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Remembering the First-a Second Time

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It was a hot, lonely summer evening. My wife was away on a girlfriend’s trip. I was out of town myself, spending the weekend at my parent’s house. They were away on vacation and I was ‘house-sitting’ for them. With nothing better to do, I headed out to the local bar. It had been twenty years since I’d been to the place.

I used to hang out there with my friends during our college years, as usual, trying to pick up women. I was enjoying a beer, laughing to myself realizing the pictures on the wall hadn’t changed in all these years. Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder.

It was an old friend Billy. He and I had spent plenty of nights at this place in our youth. Billy and I had met in elementary school but we got much closer during our high school days. Billy and I grew up as typical curious, mischievous kids. During the summer of our last year of high school we were a couple of horny eighteen year olds. Our failure with women back then, and the hormones of a teenager, led us to discovering sex- with each other. We spent that year exploring our bodies, having mutual masturbation sessions and eventually learning the enjoyment of receiving (and giving) a good blow job. Although I remember reluctance about having sex with a guy, looking back, I really enjoyed learning about sex in the comfort of a good friend.

Billy was in town visiting his family. This night he admitted he needed a break from them. Just like me, he decided to check out the old bar scene. He looked good. He had remained physical fit, was tan and had a closely cropped haircut and beard. He mentioned that the years had been pretty good to me too. Billy had moved south after college. We rarely saw each other over the years. When we did see each other, we sometimes joked about our sexual past but never came close to ever acting on it again. We continued to enjoy a few beers, catching up on our lives and what we’d been up to. It was the same old typical stuff about wives, family, and jobs.

It was getting late and we were both feeling a good buzz from the beer. I suggested he may just want to crash at my parent’s place since I was there alone, and it wasn’t too far from the bar. He agreed and we headed out. We stretched out in the back room, turned on the television and had a couple of more beers. We were reminiscing about some of our old classmates when the TV caught our eye. One of those cheesy soft porn movies was playing. They never show anything hard core but there are always plenty of hot chicks, nudity and sex scenes. Our conversation ceased as we watched on a girl going down on a guy in car while he was driving. It was pretty hot scene for such a bad movie.

The movie sex scene started a conversation about our crazy high school history. We enjoyed some memories of our sexual past including how we turned almost any situation sexual and we eventually, gradually ended up pleasing one another. We laughed about some of our classics events. Like the time his older sister almost caught us fooling around, or how we found an empty open apartment near his house to use as our sex den., or how many times we had been together during sleepovers in the very same room we were currently sitting in. All this sex talk was kind of making me horny so I tried to ignore it. I quickly excused myself to go to the bathroom.

Having done my business, I casually walked back towards the family room. What I saw stopped me in my tracks. Billy was transfixed on the movie, jeans open, leaning on the edge of the sofa, masturbating. I instantly remembered the first time I’d seen him do that. It was late one evening at the swim club and I had watched Billy stroking his hard cock, pleasure himself in the shower. Soon after that night we started jerking off together. It was our first sexual experience back then and silently watching him now was making me as horny as an eighteen year old all over again. Almost subconsciously I opened my jeans and started pulling on my own hardening prick. I stood silently in the doorway jerking off, staring at the cock I had sucked so many years ago. My memories became even more vivid the longer he worked over his dick and I recalled that Billy’s cock was a decent size and width and just slightly curved. He looked up and caught me watching. I broke the silence.

“I remember watching you jerk off at the swim club”

“I remember that too” he said.

We stayed across the room from each other, working our hard dicks over, smiling that we found ourselves in the same situation that we had been in years ago. Our excitement was starting to grow. We did not speak, only transfixed on what we were doing.

Then Billy motioned for me to come over to him. I hesitated, unsure if I should obey. He was usually the first to make a move when we were younger and tonight was no different. As if in a trance, I slowly walked over in front of him, jeans open, my now throbbing dick sticking straight out, only inches from his face. He reached out and started stroking my cock for me. His touch sent a shiver through my body. I stood in stunned silence trying to comprehend that the only man ever to touch my cock was pleasuring me again, twenty years later. His breathing quickened and I could feel his warm breath on the shaft.

“Your cock is just as thick and hard as I remember” he whispered.

“Uh-huh” was all I could muster.

My jeans fell to the floor as I reached out and steadied myself by putting my hands on his shoulders. Billy used his other hand to start cradling my balls. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was. He looked up at me and whispered again.

“Do you remember this?” he asked.

At that moment, Billy slid my cock into his warm, wet mouth. The memory of how great his blow jobs were came flooding back to me. My knees almost buckled from the pleasure. He slowly slid my cock in and out of his mouth. Then he pulled the shaft from his mouth, lifted my cock and started to taste my balls and the underside of my raging hard on with his talented tongue. He swiftly took the shaft again in his mouth and after a few more strokes pulled out to talk to me again.

