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College life as I thought in the beginning was supposed to be fun. And for a while, it was.

I met Chris in a sociology class, a fiery redhead that had a bit of a temperament to go along with it, that…and an amazing pair of breasts that she didn’t mind showing off to some degree.

Almost immediately we hit it off and began dating with the only problem of that being, our class and work schedules didn’t give either one of us as much time with one another as I would have preferred.

Which is when I also met April. I shared yet another class with April, a tall Brunette with legs that just seemed to go on forever, especially whenever she wore a tight fitting pair of cut-off Levi’s that she seemed to always be wearing, though I think she’d been poured into them, which may have been one of the reasons she always seemed to have them on. And though she wasn’t nearly as large breasted as Chris was, for me being a bonifide, card-carrying breast man, enjoying the differences between them was a very pleasurable past-time indeed.

You think I would have been content with that, two gorgeous women whose schedules were just different enough to make it easy to juggle time between them, and with neither of them being the wiser.

But that’s when I got friendly with Diane.

I had been looking for a place close to the University, and something reasonably inexpensive to boot. Neither of which had been very easy to come by, but as luck would have it, I stumbled into the place because of a friend of mine who’s sister happened to be living in the apartment below me, in an older home that had been converted into three separate apartments. Diane lived below me, so it was only natural that we became friends, especially as I knew her brother.

There was one other apartment above, a simple one room studio apartment that the guy who had been there, who had moved out the same day I had moved in, hadn’t as yet been rented as there weren’t many who cared to live in such a small confined space, which included only a sink and toilet as a bathroom, with no shower or bath included in it either. Needless to say, it remained unoccupied even though the rent was dirt-cheap.

Needless to say, on the nights or days when I didn’t see or go out with either Chris or April, it turned out that I found myself spending a lot of that time with Diane. We both enjoyed cooking, so did so on those nights when I did stay home, inviting her over to try some new dish she’d been working on, as that was what she eventually wanted to do was become a Chef and own her own restaurant.

Life was good. One thing had led to another, and along with several glasses of wine, which had helped, Diane and I had fallen into bed together, and the rest as they say is history.

Yes, College life was indeed better than I could have ever expected. I was seeing and dating three separate women, all of them different enough to make things really interesting for one thing. And for another, it had been really easy keeping things separate between them as well, schedules were perfect, classes even more so as I knew there was not much of a chance in any of them running into one another as none of them were taking or sharing any of the same classes.

I should have left well enough alone perhaps. But then I met Janet.

Janet was a very petite dishwater blonde with perky medium sized breasts, but incredible nipples as I eventually learned. My pet name for her was in fact “Nips” though she tolerated my calling her that only in private.

I met “Nips” when I had gone to do a photo shoot at a wedding reception that she was a bridesmaid for. That was what I did on the side, and earned some pretty decent money doing it too, which allowed me to have what little spare time I did have to share between the girls, and keep me in expense money, that and a small monthly stipend I received from my grandmother who had left me something in her will that was given out at a fixed rate for the duration of my attending college. Upon graduating, I would then be given whatever the balance was of that trust, which at the time I had no idea, nor would have until then. It wasn’t much, not like I was rolling in dough, but enough to at least help pay for all of the college finances, and leave just a small tiny amount afterwards for required necessities.

It was just enough that I wasn’t like a lot of college students who were on the go twenty-four seven, either studying or working with not much else in between.

Like me, Janet was into photography, and had found the pictures I had taken of her friend’s wedding to be incredibly beautiful, which I don’t mind saying so myself, really were too! So naturally having the same interests, and with there being an obvious mutual attraction, Janet eventually began accompanying me whenever I had a wedding shoot, or some other family photo scheduled to do for someone, coming along and acting as though she were my budding assistant or something, which in a way is what she became, even though I certainly wasn’t paying her for it. She just enjoyed helping out, being with me…and yes, after a few weeks, had become the fourth girl I was suddenly bedding.

The difference with Janet was, I really felt like she might actually be the one I could separate myself with, and settle down with.

I wish to hell now, that I had done that. But at the time, I just wasn’t thinking all that clearly. I mean really…four girls? All of them uniquely different in so many ways, with so many wonderful treats and pleasures to offer. And even those, so different that there really weren’t many comparisons. But Janet indeed seemed to possess a little bit of everything, which is what I think I had always hoped to find or discover with someone. But when I did, it was already too late.

With my need to keep a planner, mainly because of my photo shoots and appointments, I found it became a very needed tool in managing my “dates” as well. The last thing I wanted to do was schedule something on the same night with two different women. I also kept notes, made comments to myself about their likes, dislikes etc, as a reminder to not bring something up to one girl who liked something, as opposed to another who didn’t. But I also used it as a diary of sorts, highlighting the more erotic adventures we had all shared in fairly explicit detail.

Who’d have thought?

My other rule of course was that I never brought any of the other three back to my place, always stating that it was small, messy, and to some extent an embarrassment as to the way I kept it, hardly ever being there anyway. But I couldn’t have done that obviously with Diane being too close to home, but it at least gave me the excuse and reason for keeping them all apart from one another.

So like I said in the beginning, life was good, really good, almost too good, and then it all turned to shit in a handbag.

I had gone to shoot a particularly large wedding, one of the biggest I had ever done, and also one in which I would end up making a pretty sizeable chunk of change. I had taken several pieces of equipment with me, given free rein to try out all sorts of artsy-fartsy shots that I’d been wanting to do for a while now. And this was one time I was really glad that Janet had gone with me to help out.

Several hours later, we’d packed up having finished for the day, and though I really wanted to spend the rest of the evening with Janet, I had already planned an evening with Chris, which I was already late for as it was. I got back to my apartment, unloaded my gear, and realized that my prized, cherished, dangerous to have in someone else’s possession planner was missing! With my tongue deep in my throat, I called Janet.

“Hey babe…I noticed when I got home, that I must have left my planner behind by accident, you didn’t happen to see it or find it by any chance did you?”

“As a matter of fact Dave, I was just about to call you,” she told me. “I must have picked it up along with some of the other stuff by mistake while we were packing up. “Would you like me to bring it by?” she asked.

“Ah no…no. I’m in fact on my way over to a small little family photo shoot, so I’ll swing by and pick it up from you on my way there.”

