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Laura didn’t like school. It was tough enough with all the studying and the homework, but, what made it almost unbearable was her mother. Laura loved her mother dearly, but her choice in men left a lot to be desired. It was her mother’s fault that she didn’t have a father. And it was her mother’s fault that they were poor. That Laura didn’t have nice clothes like the other girls.

That she wasn’t able to go to after-school activities. But most of all, it was her mother’s fault that she had no ride home from school. That she was reduced to begging almost every day.

Laura felt like crying as she looked out at the school parking lot. It was empty save for one car. Well, there were always the few teachers that were left, but they would ask questions. Like, “Where’s your parents? Why didn’t you ride the bus?”

And there were answers she didn’t want to give. Her mother was at work and they had moved into a new apartment, which was out of the school district. When they moved, Laura chose to keep going to the same school even though it was across town. Her best friend Betsy didn’t mind taking her. It was only a mile or two out of her way. The only problem was, Betsy’s father got laid off, and Betsy and her whole family moved two weeks into the school year.

Just then, Laura saw someone exit the gym. She cursed inwardly when she realized who it was. It was Kim Morris, stuck up bitch extraordinaire. Well, there was no help for it. She took a deep breath to calm her nervous butterflies, and set off at a pace to bring her to Kim’s car, just as the girl opened her door.

“Hi Kim.”

“Oh Hi Laura.”

“Listen,” said Laura. “My ride fell through today, and I was wondering. . .”

“Sure,” Kim said. “Get in.”

Laura couldn’t believe her luck. Kim drove a Ford Explorer, and it was almost brand new. People like that never let anyone ride with them. Their rich parents were too worried about getting sued to allow their kids to tote anyone else around.

“Thanks,” Laura managed to say, before getting in the vehicle.

“So,” Kim asked. “Where do you live?”

Laura could feel her insides clench as she told. Another reason girls like Kim didn’t give Laura rides, was that she lived on the poor side of town. Well out of the way from where Kim would be going.

“That’s a little out of my way,” Kim said. “You mind if we swing by my house first?”

“Sure,” Laura said. Her mom wasn’t due home for hours. Besides, it would be nice to see how the other half lived.

When Kim pulled into the drive of a very large brick home, Laura couldn’t help but feel jealous. The garage even had an automatic door.

“Come on in,” said Kim. “What time do you have to be home?”

“Not for a couple of hours,” said Laura.

Laura did her best to contain her sheer amazement at the lavish house, but she couldn’t help but let it show. The kitchen floor had real stone tile flooring and the appliances were stainless steel. There was even a fresh flower arrangement. “This is really nice,” she said, running her hand over the smooth stainless steel surface of the refrigerator.

Kim winced. “You’re not supposed to touch that,” she said. “It leaves fingerprints.”

“Sorry.” Laura blushed. She realized her social status was showing like a red flag.

“There’s stainless cleaner under the sink,” Kim said. “You mind cleaning your prints off?”

“No,” Kim replied. Actually, she did mind. She thought it was very poor form to ask a guest to clean, but she still needed a ride home. Besides, they were her fingerprints. It wasn’t easy finding the supplies in a strange house, but eventually she found the cleaner and the paper towels and cleaned the surface of the refrigerator.

“Finished?” Kim called from the living room.

“Yes,” Laura yelled back.

“Will you bring me a Diet Coke?” Kim said. “Cups are in the cabinet beside the ‘fridge and the coke is inside. Watch the fingerprints. Do you know how to work the icemaker?”

“Yes,” Laura replied. ‘Do I look stupid?’ she thought to herself. The lever on the front said press for ice. Although she did feel a little stupid when ice and water filled the cup. She dumped it out and tried again, this time moving the lever from ice and water to ice only.

“Thanks,” Kim said, taking the cup from Laura without turning from the TV. “You like the Bold and Beautiful?”

“Yes, but I don’t really get time to watch it.”

“Oh that’s right,” Kim said. “You don’t have a car do you? You probably don’t even have Tivo. Anyway, have a seat.” Kim pointed to the small footstool at her feet. “There’s something I want to talk to you about.”

“Okay.” Laura sat down on the footstool. It felt a little weird sitting there on the uncomfortable stool when there was so much nice furniture around.

“Look, I know you don’t have a car or anything. I’ve seen you out bumming rides from people everyday. So what I’m thinking is that maybe I can give you a ride . . .and you, you are going to have to pay me.”

“I can pay you like two dollars every day,” Laura said. She could brown bag her lunch and give her lunch money to Kim. Anything would be better than the current situation.

“Do I look like I need your lunch money?” Kim asked.

“No,” Laura replied, blushing. Wondering how Kim knew it was her lunch money.

“Here’s the deal,” Kim said. “But first, I want you to promise that anything that goes on here . . . stays between *us*. Sort of like Vegas.”

“I promise.” Besides, since her best friend moved away, there was no one to tell.

“Good, cause if I hear about you telling, I will ruin you. You have not idea how bad I’ll ruin you. Besides, no one would believe you anyway.” Kim took a sip of soda before continuing. “When I was at cheerleading camp this summer, one of the girls had a birthday. Well, it was someone else’s idea, but she ended up bare-bottom over each of our laps for three licks.

I’ll be honest. I enjoyed it. The only thing was, three licks wasn’t nearly enough. That’s where you come in.”

“Ah . . .Kim. . .” Laura tried to interrupt.

“Let me finish,” Kim said. “I’ve got a car, which I can use to take you to and from school. I’ve got a pool you can use when we come back to my house. I’ve also got a Playstation and tons of other cools stuff. Really, I think I can make things much nicer for you, but it will cost you a spanking.”

