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Lori, the Cable Girl

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When Aleta graduated from university with a degree in journalism, she went to work for an upscale woman’s magazine. She worked as a copy editor and wrote some of the articles. After eleven years she had risen to assistant editor of the magazine and was making a six-figure income. Then the bubble burst; the economy began to tank, and eventually the magazine failed. Aleta found herself without a job and without any severance pay.

After hunting for a similar position for fourteen months, she realized that there were too many other women with better resumes than she had, and there weren’t enough magazine jobs for them. By this time, her bank account was depleted, and she thought she had better take any job that would put food on the table. She worked free-lance for another magazine, but it was a plodding, dead end situation. After less than a year, that magazine failed, and Aleta found herself pounding the pavement again. After that loss, she had sold her high-rise apartment and was living on the meager proceeds from a distressed sale in a buyer’s market. Fortunately, she had been able to pay off the mortgage and didn’t owe anything to the bank.

She moved from the city to a small urban community and rented a small house that had been the maids’ quarters on a large estate. The main house had burned to the ground several years before and had never been rebuilt; the previous owners had walked away from the ruins after the insurance company had paid their claim. The town council had the house remains removed and took possession of the two bedroom, two-bath house that Aleta now rented.

The house, which was to the rear of the estate and hidden by a copse of trees, was actually two apartments; each with a large bedroom, bath, a small sitting room, and a walk-in closet that were separated by a large area containing a living/dining area and a kitchen. A three-car garage was connected to the rear of the house. In former times, the house was the home of two of the maids working for the estate owners, but it was now a single home for Aleta.

Aleta’s neighbors on either side were more than a hundred yards away and hidden from view by the trees around the house. At first, Aleta felt isolated, but as time went by, she welcomed the seclusion.

Unfortunately, her reserves were running very low. Being picky, she hadn’t accepted an assignment for longer than she cared to remember. Finally, she had become desperate and had sworn she’d take the next writing assignment that was offered. The following week, she received an offer that made her regret the oath. A men’s magazine had offered her an assignment to write a lengthy article that turned her stomach and froze her blood.

She had been asked to write an article on finding a straight woman and turning her into a lesbian. The worst aspect was that it had to be a first hand accomplishment. After a week of soul searching, she had decided to turn it down. She was straight and had never had a girl/girl experience. She wasn’t about to start now at the ripe old age of thirty-six. Aleta had sat down at her computer intending to email the magazine with her refusal. But when things start to go wrong, everything goes wrong; the ISP connection didn’t work. She noticed that the modem lights were not on. She tried all the little tricks that she knew to reconnect, but nothing worked. Aleta called the cable company and explained the problem. When the cable company failed to reestablish a connection through an office technical procedure, they made an appointment to send out a technician to fix the problem.

The appointment had been made for ten in the morning — that morning –, but it was almost four in the afternoon and still no technician — as of yet. Finally, at a few minutes to four, there was a knock on the door, and Aleta answered it to find the cutest little blonde with a beautiful smile standing there with a tool case in her hand.

“Ms. Devon?” the girl asked. “Hi, I’m Lori. I’m sorry, but the technician who was supposed to fix your cable had to work on a commercial site problem that he hasn’t been able to finish yet. I’m a temp; I’ll try to fix your problem, but I want to let you know that this is really not my expertise.” Lori rambled on, “I’ve only been working this week, and I’ve not had much training. Actually, the tech whose place I’m taking will be back tomorrow, Saturday, and, hopefully, he will be able to reestablish your Internet connection after the weekend. I’ll look at your modem; if that’s the problem, I’ll replace it, but if it’s something more than that, you’ll have to wait for the other tech. Okay?”

Aleta groaned but stepped aside and asked the hottie to come in. Aleta led the girl into the sitting room where her computer was and pointed out the cable modem. When Lori bent over to check the modem, Aleta watched the girl’s tight jeans stretch across her lush bottom. Aleta thought to herself, “If I were to try to turn a straight girl, I think this would be the one. Wait! What the hell am I thinking? I must be getting desperate to even have a thought like that.”

When Lori straightened up, she turned and smiled, “Yep, it’s the modem that’s bad. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I don’t have that model in my truck. It’s one of the newer ones, and I’ll have to get one from the office. Tell you what, Ms. Devon, I have to get to the bank before it closes, so I’ll go back to the office and pick up a modem; this is my last day on this temp job, so I’ll sign out, turn in my keys and tools, then I’ll go to the bank, cash a check and return here with the new modem. If you’ll sign this work order that I’ve already been here and fixed the connection, I’ll file it; that’ll save me time, so I don’t have to go back with the form. Okay?”

“Yes, it’s a lot better than having to wait until Monday for a technician who may or may not show up,” replied Aleta.

“Okay, see ya later,” Lori said as she walked through the door.


