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Zosimos felt the whip crack down on his back once more. He screeched in agony and was met with only more blows for comfort. He knew he wasn’t supposed to make a sound but by the 20th strike he couldn’t help it. His brutal master continued to beat him until all that was left was the comforting dark.

Zosimos woke in the damp darkness of the cellar. He sighed and took a moment to relish being alive before checking to see how bad his injuries were. He couldn’t move his right leg at all. He swallowed and prayed it was nothing serious. Besides that there was only many many bruises and cuts along his body. It hurt to move even the tiniest inch, so he chose to just lie face down where his master had left him.

“Zo? Are you ok?” A weak voice came to him in the darkness. The only other sounds were a dripping pipe and the scuttling of rat feet on the cold cement ground.

“Theo? I’m ok.” Zo’s voice came out scratchy and weak from his screaming. He saw his only friend Theodore, or just Theo, crawl out from the darkness. He crawled meekly over to Zo’s broken body and put a delicate hand on his arm.

“He was mad tonight.” He whispered. Zo just closed his eyes and tried to relax his screaming body.

“Are you ok?” Theo repeated. Zo nodded but regretted the motion when his body screamed in pain once more.

“You should leave me, what if he comes in?” Zo said with his dry and cracked voice. Theo nodded but hesitated a moment before crawling back into the shadows. Moments after he had taken refuge in the dark corners of the room, the door banged open and their master came in. Whip at his side he threw a tray of food onto the ground. The pieces of stale bread and bowls of water crashed to the ground. Zo could see Theo’s hungry eyes through the darkness but he knew better then to come out. Zo prayed his master was done ‘playing’ for the night, and would just leave them be.

“Pigs.” He growled and stormed back up. As soon as his boots were heard crossing the floor above Theo dashed from the shadows and ate his slice of stale bread. He used the bread to get as much water off the floor as possible. When he finished his portion of the meal he stared at the other slice of bread sadly. He looked at Zo before shoving the bread into his mouth. Zo knew Theo felt bad. But it was survival of the fittest down here. Theo couldn’t give away the bread if he had the chance to eat it himself. Zo could make no move to stop him in the condition that he was in. Even friends were enemies in his world.


Two days after his master had beaten him half to death, Zo was healing nicely. He was able to fight for his own piece of food well enough, not that Theo ever put up a fight. Zo looked up at the only window in the cramped cellar, it was covered in thick pieces of wood so not a single ray of light could shine in. It had been years since Zo had seen the outside world. He wondered what it looked like.

He had been born into slavery, as were his parents. His master was all he had ever known. Other slaves had spoken of more people, Zo knew they existed, sometimes he could hear them upstairs. When his master would have a party or a delivery would be made to his house. It wasn’t often, but when it did happen Zo would just sit near the stairs and listen to their voices. He tried to picture what they would look like and that they would take him away and treat him with love and respect. The other slaves would tell him to stop dreaming, this was his life and it would never change. He knew they were right, but he never stopped dreaming.

Theo had come into slavery four years ago and had instantly bonded with Zo. They were both about the same age, though they didn’t know what that number was no one ever cared to tell them. The other slaves had guessed around twenty. Most of the other slaves had already died or been sold. Zo Theo and a young girl, Jessin, were the only ones left. Jessin often just stayed underneath the stairs, she almost never ate and wouldn’t make conversation with the two boys. Though what conversation they had was whispered and short.

“Up.” Their master called from the open doorway. Theo and Zo didn’t hesitate to race up the stairs. They kept their eyes down and prepared to be hit at any moment, any flinching would result in only more punishment. Once upstairs they were told to scrub the kitchen clean before going into the living room.

“How is your leg?” Theo asked, while scrubbing the floor. Zo shrugged. He didn’t want to risk their master hearing them from the next room. He still could hardly move it, he limped and dragged it behind him. If he tried to put any weight on it he would only collapse in a heap of agony. He saw the wound where his master had stabbed him two days earlier. He had made the mistake of standing to stretch. His master had walked into the room at that time and punished him for his crimes, before beating him later that night.

After finishing their chores in the kitchen they moved on to the other rooms in the house. After they had finished their master fed them more stale bread and water. Zo couldn’t remember the last time he had had a real meal. They sat in their dark cellar, dozing slightly. None of them really ever slept, it was far to dangerous to put your guard down like that.

Zo took a moment to look at the wound in his leg. It was large and red, the swelling hadn’t gone down and it was constantly leaking pus and blood. He made a disgusted face and knew it was infected. He swallowed nervously.

“You ok?” Theo asked. It seemed to be the only question he could ask.

“My leg is infected.” Zo whispered. Theo gasped and his eyes widened. He knew that infection was the worst thing that could happen to a slave. Without treatment he would lose his leg, or even die. If he asked for help his master could very easily say no and punish him for his boldness.

“What are you going to do?” Theo whispered.

“I have to ask him, I have no choice.” Zo swallowed. He crawled up the stairs carefully. Theo watched quietly from the bottom of the steps. When Zo raised his hand to knock he quickly scurried away from sight. Zo swallowed once more and knocked gently. Nothing happened so he knocked louder. He heard angry footsteps across the floor above and began regretting his choice. The door flung open and he backed up and kept his eyes down.

“What?” His master growled angrily, they only ever knocked for emergency’s. And even then only if one of them was dying, for no other reason.

“Forgive m-me, M-master.” Zo stuttered. This was the first time he had ever talked to his master directly. “My leg…. I need a doctor.” He said in a whisper. He didn’t know any other way to talk.

“A doctor?” His master looked taken aback.

“Yes, sir.” Zo whispered, keeping his eyes on his masters feet.

“Let me see it.” His master growled, he got crouched down and looked at Zo’s leg. He gripped it to hard and Zo let out a pained squeak. His master glared at him and he silenced his agony.

“You will be fine.” His master said and stood.

“But master-”

“Silence!” He boomed and smacked Zo across the cheek. Zo cowered against the wall. His master slammed the door and Zo was left alone.

He sighed and crawled back down the stairs painfully. Theo met him at the bottom and just watched him crawl into a corner. Soon Theo laid down as well and remained in that state of half sleep for the rest of the night.


Over time Zo got worse and worse. Theo tried his best to take care of him but soon he knew there was nothing he would be able to do. Zo spent his time lying in the corner in agony. His entire body screamed. His muscles would lock up and spasm. His neck and back were stiff and he had a high fever. His heart raced and was having trouble breathing.

