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I ran into D at a fetish event. We were both shocked to see each other; you see we had been neighbors about 20 years ago. It turns out She is a Sadistic Tease Domme, and I am a sub who loves strict bondage and extreme, prolonged, teasing torture scenes. We chatted a bit and exchanged information, then agreed to get together at a later date to talk and catch up.

I pulled into the driveway and knocked on the door. D let me in and we sat down to talk about what we had been up to and have a couple beers.

We chatted about what we liked in the scene, me telling her I really loved to be kept in strict bondage and teased to extreme levels but had not found a woman who would really push my limits in a sensual teasing torture scene. They always seemed to get tired of it after an hour or so, two at the very most. Maybe I should have noticed the evil smile that brought to her face, or the way her breathing quickened and She licked her lips, but I was with an old friend and felt really relaxed and safe. That was my mistake.

We had been talking for a while when D asked me if I would come downstairs and help her put some eyehooks on a bed She was setting up for bondage in her basement. I said sure and followed Her down into the cellar.

Most of the cellar looked like a normal finished basement, but at one end was what looked like a closet door. D unlocked the door and opened it to reveal another room that took up the other half of the basement concealed behind a fake wall.

The beams in the ceiling had eyehooks in them, and a cage sat off in one corner. Other implements of bondage, rope, chains, locks, leather cuffs, ball gags, hoods, were on tables or hanging from hooks on the walls. A large bed with a heavy wooden frame sat against the back wall. A drill and some eyehooks lay on the floor beside the bed.

I took the drill and made a couple holes on either of the top posts and screwed in the eyehooks.

Then D said ” Wait a sec, before you put in the others I want to make sure they are in the right place. Could you lie down on the bed so I can mark where I want them to go?”

So I lay down on the bed and got in the spread eagle position for Her.

D looked down at me and said, “Hmmm I want to make sure they cant reach the hooks when I have them tied down, hang on a second I just want to put the wrist cuffs on and attach them to the top posts so I can make sure the measurements are right.”

She then put leather wrist cuffs on me and attached them to the top posts.

“OK.” She said, now slide down so they are tight and I can mark where I want the ankle and knee hooks anchored”

I slid down until the chains attached to the wrist cuffs and bedposts were tight and spread my ankles toward the bottom corner posts.

“Perfect” said D “Now just stay there for a minute while I put the rest of these hooks in”

I just lay there as D drilled some holes and screwed in some eyehooks at the bottom posts and in the sides of the frame by my knees and thighs.

“Well” D said, “It would be such a shame not to try out all these new hooks, but something doesn’t look quite right.” I know you have way too many clothes on.”

I thought She was kidding and tried to unhook my cuffs and chains form the top bedposts, but when I looked up I realized that D had secured both the cuffs and the chains with padlocks. My wrists were securely chained to the top bedposts and I was going nowhere without the keys.

I could only lie there and watch as D stripped me from the waist down. Then going over to one of the tables She came back and locked my ankles in leather cuffs and then locked them with chains to the bottom bedposts, stretching me out in a tight spread eagle.

“Do you know how much I wanted to do this to you when we lived next to each other?” D asked “But you were always going out with someone else then, so I didn’t say anything” “But now you are all mine, and we have plenty of time.”

I gave a nervous laugh figuring She was just kidding and would let me go any minute. I started to protest and ask her to let me loose, but She just picked up a ball gag and stuck it in my mouth. She buckled it on tight and pulled a chair over next to the bed. She took a pair of scissors and cut off my t-shirt leaving me completely naked. Next She gathered up some rope and tied my knees and thighs out to the eyehooks on the sides of the bed spreading my legs open and totally exposing my crotch. Now I couldn’t move an inch, and my cock had started to rise up and get hard.

“I will have use for that mouth later, D said, but for now you don’t need to talk, I like my subs totally obedient, and right now you have no choice but to just lay there and be a good little bitch for me” “It’s Saturday afternoon and no one knows where you are, and they won’t even start wondering until Monday when you have to be at work.” “That gives me lots of time to have fun with you slut.”