When the cable girl returned in a taxi, and replaced the modem, Aleta stammered, “Uh, Lori, if you have nothing else to do this evening, would you like to have dinner here; that is if you like what I made? It’s beef stroganoff, which is my specialty.”

“Oh my gosh, yes,” the girl replied. “I’ve been in this town almost two weeks, and I haven’t had a decent meal since I arrived; unless you consider that McDonald’s has decent food. Could you drive me over to my motel, so I can get a change of clothes?”

“You look fine, Lori. You can wash up here; I was ready to sit down to eat,” answered Aleta. She led Lori into the second bedroom at the end of the house and showed her the bathroom. I’ll bring you a towel in just a moment.”

When Aleta brought the face towel, Lori’s face was wet — and she was topless. Aleta felt a lump in her throat, tried to speak, but only managed a squeaky, “I’m sorry.”

“Oh don’t be, Ms. Devon. I’m the one who should apologize. I was so sweaty from working all day that I wanted to wash under my arms. Could I ask you for some deodorant or would you not want me to use yours?” the girl asked.

“I’d be fine with you using mine. I’ll get it from my bathroom,” Aleta managed to say, “and please call me Aleta.”

“I’ll just come with you, so you don’t have to walk back here. I’ll bring my blouse and bra with me,” said the girl.

Out of the corner of her eye, Aleta could see Lori’s firm round breasts bobbing as she walked with her. When they walked into Aleta’s bathroom, the girl seemed nonchalant about her breasts being bare. She took the proffered container, raised one arm, applied the deodorant under her arm, then repeated it with the other arm; then she handed the deodorant back to Aleta, who found herself staring at the girl’s beautiful breasts. Aleta managed to shake her head to clear it, and led the way to the dining area as Lori buttoned up her -blouse.

“I hope you don’t mind. I didn’t put my bra back on; it’s the one I’ve been working in, and it’s stained and sweaty,” she explained.

Aleta told herself she didn’t mind as she stared again at the girl’s chest. The blouse was tight fitting, and Lori’s nipples were poking the thin material. “Oh my god,” thought Aleta. “I have told myself that I wanted nothing to do with another woman, and here I am ogling this child’s body. What is wrong with me? Has my situation caused me to go berserk?”

When they sat down to eat, the conversation turned to how the two women came to be in this small town. Lori volunteered that she had been raised in a series of foster homes; that she had taken technical courses in high school and at a one year technical college later; and that she worked while attending school and saved enough money to leave the rural community where she had grown up. She couldn’t leave it fast enough.

Aleta told Lori about her job situation, and why she had rented this out-of-the-way cottage.

Lori looked about her and exclaimed, “This is such a nice place, Aleta! It looks like a chalet with its wood paneling and beamed ceiling. It’s quite unusual for this area.”

“It is nice. I think it was a guesthouse at one time; then it was a residence for the hired help for the estate. I don’t think it was ever meant to be a regular cottage,” Aleta said.

The two women talked well into the evening; they had had wine during dinner and continued sipping while they talked. “Aleta, I am really tipsy. I better not have any more wine, or I’ll never get back to my motel.

“Well, if you’re feeling tipsy, you can use the other bedroom tonight and go back in the morning,” the woman advised. “I have a long t-shirt that you can use for a nightshirt. Go ahead to the bedroom, and I’ll bring it to you.”

When Aleta took the t-shirt to Lori, she found the girl sound asleep on top of the sheets. Instead of waking her, Aleta opened the girl’s jeans and slid them down off of her shapely legs. She lingered over Lori’s cute little feet. She had a sudden urge to fondle them or even kiss them; however, she stifled the urge. She bent over Lori’s sprawled body until her face was inches from the girl’s panty covered crotch; she sniffed and wrinkled her nose at the pungent aroma emanating from the girl’s genitals. The girl needed a bath, badly. Well, that could wait until morning. She covered Lori as best she could and went to her own bedroom.


“Aleta. Aleta,” Lori whispered loudly.

The woman awoke with a start. Sunlight was pouring in through the window illuminating Lori’s wet, naked body.

“Aleta, the face towel wasn’t enough to dry me off. Do you have a bath towel I can use?” queried the girl.

Aleta’s mouth went dry at the sight of the girl’s lovely body, but she managed to get up and get a large towel from the linen closet. She couldn’t take her eyes away from the petite, slim-waisted, well-proportioned figure.

“Here Lori; use this. I’m sorry I didn’t leave it in your bathroom last night,” the woman managed to say.

Lori took the towel, and holding the ends, flipped it over her head and began toweling her back. Her breasts swayed with the toweling motion as she left the room. Aleta watched the girl’s bottom swish back and forth to the toweling as she walked away. Aleta’s mouth went dry again. At least she wasn’t salivating. She thought, “What is happening to me? Why does the sight of this nude girl stimulate me? Has my sexual orientation suddenly changed? Thinking about the magazine assignment all week must have caused this interest in other women. Maybe I should consider writing the article. My gawd. How can I even contemplate having sex with a woman? That has never even occurred to me before.”

