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Rescuing Rhonda

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He looked across again. It was definitely Mrs Jackson – Rhonda – from the house next door. Divorced, kids off at summer camp, and looking red hot in her short summer dress. She looked uncomfortable, too, because the trucker had obviously had too much to drink and was pawing at her. Jerry turned to his friends who were playing pool.

“I have to go and see if she’s okay.”

Tom Franks looked over at the booth, shaking his head. “That trucker looks like he could get mean.”

“I’ll take the chance,” Jerry said with a grimace. He turned and went over to the booth. Rhonda Jackson saw him coming over and gave him a warm smile.

“Hi, Jerry. Have you come to give me that lift? Is it that time already?”

Jerry took his cue. “Sorry I’m late, Rhonda. Couldn’t get the car started at first.”

“You can’t leave, we just got started,” the trucker said, angry now that he could see what he thought was a choice piece of ass moving out of his life.

“And now we’re finished,” Rhonda said, her tone like ice. “I’m ready, Jerry, let’s go.” She pushed at the trucker, who tried to stop her. “Get your hands off me,” she yelled, startling the trucker into letting go. She quickly slid out of the booth and took Jerry’s arm. “Get me out of here,” she hissed. Obediently, Jerry headed for the door.

Outside, Rhonda took a deep breath. “Thanks, Jerry. I owe you.”

“That’s okay, I only came over because I thought you looked a little uncomfortable.”

Rhonda grimaced. “I was. I didn’t realise that jackass could get so drunk so quick. Have you got a car, Jerry?”

He shook his head. “I came with Tom and Joey.”

“Will they miss you?”

“I doubt it.”

She reached into her purse and took out her car keys. “Drive me home?”


In the car, as he started the motor, Rhonda put her hand on his arm. “Sorry if I spoiled your evening.”

“It’s okay. I don’t even know why I agreed to come. The Roadhouse isn’t my favourite place.”

Rhonda gave a brief, amused snort. “Mine either.”

“Why’d you come then?” said Jerry.

“To meet my so-called friend, Cheryl, who never turned up.” Rhonda heaved a deep breath, exhaling on a sigh. “I guess I just wanted a fun night without the kids.” She glanced across. “Don’t get me wrong, Jerry, Beth and Tony are my life and I adore them, but, I dunno, sometimes I just get frustrated.” She sighed again. “Take me home, Jerry, please.”

Jerry glanced across at her. She was sitting slightly twisted, half-facing him and her light summer dress was falling away. He could see the slope of her breast, almost down to the nipple. No bra? Wow! They drove for a while in silence and Jerry tried desperately to think non-sexual thoughts, trying to keep his incipient erection from distressing him. The sight of a parked patrol car just off the highway helped. Rhonda laughed as they passed it.

“Well inside the limit, officer.” She laughed again. “I had a phone call from Beth and Tony this morning.”

Jerry smiled. “Are they enjoying themselves?”

“Yeah, they are.” Rhonda giggled. “Beth says Tony has got himself a girlfriend.”

“He’s what, nine? Ten?”

“Ten. Eleven next May.”

“I didn’t have a girlfriend until I was almost sixteen.”

“Got one now?”

Jerry glanced across at Rhonda. There was nothing but friendly interest on her face. “No, not at the moment.” Annie’s smiling face came into his head, but the vision was fading now, for she and her folks had moved almost fourteen months ago.

“I’m surprised,” said Rhonda, “good-looking boy like you.”

Jerry shrugged. “There’s time. “I’m back at college in a month. There may be somebody just waiting to meet me.”

“I’m sure there will. Ah, well, here we are. Home.” Rhonda opened her purse and took out her keys. “The remote for the garage door is in the glove box,” she said, “use it and drive straight in.”

Inside the garage, Jerry set the parking brake and turned off the ignition. He turned to Rhonda, about to get out and say goodnight, when she put her hand on his arm. “It’s still early. Will you keep me company for a while?”

“Sure, if you want me to,” he said, pleased by the invitation.

Rhonda smiled. “Please.”

A couple of minutes later they were in the house. Rhonda led him into the living-room and switched on some table lamps, triggering the drapes closing mechanism so that the room was bathed in a warm glow. She smiled at him. “Coffee? Or would you rather have a beer?”

“Whichever’s easiest,” he said.

“Beer’s quickest. Sit down, make yourself comfortable, put the TV or the stereo on if you want.”

“I’ll wait ’til you come through. It’s your home, you choose.”

Rhonda smiled. “Back in a moment.” Jerry glanced around, interested, because despite being a neighbor it was the first time he had been in Rhonda’s home. Photographs of Beth and Tony, Beth a year younger than her brother. A nude painting on the wall caught his eye and he moved closer. A slender model, hair the same dark red as Rhonda’s, face obscured, in a sprawling pose.