“I-I-I can’t,” Laura stuttered. God, it did sound nice though, rides for the rest of the year, to and from, a pool, and a friend. But a spanking? That would be like taking money for sex or something.

“Sure you can,” Kim said. “What’s the big deal? A few spanks. Look, I’ll tell you what. Let me spank you five times right now. Just to let you see what it’ll be like. I won’t say anything. You won’t say anything. It will be like it never happened. Then tomorrow, if we have a deal, all you have to say is, can I have a ride? And look, if it’ll make you feel better, we won’t even call it a spanking. We’ll call it, a *ride*. Hmmmm?”

“Look Kim, I really can’t,” Laura protested weakly.

“Why not. Tabitha did it for nothing on her birthday. You, you’re coming out way ahead. Come one. Just five measly licks. Just a little teeny tiny sp- I mean ride, and then I’ll take you home.”

Laura was silent, but internally there was a whirlwind of thoughts. Could she? Should she? Should she? In the end, she decided. “Will you . . . will you promise you won’t tell.”

“Cross my heart and hope to die,” Kim said. She summoned all her willpower to keep the smile from her lips. Laura was going to do it!

“Okay,” Laura said, blushing.

“Great,” Kim said. “We’ll do it right over the stool. If you don’t mind that is?”

“Okay.” Laura’s voice grew meeker by the minute.

“Just get on your knees. That’s a girl. Now lean over the stool. Forehead to the floor. Bottom up nice and high. Oh, that’s perfect. Just perfect.”

Well, it wasn’t perfect, but it was almost perfect. Kim moved behind Laura and raised the skirt to her hips. When she caught the waistband of her panties, Laura finally objected.

“What are you doing,” she said, reaching back, and keeping hold of her thin cotton panties.

“You’re not going to be able to have them for this ride,” Kim said. “But you can pull them back up just as soon as we’re done.”

With an inward groan, Laura reluctantly released her panties. Kim slid them down to the girl’s knees, then stood up and walked around her classmate.

Examining her.

She really couldn’t believe her luck. She had thoughts and fantasies of this exact moment ever since she had spanked Tabitha during cheerleading camp, but she never got the opportunity to make them a reality. Then today when she saw her chance with Laura, she seized it, grabbed it and never let go.

“Are you going to be okay,” Kim asked, not really caring about the answer, only asking to delay the moment a little bit longer.

“Yes,” Laura answered. She wished Kim would just do it and get it over with. She felt so vulnerable there with her bottom exposed.

“How old were you when you had your last spanking?”

“Twelve – I think,” Laura replied. A shiver went down her spine and small chill bumps covered her lean bottom.

“If we do this again, I want you to count them out,” Kim said. “But for now, just relax and let me do the work.”

Kim knelt behind the Laura’s upturned bottom. This was going to be ten times better than cheerleading camp, she realized. Where Tabitha had been athletic and toned, Laura was small and skinny. She was going to feel every lick. And Laura’s pale pert bottom looked so cute as she tightly clenched her cheeks to avoid exposing her nether regions. It was almost a shame. . .almost. Kim drew back her hand, high over her head and let down with a mighty wallop.

Smack! “One!” Kim said as she leveled a heavy handed slap to Laura’s bottom.

“Ow!” Laura cried in pain. Shit! It wasn’t supposed to hurt. What the fuck? She didn’t get a chance to complete her thought.

Smack! “Two!” Kim smiled broadly. Two angry red handprints decorated Laura’s previously pristine ivory bottom. “Are you okay? You act like this is the end of the world or something?”

“Oww, it hurts! Whew, Jesus!” whined Laura, rubbing her two burning cheeks. Her modesty forgotten, she didn’t realize the show she was putting on for her classmate.

“Don’t be such a baby,” Kim said. “Only three more. Go on. Move your hands.”

Timidly Laura let go of her blazing bottom and clutched the bottom of the stool.

Smack! “Three!” Smack! “Four” SMACK! “Five”

With every lick Laura’s ass rode further and further up the stool. Her long limber legs were splayed in every direction. Her spine arched. After the last lick had fallen, she fell back to the stool, hand darting to stinging flesh.

“Shit,” Laura whined. “That hurt!”

“Hands off!” Kim demanded, grabbing Laura by the wrists. A struggle off wills ensued, which Laura quickly lost, finding herself clutching the back of the stool, her body on display for her classmate.

Kim stood and circled her prey. Handprints littered Laura’s bottom, turning it into a work of art. Kim’s art, signed by her hand. Her palm was hot and there was a kind of numb vibration coursing through it. Her palm wasn’t the only thing hot. Taking care to stand out of sight of her classmate, she caressed her sex through her clothes.

God, how she needed to cum, but she didn’t dare let Laura find out.

She circled until Laura’s head was at her feet. “This is our little secret, yes?”

Laura blinked back her tears. “Yes,” she whimpered. Oh God, yes.

“I’m going to pull up your panties now.” Kim knelt behind Laura, and began to slowly slide up the girl’s panties. “But I’m going to try not to touch where I spanked you, okay?”

“okay. . .” It sounded like a good idea to Laura. The last thing she wanted was for her bottom to hurt anymore. What she wasn’t expecting, is what happened next.

Instead of pulling them into place, Kim parked the gusset between the red welted bottom cheeks, giving her a wedgie. The thin white material rose up between the lips of Laura’s sex by accident. She heard a quick intake of breath, but Laura didn’t jerk away. “Are you okay?” Kim asked.

“yes. . .” Laura was dazed, but she felt something stir within her. Was this turning her on? No, surely not!

“Good. It wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“no. . .” Laura lied. Her ass was still burning. Throbbing in time to the beat of her heart. And worse, she had acted like a big baby in front of someone she desperately wanted to impress. She prayed she hadn’t embarrassed herself too badly.

