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Retirement Party Dress

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‘Shit, I’m late again,’ I thought as I looked down at my watch. 9:56. I’ve got four minutes to park the car, run into the mall and punch in before the boss has another reason to yell at me.

And like that, I ran as fast as my young legs could take me. With 7 seconds to spare. ‘It’s gonna be a good day,’ I thought as I adjusted myself.

As good of a day as one could have at the mall, that is. It was the summer before my sophomore year in college.

Here I was, 20 years old, working at a ladies clothing store in the mall.

The one for the older women, like my mom. Not where girls my age would shop. Why you ask? Well, if you listened to my dad tell it, it was because I kept putting things off. “Good for you! That’ll teach you to wait until the last minute to apply for a job. Spend your summer there rather than with girls your own age. You’ll never get a girl friend that way.”

Thanks Dad! What did he know anyway? There’d been a few girls I’ve known since I went to college. Amy, Sue and Dawn. Those were my first girlfriends in college.

Ok, they were my first sex partners. It wasn’t love. We were horny and we did a lot of fucking. Of course, alcohol was involved, but we always ended up fucking.

I’d grown up from that pimply faced kid in high school and I’d gotten good at it. He thought I was still the dork he knew last year and that’s cool. It kind of kept him off my back.

Besides, I always had this thing for older women. Ok, not old-old, just older. Mid 40’s and younger. The difference between sexuality and sensuality; quality versus quantity. Women that age, ohhhhh, very sensual.

Don’t get me wrong, Amy, Sue and Dawn were hot. They always had guys after them and it made me feel good when they wanted to be with me. Like I said, I grew up and I guess I got good looking as well as experienced.

I quickly took my position on the floor just as the manager was opening the doors. Early morning shift was always the most boring; very few shoppers.

Really, all I had to do was take care of anyone who showed up. The store supervisor was trying out some of that new age management crap that she’d read about and wanted each customer to receive personalized service. Yeh, great!

For 20 minutes, no one entered the store, so I went in back and started stacking some boxes. I heard the bell go off when someone enters the store and made my way out front.

I immediately recognized them. Jim and Anita Patterson, from two blocks over. I guess he was taking her shopping for a dress.

Now, Jim you could forget about. He was nondescript, kind of just there. Tall, with gray hair and mustache, he didn’t say much.

But Anita, now, there was a woman you could never forget. Brown shoulder length hair and blue eyes, with a smile that lit up the room whenever she entered.

As pretty as she was, it was her body you’d never forget. Even now, at 37, she was a knockout. That body! She was probably 5-6, maybe 5-7 and 130 pounds. Slender legs led up to her curvy hips, the kind of hips just meant for grabbing from behind and holding on. Her ass was nice and firm and round, and worked perfectly with those hips. She had a nice slender waist which looked like it never could support those massive breasts.

My God, Anita Patterson had the most impressive breasts I’d ever seen. They were big and full and sat perfectly on her chest. Incredible! How many times had I laid in bed or stood in that shower and stroked my cock to her? Hundreds, maybe thousands. I’ve spilled so much cum because of that woman.

She’s where my lust for older women comes from. The Patterson’s moved into the neighborhood when I was 7 years old. It was almost a sin when they put that pool in their back yard.

In the summer, Anita would be in that pool, in her yellow bikini. Those big, luscious tits of hers barely contained in that skimpy material. That perfect ass chewing wildly at the bottoms when she’d walk back into the house for more iced tea.

All of the women in neighborhood hated her, but all of the men and boys couldn’t get enough. How many summer afternoons did I spend over at Tommy Hartman’s house next door? Both of us up in his room, staring next door at Anita Patterson in her bikini.

God, it was great; until Mrs. Hartman figured out what we were looking at and kicked us outside. Still, there were plenty of trees in neighborhood for spying.

And here she was, with her husband, in my store looking at dresses. I made my way over to them.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Patterson. Can I help you find something?” My eyes moved quickly over her body as I walked towards them. That sundress she wore could not hide the magnificence of her body. My mouth quickly got dry as I felt my cock twitch at the site of her.

“Billy? Is that you?” asked Jim.

“Yes sir,” as I looked at first him and then his gorgeous wife.

“Wow” said Anita. “I almost didn’t recognize you. You’ve sure grown up. I didn’t know you were working here,” she said as her eyes moved slowly over my body. For a second there, I thought she was checking me out, and my cock stiffened in those loose fitting khaki’s.

“Yes, just for the summer until I go back to school. Can I help you find something?” Standing this close to them, I could smell the soft fragrance of her perfume. Her eyes sparkled and I knew that unless I focused on my job, my cock would soon burst through that thin material.

Jim said “We need to find her a dress. Something formal but not too, you know? We’ve got a retirement party to go to.”