“Master please, He’s dying!” Theo begged his master one day. He glanced at Zo, huddled on the floor attempting to draw in breath. His body was stiff and constricted. The wound on his leg was angry and swollen looking.

“He’s faking it.” His master said, it was obvious even he didn’t believe it. But he knew if he were to take him to the hospital he would be charged with slave abuse.

“You’re a stupid man!” Theo shouted. He pushed pass his master and ran straight for the door. He opened it and dashed out into the sunlight. He squinted at the sudden brightness. He couldn’t see and he heard his master coming from behind him. He dashed blindly away from the sound of approaching footsteps.

“Someone help us, please!” He shouted to anyone who would hear him.

“He is just kidding, nothing is wrong.” He heard his master say, he tried to sound friendly and joking but it was clear he was scared.

‘Someone is listening.’

“Please call the S.P.A” The shouted.

“Quiet!” His master growled and tried to pull him back into the house.

Theo couldn’t see but he heard people murmuring quietly.

‘Please, god someone help us.’ Theo thought to himself. He heard the door shut behind them.

‘Someone help him.’ He thought, he knew he wouldn’t be around to save.


“Your friend was stupid, he paid for his mistake.” His master muttered as he threw down a tray holding a single slice of bread and a bowl of water.

“W-w-where….. Theo?” Zo gasped.

“You wont be seeing him again.” He could hear his masters smirk. Jessin glanced at Zo and swallowed. Zo moaned in pain. Not from his illness, but from the loss of a friend.

“You’re a monster.” He gasped through his tears.

“So I’ve been told.” His master laughed. But his laughter was cut short by a banging on the door.

“This is the S.P.A. We have gotten a complain from your neighbors. We need to search your house.” A mans voice came from the door. Zo saw his master go pale.

“That little fucker.” He growled. He rushed up the stairs and Zo heard him lock the door.

“Hello, sir. Can I help you?” He heard his master say.

“Yes, we need to search your home. We have gotten a warning that you’re abusing your slaves.” The voice said.

“I’m sure theres been a mistake.” His master said. Zo wanted more then anything to call out, but he no longer had the strength.

“You do own slaves, don’t you?” The voice asked.

“Well yes, but I treat them very well.” His master said.

“We will need to see them, sir.” The voice sounded like its owner was smiling.

“Uh, alright.” Zo could practically see his master sweating. He heard foot steps towards the hall. He swallowed and more tears came to his eyes. He was going to be saved. He wouldn’t die. Theo wouldn’t have died for nothing.

The footsteps got louder and he heard signs of a struggle upstairs.

“I’ve got him, sir.” Said a new voice.

“Get off of me!” His master shouted.

“Not going to happen, bud. Where’s the key to this door?” The comforting voice asked.

“Fuck you!” master shouted.

“Fine we will do this the hard way.” The comforting voice said. A second of silence passed before a loud banging at the door. After a few kicks the old wooden door collapsed and Zo sighed with relief.

“Hey, little man. You’re going to be alright.” The comforting voice now had a face, He was tall. At least 6’4″ He had light brown hair the almost fell down to his warm green eyes. He wore a S.P.A uniform and the fabric was stretched tightly around his well defined body. He checked over Zo and found the wound on his leg. He swallowed nervously but held a smile to his face.

“My name is Mick. I’m with the S.P.A. And we’re going to get you out of here, ok?” Mick said. Zo struggled to speak.

“Slave protection agency.” He whispered. Mick laughed quietly as he found a blanket and wrapped Zo in the warm fabric.

“Yes.” He smiled.

“Myth…” Zo squeaked out.

“We’re not a myth. You’re safe now.” Mick said seriously.

“Safe…” Zo sighed before falling into darkness.


Mick laid the small man down on the plain white sheets. He looked even paler in comparison to the clean sheets. He hadn’t woken up since Mick had rescued him from that awful cellar.

“Mick, how is he?” His boss poked his head in the room.

“He is okay sir, His leg is being treated. But he hasn’t woken up yet.” Mick said.

“Well I want you to be here when he does, alright? You know they usually trust who ever rescued them.” His boss said. Mick nodded.

“Any others?” The large man asked.

“A female, she hasn’t spoken yet.” Mick said. His boss nodded and their was a moment of silence.

“We were to late to save one. The neighbors identified him as the one who escaped and screamed for help. Poor soul.” Mick shook his head.

“People are sick, Mick. You of all people should know that.” His boss said. Mick nodded and his boss squeezed his shoulder before leaving the room. Mick took a moment to look over the small boy. His body was still stiff and his muscles looked tense and painful. But besides his obvious ill state he was quite beautiful. His black hair fell down to his eyes and his Honey golden eyes, though closed at the moment, could make the sky jealous. His body was thin and malnourished, but they would fix that soon enough. He had several scars and bruises from his obviously cruel master. But he no longer had to worry about that man.

Mick felt an odd sense of attraction to the young slave. More then he normally did for the damaged souls he rescued. He loved his job and was proud of what he did, helping those who couldn’t help themselves.

The S.P.A had been founded shortly after slavery was made legal. In 2087 people began identifying some people as abnormals. They were abused and tortured by society for many years before slavery was made legal again. There really was no difference in what made you abnormal. Usually they were thinner and smaller then others, but that was just an unfortunate genetic trait. Which meant that usually if you were born to someone who was short and thin, you were born into slavery.

The S.P.A was founded to protect and rehabilitate slaves who were abused and mistreated by their masters. Hundreds were saved and there was not enough room for all of them, but they tried. The slaves were taken from their abusive masters and brought to one of the many different facilities and nursed back to health. They were treated for any injuries or sickness they might have and then it’s determined if they are fit to be sold to another master. If not, they’re usually put back into society with a new identification and a new life. If they were. They are given a new home, and a new master. Hopefully one who will treat them right.

Unfortunately if They’re not fit to be a slave anymore they are not prepared to live in the real world. Especially if they were born into slavery. They have never been in the real world, and they don’t know how to support themselves. But that’s a job for another agency. Mick sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. The tight knot of stress had built up there from his stressful job, but he loved doing it. He loved helping people.


Zo began to wake. He could feel smooth sheets underneath him and a thick blanket covering his thin body. He could feel that his muscles were relaxing more and more by the second, but they were still stiff and tight.

“Hey, good morning.” Micks comforting voices invaded his ears. If he could purr he would be, that smooth deep voice made him feel so good.

