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Nikki’s Plan

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Why did I wait so long to clean the house? Nikki could be arriving at any time. At least the dirty clothes were out of the dryer, folded, hangered, and out of the way. When you work full-time, with a part-time job, there never seems to be enough time to get caught up on the stuff that a woman will immediately notice. Fortunately, Nikki understands and forgives my controlled messiness. She never fails to mention that I am too old to properly keep a house and should hire a maid. But, I would have to seriously clean before allowing a stranger to see my clutter.

Before you get the wrong idea, Nikki is not my girlfriend. She is one of the most beautiful, intelligent, young women….24 years old… ever cross my life. She happens to be the next best thing to a daughter. We met four years ago at her college graduation. I was taking some pictures of a friends son, you know, the whole Cap-and-Gown thing. Her parents were standing close to my group, trying to get everyone together, when their camera died. That is a problem with small digitals. They use too much battery power to keep the LED screen lit. Most never consider having back-up batteries. While the parental units fussed, Nikki waltzed over and asked if there was any possibility of me taking a few pictures.

The smile was so sweet. Ok, I am a sucker for young women. Any older male…..I am 47……who says otherwise will lie about other things. She calmed her family and they all patiently waited for me to finish the first task. After the introductions it was simple to herd them all into the necessary poses and groups. We exchanged emails and I promised to send the photos speedily. Later that evening the emailed photos were sent, with a note asking for a mailing address. The email pics were small files. I wanted her to have a disc with full-sized files so decent prints and enlargements could be made. When the return popped up I found that she lived in my city. I shouldn’t have been too surprised. There are many young people in my city attending the same college because of its proximity to home and friends.

After a little corresponding we decided that it was acceptable to bring a disc to her parent’s house. They loved the pictures. Several times her dad mentioned payment but that was not happening. I love photography. While making money always helps pay for new equipment or vacations it is always a pleasure to give them for free. I am not a professional and feel uncomfortable charging as one. A home-cooked dinner by Nikki’s mom was much better than cash. I love to cook. And, happen to be a good cook. But, great food, prepared while I relax, will never be refused. By the time I left that evening Nikki’s mom and dad were new-found friends. Their daughter had, for lack of a better term, adopted me into her life. That was a most welcome intrusion into my world.

Nikki called often. I became a confidant, an ear for listening, and a shoulder to cry on. She picked my brain for opinions. I think she just wanted someone other than parents to know her business. That was ok with me. I never had children of my own and she was my foray into fatherhood. Rarely did a day pass without talking. She would call and ask if she could visit as her car pulled into the driveway. When she took a job 200 miles away it felt like part of me disappeared. But, thank goodness for cell phones with free nights and weekends. That shrank the distance considerably. Now she was back to visit family…..and me. I made a point to ask if her mom and dad would mind her spending time visiting me. She made it clear that mom and dad were very important, but they were leaving on vacation before Nikki had to return home. That gave us two days to catch up on all the things we had been talking about every week. Somehow it is better when you can see someone face-to-face.

The vacuum cleaner had just been placed behind the closet door when the doorbell chimed. She almost knocked me off my feet when the door opened. Between the squealing and bouncing, my balance was in jeopardy. Finally Nikki calmed enough to have normal conversation. Have you ever known someone who touched your life beyond description? That is Nikki. At that moment I realized how wonderful it was to hear her voice, watch the expressions, and laugh at the hand movements. To Nikki, talking was a “whole-body” experience. When I reached to close the door Nikki immediately stopped me. That was the moment when I learned she was staying with me until time to leave for home. She quickly mentioned that it seemed stupid to stay alone in her parents’ house when we had so much stuff to catch up on. Nikki then asked if she could stay here instead of alone at her mom and dads house. What was I going to say? I hold my privacy dear but, she was “family”. It wasn’t like there was no room. The guest room had been used so seldom. I almost considered making it a large walk-in closet/storage area. I looked at the big, questioning eyes, smiled and said yes.