“You mind waiting here and watching TV for a few minutes? I have something I need to take care of,” Kim asked.

“okay. . .” Laura had no problem waiting. God, how she wanted Kim to leave. It was all she could do to hold back the tears.

Kim hurried to the hall bathroom. She gave a parting glance, and saw that Laura was still propped up on the stool. Her red bottom cheeks still parted by her panties. Her skinny body gave a final spasm and then a shudder, and then the sobs started.

Closing the bathroom door behind her, Kim’s hands were in a flurry as she pulled her jeans down to her ankles and slumped down the floor. Her hand darted beneath her panties. Deft fingers circled her clit. She pressed an ear to the door. She could barely hear Laura’s soft sobs, but it was enough. To her the sobs were sweeter and sexier than any moan. She could picture those two perfect ivory cheeks littered by her red handprints in her mind.

Oh God. Fuck. Ugh. Ugh. Her orgasm rushed up through her body and consumed her. Her hips pumped of their own volition. She grabbed a towel that was hanging from the door and bit down on it to suppress her moans. Shit-fuck, she could barely move. It was a climax like no other, except maybe her first. God, she felt weak. Like she had been run over by a truck. It was a feeling she was going to feel again, one way or another.

Kim washed her hands and face to freshen up and she went back to the livingroom where Laura was waiting for her, sitting primly on the stool as if nothing had happened.

“Have you played the Sims yet?” Kim asked.

Laura shook her head. She had a hard time meeting her classmate’s gaze. She felt used. She done this for a – a ride. If only she had parents like Kim. She almost started to cry again.

“Oh, you are going to love it,” Kim said. “Let’s play. You can just watch me at first, okay?”

“Okay,” Laura said. She was feeling a little better. She had been worried that Kim would make her feel uncomfortable about the thing the – the ride. The ride that was causing her bottom to smart and throb. But, Kim acted as if nothing had ever happened and Laura was happy to play along. She relaxed a little more and settle back to watch Kim play the game she had on TV. The game seemed fun and Kim was very friendly. It felt nice having a friend.


The next day Laura promised herself she would get another ride from someone else. She would start first thing when she got to school and ask around. But, first period turned into second period. By lunch she had settled into a jittery mess. She put it off until after school and imagined herself finding a ride with someone else. But, inside she knew the truth.

When class ended, she made her way outside and waited. Maybe Kim had already left. It was in the hands of fate.

Kim walked out of the door chatting with two of her friends. Laura cringed inside, waiting for the girl to say something embarrassing.

“Hey Laura, you want to ride?” Kim asked.

“Yes,” she said meekly, her pretty eyes flashing shyly beneath her bangs.

“Bye guys,” Kim waved to her friends and walked off with Laura to her car. Laura couldn’t help but shiver with pride the way Kim’s two friends looked at her in disbelief. God, they were so jealous, she could see it in there eyes. Laura was glad she had made a new friend. As she got into Kim’s nice new car, she couldn’t help but think that her life was going to get so much better now.

“Take off your panties,” said Kim. “I want you prepared for when I ride you later.”


“You heard me. You know our deal. A ride for a ride. I’m not going to do it now, but I want you to always be ready. . .just in case.”

“But-but,” Laura stammered. Her hands slipped under her skirt. ‘I can’t believe I’m doing this,’ she thought to herself, but she wasn’t going leave the comfort of the car to go begging for another ride. Better the devil she know. Laura shyly slid her panties down to her feet.

Kim smiled at her new little friend, and drove toward home. On the way, she had a wickedly naughty idea and let her windows down. It had the desired effect. Laura’s skirt was being blown by the wind. The poor girl hung tightly to the hem to keep from being exposed.

“Put your hands to your sides Laura.”

“But-but.” Laura started to, but then stopped. “Why?”

“That’s ten licks for questioning me. Don’t ever question me.” Kim said. “Now hands to your sides. Actually, I have a better idea. Reach behind your back and hold unto the opposite elbow.”

Laura reluctantly complied.

“Good. Now we are going to play a little game on the way home. We are going to look for red cars. I’m going to say ‘ten spanks’ and then twenty spanks and so on for every red car I see. But, if you see it first, you will take ten away from the total. . Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Laura replied, her gaze still questioning.

“And you better look for them real hard because whatever we stop at is the number of spanks you get when we get home.”

“Twenty spanks, thirty spanks, forty spanks. . .” Kim began.

Laura found out the hard way they were starting now. She was already so far behind, she began to panic. “Sixty spanks, fifty spanks . . .”

“Look behind you . . . over there to the right. Forty spanks, fifty spanks, sixty spanks.”

Laura twisted in her seat, luckily she found two more red cars. “Fifty spanks, forty spanks.”

Her dark muff was visible now between her pale ivory thighs. The wind not only played havoc with the hem of the skirt, but her dark brown curly locks danced as well.

“Your pussy is showing,” Kim said. Her own pussy was turning to cream in her panties.

Laura let go over her elbows and moved as if to cover her nakedness.

“Don’t you dare,” Kim warned.

Laura’s eyes widened like a deer caught in the headlights a full blush infused her cheeks. Kim didn’t give her time to think.

“Fifty spanks,” she said as she spotted another red car. Kim quickly pulled ahead in her invented game. Her friend was so embarrassed, she couldn’t concentrate on finding cars while making sure to keep her legs tightly crossed and minimizing any movement that might raise her short skirt.

“One – hun – dred – spanks. . .” Kim said gloating. She squeezed her thighs tightly together. God, she was so close to an orgasm from the mere thought of wearing her friend’s ass out.

