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How much more could I take? How much more should I be expected to put up with? The time had come. I was ready to pay that that lying, complaining, sexless bitch I had been married to for 20 years. It was time for revenge.

It was so different when we first met. She seemed so perfect for me. She loved my friends and they loved her. She’d hang with us, drink beer, and watch sports. And the sex, my God the sex was wonderful.

She’d blow me anytime I wanted. She’d let me watch porno movies while she did it. Incredible! And we’d have the wildess, longest sex sessions. Hours and hours of hot sucking and fucking.

She seemed like the perfect woman to me.

But there is and old joke about finding the cure for nymphomania. It is WEDDING CAKE!

God, it started the week after we were married. Suddenly she was too tired for sex. Then the complaining. First about my friends, they became losers. Then about me watching the game on Sunday. She had chores she wanted done. Well I had a cock that needed sucking!

There is another joke about women. They have to bitch or they’d blow up! Well there was no chance of that happening to my wife. If she was awake, she was bitching.

Ten years and two kids came and went and the bitching never stopped. The woman worked and bitched about wanting to be a stay at home mother. So I worked harder and she began to stay home and be mom. But then she bitched about that.

God, will she ever be happy?

Then the fateful event 10 years ago. I had the idea something was up. She was visiting her parents and she mentioned running into an old friend while there. They had had just dinner and drinks, but something didn’t quite ring true. So I checked up on her.

A trip to Radio Shack and a special phone hookup and I could hear her phone calls on tape. The first week nothing. Then the fateful call from her “friend”. I listened as they spoke of their nights of passion. Of wild ass sex my wife used to do for me, but no longer. Of her desire to see him again and be “naughty”.

I was beside myself listening to those tapes. What should I do? I decided to confront her. I did not tell her about the tapes, just asked her several times about him. At first denying it, she finally admitted to one time when she was drunk. She said she was sorry and she could barely remember it. She said nothing really happened and he had trouble getting hard. She asked for forgiveness.

From listening to the tape, I knew that was bullshit. I was ready to divorce her, but she insisted on counseling. Meanwhile I kept listening, gathering more information.

I went and saw a lawyer when it became apparent she was going to see him again without telling me. Man, what a surprise! I have to pay her what? She fucks around and I lose my home and over 1/3 of my income for the next 10 years? How could that be fair? I saw two lawyers and got the same answer. Men get fucked in divorce.

So I thought and thought. I was not making enough money to afford a home on my own, plus pay for our old one. I’d be in an apartment, eating mac and cheese, while she lived in my house, eating steak on what I was paying her.

So I got a plan.

First I demanded she never talk to him again. That one took a while. He kept calling when I wasn’t around trying to bed her again. But after I busted her by looking at the phone records, she finally did say bye. Then we got into counseling. We went many times and I pretended to want to work it out, but I did not.

I was waiting.

In ten years, the kids would both be out of the house and school. I would still have to pay her half of what I had, but I made plans to hide as much as I could. I keep all the finances, so it was easy. I got a safety deposit box and began to hide the money. Each raise I under told her about, pocketing the difference. I figured to accumulate a nice nest egg in 10 years.

And I was nice to her. Underneath my breath, I called her a cocksucking bitch whore. But I smiled and was a wonderful husband. She said she loved me more than ever, and loved what I had become.

Stupid fucking bitch!

And fuck around? God, I did it as often as I could. I travel a bit and am fairly good looking. It wasn’t hard to find company. I slept with close to 20 women in the past 10 years. I just kept counting down the days.

I was going to bust her heart on our 20th anniversary.

But then something happened around year 18. I was getting into surfing and visiting chat rooms, when I met some guy bitching about his wife. I was in a chat room with people from my town, so I knew he was local. We began to talk and found we shared similar lives. His wife was a bitchy sexless cunt too. I’d made a friend. We met and chatted regularly.

Pretty soon there were 6 of us. We’d get online and create our own room and meet to share horror stories. It was getting kind of fun. None of them knew my real name, so I told them my plan and they all thought it was great.

Then one night I was talking with my one buddy, complaining about my wife’s lack of sex drive. I told him about one night when we were dating, she let me tie her up and mock rape her. I had a ball doing that and I told him I should do it one last time for old times sake before I dumped her.

Then he typed back. “Let me do it.” And a great idea was born.

Soon our other buddies were in the room and we were chatting about the subject. At first kidding, then it suddenly got serious and we were talking about them all doing it for real. We talked for hours, different scenarios, and when I got offline, I found myself incredibly aroused. I masturbated imagining my bitch wife being tied up and taken by man after man.

Could I really do that for real?