“Need any help?” she asked. “I could bring it with me and meet you there,” she suggested.

I was already nervously looking at my watch. My next call would be to Chris, apologizing for already being late as I know now I really would be by the time I met her at the club.

“No, no biggy really. Just a couple of quick family poses and I’m done, and then after that, I have some exams I really need to study for. So I’ll just swing by and pick it up, and be on my way.”

“Well ok,” she said sounding very disappointed, as I was to be honest about it, as I really was starting to care a great deal about her, and wishing that I hadn’t booked the evening that I had with Chris as I considered it.

And luckily for me, Chris was understanding enough to know that the photo shoot had taken longer than I’d planned for, so she wasn’t too terribly upset with me when I called her and told her I was running late. Minutes later I pulled up in front of Janet’s apartment, where she sweetly met me outside handing over my planner. I gave her an affectionate kiss, reminded her about our afternoon date tomorrow, and headed off shortly afterwards, once again feeling that all was well, and that I had managed to dodge a real bullet.

Arriving at the club just a short time later, I was more than relieved to see the warm sexy smile on Chris’s face, not to mention the hot outfit she was wearing. She was in a white peasant blouse worn just off the shoulders, her enormous breasts so beautifully displayed with her long bright red hair falling sensually over them. She was also wearing a pair of tight black slacks that accentuated her nice ass, and gave her a very stark contrast, sultry, sexy…if not downright dangerous. And I knew by the look in her face, she was in one of those moods, which usually meant a wild night of uninhibited sex. Suddenly all thoughts of everything else evaporated as we sat down at a booth, ordered fresh drinks, and began to talk dirty, which again was another sign that Chris was feeling damn horny tonight.

“I’m going to drive you nuts tonight,” she told me, already reaching beneath the table as we sat there, her hand already hardening the bulge she’d found there as she toyed with my cock as we waited for the waitress to deliver our drinks.

“You’re driving me nuts right now,” I responded, seeing her smile, then watching as she turned, her back towards the bar area, and most of the other patrons who were sitting there. She pulled down one shoulder of her blouse, showing me that she had daringly worn her blouse without a bra, though I’d already figured that part out. Her large pink nipple winking at me, my hand immediately coming out to tickle it, though she turned away once again before I could.

“It’s early yet,” she teased, as I paid for our drinks, getting a knowing look from our waitress as I did so. Obviously she had been just in time to see Chris’s marvelous tit before she’d been able to put it away.

“I’d ask if you wanted to start a tab,” she said still grinning at us. “But for some reason, I don’t think you’re gonna be here that long.”

“Probably not,” Chris answered for me not even looking at the waitress as she seductively licked her lips looking at me, her hand still beneath the table, the pull of my zipper slowly being brought down even with the waitress continuing to stand there, though she then turned and walked away just as I felt the warmth of Chris’s hand snaking inside my jeans.

“Fuck!” she said suddenly as her phone rang. She quickly retrieved her purse grabbing her phone looking at it. Her expression curious as she read whatever the text message was that had just been sent to her. “I’ll be right back,” she told me, and then headed off towards the bathroom leaving me with my fly open, though thank God she hadn’t taken my dick out of it yet or I’d have never gotten it back in under the circumstances.

Chris was gone for several minutes and I was beginning to worry when I saw her suddenly emerge from the bathroom heading my way. She slid back into the booth beside me.

“Everything ok?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, just my sister…you know, boy friend problems and she needed a shoulder to cry on for a moment that’s all. Now then… where were we anyway?”

Chris once again fondled my prick beneath my slacks as we sat sipping our beers. After only a short time, I was about as aroused as I could be, which Chris sensed and immediately made a suggestion.

“If you’re as horny as I am, I’ve got something in mind I’ve been dying to do to you,” she told me with a mischievous grin on her face. “You interested?”

“Hell yes, what do you have in mind?”

“Something really, really special. But I want it to be a surprise, so we’ll go in my car, and you have to wear a blindfold so that you will be after we’ve arrived!”

I followed Chris out to her car and got in as she fumbled around for a moment tearing up one of her denim work shirts that she happened to have in the back seat. “Here, lets puts this on you,” she said grinning, “Like I said, I want this to be a surprise!”

I did so, feeling a bit foolish, but at the same time, considerably excited as well. I knew how Chris could get whenever she was in one of her moods, and it certainly appeared to me that she was.

We drove for a while, and I had lost track of where we might be headed with all the twists and turns she made, though we soon stopped.

“I’ll guide you,” she told me. “So just wait there and I’ll come around and help you out, and then lead you inside.”

I had no idea where we were, or what she was up to, but she once again gave my prick a friendly little caress as she stood me up on the sidewalk after I’d gotten out of her car.

“Good, nice to see you’re still excited, because I certainly am!” she told me as she now began leading me up a short flight of steps into some sort of building, and then up another flight of steps and yet another walking me down a short hallway where I then heard the sound of a door opening as she led me inside.

“Come over here,” she said, sitting me down on what was obviously a bed, where she began removing my clothing only after ensuring my blindfold was still very secure. Once I was entirely naked, she had me lay back and then proceeded to secure my wrists to the bedposts as well as my legs. Obviously this was something she had planned out and been wanting to do as she’d obviously prepared this room just for the occasion.

“Comfy?” she asked.

I tested my bindings, they weren’t tight at all, but I was also very limited in my movements, obviously just the way she wanted me. My prick was rock hard, begging for attention, which she gave it though only briefly.

“Still excited I see,” she laughed, “ready for the big surprise?”

“Oh yeah,” I said anxiously, and felt it as Chris reached around to undo the blindfold. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust, as Chris stepped away. When she did, I lay there with my eyes in total and complete disbelief. Standing near the door facing the bed I was laying in, stood Chris, April, Diane, and Janet.

“Surprise!” they all said in unison.

“What the fuck?”

“What? You don’t like your big surprise?” Chris asked with a pouty expression on her face.

Truth was, I was speechless, and now more anxious than ever at seeing them all standing there together, which is when I also realized, this was the small studio apartment located just above my own, and Diane’s.

“Would someone please tell me what the hell’s going on here?” I asked, my erection already dwindling to nothingness.