Aleta took a quick shower and rushed into the kitchen; Lori had made coffee, and the two women made scrambled eggs and toast. During the meal, Aleta asked the girl more questions about herself.

“I graduated from high school at seventeen and tech school just before my nineteen birthday. My foster father kept making sexual innuendos during my teens, but he never touched me. When I had my eighteenth birthday, he said, ‘Now you’re legal.’ Then he took every opportunity to touch me, but he didn’t try to get physical. He and his wife were still responsible for me.

“Then when I received a tech school certificate, he gave me beer to ‘celebrate’. Aleta, I can’t handle alcohol, as you saw last night with only two glasses of wine, and I went to bed feeling woozy. I woke up later, and he was touching my ass. I screamed, and my foster mother came rushing in; she accused me of luring her husband into my bedroom for sex; she screamed at me and told me to get out of their house. That’s really why I came here. I wanted to get away from both of them.”

There was a long pause. Neither of the women knew what to say. Then Lori said, “Thanks for everything, Aleta. I really have to go to the motel, change clothes, and go apartment hunting. The motel costs $350 a week, and that’s really a lot more than I can afford.” Lori rambled on again, “I’d like a furnished apartment for about $500 a month. I know that’s going to be a stretch. When I first came here, I looked for something I’d like, but the rent was usually over a thousand a month. I don’t want to be tied to a lease that is above my ability to pay. I may not be able to find a job that pays more than minimum wage. That’s why I’m living at a motel. I don’t have to sign a lease and can pay week by week. That gives me time to go apartment hunting.

Aleta thought, ‘I have got to send this gorgeous child away before I succumb to this insane…’; however, she said, “Lori, would you consider moving into my other bedroom. I really could use the money, and if you can afford $500 a month, that would help me considerably. You wouldn’t have to keep looking for a furnished apartment and could focus on job hunting,” Aleta suggested, knowing this could be a huge mistake. She had spoken from her emotions, not her head.

“Are you serious? Do you mean it? This is such a beautiful place. You could rent that room — really a suite — for a lot more than five hundred dollars. I looked at lesser places that rented for over a thousand dollars. Wait, I’m not trying to talk you out of renting it to me. I’ll take it. Forget what I said. What do I have to do for it? You want my first-born child, right? I’d be your cook and maid to get that suite. Would I get to use the rest of the house, too? OOH, you’re pulling my leg, aren’t you? This is a joke, isn’t it? That’s cruel, Aleta,” moaned Lori.

“No, you can have the room for $500; no strings attached. After you get a job, you can decide what the room is really worth to you, but for now, five hundred is fine. If you want to rent it by the week because you’re short of cash, we can do that, too,” Aleta assured her.

Lori rushed over to Aleta and hugged her; her firm breasts pressing into Aleta’s; she kissed Aleta gently on the mouth. Aleta felt a twinge in her loins. “This is not going to work,” Aleta thought. “I’m going to be permanently turned on — and by another female. This child is just too sensual.”

“Would a flat $120 a week be alright?” asked Lori. “That would help me keep on a budget.”

“Oh sure, that would be fine. What about food? Do you want to split expenses?” asked Aleta.

“Wow! Yes, food and utilities, too. I’d have to pay for those if I had my own apartment. I’m so excited that I feel like dancing. Hey, I better go pick up my suitcases and laptop at the motel before 11:00 check out time. I’ll call a cab.”

“Just take my car, Lori. Here are the keys,” offered Aleta.

“I have one errand to run, and then I’ll be back. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Aleta,” gushed Lori as she rushed out to Aleta’s car.

“Call me if you have to be gone longer,” called out Aleta, as she stood in the doorway.

“I don’t have a cell phone. I can’t afford one, and I don’t have anyone to call anyway. I used the one from the cable company to stay in touch with the office, but I had to turn it in, yesterday,” Lori yelled back. “I’ll drive back here before I go anywhere else.”

“I really don’t know her,” thought Aleta. “What if she takes my car and drives away? She has no ties here, and I don’t even know her last name. Maybe I’m too trusting. A girl that beautiful could be a scam artist; anyone would trust her on her looks alone.”

Her concerns were in vain. An hour and a half later, Lori pulled into the driveway; she brought a bouquet of flowers into the house and handed them to Aleta. “I can’t thank you enough for your generosity, Aleta,” she gushed. “I also picked up some wine, a steak, and some white asparagus spears for dinner. I am so going to enjoy living with you.”

Aleta thought she detected tears swimming in the girl’s eyes. She felt guilty when she recalled what she had been planning while Lori was away.

