual fucks. I always loved bein’ fucked since I was a girl, an’ it seemed I couldn’t be faithful to anyone. I’ve been called a whore and a slut often enough, an’ I s’pose that’s what I am. The last bloke I lived with was black, and ‘e called me ‘is ‘white whore’. ‘E used to be rough with me – I loved that, though – and watch while ‘is friends fucked me, but then ‘e got tired of me an’ kicked me out. That was a couple of months ago, an’ since then I’ve been livin’ rough, beggin’ an’ gettin’ a few quid from blokes fuckin’ me. Then, like I told you, some bloke I slept with one night fucked me and stole everythin’ I ‘ad, leavin’ me with just the clothes I stood up in, and then I picked you up, darlin’. Now I’ve slept in a proper bed, and ‘ad a couple of baths, and food like this – it’s ‘eaven!’

After dinner we sat on the sofa in the living room, and I started kissing her superb breasts. I’d always loved women’s naked breasts – I remember being captivated by my mother’s as a child, and Rosie’s were magnificent. Lush, firm but yielding, with a tracery of fine blue veins, and those wonderful aureoles from which her long rubbery nipples jutted proudly whenever she was aroused, which seemed to be almost all the time. I ran my tongue round them, feeling her rough, stippled aureoles, and then I sucked her engorged nipples and tugged at them with my teeth. I began nibbling her breasts, biting them increasingly hard, their swelling tops and sweetly curved undersides, digging my fingers into her soft flesh until she couldn’t stand it any more, and begged me to fuck her.

We fucked again when we went to bed, and this time during the night Rosie straddled me, saying it was her turn to fuck me, and once again I kneaded her magnificent breasts as she rose and fell above me.

Sunday turned into a blur of sex – I couldn’t get enough of her body, and I fucked her in countless positions. In the afternoon we were sitting on the sofa again, naked – she was toying with my cock, and as usual I was fondling her breast. I rolled her nipple between my forefinger and thumb, and then I squeezed it, hard, and Rosie gave a little ‘Ummm’ of delight.

‘Do it again, darlin’, she whispered, and I tightened my grip.

‘You said that bloke of yours was rough with you, and that you liked it – is this what he did to you?’

‘Yes, and lots more. I – I like a man to ‘urt me once in a while …’

‘Do you?’ I said softly, and she turned her face towards me. Before she could answer I slapped her face painfully, and she smiled dreamily. I slapped her again, and she twisted towards me, offering me her breasts, and I slapped first one and then the other. Then I dragged her across my lap and started spanking her soft backside. She moaned, grinding her breasts against my thigh as I spanked her fiercely, until her skin was glowing fiery red.

Rosie was panting and wriggling on my lap, and I paused, fondling her instead of spanking her. ‘Enough?’ I queried, but she turned her head and looked at me, biting her bottom lip, and shook her head, and I started to slap her backside again.

At last she gasped ‘No more, darlin’ – I can’t wait. Fuck me on the carpet, so it hurts my bottom!’

I lowered her to the floor and climbed on top of her, and she started squirming, rubbing her stinging backside against the carpet, shuddering and grunting with pain as I fucked her. She was already having an orgasm, and she clung to me and kissed me wildly until my semen spurted into her, and then she screamed and fell back on the carpet, her body still jerking uncontrollably. Finally she opened her eyes and smiled at me weakly.

‘Next time, use your belt on me, darlin’. And don’t be so gentle!’

We went into the bedroom and Rosie collapsed onto the bed, face down, and I lay down beside her. We both slept for a while, and when we woke up she winced as she tried to sit up. I rubbed cream on her reddened bottom, and fondling her like that got us both excited again. She eased herself off the bed and went into the bathroom, to return with the Vaseline.

‘I can’t lie on my back for a bit for you to fuck me, darlin’, so I’ll fuck you with my tits!’