“It’s me,” said Rhonda behind him. Jerry turned, flushing and Rhonda handed him a tall glass of ice-cold beer. She looked across at the painting. “I worked my way through college as a life model.”

He gestured at the painting. “You’re beautiful.”

She smiled. “Thank you. You might wonder why I have it hanging in the living-room, with two young children at home?” Jerry shrugged, and she went on. “I’m trying to teach them that the human body is a naturally beautiful thing, that nudity is not a sin. We skinny-dip together in the pool.”

Unable to stop himself, Jerry grinned. Rhonda laughed. “I think a certain young man just had a mental image.”

He gestured at the painting. “The reality looks good.”

Rhonda made a face. “The reality is a few pounds and two pregnancies older.”

“You still look good to me,” said Jerry.

“Thank you.” There was a pause. “You can check for yourself, if you like?” she said, her voice soft.


“We could have a swim.”

“You mean, you and me, um . . .” Jerry’s voice trailed off.

“Naked?” said Rhonda. “Yes. Why not? It’s a warm night, it’ll cool us off.”

“I dunno. I might, um, er.” Jerry gestured vaguely in the direction of his groin.

Rhonda laughed. “Get an erection?” Jerry nodded, embarrassed. “Don’t worry, Jerry,” she said, “because if you do, I’ll treat it as the compliment it is. Shall we?”

Mute, excited, not quite believing, Jerry nodded. Rhonda smiled and turned her back on him. “Unzip me, please, Jerry. We’ll just leave our clothes here and go out through the french windows. Okay?”

“Okay,” he croaked, reaching out a shaking hand, appalled at how difficult it was to handle a simple thing like a zipper. Somehow, he managed to fumble it down. Rhonda moved away slightly and turned to face him, a half-smile on her face as she let the dress slide off her body. The fact she wasn’t wearing a bra had been obvious to him in the car and the reality of her breasts stopped his breath for a moment. Not big, beautifully shaped, showing no sign of having two children. Without the dress, all she was wearing was a pair of simple cotton panties, for she was bare-legged in the summer warmth. She was still wearing her high-heeled sandals and he grinned as he took in the vision.

Rhonda smiled back at him. “Undress,” she commanded, her thumbs in the waistband of her panties. She turned away from him and pushed them down, letting them fall, stepping out of them. She looked back at him and grinned. “See you in the pool,” she said, and walked over to the french windows, sliding one panel open, stepping across the deck and down the two steps to the pool, where she finally slipped off her shoes. She looked back at him, blew him a kiss, turned and dived neatly into the pool.

Jerry shook himself, aware at last of the rigid bar of his erection straining his jeans. Quickly he unzipped them and pushed them down, almost falling as he tried to remove the forgotten obstruction of his sneakers, sliding down his boxers, pulling the t-shirt off. Naked, he took a deep breath and went out.

Rhonda was swimming away from him and he jumped into the water, grateful for its cool touch on his erection. She turned as she heard the splash and swam towards him, then stood, her breasts just above the water line, nipples erect, a smile on her face.

“Feel good?”

“Very.” He let himself fall forward and swam towards her, slowly, enjoying the water, wondering if he dared voice the thought in his mind. They swam together for a while, easy in the water, no competition, while he mulled over his realisation.

“Something on your mind?” Rhonda said. “You’ve looked like to you were trying to crack quadratic equations in your head this past five minutes.”

Jerry let his feet drop and stood, a little crouched, only his head above water. Rhonda adopted a similar position, about five feet away. “Well?” she said.

He grimaced. “I was wondering,” he said, his voice hesitant. “Is there a Cheryl?”

Rhonda half-smiled. “Yes, she’s real, but I’d stopped expecting to see her.” She shrugged. “Something must have delayed her.”

“Why go to the Roadhouse?” said Jerry, although he thought he knew the answer.

Rhonda looked away for a moment, then her gaze came back to him. “Please don’t get me wrong, Jerry. It’s been a long time since I had sex and I’m a woman who has needs. I think I just hoped I could get laid by somebody nice, but there was nobody there who fits the description.” There was a pause. “Except you,” she said in a completely different tone.

Jerry stared at her. She was looking at him with an expression he couldn’t fathom, hesitant, yet expectant. Excitement took him. Whoa boy! “I’m sorry,” he said, his voice hoarse. “Did you just invite me to make love to you?”

Rhonda grimaced. “Not exactly,” she said, “I think I just asked you to fuck me, but if you want to make love, I won’t argue.”

Time stood still for a moment, until Jerry spoke. “You know something?” he said.


“I’m nineteen next week. You’ve lived next door for – what – four years now, and I think I’ve been a little bit in love with you since that very first day.”

Rhonda laughed. “Does that mean you want to fuck me?”

“Yes,” said Jerry.