There was nothing I could do or say, the chains and cuffs were all locked on, and the gag filled my mouth so all I could do was make some moaning sounds. D put on a pair of rubber gloves and put some oil in the palm of one hand. She took my cock and slowly started to stroke it to complete hardness. The rubber glove made her hand totally smooth, and the oil on the rubber made the sensations mind blowing. In less than a minute I was rock hard and moaning behind the gag. My cock was like marble, the veins sticking out, and the whole length glistening from the oil. I was totally at Her mercy, and She knew it. She kept up the stroking for a while until pre cum was leaking from my cock, and I was moaning constantly behind the gag.

Then She stopped and standing up She said, “Well slut just think, that was only 10 minutes and you are already a wreck.” “Just think what you will be like after hours.” “Oh and about women who get bored after a couple hours at the most?” “Don’t worry, I can guarantee you I don’t get bored teasing a man for a lot more than that.” “I think of 2 hours as an absolute minimum.” “Time for me to take a little break, and for you to lay there and think about how long I have been waiting for this.” “And how much I want to push your limits beyond anything you have even dreamed of.” “I want to be sure you never forget this session with Me.”

Then She just walked out the door and turned off the light leaving me chained up in the darkness, cum leaking from my hard cock, totally consumed by lust, and the thoughts of the hours to come. The last thing I heard was the key turning in the door, locking me inside Her secret room.


I don’t know how long I laid there in the dark, horny as hell with my cock begging for attention, until I finally heard the key turning in the lock. When D came in She turned on the lights and I was blinded for a minute. I heard Her walk across the floor towards me as Her heels clicked on the concrete. As my eyes adjusted to the light I saw that all She was wearing was stockings and spike heels. D wanted me to see her body, to know that it was inches away, but totally out of reach. I was starting to get hard again already, just looking at her, and feeling the strictness of my bondage. D stood by the side of the bed looking down at me. “Well slut look at you, you have been chained down and teased for ten minutes and left in the dark for 20.” “So far half an hour and you have cum dripping from your cock and you are horny as hell.” “Well let’s see if we can’t make things worse for you?” D walked over to the table and came back with a long black stocking. She proceeded to tie it tightly around the base of my cock and balls, which made my cock turn purple, and get as hard as a rock.

“Well slut have you ever thought of a woman’s pussy as a torture device?” “Because for the next hour I am going to prove to you that it is.” “Most men think of a woman’s pussy as giving them lots of pleasure, and you will feel pleasure, but I won’t let you cum.” “That’s where the torture part comes in.” “Do you know how hot it makes me seeing you chained down and helpless?” “It makes me even hotter knowing I am going to keep you here for hours, way past anything any other woman has done to you.” Standing next to me D spread her legs a little and started to run her fingers over Her pussy. I could see it getting wet and the smell of her sex was driving me even more crazy with desire. Then She climbed on the bed and straddled my hips. She was inches above my purple throbbing cock. She slowly lowered her wet pussy against my cock pressing it down against my stomach. Then She started to slowly slide her pussy up and down the length of it. She would stop at the top, with the head of my cock pressed just slightly inside the folds of her wetness. Then slide ever so slowly down the shaft to the bottom again. God! She was so right! It was extreme torture! It felt incredible! To feel her pussy sliding ever so slowly up and down my cock, but never letting it go inside of her. Every time She came up to the top of my cock her tits were right in front of my face, but that was a tease too! I wanted so badly to lick those nipples, but the gag wouldn’t let me! Here was this hot naked woman sliding Her pussy up and down my cock and hanging Her tits right in my face, and I couldn’t get off! Every time I would get close She would sense it and get up off my cock until I cooled down, then start in again. After about half an hour She had a fantastic orgasm, crying out and collapsing on top of me as I had to just lay there totally frustrated and watch. By this time I was so out of my mind horny I was moaning and screaming behind the gag. Wishing I could beg Her for release. She recovered and climbed up and rubbed Her dripping, soaked pussy all over my face and the ball gag. I was covered in her juices and the smell of Her was driving me more insane.
Then She slid back down and just started sliding up and down my cock again. I just threw my head back and screamed into the gag with frustration, I couldn’t even beg for mercy. This brought such a wicked smile to her face as She just continued my relentless torture. She would glide up my cock and run her tits over my face and over the gag, knowing how badly I wanted to suck and lick Her nipples and those gorgeous tits. I was struggling, tugging at the cuffs and chains, out of my mind with lust, trying to get loose, but it was hopeless, I could hardly move an inch. “What’s wrong bitch?” “Just a little horny are we?” “The way you are screaming behind that gag you would think I was putting you through such pain, but I am just giving you pleasure aren’t I slut?” “You can’t be in any distress if a woman is just using her pussy and tits to give you pleasure now can you slave?” D continued to slide up and down my cock until She had another shattering orgasm. Then She climbed off me and sat back down in the chair and spread her legs out to the side to give me a good view. As I looked to the side I was staring at her beautiful dripping wet pussy. I just wanted to worship that pussy, to do anything She wanted just to feel my cock slide inside it, even once. God! I was so out of my mind with lust I was totally lost! My crotch and my face were both covered with Her juices. All I could smell was Her pussy; I was out of my mind with craving. As I lay there in my bondage my body was actually shaking with the need to cum. Tremors of uncontrolled lust just poured through me. Looking down my body I could see my purple cock, rock hard and throbbing with desire. Cum running out of the head and onto my stomach. “Poor slave, so horny and not able to do a damn thing about it, just the way I love to have my men.” Well slave I am a bit of a mess, and I think I need a nice hot shower.” “Just think bitch, it has only been an hour and a half since I chained you down, and you have hours more to go.” “Perhaps, many more hours. With that She got up and I watched her beautiful ass as She walked away. She walked out, shutting the lights off, and again I heard the door lock click shut. END PART TWO