Nothing was said the next few chat sessions, and then my first buddy brought it up. Soon we were all discussing it again. Again, I found it very arousing, but wondered about making it real.

Over the next year we talked of it frequently. I was now 6 months from my 20th. Did I really want to do this? I finally decided to see if I could pull it off. I told the guys we should all meet face to face.

We picked a local bar and I was there first, waiting nervously. One by one they walked in and we went back to a corner booth. It was nice to see them all face to face. It’s funny. It’s easy to talk on a computer, but face-to-face is harder. We went quite a bit before we brought it up.

I looked around the table at my five buddies. Rick was the youngest at 23. He was white, about 6 feet tall and weighed around 180 pounds. Mike my first buddy was next at 25. He was white, a bit shorter that Rick, but build very solid, going maybe 200 pounds. Lee was 29. He was short, maybe 5’6” and thin at 140. Hector was 30, and a slightly chubby Hispanic who was over 6 foot and 250 pounds. The last was James. James was black as the night and a large man. He was 32, and was well over 6 foot tall and was a muscular 250 pounds or more.

At first, I thought there would be no way we’d actually do this. But the more we talked, the more real it became. The more beer we drank, the wilder we began to talk. I left the bar that night extremely horny. Of course the wife would have none of that when I got home, so I spent a restless night until I went in the bathroom and jerked off.

We began to meet on the same night week after week. The more we talked, the more we planned. We also decided that when the moment was right, we’d do it to each other’s wife. We had an exclusive club and we promised to take care of one another. Two weeks before my 20th anniversary, we had the plan done.

My wife and I would go out to dinner. I’d make sure she’d drink a bit, plus I would put one of her Xanax pills in her cocktail when I could, to relax her even more. The boys would let themselves in using the alarm code I gave them. They would be waiting for us when we got home.

One the fateful night, I was so excited I could no bare it. But I had to wait until 11PM before I brought her home. We had dinner and drinks and she was feeling things a bit as we drove to our home. I could not wait to get inside.

Once inside it was set up. My wife always went into change, and I would get something out of the kitchen and then come to the bedroom. They were waiting for her in there wearing all black and ski masks.

I waited a minute or so then I entered the room, my heart racing. The light was off, so I turned it on. Even though I knew what was going on, I was startled by the scene of my wife being held by two men. Then suddenly I was grabbed from behind, a gun held to my head.

“Say a word and you’re both dead asshole.” Said the voice I recognized as my bud Mike.

Suddenly two more men appeared from the bathroom. I looked at my wife and her eyes were full of fear. A large gloved hand covered her mouth.

“Put your hands behind your back.” Said Mike again. I felt handcuffs secured to my wrists as he said. “So you won’t be a hero. Then a gag was tied into my mouth and I was pushed into a chair in our bedroom.

I kept looking at my wife. Inside smiling, but outside showing fear. My friend looked at her and then pointed the gun at my head.

“Disobey me once, and I’ll blow his brains all over the room. Understand?” Said my buddy.

My wife nodded, her eyes full of fear.

“Strip of your clothes bitch. We’re going to party right in front of your old man.” Said my buddy.

My wife hesitated for a second and I heard my friend cock his pistol. The one I knew was unloaded. My wife screamed into the gloved hand.

“Please. I’ll do what you say. Just don’t hurt my husband.” She said sobbing.

“Whore, fucking whore. Stripping in front of your old man, so we can all fuck you.” Said my buddy again. I wanted her humiliated. As humiliated as I was 10 years ago listening to how she had fucked her old friend. Mike knew what I wanted.

The men holding her released my wife. She began to sob as she stripped off her clothes.

“Please take my husband out of here. I don’t want him to see this.” She begged.

“All right.” Said Mike. “Take him out of here.”

We had planned for this. I was pulled up from the chair and pulled out of the room by James. I turned and looked at my frightened wife. I tried to look concerned, but I wasn’t. This is what I wanted. James turned and closed the door. James then smiled at me as he undid the handcuffs and my gag.

Back in the room, Mike was holding the gun to my wife’s head, telling her to strip. She started slowly, sobbing the entire time. First her dress. Then her pantyhose. Then her bra and panties. She held her hands up to cover herself, but they were quickly pulled down.

“Pretty good for an old whore. You like to fuck whore?” Said Mike.

“Not you. I love my husband.” Said my wife quietly.

“Turn around cunt.” Said Mike.

As she did, Mike pulled out a tight blindfold. One that would not slip, and would protect them, so they could remove their masks. She was pushed roughly on the bed as the boys stripped off their clothes.

