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Ted cruised slowly through his old neighborhood. Much had changed, but the Carmichael house still stood. He smiled, remembering the Carmichael girls, Cynthia, and Ann. Cynthia was his age, Ann four years younger.

He’d worshipped Cynthia, but he lived in a ramshackle farmhouse across the creek, while they were well-to-do. Her father disapproved of him, and he was shy, so he’d worshipped at a distance.

He drove on, and stopped at a small park at the street end. When he was there last, it was a gravel patch next to a low-lying marsh. Now, the parking lot was graded and paved, the marsh drained, and made into a park.

He stepped out of the car, and strolled the paved path leading to a footbridge across the creek. When he was small, the W.P.A. had built a rustic footbridge of logs, decked with rough planks, and guard rails made of saplings. Today’s bridge was concrete, with iron pipe railings.

Stepping out on the bridge, he leaned on the rail, and a wave of nostalgia washed over him. He stared into the swirling current, as old memories flooded back.

He graduated from high school fifty-three years before, and enlisted in the Army. Through the Army, college, and a successful career in business and politics, he never looked back, but three years ago, and retired, nostalgia drew him back to his fiftieth high school reunion. In the company of his old classmates, he felt as though he’d come home.

Before they traveled to the reunion, his wife underwent some medical tests, and when they returned, a chilling diagnosis awaited them. She had amyotropic lateral sclerosis, A.L.S., “Lou Gehrig’s disease.” It was a death sentence. She lived two more years, then, a year ago, she died.

Ted was depressed, wasted, and ill himself. Worn out from caring for his dying wife, life was empty. Then he was buoyed by a letter of condolence from a classmate he met at the reunion, Angie Forster, a woman he’d known since grade school. Touched by her concern, he called to thank her, and they began to correspond. She cheered him, and gradually drew him out of his depression. As his spirits lifted, he began to eat properly, and to exercise. Slowly, his health returned.

He had been dead, sexually, for some time already, before his wife died. Prostate surgery had made him impotent, so his lack of desire hadn’t bothered him then. Now, with returning health, his libido returned and, with it, frustration over his inability to perform.

His sex life had been straightforward and traditional. He had little sexual experience before marriage, so his significant experience was only with his wife. He had occasionally yearned to experiment beyond the ordinary, but she rejected the notion.

Out of loneliness, he began to explore internet porn. The variety of sexual behaviors people displayed, amazed him. There were things he’d heard about, and some he had never imagined. He found some things gross, and avoided them. Homosexuality was a cold turn-off, though lesbianism didn’t upset him. Indeed, he found some of that beautiful.

Voyeurism was another turn-off. The simulated sex of the performing models, tongues wagging at gaping pussies, mouths opened for limp dicks, cocks waving at pussy entrances, while both models faked smiles, and looked straight into the camera, merely caused him to shake his head.

His thing turned out to be women’s bodies. Still, there wasn’t much there for him. The “barely legal” teenyboppers with their hard, immature bodies, did nothing for him, nor did the slick, hard-eyed, thirty-something, “mature” models with their bored expressions, and oversized, hemispherical, silicone tits. Rarely, did he find a model who was really attractive to him. When he did, they tended to be older women; full-bodied, ripe, with wise eyes; smiling women, comfortable in their skins, not straining to prove anything.

When sexual tension became too great, he could masturbate to orgasm, but his flaccid cock embarrassed him, and the prostate surgery caused his ejaculate to fire into his bladder, instead of spurting out, as it should. Loneliness pressed in on him. Still, he avoided women. He was afraid he’d be expected to do something he was no longer capable of.

His correspondence with Angie was a treasure that eased the loneliness. Their communication became ever more frank and personal, and he was falling in love. This increased his fear. If they became too close, he’d have to meet her, and reveal his lack of manhood.

Then Angie told him the class was having another luncheon. She persuaded him to come, and invited him to stay with her. He couldn’t turn her down.

Today was his third day there, and their personal rapport had blossomed. She was warm and vital, and clearly invited his advances, but his obsession about his impotence held him back.

The longer he stayed, the more the obsession frustrated him, and today, he’d begged off from the pressure, saying he wanted to visit his old neighborhood alone. So here he stood, morose and resentful, staring bleakly into the swirling water.

A few yards upstream from the bridge, lay a small island, perhaps twenty by forty feet, covered with reeds. He had fond memories of the place. The neighborhood boys cleared a place in the center of the island, and built a lean-to hidden from the shore by the thick reeds. It was their secret hideout, a place where they did secret things.

Ted was smiling at the memory, when his reverie shattered. A woman’s voice asked, “You see some big fish down there, or something?” He hadn’t heard her approach. Startled, he looked up. The woman at his elbow was well-dressed and classy, as tall as he, slim and lithe, with an athletic look. He guessed she was near his age. There was something familiar about her gray-green eyes, and her direct gaze.

Embarrassed at what he’d been thinking, he chuckled, and said, “No, I was just looking at that little island. I grew up here, and when I was a kid, we had a lean-to in there, that was our secret hideaway.”