She smeared Vaseline on her breasts and then knelt and took my cock between them, rubbing them up and down my shaft with her hands until I exploded, spurting my semen over her face and under her chin and watching it trickle down over her body. Then she licked and sucked my cock, drinking the last drops until I softened between her lips.

Later she straddled me again, and then I fucked her standing up, supporting her as she wrapped her legs round my waist, but when we went to bed she was ready to be fucked on her back before we fell into an exhausted sleep.

The next morning, Monday, I had another meeting with my publisher, and Rosie looked at me sadly. ‘I’d better be on my way, then, darlin’. It’s been a terrific weekend, and the fuckin’ was lovely!’

I took her in my arms and kissed her. ‘You don’t have to go unless you want to, Rosie. Why not stay here for a few more days?’

Her face broke into a smile. ‘And a few more fucks? All right, then, darlin’, if you want me too!’

I was on the train before I realized what a fool I’d been. She was a slut, a whore, and she probably knew every criminal in miles, and let them fuck her, too. All she had to do was call someone, and they’d empty my flat in minutes, taking everything I had and leaving me with nothing. All my possessions, and my computer with all my work on it …

The meeting lasted longer than I’d expected, and was followed by an equally long lunch, and then more talking when we got back to the office, so that it was early evening by the time I got home. I nearly ran all the way from the station, afraid of what I might find and cursing myself for not having called the police earlier to try to stop my flat from being burgled.

When I anxiously opened my front door, the light was on, and I was greeted by the smell of furniture polish. The mirror in the hall sparkled, and everywhere I looked everything was spotless and gleaming, and then Rosie appeared from the kitchen, once again wearing my shirt, unbuttoned, and her face lit up with a welcoming smile.

‘Thought you was never comin’ ‘ome, darlin’! I was getting’ worried! Would you like a drink?’

Instead of answering, I took her in my arms, slipping my hands inside her – my – shirt to feel her naked body as I kissed her frantically, and then I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. I got my clothes off in seconds, and plunged my cock into her, to start fucking her furiously. She responded at once, struggling out of the shirt as I pounded into her, and then she was writhing against me, returning my kissed and jerking her hips up to meet me and match my thrusts, and then we both climaxed wildly, kissing and clutching each other. I seemed to pump semen into her endlessly, and she kissed me and stroked my hair as I trembled against her. Then, at last I relaxed, trying to catch my breath as she kissed my face.

‘Gawd, darlin’! Are you all right? After all the fuckin’ we did at the weekend, I’d ‘ave thought you’d ‘ave ‘ad enough of me! Let me get you that drink …’

‘I – I was just glad to see you, Rosie,’ I said, feeling guilty about my suspicions, but it was more than that – I really was glad to see her.

She laughed. ‘It’s lucky I got us some steak for dinner – it’ll ‘elp you get your strength back!’

Once again dinner was cooked to perfection, and I admired everything she’d done in cleaning the place up. We fucked twice more during the evening, and then we went to bed and I fucked her up her bottom, loving the feel of my semen spurting up her back passage as I gripped her hanging breast with one hand and fingered her dripping vagina with the other.

I used the second bedroom as an office, and I worked there all morning. I was delighted to feel that I working better than I ever had before. Rosie went out to get a few things, and then we had beer and sandwiches for lunch. She was wearing her peasant blouse and skirt again, and I remembered that that was all she had.

‘Rosie – let’s go out and get you some new clothes – you can’t just keep wearing what you’ve got on and my shirts,’ I said, and she smiled incredulously.

‘D’you really mean it, darlin’? You want to buy me things?’

We went to a nearby department store, and Rosie started to pick things out and ask me if I liked them. I hated shopping, but she was so obviously happy that for once it wasn’t so bad. She dragged me off to tell her what I thought when she tried them on, accompanied by a young shop assistant. She’d selected a couple of skirts and some tops and sweaters, and I told her to get a couple of dresses as well, so that I could take her out to dinner, and her eyes filled with tears.