After all the soul searching she had done before and after Lori came into the picture, Aleta decided that ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ and that she had better take the assignment. The men’s magazine was a sleazy rag, but she had run through her options, and this magazine was the only one, so far, to offer any assignment. The money she would receive would tide her over for a few months, and maybe by that time, she could find another assignment from a better magazine or find a job that had perquisites: medical insurance, for one.

The problem with taking the assignment was that she’d have to use Lori. She didn’t know whom else to involve in the scheme. She hated to try to something like that on such a sweet girl, but what choice did she have? She had to pay her bills. “Heaven help me,” she thought. “At least, I am physically attracted to the child. It could have been worse if I had to have sex with someone who didn’t turn me on. I wonder if I’m actually bi, or if this is a one time infatuation?”

During dinner that evening, she tried feeling Lori out as to her sexual orientation; fortunately or maybe unfortunately, Lori was as straight as an arrow. “That makes two of us,” Aleta thought, “or does it? Maybe I’m a latent lesbian. No, I still like men. I just haven’t had good luck with them.”


Sunday morning, Aleta walked into the living area to find Lori curled up on the sofa; she was wearing only a t-shirt and white cotton panties. Aleta felt that twinge in her genitals again.

“Good morning, Aleta. There’s fresh coffee in the kitchen. I didn’t make breakfast because I didn’t know if you’d sleep late or not. I love this house and the area. I went out dressed like this to get the Sunday paper. No one can see this house or grounds from the road, and the neighbors are too far away. I almost walked out as the paperboy was bicycling up the drive. Wouldn’t he have been shocked to see a half naked girl? I stopped myself just in time and jumped back through the doorway. If he did see me, it was just for a nanosecond.” Lori stretched and yawned; her breasts made themselves eminently visible through the thin cotton shirt. Aleta felt an even stronger twinge in her pussy. Her breath caught in her throat and she quickly averted eyes but too late. She knew definitely now that she had the hots for this girl. Well, let the games begin.

At lunch on Monday, Lori told Aleta that she had a confession to make, “I have been job hunting on my laptop, but, Aleta, I haven’t been able to find a permanent job. However, the temp agency offered me another gig with the cable company starting in two weeks for a week or two. I had to commit because there was nothing else on the horizon. This is what I wanted to tell you: I jumped at the chance of being able to live with you. I couldn’t have afforded first and last months’ rent and a security deposit on an apartment even if I could afford over a thousand a month — which I can’t. That doesn’t mean this was my last choice. I love this place and having you as a roommate. You’re so easy to get along with.”

“Lori, I have a confession to make, too. I’ve been out of work for quite a while, but I was offered an assignment writing a story for a stag magazine. I was expected to seduce a straight girl into the lesbian life. I have to give the magazine my answer by noon tomorrow. When you appeared on my doorstep and later decided to live here, I thought that fate had dropped you in my lap. Would you, could you help me? Would you have sex with me and let me write the story?”

“No Aleta; No. I couldn’t have sex with a woman. Lesbians lick each other’s pussy. Yuck! My high school boy friend and I used to make love in his car. He insisted that I suck him afterwards. I didn’t like the taste of my own pussy juices. I couldn’t lick another woman. No, I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t do it. If that was the reason that you offered me the room, I’ll move out as soon as I can another place.”

“That’s not necessary, Lori. I’ll refuse the assignment. Please stay,” pleaded Aleta. She had already made up her mind to seduce the girl whether Lori said yes or no. The magazine request was the main issue, but despite her previously straight orientation, she had become enamored with the girl. Lori’s habit of running around nude or half clothed had sealed the ‘bargain’; Aleta wanted her. Now, she had to decide how to go about taking the young woman. She had two weeks to do it before Lori had to go back to work. Thinking about having sex with Lori caused her to salivate — at both ends.

Close to noon on Tuesday, Aleta watched Lori, wearing panties and a cut off t-shirt, bending over several times while loading her laundry into the washing machine; then and there, Aleta committed herself to writing the article; she pressed ‘send’ on her laptop email program. Now what was she going to do?

Tuesday evening, the women, as usual, had wine with their dinner, and Aleta knew that Lori would be a bit sleepy. About an hour after Lori went to bed, Aleta went into the girl’s bedroom carrying a handful of nylon scarves; she tied the girl’s hands and feet to the head and foot of the bed, spread-eagling her. Aleta carried all of the girl’s clothes and laptop to her own closet. When she returned, she cut away Lori’s panties and t-shirt. She gasped and then took a deep, shuddering breath, as she stared at the beautiful body in front of her. Lori had slept through the bondage; however, as Aleta slid her hand along the girl’s inner thigh, she woke up.