Rhonda swam closer, almost close enough to touch. She laughed. “Jerry, suddenly I feel very good, very wet – I mean sex wet, not swimming wet – and very horny. Have you got all night?” she said with a grin.

Jerry grinned back, feeling the excitement building in him. “Actually, yes. Mom and Dad are away for a few days, Sue’s away with her friends, so I’m slumming it by myself until Wednesday.”

“Oh, good,” she said. “Tony and Beth are away until Saturday.” She paused. “Jerry?”


“Don’t get me wrong, and please don’t be offended, but are you still a virgin?”

He could feel himself flush but in the dark knew it didn’t show. “Almost,” he said.

“Almost?” said Rhonda, laughing. “How can you be ‘almost’ a virgin?”

“When you’ve only ever fucked once,” he said.

“Ah,” said Rhonda. “Did you enjoy it?”

“Well, yeah, I guess I did, but I was too quick, and – the girl – didn’t give me another chance. It was a holiday thing, and it was our last night. Our folks were out and we just had a short time.” Too short, way too short.

“Poor baby. Well, you have all night tonight.” She turned and began to swim towards the house. “Come on, Jerry.”

Jerry followed her, admiring her lissom grace as she pulled herself out of the water, the tick-tock roll of her ass as she led him into the house. They left wet footprints on the polished wood floor and she led him to a closet in the hallway, taking out two big, fluffy towels and handing him one.

“No sense in getting the bed wet,” she said with a grin. She glanced down at his erection, hard again as he watched her dry herself, her breasts, between her legs. Her eyes came up to his and he flushed. She shook her head, her eyes warm. “No, baby, don’t be embarrassed. It’s beautiful, and I very much want to feel it inside me.” She towelled her hair vigorously, trying to remove as much moisture as possible ,and Jerry watched the movement of her breasts in fascination. Rhonda caught his eye and grinned.

“You like to watch tits jiggling?”

He laughed. “Yours, I do, yep.”

She threw the towel aside and stretched out her hand for his. “Come on, bedtime.” Her hand was warm in his and he squeezed her fingers. She glanced across at him, smiling, leading him into her bedroom, closing the drapes, switching on a bedside lamp. She turned to face him, her hands on his shoulders. “Kiss me, Jerry.”

The kiss was gentle at first, an exploration, learning taste, learning texture, Rhonda’s hands warm on his shoulders, his on her waist, until she reached down and lifted his hands to her breasts without breaking the kiss, her arms going around his neck to hold him close. Trembling, he let his hands explore her, feeling the soft weight of her, the stiff surprise of her nipples under his thumbs. She broke the kiss, smiling at him, breaking away, drawing him down with her onto the bed, into another long kiss, hotter even than the first. Again it was Rhonda who broke the kiss.

“No foreplay, Jerry, not this time. It’s been so long since I had a cock in me that I’m dying to feel yours. Don’t worry if you come and I don’t, because we have all night. For now, baby, just fuck me, and fuck me hard.” She lay back, tugging gently at his hand to draw him over her, her legs spread, her pussy visibly wet, inviting, reddened with her heat.

He moved forward, angling his prick towards her opening, her cool fingers guiding him until he was suddenly in her, an inch or two, her pussy a wet scald on his prick. Her fingers left him, moving to his back, and he pushed into her, another couple of inches, then back again to spread her juices so that he could go deeper, and again until his balls were against her ass and he was deep within her, feeling her pussy walls clamping down on him, firm, resilient. He paused, deep, marvelling, enjoying the hot cling of her. She smiled up at him.

“Feel good?” she whispered.

“Feels fantastic,” he said.

“Oh, it’s real, baby, and it feels fucking great to me.” She squeezed down on him. “Let’s fuck, baby.”

He pulled back, until his prick almost left her, then pushed back into her, wondering at the sensations he was feeling. The heat and wetness, novel, the scent of her, too, he suddenly realised, spicy, stimulating. He pulled back, pushed in again, feeling the squeeze and cling of her, starting to hear, too, the wet movement of himself in her juices. Rhonda chuckled and he glanced at her. She grinned.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been this wet, Jerry. You’ve got me hot, baby, so fuck me, fuck me hard!”

He smiled down at her and thrust hard with his hips, deep into her, then back again only to plunge deeply once more. He kept the movement up, beginning to feel that soul-deep tingle that was the slow build to climax. His hips were moving freely, pushing, pulling, and the sound of his movements was loud in the quiet room. Rhonda’s breathing was quickening as he moved, and a faint sheen of sweat was building on her brow. He could feel the heat in himself, too, feel the damp at the touch of their bellies as he moved, plunging into her. The sensations were getting to him and he could feel the climax building in him, building, building, and he was glad suddenly that he had jacked off earlier, for no special reason except that he’d felt horny, never expecting that his prick would be anywhere except in his hand tonight.