Everything she’d selected was either tight or revealing, and sometimes both, and I grinned my approval. She appeared from the changing cubicle in a tight-fitting blue dress that matched her eyes, with a plunging neckline and a short hem that showed off her legs, and I told her she looked lovely.

‘It’s a pity it’s too small in there for you to come in and ‘elp me change, darlin’. You know I like it when you strip me naked,’ she said, smiling wickedly, and the young girl assistant blushed furiously.

Once she appeared briefly wearing just her panties to get something from the pile she’d forgotten, and the sight of her naked breasts made my cock stiffen, and I wished I could go into the cubicle and fuck her there and then.

Next she selected some shoes, all with high heels, and then she asked me if I preferred tights or stockings.

‘Neither,’ I sad. ‘I like you with bare legs.’

‘Right, darlin’. Bare legs it is! Like this!’ she grinned, and hoisted her skirt to reveal her naked thighs.

Then she chose some panties, and looked at me pleadingly. ‘Can I get a couple of bras, darlin’? I won’t wear ’em often. Just half-bras, you know, to push me tits up and show off me cleavage?’

I gave in, and she picked out a couple that consisted of bits of lace and a couple of straps, and then she bought some makeup. I shuddered when I discovered what everything had cost me, but then the look on Rosie’s face made it all worthwhile, and anyway I’d just signed a deal for a new book and received a substantial advance, so I didn’t really mind.

Then Rosie nuzzled her breasts against my arm. ‘While you’re spendin’ all that money, darlin’, I’ve just about spent all your change, so can you give me a bit more cash for things we need?’

I shuddered again, and got some money from the ATM – a lot of money.

When we got home, laden with packages, I put the money in a jar in the kitchen and told Rosie to help herself to whatever she needed, and then she disappeared into the bedroom, to emerge wearing one of her new bras and panties.

‘Darlin’ – you’ve got to fuck me the first time I put new things on, so that I’ll remember your cock in me every time I wear them!’

I was only too happy to start, and that evening we got through a dress, a skirt and a couple of sweaters.

The next day I had to do an interview for the book I was working on, and I didn’t get home until late afternoon. When I saw Rosie, I caught my breath – she had on the dress and high-heeled shoes, and the grey had gone from her hair. It had been re-styled, and shone with auburn highlights, and for the first time I saw her wearing makeup. She looked at least ten years younger, and I felt myself beginning to harden. There was no other word for it – she looked fabulous, and I told her so.

She flushed with pleasure, and came into my arms and kissed me. I glanced down at her – the dress had a very low neckline, and I saw that she was wearing the bra that pushed her breasts up and together, and then I noticed a thin gold chain round her neck that disappeared in her cleavage. I was puzzled, because I’d never seen her wearing jewellery before, and I pulled the chain out, to see that on it was suspended a pound coin.

‘Do you like it, darlin’? It’s the pound I took for that first feel you ‘ad. The nice bloke in the jeweller’s shop did it while I waited, after I let ‘im find out ‘ow long the chain needed to be to go between my tits – I should ‘ave charged ‘im for a feel, too!’

I stripped her naked, apart from the chain – she said she was always going to wear it, and rub it against her tit to remind her, and she gave me a demonstration – she cupped her breast in one hand, and with the other she scraped the coin against her rubbery nipple until it became engorged and stood out like the top joint of my little finger, and then I fucked her.

She told me she’d spent a lot of my money having her hair done, and her nails too, and she’d painted her toenails for me, and I sucked her toes and fucked her again.

The next few days were wonderful, and I suddenly realized I’d never been so happy. Often while I was busy writing Rosie would bring me a mug of coffee, and kneel between my legs and suck my cock ‘to give me a break’, as she said.

