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Susan & Jessica

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Susan enjoyed her job at the university. It was her first since qualifying. The others she worked with were good and knowledgeable which meant that she learnt a lot of good practical tips. Her job was not in the academic field, she was a simple gardener, well a landscape gardener to be precise. The university had beautiful gardens and employed a team of workers to keep them looking there best.

It was while she was looking after a small flower bed one day that she met Jessica (Jess for short), a slim blonde girl. Jess was a biology Masters student studying the relationship of landscaping on the environment; at least that was how Susan interpreted it. She wanted to know how the university gardens were planned. Susan knew about the annual plan that was developed each year but she really had to refer Jess on to the head gardener Tom who could answer her questions more fully.

Jess had smiled and thanked Susan when she introduced the blonde to Tom. Susan said her good-byes and left them to their conversations. Later that day she asked Tom how he had got on with Jess. That was the last she saw or heard of the young biologist except when Tom would mention her from time to time as he had several more meetings with her.

A month later Susan was busy at the same flower bed when Jess appeared from nowhere.

“Thanks,” the sweet looking blonde said from behind her dark-rimmed glasses. “Your suggestion really paid off.”

Susan got to her feet, dusting off the dirt from her hands. “Your welcome, but I didn’t do much for you, it was all Tom.”

“Yeah, but you introduced us and that counts,” Jess grinned. “Anyway I thought I should thank you.”

“Did you get a good mark or whatever for your assignment?”

“Oh no,” Jess replied. Susan looked shocked. Jess laughed. “It wasn’t an assignment, it was for my thesis. I won’t finish it for another two years yet.”

“That’s an awful lot of work,” Susan gasped. “Sorry, I didn’t realise you were a serious student.” Then she blushed at the comment she just made. “Oh, sorry, I mean…oh God I feel a fool now.”

“Don’t,” Jess reassured. “You’re probably right, my boyfriend says I’m too serious about my study sometimes.” She laughed.

Susan grinned back. “Well, I’m glad that we could be of some help,” she said turning back to her flower bed.

“Yeah, thanks again,” Jess said. “Might see you around?”

“Yeah,” Susan replied as she knelt down to her plants.

There was something about that blonde that kept coming back to Susan over the next week or so, was it her look, the way she spoke or her intelligence? There was something about her, maybe her personality, or maybe all these things. Susan kept thinking about her whenever she was alone in a garden somewhere in the university. She didn’t see Jess again that week. The following week she saw the blonde again, entering the big library building with a pile of books. Jess didn’t see her though as she crouched in a small shrubbery near the corner of the building, replacing a blown lamp in a floodlight.

“Hi there.” Susan almost jumped out of her skin as the voice caught her by surprise.

“Hi Jess,” Susan quickly composed herself. Once more she dusted dirt from her hands and stood from her crouched position in the rose garden.

“Seen any interesting gardens lately?” Jess joked as she stepped forward in her short summer dress.

“Nope. I make interesting gardens, not look at them,” Susan quipped back.

“Good one,” Jess smiled. “Hey I haven’t seen Tom around lately and I need to check a few things with him do you know where I will find him?”

“He’s away on leave at the moment Jess. He won’t be back for another week,” Susan broke the news to her.

“Damn! I have to find out this stuff to finish this section I’m writing up for my Professor,” Jess’ face changed to a scowl as she spoke.

“Hey, is it anything I can help with?” Susan offered. “I know I’m no intellect but maybe I can help.”

“Thanks but it is stuff Tom knows so well,” Jess was starting to look angry and Susan didn’t want to cross her.

“I can let him know as soon as he gets back, I’m sure he will be able to help,” Susan offered.

“No, no, it will be too late, I need to know why he made these changes in the 1999 plan. They just don’t fit with his philosophy at all.” She tapped a grey folder she was carrying with her hand.

“Give me a look Jess, maybe I can find the answer for you,” Susan offered putting out her hand. “When do you need it by?”

“I need it today,” Jess said, her face softening at the offer.

“I don’t think I will be able to do it today, but tomorrow is a different story,” Susan looked at her face.