I am just drifting, lost in a lustful haze. I am living a fantasy, I have always loved strict bondage and I now find myself trapped in heavy chains and locking leather cuffs, secured with padlocks, totally helpless. D has taken me completely captive and I am totally at her mercy.

I hear the key in the door and again the light blinds me. She looks totally refreshed as She walks over to me, again dressed only in her heels and stockings.

” Well slave it’s now been two hours since you were chained down.” “Time for a new kind of teasing game.” “This time it is totally up to you weather you get pleasure or pain.” ” The only thing you have to do to avoid the pain is to stay completely still.”

D goes over to the wall and comes back with some 4×4 beams that are about 2 feet long and sets them on end in a square at the foot of the bed. Then She sets a square piece of plywood on top of them forming a small table.

Next She places 3 clothespins on each side of my chest. All of them are attached to a metal ring with twine. D ties a rope to the ring and feeds it through an eyehook in the ceiling right over my chest. It then goes down to another eyehook just beyond the end of the bed directly over the little table. D then ties a rope around my balls and runs it down the bed and ties it around one of the 4×4 legs for the table, making sure it is very taught. Reaching under the bed She pulls out a gallon jug of water and places it gently on the table. Then She takes the rope attached to the ring, which is attached to my nipple pins and pulls it tight and ties it to the handle of the water jug.

My predicament becomes quickly obvious. If I move my balls, I pull one of the table legs out, the tabletop falls, and the water jug rips the pins off my nipples!

D comes to the end of the bed and unlocks the chains to my ankle cuffs, letting my legs free. This will just make it harder for me to stay still.

“Well slut I see you understand the basics of the game.” “Pain or pleasure it is all up to you.” “If you stay still you only feel pleasure, if you move you will feel quite a bit of pain.” “All you have to do is stay still for the next hour and I will take the pins off gently.” “Well lets get started shall we?”

Sitting down in her chair next to the bed She leans over, and pouring some oil in Her hand starts to slow stroke my cock. At first I remain totally still. But soon her hand is working it’s magic and my hips seem to get a mind of their own. I try to control the need of my hips to grind and try to thrust to make her stroke me faster but it becomes increasingly more difficult. Her other hand is busy in Her pussy bringing Herself pleasure and drawing Herself closer to an orgasm as She revels in my torment.

I try and concentrate on staying still as Her hand speeds up and slows down but the sensations in my cock are driving me insane. She just sits there, smiling as Her hand keeps going slowly up and down my shaft. This seems to go on forever as I try to remain still while wishing I could move to increase the agonizingly slow stroking of Her hand on my cock. It has been going on so long, and a couple times I have moved a bit and felt the rope on my balls tighten slightly, but so far I have not moved enough to upset the table. Then suddenly the stroking stops, and I think I have made it! But then She grips my shaft tightly in one hand then takes the palm of the other and cups it over the head of my dick. She starts rubbing in circles on the head of my dick and I am suddenly going out of my mind with sensation over load.