Occasionally I’d take her to the local pub for lunch, and if the weather was nice I’d let her persuade me to walk back through the park. Once when it had been raining overnight she took her shoes off and walked barefoot through the grass, saying it was a pity there were people around because she’d like me to lay her down and fuck her right there. She was wearing her original peasant off-the-shoulder blouse and flowery skirt because she knew I liked her to sometimes, to remind me of when I’d first met her. This time, though, she had on a pair of skimpy peach-coloured panties – I knew, because they were all she’d worn all morning. But no bra, of course. We came to a log by a patch of bare earth with a large puddle of rainwater – Rosie glanced around, but there was nobody nearby, and she sat on the log and pulled her skirt up around her waist. Then she bent down and scooped up some mud in her hand, and smeared it over her thighs and belly, and then inside her blouse of her breasts.

‘You like me dirty, darlin’, she said, ‘so take me ‘ome and fuck me like this!’

One evening we were sitting on the sofa together – she was wearing a skirt and sweater, and I put my hand on her bare leg and slid it up under her skirt. ‘Rosie – it’s funny,’ I said. ‘There was a woman sitting opposite me on the train the other day with her legs crossed and showing a lot of thigh. I couldn’t help looking, but – all I thought about was you!’

Rosie looked at me strangely and kissed me. ‘I know what you mean, darlin’. When I go out, blokes look at me like they always do, but they don’t interest me no more. P’raps it’s because you keep fuckin’ my brains out, and I’m too tired. Put your ‘and up ‘higher, darlin’ – that’s right – ooh, that’s nice!’

The only setback came a week or so later. I’d spent the day out again, and when I got home Rosie was sitting on the floor, wearing one of my shirts again and hugging her knees and crying brokenheartedly. She scrambled to her feet and rushed to me and threw herself into my arms, sobbing. Her face was streaked with tears, and her body was trembling, but when I asked he what was wrong she wouldn’t tell me, and just asked me to fuck her.

I stripped her and entered her – at first she just stared at me, shuddering, and then when I started to fuck her she was like a wild animal. She was still crying, rubbing herself against me and clinging to me, digging her nails into me and screaming at me to fuck her harder. Her orgasm was the most violent I’d ever seen, and she kept kissing me and holding onto me, grinding her body against me, and when I softened she begged me to stay inside her.

That evening I cooked us a frozen pizza, and Rosie wouldn’t let me out of her sight, and we sat side by side at the kitchen table. She had my shirt on again, wrapped tightly round her body, and she made me put my arm round her while we ate. She jammed herself against me, and just picked at her food, stifling sobs and sometimes turning towards me and burying her face in my shoulder and then asking me to kiss her. We went to bed and fucked again, and all night she hugged me and made me hold her.

She was still upset for two or three days, before things more or less returned to normal, although she wouldn’t tell me what was the matter, and sometimes I detected an underlying sadness even when she was apparently happy.

One evening she surprised me by asking me to tell her about my mother.

I shrugged. ‘I don’t remember much about her. She ran off with another man when I was a teenager.’

Rosie looked at me. ‘Did you ever want to fuck her?’

I was suddenly embarrassed, but I nodded. ‘Yes, lots of times. She was always walking around with not much on, and my father kept telling her to “cover herself up in front of the boy.”, and I used to masturbate thinking about her. I remember going into her bedroom once and all she was wearing was her panties, and I threw my arms round her and buried my face in her naked breasts …’

‘Did you love her?’

‘Until she went away, but then I hated her for leaving me …’

‘What ‘appened then, darlin’?’

‘My father got a housekeeper – her name was Mrs Hopkins – she was about sixty, and skinny as a rake. She always wore black dresses, with her grey hair pulled back tightly, and after a while I heard her going into my father’s room at night. Then one day she kissed me and put her hand on my cock, and I started fucking her. Usually I pretended to myself it was my mother I was fucking. Mrs Hopkins said my mother was a wicked woman, but I didn’t think so – I didn’t blame her for leaving my father – I never got on with him, and Mrs Hopkins said he wasn’t much good in bed, but I could never forgive her for not taking me with her …’

Rosie took out my cock and kissed it. ‘Maybe she thought you’d be better off with your father, darlin’.’