Poor Laura’s heart dropped at Kim’s pronouncement. One hundred spanks. How could she ever bear it? Dear Lord, she wouldn’t be able to sit down the next day . . .maybe not even walk. She had to somehow get back in the game. And she had to do it quickly. They were only minutes away from Kim’s home.

She spotted a red car. “Ninety spanks.” And then another “Eighty spanks.”

Soon they were on the main drag in town. There were cars to be found in parking lots on both sides of the road. Both girls quickly began adding to and taking away from the total. Laura quickly forgot about her modesty and uncrossed her legs as she sought to find the red cars. She tucked a leg beneath her so she could quickly twist and turn in the passenger seat.

Kim eyed her classmate’s spread crotch while she was unaware of being observed. Her pussy was exposed now, the whole bush. She could even make out the pink petals of her lips. And what a show the girl was putting on too. She was oblivious to Kim’s lecherous gaze to busy looking for cars. Kim looked up and saw that an SUV had pulled alongside her car. And older middle aged man had spotted Laura’s nakedness, his eyes widened in shock, but he made no move to stop looking.

“Thirty spanks . . . twenty spanks. . .” The red cars took all of Laura’s attention. Not only was she finding them, she was winning. She wondered what would happen if she made it to zero. Afterwards, could she find more cars and perhaps . . . dare she hope? Could she spank Kim?

“Looks like someone has a fan,” Kim said, but Laura was paid her no mind. She was too busy looking for red cars. “I *said* it looks like someone has a fan.”

“What?” Laura said. Then she spied the man staring at her. “Oh!” Laura cried, when she traced his lecherous stare back to her very bare crotch.

“Don’t you dare let go,” warned Kim.

Poor Laura had no idea what to do. She yearned to disobey Kim, to let go of her elbows and pull down her skirt, yet the sound of Kim’s voice was so authoritative, it touched something deep inside, something that commanded that she obey. She did the only thing she could; she crossed her long legs modestly and turned away from the window.

Kim took advantage of Laura’s embarrassment and quickly began counting out red cars. Laura was trapped, there was no way for her to keep up, without turning around, and turning around meant possibly exposing herself if someone pulled up.

“Fifty spanks – sixty spanks – seventy spanks,” Kim said. She reached over and placed her hand on her classmate’s thigh. “Wow, your ass is going to be so red when I’m done with you. Can you even imagine what it will feel like?”

The dark-haired girl shifted uneasily in her seat. The hand on her thigh felt hot, and it was also invading her personal space. She couldn’t help but think about how close it was to her bare sex. Part of her wanted to pull away, in order to escape the dangerous feelings she was having. Yet, she knew that if she did, Kim might started adding up more spanks.

“It’s going to hurt,” Laura said, her voice trembling as she spoke.

“Oh yeah, it’s really going to smart,” Kim said, and then paused. “Hey Laura, did you see the look on that guy’s face when he saw your pussy?”

“Yes.” The look of his face would forever be etched in Laura’s memory. He had seen her privates. He must probably think that she was some sort of hussy for riding around in a car with her bare sex exposed. What would happen if she ran into him somewhere? Laura’s cheeks burned at the thought, but deep inside, she felt a shiver of pleasure run through her sex.

“I’ll tell you what,” Kim reached over and put her hand on Laura’s knee. “If you uncross your legs, we can stop playing the game.”

The hand on Laura’s knee felt hot. The way it touched her was so … possessive. She found herself responding to the touch. Laura glanced around. There were no lecherous men gazing at her. Only her new friend Kim. Her legs parted, and then spread, obediently displaying her privates to Kim.

“Ewwww…I see what he was so excited about,” Kim said. “Or should I say what you are excited about.”

Laura followed her friends gaze down, down to her nest of curly dark hair, oh God, down to moist pink lips and an erect clit. Her legs involuntarily pulled together.

“Did I say you could close them?”

Laura shook her head. The hand on her knee pulled her legs back open. She knew she should not allow herself to be manipulated in this manner, yet she found herself willingly submitting to her classmate.

“Besides, I don’t mind,” said Kim. “I think it’s cool.”

The cool wind blowing from the open windows made Laura even more aware of her near nakedness. Her nipples had hardened into tiny daggers sticking from her shirt and nectar flowed from her aroused sex. Kim’s hand stayed on her thigh. The contact was casual, and yet Laura kept thinking, wondering if it were somehow moving closer to her sex. It seemed like forever before they finally reached Kim’s house.


“Let’s go skinny dipping today,” Kim said, as she led Laura to the back patio, twirling Laura’s panties around her finger the whole time.

“What if your mom comes home?” Laura asked.

“She won’t. She never does.”

“I don’t know. . .” Laura hesitated.

“Oh come on, don’t be such a chicken shit,” Kim said. “Besides, I do it with my other friends all the time.”

“Okay I guess.” Laura wasn’t very happy about the thought of parading around outside with nothing on, but she knew that popular girls like Kim did things like this, and when in Rome. . .

“Go ahead, strip off and get in the pool” Kim said. “I’m going back inside and get some sunscreen.”

Kim pretended to be nonchalant about having her naked classmate disrobing in her yard. She even closed the door behind her without looking back. However, she quickly went to the window and peaked out. Watching as her friend took off all her clothes, casting wary eyes around the yard and toward the house. Watched as she slid trembling into the cold water of the pool.

Laura waded in the pool, looking expectantly at the back of the house waiting for Kim’s return. The back door opened and Kim stepped out. To Laura’s dismay the pretty blonde was dressed in a bright yellow two piece bikini.

She had been tricked! Laura contemplated running and putting on her clothes. But, to do so, she would have to leave the partial safety of the water.

“I thought you said we were skinny dipping?”

“You are,” Kim laughed. “You’re skinny and now you’re dipping.”