“You gave us a scare there, you have tetanus. Luckily the treatment for it has advanced quite a bit in the last couple of years.” Mick came into view and smiled. “We have given you some muscle relaxers and some antibiotics. We’ve already done surgery on your leg to remove the toxic areas, you’re recovering nicely.” Mick whispered. The room was dark and very quiet.

“Why are you whispering, sir.” Zo asked carefully.

“Tetanus can cause hyper sensitivity and irritability. We will keep your room dark and quiet until you recover more.” Mick put his hand on his forehead and felt for a fever. He made a face before taking his hand away and putting a cool cloth over his forehead. “You’re lucky you don’t need breathing support. Tell me if you have any problem swallowing or any other new problems arise, alright?”

“Yes, sir.” Zo rasped.

“You don’t have to call me sir. I’m not your master.” Mick smiled.

“The who is?” Zo questioned.

“No one, for now your your own man.” Mick smiled wider and rubbed Zo’s good leg for comfort.

“I…. I don’t know how to do that, sir.” Zo said. Mick frowned and sighed.

“Most people don’t.” A weak smile returned to his face. “You will learn.” He stood up and adjusted the thermostat.

“It’s important that we keep the temperature stable. Part of your hyper sensitivity.” Mick whispered. Zo was shocked and almost uncomfortable with all the nice treatment he was getting. He had never experienced kindness before.

“Now, if you’re feeling up to it I have a few questions I have to ask.” Mick sat back on the bed.

“Yes, sir.” Zo whispered in his raspy voice. Mick gave him a false glare before looking down at the clipboard he held.

“What’s your name?”

“Zosimos. Zo for short.” He coughed out.

“Last name?” Mick didn’t look up from his clipboard.

“I don’t know.” Zo whispered. Mick looked up for a moment before skipping over that box.

“Were you born or sold into slavery?” Mick asked.

“Born.” Zo answered.

“Have you ever been outside of your masters home before?”


Mick had a pained look on his face but he swallowed and tried to cover it up.

“How old are you?”

“I don’t know, some of the older slaves who had seen more people guessed about twenty.” Zo shrugged. He was getting more control over his muscles but it still hurt like hell.

“What type of slave were you?” Mick looked like he already knew but it was obvious he didn’t want to ask.

“Sex and entertainment.” Zo whispered, more quietly then needed. He was ashamed of what his job was. Ashamed of what his master had made him. Mick checked two boxes and wiped a hand over his eyes, trying to hide his tears. He cleared his throat and moved on.

“Any allergies or illnesses we should know about?” Mick asked. He still refused to look up at Zo.

“I don’t know.” Zo’s voice was getting even more scratchy.

“Alright, that should be all for now. Do you have an y questions?” Mick stood up and put the pen back on the clipboard.

“Yes, my friend. Theo, where is he?” Zo rasped, though he was sure he already knew the answer. Mick looked uncomfortable and he shifted back and forth on his feet.

“I’m sorry, we were to late. He was already gone by the time we got there.” Mick said. Zo closed his eyes in an attempt to keep the tears from falling. They came anyway and he sobbed to himself quietly.

“I’m so sorry.” Mick whispered.


Mick wanted nothing more then to hold the small slave and wipe his tears away.

‘why am I having these feelings for him?” Mick thought to himself. He always cared about the people he saved but nothing like this.

“Mick, how you doing man?”His best friend Thomas walked up to him and put a hand on his shoulder.

“I’m okay I guess.” Mick rubbed his temples. He couldn’t do this again.

“What do you mean you guess?” Thomas asked.

“I… The new one…. ” Mick sighed.

“Oh no no no no no no. Mick, you cant do this. Not again man. Remember Rhombin.” Thomas stepped in front of him and put both hands on his shoulders.

“I know I know. But I cant help it.” Mick sighed and looked at the closed door of Zo’s room.

“Mick, you have to help it. Jesus you were destroyed after Rhom-”

“Dont.” Mick closed his eyes and tried to hold back the tears.

“I’m sorry man, but you cant get involved with him. If something happened to him, could you honestly handle that again?” Thomas asked. Mick shook his head silently.

“So we agree then. You cant get involved with this new guy. What’s his name anyway?” Thomas asked and the two began walking again.

“Zosimos, just Zo for short.” Mick smiled.

“Why do you always pick the ones with the weird names?” Thomas laughed.


Zo watched the larger man leave. He was ashamed, now his only friend in the world knew he was a sex slave. If they could even really be called friends. He hardly knew Mick. Zo tried his best to get comfortable then fell asleep. He had erotic dreams about Mick and nightmares about Theo.

Zo awoke the next day and saw Mick wandering around the room. Making changes to the thermostat and doing other various things. There was a tray of food on a chair and Zo felt his stomach cramping in hunger. But he knew better then to ask for food, so he stayed silent.

Soon, Mick noticed the smaller man watching him and smiled.

“Good morning, sunshine.” Mick smiled. Zo sat up in bed, pleased that he had most of his muscle control back.

“Good morning, sir.” Zo whispered and kept his eyes to the ground.

“Hey, remember what we talked about. You’re not my slave and I’m not your master. You don’t have to call me sir and you can look at me.” Mick used a finger to tilt Zo’s chin up.

“Yes, sir.” Zo replied, completely ignoring what Mick had said. Mick chuckled and sighed. He knew Zo wouldn’t ask for food. He also knew that the small man must be starving.

“Here, I’m sure your hungry.” He picked up the tray and brought it over to the bed. Zo said nothing but his eyes widened and his stomach growled.

“Before I give you this you have to do something for me.” Mick said. Zo looked up at him in fear.

‘I should have known he would want me. Everyone does.’ He thought to himself.

“ask.” Mick said. Zo cocked his head to the side like a confused dog.

“Excuse me, sir?” He whispered.

“Ask for food. I have rehabilitated many slaves before, Zo. I know you are scared to ask for food, and I need to fix that. So, when your hungry. You need to ask. From now on I wont bring you food if you don’t ask ok?” Mick said. Zo stared at him silently before clearing his throat.

“May I have some food, please? Sir.” He looked uncomfortable and scared, asking the simple question. Mick smiled and gave him a bowl of soup.

“You’re stomach wont be used to having food regularly, so its mostly going to be liquids for now, but we will progress to bigger stuff. Have you ever had a hamburger?” Mick asked. Zo shook his head no while he pushed spoonfuls of steaming soup into his mouth.