I can’t help myself as I scream behind the gag and buck my hips trying to get away from the excruciating pleasure pain of the over stimulation. Suddenly I am screaming more because I have jerked one of the legs out of the table and the gallon jug has fallen ripping the pins off my nipples. I arch up in agony in my bondage as far as it allows with my chest on fire. I am screaming loudly behind the gag, both in pain and frustration, because D has also stopped stroking my cock.

As I come back to earth I look over to see D with an evil smile on Her face, and from the look of D slumped in the chair, my pain and agony have obviously provided Her with another powerful climax.

D just unties the rope from my balls and locks my ankles back to the chains attached to the foot of the bed.

“Too bad bitch, you were getting close to the end, but don’t feel bad, no one has ever made it all the way through.”

I just hear the sound of Her laughter and watch her beautiful ass walking away from me, as once again the lights go out and I hear the turning of the key in the lock.


Once again, after a time, the door opens and the lights come back on. I hear the now familiar sound of Her heels on the floor as my captor returns. I just lay in the bed, drowning in my submission, and loving the feeling of my helpless bondage.

“Well slave you have been my prisoner for 3 and a half hours now.” “This is more than you have ever endured before, and just think, I am not bored at all.” “I am going to remove your gag, but there is no talking allowed unless I ask you a direct question.” “Of course moaning and screaming is allowed, even you could not help that considering the condition you are in by now.” “If you understand just nod.”

I just nod my head, and She leans down and removes the ball gag. Her breasts hang down inches in front of my face and I am consumed with the desire to touch, suck, and lick them. But D has controlled me for so long now, and driven me to such depths of submission, that I just stare at them with lust, and hope that eventually She will reward me, and allow me to touch Her gorgeous tits.

“You see, nothing you have to say matters.” “Begging would just be a waste of time at this point because I have no intention of letting you cum yet, so it would just be annoying noise to me.” “This will also teach you self control, and reinforce the fact that you have no control whatsoever in what happens to you at this point.” “I am totally in control and you have absolutely nothing to say about it.”

“If you speak you will be punished, and I guarantee you will not like it.” “It’s time for some more pussy torture slave.” “But I need your cock to be really nice and hard for this one.”

D goes over to the table and comes back with the black stocking. She ties it first around my balls turning them a nice shade of purple, then ties it around the base of my cock, nice and tight, so my cock is soon also purple, rock hard, and throbbing. She props a couple pillows under my head so I am looking straight down my body. Rubbing some oil in Her hands She sits between my legs facing me with her pussy right up against my crotch.

D then takes my cock in Her oiled hands and starts an agonizingly slow stroking of my cock. My cock feels like it is going to explode it is so hard and purple. Then D takes my cock and bends it down so it is pointing right at her pussy. She takes just the head and starts running it slowly up and down the outside of Her wet pussy lips. The feeling is incredible, the sensation is so intense I fell like I want to cum right away, but can’t!

I am staring straight down at an incredible fantasy picture! My legs are chained securely to the bedposts, and I am staring at an incredibly sexy sadist watching as She uses my cock as Her personal dildo. I can see it sliding slowly up and down the soaking wet lips of her pussy. Her eyes half close and She starts to breath heavily from the wonderful feeling she gets from torturing a completely helpless male.

Between being forced to watch this incredibly sexual spectacle and the intense feelings of pleasure in the head of my dick I am moaning in frustration in seconds. I want to beg Her to let me cum but I remember Her warning and just continue to moan and squirm in my strict bondage.

“Oh yes slut, I can see the desperation in your eyes.” “I am so hot looking at you in your totally helpless bondage, knowing that I put you there, and knowing there is nothing you can do about it.” “GOD! That makes me so hot!”

I watch as D continues to use my dick to rub her pussy and Her clit with my cock head, occasionally using Her slippery oiled hands to stroke it for a little bit. I am out of my mind with lust, I would do anything to get off right now, but I can’t even beg, and what’s worse is I know that I will not be allowed to cum during this session! I am so far beyond any torture I have experienced before, and there is still more to come!