‘No, she just didn’t want me – as I said, I hated her, and I still do.’

I sat there thinking back as Rosie started to suck me, and when we went to bed she was surprisingly tender – until the next day, and then I fucked her furiously, and she responded eagerly.

We had sex at least twice, and usually three, four or five times a day – the days turned into weeks, and the weeks became months, and I just seemed to get happier, and the sex got better and better. Then my book was published in America, and I heard it got good reviews, and I took Rosie out to dinner to celebrate.

We had a wonderful time, and in the taxi on the way home I put my hand up her skirt and got her panties off and stuffed them in my pocket, and she put her hand in my trousers, and we kissed and I finger-fucked her all the way to the flat. When I paid the driver her winked and nodded towards Rosie – she was climbing the stairs, her arms behind her back unfastening her dress, and as I looked she shrugged it off her shoulders, baring her naked back as she went in the door.

She was lying on the bed, wearing just her shoes and the coin on the chain round her neck – she never took it off, not even in the shower – and I had my clothes off in an instant, and then we were fucking …

It was a wonderful fuck – Rosie felt it too, and I erupted like a volcano into her, and we kissed each other wildly, until at last I stopped and Rosie smiled at me, her eyes moist with tears.

‘Rosie – I – that was marvellous – it always is – but there was more to it than just fucking,’ I stammered. ‘What I’m trying to say is, I’ve never been so happy, and I want …’

Rosie stopped me by putting her hand over my mouth.

‘Don’t say any more, darlin’. I think it’s time I moved on. It’s been wonderful, but I should go. I’ll sleep on the sofa tonight, and – leave tomorrow …’

She started to cry, and I tried to kiss her, but she pushed me away and sat up, and I looked at her beautiful naked body. She sniffled, and then continued, not looking at me.

‘From the very start, I felt there was something wonderful about being with you – despite the difference in our ages, it seemed that I’d found something I’d been subconsciously searching for all my life,’ she said. I thought she sounded different, and I suddenly realised that her accent had changed.

‘My name isn’t really Rosie – that was just a nickname my father gave me once after he spanked my bare bottom. You can guess why. I knew nothing about you, and then I saw letters addressed to you as John Foster, or J.E. Foster, and I tried to tell myself it was just an uncanny coincidence. But I had to know, and one day I searched your desk, and found your passport, and your birth certificate, and it was all there – your date and place of birth, your father’s name, your mother’s maiden name, everything. That was the time you found me crying, darling … It’s better I tell you now, rather than you finding out by accident somehow later – I’m that mother you hate so much, darling, the one that ran off and left you …’

I rolled onto my back and stared at the ceiling, trying to take in what she had told me – it was as if the roof had fallen in, and my cock shrivelled to nothing.

‘It broke my heart leaving you, darling, but I felt it would be best, and I was right. You know the life I’ve been living, and I couldn’t possibly have put you through all that. But I never stopped loving you – and if you’d tried to fuck me, I’d have let you …’

She took a deep breath. ‘There – I’ve told you. I’ll leave tonight, darling. I’ve slept rough before, and I’ll have to get used to doing it again. I’ll find that bloke who’ll let me share his sleeping bag in exchange for a fuck, and come back tomorrow for those things you bought me, if you still want me to have them – but I’d like to keep this,’ she said, fingering the coin dangling between her breasts. ‘It – it means so much to me …’

She started to get off the bed, but I grabbed her wrist and pulled her back. She half sprawled on top of me, her breasts flattened on my chest, and looked at me apprehensively.

‘You silly bitch!’ I said. ‘You left me once – do you think I’m going to let you walk out on me again?’

I kissed her roughly, and when we broke apart her eyes were again filled with tears.

‘Now, get me hard again – you know I always wanted to fuck my mother!’

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