“You’re in for a real treat.” Mick laughed. He picked up a napkin off the tray and Zo saw it had something in it. Mick unwrapped the napkin and pulled out two white circles.

“Have you ever had a cookie, Zo?” Mick asked. Zo loved it when he said his name, if he were a cat he would be purring like crazy just at the sound of Mick’s smooth voice. He shook his head quietly and looked at the food Mick held in his hands.

“Here. I know you shouldn’t have anything to hard on your stomach yet, but what is a cookie gonna hurt?” Mick smiled and broke off a small piece of one of the cookies. He gave it to Zo and Zo sniffed it before slowly putting it in his mouth. His eyes widened at the sudden sweetness of the treat. He reached for more of the cookie and Mick gave it to him gladly. He watch as the smaller man savored the treat and his icy Honey golden eyes looked up at him for more when he was finished.

“You shouldn’t have anymore right now. But I will bring you something else tomorrow, okay?” Mick asked. Zo nodded his head and began eating his soup again. He wasn’t used to having such flavorful food, but he knew he liked it.


a week after his rescue,Zo was walking around the facilities. There were many other slaves there. Most were to weak or injured to walk around but he did meet a few others who were well enough to speak. Many were in the same place he was. Hurt, no master, no friends, in a strange new world. Sometimes he saw that slaves were put on auction again or some were given a small amount of money and sent on their way to live in the real world. Zo feared the day he would be sold again, or be put out on the streets.

Mick visited him every day. Sometimes they would just sit and talk, well Mick did most of the talking, or they would just sit in silence. Zo found out that Mick wasn’t married, all he really had was his work. And Zo knew that he loved what he did. Sometimes when Mick would talk about past slaves that he helped he would start to cry in remembrance of them. Everyday with dinner he would bring Zo a new treat. Sometimes it would be a cookie, or a piece of especially sweet fruit. Once he brought him some ice cream, and another time he brought him a slice of cake. Zo was beginning to gain weight and he was just slightly below the normal weight now.

Zo was feeling much better and was now able to walk around without to much pain, Although he still had a heavy limp. His body was still covered in various cuts and bruises though. Everyday Mick would check his wounds to make sure they were healing alright. He treated Zo with such care that sometimes at night Zo would cry, just because he missed the love he got when Mick was with him.

“Hey, there you are. Hard to find you now that you wander so much.” Mick walked up behind Zo, surprising him. Zo smiled and hugged Mick tight. Mick returned the hug just as tight.

“Can I have some food, sir?” Zo we getting used to asking for what he wanted now.

“Of course, its already in your room.” Mick smiled and nodded his head towards Zo’s room.

Zo crawled onto his bed and picked up the sandwich off the tray, he had adjusted to solid foods now and enjoyed food more then anything else. Mick picked up his own sandwich and began eating with Zo. They stayed silent, Zo had his eyes closed savoring the flavorful food. It amazed Mick every time how something so simple as a sandwich could bring such joy.

“Zo, we should talk about what is going to happen to you after you finish healing.” Mick said and put his sandwich down. Zo opened his eyes and swallowed the bite he was chewing. He didn’t put his sandwich down but just stared at Mick with his wide Honey golden eyes.

“I don’t want you to be scared, Zo. If you do get sold again we will make sure you get a good master, who will treat you right. And if you don’t…” Mick didn’t have an answer for that.

“But I have to be honest with you, because of your leg its not likely you will be sold again. The scar from your surgery makes you…. Not likely to be bought as a sex slave. And your limp means you wont be able to do manual labor.” Mick couldn’t think of a nice way to tell Zo he was to damaged to be of any use to anyone. Zo swallowed and looked down and his leg. He put down his sandwich.

“Come on, Zo. Eat, you need your strength still.” Mick pushed the sandwich towards him.

“I’m not hungry anymore, sir.” Zo whispered. Mick sighed.

“I know this is a lot to take in, but I promise, things will work out.” Mick gave him a reassuring smile and put his hand on his knee. Zo gave a weak smile in return but felt comforted by the gesture.

“I promise I wont let anything bad happen to you, Zo.”


Zo tossed and turned in his bad as the dark nightmare haunted him. His master was ruthlessly beating him again, as he had many times before. He couldn’t see his face in the shadows but he could clearly see the whip; and hear it crack against his flesh. He screamed and begged for help but all that he could see was Theo’s corpse laying on the other side of the room. There was nothing he could do to help himself and no one around to help him. His master laughed and came into the light, holding his long thick whip. That’s when Zo saw that it wasn’t his master, but Mick, holding the frightening whip.

He screamed in fright and bolted to a sitting position.

“Hey hey hey, calm down, Zo. It’s Mick, you’re okay.” Mick held him as he cried, he could feel the large scars that crossed his back from his cruel master. Zo held onto him tightly and buried his face in Mick’s neck. After awhile the tears started to subside and he wiped them away as he pulled himself away from Mick.

“You okay? It was just a nightmare.” Mick said and stroked his hair. Zo nodded and looked down at his bed.

“What are you still doing here, sir?” Zo asked quietly. It was two a.m. And Mick should have been home hours ago.

“I had some paper work to finish up, here.” Mick said, and handed him a glass of water. Zo sipped it carefully before putting it down and hugging Mick again.

Mick loved the feeling of the smaller man against his chest. He squeezed him tight and stroked his back lovingly. He wanted more then anything to kiss the top of his head but knew that that would be crossing the invisible line he had set for himself.

” It’s not uncommon for people in your situation to have nightmares. They will go away with time.” Mick said. Zo nodded weakly and laid back down, curling up on his side.

“Will you stay with me, sir?” He whispered, almost hoping Mick wouldn’t hear him. Mick hesitated for a moment.

“Sure.” He said finally. He curled up around Zo and felt the smaller man snuggle back into his chest. He stroked his hair until the small man was snoring softly. Soon after, Mick followed him into sleep.


Mick woke up and saw that Zo was huddled in his arms. Both hands were on Mick’s chest and his face was buried in Mick’s neck, similar to the night before. Mick’s arms were wrapped around him tightly, protecting him from any unseen danger. Zo snored softy and Mick sighed. He loved the feeling of holding the other man. He missed the intimacy two lovers shared.