Finally D’s breathing gets faster and She starts to really moan, She starts to cum and my cock almost slips inside Her pussy but the head just barely gets inside before she lets go of my cock, lies back and shudders through Her orgasm.

D finally recovers, then gets up and has a drink of water, I figure this was the end of this session, but She comes back over and sits back down between my legs again.

“Ready for part 2 slave? She asks”

A startled whimper escapes me as with an evil smile She grabs my cock and starts to slide it up and down her pussy again! I am out of my mind, shaking my head from side to side as pitiful moans and cries come from my throat. The head of my cock is so sensitive! I am thrashing around in my restraints trying to get my cock away from her pussy, but She just laughs and grips my cock harder and continues the torture. I am trying to thrash around in my bondage, but She has me tied and chained so tight I can hardly move an inch.

“Awwwww poor slave, did you think you were done?”

D just laughs quietly as She resumes my torture, I have no idea how long it took Her to reach a second orgasm because my mind was totally gone. I was just a moaning, whimpering mass of horny tortured flesh. D finally had another orgasm and after She recovered she got up and sat back in Her chair looking down at me while She had a drink of water. She eventually reached down and untied the stocking around my cock and balls, giving me at least a little relief.

“Well slave that’s 4 and a half hours now.” “Starting to feel sorry about telling me how you wanted a really long and severe teasing torture scene?” “You should be more careful what you wish for slave.” “I have to clean up a bit, torturing helpless males gets me so wet.” “And I have a few e-mails to answer, then I will be back to have more fun with you.”

And the lights went out.


D came back in and sat back down in Her chair next to the bed.

“Well slave you have made quite a nice puddle in the bed.” “The sheets between your legs are soaked with your pre cum, and I am not done with you yet”

D got up and climbed up on the bed in the 69 position and lowered her pussy down over my face. I needed no encouragement and started licking and sucking Her pussy like crazy.

From time to time D would lower herself down over my face cutting off my air. It was incredible being trapped under her ass and pussy. D finally came to a shuddering orgasm and climbed off the bed.

Going over to the table She came back with a long strip of cloth and started binding my dick and balls with it. When She finished only the last inch of my cock and the head remained exposed. D then squirted a large quantity of lube into Her right hand.

She then sat between my legs facing me and grabbed the length of my cock in Her left hand so it was pointing right at Her. The head of my cock was swollen and purple where it stuck out of the wrapping. D took Her right hand and grasped the exposed top couple inches of my dick like She was going to pull a rope toward Her. She then started to very Slowly stroke back and forth on the head of my cock.

The head of my bound cock was so sensitive; I started moaning and tried to struggle in my bonds but could hardly move an inch. “What a horny little slut you are.” “Poor bitch hasn’t cum in over 5 hours.”

I was out of my mind with lust, I just wanted to cum so bad, the sensations of Her stroking were so intense, but the stroke was so slow it just kept me on the edge.

“You have permission to beg now slut, I want to hear you beg me to let you cum.”

I started begging like crazy, I was totally gone, and Her slow stroking of just the head of my cock had me insane. I struggled, trying to pump my dick faster in Her hand but the bondage was too tight and She just kept up that maddeningly slow steady pace. I felt myself slowly getting closer, it was taking forever but I could feel my orgasm building. I was almost there but the slow steady stroke kept me right on the edge for a long time.

Finally I felt myself nearing the edge, my training kicked in and I started begging D for permission to cum.

“Good thing you remembered to ask slut, or I might have made you wait even longer.” “But since you have been such a good bitch, you may cum.”

That did it, I exploded! I remember screaming, and arching in my bonds so hard I thought I might pull my arms out of the sockets. My orgasm just seemed to go on forever, even after I would think it was over and collapse on the bed, aftershocks would hit me, and make me shake all over for minutes after.

Finally when I came back to earth I looked down to see D still sitting between my legs, but she had a shot glass in Her hand. She placed the head of my cock in it as She carefully unwrapped my cock.

As the wrapping loosened up all the cum that had been trapped in my cock started to flow into the shot glass. D then brought the glass up over my face and as I opened my mouth obediently, She poured it in.

As D went around the bed releasing the restraints I could only lay there in total exhaustion.

“Well that was a fun session slut, but of course next time we will have to see if we can’t make you last a little longer.”


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