“Well, it’s like this,” Janet said holding out what appeared to be a photocopy of several pages from my planner. “I happened to read some of the things you wrote in your planner about me, along with some of the other comments you made about the rest of the girls here, and so I made copies for everyone, and gave them to the others to read while we sat here waiting for you. And since you were kind enough to include everyone’s phone numbers, I thought it might be a good idea for all of us to get together and have a sit down meeting of sorts. But as April then suggested, getting you here with all of us might not happen unless we found a way to get you here without knowing, so that’s when Diane came up with this idea.”

I glanced over towards her, she wasn’t smiling any more, she looked hurt and downright angry.

“Yeah, since the room was obviously available, I thought it might be a good place to have you taken to while we sit down and think about what we’re all going to do about this,” she told me.

“This? This what?” I said getting agitated myself now. “If you want to talk, fine…we’ll talk, sure…I’ve probably got a lot to answer for, but I’m certainly not going to do it laying here like this.”

“Oh? You’re not? Appears to me like you don’t have much of a choice now does it?” Chris said sternly, the easy going naughty tone of voice I’d heard only moments ago, long gone now as she spoke.

I just looked at her, bewildered, honestly a little frightened though beyond some additional humiliation perhaps, which I probably had coming to me, I really didn’t think they were contemplating any real bodily harm.

“Anyway, thanks Sis for calling me, things sort of really do make a lot more sense to me now that we’ve shared notes,” she said speaking to Janet.

“Sis?” I said feeling even more bewildered and alarmed now.

“Yeah, Janet’s my step-sister,” she told me. “Small world isn’t it?”

“That’s the sister you told me about on the phone?”

“Yep!” she said grinning, though this time her grin looked anything but friendly.

“So now…what ARE we going to do about this?” Diane asked the others. “Obviously, he’s been sleeping with all of us, and leading us all on I think. So maybe he deserves some sort of punishment for having done that, don’t you think?”

There was a mutual consensus on that, though no one really seemed to know quite what they should do, or how they should go about doing it. Many of the suggestions actually beginning to worry me as they began discussing and wondering if my ass could handle taking a baseball bat. Luckily, I saw the truth in April’s eyes as she mentioned that, she wasn’t being serious. At least…I hoped not anyway.

“Well I do think a little torture is certainly in order,” Chris now said totally serious.

“I don’t want to hurt him,” Janet told her step-sister, “As much as I might think about doing that, I still don’t want him physically harmed,” she said looking at me, the hurt still clearly showing in her eyes, but so was the mixture of concern she had for me along with that.

“Oh we won’t hurt him, not really,” Chris said. “But he certainly does deserve some sort of punishment after what he’d done to all of us. And I have a few ideas of what that might be. Why don’t we leave Dave here to think about what he’s done for one thing, and give him a chance to worry and wonder what we’re going to do while we go downstairs to Diane’s apartment and discuss it over a glass of wine?”

“Good idea,” Everyone agreed, and soon after left me to lie there wondering just that.


I don’t know how long I lay there, though it certainly seemed like an eternity, and well over an hour at least before I heard the sound of footsteps coming down the hallway. By now I had been imagining all sorts of things, most of them unpleasant as my imagination got the best of me. I had actually worked myself up into a very feverish state, wondering what they would do, or could do and get away with, which left plenty of options. None of which prepared me however for what I saw next as the door opened.

Stunned, I could only lay there wondering as all four women walked into the room together, and each one of them nude.

“Well, we’ve decided,” Chris said looking at me, and then walked over sitting down on the bed wrapping her hands around my very flaccid, limp as a noodle cock and began playing with it.

Words failed me, so I just lay there waiting to hear what their intentions were, which certainly weren’t any I’d been contemplating, not seeing the four of them in the nude together certainly.

April soon joined Chris on the bed, leaning over and wrapping her mouth around my prick as Chris continued holding it, and semi-stroking it while she did so. As bewildered and confused as I was, the sensation was still pleasurable enough that I felt my prick slowly begin to stiffen. And then I wondered if they were going to cut it off or something once they’d gotten it hard, so I began fighting against that briefly, until reason took over and told me that as angry as they all obviously were, they certainly wouldn’t actually do something like that. But this…sucking my cock as punishment? That didn’t make much more sense either.

“Oh yeah, all nice and hard again. Nice work April,” Chris told her. Chris let go of my cock then as Diane moved over to take her place, with Janet taking over for April as the two of them now played with my prick somehow making it even harder than it was. I was moaning and groaning now in complete abandon, somehow thinking the girls had temporarily lost their minds for a moment, but grateful as hell that they had.

“Feel good?” Chris asked as she stood next to April, her hands suddenly coming around her, beginning to fondle and caress April’s breasts. “Look nice?” she added as she teased them looking at me, as April did, sighing her pleasure as Chris thumbed her hard erect little nipples. “So…you like what you see?” she asked me once again as Janet continued sucking my prick as Diane fondled it as well as my ever-tightening balls.

“Oh yeah…yeah,” I moaned pleasurably, still stunned by this turn of events.

“Thought you would,” she then added. “Ok Diane, go ahead and put his blindfold back on then, he’s got an idea now of what he’ll be missing doesn’t he?” she stated simply.

“What? What?”

It didn’t matter what I said, or how I pleaded. Diane quickly re-secured the blindfold that Chris had originally placed around my eyes when she brought me up here. In the next instant, I was again blind to what was going on, though I continued to hear it as Chris seriously continued playing with April, her own pleasured moans now coming as they positioned themselves on the bed, which is when Janet released my cock, allowing it to sit there throbbing wantonly as I blindly lay wondering what all was going on around and about me.

“Too bad you can’t see or appreciate any of this,” Diane spoke moments later. “Janet really does have cute little tits doesn’t she? And they certainly feel good in my hands.”

“Yes, yes they do feel good in your hands,” Janet added breathlessly as I lay there visualizing what she was doing, along with the same sort of wonderment as Chris and April fooled around pleasurably at the foot of the bed, sounds of what I could only imagine as pussy-licking, and clit sucking being performed, though I was of course powerless to see or do anything about it.

“You enjoying the way I’m licking your cunt?” Chris asked. “Is it as good as the way Dave did it?”