‘He isn’t you’re lover!’ he screamed to himself mentally. He moved away just enough so he could see Zo’s sleeping face and sighed again. He wanted nothing more then to kiss those soft pink lips that were open slightly. Before he could stop himself he leaned down and stole a gentle kiss from the pink lips. He licked gently at the lips but went no further before he pulled back. Zo sighed in his sleep and a small smile crossed his lips. Mick wished that they could share a kiss, while Zo was at least awake. He scowled and stood up. Zo stirred from his sleep and his eyes opened to reveal the Honey golden eyes. He smiled when he saw Mick looking down at him. He rolled onto his back and stretched before sitting up.

“Good morning, sir.” He chirped. That was one thing Mick could never understand, Zo loved mornings like a fish loved water.

“Morning.” Mick gave a small smile, which was broken by a yawn. He rubbed the back of his neck and cursed at the stiffness. “I need coffee.” He growled and began shuffling towards the door.

“What is Coffee, sir?” Zo cocked his head to the side. Mick loved the puppy-like gesture.

“You don’t need it, you like mornings already.” Mick laughed.

“Coffee makes you like mornings? I didn’t know food could make you do something…” Zo pondered.

“It doesn’t make you like mornings, it just helps ease the awfulness of mornings.” Mick slipped his shoes on.

“What awfulness?” Zo cocked his head the other way.

“You wouldn’t understand.” Mick laughed. Zo looked confused before he smiled and laughed with Mick.

‘Jesus, he can even make me like mornings. That’s incredible in itself.’ Mick thought to himself.

“Stay here, I’ll bring you some breakfast.” Mick said. “I have a surprise for you.” He said as he was closing the door.

Zo waited patiently for a few moment before he picked up the pillow Mick had been sleeping on and held it to his face, inhaling deeply. He sighed audibly at the intoxicating scent of Mick’s shampoo and cologne. It was still warm from where he had been sleeping and he rolled over to lay in the warm spot. As soon as he rolled into the spot he was surrounded by Mick’s scent. He sighed and purred in contentment.


Mick put several different kinds of donuts on the tray before walking out of the cafeteria.

“Arent those the same clothes you were wearing yesterday?” Thomas walked up from behind him.

“Uh, yeah. I was here all night.” Mick said, he tried to walk away before Thomas could ask more questions. He didn’t succeed.

“You didn’t have THAT much paper work. Whats up?” Thomas followed him down the hall.

“I stayed the night with Zo.” Mick blurted out before he could stop himself. Thomas stopped walking and turned Mick to face him.


“I know!” Mick broke down. He leaned against the wall, still holding a tray of food.

“Did you two…”

“No! God no, we just slept. He’s so adorable when he sleeps…” Mick muttered the last part to himself.

“Remember Rhombin!” Thomas shook his shoulders. Mick tried to keep all of the donuts on the tray.

“I know alright! But he isn’t like Rhom. He is happy. He doesn’t show any signs!” Mick shouted.

“Neither did Rhombin.” Thomas said quietly. Mick sighed.

“So what? I cant love anyone ever again just because I might get hurt? I cant live alone forever, I just cant.” Mick sighed.

“I know man, but come on. He’s another slave, he came from an abusive master, He probably wont be sold again. He even looks like Rhombin!” Thomas threw his arms up at the last part.

“No he doesn’t.” Mick muttered, like a small child.

“He has green eyes just like Rhom.” Thomas said.

“Zo’s eyes are golden.” Mick smiled.

“That’s exactly what I’m talking about Mick, You already memorized the guys eye color. You cant put yourself through this again. Maybe you don’t remember what you were like after Rhom, but I do. You wouldn’t come to work, you wouldn’t eat, you would just spend all day in bed, even though you couldn’t sleep.” Thomas said.

“I know!” Mick shouted. “But being alone is killing me just as much.” Mick whispered. The two stood silently together before Mick walked off.

“Zo is waiting for me.” He mumbled as he walked away.


Zo put down the pillow when he heard the door open. Mick stepped in with many golden brown looking things with different colored stuff on top.

“What are those?” Zo asked.

“Theyre called Donuts. They’re very sweet, like cookies.” Mick said as he sat down on the bed.

“But cookies are for after dinner.” Zo’s brow wrinkled.

“Yes, but donuts are for breakfast.” Mick laughed.

“Cookies for breakfast?” Zo turned his head to the side.

“No, donuts for breakfast, cookies for after dinner.” Mick laughed harder.

“I’m confused.”

“Me too. Lets just eat” Mick chuckled. He handed Zo a chocolate covered doughnut with sprinkles. He watched Zo take the first bite and laughed as his eyes widened and he quickly shoved the rest of it in his mouth.

“This makes mornings even better.” Zo smiled after he finished chewing.

“Yeah, right. Why do you like mornings so much anyway?” Mick asked as he took a bite of a jelly filled doughnut.

“Cuz it means I survived another day. Just take it day by day you know?” Zo smiled. Mick felt sadness weigh his heart down at the thought of Zo worrying about surviving. But was glad he was looking on the bright side.

“Yeah, so you like them?” He gestured to the doughnuts. Zo smiled and shoved another half a doughnut into his mouth.


Zo continued to heal and soon there was no sign that he ever had such a horrible master, other then the scars that could not be fixed. He still had a limp and his leg often hurt, but he hardly ever complained about it. Sometimes he would get tired and start sweating and Mick would make him sit down, but he never asked to stop what they were doing to rest.

“I have a surprise for you, Zo.” Mick poked his head inside the room. Zo walked over to the bed and sat down. He closed his eyes and swung his left leg like a small child. It was something Mick had taught him. When you get a surprise you’re supposed to close your eyes until the other person says you can open them. He waited patiently until Mick said to open them.

“It’s a cane. It will help your leg. Like this.” Mick demonstrated how to use the cane and Zo watched intently. When Mick handed him the cane he practiced a few times around the room.

“Better?” Mick asked. Zo nodded and smiled.

“Thank you,sir.” He wrapped his arms around Mick’s neck and stood on his tip toes. Mick was much taller, Zo only came up to just below his chin.

“You’re welcome.” Mick smiled. The two stared at each other silently until Zo reached up and kissed Mick on the lips. He pulled away and smiled widely. He let go of Mick and practiced walking with the cane some more. Mick felt the breath run out of him and sat on the bed. He had a dumb smile on his face and his lips tingled where Zo had pressed his soft pink ones to Mick’s.

Mick watched him practice in the hall way outside Zo’s room. Zo was excited, he was able to walk longer and farther without having to stop. Mick laughed and chased him down the hall. When he reached him he would pin him against the wall and tickle him. Several other rehabilitators were working with their slaves and would smile as the two came down the hall. They were having fun until Thomas pulled on the back of Mick’s shirt, pushing him against the wall.