“Something summery. Strapless. Maybe a little form fitting,” said Anita as she moved in front of me, walking toward a rack of black cocktail dresses. Watching her incredible ass move beneath the thin dress material, I thought I would blow my load right there, the image of her wearing something like that black dress indelibly etched in my brain.

Apparently Jim picked up on it as well. “Careful. You’ll give Billy here a heart attack.” They both looked at me and laughed.

For a second I was that little dorky kid again. Only for a second though and I quickly regained my composure. Angrily, I thought ‘Very funny ass hole.’

Taking control, I said “Over here is your typical strapless black cocktail dress. You’d look incredible in that Mrs. Patterson, but I think with your amazing body, you should give one of these red ones a try.”

I held up a very low cut, tight, red dress. The plunging front would dive perfectly between her huge tits. The dress was short enough to reveal just a hint of her ample ass and would snug tightly to her well rounded hips. She’d look absolutely fuckable in that dress.

Anita reached for it and held up to her front as she turned to face her husband. “Well Jim, what do you think?”

He took one look at the totally inappropriate dress and said “I think Billy here has something other than a formal dinner party on his mind.” They both looked at me and I noticed a coy little smirk at the corner of Anita’s sexy mouth.

They both chuckled a little. “Not at all,” I replied. “Just trying to be helpful.” In all honesty, the thought of Anita in that red dress made my cock ache. I could feel it throbbing against my stomach.

“Why don’t you try them on?” I asked. Anita reached for the black dress and followed me as we all made our way to the back of the store. Anita handed Jim her purse as he sat down on a chair just outside of the doorway to the dressing rooms.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes,” she said to Jim as he sat down near a mirror. I could feel her eyes on me as I led Anita to a dressing room near the back of the hallway. I opened the door for her and stood just enough in the way.

“Here you go,” I offered. She looked up at me, smiling that coy little smile again as she walked past me. Inexplicably, she was somehow able to get by without brushing those incredible breasts against me. I looked inside the room and saw her staring at me in the mirror.

“I’ll just be outside,” I said loud enough for Jim to hear. I closed her door behind me but failed to lock it. Making my way back out of the hallway, I said to Mr. Patterson “I’ll be just a few minutes in the back.”

Quickly, I made my way to the other door in the back of the store. I opened one and then another door. I was back in the dressing room hallway, standing in front of Anita’s room. The thought of her behind that door, undressing, made my cock swell.

‘What the hell are you doing?’ I thought as I reached for the door knob. Here she was the subject of most if not all of my adolescent fantasies, partially clothed on just the other side of this door.

My lust for her had no bounds and without thinking, I turned the knob and slowly opened the door. Quickly, I slipped inside and shut the door behind me.

Anita had removed her sundress and sandals, and was standing in front of me facing the large dressing room mirror on the wall opposite the door. She wore nothing but a shear black bra and panties. Startled, she pulled the black cocktail dress to her chest, trying to cover herself. It was of little use.

Angrily, Anita said in a low voice, “What the hell? What the hell are you doing in here?”

Standing still, not knowing just yet how this would all end up, I said “I thought you might need some help.”

God, what the hell was I doing? I was out of my mind with lust for this woman; I had lost all sense of rational thought. I’d get fired, probably arrested. I could never go back home. I’d be labeled some kind of pervert. What the hell was I thinking?

Still, my cock ached as my eyes drank in Anita’s body. Her ass was perfect. The thin material covered nothing, certainly not the gorgeous valley that separated those two magnificent round ass cheeks.

Her legs were still strong and I looked at her reflection in the mirror. Anita’s pretty faced was flush. Was it from embarrassment or excitement my young brain pondered?

Folding her arms across her chest certainly did not hide anything. That bra was amazing in its ability to hold that amount of flesh in position. Each of her breasts, huge and perfect in their own right, formed a glorious cleavage as Anita inadvertently squeezed them together.

Still in that low voice, Anita angrily replied, “You shouldn’t be in here. My husband is just outside and he’d kill you if he knew what you were doing.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She didn’t scream or tell me to leave, so I pressed on. “I see you’ve got the black one. You’ll have to take that bra off if you’re going to try it on.” What the fuck was I doing? Still, my balls ached.

Anita stared at me in the mirror. Still in that low voice, “Didn’t you hear me? Jim is just outside. He’ll kill you if he knows you’re in here.”

I took a step nearer Anita. I could feel the warmth of her body emanating towards me and I ‘m sure she could feel the heat from my cock through my pants.

Standing just behind her, I said in a low voice “Then we’ll have to be quiet.” I reached out and touched her bare shoulder. Her skin was soft and smooth and electric. I slowly moved my hand, tracing a path with my fingertip down the back of her arm.

Anita stood there, back to me, in silence. She didn’t move or utter one syllable as my hand moved over her arm.