“Well, what if I hold off the Prof’ and you get me the answer tomorrow,” Jess said. The next day the two girls met outside the library as they had arranged. It hadn’t taken Susan long to find the answer. William had worked at the gardens as long as anyone could remember. Even Tom was known to ask his opinion on some matters. He remembered 1999 alright, how the plans had been changed, how Tom had hated having to do it and how he worked late on them to get them just right.

“See that was the year the new computer centre building was built, they had all that underground cabling to do, he had to change things,” Susan explained, handing back the folder.

“Thanks Susan, you have saved my butt, 1999 just didn’t fit with the flow,” Jess’ eyes lit up. She lent forward and gave the young gardener a peck on the cheek. “What are you doing tomorrow night?”

Susan was shocked. She had never mixed with the student population, living on the other side of town as she did. A student party she imagined, she had heard about these wild nights but never experienced one.

“I’m not sure…I mean I have never been to one of your…I mean a student party,” the young girl answered.

“No, no, I hate those parties, no I meant dinner, at my place. I live off campus. Look here is my address, if you aren’t busy,” Jess smiled handing her a note with the address and phone number. “I know it will be Saturday night and you are probably going out with your boyfriend.”

“No, it’s not that. I would love to come. I’m between boyfriends anyway,” Susan said, thinking of the bar she was intending to go to with a girlfriend in the hope she would find a guy.

“Ok, let’s say seven?”


That night Susan was unsure what to wear let alone how to behave. She thought about it. Jess seemed so much more sophisticated than the other students she had met on her rounds. Her first thought had been jeans and a t-shirt. Then her mind drifted toward the black halter neck dress. She hardly had any reason to get dressed up, so why not make this a special occasion? After all Jess would appreciate the effort, at least she hoped so.

Another thought crossed the tall brunette’s mind. There might be others there, maybe even some guys. After all Jess had talked about her boyfriend. Maybe she would get lucky with a student; then maybe not, she was no intellectual giant. She put the thought from her mind, if she dwelled too much on it she would never go.

She was not use to getting all dressed up. The clubs and bars she frequented were more the jeans and casual look. But it was fun once in a while to get done up. Susan cursed the lack of variety in her wardrobe. The only shoes she had that matched the dress were a pair of black spike heels. The heels were coated in a tacky cheap gold finish. She shrugged and put them on.

The hair and make-up were next. Most of the time Susan kept her long dark hair tied back in a pony-tail; very practical. For this evening she decided to do a French plait so first she brushed it until it shone. Finally the make-up. Then it was time to admire herself in the mirror.

It was warm at the moment but Susan knew only too well that it would cool down later when she was ready to come home. Once again the limitations of her wardrobe let her down, the only jacket she owned was a tight fitting denim one. She shrugged again and put it on. At least it made her look less over dressed.

It was a twenty-minute drive to Jess’ address across town. She lived in a quiet tree-lined avenue in a small modern house set back from the street on a small well kept section. The light was beginning to fade in the street as Susan drove up in her little blue Honda. She admired the neighbourhood, not what she expected from a student.

Jess answered the knock at the door and invited Susan in. She stepped into a small hall. Off to her right as she entered the side entrance was the laundry and to the left a closed door. Jess led her through the next door to the left. The short passage turned to the right here and Susan guessed it led to the bedrooms and bathroom; all very compact she thought.

They stepped into a lounge room that opened back onto a dinning area with a breakfast bar separating that from the kitchen which is where the other door Susan had seen led. The lounge consisted of an occasional table at the end of a long couch, a single easy chair and a coffee table. In one corner sat a small kitchen table, piled high with books and papers and along one wall was a bookcase jammed with books.

The only light came from a single tall lamp standard in the corner of the room and two large plain white candles on the coffee table. The room gave an air of romantic intimacy that Susan found soothing. The soft sounds of jazz came from a stereo that sat on another small table in a corner.

A sweet lavender smell floated in the air, disguising any smell that came from the kitchen which was a blaze of light.

“Can I take your jacket?” Jess asked as they stopped in the room.

“Thanks,” Susan said, blushing slightly as she remembered the denim miss-fit jacket. She slipped it off her tanned shoulders, letting it fall into the blondes hands.

“You look very nice tonight,” Jess commented.

“Thanks, I don’t often get a chance to dress up.”