Laura watched in horror as Kim picked up her clothes. “What are these laying around her for? I’ll be right back.”

“No!” shouted Laura. She climbed out of the pool, and darted out after her classmate as she ran to the house with her clothes.

She was too late. She stood cold, shivering, and dripping water. Locked outside. Her clothes inside with her smiling classmate, taunting her from behind the glass doors.

“Won’t mom be surprised when she comes home and sees a naked girl in the backyard?”

“Not funny,” Laura said. “Give me back my clothes.”

“You could run around front,” Kim said. “I believe the front door is unlocked.”

For one thing, Laura didn’t trust her devilish new friend. For another, she couldn’t bare the thought of running naked into the front yard in view of all who passed on the street.

“Please. . .” Laura begged.

Kim kept smiling as she brought something up to her eye. It took a second for Laura to realize what it was. Then it flashed. A camera. It flashed again and again.

“Eeek!” Laura squealed, running back toward the safety of the pool and diving in.

This time Kim followed along behind, doing her best to capture a record of her friend’s cute naked posterior. She put the camera down on the table, and took off her flip flops and shades. “Oh you want to play in the pool, is that it?” She dived gracefully after.

Laura saw this as her best chance to get the camera. She swam for the ladder, but just as she clutched it, Kim grabbed her from behind.

“Watcha doin?” asked Kim.


“Come back in the water and play.”

“I need to get something.” The camera.

She kept tightly hold of the ladder, and twisted to dislodge Kim’s grip on her waist.

“You want to wrestle?” Kim teased. “Is that it?”

A well placed tickle to her ribs, and Laura was forced to let go of the ladder. She felt like a rag doll to her larger classmate. Kim was not only taller, bigger, and better developed, she was also stronger. Laura found herself dunked repeatedly, manhandled, hugged, tickled, and touched. Somewhere in all the struggles, got a measure of revenge and managed to pull Kim’s top off.

This turned into more of a curse than a blessing, as she repeatedly found herself with her face caught between her classmate’s two large orbs. Her arms were held, pinned by the larger girl to either side of her. Her legs were wrapped around Kim and squeezing vainly in an attempt to get out of her predicament. She found the feeling of helplessness rather erotic. She felt a stab of pleasure in her sex.

“You give up?” Kim asked.

Laura gazed up at her classmate. Heart pounding in her chest, she almost hoped that Kim would kiss her. “Yes.”

“Who’s the winner?”

“You are.” Laura bit her lip. She wondered if Kim was aware how turned on she was right now, with her crotch pressed against her friend’s stomach.

“And who’s your daddy?”

Laura tried not to stare at the half-dollar size nipples so close to her face. The nipples were erect and Laura wondered if it was from the cool spring air or arousal.

“You’re turning red,” Kim said. “Let’s get some sunscreen on you. I don’t want you to get burned.”

Laura wondered if it were the sun causing her flushed skin or her arousal. She was perfectly okay with it being attributed to the sun.

“Go get my top.” Kim said, and swam to the steps, going right by her top.

Laura followed along, grabbed the bright yellow top, and made her way out of the pool.

“Thanks,” Kim said, taking the top, and placing it on the table. She handed Laura her glasses to put back on. Next, Kim picked up a bottle of sunscreen and squirted some into her palm. “Here. Let’s make sure you don’t get burned.”

With that she moved behind Laura and began spread sunscreen on the slender girl’s shoulders and moved on to her arms.

“I can do it,” Laura protested, as Kim moved on to her back.

“I don’t mind.” Kim did Laura’s back, yet skipped her bottom, instead coating her long slim legs. “Besides, I can put it places you would never be able to reach.”

Laura was shy about having her new friend’s hands touching her in so many strange places. Even more shy when those same hands touched the forbidden flesh of her bottom and began to kneed. It felt nice. It felt really nice.

“Oh!” Laura gasped. An errant finger slipped between the cheeks of her bottom. The oily digit met no resistance even as it sank into Laura’s tight asshole.

“See,” Kim said. “Like I said. Places you would never reach.”

“I don’t think we should,” Laura said, but made no move to stop the other girl’s advances. The played momentarily with her virgin rosebud.

Kim stood up and pulled Laura tight. Their two bodies fit together like a glove. Reaching around her, Kim continued to cover Laura with sunscreen, first her breasts, down her stomach, and then her thighs.

Laura watched expectantly. Kim’s tanned hands moved up and down her ivory skin, closer and closer to her sex. Laura spread her legs and gave a silent prayer that they would touch her honey pot.

“Oh. . .” Not a gasp this time, instead Laura gave a throaty moan as Kim made first contact with her hot horny sex.

“You’re beautiful,” Kim whispered in Laura’s ear.

She thinks I’m beautiful. Laura couldn’t believe those words. No one had ever said that to her before. Sweet or cute, but never beautiful.

“You’re supposed to say thank you when someone pays you a compliment.”

“Thank you,” Laura said breathlessly, as Kim continued her ministration on her sex.

“Will you pose for me? Say you will. You’re so pretty. Please-please-pretty please.”

Laura found herself saying yes. Those teasing fingers would have made her say anything, and then those fingers were gone. She shivered when she realized what she had agreed to. She turned just as Kim picked up the camera.

“Wait!” Laura said. One hand flew down to her crotch and the other covered her small breasts. There was a flash from the camera.

“Oh that’s perfect!” Kim said. The camera flashed again.

“Kim,” Laura said, keeping her hands firmly over her privates. “I don’t know about this.”

“Oh, that blush is absolutely stunning,” Kim continued. “You could be a model. You could be in any magazine you wanted. Sit on the lounge for me please.”

The compliments had their intended effect. They steamrolled what was left of Laura’s resistance.