Yet the reality was straining against him, her hips pushing back at his, face flushed, eyes closed, her fingers almost claws in his back. He was feeling the rise now, feeling the tightness of breath that comes before climax. He gritted his teeth, willing himself not to come, but it was coming, he could feel it, and she needed to know.

“I’m getting close,” he gasped, and her eyes flicked open. She smiled.

“Go for it, baby! Ride me to the edge!”

Jerry’s hips pumped harder, trying to bury his prick deep within Rhonda and she gasped in pleasure.

“Yes!” she growled, deep in her throat. “Yes, baby! Fuck me hard!”

He knew that mere willpower wouldn’t stop him coming and let his hips work, a moan building in his throat until a last thrust took him over the edge and he yelled, a wordless cry that carried triumph, fulfilment, joy, his hips bucking in reflex spasms, driving into her, her own hips thrusting back at him, her pussy milking his prick, draining him, her own cry loud in his ear.

Gradually, they stilled, until his hips were just twitching as the pulses in her pussy triggered his reflex. Rhonda’s eyes opened and she stared up at him. Slowly a smile built on her face and she stretched up and kissed him lightly on the lips.

“I didn’t think you’d make me come, baby, but you did,” she said, her voice soft, warm. She kissed him again. “That was absolutely my best fuck for years, probably since high school, when I first learned what it was all about.” She chuckled. “There is no way that trucker could ever make me feel as good as you have.”

Jerry could still feel his prick twitching inside her as he stared down at her. “I was good?” he said.

Rhonda hugged him, hard. “You weren’t good, baby, you were terrific!”

“I didn’t know, I mean, I was on auto pilot, kind of.”

“Well, next time you fly Rhonda-Air, you switch that auto pilot on again,” she said, laughing. She lay back, hands warm on his shoulders, smiling up at him. He leaned on his elbows, keeping most of his weight off her.

“Shall I, um, pull out?”

“Not until you have to, or you fall out,” she said, “Because I sure as fuck enjoy having you there.” She squeezed down on him again with her pussy muscles.

Jerry grinned. “That was much better than my other experience.”

“How old was she?”

“Eighteen, same as me.”


“No, but she said she’d only done it once before.”

Rhonda chuckled. “That’s what we always used to say, when I was her age, with a new lover.” She shook her head. “Strange, isn’t it. A girl wants a man with experience, he wants a virgin. It’s much better the other way around, even if the guy is ‘almost’ a virgin.” She sighed, but it was a sigh of content. “How long does it usually take you to get going again?”

Jerry laughed. “I have no idea. Usually when I jack off, it’s just the once.”

Rhonda grinned. “Did you jack off earlier today?”

He grinned back at her. “Yeah. I think that’s why I managed to last more than ten seconds.”

“You lasted long enough to make me come, too, so however long it was, it was long enough.”

The sudden chime of the doorbell startled them, and they stared at each other. The doorbell rang again and Rhonda frowned. “Better pull out, baby. I’ll see who it is and get rid of them. You just keep that lovely cock warm, or even better, get him nice and hard again, ready for seconds.” Jerry pulled back, glancing down. His prick was wet with their mixed fluids. Rhonda swung her leg over his head, giving him a momentary glance of pussy, open slightly, wet, reddened, before she stood and reached for a robe hanging on the door. She blew him a kiss. “Back soon, baby, don’t go anywhere.”

She went out and down the stairs to the hallway, and Jerry heard her open the door. There was surprise in her voice when she greeted whoever was at the door, but pleasure, too. Jerry couldn’t make out what was being said, but the conversation continued after the door had closed. He was idly stroking his prick, feeling it hardening at the anticipation of fucking Rhonda again, when he became aware of feet on the stairs. He listened, trying to decide who, when Rhonda appeared in the doorway, a smile on her face. Her quick glance took in his hardening prick and her smile broadened. She turned and beckoned to someone in the hallway, and a figure appeared beside Rhonda. A slim brunette, pretty, a little younger than Rhonda, round glasses perched on her nose and a startled expression on her face, an expression which mutated into pleasure when she saw Jerry’s almost erect prick.

Rhonda grinned at him. “Jerry, this is Cheryl, who you wondered about. Cheryl, this is Jerry Carr. He lives next door. He rescued me from a drunken trucker earlier, when you didn’t turn up.” She grinned again. “I’ve been rewarding him.”

Cheryl’s cheeks were pink, but she smiled brightly. “Hi, Jerry.”

“Um, hi, Cheryl.” He gestured. “Rhonda, what’s the idea?”

“Simple,” said Rhonda, discarding her gown, and moving over to rejoin him on the bed, kissing him fiercely. “I thought we might invite Cheryl to join us in a threesome. What d’you say?”

Cheryl and Jerry stared at each other for a moment, then Cheryl’s eyes went to Jerry’s almost erect prick. Her eyes came back to his and she smiled. “Yes, please,” she said, as she began to undress.

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