I reached out and placed my other hand on her shoulder. Slowly, I moved that hand down her other arm. With my hands resting on her elbows, I moved closer still and pressed my hips forward. My cock, as hard as it’s ever been, pushed against those two glorious ass cheeks.

All the while, Anita stared at me in that mirror. Her eyes grew big and she drew in a short, quick breadth when she felt the hardness of my cock pressing against her panty-covered ass.

She said nothing and stood completely motionless, holding that skimpy black dress against her. Still staring at Anita’s reflection, I reached around her with my right hand and took hold of the black dress. Slowly, I began to pull it away from her.

Anita showed very little resistance but still maintained her grip on the garment. I watched for what seemed like an eternity as her arms and dress pulled away, revealing those massive, glorious tits.

I stood behind Anita just drinking in the reflection of her body. Her nipples were hard and certainly not hidden in the shear material of her bra. I leaned forward and let a slow, hot breadth fall against the side of her neck. Leaning in, I softly kissed her neck.

Anita stood there, motionless as I kissed up and down her neck, my eyes never leaving hers in the reflection of the mirror. Slowly, sooooo slowly, I moved my hands from her elbows to her wrists.

Pressing against her, we both leaned forward as I placed her hands up against the mirror. We stared at each other in that mirror as I softly kissed her neck. Anita let out a small moan and I smiled to myself.

Letting go of her wrists, I moved my hands to her massive tits. My God, those tits! Those big, beautiful tits I had dreamed of and wanted for so long. I cupped one in each hand.

I could feel her nipples, hard and stiff, against the fabric of her bra. I slowly squeezed her nipples and Anita moaned again. Slowly, I massaged each massive tit, sooo soft and heavy, so firm to my touch.

Anita moaned again and involuntarily pressed her ass against my cock. Slowly, she began to rotate her hips, her ass massaging the firmness of my cock.

Without saying a word, I reached back behind her and unclasped her bra. At least, I tried to. I’d never been with a woman who was as endowed as Anita. Her bra had four clasps and it took me a second or two of fumbling but I finally found the release.

Sliding her bra down, Anita moved one, then the other hand from the mirror, and let the exhausted garment rest on the floor. Looking at my reflection, she leaned forward and put her hands back on the mirror, letting her massive tits hang down in front of her. She pressed back against me, her ass nuzzling my now almost ready to burst cock.

She was the epitome of sexuality and sensuality and I’ve never wanted another woman more. Her mouth said nothing while her eyes said everything. I had to have this woman. NOW!

I moved my hands to her hips, to the waistband of her panties. In one motion, I pulled them down slowly over her round hips. The garment fell down her legs and she slowly stepped out of them.

I knelt down behind her, her magnificent ass to my face. Grabbing a cheek in each hand, I slowly spread her ass. I leaned my face forward and began to lick. I licked slowly up and down, from the top of her crack all the way past her pussy. Up and down, I could hear Anita moan and felt her wiggle as my tongue touched her pussy lips, clit and ass hole.

Slowly, her pussy lips parted. Her lips swelled and I started to suck on them. First one, then the other, pulling on her pussy lips with my mouth. Anita moaned again and wiggled as I pushed my tongue up between them.

I could taste her wetness on my tongue as she slowly began to ride my mouth. I reached my hand around and slowly began to massage her swelling clit. Pulling back on the hood, Anita bucked as my fingers found her sensitive bud.

She rode up and down on my tongue, watching in the mirror as I licked her from behind. Faster and harder, Anita rode my face. All of a sudden, she shuddered and began shaking. Her breadth drew in sharply and a burst of fluid splashed my tongue, mouth and cheeks. Anita had just cum from my mouth!

She slowly regained her senses and I stood up behind her. In a flash, I had unbuckled my pants and pushed them to the ground. I grabbed her hips, positioned myself and stared at her in the mirror.

When she opened her eyes I smiled and pulled her back on my cock. Her wet pussy easily slid over my swollen head and she gasped as my cock stretched her lips. My God, she was warm and soft and wet! She pushed back, taking the length of my cock inside her. She stopped and held me there for a second and I could feel her pussy muscles squeezing my shaft.

We stared at each other in the mirror as she slowly moved forward and then back again, milking my big cock with her pussy, Anita’s massive tits swinging with each of her movements. Her pussy felt like heaven and I knew I didn’t have long.

Just like in my fantasies, I grabbed Anita’s hips and began slamming my cock in and out of her. Her pussy lips slid up and down my shaft and my balls slapped up against her with each thrust.

She began to moan with each deeper penetration. My cockhead brushed up against her pussy walls and for the first time, I found a woman’s g-spot. Anita bucked and squirmed, her body dancing lewdly on my cock as she came again.

And with her orgasm came mine. I held her hips tightly down on me as my cock exploded. My balls shot rope after rope of cum. I lost all sense of time and decorum as I held her there while we both came. Seconds seemed like eternities as our cum ran down her legs and then mine. Slowly, we found each other’s eyes in the mirror.