Her eyes twinkled, she grinned, and said, “It wasn’t all that secret. When I was a little girl, I had a hiding place in the bushes on the shore. I’d lay there, still as a mouse, and watch you guys jerk-off. When no one was around, I’d wade over, and rummage through your stuff. You had quite a stash of girlie magazines there. What’s your name, anyway?”

Ted was nonplused. Her bluntness didn’t match her classy appearance, and he was even more embarrassed by the thought of her watching him, but he answered, “Ted Carlson.”

“You lived in the old farmhouse across the creek, didn’t you?” She clapped her hands, and grinned wickedly. “Oh, how I remember you. Most of the guys just grabbed their cocks, and whanged away until they shot a little wad, but you were a real jack-off artist. You’d caress your cock, and stroke it, and for a long time, you’d squirm and moan, and when you finally got down to business, you’d cum, and cum, and cum. I liked to watch you best of all. I’d finger myself while you were at it, and I had my first orgasm watching you masturbate.”

Ted’s embarrassment was so acute, he wanted to sink into the earth, or evaporate into the air, but he could only stand there. Red-faced and stammering, he asked, “Who – Who are you?”

She continued her wicked grin, and direct stare. “Ann Carmichael,” she answered.

That explained his feeling of familiarity. The striking eyes, the direct gaze, and the bold manner were there already when she was a little girl, and he remembered now, he couldn’t handle them then, either.

“You were just a little kid, how did you get involved in all that stuff?”

“You were about fifteen, and I was eleven when I discovered what you guys were doing. I was a horny twelve-year old, when I popped my puck, watching you.”

The woman’s teasing was relentless, but her frankness, and her attitude, were natural extensions of the bold, little girl he remembered. He saw she was enjoying his discomfiture.

His embarrassment began to wane. He chuckled, but his face fell, and he said, ”Well, whatever I showed you then, there’s nothing left of it now.”

She sobered at this admission, and compassion swelled in her. Touching his arm gently, she smiled and said, “Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed, Ted, you weren’t the only one, and I’m just teasing you. But I did get an early education in young men’s sex habits, watching you guys. What I learned, helped me ease my teenage sons through puberty, when I had to raise them without their father, and the curiosity it generated, led me into my career, as well. But tell me, do you still live around here?”

Ted let out his breath. The conversation was returning to normalcy. “No, I live out on the coast. Only been back once before, for my fiftieth class reunion. My wife died last year, and I’ve been corresponding with an old classmate. She invited me to a class luncheon they’re having, and offered to let me stay with her. Today, I’ve been exploring the old neighborhood.”

Ann’s eyes narrowed, and she caught her breath. This was too much of a coincidence.”Your friend isn’t Angie Forster, is she?”

Ted was surprised. “Why yes, how did you know?”

“Angie and I are sisters-in-law. My late husband was her younger brother. We’ve been best friends for forty years. She told me about you, but she never mentioned your name. Oh, Ted, this is wonderful. We have to all get together.”

Ann thought for a few moments, then said, “Ted, I still live in the family home. Why don’t we go up there. I’ll fix us a cup of coffee, or something, and I’ll call Angie. Maybe we can all get together for dinner this evening.”

Ted’s ears were still burning, and he wasn’t sure what he was getting into, but there was no graceful way to refuse, so he agreed. They walked up to his car, and drove the half-block to her house.

In the kitchen, Ann asked, “What would you like?” He said, “Tea, please.” She put the kettle on, and told him, “Keep an eye on this, I’m going to go call Angie.”

There was a phone on the wall and, for a moment, he wondered why she didn’t use that one, but it seemed inconsequential. He could hear her voice in the other room, but couldn’t make out the words.

Ann made sure he was out of earshot, and dialed the phone. “Angie, babe, you’ll never guess who’s in my kitchen drinking tea.”

Crossly, Angie said, “You know I can’t deal with guessing games. C’mon and tell me.”

“Ted Carlson.”


“Your Ted Carlson. You never told me his name. He’s the boy in the farmhouse I told you about. I wanted to fuck him when I was twelve years old.”

“Ann, you better slow down, and tell me what this is all about.”

“I went out for a walk, and went down to the footbridge. This guy’s standing there staring at the water with a hangdog expression on his face. I snuck up and surprised him, and he started telling me about the lean-to on the little island. I teased him about what I saw there, years ago, and asked his name. He told me why he was here, so I put two and two together, and found he’s the guy that’s staying with you.”

“Oh, Ann, I wish you hadn’t.”

“Look, babe, you’ve been crying about the thing you’ve got for this guy, and how you can’t get his motor started. It’s not for nothing I spent thirty years nursing for a urology clinic, and counseling people on their sexual problems. I’ve got a pretty good idea of what his problem is, and you and I have put together some pretty good fantasies on things we might do to solve it. It’s now, or never, babe. This plum just dropped into our hands, so don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”

“I don’t know, Ann, this guy’s awfully innocent for his age. I’m afraid we’ll scare him off, and I’ll be alone again. We’ve both had our problems with rotten bastards, and this guy is one of the good ones. I don’t want to lose him.”

