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Tied Up For The Day

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David padded naked back from the shower in a good mood. A day off work when his wife was working always gave him a positive feeling. A sense of freedom. What should he do? Undisturbed access to the Internet was on his mind. Flirt with someone in a chatroom or download some porn and jerk off. The day was his.

But meanwhile he climbed back into bed and cuddled up to Lisa. She lay with her back to him and he reached around, slid his hand up her nightdress and stoked her full breast. She giggled promisingly.

They had been married two years and everything had been conventional about their relationship, even as far as remaining virgins until their wedding day. Lisa was quite straight about sex, perhaps a little shy even now, and always let David do the running. She seemed to be happy, seemed to have orgasms, although he sometimes felt a vague pang of fear that she was faking. She also seemed happy with the regularity of sex, although David would have liked it more often and with more adventure.

His hand crept towards her crotch but he felt her stiffen a little, which he knew was a sign not to rush things. But he felt the time pressure, knowing that she was going to have to get up soon and depart for work. He knew she would feel his stiffness against her butt.

She rolled towards him. “You always rush me.”

“Sorry, I was just worried that you might have to go soon.”

“You always make the running, anyway. Maybe I should make love to you?”

He felt a sudden surge of excitement. “Really? You’ve never said that before.”

She grinned. “I know. I’ve been reading this book.”

“What book?”

“Oh it came free with a magazine. It’s about having better sex. It says the woman should take the lead sometimes.”

“Sounds great.” said David, squeezing a breast again.”Keep reading.”

“I will.”

To his surprise, she climbed on top of him, something she had never done in all their time together. He realised what he had been missing. Her weight on him was sensual and the thought of her pussy hovering over his penis made it harden even more.

She kissed him passionately and he responded hungrily. He reached around and groped for her slit.

“Ah-ah. No. I’m in charge remember?” she chided

“Sorry – can’t help it you are so gorgeous, babe.”

She laughed. “Maybe I should tie you up?”

His mind raced. “Where is Lisa and what have you done with her?” he joked. “I must have a look at this book myself.”

“Lie still.” she commanded, but climbed off him and off the bed.

“Are you going?”

“Far from it.” she smiled.

To David’s surprise, she opened a dressing table draw and pulled out two long silk scarves.

“Put you hands up.”

He obeyed, feeling a deep sense of lust in his balls at the same time.

She tied his hands to the two bedposts.

“Now, what can I do with your legs? I know!”

Lisa slid the belts out of their towelling dressing gowns and used them to fasten his ankles to the bedposts at the foot of the bed. “Now I’ve got you!” she beamed.

David felt weird. He was excited and yet slightly scared, but the fear seemed to add to the excitement. He’d never fantasised about this sort of situation but he was enjoying it greatly.

Lisa climbed on top again. “Now you can’t rush things.” she giggled. I can do what I want with you.

“Go for it, babe.” said David.

She began to kiss him again and again he responded wholeheartedly. But he tasted something odd.

“Hey, what did you eat last night?”

She sat up. She had been out with the office girls for a meal. “I guess there was some garlic in there.”

“It stinks! Maybe you should rinse your mouth, babe.”

As soon as the words were out he regretted them. He felt her shrink and saw from her face she was upset.

“Sorry, I didn’t – ” he began.

“Sod you, David. You’ve spoiled it now.”

“Babe I – ”

“I can tie up your hands and feet but maybe I should tie your mouth?”

She climbed off again and he knew the moment had gone.

“I’m sorry.”

“You will be. I will see you tonight.” she began to dress hurriedly.

“Look I’m sorry. Untie me and we’ll have a cuddle.”

She turned towards him, and his hopes were lifted as she smiled.

“Untie you? I don’t think so. You can take your punishment like a man.”

“But I will be here all day. How can I eat or pee?”

“You should have thought of that before, babe.”

And to David’s astonishment she marched from the room and went downstairs.

Trapped by his bonds, David nevertheless laughed at the situation. But then to his surprise he heard the front door slam. He had expected her to come back and untie him before she left. He lay still alone with his thoughts, glad that his bladder was empty but aware that he hadn’t had breakfast.

Some time later – David wasn’t sure how long, but it was perhaps half an hour – he heard the front door open again. He was pleased at the thought that Lisa had returned. But he heard her go into the kitchen and switch the kettle on. God, she was making him wait.