“Wha, what are you doing, Aleta? Why am I tied? Oh no, does this have something to do with what you were telling me at lunch? Are you going to try to force me to do some lesbian act? Please untie me; please. Don’t do this, Aleta. Isn’t this kidnapping or something? You could go to jail for this.” Lori gasped. “Oh, you can never let me go now; oh my god.” Lori began sobbing.

Aleta took a deep breath, “I just don’t have a choice, Lori. My money has run out, and I’m desperate. I will do my best not to hurt you, but if you don’t cooperate, I may have to. I can’t untie you until you agree to try to do want I want you to do. Will you at least try?”

“Aleta, I just can’t. The thought of licking a woman’s vagina turns my stomach. I won’t do it no matter what you do to me,” she said vehemently. “I just won’t. I thought you were my friend. I trusted you. How can you do this to me? How will I eat or go to the bathroom if you keep me tied up?”

“I’ve thought about that, Lori. Because this house is so secluded and could be a target for thieves, the previous owners had a strong security system installed. The doors are metal covered with wood veneer; the windows have security bars on them; and, since the two suites were for two unrelated people or couples, those inside doors have had locks installed. The neighbors are so far away that even if you managed to break a window and scream, no one would hear you.

You won’t be kept tied, but you won’t be able to leave the suite. I tied you, so I could talk to you and try to make you understand that, like me, you have no choice,” explained Aleta. “I’ll untie you when I leave.”

“I will fight you, Aleta, tooth and nail. I will not do what you want. I’ll attack you when you come into the room and try to get away or call the police. I was feeling some love for you, but now I hate you,” the girl spat. “Please let me go. I am terrified.” She started sobbing again.

Aleta was crying, too, at this point. “It’s gone too far now; we can’t go back to where we were before. You must cooperate; you must.” Aleta had a lump in her throat and couldn’t continue. She went to the suite door and unscrewed the peephole tube; she reversed it, so she could look into the room instead of out. “I’m going to loosen the scarves, so you’ll be able to slip out of them as soon as I leave, Lori. Please don’t make a fuss, now. I’ll bring you breakfast in the morning, but first I will have to go on an errand.” She left the room and locked the door; she watched through the peephole until Lori was able to untie the scarves; get off the bed, and go into the bathroom. Then she went to her own bedroom and tried to sleep.

Just before nine in the morning, Aleta drove to a hardware store and made several purchases. She returned and made breakfast for Lori and herself. She looked through the peephole; Lori was lying on the bed — nude of course, as Aleta had taken all her clothes away. “Lori, I’m coming in. Please go into the bathroom and close the door. Don’t come out until I tell you to. I won’t enter until you do,” stated Aleta. After a few minutes, Lori complied.

Aleta unlocked the door, entered and fastened a short, lightweight chain to the metal bed frame with a small padlock. Then she returned to the kitchen. When she came back, she checked to make sure that Lori was still in the bathroom. “Lori, you can come out now. There’s a light chain fastened to the bed; please put the other end around your ankle and fasten it with the other little padlock.”

Knowing she wouldn’t get breakfast until she complied, Lori did as she was told. She thought that she would bide her time until Aleta was lulled into complacency before she would try to get away. There was no sense in a confrontation at this time; in fact, Aleta might have a weapon with her.

“Lori, that chain around your ankle is very light and long enough that it shouldn’t restrict your movements as long as you’re on the bed. I will ask you to fasten it when I come into the room, so that you can’t attack me as you threatened to do. I have taken everything out of the room that you could use as a tool or weapon, so behave, and this will be as painless as possible.

“As soon as we have sex together, and I’ve written the article, I will let you go. I regret having to do this to you, as I think you’re a wonderful girl; however, I need the money I’ll get for the article. It’s a matter of survival. I’m not going to do away with you to prevent you from telling what happened here. I realize you thought that, but you were wrong. There will be no evidence that will support you. It’s you’re word against mine. Remember, you came here of your own free will. Please just try to cooperate, and everything will be fine. Now, let’s eat breakfast,” encouraged Aleta.

After they ate, Aleta fastened four lengths of wide Velcro to ropes that she attached to the legs of the bed. “Please don’t struggle. The chain will hold you anyway. Just stretch out and let me put the Velcro around your wrists and ankles. It will be a lot more comfortable than being tied with the scarves or ropes.”

Lori knew that struggling would just cause her pain, so she acquiesced. Her body was treasonous. She was aware that she actually enjoyed being tied down and exposed. She felt a sexual thrill when she realized that she was helpless to prevent whatever Aleta might do to her; however, she wished it was a boy who was going to do some deliciously nasty, sexual thing to her. In any case, she was not going to do anything with her mouth or tongue.

Aleta had been surfing the net to find clips and stories relating to lesbians and what they did to one another and how they did it. She stroked Lori’s hair for a few minutes until the girl seemed calmer and less anxious; then she bent over and began to nuzzle the girl’s neck and shoulders; she planted little baby kisses on Lori’s eyes, cheeks and the corners of her mouth.