“Perfect. Perfect,” Kim said. “Now spread your fingers, and let your nipple peak out.”

It was terrifying. Laura focused intently on her friend’s mouth, and opened her fingers, displaying a hard pink nipple. She looked for a smirk, or some sign of laughter. There were none.

“Beautiful – beautiful,” Kim said, while the camera continued to flash. “Now drop it and cross your legs. Look over to the side.”

The fear that had taken hold of Laura began to loosen its grip. Kim appeared earnest. That realization gave her more confidence, while she continued to pose for her new friend. The first pictures were innocent, but they steadily grew more erotic.

“You are so hot,” Kim said. “Wow, you are turning me on. Spread your legs. That’s it. Wider wider. Reach down and spread it apart. Show me that hot pussy.”

Laura grew uneasy, even as she reached down and spread her nether lips. The other pictures were one thing, but this picture. If this picture ever got out, she would be ruined.

“Promise me you won’t show this to anyone,” Laura said.

Kim sat down at Laura’s side. “Shhhhh. . .” she whispered and gave Laura a kiss. She took Laura’s hand and moved it down to her sex, coaxing her to masturbate. “You know what would turn me on even more?”

It took a few tries but eventually the slender girl began to caress her very wet sex.

Kim moved away, held the camera to her eye, and took another picture. “You are too sexy for words,” she said.

“Promise?” Laura begged. “Promise you’ll never show anyone.”

“No,” Kim said. “I won’t promise. I want you to always wonder. Doesn’t that turn you on?”

“No,” Laura said, but it was a lie. Though the thought of someone else seeing the pictures was terrifying, it was also incredibly arousing.

“Are you close to coming?” Kim asked.

Laura’s fingers worked her clit. With her other hand she pinched her hard nipples. “Yes,” she moaned.

“Stop,” Laura said, but Laura kept going, strumming her clit even faster.

“I said stop!” Kim grabbed Laura’s wrist and pulled her hand away.

“I’m so close,” Laura begged. “Please?”

“No,” Kim said. “I want one more picture of you like that. Hungry and horny.”

“Perfect,” Kim said and took one final picture. It was one of the best. It was a closing picture of Laura’s transformation from shy teen, to a sex starved slut.

“Okay,” Kim said, picking up her top. “Let’s go in now. I haven’t forgotten your spanking, you know. How many did I say it was?”

Oh God, the spanking. Laura had forgotten all about that during all the events at the pool. The thought of it sent a shiver a pleasure through her body. “Seventy spanks.” She wondered how she would ever manage them all.

“Where are my clothes?” Laura asked, as the girls went back in the house.

“Don’t you worry about those right now,” Kim said. “You’ve got other things to worry about, like you spanking. How would you like to reduce the number of spanks . . . to say . . . half.”

“Yes,” Laura replied meekly.

“Then follow me to my mom’s room.”

Laura followed behind her new friend and waited patiently while Kim dug around through her mother’s closet. Laura had never seen such a nice room or so many clothes in her life. Kim’s mother had at least a hundred pairs of shoes. It was amazing.

“Here, put these on.” Kim tossed a pair of heels to Laura’s feet.

Laura was willing, but not necessarily able. The heels were very high, consisting of nothing more than a three inch platform and several black leather straps, the last of which buckled around her ankle. Once she had them buckled on, she couldn’t even stand up without assistance.

“Oh, I don’t know about these Kim,” Laura said, arms out to her sides, toes pointed in, while trying to keep from teetering over in the too tall heels.

“God you are sexy,” Kim said, ignoring Laura’s protests. “Turn around for me.” Kim’s compliments had a way of making Laura feel less like a gangly geek and more like a desirable young woman. She looked up at Kim from beneath her dark damp bangs and bit her lip. Her cheeks burned a rich crimson. Her oily body shimmered in the light from the window. Naked but for a pair of stiletto heels, she turned in a circle, displaying her lean body to the hungry gaze of her new friend.

“Awesome,” Kim said. “Now follow me.” Kim stopped briefly by her room and put on a short robe, that served to cover her naked breasts, but left her legs exposed. Then she led Laura to the living room and dragged a vacuum cleaner out of the hall closet.

“I want you to vacuum the living room and the dining room floors,” Kim said. “And then I want you to sweep the kitchen and breakfast room.”

Kim left the room and Laura switched on the vacuum and began cleaning the floor. It felt strange to be doing such servile labor in someone else’s home. Yet, there as an erotic submission to the act that was oddly disquieting. The vacuum was loud and Laura didn’t see Kim enter the room. Didn’t see long handled wooden spoon she carried hidden behind her back. Was caught totally unaware when it came down on the left cheek of her bottom.

“Yeow!” Laura cried, dropping the handle to the vacuum, and then dancing around, while rubbing her painfully smarting bottom.

Kim pointed the spoon at the dropped vacuum handle. “That’s one,” she said. “Now get back to work.”

Laura squatted to pick up the vacuum, but Kim stopped her.

“No,” Kim said. “Stand back up. Now, bend down again, but from the waist. Keep your legs straight.”

Laura bent back down from her waist this time. Aware the whole time she was doing so that this position left her bottom would be totally unprotected. She braced her body as best she could for the spank that would obviously be coming, and prayed she wouldn’t fall. The blow, when it fell, again, caught her totally by surprise.

“Oh!” Laura yelped. Yes, she had expected it. No, the blow wasn’t painful. It was that the flat of the spoon landed directly on the indented crater of her asshole. The shock of it sent erotic sensations dancing through her insides, while leaving her bottom hole clenching in consternation.

The spoon traveled lower, the hollow of it cupping her sex, while Laura struggled to maintain her balance and pick up the handle of the vacuum cleaner.