Again he lay in the semi darkness of the room, aware only of his nakedness and helplessness, waiting for her to come and release him. He rehearsed his apologies.

He heard steps on the stairs and breathed a sign of relief. More steps on the landing and then the bedroom door opened as Lisa returned.

Except that it wasn’t Lisa.

David’s stomach surged with a strange sensation of fear, embarrassment and excitement. Stood in the doorway of his bedroom, transfixed by what she could see, was Lisa’s sister Emma.

“Er, hi Emma.” he said.

“What the fuck…?” He had never heard his sister in law swear before. But then she had never sen him naked and tied to a bed before.

“I came to do the cleaning. It’s Friday!” she said.

He had completely forgotten that his wife paid her sister to come one morning a week and vacuum the carpets.

David laughed. “It’s funny that you’re the one explaining.”

“Well yes.” she said. She was looking all around the room trying to avoid looking directly at David, but feeling she couldn’t just go out until she knew why he was in this odd position.

“We had a row. Lisa…er… Lisa tied me up for fun then I upset her. So she left me like this as a punishment.

Emma started to laugh. She put her hands over her mouth as if trying to stop it. And then she laughed some more. Her sides shook. David could see tears of mirth in her eyes.

She shook her head. “What will people say?”


“When I tell them!”

David reddened. “Hey you won’t tell anyone about this, will you?”

He was suddenly aware that now she was really looking at him. Her realisation of his helplessness seemed to make her bolder.

“Well of course! How could I keep this a secret?”

“Aw come on, Emma. This is really embarrassing.”

“I know.” she grinned. And moved closer, looking him over. His penis suddenly felt very small and his mouth dry.

Emma was if anything even more conservative than her older sister. She was only 20 and David wasn’t sure she’d ever had a boyfriend. But now she seemed confident and empowered.

David tried to take control. “Well, babe, enjoy the view and untie me, please.”

“Oh, I don’t think so. If Lisa wanted you like this when she comes home, how could I untie you? She will know I’ve been here.”

His mind raced. “I’ll tell her I managed to get free.”

“You look pretty firmly tied to me. Looks like Lisa’s time in the Girl Guides wasn’t wasted.”

“Look, come on, untie me.”

Emma was stood next to the bed now. She seemed to be luxuriating in the moment. She swung he handbag off her shoulder and fished in it for something.

“Don’t use scissors.”

“I’m not looking for scissors.”

She found what she was seeking. She pulled out a small digital camera

“Woah, I don’t think so.” David protested.

“Why not? I need some proof. No-one would believe me otherwise.”

She lifted the camera and David wriggled, trying to had himself but the flash went off and he sank back.

“Bit dark in here I think.” said Emma, and she went to the window and opened the curtains, allowing a stream of sunlight to illuminate David’s naked body.

“That’s better.” she said, and quickly took three or four more photos from different angles.

“Look this is really embarrassing. Please untie me.”

“As I said, I can’t do that without Lisa knowing. I need to leave you like that.”

“You could tie me up again before you go.” he argued.

“No, I wouldn’t trust you to co-operate.” she said, and with that she sat down on the bed and squeezed his knee.

“This isn’t fair.”

“I know, but it’s fun.” she said. “And it will be even more fun in the pub tonight when I show people your willy.”

David suppressed his anger, knowing that he needed to negotiate his freedom. He looked for the right thing to say. Perhaps he should make light of it all. “Well, that’s not going to be a very big picture. I don’t think with my little willy I will be popular with any of your friends.”

“Mmm, you’re right. It does look a bit shrivelled. ” she agreed. “Perhaps we can get some better shots…”

To David’s shock, she ran her fingers gently along his bare thigh towards his limp member. Then she traced her fingernails across his stomach.

“What are you doing?”

“Seeing if we can improve the pictures a little.”

Despite his discomfort, David felt his cock stir.

“That’s a bit more like it, David. That’s what our viewers want to see.”

“Hey, come on. You shouldn’t be doing this.”

But his words were empty. As Emma stoked his thigh again, he felt his cock move. He knew she would see it.

Hispenis was partially erect. She took another photo. “Hey I could e-mail this to a few people I know.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Wouldn’t I?” she laughed, and she took another picture.

“I will tell Lisa, you know.” he warned.