Nikki launched herself onto the porch and called over her shoulder to come help with the luggage. How much can one person use in a week? As we emptied the car I asked if there was a preference for dinner. What restaurant did she like the most? We had tried almost every good place this city had to offer. Fortunately, Nikki’s like of good food mimicked my own. But, she surprised me. She wanted to know if I would cook. She said her taste buds had been craving a pasta dish I often prepared. It had grilled shrimp and scallops in a white wine, parmesan cream-sauce. The thought made my stomach churn with hunger. Unfortunately, shrimp and scallops aren’t something you keep in the refrigerator unless it will be soon used. I told Nikki to grab her purse so we could head to the nearest grocery. There was a great local store about 15 minutes away. It was the place to shop when fresh seafood and meats were needed. Nikki asked if I minded going alone. Helping her mom clean and pack all morning had left her feeling a bit gritty and tired. She wanted a hot shower and my trip for groceries would be the perfect amount of time. She promised to be fresh and awake before I got back.

Agreed! Did I really have a choice? Nope! So, while Nikki unpacked her bags I made a list. I grabbed my keys from the table, yelled I was leaving, and headed out the door. All I heard was a loud, “Ok, get something chocolate for desert!” Do you get the feeling you have forgotten something? I could not escape that thought. I knew that it could be nothing, it could be something. Several miles from home my brain completed the circuit and the missing thought popped into place. I didn’t have my wallet! I always put my wallet and keys on the den table. I obviously had the keys, why not the wallet? I figured that Nikki had distracted me. Well, at least the trip back wouldn’t take more than a few minutes. It sure was better than getting in the checkout line and reaching for the wallet. How embarrassing!

I opened the door and walked through to the den. I could hear the shower running in the guest bath. Mixed with the sound of water was Nikki’s singing. I had to laugh. Her voice was one of glorious noise. We often joked about her inability to carry the simplest of tunes, with extreme exuberance. When I reached the table there was the wallet sitting exactly where it had been left. I shook my head with the senior moment of senility. I knew Nikki would love the chance to kid me about age. As I grabbed my wallet and turned my steps were frozen. I had forgotten that the guest bath was easily seen when the bedroom door was open. No wonder it was so easy to hear Nikki singing. She was clearly standing behind the glass sliding doors of the shower. I started to jump out of the way but realized the lights in the bath were so bright she could probably not see me. I couldn’t make myself move away. I always knew she was beautiful but this was incredible.

Her figure was perfect, at least for me. I had no doubt that she preferred tanning nude. There wasn’t a tan line to be seen. Nikki’s breasts were small but rounded. There was just a hint of sag that made her more womanly. I could tell her nipples were erect and dark pink. As my eyes travelled downward the lack of hair was noticeable. I couldn’t see the pubic region clearly due to water droplets on the glass but it appeared to be all tanned skin. I fought turning away. Part of me said to leave but the other said no way. My hand reflexively dropped to my hardening dick. Not stroking was beyond comprehension. Slowly the zipper of my shorts moved down. My fingers reached to pull the now fully erect penis from within. It helped that I rarely wore briefs when home. My fingers were almost trembling too much to grasp the hard flesh. Nikki slowly turned under the spray. Her entire body came into view as she revolved. Her hands seemed to be washing her body without a cloth. The revelation came with stunning clarity. She wasn’t washing. Nikki was caressing. Nikki’s hands explored her sides and stomach before moving over the breasts. She lingered, slightly squeezing, before moving down.

Her knees bent slightly, moving them further apart. One hand kept its lower path, moving onto her left thigh. The other remained on her flat abdomen. She seemed to be blankly staring ahead. My staring certainly had not waned. The motion of my hand across my dick was more aggressive. The first drops of fluid were seeping from the tip, lubricating the shaft. Nikki’s hand disappeared into the cleft between her thighs, pushing into the space. She was masturbating while I did the same, hidden from view. I was totally captivated. My hand increased in tempo with the movement of her fingers and hand. Nikki was forcibly pinching her nipples, one after the other. Then, her only movements were thumb and fore-finger grasping a stiffened nipple, and tip of the middle finger quickly sliding across her clit. Her body jerked with orgasm. My cock spurted with never-before force. I hastily grabbed a tissue, wiped the pools from the floor, and fled through the door.