“Get back to work.” Kim smacked the dark haired girl’s tight bottom once again.

Laura resumed her vacuuming. The task, while easy at first, had suddenly become much more difficult. Kim followed just behind her while she worked. The wooden spoon sometimes resting on the swell of her bottom, sometimes lovingly caressing her asscheeks, and other times traveling lower to prod her asshole or pussy. It was so very difficult to concentrate on the cleaning and on staying balanced in the too high heels, all the while sensations of pleasure and pain threatened to overwhelm her.

Kim was having the time of her life playing with her new toy. The heels accentuated Laura’s long lean legs and gave her bottom the most enticing swell. The perfect target. Laura’s tight ass was now decorated with bright red oval welts. Kim followed along when Laura walked, swatting her on one cheek of her bottom and then the other. Encouraging her to wiggle and twitch in a most provocative manner. And whenever Kim would slip the spoon between Laura’s shiny wet thighs and move it back and forth over the pink lips of her sex, Laura would give a lovely moan, and look back at Kim large dark doe eyes that said, ‘Fuck me. I’m yours.’

When Laura finished vacuuming, Kim put her to work sweeping the kitchen floor. By this time, Kim had taken off her robe, and had one hand in her panties stroking her sex. She held the spoon in the other hand, following along behind Laura, smacking her on the ass. The spanks had ceased being playful. These were hard loud and increasingly painful licks.

“You bad bad girl,” Kim said, her voice thick and husky. “You’re strutting like a whore. A sexpot. You think I don’t see your bad girl pussy leaking? Oh I see it alright.”

Laura groaned with every blow. Her ass moved from one side with every step, and this in turn caused her even more consternation when Kim called her a whore for merely attempting to escape the painful licks.

Kim had all she could take. The sight of Laura wiggling and squirming, her red welted ass, her wet thighs, along with the prodding from her own fingers had served to take Kim to the brink of orgasm. She wanted it. She wanted it with Laura. Wanted to fuck her.

“Fuck, I’ve got to have you,” Kim moaned, quickly stepping out of her panties, and knocking the broom from Laura’s grip. She grabbed Laura and pulled her into a tight embrace. Their mouths sought out one another. Their tongues danced. Each one rode the silky smooth leg of the other.

Laura found herself kissing another girl for the first time ever. It was wonderful. The way Kim looked at her with those hungry eyes, the way she was devoured by her kisses, and even the way she had to submit to spankings and other deprivations; Laura wasn’t sure how, but she had fallen in love.

After spinning Laura around, Kim broke their embrace and slid back onto the kitchen counter. She leaned back, her hands supporting her weight from the back and her pussy perched at the corner where the two counters met.

“You want me?” Kim asked.

“Yes,” Laura replied, her tongue darting out and licking her full lips. She moved back in for another kiss.

Kim raised her legs and placed one feet against Laura’s chest, forcing the other girl to keep her distance.

“Do you really really want me?” Kim teased. With the toes of one foot she pinched the puffy nipple of her classmate, while her other foot moved up to Laura’s mouth, her toes trying to work their way between her lips.

Laura’s insides quivered. Her mind told her this was wrong. Not only was she doing these deviant acts, she was doing them with another girl. But her body – her body knew better.

“Yes,” Laura moaned. She opened her lips and accepted Kim’s grimy toe into her mouth. And it was grimy. The souls of her feet were dark from walking barefoot over the kitchen floor while Laura was sweeping. Laura didn’t mind. She sucked on Kim’s big toe, kissing it lovingly, and then opened her mouth wider until she had accepted the point of Kim’s foot.

“Fuck,” Kim groaned. Placing a foot on each counter, she spread her thighs wide, baring the curly blonde hair of her damp pubes. “Suck me. Suck my pussy.”

Laura leaned over her blonde classmate and kissed her. She moved down, kissing her neck, further down to her large full breasts, her dark areolas, and finally to her thick hardened nipples.

“Now, oh God now,” Kim moaned, her hips thrusting for contact. “Suck my pussy Laura. I can’t wait any longer.”

Laura moved down Kim’s body to her very wet sex. She couldn’t help but hesitate. The games, the spanking, the kissing, came close, but none of them engendered the same fear that she felt at this moment. Just one kiss, and from this moment on, she would have had sex with another girl. And that was a sin. She could feel Kim’s hands running through her hair, could hear Kim cooing to her, urging her on. The scent of sex filled the air. Laura moved closer, pressed her lips to dark pink lips of Kim’s sex and kissed.

Laura worried that she wouldn’t know what to do, but Kim was very vocal in what she wanted. “Lick me. Faster. Mmmm…like that. Now my clit. Stick your fingers in me. Suck my pussy. Suck it.” It wasn’t easy keeping up with the orders. Not with Kim pulling her head so tight while pumping and gyrating her hips.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Kim moaned, her legs trembling. “Fuck I’m coming.”

After her orgasm subsided, Kim pulled Laura up for one final lingering kiss. “Now, it’s your turn.” she said, lifting her classmate by the hips, and helping her onto the still warm counter.

“I’ve just got to play with these cute little titties,” Kim said, giving them a playful tweak, and then opening a kitchen drawer and rummaging around. She pulled out a pair of salad tongs, and showed them to her apprehensive classmate.

Laura shivered, as her sensitive nubs were pinched and pulled by the cold metal tongs. “Oh God,” she moaned as they moved lower to her sex, pulling at her labia and her thick erect clit.

“I can’t wait to taste you,” Kim said, before plunging a finger into Laura’s wet willing sex, and then tasting the glistening nectar.

“Mmmmmm,” Kim moaned, her lips puckering around her index finger. “You taste sweet – like honey.”