“I should have tried a little harder myself,” Jess laughed.

“Nice place you have,” Susan said, turning to face her host. It was now that she took in the beauty of the young blonde, her long straight shoulder-length hair sparkling in the faint light, her body covered in the same white summer dress she had been wearing the other day. Her feet were bare, but Susan felt neither under dressed or over dressed, somehow the sweet smile that Jess flashed her made her feel at home.

“Yeah, my folks got it for me when I graduated. They figured I would have less distractions if I had a decent place of my own,” Jess explained. “Make yourself comfortable, I will get you a wine if you like.”

“Sure, that would be great. I meant to pick up a bottle on my way over but I seem to have forgotten,” Susan said.

“Don’t worry. Maybe you can do the honours next time?” Jess giggled. She seemed very relaxed.

The meal was a simple pasta dish followed by a chocolate cake and ice cream. It was all very simple but very nice. Jess talked about her course and the work she had to do while Susan told how she had become interested in landscaping through an Uncle who owned his own business and how she wanted to work for him eventually.

Once the meal was over the two girls retreated back to the lounge with their wine. They sat together on the long couch.

“You are lucky not having the tension of my work,” Jess said looking into her wine glass.

“What do you mean Jess?” Susan asked sensing something was not right.

“Oh, nothing really, it’s just that it is hard to relax sometimes,” Jess continued.

“You seem pretty relaxed now,” Susan smiled lifting the glass to her lips.

“Thanks, but that is probably the wine,” she smiled back. “I have had a really bad couple of weeks.”

“Do you need to talk about it?” Susan asked hesitantly. “I don’t know if I can help.”

“I think I get a little selfish sometimes…I mean with my work,” Jess grinned, but it was a forced grin.

“We can all be guilty of that, I know I have,” Susan reassured. She hadn’t been prepared for this turn of events.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t burden you with this. It is my problem and I need to work it out. You came here to have a good night out…so let’s do that,” Jess looked up from her glass, it wasn’t a convincing look.

“No, no, that is OK, there is obviously something worrying you. I can only listen. If I can help I will,” Susan gave her a look of concern. She moved closer to her new friend, placing a hand on her bare knee in reassurance.

“It was just my boyfriend, Richard, we had a terrible fight. He said I was selfish and never wanted to spend any time with him any more,” Jess fought back a tear as she spilt her heart. “I told him to get lost…and he did.”

“You haven’t tried to talk to him since?” Susan probed, placing the hand up on her shoulder.

“No…it’s no use really…it all happened over three weeks ago…but I keep thinking about him…he is right I do spend too much time on my study,” she sniffed back a tear.

“Hey, maybe you should just call him and talk. You are bright, you will be able to work things out…I’m sure,” Susan said quietly.

“I don’t think so. One of the others in the Biology faculty said they saw him out with another woman at a bar downtown,” Jess said, looking into her glass again, avoiding the direct contact with Susan.

“But have you tried. He might be trying to provoke you. Jess, you are a lovely person, you should try and talk to him,” Susan moved closer. She could feel Jess’ breath against her bare arm.

“Thanks Susan, you are probably right. But I know Richard and I think I have left it all too late, she said with a weak smile.

“No way, never give up,” Susan said putting her glass down on the coffee table. “Here, put that drink down.” She took Jess’ wine and put it next to her own. “Now let’s have a big hug and forget about this for the rest of the evening.”

Jess wiped the tear away from her eye as Susan put her slender arms around the slim blonde. Jess moved closer to her friend and they hugged, pulling each other closer and holding each other tightly. Susan felt the blonde’s breath against her shoulder, felt her damp cheek buried in her arm. Instinctively she brushed her hand through her troubled friend’s hair.

They seemed to hold each other forever. Susan cold smell that feminine mix of shampoo, perfume and scented soap as Jess nuzzled into her. The young blonde seemed comfortable lying against her friend. Then slowly she began to sit back, her head gradually moving off Susan’s arm until she was looking into the brunette’s eyes.

“Thank you Susan, thanks for everything,” Jess whispered.