The nervousness hit when the car started. This was the first time a voyeuristic event had happened to me. There was a feeling of guilt because Nikki was a friend. But, that didn’t keep the erection from returning and staying. I began to wonder if it would subside enough to walk the aisles of the grocery store. Sure didn’t need to have that sticking out in the front of the shorts. Advertising your availability is not accomplished by parading in public with a hard dick. Somehow that was a humorous enough thought to make the beast calm down. But, I still couldn’t shake the images of Nikki, naked, masturbating, orgasming. At least my heart rate had returned to normal. The store was uneventful. Forcing me to shop took the edge away. Ok, the edge remained. The thought occurred to me that it would be impossible to look at Nikki when I got back to the house. Now I knew exactly what was under all the clothes, with detail never imagined.

The door opened in my face. There was a momentary perception that Nikki had a strange look on her face. But, immediately a smile broke and she grabbed some of the bags from my hands. As we walked into the kitchen she sat her bags down, reached over to the wine rack, and pulled a good bottle of Merlot. I chuckled out loud. Nikki had hated wine when we first met. Now it was tradition. I had taught her how to enjoy the taste of a good wine. She had taken the knowledge with aplomb. I never got to choose any longer. It was her decision. It was my responsibility to open the bottle and pour appropriate amounts into the goblets. She stood under the bright lights of the kitchen and raised her hand in toast. That is when her attire was noticed. She was wearing white shorts that seemed painted onto her skin. Her shirt was cropped a bit above the waist and was also white. The lack of color really amplified the tan she had obtained. The coolness from the air conditioning left no imagination to the fact Nikki was braless. I had seen her in a bikini that left much less to the imagination but, this was different. Maybe living further from home had loosened her properness to a small degree.

It was time to absorb myself in cooking dinner. Cooking was a way of freeing the mind from the day-to-day problems of life. Some people really hate to spend time cooking, then eating alone. Good food excites me whether anyone is present to help enjoy or not. No one helps me in the kitchen. It is mine! Nikki accepted that readily. She knew that I would ask her help if anything was needed. All I required was her to sit at the bar and keep the conversation going. We settled into a more normal pattern and the nakedness was mostly forgotten. Hey, I am older not dead! This was fantasy material that would live forever, burned into several areas of the brain in case one part failed!

Dinner came together quickly. Cooking regularly really helps remove it from the realm of chores. Nikki helped set the table, poured more wine, and patiently waited for me to place the bowls for her feasting. How someone as petite as Nikki ate the amounts of food she shoveled in was outside my comprehension. But, you have to admit, any guy who has ever been on a date with someone who nibbles like a bird, loves seeing a woman enjoy her food. In short order our plates were cleaned and glasses empty. We both poked fun at who would clear the table and clean the mess. That is easy to solve. Dishwashers are the Gods way of allowing satiated people to sit quickly and feel fat and happy.

I love sitting quietly on the sofa after a large meal. It helps the digestion to sip some wine and let the issues of the day slip into oblivion. Nikki had enjoyed this ritual from the very beginning. Her family was always on the hectic and frantic side. They always had a to-do list that never ended. Nikki fought that from an early age. So, sitting calmly, studying the color of the wine, feeling the breeze of the ceiling fan, was something she relished because home, when mom and dad were there, never seemed to settle down. After twenty or thirty minutes Nikki sat her wine glass on the coffee table, stretched her arms, and laid her head on my leg. This was a common thing for her. She liked to look up at me while we talked. She said it made my face look funny which always made me frown and her laugh. I had pretty much put the earlier thoughts out of mind. I thought this would be a normal evening after all. And, it was……for a few minutes. While rattling on about someone work, Nikki moved her head. That shouldn’t have been a big deal. But, she turned her head toward my body and rested the side of her face on my finally relaxed member. Every time she moved her mouth to talk Nikki’s jaw rubbed against my dick. I should have moved but not even remotely possible.

Every few seconds my dick would pump and thicken. There was no way she could not notice, unless, maybe, her talking was keeping the thoughts away. I felt so guilty. I felt ashamed. I felt good, which led to more shame and guilt. But, still I couldn’t make myself move. By now my cock was like a steel pipe inside my shorts. It throbbed every time she moved, regardless of how little. I knew there would be an intense jack-off session before too long. I had been staring into space for several minutes. I couldn’t look at Nikki’s face and see the lump alongside. She had to know. Her voice shook me from the arousal fog. Nikki half-yelled, “Are you listening to me?”

