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Room Service like No Other

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Mack Thompson had just returned to his hotel room following an intense workout at the fitness center and swimming pool. He was in town for a conference and had arrived a day early. At 30 years old he was the picture of health and could have been the poster guy for a fitness club. Mack stood at 6’2″ and weighed a chiseled 190 pounds. He had light brown hair that he always kept short and hazel eyes. He loved to play golf, ski and swim in addition to his routine gym workouts.

Mack opted to eat in that evening so he called room service and ordered dinner and a bottle of wine. He decided to shower before the food arrived. After showering and drying off he put on a pair of snug workout shorts that hugged his package. Mack was hoping that a cute girl might deliver his food order and that she would see the outline of his manhood. Mack was well endowed with a 7+” cock that was not freakish in size but certainly above average. He had pleasured many a lady with his virility.

A knock on the door and a voice announced, “Room Service.”

Mack opened the door and let a young blonde haired man carry the tray into his room. The young man walked past Mack and Mack noticed that the employee was wearing very tight slacks that showed off a curvy ass. The young man placed the tray on the table in the corner of the room and Mack checked out the ass again. The blonde turned and looked at Mack and took in the muscular build. His eyes drifted to Mack’s crotch and focused on the outline in his shorts. Only a few seconds of silence elapsed but it seemed longer before the employee spoke.

“Please sign here,” he said placing the check on the table.

Mack moved to the table and signed the check adding a generous tip to the total. Mack noticed that the young blonde appeared to be a little effeminate and Mack immediately wondered if he might be gay. Mack handed the check to the young man and smiled.

“Thank you!” the employee said after seeing the tip and then asked, “Are you here for the conference?”

“Yes, I am,” Mack replied.

Mack followed the young man’s eyes to his crotch again and sensed that he was interested. “My name is Josh. Here’s my card. Please call if I can do anything to make your stay more enjoyable.”

Mack took the card and responded, “Thank you Josh, what did you have in mind to make it more enjoyable.”

Josh blushed and then moved closer to Mack. He placed his hand on Mack’s crotch knowing that he was taking a risk. When Mack stood still Josh rubbed the crotch and he felt Mack’s cock stiffen in the confines of the shorts. “Are you gay,” Josh asked.

“No,” Mack answered.

“Have you ever had sex with a guy?” Josh continued.

“No,” Mack lied because he wanted Josh to seduce him.

Josh dropped to his knees and pulled Mack’s shorts down his thighs. Mack’s thick erect dick leaped out and bobbed in Josh’s face. Josh took the stiff dick in his hand and stroked it. “Beautiful,” he whispered. His excitement was obvious.

Josh kissed the impressive cock and then took it in his mouth. After a few sucks he stood up and spoke again. “I have more orders to deliver. Would you like me to come back after my shift is over?”

“Sure, come back when you have more time,” Mack told him.

Josh then left the room and Mack pulled up his shorts. Mack sat at the table to eat his meal and enjoy a glass of wine. As he ate he recalled the young men that he had allowed to suck his cock and the ones that he had fucked in the ass. Mack had spent time in the South of France and in Washington, D.C. when he worked for the government. He had on occasion enjoyed the young effeminate gays with their smooth virtually hairless bodies. Mack had adopted the philosophy that if the gay was pretty and effeminate then anal and oral sex was not that different than with a woman.

That evening he had elected to stay in his room instead of trying to get lucky at the bar and it looked as if that decision would pay off. Mack finished his meal and stretched out on the bed with his back against the head board propped up with pillows. He watched TV and sipped his wine as he awaited Josh’s return. Hours had passed and Mack was just about to give up on Josh when there was a knock on the door. Mack answered the door and he was pleased to see it was Josh. He let him in and then Mack returned to the bed and his propped up position.

“There’s some wine left if you want a glass,” Mack offered.

“Thanks, I will,” Josh accepted.

Josh poured the wine and then sat in a chair across from Mack. They chatted for a while and Mack learned that Josh attended college during the day and worked at the hotel in the evenings. He was 20 years old and in his junior year at school. When Josh finished the wine he moved over to the bed. “I don’t think that you will need these anymore,” Josh said as he peeled Mack’s shorts down and off his legs.

Mack’s cock was fully erect by the time his shorts were removed. Josh smiled at Mack and then leaned over to take the impressive cock in his mouth. Mack guessed him to be about 5’6″ and 140 pounds. He looked to be in good shape even though he had more of a feminine appearance. His legs were shapely like a girl’s and he had an ass that most women would kill for. His blonde hair was long covering his ears and the nape of his neck. Mack found himself wondering what Josh looked like naked and he wondered what he would look like getting fucked. Josh sucked on Mack’s dick relishing the firmness and the fleshy mushroom head. He gently fondled Mack’s balls and felt the balls sac tighten as Mack approached his release. Josh was an excellent cock sucker and Mack knew that he would cum soon. He continued to fondle Mack’s balls and he stroked his perineum. Mack was so turned on that he busted his nut quickly and flooded Josh’s mouth. Josh handled the discharge expertly and sucked every drop out of Mack’s cock. Josh held onto Mack’s muscular thighs as he continued to suck Mack’s cock keeping it hard.