“Angie, I’ve had a lot of professional experience dealing with older men who’ve lost their motivation, and I know what makes them tick. If he runs, you’ll know you didn’t lose anything, but I don’t think there’s a chance in a thousand he will. Even if we can’t get him up, he’ll know there’s more to sex, than sticking his cock in a pussy. Now, are you coming over, or shall I do it by myself?”

Grimly, Angie replied, “If you value your life, you damn well better not start without me.”

“O. K. Bring some steaks, then. We’ll have dinner when we’re done, and if this works, we’ll all need some extra nourishment.”

“I’ll be there, quick as I can.”

Ted was in for a surprise. These women were more than just good friends. Both had been with with abusive men, and their shared experience had driven them close together; so close they had become true confidants, and indeed, lovers, though both were fundamentally heterosexual. And Ann was wise, beyond measure, in dealing with men’s sexual problems.

When Ann returned to the kitchen, the teakettle was whistling, so she made their tea. They reminisced, and made small talk while they waited. Angie had complained about Ted’s coolness toward her after he arrived, and Ann gently pried a little more out of Ted about himself. Now, she was quite certain why he was reluctant.

They heard Angie pull into the driveway. As she came to the back door, Ann opened it, pulled Angie inside, and gave her a lingering passionate kiss, right on the mouth. Angie hadn’t expected this, but quickly surmised it was part of Ann’s plan. She responded, eagerly.

Ted’s eyes flew wide, and his jaw dropped. Ann turned to him, saying harshly, “What are you gaping at, old man? You’re not looking at a couple of old women gone to fat, and feeling sorry for themselves. We’re alive, and vital. We have needs. What are we supposed to do? Half you old guys are dead, and the rest just want another beer, and fall asleep in front of the television.

We can fuck our fingers till the cows come home, but our fingers won’t hug us, our fingers won’t sympathize with our problems, our fingers won’t say, “It’s all right,” when the world is too much for us, and you old guys with your droopy dicks sure as hell won’t do it either. So what is there for us? We find another woman, or suffer in silence, and these two old babes aren’t going to suffer in silence.”

Ted had about as much as he could take of this bold, abrasive woman, and he flared. “ Just a god damn minute. What do you know about droopy-dicked old men, and the things that make them that way. You women think you can flash a bare tit, and a guy’s supposed spring up like a jack-in-the-box. You go to your hands and knees, or lie on your back with your legs spread, and he’s supposed to be up and ready to service you like bull with a cow, but only when, as, and if, you’re ready for it. From age nine, to ninety, that’s all you have to do.

“For a man, it’s a little more complicated. He has to get up for it, not down. And there’s the matter of age, and that wonderful organ called the prostate. Women get old, too. Their bellies get fat, their asses get flabby, their tits go flat and saggy, but still, their role is passive. All they have to do to perform, is get down, and it’s there for them.

“Yeah. I’m in the droopy dick category, all right. I’m seventy years old, and I’ve had prostate surgery. The gun still fires, but it shoots blanks, and the barrel isn’t rigid enough to penetrate anything any more. And you, dear lady, haven’t a clue to the agony and frustration of wanting to make love to someone, of needing to make love to someone who also needs you, and of being unable to do it.”

Ann was clinical now. She asked, “Radical, or TURP?”

“TURP. I had BPH, not cancer.”

The sudden conflict startled Angie, and upset her. She was afraid Ann was going to ruin everything. She didn’t know what was happening, and she bridled. “What in the world are you people talking about?” she asked.

Ann responded, “Angie, the only uniquely different things between the anatomy of men and women, is their reproductive organs. Women have a uterus, ovaries and a vagina. Men don’t. Men have testes, a prostate gland and a penis. Women don’t. All these organs can cause problems, but the prostate is unique. It’s round like a doughnut, and it surrounds the urethra at the root of a man’s penis, right at the mouth of his bladder. It’s subject to cancer, and a condition we call benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH. In plain English, that means it swells up, and closes off the urethra, so the man can’t urinate. If nothing is done to correct this, it restricts the urinary flow, which leads to bladder infections, and ultimately fatal kidney failure.

“All men, by the age of fifty, are going to suffer some degree of BPH. Many will need surgery, a few not at all. The most common surgical treatment for it, is trans-urethral resection of the prostate, or TURP. The surgeon goes up through the penis to the swollen prostate with a small instrument, and scrapes, or shaves, or reams out the restriction, depending on the kind of instrument he uses. Trouble is, the urethra is so small, and the affected area so packed with blood vessels and nerves that, more often than not, damage results to two things, the erectile mechanism, and the valve that closes the bladder to eject the semen out through the penis. When that happens, he can’t get a hard-on, and the semen goes into the bladder instead of being ejaculated. That’s what happened to Ted, and that’s why he can’t get it up, and why he says he’s shooting blanks.”

Ted had cooled down, and he was learning something too. “How come you know so much?” he said.