I jumped at the sudden increase in volume. Doing so pushed my hardness tighter into her cheek. I saw her eyes widen. Busted! Now I would have to explain this situation. I was always used to giving Nikki advice, not telling rationalizing my behavior. Before my dry mouth could open she looked right into my eyes and said, “Did I cause this?” My heart jumped. The words came flowing from my mouth without having a clue what was said. Would she hate me? Would this forever tarnish our relationship?

It was then that I realized Nikki was giggling. Unfortunately that also made her head move against me with more force. Yep, still hadn’t moved. Something in the inner male brain had me glued into the sofa with no possibility of escape. She smiled and said, “I wondered if I could.” My look had to be one of complete stupefaction, which immediately fired up the giggling once more. Nikki told me, “Who do you think hid your wallet?” My chin must have fallen to my chest. Nikki told me that it was an instant decision upon seeing me after so long. That still didn’t explain anything to my satisfaction. All I could do was sit with a confused look on my face.

Nikki’s eyes flashed wide, softly saying, “Why not? I know you love me. You know I love you. Why can’t we enjoy the feelings we have thought about for all this time?” Before my mouth could open she stuck her finger on my lips to shush the words. Nikki told me she appreciated that I treated her as my own child, but she was not. She told me how the looks were noticed and was surprised I had not recognized the returning stares. I told her that honestly that hadn’t occurred to me. Yes, I knew she was beautiful and desirable but those feelings were wrong. Nikki winked as she turned off my lap. Her body swung around and straddled my legs. Her hands balanced on the sofa back. Nikki’s face was close enough to feel every breath. I was pretty sure that was purposeful on her part.

Nikki softly brushed her lips over my cheeks, my chin, and my eyes. I still had an overwhelming need to run but she knew I couldn’t. Her body became a tiny reactor in my lap. The heat shimmered like hot asphalt on an August day. The subtleness of fragrance assaulted my nose. I believe that if her perfume wafts across my nostrils in the future my dick will go off like a giant coiled spring. Nikki pressed downward and began rubbing her thinly covered pussy against my dick. After what seemed like seconds the wetness registered. She had soaked her shorts and had started a wet spot on mine. That was all it took. I grabbed her waist and pulled. I was controlling how long and hard she stroked. She moaned and pressed her wet lips to mine. I could hardly breathe. It was a combination of nervousness and excitement. Fortunately, the nerves were getting less and the exhilaration more. Finally she broke the kiss….if that was the correct term. We were devouring each other.

Nikki stared into my eyes. No words had been spoken in several minutes. Her mouth lowered to my ear and she whispered, “I don’t care what you do.” That sweet voice continued, “Just please do something. Whatever you want or dream of doing to me is ok.” After a deep breath she said, “Right now I am feeling very slutty and I am your slut. I will eagerly do anything asked.” Well, if that is how she feels then it will be my duty to oblige. My past fantasies flooded into my head. This was going to be fun….for both of us. With my hands still on Nikki’s hips I pushed up and back forcing her to stand between my knees.

The first command was, “Take everything off, slowly.” Her eyes widened but the hands went to the hem of her shirt and lifted. As the fabric slid over her breasts Nikki’s hands took its place. But, she wasn’t hiding them. It was my first close-up view of the wondrous swellings. The fine hairs were mesmerizing. The hardness of the nipples beckoned my mouth. She was caressing the skin, pinching the turgid nipples aggressively. She wanted to be told what to do, yet she was attempting to take charge. That wouldn’t do. I ordered, “Stop! You didn’t ask permission to pull your nipples.” Nikki looked surprised. Her fingers loosened their grip as I said, “You may pull them one more time. Then it’s what I tell you, understand?” She smiled slyly and took each nipple between thumb and forefinger. I thought they would dislodge she pulled so hard. Nikki’s eyes closed and a low moan, almost a wail, pushed from her throat. Never had I seen a woman cum as hard.