They seemed to stay transfixed, staring into each others eyes. Then as if by mutual consent the two girls kissed. Not a deep passionate kiss, but not a friendly peck. Their lips met and parted just slightly. Susan’s deep red lipstick sticking against the finer pink of Jess’ lips. They were still holding each other as the kiss broke. “Oh, my God, Susan, I am sorry,” Jess went red as they sat back away from each other. “I mean…I am sorry.”

“That’s OK,” Susan smiled, a little unsure, uncertain that she should be feeling the way she was. “I don’t mind.”

A broad smile appeared on Jess’ face as Susan spoke. The blonde shuffled forward, closer to Susan, putting her arms out. Again there was no need for words. Susan let her arms go limp at her sides as Jess put her own arms around Susan’s slim waist. Both girls lent in toward each other, kissing again, this time more passionately.

Susan could feel her breathing becoming shorter, her temperature rising as she opened her mouth slightly, letting Jess’ tongue in. She could feel the heave of Jess’ breasts against her own firm mounds as Jess held her tighter. Susan used one hand to lift the dark-rimmed glasses from Jess’ face and reach blindly for the coffee table. Her other hand came up to grasp her above the waist.

This time the kiss lasted longer, each exploring the others mouth, realising the significance of the moment. As Susan lingered on Jess’ lips Jess slowly lowered Susan back on the couch. They sunk into the deep comfortable couch locked in the embrace. Once again Susan ran her fingers through Jess’ straight, shiny blonde hair.

“Ohhh…Susan…” Jess moaned as she released from the kiss but not the hold.

They lay together looking into each others eyes, smiling, glowing slightly at the mix of feelings and sensations as they moved together for another long passionate kiss. The whole movement seemed very sensual. Susan let her hand trace across Jess’ body as the kiss intensified, feeling her shape under the white dress, feeling her firm young body pressed into her own.

“Jess, this is…” she started.

“Wonderful,” Jess finished for her, kissing her cheek and letting her lips trail across the brunette’s face.

This time they lay together, not moving, breathing heavily. Jess had her head nestled under Susan’s arm, her nose nuzzled against the bare skin, her breath wafting across the 20-year-old’s arm. Her neck rested on Susan’s breast.

“Jess, I have never done that before…I mean I didn’t mean to upset you,” Susan looked down at the contented smile.

“I’m not upset,” Jess replied. “I loved it. You are such a sensual person Susan.”

“But you are a woman. I have never kissed another woman like that,” Susan sounded slightly shocked.

“Did you enjoy it?” Jess asked.

“Umm…yes…I guess,” Susan was going red. “So what is the problem? Susan, have you ever made love to a woman?” Jess continued.

“No…never…I don’t know how,” Susan stumbled as Jess propped herself up on the narrow couch to stare at the prone body below her.

“There’s not much to know,” Jess reassured. “If you like I can teach you?” Se reached down with her free hand to brush some loose hairs away from Susan’s face. “Judging by how you just reacted you won’t have any problems.”

“But…I’m not sure,” Susan said shakily.

“If you would rather not…” Jess started to say, letting the hand caress her neck, feeling the thin black halter strap.

“No, no, I didn’t say that,” Susan felt her mouth going dry as Jess followed the line of the halter strap to her chest then brushed across her breasts, just hard enough to feel the nipples below.

Jess smiled down at the brunette and lowered her face toward Susan. Their lips met once more, softly, barely touching at first. Then pressing a little harder, their mouths opening to let each others tongues in.

“Come on Susan, there isn’t much room here,” Jess said sliding off the couch onto her feet. She was still holding Susan’s hand as she stood.

“Ok,” Susan said quietly, getting to her feet. A lump had formed deep down. A lump of anticipation, excitement and apprehension all at once. A hot feeling swept her body as Jess took her by the hand and led her through to a large bedroom.

It was a beautiful room with pale blue wallpaper with little butterflies and flowers sprinkled over it. The bed was a large plain wooden one with a big thick cream bedspread over it. A small dressing table was against the wall and a trunk sat under the only window which looked out over the street. Jess pulled the thick dark blue curtains, making the room go dark in the twilight. To compensate she turned on the small bedside lamp with the pale blue shade. A soft light filled the room.

Susan stood just inside the door looking at the bed. Jess glanced over her shoulder at the tall girl.