“I was a nurse in a urology clinic, and a sexual counselor, for more than thirty years. I’ve seen more old men’s cocks, than you’ll see in a lifetime visiting men’s locker rooms.

“But let me ask you something. Are you up to playing a little game with a couple of those “passive” old ladies you complain about?”

She tittered. “Poor choice of words there. Let’s put it another way.” She pinned him with her toughest, direct stare. ”Do you think you have guts enough?”

The gauntlet was thrown. He didn’t know what he was getting into, but he was a man. He had to pick it up. Insolent now, he issued a challenge of his own. “You bet. Do you?”

Ann smiled. This was going to be better than she thought. She had deliberately avoided asking, “Are you man enough?” She knew that was the sore point, and the vigor of his response pleased her.

“O.K., buddy-boy,“ she said, “Angie, take our lad upstairs, and show him around the play room, while I get ready. Do that little dance for him that we talked about.”

Angie took his hand, and led him up the stairs to an attic room that ran the length of the house. The sloping walls gave it an intimate air, and there was something seductive about the lighting. The floor was carpeted with heavy plush, a few soft chairs that looked sinfully comfortable, made a conversation grouping at one end, and a king-size canopy bed occupied the center. It was all very feminine, plainly a trysting place, but more like a boudoir than a bordello. Something about it began to arouse him, but then, he spotted a wall covered with the implements of BDSM. He stopped dead.Good God, he thought.What have I gotten myself into?

“That stuff’s scary,” he said.

“Don’t worry about it. Those are Ann’s toys. The fetish turns her on, but she’s not really into hurting people, or being hurt.”

Angie gave a nasty chuckle. “At least, not yet. She is very dominant though, but I guess you already saw that.”

She led him over to the bed, and sat him down. There was a light in her eyes, but he couldn’t tell whether it was love, or lust. Whatever it was, it had him in an agony of anticipation.

“Have you ever had a sexy striptease performed just for you alone?”


“Well,” she chuckled, “keep your eyes peeled, you might see something new.”

She moved away a few paces, raised her arms above her head, and turned around in a slow pirouette, swaying ever so slightly. On the second turn, when her back was to him, she dropped her arms and, when she faced him again, her blouse was unbuttoned. She slipped it from her shoulders, and it dropped to the floor. Again, she raised her arms, and the side view, as she turned, gave him a good view of her generous breasts.

When she dropped her arms this time, he saw her unhook her bra and, when she faced him now, that article slipped to the floor. He caught his breath. Gravity had done its work, but her breasts were full, not flat, and the nipples pointed straight ahead.

Her hips still swayed their seduction, as she put her hands on her abdomen, and slowly slid them up over her breasts, to raise them above her head once more. From the side, with her arms raised, her breasts were youthful, her nipples now swollen, and erect.

Mesmerized, he watched as she rotated again. When she dropped her hands this time, it was to unfasten her skirt, and as she turned to face him, it too, dropped to the floor. Her panties were old-fashioned, with flared legs, and a satin sheen. They were infinitely sexy, and he was beginning to breathe hard.

As she faced him, she slipped her hands under the waistband, and, hips swaying, she slowly worked the panties down over her hips to drop to the floor. She kicked them aside and, standing naked before him, did another slow turn. Then she glided to him slowly, swaying as before.

Directly in front of him now, her mound was at his eye level. She spread her feet to shoulder width, and softly thrust her pelvis toward him, while she ran her hands down between her legs, and slowly drew them up over her pussy, stretching it, and causing her labia to protrude.

He scent intoxicated him, and he was transfixed by the vision he saw. She had her hands on her hips now, and they still gently swayed. He stared, as her labia became engorged with her arousal, and swelled to extend an inch, or more, below her pussy. They glistened with her juices. A storm of desire slashed through his loins. He wanted her in his mouth, any part of her, all of her.

She leaned over him, full breasts swaying gently, and began to unbutton his shirt, saying softly, “Let’s get these clothes off.” She worked his shirt off, drew his T-shirt over his head, and fumbled with his belt buckle. Now, he took over. His pants hit the floor, then his shorts, and he began to suckle her breast. She threw her head back, and sighed, then Ann said, “O.K. kids, it’s show time.”

He hadn’t heard her come in. Startled, he looked up, and his eyes bugged. She had teased her hair into a bush, and wore a shiny black mask covered with sequins. A jeweled dog collar circled her neck, and a soft, black leather halter outlined the bottom of her small breasts, to lift them, and thrust them out. A black something, that looked like a scanty garter belt, girdled her hips, with two thongs that led down past each side of her pussy, and seemed to push it out, and plump it.

She was aroused too, her pussy glistened with wetness. Shiny, thigh-high boots with stiletto heels completed the picture and, in one hand, she held a little black cat ’o nine tails, that she used to gently strop her other hand.

She was the most erotic creature he had ever seen. He had a violent urge to leap up, throw her down on the bed, and fuck her blind before she could react, but the thought died aborning. His cock was limp as wet spaghetti.

Ann wore a wicked grin, as she said, “I think he likes us Angie, but he seems to be having some kind of problem. Let’s see if we can fix it for him.”