“So what?” she declared. “I have the pictures. She can’t complain. She left you tied up knowing I was coming round today.”

“She probably forgot. Come on, untie me.”

“I haven’t finished yet. This is fun.”

She looked him over, checked her camera for the images she had already taken and then sat down by him again.

“What do you mean when you say you haven’t finished?” David asked the question with a strange sense of excitement. He had become aware that deep down part of him was enjoying this, even though he feared what Emma might do with the pictures.

She put her hand on his leg and his cock stirred a little. “Well, I don’t think we’ve seen the full extent of what you’ve got.”

Emma’s hand stoked up his thigh again but this time she kept going and brushed his balls with her fingertips. David jumped a little and gasped.

“Do you like that?”

“Well, yes, but – ”

She did it again. Then she took his balls firmly in her hand and squeezed. David swallowed and she noticed.

“I’ve never touched a man, you know. Not down there.”

David was surprised how much that thought excited him and his cock stiffened a little more. She noticed.

“How hard do I squeeze before it hurts?” her grip tightened slowly.

“I will soon let you know.”

She squeezed tighter still, but then stopped, obviously concerned not to hurt.

“It’s okay you didn’t hurt me.”

“How hard do you get, then? Is this as much as you get?”

This was weird. David couldn’t believe this situation. He certainly wouldn’t tell Lisa.

“What about if I do this?”

Emma took gentle hold of his cock and felt it stiffen noticeably in her hand. “Ah, you like that!”

David found himself whimpering a little “Yes.” He had been roused earlier with Lisa and his balls felt heavy.

“What do I do now?” Emma asked.

“Whatever you want. I cant stop you.” David closed his eyes, deciding to enjoy the moment even if there could be consequences later.

He felt her begin to explore his genital area with both hands. She squeezed, pulled, stroked, rubbed..

“Good job I showered this morning.” he whispered.

She pulled back his foreskin and then pulled it forward again. He shuddered. “You may not want to do that too much, or you might get more than you bargained for.”

She laughed. “Better take a picture or two first.”

While David pondered the use of the word “first” she picked up her camera and took two more shots of his now achingly erect dick.

“That’s nice. My friends will like that.”

“You are such a bitch.” He meant it but tried to say it with a smile.

She grabbed his balls hard. “I know. But you are enjoying this, and there’s no way to hide it from me!”

He couldn’t argue. There was deep pleasure and he knew that his face was probably flushed red.

She began to pull his foreskin back and forwards rhythically.

“If you haven’t touched a man before how come you are so good?”

“Following my instincts. And a few porno clips I’ve seen on the net.”

He was close to release now, but decided not to warn her. He didn’t want her to stop. She rubbed harder and it pushed im over the edge.

“Ahhh…!”He felt the surge and the spurt of his semen. Emma squealed with apparent delight but she kept going. He felt like it was being milked out of him.

“That is sooo good.” he breathed.

“I can tell. So this is semen, then.”

He opened his eyes and saw her rubbing his juice between her finger and thumb. It was all over her fingers.

“Yes, that’s semen alright.”

“What does it taste like?” she asked.

“Why not try it?” he asked defiantly.

“Don’t be rude!” she commanded and with that she reached forward and rubbed it into his lips. He squirmed but realised that his bonds made even his head movements limited.

“Well, is it nice? I bet you expect Lisa to suck you off, don’t you?”

“It tastes okay. Not as bad as lots of girls think.”

“Let me decide.”

To his surprise, she leant over and kissed his spunk-covered lips hard, poking her tongue between her own lips and savouring the taste.

“Bloody hell, Emma. I thought you were a shy girl.”

“I am. But I’m in control here and it’s my chance to make up some time in my education. I’ve always been jealous of Lisa. I fancied you before she did.”

“I didn’t know.”

“You couldn’t have known. But I’ve used you in my fantasies when masturbating more than once.”

David’s head was spinning. “Why are you telling me this?”

“Because I feel sorry for you lying there trapped.”

“You’ll have to clean me up. Can’t have Lisa finding me covered in spunk.”

“Why not? Just tell her you fell asleep and dreamed about her.”

“I will tell her what really happened.”

“Oh, I don’t think so.” laughed Emma, taking another shot of David’s cum-covered body and his limp cock, before waving the camera in his face triumphantly.

With that she kissed him once more – this time on the forehead – and left the room.

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