“Maybe you don’t care what happens to you, but I do! You cant let yourself get hurt again, Mick!” Thomas shouted. Zo stared at the two larger men, frightened.

“Shut the fuck up and get off of me.” Mick growled and pushed Thomas away. Thomas turned and pointed at Zo.

“Get the fuck out of here, leave Mick alone. You’re only hurting him.” He growled. Mick pushed him against the opposite wall and held his shirt in tight fists.

“Dont you fucking talk to him like that!” He growled. Zo cowered in fear until a young woman put her hands on his shoulders.

“Come on, sweetie. Lets get you back to your room.” She smiled warmly. She pulled him into his room and stayed with him while the two larger men argued.

“Have you totally forgotten Rhombin?” Thomas shouted.

“You’re really starting to sound like a broken record.” Mick growled and walked back towards Zo’s room.

“I’m hoping if I say it enough it will get through that thick head of yours!” Thomas pulled him back to him.

“I just want to be happy man, what is your problem!?” Mick yelled back.

“I’m your friend Mick and I want to protect you, but I cant do that if you go chasing after every god damn slut you rescue!” Thomas was silenced by Mick punching him in the jaw. He fell back towards the wall where Mick landed a few more blows before he stopped.

“Don’t ever call him that again. Understood?” He asked. “Understood!” He shouted when Thomas said nothing. Thomas nodded his head and Mick stepped away to find Zo.


“Thank you for keeping an eye on him, Kate.” He gave a weak smile to the woman who had pulled Zo away.

“Its no trouble, he’s a sweetheart. But get your shit together, Mick.” She growled. She gave a smile to Zo before leaving. Zo sat on the bed with his knees pulled to his chest and his arms wrapped around them.

“Hey, sweet thing.” Mick smiled and sat down next to him.

“I don’t want to hurt you.” Zo whispered.

“You’re not. Don’t listen to Thomas. He’s an ass.” Mick growled.


“If you were hurting me why would I keep coming back to see you huh? And bring you treats?” Mick smiled. Zo gave a weak smile back and wiped his tears away.

“Why did he say I was hurting you then?” Zo asked. Mick sighed.

“Because I have feelings for you, Zo. Feelings more then just being friends.” Mick said.

“Oh…. How does that hurt you?” Zo asked.

“A few years ago I fell in love. With another slave I rescued. His name was Rhombin. He was a lot like you, I guess. His master beat him so bad he went blind. He couldn’t be a slave anymore so they sent him out to the real world. He couldn’t handle it.” Mick sighed. “He killed himself, Zo.”

“Why would anyone do that? Especially a slave. We fight everyday to survive, how could he give up that easily?” Zo seemed almost angry.

“I don’t know. He never talked to me about it. I could have helped him.” Mick couldn’t hold back the tears any longer and they began falling onto the clean sheets. Zo wiped his tears away and scooted next to him. He hugged him tightly and let Mick cry into his shoulder.

“I know you loved him…. But it wasn’t your fault. He was just….. Tired. The life of a slave isn’t an easy one.” Zo said. Mick looked up and kissed him. He licked gently at Zo’s lips and Zo opened, giving him entrance to his warm mouth. Mick moaned and pushed Zo down on the bed. He ravished his mouth with his own and their tongues danced. Finally they had to pull away for air. Zo gasped for breath and his lips were swollen from Mick’s rough kisses.

“What?” Mick asked, when he saw Zo blushing. Zo looked down between them and Mick saw he was as hard as a rock through his pants.

“What? You’ve never gotten hard before?” Mick laughed and licked at Zo’s lips. Zo shook his head.

“What do you mean no? You were a sex slave.” Mick said.

“I never…. I never enjoyed it, sir.” Zo blushed harder. Mick was honored that he could make Zo so hard with just a kiss.

“Well… How does it feel?” Mick smiled. Zo blushed harder and pushed his hips up to rub his cock against Mick’s leg. Mick chuckled and took Zo in a passionate kiss again. He reached down and touched Zo’s hard cock through his jeans and began squeezing and rubbing the hard muscle.

“Feel good, baby?” Mick asked. Zo discovered something he liked even more then Mick saying his name, calling him baby.

“Not used to being touched.” Zo purred and nuzzled his face against Mick’s neck.

“Well you better get used to it fast, love.’cause I’m going to take you to places you’ve never been before.” Mick smiled and crawled down Zo’s body He pulled down his thin pajama pants and sucked his hard cock through the thin fabric of his briefs. Zo moaned and thrusted his hips up.

“Please, more sir. Please!” Zo begged and Mick obliged. He pulled down the thin briefs and sucked Zo’s hard length into his mouth. Zo cried out in ecstasy and thrusted his hips up further. Mick held his hips down with one arm while he used his other to gently massage Zo’s balls.

“S-sir, may I cum?” Zo gasped. It was clear that he was using every last bit of will to keep from Cumming. Without removing his mouth from Zo’s hard dick, Mick nodded his head yes and sucked Zo to oblivion. With a cry of passion Zo filled Mick’s mouth with his hot seed and Mick greedily swallowed it all down. After taking a second to catch his breath he reached for Mick’s own cock. But Mick pushed his hand away. Zo cocked his head to the side and, for the first time, Mick blushed.

“I uh, finished when you did.” He smiled. Zo’s mouth opened and his eyes widened in shock.

“Thank you, master.” He said.

“I’m not your master, Zo. We’re equals. And I love you more then anything.” Mick kissed his eyelids gently. Zo smiled.

“How do you know you love me more then anything? You only admitted it not to long ago.” Zo said.

“I just know.” Mick shrugged.

“Just like I know that I’m meant to be a slave. It’s who I am.” Zo shrugged.

“We will talk about that later. Now I want to sleep.” Mick smiled. Zo smiled back and when Mick laid down he snuggled up next to him, with his head on Mick’s chest. Mick used one hand to stroke his hair gently until they were both asleep.


Mick got up early and saw that Zo was still sleeping peacefully. The only thing Zo liked more then mornings was sleeping. Zo explained to him what it was like trying to sleep as a slave, and he could clearly understand why the young man loved to sleep so much. Mick knew this was a big day but didn’t let on to Zo how big it really was. He got up and walked down to the other side of the facility to the office area of it. The part of the facility where they handled things like payment, treatment, finances, business, budgeting, what to do with recovered slaves….