“Oh yes…and yes, much better than the way he does it,” April responded pleasurably, groaning loudly now as Chris went back to licking her. Likewise, I now began to hear similar sounds coming from the side as Diane informed me that Janet was now kneeling before her, spreading her pussy lips apart, licking and sucking her clit.

“How about me?” Janet asked. “You like this as much as when Dave licked your pussy?” She asked.

“Oh yeah, you’re much…much better at it too!” Diane told her, once again moaning with a great deal of satisfaction as I lay there listening to them, my prick long forgotten, and now throbbing almost painfully with desire.

I lost track of the number of orgasms I heard, the sounds of their lust intermingling as they exchanged partners enjoying one another to the fullest.

“I don’t know…think we should give Dave a little relief now?” Chris ventured. “He has shown some remorse, and he has been punished to some extent by not getting to see what any of us have been doing or enjoying with one another. What do you think?” she asked in general.

Much to my relief, I did feel a pair of soft warm hands suddenly surround my rock hard prick, once again stroking it pleasurably.

“That feel good?” Diane asked me now telling me who was doing it anyway. I could only moan in response to that. Already hovering on the edge.

“Too good I think,” April added a moment later. “You getting close there Dave?” she asked.

“Yes…yes, almost,” I managed already beginning to feel the tingle of anticipation at my impending climax, which is when Diane quit playing with me, and which is also when I heard the sound of the door opening.

“Wait! Wait, where are you going? What’s going on?” I asked stupidly.

“We’re going back downstairs for another drink, some more chat, and another look at your…our…diary,” Chris amended. “Shouldn’t be gone too long, or maybe we will. Either way, doesn’t really matter to you now does it?” she said.

All I heard after that was the sound of the door closing and footsteps once again going down the hall towards the stairs along with a lot of giggling laughter.


So lost in thought, I didn’t even hear the door open when it did. But I did know that at least I hadn’t been laying there in the darkness as long as I had the first time either. And I had hopes that the girls had finally decided to release me, having decided I’d been punished enough for my stupidity.

Almost silently, I heard footsteps crossing over to my bed. Whoever it was, was alone however as I heard and felt no one else. What I also felt was again the touch of someone’s hand stroking my cock, reawakening it which didn’t take much to do as I had been and was to some extent, still very much aroused.

“Please, say something,” I begged as her hand continued to manipulate my cock pleasurably. But I heard nothing but silence answer my request. “Please…which one are you?” I then said, and felt a very unpleasurable squeeze surround my cock, making me wish I hadn’t said that the way that it had sounded. “Ouch!”

Thankfully, whoever it was quit squeezing me, but also whoever it was stood up and walked back out the door without saying anything to me either. And try as I might, there was nothing about her touch, or anything else for that matter that even gave me a brief hint as to who, “or which one” I thought once again chastising myself, it had been.

This time, it actually was a bit longer before I heard the footsteps, which I now lay listening for though my mind had continued to wander. Once again I heard the door open, bare feet padding along the floor towards my bed, then “someone” actually crawling up into bed, hands again wrapping around my cock, stroking it back to hardness which surprisingly didn’t take all that long. By now, I had no idea of what to expect, or what direction anything would come from when it did. So needless to say, I certainly wasn’t expecting the feel of a silky slick pussy suddenly engulfing my prick, easing itself down over my shaft, though it did indeed feel glorious when she did.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned thrusting upwards, but in doing so, felt her uncunt herself from me. Only after I lay still unmoving did she then again slip herself over me, slowly lowering up and down briefly, and the feel of her sweet wet cunt driving me nearly insane. “Oh God that’s good…that’s nice,” I moaned as once again I began to feel the tingle of anticipation and sweet ecstasy just around the corner.

“Oh no! No! No!” I pleaded only a second after that as the sweetness and pleasure left. The sound of footsteps going back out the door, once again the sound of it closing as my unknown lover departed, leaving me to my thoughts and frustrations there in the darkness.

And so it began. I lost track of time, as well as the intervals when someone would come. Sometimes it felt like only five minutes had passed, even my cock having remained somewhat erect. But then other times, the silence and wait maddening, expectantly laying there until I had realized I’d actually fallen asleep, only to be awakened by the feel of someone touching me, sometimes sucking or licking me awake, though not a single word was ever spoken or given me. Just the arousal, the awakening of my desires, which by now of course, I’d come to realize, would go on unfulfilled.

I honestly thought I was beginning to hallucinate, hearing sounds when there were none, and then not hearing anything when there was. And not always did anyone touch me either. Sometimes I just heard the door open, someone standing there, and then hearing it closing again.

“Please…please, say something,” I said finally upon hearing the door opening again. “Look…I’m sorry, I really am sorry that I’ve hurt anyone. But you’ve got to at least listen to reason here, you can’t keep me all tied up like this.”

“Oh? And why can’t we?” Chris said. The sound of her voice breaking the too long silence I’d been sitting in, sounding almost heavenly, even if the tone of her voice wasn’t.

“I’ve gotta pee for one,” I offered as though that would really carry any weight with her, which it didn’t of course.

“We’ve got a bottle for that,” she said simply. “And a bed pan for the other,” she added already answering my next question before I’d even asked it, which I didn’t.

“Chris please,” I then pleaded honestly and sincerely. “I really am sorry…but you can’t keep me tied up like this.”

“And like I said…why can’t we?”

I knew that tomorrow was Saturday, or perhaps maybe it already was. I honestly had no way of knowing for sure. So using going to class as an excuse was out of the question. But I smiled inwardly, I did have a family photo shoot scheduled for the afternoon.

“I have an appointment,” I told her. “And I can’t not show up, it’s my livelihood, if word should get out that I’m unreliable.”

“Oh…but in a way you are Dave!” Chris admonished me. “But not to worry, Janet’s already called and said she is more than willing to come over and do the shoot for you, even made apologies for you already, telling them that you were unfortunately tied up at the moment and couldn’t get away.”

“Very funny,” I said angrily.

“We thought so too!” Chris responded. “Now…you want me to get you that bottle?”


“Would you like something to eat?”

When she said that, I really did wonder what time it was. “Chris…what time IS it anyway?”

“It’s tomorrow time,” she told me. “And it promises to be another long…though very busy day, and we really should get started don’t you think?” And with that, I felt her slowly begin to suck and tickle my cock with her lips. I fought hard this time however, willing it NOT to rise, though I soon began to fail in the effort. Her lips really were magical, her tongue dancing around the supersensitive crown of my cock teasing it maddeningly.