The boys and I had been to the store and purchased the necessary equipment to tie her to the bed. The cuffs were padded and strong Velcro straps to secure her to the four posts of our bed. They grabbed her arms arm legs and secured her ass facing up as I asked.

“Please don’t do this. Please!” She began to beg as she was tied down. The boys just snickered and continued on

James walked up to the door and opened it quietly. He looked into the room and turned to me and smiled. He whispered, “The party is starting, c’mon. Just be quiet as hell.”

We crept into the room and I saw my wife, nude, laying on her stomach on our bed, her legs and arms tied to the posts of our bed. She had a blindfold over her eyes, so I was safe. She heard the door close and called out.

“Is my husband OK?” She asked.

“He’s just fine babe. Now let’s party.” Said James as he stripped of his clothes.

I looked at Mike, and he already had out the video camera taping the whole event. He smiled and gave me a thumbs up. I pointed at Lee. He was picked to go first. I wanted her totally fucked and totally humiliated by the time this night was over.

I went to the bathroom and handed Lee the bottle of baby oil. The same one my wife used to lube her pussy when she would occasionally fuck me. It was to be used for the same purpose tonight. Mike handed the camera to me and I began to film the action.

Lee climbed on the bed and slapped my wife’s ass hard.

“Lift it up bitch. Lift it up so I can fuck you good.” Lee commanded.

My wife began to sob and beg.

“Please, please don’t do this.” She began to beg over and over again.

Lee slapped her ass hard again and then grabbed her hips and lifted. She squealed as he slapped her and began to sob deeper. Lee squirted the oil onto her ass crack and let it drip down to her pussy. Then he squirted some oil on his hard cock and stroked it.

“I’m going to fuck you good whore. Fuck you real good.” He said as he massaged the oil into her pussy.

“No no no. Please don’t!” She begged sobbing again as she struggled against the ties holding her.

Lee pushed his cock against her pussy and then her asshole, like he was trying to choose.

“Your choice cunt. Your ass or your pussy?” He asked.

All he got for a reply was a sob.

“Ok, I pick then. Your ass!” As he pushed the head against her asshole.

My wife screamed and tried to get away, but was grabbed and held by the other men. “No please! Don’t do that. No please!” She begged. My wife hated anal sex. We had tried it once years ago. She said it was the most uncomfortable, painful thing she’d ever tried. I knew just the threat of it would have her begging for mercy.

“Then beg me to fuck your pussy, you married whore. Beg me and I fuck you there.” Lee told her.

My wife sobbed and said something we could understand between the sobs. Lee slapped her ass hard and pushed his cock around the outside of her asshole.

“Beg me now you cunt. Or I am shoving this in your ass right now!” He commanded.

God, don’t make me. Please!” She sobbed over and over.

“Ok whore, here it comes.” As he tried to push it slightly in.

My wife screamed. “No! No! Ok. Ok. I’ll do it. Please put it in my vagina!”

“Bullshit! Say fuck my pussy!” Commanded Lee as he slapped her ass again.

“Fuck my pussy.” She said sobbing.

“Say it again. And say please!” Commanded Lee as he slapped her ass again.

“Please fuck my pussy.” She said sobbing.

Lee shoved his cock entirely into my wife. She screamed as he did it. He grabbed her hips and fucked her hard and fast. I didn’t want this slow and easy. I wanted her rode hard and humiliated. I moved the camera around and did a close-up on her face. She had it pushed into the bed and turned to the side. Her expression showed her pain and humiliation.

Lee fucked her hard for 2 or 3 minutes and then announced he was getting close to cumming.

“Please don’t. Please don’t do that in me.” She sobbed.

“Either here or in your ass cunt! Your choice.” Said Lee. “Beg me to cum in your pussy slut”

My wife began to wail and then whispered. “Please cum in my pussy.”

Lee slapped her ass and said. “Louder!”

My wife wailed over and over again. “Please cum in my pussy. Please cum in my pussy.” I had a nice close-up of her face while she begged for Lee’s cum. This was so sweet.

Lee moaned and shoved hard as he shot his load deep into my wife. She screamed and threw her head from side to side as Lee pumped his cum into her. He pushed a few more times and then withdrew. He climbed off the bed and came over to me giving me the thumbs up sign. Rick was to be next.

I had chosen the men by size and cock size. Lee was the smallest, Rick and Mike were about my size. Hector was a couple of inches larger, and James was huge. I could not wait for her to be fucked by him.

Rick climbed behind my wife and lifted her ass up. He rubbed his cock up and down her slit, coating it with the oil and cum already there.

“Please no more. Please.” My wife began to beg as she sobbed.

Rick pointed his cock at her asshole and smiled at me.