She tossed the whip aside, and commanded, “Down on the bed, Teddy-boy; in the middle, on your back.” Angie helped him comply, and the women lay down too, one on either side, facing him, with their heads on his chest. For a moment he thought bitterly, this was every teen-age boy’s dream, but here he was, seventy years old, and he couldn’t do a god damn thing, but lie there, and let them toy with him.

Ann roughly pulled his legs apart to spread them. She lay one of her legs over one of his, while Angie did the same on the other side, He put his arms around both their necks, and caressed their backs, as he felt each of them slide a hand down his chest and belly, to fondle his cock. He wanted, so desperately, to get hard, but nothing happened.

He felt their bodies next to his, as they caressed him gently. They were different, but the sensations were delicious, and he luxuriated. Angie was plump, soft, and pliable, while Ann was lean, as firm as a teenager, with skin smooth as a baby’s. He wondered how she managed to remain so youthful.

The sexual tension raged in him now, and tears of frustration welled in his eyes. The women continued to fondle and caress him, and he was surprised to see them kiss passionately, as their heads lay together on his chest. Then, as if on signal, both of them rose on an elbow, and presented a breast to his mouth. He didn’t know where to go, so he worked them both as well as he could. Ann smiled, and said, “That’s a good boy.”

Then she sat up, and said. “Angie, we better go to work. Give him a taste of something good, and I’ll work the lower end.”

Angie rose to kneel over him, straddling his body. He felt her wetness on his belly, as she slowly rocked on him, and now the scents of both women filled his nostrils. They were different, but they excited him like nothing ever before.

Ann said, “You better slide up, babe, I need some working room.”

Angie slowly slithered up his body, trailing her pussy juices, until she was nearly on his face. She lifted his head to put a small, hard pillow under it, and rocked gently on him. This was a new experience for him, and her scent was maddening. He had to have her in his mouth. He didn’t know if it was instinct, or something he learned from the internet, but he pointed his tongue, and lightly licked up the angle between her thigh and her pussy, over the top, down the other side, and back again. She threw her head back and sighed, as he ran his tongue around her inner labia. She squealed when he roughly sucked her labia into his mouth, and ran his tongue up and down the slit between them.

She was rocking hard now. He flattened his tongue to let her rock her pussy on it, and he sensed she was close to orgasm. He thrust his tongue hard into her crack, as she shuddered, and cried out in ecstasy, but he wasn’t done yet. He slowed for a moment, then insinuated his tongue into her fully engorged pussy, and slowly flicked his way up to the top, where he probed her clitoral hood for the bud that lay within. He found it, and circled it with his tongue, as once again, she moaned with her building orgasm.

He’d been too busy to notice what Ann was doing below, but suddenly, he realized she was gently mouthing his cock, while she stroked its shaft with her hand. As quickly as he realized this, he had a sense of wonderment, and he gasped, as the delicious feeling of a mounting erection flowed through him. He lost his concentration on Angie, and Ann said, sharply, “You better turn around babe, I think we hit pay dirt.”

Angie quickly reversed direction. She wasn’t going to lose what she was feeling, but she needed to see what Ann was talking about, and Ted found himself with his nose in her rosebud. It struck him as funny, and he tried to laugh, but his laughter was stifled by Angie’s pussy on his face. The motion of his laughing brought Angie off again. The whole exercise was hilarious to him, but he was pinned, and couldn’t move. Another sense took over, as he felt Ann straddle his now, rock-hard cock.

That took all his attention now, though Angie was still rocking on his face, and he had a devil of a time concentrating on both of them. Ann began pumping on him, and he was amazed at the strength of his erection. The women faced each other, and a corner of his mind noted they were kissing passionately, as one rocked, and the other pumped. Passion had overtaken them all, and Ted began thrusting hard, as his own orgasm approached. The women were whimpering and moaning, and he was grunting, until they all exploded together. Ed’s orgasm was more intense than any he’d ever experienced, and it filled him with wonder.

Their intensity began to subside. Angie moved off his face to squat beside them. Ann remained mounted, while his erection softened. He couldn’t fathom the expression on her face, but suddenly, she slapped him hard, and said, “You bastard. Fifty-five god damn years you made me wait for this. Where the hell were you?”

Suddenly, she was contrite. Tears welled in her eyes, and she said.”I’m sorry Ted, I don’t know why I did that.”

Her slap shocked him, but he heard her words, and understood. He pulled her down to nestle on his chest. Then, holding her tightly, he rolled side-to-side, to allow her to straighten her legs, while he kissed her, and caressed her back.

“I’m really not that good,” he whispered, “and I owe you more than you can imagine. I never thought I could do this again.”

His erection was gone now, and he felt her quiver, as it slipped out of her. She rolled off him, and both women, again lay down on either side of him, all of them basking now, in the afterglow of their lovemaking. He mused on the change in him. It was miraculous, and he didn’t feel as though he was through.

They lay quietly for awhile, and again, he felt Ann’s hand slither down to fondle his cock. The women were kissing now. It excited him, and he began to feel the swelling of arousal. Ann continued to fondle him, as she asked Angie, “How was your end of the business?”