“Do you mind if I take off my clothes?” Josh asked.

“No, take them off,” Mack replied anxious to see Josh naked and get a good look at that ass.

Josh returned to the bed and knelt on the side of it as he sucked Mack’s cock again. Mack reached over and caressed Josh’s curvy ass and he loved the smooth feel of the buttocks.

“Would you like to fuck me? I want to feel that marvelous cock in my ass. Here use this and massage my ass some more and lubricate my anus this time,” Josh directed handing Mack a bottle of the hotel supplied body lotion

Mack followed Josh’s instructions and began to massage Josh’s ass. Mack then worked Josh’s ass just as he had any of the girl’s he had ever butt fucked. He lovingly massaged Josh shapely buttocks and lubricated Josh’s asshole. Mack put one then two fingers in Josh’s ass and finger fucked him for several minutes.

“I’m ready for you Mack. I’m ready for you to put your big dick in me. Go slow and make this last a long time,” Josh whispered sexily.

Staring the entire time at Josh’s beautiful curvy ass, Mack got up on the bed and lowered his body onto Josh. Mack held his erect cock in his hand and guided it to Josh’s anus. Josh held his breath as the thick but soft mushroom head opened up Josh’s anus and stretched the sphincter. Mack was thoughtful and gentle as he slowly penetrated a guy’s ass once again. Josh’s ass opened up and welcomed Mack’s cock into the warm snug passage. Mack held still and let Josh move under him. Once Mack was satisfied that Josh had loosened up he began to fuck Josh with long steady deliberate strokes.

The two of them moved together as if they had done this many times before. Josh rose up slightly on his knees while keeping his chest pressed against the mattress. This move accentuated the round shape of his shapely ass. Mack like the feel of the curvy buttocks as he drove his cock all the way home. Normally Mack liked the doggy style position but he found he liked the way Josh felt under him. Josh groaned repeatedly each time Mack buried his cock in Josh’s ass.

Every time Mack drove his cock into Josh’s bottom, Josh lifted his hips to receive the cock in his ass. They fucked slowly and maintained their rhythm and Mack wrapped his arms around Josh’s upper body. Their bodies pressed together as they made love and Mack felt just like he was in the ass of a woman. As expected fucking Josh was just as enjoyable as a woman and strangely erotic. Mack was so wrapped up fucking Josh’s hot curvy ass that his ejaculation snuck up on him. Almost without warning Mack shot another massive load, this time into Josh’s rectum.

Josh groaned aloud when he felt the first stream shoot into him followed by several more streams nearly as forceful. Mack moved his hips in and out as he ejaculated into Josh until he was nearly drained. Mack pressed his body into Josh and remained still as Josh clenched and unclenched his sphincter muscle around Mack’s shaft. Mack was still hard when he removed his cock from Josh’s ass and sat back on his haunches. Josh turned over and took a hold of his own erection and stroked it in search of his release. Mack watched Josh jerk off.

Josh saw that Mack was still hard and spoke softly, “Put your cock back in me. Just fuck me until I cum.”

Mack moved back to Josh who lifted his legs to receive Mack’s cock. Mack eased his cock back into Josh’s well lubed passage and began to fuck him again. Josh stroked his cock as Mack fucked him and Mack was pleased that he was still hard after cumming twice. Mack watched as Josh closed his eyes and felt Josh’s sphincter tighten around his cock as Josh ejaculated. Josh’s load shot out in four or five streams and landed on his chest, abs and pubes.

Josh smiled and said, “I think that you like fucking me,” Josh whispered.

“I do. You have a great ass,” Mack agreed.

“Can I stay here tonight? I don’t feel like driving home and then you can fuck me again in the morning,” Josh requested.

“Sure you can stay. There’s plenty of room,” Mack told him as he assessed the king size bed.

Mack and Josh remained naked and slipped under the bed covers. Later on, sometime in the early morning Mack and Josh found themselves coupled in a spoon position with Mack’s rigid cock between the cheeks of Josh’s ass. Mack woke up and when he realized how they were positioned, he eased his cock into Josh’s ass. Josh tensed momentarily when he felt the thick shaft enter him and then he relaxed with Mack’s cock buried in his rectum. Mack’s hands wrapped around and caressed Josh’s body. Mack gently pinched Josh’s nipples and kept fucking Josh until they both came. Josh came twice before Mack came in Josh’s ass again. The first time Josh ejaculated; his cum shot passed his face and hit the headboard of bed. The second time he came his seed hit him in the face and neck. Then Mack lost it and dumped another load in Josh’s ass. The two of them rested on their sides as Mack’s cock slowly deflated and slipped from Josh’s asshole. They both fell asleep in that position with Mack’s arm draped over Josh and cum oozing out of Josh’s asshole.