I was amazed. This girl/woman had orgasmed from pinching her nipples. Tonight would be beyond memorable. All these years, while treating Nikki as a daughter, she had become a secretly simmering sexpot. If she desired to be controlled her wish would become my concern. I had always thought about having a woman so willing to please that anything within reason was immediately accepted. “You’re still dressed?” I asked. Nikki’s distant gaze became more focused. Her eyes zeroed on mine as the hands once more lifted the top from her body. She tossed the top let the hands begin a slow drop over her body until they grasped the elastic band of the shorts. I twirled my fingers and said, “Turn around.” She pivoted between my knees and resumed the removal. Nikki had to bend from the waist to complete the task. The most gorgeous ass revealed itself. So taught the skin seemed near bursting. More of the crease exposed itself. Enough of the material dropped away to lighten the shadows between her ass cheeks and thighs. Yes, she was completely and smoothly shaved.

Two remarkable pairs of lips, framed by her legs and butt, a wrinkled and brownish asshole above, presented themselves to my gaze. The larger pair was engorged and crimson. The natural separation allowed the delicate inner pair to hang free. Two wonderfully pink petals completing the sight. Nikki was very wet. The moisture glistened…, more than that…..flowed from her pussy. The wet sheen covered the inside of her thighs. Her clit was clearly visible at the top of the slit. That button was swollen beyond the hood. Was it my imagination or was it throbbing? As Nikki continued her bend downward her pussy opened further. The inner pinkness glowed. I so wanted to lean forward and drive my tongue inside but that would come, no pun intended. The shorts reached Nikki’s ankles and she gingerly stepped from them. I placed my hands on Nikki’s hips and slowly turned her body a pirouette of agonizingly slow speed played before me. Her eyes twinkled as I viewed her naked body, unhindered by glass shower doors, steam, and water droplets. My cock was threatening to rip through the cloth of my pants. If it was possible to slowly toy with Nikki my hard dick could wait as well.

Those eyes bore into me. She said, “I know you saw me in the shower. Why do you think I left the wallet on the table? I know you saw me masturbating. But, I never dreamed you would jerk off while watching me.” She said there was no doubt what was happening even though her view was not clear. Nikki told me how hard she came, rubbing her pussy, while I stroked my cock. She even told me about picking the tissues from the top of the garbage and feeling the slipperiness of my cum. She did know. She planned it that way. Now my mind was slipping back into confusion. Nikki told me of the dreams, wanting me to control her, knowingly trusting me to have that degree of command. She asked, “Are you willing to completely control me.”

No time was wasted now. It was abundantly and irrevocably clear. I heard my voice say, “lie back on the coffee table and place your feet on either side of my legs.” Nikki’s movements were so deliberate. A lustful look fixed to her face. She looked in my face with a questioning stare. I nodded my head and told her, “Masturbate! I will let you know when it is ok to cum.”

I will take that image to my grave. Nikki didn’t masturbate. She made love to herself. She ravished herself. One set of fingers held that beautiful pussy open for me to see. Not even in porn movies had I ever seen a woman pleasure herself that completely. She placed two fingers on either side of her clit and pressed, while taking the middle finger and stroked the tip of her clit. Sometimes she would pull the hood back and tap her clit like keeping the beat of music. The liquid had now collected on the wood of the table. She was drenched. Interestingly, Nikki never put a finger inside. It was an outside job from the beginning. I like to think that she was doing nothing that couldn’t easily be seen by my starring. Her pace slowly increased in tempo. The lips that were once held open were now wide apart without any help. I could see everything in startling color and clarity. Nikki was so wet that strings of juice followed her fingers when they lifted from her center. Her hips began a barely imperceptible shaking. The fingers that were pressing her clit squeezed with more force, pushing her engorged clit further from her body. One finger slowly rubbed the hood just above her clit. Her nipples looked like bullets on her chest. Sweat was beading all over her exposed skin.