Angie gave a throaty chuckle, and said, softly, “You should try it some time.”

Ted felt himself growing under Ann’s ministrations, and she whispered, “You think you can get up for another go, big boy?”

If he wasn’t now, he would be soon, and he whispered back, “You raised the dead once today, kid, keep working at it. I think you can do it again.”

“Well, we better give Angie a taste of the main course, and I’ll have a sample of what she had. We’ve got to give you a good tryout before we decide whether to keep you or not.”

Ted was now fully erect, and he was in a playful mood, so he whispered, “Are you going to do something, or are you just going to talk about it?”

Angie had been dozing in the afterglow, but she came alert, and said, “What are you two whispering about?”

Ann chuckled, “Just getting you set up for the main course. Our boy’s up again, and ready for action.”

Angie slid her hand down to fondle Ted’s cock, and sat up for a good look. She pursed her lips, and said, “Oh, that’s a good one. How are we going to deal with this?”

Ted came back. “I want to know what I’m getting into here. You ladies better stand up and let me see you.”

The women got up to stand in front of him, as he sat on the edge of the bed. Together they took his breath away. Angie, full-bodied, ripe, plump, but not flabby, his idea of all that a well-maintained, healthy fifty-year-old woman should be, except she was seventy. Ann; lean, lithe, only her silver hair revealing her age. In the seductive light of the room, she could have been a teenager.

Suddenly, he thought, God, what have I been missing all these years?

“You are the two most beautiful, most loving, most seductive creatures I have seen in my entire life. Where have I been? Where have I been?”

Ann said, “Stop talking, Buster, and back up those words with some action. Angie, you know what to do next.”

Angie knelt between his spread legs, and Ted’s eyes flared, as she gently began to mouth his cock. He threw his head back, and sighed, as the marvelous sensations gripped him. Then he realized that Ann was lacking attention, and said, “Hold on for a minute, Ann needs some TLC, too.”

He directed Ann to lie on her back at the edge of the bed, and asked Angie to lie on the floor beneath him. He knelt over her, his legs spread to give her access. She needed the little pillow under her head so she could reach his cock comfortably, and he leaned over to look at Ann.

He’d never seen pussies this close, and he marveled that two creatures of the same sex, should be so different. Angie’s slit was long, from top to bottom, and plump, her labia full as a bunch of grapes when she was aroused. Ann’s pussy was small, and nearly round, as lean as she was herself, her labia barely visible, even when she was spread. But the juices of her arousal seemed to flow in a stream. She was different, but equally breathtaking, as he leaned in to go to work. He began as he had done with Angie. Ann crooned, and sighed, as he licked his way around her opening. She quivered, and gasped, as he ran his tongue up and down her slit.

Then he found her clit, and his eyes widened. Angie had a little button, nearly covered by her clitoral hood, that he had to probe with his tongue to find. Ann’s was full as a cherry tomato, and protruding. His excitement grew, as he rimmed it and licked it. He heard and felt Ann’s orgasm build, and he took her clit in his mouth and sucked. She thrashed, and kicked, and squirmed in the throes of a violent orgasm, and suddenly she cried, “Stop, stop, stop.” Startled, Ted pulled his mouth away. ”Oh God, Ted,” she whimpered, “you’re too rough. Be gentle with me. Be gentle with me.”

He blinked in surprise. This tough, confident woman, so dominating before, was pleading with him to be gentle with her. He was contrite. “I’m sorry Ann, I’m new to this.”

She was sobbing, and whimpering, but she didn’t show any sign of pushing him away. He didn’t know what to do, so he went back again, blowing on her clit, tickling her lips with his tongue, and giving her clit little flicks. She began to sigh again, and breathe hard, as another orgasm built. This time, he only teased her clit, and suddenly she humped, grabbed his head, and ground it into her pussy, as she came in a long, shuddering orgasm, whimpering, and crying, “Oh, Ted. Oh, Ted, Oh, Ted.”

She gently lifted his head away from her, and again gave him a look he couldn’t define. He braced for another outburst, but she only smiled enigmatically, and pulled him up to kiss her. She sighed again, as her passion subsided, and pushed him away gently, saying, “You better pay some attention to Angie, big boy.”

He was beginning to sense the work Angie was doing, and knew he was rising up to another orgasm. He gently pulled away from her mouth, and said, “If I’m going to last long enough to finish this job, we better do something else.”

Now he took charge. He pulled Angie to her feet, and said to Ann, “Scoot up baby, and give your lover some room.”

Ann squirmed back toward the center of the bed, and Angie saw Ted’s intention. She said, “Keep going sweetheart, I’ve get to get up here on my knees, and I need enough room to give you some help, too.”

Ann moved further back, and Angie climbed up to kneel on the edge of the bed. She leaned forward to kiss Ann, and suckle her breast, but Ted grasped her hips, and pulled her back.. That put her mouth in line with Ann’s prize, and she leaned on her hands, examining it closely.