“Wow!” Anita panted breathlessly. All I could do was grin at her, my cock still hard and stiff inside her wet, exhausted pussy. We stood like that for a minute, maybe two, my cock still hard inside her. I didn’t want this to end. Staring at each other’s reflections, she said to me “Do you think he heard?”

Breathless myself, I muttered, “I don’t know. But if he did, he would have come in here, wouldn’t he?” Anita smiled back at me, knowing I was right.

“Whew!” she panted. Anita flexed and I could feel her pussy muscles squeezing my cock again. I let out a small moan. Breathless again, she muttered, “Looks like somebody still wants to play.”

She leaned forward and pulled herself off of my cock, even though I kept my hands on her hips. She turned to face me. Her massive tits hung in front of her and jiggled as she leaned towards me. “I think you’ve wanted to fuck me for some time now, haven’t you Billy?”

All I could do was nod in agreement. She reached out and wrapped her slim fingers around the still throbbing shaft of my cock. Anita slowly moved her hand up and down the length, sliding easily with the lubrication of our cum. She looked up and smiled at me, whispering “What else have you wanted from me?”

I stood in front of her as she stroked my cock, looking down as her massive tits moved with the rhythm of her hand. All I could do was groan. She giggled and lowered herself to her knees.

In one motion, she began licking up and down my shaft in unison to her strokes. Slowly, Anita opened her mouth and looked up at me. Her big blue eyes shone brightly as her tongue flicked and guided the head of my cock into her mouth.

She wrapped her lips around the shaft and softly began sucking on the head. Anita worked her tongue against the underside of my cock while she sucked and stroked. Her mouth was warm and soft and wet, just like her pussy.

I looked down and saw my cock sliding in out of her mouth, her lips stretched wide around my slick shaft as Anita’s massive tits bounced with her movements. She was a master. She worked my cock with her mouth, lips, tongue and hand.

Each time I thought I’d lose it and begin that inevitable journey past the point of no return, Anita would change up. A flick here or there, a squeeze here, something different to create new sensations and build the pleasure all over again.

She pulled her mouth off of my cock, lifted it up with her hand and slowly licked my balls. She gently sucked one then the other into her mouth. I thought my cock would bust from the pleasure.

Just then, she pulled up off of my cock and looked up at me. “I know what else you’ve always want from me,” she whispered. She knelt forward and lifted a massive tit in each hand. She wrapped her glorious, full tits around my cock and began to slide up and down.

It felt like heaven in her warm cleavage as she tit fucked me. One stroke, then another, and another. And then the explosion from my balls.

Rope after rope of warm cum splashed across Anita’s tits, neck, cheek and face. My legs quivered as each wave of pleasure shot through me. I placed one hand on the wall to steady myself as I pumped the last drop of cum on her incredible tits.

I stood in front of her, breathless, looking down at the pool of cum on her tits. The last of my adolescent fantasies come to fruition!

Quickly, I looked around for a rag to help clean up but, being the 20 year old I was, I had not thought that far in advance. So, making do with what we had, I grabbed the red dress and let Anita wipe herself up.

Fortunately, the dress was just big enough. I quickly dressed and made my exit as Anita found her things. I made my way back through to the other side of the store. I exited just as Anita emerged from the hallway.

“There you are,” Jim said to her. “I thought you’d be in there forever. Don’t I get to see you in the dresses?” he asked disappointedly. Thinking we had pulled it off, I made me way over to them.

“Well then, what did you think Mrs. Patterson?” I asked.

Jim looked at me, “Are you alright? You seem a bit winded.” His eye shot up and I began to sense I was in danger.

“I was just stacking those boxes in back. Just a little winded, that’s all,” I said as I stared straight at him.

Jim was quiet for a second and then shook his head, “Sheesh, kids today. When I was your age I could go all day.” I did all I could not to burst out laughing right in front of him. He just shook his head again and turned to his wife, “No fashion show for me?” he asked in mock disappointment.

Anita held up the black dress to him and said, “No, I don’t think so. I like the black one but you really don’t want to see me in that red one.”

The sight of Anita using that red dress to wipe my cum from her tits flashed through my mind. She’d look even more fuckable now that the dress was streaked with my cum.

“I was really hoping to see you in that red one honey. I think Billy here was hoping for that as well,” Jim replied as he turned to face me.

“As long as you’re happy Mrs. Patterson,” I said back.

Anita smiled at me and said “Oh, I’m very satisfied Billy.” They turned and made their way toward the checkout counter.

Jim said over his shoulder “Say hi to your Dad Billy.” I waved goodbye and smiled. I thought of my cum most assuredly dripping from her wet pussy as she walked away in that sundress with her husband.

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