“How’s it going Chris?” I suddenly heard April’s voice asking. “Need any help?”

“Yeah, how about you help me to cum,” I could hear the grin in her voice asking. “Have to admit, I am getting a bit horny here, and probably could use a little relief.”

“Fuck!” I moaned hearing her, and then hearing her even more as she began to moan as she rolled over onto the bed, the sound of April crawling up between her legs, and beginning to lick that sweet tasting pussy of hers as I laid there listening to them.

“Maybe we should give him a little reward for behaving himself,” Chris said, “What do you think?”

“Maybe,” April offered, “What do you have in mind?”

I heard them whispering briefly, then April laughing. “Sounds fair,” she said and then got up off the bed. The next moment, I felt my blindfold being thankfully removed. And I was indeed surprised to discover it was well into the morning, though the blinds were still drawn, there was sunlight filtering into my room through them. It took several moments for my eyes to adjust, and as they did, the honest urge to pee really did hit me then, as I always had to pee like a racehorse first thing in the morning.

“April? Chris? I really do need to pee! No kidding…honestly. Please, untie me so I can,” I said almost desperately.

Sadly, I saw Chris walk over to the nightstand, grabbing a Mason jar, which she brought back to the bed with her. Taking my dick in hand, she bent it forward aiming it into the bottle.

“Whenever you’re ready,” she told me.

“You can’t be serious!” I exclaimed.

“Suit yourself,” she said taking the bottle away getting back up off the bed.

“Ok, ok! I really do need to go!” I told her, whatever inhibitions I had, or insecurities suddenly evaporating as she once again repositioned the bottle…just in time before I had soaked myself accidentally.


After I had relieved myself even as the two girls sat watching me, they immediately went right back to doing what they had been. Forced to watch, which was both torture as well as pleasure, April cupped Chris’s breasts together, her thick fat nipples being sucked together at once, the sight of which soon had my prick dancing in want, though again purposely neglected as I lay there, still straining against the bindings that held me. I don’t think I have ever felt my cock throb as much as it was at that point, April hungrily lapping at Chris’s tits as she sat running her fingers through April’s hair, holding her head against her as though she was actually nursing her.

But if that wasn’t bad enough, Chris had also reached down between April’s legs, her fingers toying with her pussy, fingers already beginning to produce the slippery sound of juice that she began to finger-fuck, making even more lovely decadent sounds as she probed, slid, and fingered April’s obviously juicy wet cunt.

“Come here baby,” Chris cooed, “Let me hump that deliciously wet slit of yours,” she said confirming the obvious.

Agonizingly so, I then watched as the two girls repositioned themselves on the foot of the bed, my feet actually brushing against Chris’s ass briefly as they situated themselves. April slid one of her legs through Chris’s, and Chris likewise then slid her leg up and over one of Aprils until they had managed to press themselves together in a scissors-like fashion, pussy to pussy, which they now began rotating and gyrating together sighing pleasurably. I could even more clearly hear the squishy, slurpy cunt kissing sounds they were both making as their neither lips caressed, teased and sucked at one another sensually.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I cried out in total exasperation, my cock throbbing wildly, swollen, purple and angrily hard.

“Poor baby,” Chris half purred reaching over, giving it a sweet little pat that sent shivers of delight racing up my shaft. And then to my surprise, I felt the surging tingle of release suddenly racing up through it, realizing I was about to have a wide-awake wet dream.

“Oh yes!” I literally screamed out, watching my cock explode all on its own, the geyser of spunk which flew from the head of my prick enormous, the streamer of cum skyrocketing into the air, one after the other as my penis continued to throb, continued to pulsate, and continued to ejaculate one glorious ribbon of cream one after the other.

Both Chris and April sat fascinated as my cock continued to spew its molten lava, neither one of them moving, merely watching with wide-eyed surprise.

“You made a mess!” April announced almost happily seeing the aftermath of my much needed orgasm as it fell back upon me, drenching me literally everywhere, along with the sheets as little rivers of cream collected, and then ran off in varying directions down between my balls, or off my stomach.

“Yes he did,” Chris added as the two girls disengaged themselves beneath me and then slid out of bed, each one coming to sit on either side of me as my prick just then finished oozing out the last remnants of my much needed release.

“Guess we should clean him up some don’t you?” April asked looking across me towards Chris who even then was already running her fingers around and through my wet sticky spunk playing in it.

“Oh yes, definitely,” Chris told her. “Can’t very well leave him like this,” she added, and then leaned over immediately engulfing my prick in her mouth, the single runner of cum that was clinging to my shaft suddenly disappearing as she licked it off. April began doing the same, her tongue chasing lines of semen all over my stomach, eventually moving down to help Chris as the two of them spread my legs even further, lapping at my balls cleaning them off as well.

To my delight, and theirs, I felt the twinge of renewed arousal already twitching inside my shaft as it firmed to everyone’s surprise.


It didn’t take long, my cock was soon as hard and erect as it had ever been. “That was very naughty of you, you know,” Chris stated. “Coming all over yourself like that, and without our permission!”

“Sorry,” I stammered, “But it couldn’t be helped,” I added with a twinge of a smile on my face, it had after all felt damn good…just the release itself taking the edge off of what was becoming the most uncomfortable feeling I had ever known before.

“Yes well, we’re going to have to punish you for that some too now,” Chris told me, though she said it in that tone of voice I was all too familiar with, which also informed me she was damn horny herself now.

I watched with a great deal of curiosity as Chris positioned herself on her side, the move looking much like the one she had just been in with April, her cunt coming into direct contact with my prick, though she merely pressed herself against it, not placing it inside that juicy wet passage.

“Come on April,” She said, squeeze in here and get yourself pressed against the other side of him.

It took a moment as April figured out what she needed to do, the “pretzel-like” position suddenly taking shape as the girls managed to sandwich my once again fully hard cock between them, each pair of their lips now pressed against it, slippery, soft and wonderfully warm.

“Holy fucking shit!” We all heard a moment after that as Diane entered the room and stood there looking at the three of us.

“Come join us!” April grinned hotly.