She enjoyed what she was doing more than she had anticipated; the girl’s skin was as soft and as fragrant as a baby’s and Aleta was finding it delicious; she extended the area that she was kissing to include the girl’s throat, chest and breasts. She gently licked the pink nipples, one at a time until they responded, and then sucked one softly into her mouth; then the other.

Sucking a little harder on the little pink nubs caused the girl to gasp a little and even lift her breasts to meet Aleta’s lips. She moved her kisses down the girl’s torso, down her belly to the mound just above her clit. Moving to the bottom of the bed, she began kissing and licking the insides of Lori’s legs, moving her mouth up along her inner thighs to within an inch or two of Lori’s pubic lips. She could feel Lori begin to tense as her tongue got closer and closer to the girl’s pussy. However, after doing this many times, and then retreating back from just above Lori’s knees, she became aware that Lori whimpered when the licking didn’t continue up to her vagina. Aleta could smell Lori’s heated arousal; it was stronger than her own and evidently, Its pungency had nothing to do with the girl’s cleanliness. She just had a stronger aroma than most women. It wasn’t an unpleasant scent; just stronger.

Twenty minutes later, Lori began raising her lower body whenever Aleta’s mouth got anywhere close to her pubes. Then, Aleta stopped licking and sat up. Lori had been breathing just a bit heavier and her eyes were squeezed tightly shut. Her eyes flashed open when Aleta stopped, and she stared at the woman as if to say, “Don’t stop, now.” She was certainly aroused at this point, but when she recalled that it was another woman causing her arousal, she seemed to deflate.

Aleta reached out and took Lori’s outer pubic lips between her thumb and forefinger and squeezed them tight against the girl’s clitoris. Gently, but firmly, she pulled and squeezed and pushed and twisted the bit of flesh using the girl’s outer lips to hold it. Lori squirmed and moaned softly, but when the grip on her clit became tighter and Aleta began twisting her lips, she pushed her pussy up as though she were trying to force it into Aleta’s grasp. She was becoming very wet making it difficult for Aleta to hold onto the writhing flesh. Finally, Lori’s labia became too slippery for her to grasp and she let go. She thought she heard Lori whisper, “Oh no.” She must have been very close to coming and wanted to continue until she went over the top.

By this time, Aleta was also extremely aroused and made up her mind to do something that just an hour before she had trouble even contemplating. She bent over and place her mouth over Lori’s clit and sucked, sucked hard; then she began a steady sucking, releasing, sucking, releasing, sucking until Lori screamed Aleta’s name and came all over the woman’s face. Aleta hung on to the clit with just enough pressure to keep Lori from coming down from her high too soon.

Then she did something else she never thought she’d do. She started at the girl’s perineum and continued up to the girl’s clit, licking Lori’s pussy clean and dry of her juices. At the end of an hour from the time she started kissing the girl, she was still trying to get more of Lori’s taste into her mouth. Just about the time she thought that she had it all licked up, the girl exploded again; this time directly into Aleta’s open mouth. Aleta started to choke as the fluids splashed against the back of her throat, but she managed to swallow it before the juices could exercise her gag reflex.

Lori was trying to tell her something. “What is it, Lori? Are you okay?” Again the girl spoke, but not loud enough for Aleta to understand. “Can you speak a bit louder, sugar?” asked Aleta.

“Kiss me,” whispered Lori. “Please kiss me.”

Fifteen minutes later, a contented Lori was fast asleep. Aleta undid one of the wrist straps, locked the door and went to her room to bed. She masturbated and fell asleep within minutes. She slept for several hours, arose and began working on the article for the magazine.

At noon, she carried a lunch tray to Lori’s room and looked through the peephole. Lori was sitting up in bed reading, but she had put the slim chain and lock around her ankle. Aleta unlocked the door and went in. “How long have you had the ankle chain on? She asked.

“Oh hi Aleta. I put it on a couple of hours ago just in case you came back early. I was hungry — for lunch,” she answered.

“You were hungry for lunch? I see. Is that all you were hungry for? Asked Aleta.

“What do you mean? Of course for lunch,” the girl answered.

“Well then, let’s eat before you starve to death. I wouldn’t want to come back here and find a skeleton,” Aleta joked.

“Aren’t you going to rape me first?” asked the girl.

“Whatever gave you the idea that I was going to rape you? Do you mean was I going to have sex with you? Maybe later. Maybe not. Why? You sound disappointed. Do you want to have sex? Asked Aleta.

“Of course not. I told you that I don’t want to have sex with women. Of course I don’t want to have sex with you,” answered Lori. “I was just curious. Yes, we can eat — if you’re not going to rape me again, that is.”

“So, it is alright with you if you’re raped by a woman, but you can’t just have sex with one? Queried Aleta.