I caught her vacant gaze and said quietly, “Nikki, come now!” Her abdominal muscles clenched. That pink, open pussy contracted. And, it began. Nikki couldn’t moan. It was a series of guttural groans, almost staccato. Her breathing stopped for what seemed an eternity before taking a long, deep inhale. One hand pulled up to her chest and cupped a precious breast. The other remained over her pussy, lightly tracing a still swollen clit. After several minutes her head, still flushed, raised from the table. Nikki looked directly at me and raised her wet fingers to my mouth. I savored every aroma and taste, wanting more

After all that had happened over the past few hours my clothes where still intact. Now, my dick was raging hard and had been for some time. I don’t think an erection had ever lasted so long. My mind wandered to the Viagra commercial and the warnings about erections lasting over four hours. I hadn’t needed the little blue pill. Nikki was providing more inspiration than any chemical. She had risen up on the coffee table, propped up on elbows. Nikki looked exhausted but, the eyes were on high alert. Her leg lifted from the floor and the sole of her foot planted itself squarely on my cock. The pressure made all the escaped juice from my dick immediately soak a portion of my shorts. Giggling, Nikki said, “It looks like you had an accident. Do you need a clean-up crew?”

I had to giggle as well saying, “You are falling down on your job. Aren’t you my new executive assistant to handle my personal needs?” She pulled up to a sitting position and reached for the snap on my shorts. I could feel every bump of the metal as the zipper imperceptibly moved downward.

Nikki responded that there seemed to be a stiff muscle that needed her immediate attention. Nikki slid forward to kneel between the table and myself as the zipper grinded down. She ordered me to raise my ass. As my butt lifted from the sofa I wondered if she was giving the orders now. Nikki said, “You are the boss. But, I can’t perform the necessary duties with all this fabric in the way.”

The shorts slid down my thighs finally freeing my aching cock. The head was scarlet with dried, partially dried, and glistening fluid. Before the shorts reached my knees Nikki had her mouth on my hard dick. Her mouth was soft and hot, wet and determined. She didn’t rush. Her mouth engulfed the swollen head. Her tongue massaged that sensitive little place just behind the head, on the bottom of the shaft. Steady suction pulled all the pent-up liquid from my rod. A small hand wrapped around, just below the head, firmly sliding to the base. Her lips opened just enough to allow a large flow of my juice, mixed with her saliva, to slide down and lubricate my cock. The slickness made her hand pump faster. And, when Nikki added the little twist there was no doubt that it wouldn’t be much longer. Watching her had kept me on the edge for too long. I stared at her face eyes and whispered, “I am going to come very soon.” Nikki was looking directly into my eyes when she increased the suction and upped the tempo of the strokes. Bingo! That was it. The noise that was uttered from my mouth was foreign to me, totally guttural. The first contraction was so strong it almost hurt…a delightfully intense and pleasurable hurt. Nikki never decreased the sucking pressure. She never loosened her lips. My cum blasted into her mouth. Her face seemed surprised but she held strongly. I couldn’t remember ever shooting that much. The intensity of Nikki’s mouth had delivered the most incredible blowjob of my life.

Nikki opened her mouth and a flood of cum ran over her lips and my dick. She slurped, pulling some back into her mouth. The swallow surprised me. Most women in my life would eagerly give head. Few would allow me to shoot in their mouth. Rarely would they swallow. Nikki was playing with the cum as it leaked from her mouth. I smilingly asked, “Do you like the taste.” Her answer was taking a finger and pulling it through one of the puddles and lifting it back to her lips to suck clean. As my dick softened she rubbed it slowly across her face and neck. I was surprised that it was able to deflate. But, then again, Nikki wasn’t trying to keep it inflated either.

Nikki rose from her knees and stretched while she stood. She exclaimed, “I have to pee.” Nikki’s perfect body bounced across the room with that apple shaped little butt swinging deliciously from side to side. We really looked like the total mess. And, it sure was fun getting that way. But, I must say the entire episode was still meandering through my mind. Our relationship had hurdled to a new level. I knew it would never be innocent again, if it continued. I mentally refused to ever speak out loud of the problems we had launched into our lives. This could be a one time thing. If so, I would always remember each miniscule moment. The low level whoosh of the flushing toilet reminded me that a naked young woman was in my bedroom, alone! I rose from the sofa to see Nikki standing at the entrance to my hallway. Her smile was so devilish. Nikki blurted, “Hey you, there is a perfectly good Jacuzzi back here and I have a bottle of bubble bath.” I guess round two was ready to commence! I will let you know how it turned out. Soon!

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