I could only lay there and wonder how, though Diane soon answered that question after she’d removed what little clothing she had on, quickly running over to the bed where she kneeled by my head, leaning over, and somehow managed to find the head of my cock as it remained pressed between the neither lips of the two women who lay grinding themselves against it.

Quite by accident, as Diane leaned over the way she had to, I realized my fingers could just reach her pussy, immediately running up the length of her split which was already moist with her free dripping juices. Finding her hard extended little clit, I pressed it between my fingers, rolling it as she knobbed the head of my prick with her mouth, sucking it lightly as I likewise continued to feel the press of two soft warm pussies kissing it as they pressed themselves together around it.

“So where’s Janet?” April asked.

“Was just coming up to tell you, she’s on her way back, should be here any time now,” Diane spoke though still mouthing the head of my cock. “Oh, and that lunch was ready, though I am sure that will wait for later,” she giggled once again wriggling her ass back against the palm of my hand as I slid my fingers deeply inside her now pummeling her cunt from behind as best as I could, though the bindings holding my hand limited my movements.

I felt before hearing Chris’s orgasm begin. The sudden additional warmth of her creamy nectar cascading and surrounding my cock, followed moments later by her deep guttural groan of pleasured joy. As she did so, she likewise triggered April’s climax, soon joining her as the two girls humped themselves pleasurably against one another with my shaft still wonderfully sandwiched in between. Even Diane impaled herself more fully on my fingers, finding her own joy upon them, crying out in ecstasy as her slickness ran down my hand.

“Whew, well…that was certainly nice,” Chris said extricating herself as they all did. “Now I’m hungry!” she announced as the three of them stood and prepared to go back down stairs and have the lunch that was waiting for them.

“What about Dave?” Diane asked.

Chris turned to look towards me, my cock once again all alone, still furiously hard and throbbing. “We’ll send Janet up with something for him once she gets back,” she stated, then turned and disappeared through the door behind the others.


It was another thirty minutes or so before I heard the sound of footsteps coming down the short hallway to my room. The door opened and Janet walked in, holding nothing more than a bright red shiny apple.

“Heard you had an interesting morning,” she told me. “You must be hungry after all that.” Her expression was less than enthusiastic however, so I said nothing, just lying there looking at her. Janet walked over holding the apple in her hand. “Open wide,” she told me. I did so, as she placed the apple in my mouth. “Now…bite down.” Once again, I did, but she left it that way, me with an apple in my mouth unable to speak now even if I’d wanted to.

I watched as Janet slowly peeled off her clothing then, when she was naked she crawled into the bed positioning herself over me, her pussy just resting against my cock. She rocked against me momentarily, ensuring within moments that I was fully erect once again before allowing herself to capture my rock-hard cock inside her wet juicy split, easing herself down over it until she had fully impaled herself on my member.

“When this is finally over, I can’t help but wonder if you’re actually going to have regrets about this,” Janet began speaking. “Knowing you will never again put this nice hard cock of yours inside my pussy, nor ever again see or play with these breasts,” she said holding them in her own hands, fingering her hard extended nipples as she did so.

With the apple still held inside my mouth, I could hardly even breathe let alone speak as she slowly began moving herself up and down my shaft, still speaking to me as she continued.

“Will you even miss the way my mouth feels as I’m sucking your cock? Or was it not good enough that you needed to feel someone else’s mouth doing it more than mine?” she asked neither expecting or wanting an answer, though I groaned one around the apple I held, trying to show her the desire I had for her in my eyes, though that too went unnoticed.

“And I will miss working with you too,” she told me sadly. “I was really starting to enjoy doing that,” she added as her tempo increased, the pleasure of her slick satin split sliding easily up and down my shaft as she strove towards climax, her hands still busily caressing her sweet breasts, my own hands frustratingly bound, wishing that I could be.

Even her orgasm was silent, which was strange for her. And though she came, she did so almost reluctantly, allowing the sensation to happen without much, if any of the joy, which came with it. Slipping herself off of me then, she reached for the apple, taking it, allowing me to chew off the last bit that remained.

“I wish you’d listen to me,” I managed to tell her as she stood once again dressing herself. “There’s a lot you don’t know…things I was about to do, about to say.”

“Yeah right…well Dave, I think it’s too late now for any of that,” she told me, and then before I could say anything else, Janet quickly left the room, once again leaving me to my thoughts and frustrations.


I had been in this one position for so long now, that it was becoming almost unbearable. With hardly any slack whatsoever, I had just enough to lessen the tension on my arms, though it firmed with the bindings holding my legs. Shifting back the other way gave me some relief for a moment, but I again thrashed slightly, trying to work a kink out of my back when I heard the sound of the cloth binding my wrists catch on something. Looking up I saw what appeared to be the head of a small screw snag one side of the cloth. I shifted off to one side ensuring it was caught, and then pulled on it. To my surprise and delight, I heard it tear again, saw a portion of the material rip away, and knew that another hard pull would sever it entirely. Before doing that however, I lay there thinking to myself, a plan of sorts coming to mind.

It was quite a while before anyone else came up to check on me, by then I had to pee again, so Diane thankfully held my pee bottle as I filled it.

“You need anything else?” she asked, almost apologetically. I had gotten the impression from her that the girls were staring to have second thoughts about what they were doing, though it was Chris who was obviously making all the decisions about continuing on with it, for a while at least.

“I am a little cold,” I told her. “Would you mind at least covering my feet up with the blanket? That would help considerably thank you.”

“Sure,” she said, and then placed it up and over my feet and then just beneath my groin, though ensuring my cock remained uncovered, just as Chris had demanded it would be.

I knew only that Chris would be away at work this evening as would Janet, leaving Diane and April to keep tabs on me and see to whatever immediate or necessary needs that I might have, including their own, though the sexual teasing had begun to diminish, another clue that the girls were not finding their vengeful binding of me quite as entertaining as they had in the beginning.

It had already grown dark once again inside my room, and I waited for one final visit, which April soon after gave me, again, merely checking on me with the promise of bringing up some soup she and Diane had made for me a bit later.

The moment she left, I pulled on the nearly torn through binding and smiled as it easily finished tearing away from the post it was attached to. Hurriedly, I undid the rest of my bindings, and then began to tear a series of strips from the outer sheet until I had several, which I then stuffed beneath the blanket. I waited only a short time after that, hearing someone’s approach and repositioned my hands off to either side of the bed and behind me, looking as though I were still bound, and waited for the door to open.