“I remember how good it feels sucking your cock” he continued, pumping my cock with his fist.

I moved closer to give him better access. Again he took my cock in his mouth. He twirled his tongue around the shaft and I felt the head of my cock rubbing the top of his throat. I cradled his jaw and gently started fucking his face, thrusting my hips forward, he was hungrily taking my meat. Together, we quicken our pace, reading each other perfectly, just like the past. The pleasure made me break my silence.

“Ahhh, yeah! That’s it. Suck my cock. Suck it good. Just like you used to do. You were always so good!”

My words spurred him on. Billy reached around my ass and pulled my hips in. He opened his throat and buried every inch of my shaft down his throat. He held me there for a moment, and then pulled off to catch his breath. I gasp in pleasure.

“You still like to be deepthroated .” he knowingly cooed.

He swallowed my cock again even deeper if possible, holding a moment, then pulling off again. Again and again, he was plunging my engorged dick down his throat. His face pressed down to my pelvis. When he’d pull off I could see my shaft was glistening from his saliva. Damn he was good at taking my cock deep. Better than any girl I was ever with. His moans of pleasure with my dick buried down his throat indicated that he was truly enjoying himself too.

A wave of sexual energy was peaking in me. I had to return his passion and taste his cock again too. I somehow pulled away from Billy, finally stepping out of my jeans and pulling off my shirt. I told him to get out of his clothes too. I pushed him back on the sofa and took my place kneeling in front of him. I reached and grabbed hold of his shaft recalling that familiar feeling. It was hard and smooth and hot. I paused for a moment, stroking his cock, squeezing the shaft and forcing the pre-cum onto the head of his dick. For an instant I wondered if I would remember what to do. I slipped my tongue out and tasted the cum on the tip. The sexual rush over took me. I took his cock into my mouth. It felt great. All the sexual feelings came flooding back to me and I was devouring his meat like the teenager of the past. I opened my throat and took his cock all the way in. I too, had gotten good at deep throating a cock from our senior year of sexual experiments. Although it had been years, sucking his dick was natural.

“Ahhh, Fuck. I remember!” he moaned. “It feels the same. You’re making my cock harder than ever! Take it deep. It feels so fucking good.”

His words of encouragement excited me too and I couldn’t get enough of his stiff prick. His meat filling my face with every thrust.

Billy reached down and pulled me up off his cock. He had me lie down as he positioned himself on top of me facing the opposite way. He had always liked the 69 position when we were eighteen. And this time was no different. He pressed his body down hard against mine. We each took our cocks and started sucking again. We became lost in passion. We found our pace and started sucking each other in unison. Deep throating each other, then pulling back and slamming our cocks quickly in and out, slowing or speeding the pace, pulling out and jerking the slippery poles with our hand when ever we needed a rest. It was a perfect pattern, as if we had done it just last week, not for the first time in years. It was an oral satisfaction second to none. Billy moaned.

“I need to taste it. I fucking want your cum.”

With Billy on top he was in total control. His hand joined his hungry mouth as he pumped my cock hard and fast. I could feel the cum swell in my tight balls. He continued his pace moaning as my cock filled his mouth.

“Fuck…..cumming” I tried to warn him.

Billy pulled the shaft from his mouth and pumped my dick with his hand. My cock was inches from his face when the first rope of hot cum shot from the tip. Billy quickly clamped his mouth down around the shaft and I pumped stream after stream of cum down his hungry throat. It felt like I was cumming from my toes. He moaned in pleasure.

“That was fucking great. Taste exactly the same” he said, gently licking the shaft as I tried to recover.

Billy stayed on top of me but swung around and straddled my face. It was my turn to return the favor. He held the back of my head with one hand while using the other to aim his hard cock toward my mouth. Quickly I took him into my mouth and gripped the base with my hand. I worked the shaft hard and fast, my mouth keeping it wet, my hand adding the friction. In no time he was ready to unload.

“Gonna cum!”

“Mmmm” I moaned, my mouth filled with his meat.

He held my head tight as the first shot hit the back of my throat. I held my mouth tightly around his engorged cock as he continued to pump his remaining load down my throat. I was swallowing hard, trying to take it all down. Finally, he pulled the spent shaft from my mouth and used the tip of his cock to slide the last drop of cum on the corner of my lips back into my mouth.

“I remember that taste too” I agreed. “Its no wonder we had so much sex when we were younger.”

“I always thought it was great we were together” he concurred. I have to be honest; I always wanted to do this again. I can’t believe it took us over twenty years to try it again!”

We spent the next few hours sucking, fucking, and cumming in the very same room we had been in years ago. And I can’t help but wonder when we’ll do it again?

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