“Well, how can I stop you if I’m tied down and helpless?” she asked.

“You are too much, Lori. Let’s eat, and I don’t mean eat you,” Aleta said.

After they ate, Aleta unlocked the ankle chain, and left the room. As she was locking the door, she looked through the peephole; Lori was locking the chain around her ankle. Aleta shook her head and took the dirty dishes back to the kitchen. She spent the next five hours pounding the computer keys. She thought, “Lori is still a teenager even at nineteen, almost twenty. Maybe she does need to eat more and earlier. I’ll make dinner now.”

When she took dinner into Lori’s room, the girl complained, “I’m bored, Aleta. Can we do something before we eat?”

“What would you like to do, honey? Play cards? Monopoly? Chat? Go down on me?” smirked Aleta. “Let’s just eat dinner before it gets cold. It’s Beef Wellington, tonight. It would taste awful if it gets cold.” Lori was silent.

After they ate, Aleta said, “Lori, I have about a yard of that light chain left. We could put it around both of your ankles, so you’d be hobbled; then we could sit in the living area and watch Telly together.”

Lori’s face lit up, “Yes, that would be super. Let’s do that.” Aleta led the way into the living area and put a towel on the sofa for the naked girl to sit on; then she fastened the chain around each of her ankles with about a foot of chain between them. The chain was so lightweight that Lori could have broken it if she kicked out hard enough. Of course, it might have cut her skin if she had tried it.

Aleta enjoyed sitting next to the naked girl and kept her hand on the inside of Lori’s right thigh; occasionally, she squeezed the soft, smooth flesh or slid her hand up and down; Lori did not protest or try to stop her.

They watched TV programs until eleven o’clock. Lori leaned over on Aleta, put her head on the woman’s shoulder and yawned. “I’m sleepy, Aleta; can we go to bed soon?’

“Do you mean go to bed together and have mutual sex?” she asked.

Lori sat up, blushing. “Nooo! I mean go to bed in our own beds,” she answered.

Aleta unlocked the chain, and they went back to Lori’s room. As Aleta started to leave, Lori asked, “Aren’t you going to rape me tonight?”

“Stop asking if I’m going to rape you. I’m NOT going to rape you. However, I’m tired, too. Maybe if you don’t fight too hard, we’ll have sex after breakfast.”

“Oh, what time will that be? Lori asked. Aleta shook her head, left and locked the door. When she looked through the peephole, Lori was masturbating — furiously.

She went back to her room thinking, “Things are really going well. I’m getting the story I wanted, and with far less trouble from Lori than I thought there would be,” she fell asleep within minutes after her head hit the pillow.

When she brought the breakfast tray to Lori’s room, the girl had already locked the chain to her ankle. “I hope she’s not conning me,” thought Aleta.

“Are you going to do me before or after we eat,” asked the girl. “If you do it first, I’ll probably have a better appetite.” Aleta suppressed a grin. Lori was anxious for the second round, or she was a good actress.

“Afterward, Lori, if at all. You don’t seem to be fighting very hard to stop me. Have you changed your mind?” asked Aleta.

“It just seems pointless because you’ll do it anyway, won’t you? No. I haven’t changed my mind. I don’t have sex with women. I’ve told you that already,” she asserted.

“Well, I have a lot of work to do this morning. We can postpone the ‘inevitable’ until sometime later today.” Aleta said with a straight face. “I’m sure you’ll appreciate that, won’t you?”

Lori was at a loss for words. She sputtered, trying to think up an answer that wouldn’t make her seem anxious. “Well, um, um, um. What if I feel sick later? You wouldn’t force me then, would you? Maybe you had just better get it over with while I’m still strong enough to handle it.”

Aleta thought the girl was becoming childlike, losing the maturity she had exhibited earlier in the week. It was evident that she was increasingly eager to be fucked. Aleta felt perverse. She had started this game and now, she was enjoying playing it in a different manner. “Well, will you go down on me if I, ahem, force you now rather than, say, tonight or tomorrow?”

“You know I’ll never do that, Aleta. Never. I just can’t; however, I won’t make a fuss if you want to do to me what you did yesterday morning.”

Aleta didn’t want to tease Lori any longer and keep her waiting. “I’ll take the dirty dishes back to the kitchen. Prepare yourself to be violated again.” When she returned, she realized that she had forgotten to lock Lori’s door, but she needn’t have worried about the girl escaping; Lori was lying in bed having already strapped her ankles and one wrist with the Velcro strips.

After fastening the girl’s other wrist, Aleta took off her own clothes and lay on top of Lori. “Am I too heavy, honey? She asked. Lori shook her head no. “May I kiss your mouth?” Aleta asked.

“Yes,” answered Lori, “but kiss me hard like a boy would. I am pretending you are a boy doing me. When you kissed me yesterday, your lips were so soft, I could tell that you were a girl.”