In the morning Mack was awake first and he quietly got out of bed and went in the bathroom to pee and take a shower. Mack was letting the warm water cascade over his body when Josh joined him in the shower. Mack was glad to see him.

“Got room for me?” Josh asked.

“Plenty of room,” Mack replied.

The two of them then began to wash each other. Mack washed Josh’s body and paid particular attention to Josh’s ass. Mack stood behind Josh and washed Josh’s chest and abs. Then Mack’s hands made their way down to Josh’s ass. Mack cupped the inviting buttocks in his hands as he soaped up Josh’s ass. Then he fingered Josh’s asshole and soaped up his own cock. “Here use this it’s better than soap,” Josh said as he handed Mack the hotel supplied bath gel. Josh leaned forward slightly placing his hands on the shower wall and arched his back so that his ass pushed back toward Mack. Mack lubed Josh’s ass with the gel and then smeared it liberally on his cock. Mack eased his cock into Josh’s slippery asshole as he held onto Josh’s hips.

Josh groaned seductively as the big dick entered his asshole. Mack fucked him slowly and watched his cock slide in and out of Josh’s shapely ass. Mack was so turned on that he felt his orgasm building quicker then he planned. There was no stopping him and his balls tightened as he unloaded in Josh’s ass. Mack held onto to Josh’s hips and drove his cock deep into Josh’s asshole. Josh felt the hot cum fill his asshole to overflowing and instinctively used his sphincter muscle to milk Mack’s cock. Josh had wanted to feel Mack’s first load of the day in his ass and as expected Mack flooded Josh’s rectum.

Mack stayed hard and kept fucking Josh. Mack could feel his own semen surround his cock as he continued to fuck Josh’s ass. Mack sensed that he would stay hard and he was pleased that he could continue to fuck Josh’s ass. Josh realized that Mack would fuck him until he ejaculated and Josh began to stroke his own cock. Josh that morning asked Mack to jerk him off while he fucked his ass.

“Mack, would you play with me today? Please play with my cock. Stroke it for me,” Josh begged.

Mack grabbed a hold of Josh’s cock and jerked him off as he fucked Josh’s ass. It was always odd for Mack to be holding a cock other than his own and the contrast in size was a different feeling. Josh screamed that he was cumming. Mack stroked Josh quicker and he watched over Josh’s shoulder as Josh ejaculated. Josh’s cum oozed out of his cock and trickled over Mack’s hand only to be washed away by the shower water. Mack actually liked feeling Josh cum and watching the spunk ooze out of Josh’s cock. They finished showering and dried off. Mack stayed in the bathroom to shave and when he returned to the room Josh was naked in bed with his fantastic ass on display.

Mack had planned to dress and go down to the restaurant for breakfast but once he saw Josh’s bubble butt asking to be fucked again, he just had to accommodate the pretty blonde. Within seconds Mack was hard again and buried balls deep in Josh’s tight asshole. Josh was flattened on the bed face down as Mack drove his impressive cock deep into the bowels of his new lover. Josh’s ass moved under Mack but Mack’s strength and drive kept Josh pinned under him. Mack’s powerful buttocks clenched and unclenched as he pummeled Josh’s ass. His thick cock drove into Josh and then retreated until only the head remained in Josh’s rectum. Josh felt the powerful shaft drive in and out of his anal passage like a piston causing Josh to cry out.

“Oh man your cock is so big in my ass, so deep. Cum in me like the last time, I want to feel you shooting in my ass!” Josh exclaimed.

Mack continued to fuck the shapely firm ass of his new lover driving his cock into the warm recess. Mack sensed his orgasm building in his balls and he knew that within minutes he would cum in Josh’s hot ass. Mack felt the pressure in his scrotum just before he unleashed a torrent of semen into the shapely firm ass underneath him. Mack felt Josh’s sphincter muscle tighten around the shaft and squeeze every ounce of juice out of it. Mack stayed hard and he continued to slowly fuck Josh’s ass as the semen coated his shaft.

Mack rolled to his side keeping his cock in Josh’s ass as he pulled Josh to the side. He jerked Josh off again until the pretty blond ejaculated and covered the bed sheets with semen. Mack then went back to the bathroom to take a quick rinse off and this time he dressed and prepared to leave the room to eat breakfast.

“Mack, I’m going to take off. I have classes today but I’m not working tonight. Would you like me to stop back this evening?” Josh asked hopefully.

“I don’t know how this evening will go. I have a reception to go to. Call me about 9:00 PM and I’ll know what’s going on,” Mack suggested.