“You get one chance cunt, to say the right thing, or this cock get shoved up your ass. What do you want whore? Asked Rick.

“Please fuck my pussy.” My wife sobbed, now totally submitting to the men.

Rick grabbed his cock and shoved it into my wife’s pussy. She screamed again and jumped against her restraints. Rick slammed her hard and fast and kept a good firm grip on her hips.

“You like this, don’t you whore?” Asked Rick.

“No, no, no I hate this.” Said my wife sobbing.

“Then why is your pussy so damn wet, you fucking cunt?” He demanded.

She said nothing as Rick kept pounding her harder and faster. Each thrust made the soft flesh of her ass bounce. I zoomed in on her face again which was contorted. Her mouth was open and she was gnashing her teeth as Rick pounded his cock into her.

“I’m getting close cunt. Beg for my cum. Beg for it you fucking whore or it goes in your ass.” Demanded Rick.

“Oh God. Please finish in me. Please!” She begged.

Rick slammed hard and deep and pumped his load into her. She squealed and her mouth opened in a large O as Rick emptied his cum into her. He pumped a few more times before withdrawing, slapping her ass as he did.

My wife did not move and lay their sobbing softly into the bed. Mike moved up behind her and rubbed his cock up and down her oozing slit.

“Please no more. I can’t take anymore. Please just leave. Leave us alone.” She begged

“Sorry cunt.” Said Mike as he rammed his cock home.

My wife squealed again as Mike began to fuck her hard. The third hard fuck she’d gotten in just 15 minutes.

“You want this over slut? Want us gone?” he asked.

“Yes.” She moaned quietly.

“Then ask for a cock for your mouth. Beg to suck a cock, you cocksucking whore. And we’ll finish earlier with you.” Said Mike.

She said nothing.

“Then I guess we’ll have to double fuck you in the ass and pussy at the same time. You want that cunt?” He demanded.

“No! I can’t do that. Please don’t!” She begged.

“Then ask for a cock for you mouth. Beg to suck cock while I fuck you.” He told her.

“Give me a cock for my mouth.” She said softly.

“Louder!” He said as he slapped her ass again.

She squealed and said in a loud voice. “Please give me a cock to suck. Please!”

Hector smiled and move onto the bed in from of her. His cock was long and dark. More cock than she’s ever had from me. He pushed it into her open mouth.

“Suck it cunt. Suck my big fat cock.” Hector told her.

Hector grabbed her head and began to pump into her mouth, fucking her face. Mike began to slam her even harder and harder. My wife was squealing and groaning and gagging as she was force fed Hectors big cock.

Mike suddenly announced he was going to cum. He pumped hard and deep and shot a huge load into her pussy. She screamed and moaned, her mouth full of Hectors cock. It was now James’s turn.

James got behind her and rubbed his huge black cock up and down her cum filled slit. It coated his cock with the sticky slippery mixture. He put his cock right at her opening and pushed slightly. My wife screamed as she felt James’s huge cock enter her.

I had been waiting for this moment all night. I signaled to the other men that it was time to rummage through the drawers, pull them out and flip them over. My wife had a vibrator she would let me use on rare occasions. On a few nights she’d let me rub it on her clit while I fucked her slowly. It always brought her to a nice orgasm. I wanted that. I wanted her to cum on James’s cock. I wanted her humiliation to be complete.

The men made noise as they opened the drawers of her dresser and spilled out the contents. Mike found the vibrator and brought it over to the bed.

“Look what we have her slut. You like vibrators?” He asked.

“MMMPPPPHHHH” Was all she could reply from her cock filled mouth.

Mike turned it on and rubbed it on her face.

“I bet you’d like this rubbed on your pussy right now. Wouldn’t you whore?” He sneered.

“UUUUUHHHHHHMMMMMMM” Was all she could say.

James had begun to fuck my wife with a slow steady gently pace. Different from the other men. Hector had release her head.

James slapped her rear and told her. “C’mon cunt, move against us. Suck and fuck us at the same time.

My wife began to move slowly, back against James, and then forward, taking Hectors cock farther into her mouth. Both men just held their positions and smiled. I signaled for Mike to put the vibrator on her clit and he did.

My wife jumped as the buzzing vibrator caressed her clit. She tried to move away from it, but that only took James’s large black cock further inside her. Mike moved the vibrator and kept it on her clit. The more she moved, the more cock she took inside of her.

Suddenly Hector pulled away and stroked his cock just inches from her face.

“Here’s a present for you cunt.” As he stroked and then shot a huge load all over my wife’s face. I zoomed in with the camera, catching all the action. She tried to move away, but Hector grabbed her hair as he stroked his cum onto her face. I watched as it dripped onto the bed.