Ted began to strop her ass with his cock, then moved in to slide it up and down her sopping crack. She squirmed, and gasped, then, suddenly, she pushed onto him, and went down on her elbows to begin tonguing Ann. Ted started slowly stroking in and out. Their passion rose again, and both women began to whimper, and croon as another orgasm built. Their cries excited Ted even more, and he began to pound into Angie, growling with his effort. His cries ratcheted up their intensity even more, and in a moment, the house could have fallen down around them and none of them would have noticed.

They came together in a shuddering, grinding orgasm, and Ted went weak. His legs began to quiver, and he slumped over Angie’s back. She felt the change in his posture, as Ann did, too. Ann looked at up him, alarmed, and said, “Angie, our boy’s had too much. We better get him down.”

No time for afterglow now, though Ted was recovering quickly. He was breathing heavily, and his legs were shaky, as they helped him onto the bed. Both women were serious now, but Ted smiled. “I’m a little out of practice,” he said.

The women lay down beside him again, and caressed his body, both alert with concern over his sudden weakness. But he was breathing easier now, and their concern began to ease. “That was a maximum effort,” he said, “but I’ll be O.K. now. I could use a little time off, though.”

Ann chuckle was sardonic. “I guess so. That was quite a performance for a guy who can’t get it up any more with us passive old women.”

Ted was slipping away, with post-coital drowsiness, and said, “How about letting me have a little nap right here?”

Ann said, “Whaddya think Babe? Should we give him a break?”

Angie was taking it more seriously. Worriedly, she said, “I think we better, Ann.”

They kissed each other over his chest, and rolled out. Ted began to snore quietly, as they strolled away, arm-in-arm. Ann whispered, “You didn’t finish the job, babe, I need a little more.”

Angie chuckled. “Ann, you’re insatiable. You must be some kind of succubus for men and women, both.”


“O.K. sweetheart, let’s finish it.”

They knelt on the plush carpet, and began their lovemaking, kissing each other’s breasts, caressing, and feeling one another. As their arousal increased, they lay down side-by-side, and continued exploring each other’s bodies, until Ann roughly turned Angie on her back, and went sixty-nine on her. They tongued each other vigorously, and as they climbed the peak of orgasm, they tried to be quiet, so as not to disturb Ted, but their cries, and whimperings penetrated his slumber just enough for him to sigh with pleasure, and dream of the afternoon’s action.

The peak they climbed was not as high as they had gone with Ted but, sated now, they lay quietly in each other’s arms for a few moments. Then Angie sighed, saying, “If we’re going to put on that great dinner for Ted, we’d better get with it.”

Ann sighed, too, with resignation, and said. I guess you’re right. But wasn’t that great? I’m a little shaky, too.”

They rose quietly and, holding each other, spent a few moments watching Ted sleep. They looked at each other knowingly, then silently went to clean up.

As they began preparing for the dinner, they talked intimately, as only two old friends can, who have no secrets from each other.

Angie asked, “How come Ted is so innocent in sexual matters?

I mean, he’s seventy years old, like I am. He’s never done anything like that before.

Angie chuckled. “Right, but he’s obviously a fast learner.” She laughed out loud. “Can you imagine? Two old broads and and old man, rutting like ruddy teenagers, all afternoon. Ted popped twice, an old guy who claims he can’t get it up, and both of us got off at least four times. The young folks would never believe it.

“But to answer your question, it’s a generational thing. Women of our generation were taught that sex is dirty, that nice girls don’t. Now, from the time I wet my finger watching Ted jack-off, I thought that was bull shit. And if you remember, you were goody-two-shoes, a real Miss Priss, until you hooked up with me.

Guys like Ted, were also taught that nice girls don’t, and they married wives in the same tradition. A little genteel intercourse in the missionary position was what society expected. The kind of stuff we did today, was done in whorehouses, not nice homes; at least no one admitted to it. I’ll bet Ted had that kind of a sexual relationship, and I’ll bet he never cheated on his wife, either.”

She chuckled wickedly. “But he sure learned fast, didn’t he?”

She stopped what she was doing, and frowned, pensive for a moment. “Babe, you know I like to fuck, and you know I never lacked in getting my needs fulfilled, but I never fell in love with them. I thought I loved your brother, but when he turned into a drunken wife beater, it turned me off from the whole idea of love.”

Angie sighed, thoughtfully. “Yeah, our father taught him well. Me too, I guess, I went and married someone just like him, and that’s what drew us together. You and I held each other up, as we fought our way out of those disasters.”

Ann was pensive again. “It just occurred to me, I had a crush on Ted from the time I was a little girl. It lasted until I was through high school, and he’d already been gone four years by then. From the time I had my first orgasm watching him, I never felt anything as intense as that, until today. That must be why I smacked him. I really don’t know what came over me.”

She pursed her lips, tears rimmed her eyes, and she looked at Angie sadly. “Babe, I think I’m in love with your man.”