Mack left the room and went to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. That evening was the conference registration and welcome reception and Mack wanted to check out the ladies attending the conference. If he didn’t see anything he liked he would tell Josh to join him again in his room. It was nice to have a back-up plan. Mack finished breakfast and then spent most of the day at the swimming pool followed by a workout before the reception.

That evening at the reception Mack did not see any ladies that interested him. There were several who showed their interest in Mack and they openly flirted with him but he politely ignored their advances. Mack kept comparing the women at the reception to Josh and in each instance he decided that Josh was prettier and had a much nicer ass. There were some lookers at the event but they were with their husbands and besides Mack never messed with married women. As it turned out Mack returned to his room after the reception declining offers to join others at the bar.

Promptly at 9:00 PM Josh called and he was thrilled when Mack told him to come over to the hotel. Thirty minutes later Josh and Mack were naked again in Mack’s bed. Josh was enamored with Mack’s impressive cock and he spent a lot of time kissing it and licking it keeping Mack hard. Mack was soon ready to fuck Josh and he told Josh to get on all fours. Mack used the body lotion from the hotel and greased up his cock. Then he greased up Josh’s asshole and he marveled at the shapely ass on Josh’s smaller frame. Mack observed again that Josh’s skin was tan all over except for his lily white ass. Josh looked good on all fours as he waited for Mack’s cock to penetrate his ass. Mack took his time lubricating Josh’s ass and he liked the submissive posture that Josh presented. Josh had his head down on his hands which were folded on the bed. Josh’s ass was elevated and his back was arched emphasizing the curvy shape of his ass. Josh looked perfect and he presented exactly the image that Mack liked to fuck.

Mack moved close and slowly eased his cock into Josh’s ass. Josh groaned slightly with the penetration and his sphincter stretched once again to accept the big cock. Once past the sphincter Mack fucked Josh slowly until Josh’s ass opened up and he was once again able to take the big thick cock. Mack then picked up the pace and soon his hips were slamming into the lovely Josh. Josh’s curvy ass would jiggle each time Mack thrust into it and Mack loved the effect. Mack felt his orgasm building again and he knew that he would dump another load in Josh’s ass. Josh felt Mack’s body stiffen and make one final thrust as Mack buried his cock in Josh’s ass. Then Josh felt cum surge into him and he felt Mack’s cock throb with each release. Mack was glad that he had been able to cum so much that day.

Josh’s anal muscles involuntarily clenched and unclenched as they massaged Mack’s cock and drew every drop of cum from the shaft. Mack kept pressed against his temporary lover and let his cock be milked dry. Josh couldn’t hold his position any longer and he collapsed forward on the bed. Mack followed Josh down and lay on top of Josh with his cock still buried in Josh’s ass. Mack felt Josh’s smooth hairless skin against his own and he liked the feeling. Mack remained on top of Josh until Josh begged him to get up. Mack didn’t realize it but he had been crushing Josh’s smaller body. Mack had gotten lost in the moment as Josh’s ass muscles tightened around Mack’s cock. Mack then rolled to the side and his softening cock slipped from Josh’s dilated asshole.

Josh remained on his stomach face down on the bed as he recovered from being thoroughly fucked. Mack looked over at Josh and he wondered if Josh had cum. Then Mack looked at Josh’s ass and he could see cum oozing from it. Mack was tempted to finger Josh’s asshole and push the semen back in. Mack started by caressing Josh’s curvy smooth ass and then he played with his asshole. Mack pushed his finger into Josh’s cum filled hole. Josh wiggled his ass in response as Mack played with him.

Josh then pushed himself up on all fours giving Mack better access. It was then that Mack noticed that Josh had cum on the bed. He could see the wet spots on the sheets and Mack knew it was from Josh’s ejaculation.

“Oh Mack, I don’t know if I have ever been fucked like that,” Josh cooed.

“I’m glad you liked it because I loved fucking your ass,” Mack told him.

“I think that I messed the bed sheets,” Josh said with a laugh.

“Yeah, I noticed,” Mack laughed.

“Can I stay here again tonight?” Josh asked.

“Sure but I have to be at breakfast by 8:00 AM and the conference will run all day with a dinner at 7:00 PM. It will be a long day,” Mack replied.

“That’s okay, I have to work the next three nights,” Josh shared.

“Well let’s enjoy the remaining time we have together,” Mack said as he fondled Josh’s ass and prepared to fuck the pretty blonde again.

Mack fucked Josh twice more that night before they went to sleep and then again in the morning. As planned Mack left the room to attend the conference and he did not see Josh the rest of the week. At the end of the conference Mack checked out and flew back to his home town. On the plane Mack reflected on the week and he had enjoyed the bi-sexual encounter with Josh. Mack smiled to himself as he thought that he had never had room service like that before.

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