“Second thoughts?” Jess asked. She walked back to where Susan stood and kissed her softly on the cheek. “We don’t have to rush.”

Susan just smiled. Jess placed her arm around the young girls waist, pulling her closer. The eyes were hypnotic as Susan stared at the blonde. Her touch felt so good, Susan could feel the heat deep in her body. Their lips met in another passionate kiss, but this time Jess cut it short.

She gave Susan a sultry look as she lifted a hand to Susan’s neck, searching beneath the black French plait for the halter tie. Susan froze a little, the lump came back as she felt Jess tug at the bow. It came free and the front of the black dress fell away revealing her breasts to Jess’ touch.

“Shall we?” Jess suggested guiding Susan to the bed. Susan nodded walking meekly toward the big comfortable bed. She turned and sat on the edge of the bed.

Jess was standing a few feet away, easing the thin straps of her white dress down her arms, the zip was already undone and the whole dress hung loosely on her body. The gorgeous blonde lent forward and let the whole light cotton garment slip from her body, pooling around her bare feet. She was naked except for a white lace thong, her red nipples already hard with anticipation.

Susan stood again, this time pulling the zip of her own dress down and letting the black material fall to the floor in a similar way, leaving her with just the heels and plain black panties. She held her arms out as Jess moved closer. They embraced as Jess gently pushed her back to the bed.

Somehow they slid up onto the great expanse. Susan could smell that perfume mix again, really strongly as she kissed Jess long and hard. Jess moved a hand to cup a breast, touching the firm mound softly, gently, just rubbing over the soft curves with a palm, feeling the nipple roll as the hand moved across the surface.

“Ohhh…Jess….Ohhh,” Susan moaned as she felt the hand move over her tight flat belly. “You feel so good.”

Jess moved her lips to Susan’s breast, taking the nipple in her mouth, sucking it, playing with it in her mouth. Susan grasped the back of Jess’ head and pulled her closer, letting her fingers work through the blonde hair. Then she bent her own head to kiss the back of Jess’ neck, letting her long tongue lick along the nape of her friend’s neck.

By now Susan was very hot and very wet as she responded to the touch from Jess. Jess could feel the sensual movements in Susan’s long thin frame beneath her. Her hand wandered back over the taut firm breasts, lingering to feel the hard nipples.

“Can I go further?” Jess asked in a whisper as she raised her head from Susan’s breast.

“Yyyes…” Susan stuttered. “Sure if you want. You seem to know what you are doing Jess.”

“Just enjoy,” the blonde responded. Her lips met Susan’s again and the kiss was as long and as deep as before.

“Hmmm…” the brunette hummed as she felt Jess move from on top of her to beside her, the blonde letting her hand roam lower down Susan’s body. Susan watched as it met the waistband of her plain black panties. She gasped, there was a pause as Jess moved in closer behind Susan and nibbled at her ear. Then Jess slipped her long fingers in under the waistband. “Ohhh…” Groaned Susan as she felt the fingers in the trimmed hair of her pussy. “You OK with this?” Jess asked again as her finger found the soft folds of her swollen pussy lips. The hot sweet breath brushed her ear as Susan managed a nod of assent. Jess curved a finger around, penetrating between the brunette’s pussy lips, her thumb rested against Susan’s hard clit. Then she began to rub in a slow circular motion.

“Ohhh…Jess…ohhh…that feels so good…ohhhh please more…please,” Susan was groaning and her hips were moving in a restless pattern. There was something brewing from deep within her body. Each rub was accompanied by a kiss, a lick or a nibble from those luscious lips. Jess was using her other hand to carefully massage Susan’s breasts, first one then the other.

Every now and then Jess would lower her lips to her friends and they would share another passionate kiss. Their tongues playing tag as Jess worked her finger in and out of Susan’s hot, wet pussy. Gradually Susan felt it build and build, her body twitching at Jess’ every touch, her breasts heaving, her breath coming in short sharp takes. Then she let out a low groan, almost a grunt as her vagina contracted hard, a wave of pleasure flooded her just as her pussy flooded with juice.

“Ohhh….my God…ohhhh….please God…please,” Susan called out as her hips bucked forward and perspiration formed on her brow. “Fuck yes.”