“Oh Ann, I love him too, but he’s not my man. It’s strange he should come into our lives at this late date. He’s kind of returning to both of us. I knew him all the way through school, but he was just another kid, kind of shy and nerdy. He showed up at the reunion a few years ago, calm, and confident, and gentle, and he lit my fire for the first time in years. When I heard his wife died, I was scared to death to write him, but I thought I was flying when he called me. Now, it turns out he was your first real love, and he’s got you up in the air, too.

“Ann, honey, we’ve been friends, and lovers, and meant so much to each other so many years, there’s no way he’s going to come between us. As far is I’m concerned, he’s ours, if he’ll have us. If he won’t, we had an afternoon to remember when the rocking chair gets us, and that day isn’t far away for any of us.”

“How you talk, girl, I expect to be screwin’ when I’m ninety.”

Angie laughed out loud. “Ann, you’re incorrigible. I just worry that Mr. Strait-laced will think we’re two dirty old women, and he won’t have anything to do with us any more.”

It was Ann’s turn to laugh. “Not a chance, babe, this guy hasn’t got it on for years. Today, he had a hard-on like a teenage kid who just discovered his cock was good for something better than pissing. And he got into it, like a baby with its first dish of ice cream. No, babe, he’s going to want more.”

She frowned soberly. “Babe, you don’t know how lucky we are. What happened today only works once in a hundred times. He’ll be able to keep it up for awhile, but at seventy, most men have lost it completely. It’s not going to last forever, and we need to be careful not to do anything that destroys it for all of us.”

They had set the table, and done everything but grill the steaks, while they talked. Ann said, “You better go wake our boy up, and get him cleaned up, and dressed. Give him a sniff of your tits, slide your hand down his belly, and check his oil. I bet you get a rise out of him, but don’t you dare go any further. I don’t want these steaks to burn.”

Angie did as she was asked, and soon returned with Ted, now showered and dressed. Ann smiled inwardly. The look on his face was somewhere between total befuddlement, and the cat that ate the canary. Well, it had been a powerful revelation for her too, and Angie as well. She sensed that all their lives were taking on a new direction.

Ted was enthralled by what was happening to him. First, the awakening of his dead sexuality; he’d thought that part of his life was over. Then came the intense lovemaking session. He thought, with wonderment, he’d gotten his rocks off twice; he couldn’t remember that happening since his early twenties. And he’d been afraid there’d be a negative reaction to his shooting blanks, but it wasn’t an issue.

Now he was having this dinner; candle light, fine china, wine, steaks, salad and garlic bread, served to him by two women he’d known from childhood, who had grown into his ideal of mature, feminine beauty. And each so delightfully different, too. He wondered if he had died, and gone to heaven, and somehow missed the transition.

They talked together quietly, enjoying each other’s company, like old friends, as comfortable with one another as old shoes. At last, Ann yawned, stretched, and said, “Well kids, we’re all at the age where we can party all night, just so long as we’re home in bed by nine. It’s been a lovely day, but a long one. I suggest you two head on home, and we all get some rest.”

Ted went to use the bathroom, and the women hugged each other. Ann said, “Babe, we gave him a pretty good jump start today. Take him home, bed him, and do whatever you have to to keep his motor running.” She looked deeply into Angie’s eyes. “But if you don’t bring him back here at least one more time before you send him back to the coast, I’ll never speak to you again.”

Angie hugged her tightly, “Oh Ann, please don’t worry about that. We started as three, and we’ll end as three, unless Ted won’t have it.”

Ann chuckled. “Babe, I’d bet my life that won’t be a problem.”

They kissed each other gently, as Ted returned. He came up to Ann, held her, and looked deep into her eyes. “Ann, I thought I was dead. I don’t know how to thank you for bringing me back to life.”

She suppressed a little smile. She knew damn well what he could do to thank her, but then her eyes brimmed, as deep emotion overwhelmed her, and the long-denied love she felt for him rose to choke her. She was tempted to tell him right then and there, but she was afraid it would destroy what they had just begun.

She held his face in her hands, and kissed him gently, saying, “Ted, you can’t imagine how happy I am that we were able to do this for you. Now take your lady home. We’ll meet again, I’m sure.”

Angie’s car was parked behind Ted, so she pulled out first, and drove away. Ted pulled out, and drove on, musing about his experience.

God! What a day! Woke up this morning, afraid I was going to be a terrible disappointment to Angie, then Ann came in. What a woman that is; confident, dominating, a lioness, the goddess Diana personified. She scared me to death when she was a little girl, and it was worse when she started teasing me this morning. Then the whole thing changed. She brought back something I thought I had lost forever. Then she cried, and said I hurt her. I didn’t want to do that. She was so different when I left this evening.

And Angie; so lovely, so warm, feminine, she brought me out of the depths of despair. I so wanted to please her in every way, and now it looks like I can.

I don’t know if I can keep up a loving relationship with two women, but I’m sure going to try.

Ted drove slowly, while he mused. Angie had already arrived and put her car away. She was waiting at the door, as he drove in and parked. He walked up to the door, and she held it open for him, smiling softly, a warm glow in her eyes. “Come in, my man, it’s time for us to go to bed.”

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