April came in carrying a small tray with a bowl of soup and some crackers on it. “Hungry?” she asked.

“Very…but would you do me a small favor?” I asked.


“I’d enjoy seeing you naked again while you feed me,” I told her.

She looked at me curiously, but then shrugged her shoulders sitting the tray down on a nearby table, and then quickly undressed. I waited until she had begun to pull the sweater she was wearing up and over her head before I moved, faster than she realized and certainly without having any idea whatsoever that I was no longer bound.

Even as she screamed out of surprise more than fear, I knew that the sound wouldn’t reach Diane below us. Holding her firmly, hands now clasped behind her back, I maneuvered her towards the bed.

“April, listen to me. I’m not going to hurt you, though I am going to get even with you just a little bit. But also know, that this will be all over with tonight.”

I was pleased when she quit struggling, looking almost relieved to hear that, though she still wasn’t too happy when I began tying her up to the bed, using the torn strips I had made to secure her in much the same way that I had been. Unfortunately however, it was also necessary to gag her, even though she promised to remain quiet. It was a chance I wasn’t willing to take until I had captured all the girls and turned the tide on them.

Once she was secure, I looked down at her and smiled. The look in her eyes wasn’t exactly panic, but she did look nervous as hell, wondering what it was I was about to do to her. “Relax…enjoy it. Well…sort of,” I said teasingly. And then knelt between her legs and proceeded to tickle and caress her wide open pussy with my lips and fingers, making her squirm, moaning deliriously, though stopping short of allowing her to climax, easing off…waiting until she had calmed before torturing her with my tongue once again.

In my mind I figured this would most likely be the very last time I was either with, or saw any of the girls. After all that had happened, there was certainly no going back to the way things had been for one thing, and for another, I did realize how much I had come to care about Janet, more than I was willing to admit, though after our last encounter together, I also knew that to be a lost cause as well.

April was still writhing about on the bed, the arousal I’d given her with my tongue just enough to keep her aroused as I then placed my cock at her opening, sliding into her as she greedily welcomed it, fucking back against me now as I slid in and out of that hot wet fuck tunnel. With all the pent up frustration and excitement I’d been forced to endure, it didn’t take long for me to feel the sensation of orgasms approach, but I also wasn’t of the mind-set to be too worried about April’s pleasures at the moment either. There was a brief moment of satisfaction for me, and frustration on April’s face as I withdrew my prick before spewing a large load of cum all over her pussy, wetting it down, streamers of spunk dripping down her slit onto the sheet. All this having occurred in less than a few minutes or so.

I figured it wouldn’t be too terribly long before Diane became curious enough to wonder what was taking April so long. And it didn’t. Hearing her footsteps down the hall, I quickly made my way over to the door, standing behind it after first turning off all the lights and throwing the sheet up and over April covering her entirely.

As expected, she came in without any concerns or suspicions whatsoever, though she stood there in the doorway for a moment trying to let her eyes adjust to what she was looking at there on the bed, which gave me just enough time to grab her, which did freak her out a little as she put up quite a fight for a moment until as I had done with April, quickly assuring her I had no intention of hurting her, she finally calmed down and quit struggling. I then explained what my intentions were, and that as long as she cooperated, just as April was doing, it would all be over with soon. I had soon bound her to the bed as well, though facing in the opposite direction. I also removed April’s gag with her vow to remain quiet which she was only more than happy to promise me after getting her assurance as well as Diane’s that neither one of them would sound out an alarm when either Chris or Janet returned.

Seeing the two girls now bound and facing in opposite directions was erotically stimulating. And as I had done to April, I now began doing to Diane, taking time to enjoy her sweet naked body most likely again for the last time. Diane had nice well rounded tits with incredibly hard sweet nipples, so I amused myself in licking and sucking them, reaching down to finger, not at all surprised to find her pussy just as wet and slick as I had found Aprils. And it was an added treat as I continued fondling and playing with her to see April once again moaning and pleading to be released, promising as was Diane now, not to give me away if I would just release them both and let them go.

Naturally I ignored their requests and began tapping my cock against both of their breasts until it had again grown stiff and hard. I then climbed in between Diane’s legs, teased her clit briefly with the head of my prick, hearing her moan her delight as I did that, and then slid it inside her, once again thinking to myself that this too would no doubt be the last time I ever did. When I felt my orgasms approach, I stood at the side of the bed facing them both, and then watched as my cum spray showered down upon the two of them, watching the ribbons of spunk criss-crossing over both of their nubile young bodies enjoying the nearly obscene look of it afterwards as milked out the last remnants of my spunk on each of their faces.

“Turn abouts fair play,” I told them both. Diane had in fact managed to smear her own sweet juice on my face leaving me there to smell her essence, aroused by it, yet left alone with it clinging to my face afterwards, so having done so myself to the two of them, neither one looked upon me with any disgust or anger. If anything, it was interesting to watch April as she actually tried to lick up a small patch of my cream that had run down to the corner of her mouth.

“It won’t be much longer,” I assured them both. “This will all be over with tonight.”

I soon left the room, after checking their restraints, and then turned off the light, giving them a little dose of what they’d been giving me. I finally reacquainted myself with the time, having had up until then no clue as to what time it really was. Glancing at the clock in Diane’s apartment, I realized I had less than an hour before Chris would be arriving home from work. And as for Janet, she could literally arrive anytime, either before or after Chris did, so I knew immediately that I had to hurry.

But first things came first…and I immediately headed off into the bathroom.


Diane and I had sometimes incorporated the use of a few toys, so I knew where it was that she kept them. Opening her nightstand, I quickly grabbed three of those, and then added to that a roll of duct tape, taking that back with me upstairs, after first leaving a note for either Janet or Chris, whoever arrived home first, printed in what I hoped would look like a feminine hand, telling them to get naked and come up and join us whenever they arrived home. Whether they actually did or didn’t, really didn’t matter, it would make it easier of course, but either way, I was fairly confident I’d subdue them just as easily as I had the other two girls.

When I entered the room and turned on the lights, the girls merely looked at me in wide-eyed wonder, especially when they saw me carrying in several of Diane’s naughty little toys.