The power of the orgasm sent a shiver through the girl. Susan was wide eyed as her whole back arched and fell, slowly to the bed. As she relaxed Jess lent down and kissed her full on the lips. The sticky lipstick sealing them together.

“There my pretty young friend, how was that?” Jess asked, brushing Susan’s hair from her forehead. “I told you it would be good didn’t I?”

“Yes,” Susan said reaching up from the bed to touch Jess’ cheek.

They cuddled and hugged for a moment before Jess climbed off the bed. Susan propped herself up on one elbow and watched as the blonde slipped a finger inside each side of the sexy lace thong. It slipped from her body revealing an almost bald pussy.

“Do you want to pleasure me?” Jess asked standing before her friend.

“Silly question,” Susan smiled back. “Come here.”

Jess climbed on the bed and knelt in front of Susan. “Can you do me with your mouth?” Jess asked, thrusting her closely shaved mound close to Susan’s nose. The aroma of her pussy was easily detectable as Susan reached up and let her hand rub over her hip, grasping her thigh and looking up at the blonde figure above her.

“You mean eat your pussy?” Susan responded.

“No, that is what guys do to get you going. I mean make love to me with your mouth, make me cum like I just made you,” Jess said with a sparkle in her eye.

“Nothing would be like what you just gave me,” Susan said. “Want to try? I think you can,” Jess encouraged her friend. Susan sat up and gave Jess a peck on her cheek before slipping back into a lying position.

Susan lay back, tugging at Jess’ thighs with her hands. The blonde responded by moving her legs so she straddled Susan’s face. She looked up, seeing the irregular red lips of Jess’ opening hanging down at her, a swollen clit and the little tuft of remaining blonde hair. As Jess lowered her hips, Susan guided her, letting her know where she was by nibbles at the thighs and then her pussy.

Jess groaned as Susan flicked her clit for the first time. Then as the blonde got lower Susan was able to penetrate her with her tongue, feeling the sticky, slippery, silky walls of Jess’ vagina. Susan lay there teasing Jess, flicking at her clit, sucking on her pussy, tasting her juices, letting them dribble down over her chin.

The blonde girl was lost as she tossed her head back, eyes shut, one hand clasped to a breast the other down lower, playing with her own clit. Susan reached a hand up between Jess’ legs to penetrate her with two fingers. Jess let out a low moan as she felt the fingers disappear into her hot, wet pussy.

Slurping noises came from Jess’ tight pussy as Susan started to ease her fingers in and out of the wet pussy. Her tongue licked around the soft, swollen pussy lips as she looked up at the blonde, playing with herself, eyes closed, moaning.

“Yes, ohhhh….Susan…yes…ohhh,” Jess moaned as she rotated her hips a little in the squat position she was in. “Yes, please make me cum …ohhhh.”

Susan pulled her fingers, slowly and deliberately back and out of the hot pussy, looking at the glistening sticky juice clinging to them. Looking up into Jess’ eyes she licked the salty juice off each finger then raised her tongue back up to the hovering pussy, she flicked Jess’ clit with the tongue, licking around it before plunging her tongue deep into the soft, warm, moist pussy.

“Ohhh…yes, yes,” Jess called out, her hips bucking slightly as she tipped over the edge. “Ohhhh….ohhhh…ohhh.”

A shiver shot through Jess almost sending her off balance. A wave of heat cascaded through her. Her pussy clamped down and she felt the tension leave her through her feet. Her moan was long and loud as her face reddened. Then she froze before lifting her leg over Susan’s head and falling back against the pillows.

Susan pulled herself back to lie next to Jess, her chin shining in Jess’ juice. Both girls were smiling as they stared into each others eyes. Jess lent over and kissed Susan, licking the juice from her lips and chin. Then they kissed again, tongues searching each others mouths.

“Yeah, that was great,” Jess said looking at Susan.

“God, what pleasure. Thanks,” Susan said smiling broadly.

“Your welcome,” Jess giggled. “More than welcome. Want to stay the night?” Jess asked, her hand cupping Susan’s breast gently.

“Why not?” Susan whispered back, turning to face Jess and kissing her softly, her hands busy sliding her black panties off.

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