Now she only had James cock and the vibrator.

Mike kept caressing her clit with the buzzing tool as James slowly fucked her from behind. She was moving against him and pumping her ass up and down, it seemed at times trying to get away from the vibrator and other times taking more and more of James huge black cock into her.

She put her head down as James continued to fuck her slowly, putting more and more of his cock into her. Several times he stopped and I watched as she fucked back against him. She now had her face buried into the blanket, so I could not see her expression.

Mike began to rub her clit harder with the vibrator and I watched as she spread her legs wider for him, making it easy for him to move it. The whore was digging it!

I nodded to James and he grabbed my wife’s hips and began to fuck her harder and a bit faster. She began to moan and hump back against James and the vibrator. I could see her flexing her ass muscles as she fucked back against him, and the soft moans that were escaping her lips.

We could see an urgency building up in her, in both her movements, her breathing, and her moaning. She was getting close to cumming. Just what I wanted.

As her orgasm approached I signaled for Mike to pull the vibrator away and for James to stop fucking her. Her head flew up from the blanket and she yelled. “What?” As she fucked back against James.

“Getting close whore?” Asked Mike.

She said nothing as she continued to wiggle against James, encouraging him with her body movements to fuck her, but James held still.

“Tell me whore. And we’ll make you cum. Be silent and we’ll bring you to the brink 100 times, but never let you cum.” Sneered Mike.

He rubbed the vibrator on her clit as James pounded her hard for just a second. Her body jumped and she moaned deeply. Then they stopped.

“Tell me whore. Beg for me to make you cum. Tell me what a slut you are. And we’ll make you cum. TELL ME!” Yelled Mike. She refused.

I watched as they brought her to the brink again and again. She was fucked slowly while the vibrator was caressing her clit. I watched as she was actively fucking back against both. Then they would stop. It was driving her mad.

I looked as most of James’s cock was now going slowly in and out my wife. She was humping back against his cock while Mike teased her clit with the vibrator. Her mouth was now open and she moaned deeply on every stroke.

Mike asked her again and again. “Beg us and we’ll allow you to cum, you fucking cunt. Beg us.”

I saw sweat forming on her face and her face contorted as she would get close to orgasm, only to have it denied to her. Finally she submitted.

“Make me cum please.” She whispered.

“Louder!” Said Mike.

I zoomed in on her face as she opened her mouth and loudly said.

“God, make me cum please.” She began to beg.

“You want to cum?


“Are you a fucking whore?


“Are you a fucking cunt?”


“Beg like the whore you are!”

My wife began to rant and thrash about as James began to fuck her hard and Mike placed the vibrator back on her clit. James grabbed her hips and began to fuck her in long, deep, hard strokes. His hands gripped her soft flesh of her hips and squeezed it as he began to build to his orgasm.

“God, fuck me. I’m your fucking whore. I’m your fucking cunt. Cum in me. Make me cum. I’m your slut. Use me!” She screamed.

James shoved deeply and she screamed as her body shook in orgasm. It was incredible. She kept repeating. “Oh my God! Oh my god!” Over and over again. I watched as her body shuddered unlike anything I had ever seen before. She tilted her head up and down, her mouth open, and a deep moan escaping her lips, as her orgasm went through her body. She finally lowered her head back onto the bed.

James moaned deeply as he dumped his load deep into her. He pumped and pumped until he was emptied into her. He pulled out and my wife lay there, her ass up in the air, cum oozing out of her. I took the camera and panned her entire body. She was sweaty and her pussy was still contracting as I zoomed in on it. It was still pulsating a minute after James withdrew from it.

I looked around at the other men. They were all getting hard again except for James.

Each of them had her one more time before they left. She passed out sometime before they were done with her and they left her tied to the bed, covered in cum. They got dressed and left. We agreed to get together and watch the tape later in the week.

I went into the bedroom a bit later. She was still passed out. I woke her up, explaining that they had left the keys to the handcuffs. That it had taken me some time to get free and get to her. She sobbed as I held her. She was a mess.

I asked her if she wanted to call the police and she said no. I had figured as much. She needed a bath and went and took one. She sobbed the rest of the night off and on. The next morning, I tried to talk to her about it. She would only say it was awful and she wanted to forget about it.

The boys and I got together in a few days and watched the tape. It was hot and we watched it several times. Mike looked and said he loved it and maybe we’d have to do it again. James laughed and said maybe we should send her some parts of the tape. That’d blow her mind.

Who knows? Maybe we’d force her to play again with the guys.

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