Mick greeted the woman at the front desk and asked her if she could bring up Zo’s file. He showed her his I.D. And she pulled up the file for him to see. It was, as he expected, determined that Zo wouldn’t be able to return to slavery due to him being injured. He thanked the woman before leaving. He sat in a park that he often went to when he had to think. He thought of what Zo would do with his new life. He knew that 98% of slaves didn’t make it in the real world. They had never worked, had little to no education, were to timid, and their looks and past would make them an obvious target for normal people. It might as well have been a death sentence. He decided that he had to ask Zo to stay with him. Forever. He knew he loved the little man and Zo loved him back. But enough to stay with him. And then they would have to determined where their relationship would lay. Between ‘just friends’ and ‘master and slave’ was where their relationship was.

He went and bought a handful of flowers and a chocolate bar (Zo’s favorite treat) before heading back to Zo’s room at the facility. Once there he opened the door just in time to find Zo looking around the room, with sleepy eyes, for him. He walked up and kissed him on the lips.

“Good morning, sweet thing.” Mick said. Zo smiled and stretched before he was as awake as he would ever be.

“I brought you something.” Mick handed him the flowers, but kept the chocolate bar hidden for later.

“Theyre beautiful!” Zo purred. He smelled them and stroked their soft petals.

“I have some news for you, sweet thing. I guess it’s up to you to decide if its good or bad.” Mick said. Zo looked at him and took his hand before smiling to reassure him.

“I checked this morning, and its been decided that you cant return to slavery because of your leg.” Mick said. Zo’s eyes widened with fear and sadness.

“But I don’t know how to do anything besides be a slave.” Zo said.

“I know, sweet thing. But the decision is made. I don’t mean to hurt your feelings but… No one would buy you. You’re scarred and have an injured leg. You cant be a sex slave or a worker. Theres nothing you could do.” Mick stroked his face gently as tears fell. He took him in his arms and hugged him tightly.

“I’m sorry, sweet thing. I wish there was something I could do.” Mick said. Zo cried into his chest for awhile.

“But I was thinking, Since you will be in the general public soon. Why not move in with me. I make enough money to support both of us, and you need a place to stay.” Mick said.

“But you don’t want me as a slave.” Zo muttered through his tears.

“No, I don’t. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want you. I love you, sweet thing. And it would be a joy to have you stay with me.” Mick kissed his nose.

“I feel so useless. At least when my master had me I was of some use to him.” Zo cried.

“As a punching bag? Is that the kind of life you want? ’cause I will give you anything, sweet thing. Anything but that.” Mick held him. Soon Zo had cried himself to sleep and Mick laid him down gently on the bed before curling up next to him.


Zo woke up and he could feel Mick’s body against his own. The warm presence would normally comfort him but today it only brought him worry. Worry about what the future would bring. All he knew was how to be a slave. He had grown up with lessons on taking a beating, giving pleasure, and not caring if you receive any yourself. Not lessons on math, English, or anything else you would need in the real world. He didn’t know what to do. He wasn’t useful as a person, and he wasn’t wanted as a slave.

“Morning.” Zo could feel Mick’s smile on the back of his neck and it did cheer him up.

“It’s the afternoon. We slept to long.” Zo whispered.

“I don’t care, I like sleeping with you.” Mick said. Zo giggled and Mick laughed from behind him. Mick tightened the arm that was around Zo’s stomach and nuzzled the back of his neck.

“Love you, sweet thing.” Mick mumbled.

“I love you too.” Zo sighed in contentment. He knew Mick wanted him, but he felt so worthless. He could offer him nothing, not even his body.

“What you thinking’ ’bout?” Mick asked.

“About how I’m no use to anyone anymore.” Zo mumbled. Mick propped himself up with one arm and rolled Zo so he was looking down at him.

“Don’t ever think like that. For all I know That’s how Rhombin was thinking before he….” Mick swallowed roughly as tears threatened to spill over.

“I would never do that, Mick.” Zo put a hand on his shoulder. Mick nodded silently before he could speak.

“I know. Just don’t scare me like that, okay?” He said. Zo nodded and the two shared a quiet moment, holding each other.

“I hate to go, but I do have work to do.” Mick said. He stood and began putting his shoes on.

“Mick.” Zo’s voice stopped him. “What do you do besides take care of me?” Zo asked.

“I have other slaves I help rehabilitate. Why?” Mick asked.

“Just wondering, I want to learn more about jobs since I have to live in the real world soon.” Zo shrugged.

“You want to come along? I think some of the other people I help would like to see it from a point of view like yours.” Mick said.

“You wouldn’t mind?” Zo tried to hide his excitement.

“Of course not, Not going to lie though. It’s hard work.” Mick said. Zo jumped up and slipped on a pair of tight black jeans and a black button down top. He grabbed his Black ergonomically designed walking cane which matched his outfit perfectly, all before Mick could get his shoes on.

“Damn, calm down sweet thing.” He laughed and stood, planting a kiss on Zo’s forehead.

‘Maybe living in the real world wont be so bad, if I get to do it with Mick.’ Zo thought.


Mick made his normal rounds before they stopped at a room and Mick turned to Zo.

“This ones a little skittish. Her master was awful, made yours look like a saint.” Mick growled. He opened the door and it was dark in the room. If Zo didn’t know any better he would have thought the room was empty. But in the corner crouched a young woman, no older then 19. She flinched when Mick turned the lights on.

“Hey, Marni.” Mick smiled warmly. The girl refused to take her eyes off Zo.

“Marni, this is Zo. He was a slave too. He cant be a slave anymore, he has to live outside of slavery soon.” Mick said gently and put down a tray of food. She gave a small wave to Zo and he waved back.

“Zo, this is Marni. I rescued her two months ago. She’s making a great recovery, I’m lucky I got to her before her master did anything drastic.” Mick smiled. She smiled back and slowly inched her way up to the food tray. She picked a few pieces of fruit and some slices of cheese off of the plate before sitting on the bed and savoring each bite.

“Marni, do you mind if I step out for a moment? Zo will stay here with you, he’s harmless I promise.” Mick joked. Marni glanced at Zo.

“It’s true, I am.” Zo nodded innocently. Marni laughed.

“I’ll be right back, girly.” Mick smiled and stepped outside the room, leaving the door open. Zo stood awkwardly for a second before Marni scooted over and gave him a place to sit on the bed.

“Hi.” Zo squeaked. Marni smiled and offered him a piece of fruit. Zo took it and they ate in silence.