Kim rummaged around in the open drawer again, this time coming out with a wicked knife. “You trust me?” she asked.

Laura’s eyes widened in apprehension. “Yes,” she breathed.

Kim tested her classmate’s convictions by tracing the knifepoint along Laura’s neck, down to her breasts, and even to her most intimate areas.

“Please,” Laura moaned. The knife. The power games. The had taken their toll. She wanted it. Needed it.

“Please, what?” Kim teased.

“Fuck me,” Laura said. “Please fuck me.”

Kim placed the knife on the counter and squatted down before Laura’s spread legs. “Like this?” she asked, running her tongue through the contours of Laura’s wet sex.

“Oh yes,” Laura groaned, pumping her hips to meet Kim’s touch. “Oh fuck, that feels so good.”

Kim stood back up and smiled, causing her dimples to stand out on her newly dampened cheeks. “I don’t think so,” she said. “You still owe me a spanking.”

Kim returned to the open drawer one final time, this time coming out with a large metal spoon.

“Spread your legs,” Kim ordered. “Wider.”

Laura spread her legs as far as she could. The black heels waved uncertainly in the air.

“I said wider.” Kim struck the inner part of Laura’s thighs with the flat of the spoon leaving an oval welt in its wake.

“Ouch. . .” Laura bit her lip in consternation. Giving up any pretense of modesty, she leaned all the way back on the counter, her neck and shoulder bent due to placement of the microwave oven. She opened her trembling legs as wide as they would go, causing the cords of her tendons to stick out where they joined her thighs, and also causing her pubic mound to swell obscenely.

Kim slid the cold metal spoon through Laura’s vulnerable sex. “You like that? Does that feel nice?”

“Uh – huh,” Laura said with uncertainty.

Then Kim took the spoon and began lightly tapping the mouth of Laura’s sex with it. The blows grew faster.

“How about this?” Kim said. “You like this?”

“Yes,” Laura answered. But in truth, the light tapping was maddening. The blows were far too light to derive any satisfaction, yet every time the spoon made contact with the mouth of her sex; it made her yearn for more.

“You want more?”



“Oh God, yes.”

Kim slowed the pace of the tapping spoon. But as the pace slowed, the blows grew harder. Every blow was now punctuated with an audible and very wet sounding splat.

“You bad girl,” Kim said. “I’m spanking your bad girl cunt.”

“Oh fuck!” Laura gasped. Every blow caused her lean thighs to jump involuntarily.

“I want to hear you say it,” Kim said. “Tell me you’re my bad girl, and beg me to spank your naughty cunt.”

“I’m a – I’m your,” Laura began.

“Wait.” Kim stopped spanking Laura, and instead spread her classmate’s legs wider. “Now say it.”

It was harder now, so much harder to say. When she was being spanked, Laura was ready to admit to anything. Now, she was overwhelmed by doubts. By embarrassment.

But the aching yearning in her sex won out.

“I’m your – bad girl,” Laura said. And she was a bad girl. She knew it. She tilted her pelvis. She felt obscene. “Spank my naughty cunt.”

Kim brought the spoon down. Splat. Wet nectar splattered to Laura’s stomach and thighs. Her legs jumped.

“Say it again.”

“I’m your bad girl.” Splat!

“Spank my naughty cunt.” Splat!


Again and again she said it. Laura’s body twisted and gyrated under the onslaught. A small tiny spoon. She would have never imagined how strong it was. How it could fit to her body like it was made for it. With each blow, the weight of the spoon felt heavier and heavier.

The spanks grew painful. There was no denying that they hurt. Her lips and clit ached. They throbbed. Occasionally the blows were hard enough to cause Laura to squeal and her legs to involuntarily close together. Time and time again she had to steel herself, and spread them again. Yet there was no denying that there was pleasure to be found. There was oh so much pleasure. There deep in her cunt a need grew. The need grew to a yearning-the yearning to a welling.

Laura felt a hot sensation start at her extremities and move to the center of her being. She felt the need to pee, but there was no way she could stop.

“Ghnnuuggg. . .” she grunted – her toes curling – her white-knuckled fingers digging into edge of the countertop. A jet of girl cum surged from her sex, splattering on Kim’s face and breasts. She was startled at first, but quickly dropped her spoon and thrust two fingers into her friends sex and fucked her – riding her until her climax was complete.

“Fuck-in-a,” Kim said. Her tongue snaked out and tasted some of the evidence of Laura’s explosive climax. “You squirted. That was so fucking cool!”

Kim stood up and took Laura’s hands. “Come on. We’ve got to get this cleaned up before my mom gets home.”

Laura’s eyelids fluttered open. She didn’t know if she could move much less stand.

The two girls worked to put everything back in order.

“You want a ride tomorrow?” Kim asked.

“Yes,” Laura said. “I’d like that. I’d like it a lot.”

Kim reached over and pushed a stray lock of Laura’s matted hair behind her ear. “You can hang out with me tomorrow if you want – with the cool girls. Just don’t go all goo-goo eyed on me. No one can know about this, okay? This is our little secret.”

“Okay,” Laura said. She had no idea how she would keep her feelings from showing, when just looking at her made her knees week. But she knew there was no way she could pass up a chance to be around her new best friend.

“And no panties.” Kim palmed Laura’s pussy possessively, slipped a finger in, “To remind your bad girl cunt belongs to me.”

“And this hot ass is mine too.” Kim withdrew her finger, and then wormed the newly wetted digit into her Laura’s tight ass. “You got that?”

“Yes.” Laura replied automatically.

“I’m going to do a lot of bad things to you,” Kim said, tweaking an already tender nipple. “And you are going to love every one of them.”

Laura gazed lovingly into Kim’s hungry eyes and lost herself.

The End

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