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Rope Head

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Like any other good day, today started out with my wonderful Dom tying me up. Nothing puts me in a better mood than feeling the touch of rope on my skin — the only thing that centers me more is feeling his hand in my hair as I kneel in front of him.

Most mornings, we spend several minutes going through the ritual of tying and kneeling, putting me in a great mood to conquer my day. Sometimes I stay in the rope for just a few minutes as we take care of the morning chores and breakfast, other times I remain in them all day.

Today, we each have the whole day off from work and commitments, so I’ve already anticipated being tied up for a lengthy while. He starts by putting me into a simple karada, one of my favorite ties. I enjoy the feeling of restriction while still having my ankles and arms free. This tie never fails to make me squirm in arousal, especially as the crotch rope moves when I go about my day.

After I’m put in the harness, we go about our morning as usual. I can’t tell if this will be the extent of our sensual play, but either way I revel in the feeling of the rope throughout the morning. I can tell Sir is messing with me, as he keeps dropping things and having me straighten things up, making me bend and move around into semi-bizarre positions all morning.

Each time I bend and straighten the rope slides against my clit, adding to my arousal. It turns me on even more having to maintain a sense of normalcy while feeling so squirmy inside, but I know Sir sees right through me to how hot I am getting.

At some point a few hours later, things have calmed down a bit more and we are each settling down to read and catch up on the news. Sir has me sit facing forward between his knees, moving close so I can feel his hard cock against my neck. As I start trying to read the paper, I can feel Sir’s fingers gently teasing my neck and playing with my hair — messing with me just enough to ensure that I’m distracted by my arousal. I don’t want to distract him, but soon I can’t help but outwardly squirm, trying to shift the ropes against my clit.

Sir moves a hand down to tease my nipples, gently caressing and twisting them. At this point, I sacrifice the paper to the side, moving my knees up and apart and leaning back into Sir’s lap. He moves one hand around my throat, holding firmly enough to let me know he is in control, as his other hand continues tormenting my now-hard nipples.

Sir stands, pulling my hair to let me know to rise with him. Once we are back in the den (our designated play space is a den attached to the bedroom), he has me stand with my back to him as he prepares things behind me. Sir has me move my hands behind my back, grabbing my opposite wrists, and he ties my arms into the karada. Sir moves his hands up and down my shoulders and arms, then down and around to tease my nipples again, pinching and twisting until I’m moaning out loud.

After moving over to the couch, Sir guides me down on my knees in front of him. He moves one hand down to play with my clit, rubbing it gently — enough to make me squirm but not enough to make me cum. In a few minutes, I’m writhing on his hand, fully aroused, and he gently inserts a vibrator into my cunt. This particular vibrator has a dildo and a separate attachment that lies on my clit, snuggly held in place by the crotch rope; both pieces vibrate via a small remote. Sir shucks his pants and sits back down, his hand gently caressing my face.

Sir guides my head so that my mouth is around his hard cock, and nods at me to go ahead and suck away. I swirl my tongue around the tip, savoring his taste. One of his hands remains in my hair, caressing my neck and gently tugging to let me know what he likes best. His other hand wanders, toying with my nipples and occasionally tugging on different ropes to reinforce my restraint. I continue sucking, moving up and down his shaft and trying my best to please my Dom.

After a minute, I can feel the vibrator in my pussy turn on, making me squirm back and hum around Sir’s cock. His hand in my hair tightens, and I look up at him. I’m quickly informed that anytime I break eye contact, the vibrator and all touching will stop. The added vulnerability makes me shudder, and I resume sucking while looking in his eyes. As a reward, I feel the vibrator on my clit start to hum, and my eyelids flutter and I moan around Sir’s dick.

I continue to take my time, swirling my tongue and sucking deeply, teasing Sir as much as I’m allowed. He grips my hair to slow me down, than thrusts deep into my mouth, seeing how much I can take. Once I start to gag he pulls back, moving forward and repeating the same motion. Once I stop gagging each time, he increases the vibrators to the next level. I start to moan around his cock as I’m sucking, struggling to maintain eye contact the whole time. He starts pumping faster and faster, and I can tell he is getting ready to cum. As he starts fucking my face, he turns the vibrators on full speed, roughly pinching my nipples.

All of a sudden everything turns off, and I can taste and feel Sir’s seed spilling down my throat. I swallow, and smile at the look of satisfaction on Sir’s face. I am seconds from begging for my own climax, but I don’t want to disturb his moment of relief. Even so, I can’t help myself from emitting a small moan and writhing my hips, seeking out fulfillment of any sort.

Sir grins wickedly, and I can tell he is enjoying my predicament. He threatens to leave me that way all afternoon, and I whimper in response. Part of me would enjoy being kept this way all day, perhaps removing the arm tie but leaving the rest of the ties in place. We had done something similar once before, going out to dinner with me bound under my clothes and a vibe in place…the torment was incredible. Today, however, all I want is to cum. I’ve been on edge all morning, and each minute I’m tied up and staring into my Dom’s eyes only serves to increase my arousal.

Sir still has one hand in my hair, and he utters one word, “Beg.” I blush — even after all the things we have done, it still embarrasses me to explicitly discuss what I want sexually. At the same time, for some bizarre reason this light embarrassment only makes me hotter, increasing my need. I can feel the vibrator inside me turn on again at the slowest level.

“Please Sir, please let me cum. My pussy is dripping for you.” Sir turns the clit vibrator on and ups the levels, making me moan and squirm even more. He moves his hands down to play with my nipples again, alternating rough pinches with pulling on the rope in my harness.

“Oh God, please, please let me cum! I c-can’t bear it,” my voice breaks into another moan as the vibrators go up yet another level. It is taking all my power to keep looking into Sir’s eyes as he toys with me. After just another minute, I feel everything move into full speed, and Sir moves down so he is kneeling front of me. In my ear, Sir whispers “cum, my little dirty slut,” before kissing me passionately, swallowing my harsh cries as I climax in his arms.

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