“What are you going to do?” April asked worriedly.

“What do you think? Drive you both nuts the way you did me. But…I will give you one option, you get to choose. And since these are yours Diane…you get to pick first, which one would you like?”

What they didn’t count on, was what I intended to use the duct tape for. Once I had inserted the vibrating toys inside the two girls, though leaving them on the lowest possible settings, I then taped the toys into place, ensuring there was no way possible the girls could have worked them out of themselves, which I am sure they both felt they would easily be able to do. Boy…where they in for a surprise when they realized what I had done, and what they had to endure for however long that it was.

I was so enamored with watching the two girls writhing about on the bed that I nearly didn’t hear the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs. Quickly turning off the lights, I stood behind the door and waited. Moments later, it opened and Chris walked in.

“What the hell are you two doing?” she’d asked just as I stepped around quickly pinning her arms behind her.


“Dave? How…”

“Doesn’t matter,” I said as I quickly marched her over towards the bathroom door. The tenant before me had been considerate enough to hang several hooks high up upon the door, so it was just a matter of briefly struggling with Chris as she still tried to fight me until I had finally managed to secure her wrists to the hooks that were so conveniently positioned for me.

“Listen Dave, I was just coming up here to release you,” she told me.

“Oh? In the nude?” I answered back. “I don’t think so.” I then secured each of her legs with a long piece of cloth tying one to the bed, and the other to the space heater on the opposite wall, thus making her stand there with her legs spread wide open. Seeing both April and Diane on the bed, each with a toy inserted into their cunts, duct-taped in place, she had a pretty good idea of what I was about to do to her.

“Look Dave, ok…I admit, this has all gotten a little out of hand, but I think we can all agree to sit down and discuss it rationally now, especially since I think we’ve all had a chance to calm down and think about it.”

“Who says I’m calm? Or rational?” I told her. “And besides, it really wouldn’t be fair to either April or Diane if I didn’t treat you fairly now would it?”

The one thing about Chris was the fact she had a really super-sensitive clit, and could have several orgasms in a row just by having it stimulated. I then knelt, spreading her lips apart with my fingers, drawing that hard little nodule into my mouth, sucking and rolling it around until her moans, which she initially tried to suppress, told me she was already hovering on the edge. Only then did I stand, my prick now hard as a rock once again, placing it at the opening of her cunt where I began teasing that same hard clit of hers with my cock, knowing full well what I was about to do and enjoy with her as I did so.

I had to admit, I loved watching Chris squirt, which she always did whenever I masturbated her clit with my prick. But I also knew something else about her as well, that after she had climaxed this way, she would most often continue to experience wave after wave of additional pleasure so long as I continued to stimulate her clit after she had squirted. Letting her cum just the once, squirting nicely I hoped, I knew then she would hover their on the edge for long afterwards, frustratingly so as I had thought about and planned it.

Before doing that however, I then produced a pair of nipple clamps, attaching them each to her large breasts, her sensitive nipples responding to them almost immediately, which I also knew would send an additional charge straight down to her pussy as she hung there against the door. I then began to tease her clit with my cock, rubbing it up and down against her, watching her straining against the door, finally succumbing to the inevitable as I felt the first delightful spray of her pussy juice, stepping back, watching her squirt as was both Diane and April as they lay on the bed seeing this, actually orgasming themselves around the toys still purring away contentedly inside them both.

Chris then began to plead with me, even as her pussy continued to stream out the last bit of her very wet climax, seeing me step back, she knew I wasn’t going to allow her to climax as I had usually done. “Please Dave, please! Don’t leave me hanging like this!”

I could only laugh at that, because she literally was.

But I wasn’t quite finished with her yet either. Taking the last of Diane’s vibrators, along with the duct-tape, Chris almost smiled knowing what I had done to the others, but that wasn’t my intention for her at all. I positioned it, taping it firmly and securely against her thigh, just inches away from her cunt, before turning it on. She literally stood there glaring at me.

“You can’t be serious!” she exclaimed almost wild-eyed. “You can’t just leave me like this and not do something!”

I didn’t say anything to that, merely turning around and heading back towards the bed, checking the other’s restraints once last time. I then spoke directly to Diane.

“I’ll start looking for a new place to live tomorrow,” I told her. “Then none of you will have to worry about running into me any more after that. And…as soon as Janet gets back, she can let the three of you loose. Hopefully, we can call it even after this.” I informed them all, and then headed downstairs to my own apartment for some much needed rest.


I know I had fallen immediately asleep, finally allowed to position myself comfortably in my own bed. The next thing I knew, or rather felt, was a soft pair of hands gently touching me coaxing me awake.

“Huh?” I said groggily starting to wake up. “Who’s there?” It was still dark, so I had no idea who it was, but I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised by it.

“It’s me,” Janet said simply. “I’ve already been upstairs and let the girls go. They told me what you said. Diane told me to tell you, that there’s no need for you to find another place to live, that as far as everyone’s concerned, we’re all even now, and hopefully there will be no hard feelings over all this.”

“Ok,” I said. “That’s good to hear, so…what about you? Why are you even here?” I asked.

“Because I owe you an apology too,” she told me. “We were just as wrong to do what we did, as what you did to us I think, so I needed and wanted to tell you that. That…and to tell you that I don’t want things to end between us either, nor…do any of the others.”


“It’s something we talked about earlier this evening, when we really had decided to set you free and to tell you what we’d decided, that none of us wanted our relationships to end, especially after all this, but if you’re still dead set on moving away, or not wanting to have anything to do with me, or with anyone else, we’d certainly understand.”

I had to laugh at that. “So you’re telling me that the four of you are all good with my sleeping with each one of you?”

“Well, that…and with one another,” Janet admitted openly. “We’ve all sort of gotten pretty close too, so if you don’t have a problem with that,” she told me.

“I think I need to think about that some,” I said simply, and then gathered her into my arms, only then realizing she was naked as I positioned her on top of myself. I quickly slipped my hardening cock inside that tight wet furrow, feeling Janet as she further slid herself against me until she was fully impaled upon my shaft. “I think…I’m good with that sort of arrangement, if you are,” I told her.

“Well, for now at least,” she admitted as she began rocking back and forth against me just as April, Chris and Diane walked into the room.

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