“You and Mick love each other.” Marni said. Her voice was light and delicate like a feather. But she didn’t whisper.

“How could you tell?” Zo asked.

“The way he looks at you. My master would look at me like that sometimes. But then he would get angry and beat me.” Marni said.

“My master wasn’t like that. He was always mean.” Zo looked down at his feet. He rubbed his bad leg, a nervous habit he had acquired.

“Do you ever miss your master?” Marni asked.

“Yeah… I don’t know why but I do. You just get that feeling when he’s controlling you… Like-”

“Like that’s what you were meant to do.” Marni finished. Zo nodded his head silently. Mick stepped back into the room and paused at the silence.

“Everything okay?” He asked. The two nodded, smiling. Mick shrugged and finished checking on Marni. Once they left the two walked through the halls silently.

“What did you and Marni talk about?” Mick asked.

“Stuff.” Zo shrugged.

“Like?” Mick prodded.

“It’s stuff that normal people don’t understand.” Zo shrugged.

“Slave stuff?” Zo nodded his head.

“I want to understand. I want to understand how you think and how you feel about what happened to you. I know there will always be some things I wont get, but can I at least try?” Mick stopped and face Zo. Holding his shoulders, rubbing them gently.

“It’s just that…. Being a slave feels right. It’s what I like to do. I’m not saying I liked it when my master beat me, or that I’m lazy and I don’t want to work. Being a slave is work. More work then normal people could ever understand. But putting your entire being, your body and mind and soul, into making someone happy… It’s just right. And when you do something good you see that light in their eyes and no matter how they treat you, you know that they love you more than anything. Can you understand that?” Zo asked.

“No, I cant. Your master was a sick man. And I never saw an ounce of love in his eyes. But I understand that that’s how you feel and I cant change that. I don’t ever want you to feel like I don’t accept you, in any way shape or form, including how you feel about being a slave.” Mick said. Zo smiled and leaned into Mick as they walked.


Three days after their conversation in the halls, Zo was released from the facility. Mick helped move what little he had (just a few clothes) to his new home. Mick’s loft was large. The large metal door slid open to the living room. The hard wood floors were nice on Zo’s bare feet (he hated shoes) and the black couch was as comfortable as any bed, though Mick was glad when Zo asked if he could sleep with him. The bedroom was just an elevated section of the floor. The bed sat in the center of the elevated spot. And the only things that served as walls for the bedroom were pivoting panels with ribbon glass and wood that could be opened or closed. They wouldn’t make it completely secret. But the glass distorted the image enough so it would only look like blurs of color if they were closed.

“Hope you like it.” Mick said as he closed the loft door behind him.

“I do.” Zo said as he looked around.

“Here, I cleared out a space for you in the closet.” Mick led him into the bedroom.

After putting what few clothes he had away, the two decided to share a shower. Under the warm water they kissed and touched each other teasingly. Mick brushed Zo’s nipples lightly Zo gasped and returned the favor.

“Turn around.” Mick whispered in his ear. Zo opened his eyes and looked at Mick.

“Not that, just trust me.” Mick said. Zo paused a moment before turning around. Mick got down on his knees and spread Zo’s warm round globes apart. He drank in the sight of Zo’s tiny pucker before diving in and licking the little rosebud.

Zo gasped and pushed back onto Mick’s loving mouth. Mick reached around and began jerking Zo’s cock. Zo moaned and whimpered in pleasure. Mick gave his hole one final kiss before turning Zo around and swallowing Zo’s cock.

“Mick… so close.” Zo gasped. The water fell down his hair and dripped down his face, to his chest.

“Cum for me, sweet thing.” Mick pulled his mouth away long enough to speak, before swallowing Zo’s short length again.

Zo cried out one last time before flooding Mick’s mouth with his hot cum. Mick greedily swallowed it all before standing and sharing a kiss with his smaller lover. Zo could taste himself on Mick’s tongue and purred at the intimacy. Zo looked down to see Mick’s cock still rock hard. He got on his knees and put the head into his mouth. He fondled his heavy balls gently before he began deep throating Mick’s 9 inch member.

“Oh shit, you’re good at that.” Mick grunted and used the wall to support himself while putting one hand on Zo’s head. Zo looked up and smiled at him around his thick cock. It made Mick’s dick twitch and leak more precum. Zo worked Mick’s cock like a pro, and soon Mick was ready to cum.

“Ah, shit. Baby, I’m gonna cum. Can I cum in your mouth?” He asked. Without removing his mouth Zo nodded and began humming. Mick could feel the vibrations. He used both hands to grab Zo’s head and shoved it as far down on his dick as he could. He cried out as he pumped Zo’s mouth full of hot cum. Zo eagerly swallowed all of his seed. He licked his lips and gave Mick’s cock one last kiss before standing up.

“Damn where did you learn how to do that?” Mick asked without thinking. The two stared at each other silently, the only sound was the shower beating down on the tiled floor. They both started laughing, they sat in the cooling water of the shower crying from laughing so hard. They held each other up and soon they both sat on the floor. Once their laughs had calmed down the water had turned ice cold. They both stood and exited the cold shower.

Mick used a white fluffy towel to dry Zo’s thing body. They moved to the bedroom where they both slipped on a pair of boxers. Mick watch Zo slide into the black silk boxers and felt his cock stir. He rubbed the knot in his neck and Zo saw.

“If you lay down on the bed, sir I could take care of that.” He said. Mick looked confused but laid down, on his stomach, in the middle of the bed. He could hear Zo moving around in the bathroom and kitchen before he came back. He had a bowl filled with warm water and a tube of lotion in it. Zo straddled Mick’s lower back and began working out the tension that he held there. Mick groaned and sighed, fully relaxing into the intense massage. He soon began dozing off and, before he knew it, was asleep entirely.

He awoke to Zo’s warm, vanilla scented, hair. He snuggled and nuzzled his head and was met with Zo’s giggles. He noticed he no longer held the tension in his neck or back.

“Hey, wow you’re good. I can keep you right?” Mick joked as he rolled his head and twisted his back, checking for any soreness.

“Always.” Zo smiled.

“I will never understand how someone could have treated you so bad.” Mick said and kissed Zo’s nose. The two stayed in bed,snuggling, for another hour. Occasionally they would touch or nibble at each other but it was nothing sexual. Just showing each other their love. Zo was finally in a good place, with a good man. And Mick was no longer alone. Zo sighed at his now perfect life. Well, almost perfect.

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