Aleta bent to Lori’s lips and pressed in a hard kiss. She kept kissing Lori for almost a minute until the girl turned her head away. Lori said, “I changed my mind. I like the girl kisses better. Soft. Soft and sweet. Mmm. Yes, like that, only softer if you can. Mmm. I like girl kisses. But, but, I don’t want any other girl stuff. Oh, I don’t mean that like it sounded. You can do to me what you did yesterday. I won’t resist — even though I don’t want to do that. I mean I wouldn’t let you do that if I weren’t tied down. But I am tied down, and I can’t stop you. I do like your boobs pressing on mine, and your belly on mine, but Aleta, we shouldn’t be doing this. I’m really a good girl. This is wrong, but since I can’t help what you’re doing, I’ll just have to put up with it, won’t I. You know what I mean, don’t you?”

“Yes, honey. I know exactly what you mean. I’ll stop kissing your mouth and get off you.” Aleta slid down Lori’s body onto the foot of the bed. She moved back up a little and slid her hands under Lori’s buttocks and squeezed. The girl’s bottom felt like firm, foam rubber and the skin was satin smooth. She kneaded the firm flesh while she rained kisses on the girl’s body wherever she could reach without letting go of the child’s pneumatic bottom cheeks. She continued until Lori began to moan and writhe on the bed. She was making low guttural sounds until Aleta pulled her hands away from the girl’s bottom and began gently pinching her labia; the sounds Lori was making grew in intensity when Aleta started squeezing the girl’s clit between her outer lips. While she kept that up with one hand, she pushed two down turned fingers into the girl’s well-lubricated vagina. She pressed again and again on the lower part of Lori’s vaginal opening; the young woman responded by pushing up against Aleta’s fingers.

“Oh my god, Aleta. It feels like you’re fucking me with a dick — uh — I mean a penis. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. I’m close. Don’t stop. Ooooh. I’m going to come. I’m going to come NOW. MMM. Mmmmm. Mmmmmmm. Uhh Uhh Uhhhhh. ——– I did. I came. Hooooh.

“You can do it again if you like. If you want to, I mean. I wouldn’t mind.”

Instead of doing the same thing over again, Aleta licked the inside of Lori’s thighs higher and higher until she had licked up all of the girl’s juices from her pussy and thighs. Aleta found that she enjoyed the tang of the girl’s pungent flavor although she had expected a milder, sweeter taste. The stronger taste was very satisfying. Knowing there was more fluid inside the girl; she placed her mouth over the girl’s slit completely covering it; then she started to suck hard and was rewarded instantly with a mouthful of the heady brew. When she had sucked it all out and swallowed it, she rose up and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She, herself, was aroused to the point of orgasm, but she fought it back deciding to make one more assault on Lori’s genitals.

She leaned forward again and sucked Lori’s clit into her mouth; holding it tightly, she dragged her tongue over the nub over and over without let up. Again, she placed two fingers turned downwards as far as she could until she felt Lori’s cervix just above her fingertips; she pressed downward and began to move her fingers in and out of the girl’s vagina. When Lori began to fuck back, Aleta stepped up the pace, but lost rhythm with the girl’s humping. Instead of trying to synchronize again, she turned her fingers upward and began to stroke the ridges of Lori’s G-spot. Still sucking and licking the girl’s clit, she continued rubbing the upper part of Lori’s vagina with her fingertips. After a few minutes, Lori began making the same guttural sounds she had been making before she had the previous orgasm. When Lori began to moan in earnest, Aleta stepped up the pace again.

“I’m — going — to — come — again,” Lori announced. “I’m — going — to — Uhh Uhhhhh Uhhhhh Uhhhhhhhhh…”

Aleta stopped sucking the girl’s clit and again placed her mouth over the girl’s vaginal opening; she thrust her tongue as deep as she could and sucked hard. She didn’t expect what happened next. Lori exploded. A heavy stream of fluid jetted into Aleta’s mouth like from a high-pressure fire hose. It spurted and stopped; spurted and stopped; and spurted one last time. By grasping Lori’s bottom tightly, Aleta managed to hold on to the girl until the fire hose stopped and the woman managed to confine the fluid in her mouth and let it flow down her throat.

Later, she remembered thinking that it tasted nothing like Lori’s thicker, tangy lubrication and cum; it was almost tasteless and as thin as water; she had read about a woman’s ejaculation but thought it was an old wive’s tale or something that was mentioned in porn but didn’t really exist. Now, she was a living, breathing testimonial that it did, indeed, exist. She had just experienced it for herself.

“MMM mmm me,” murmured Lori. “Please kiss me, Uhh — leeta. Mmm. ’nuff. No more. Untie me please.” Aleta undid the Velcro straps from Lori’s wrists and ankles. The girl curled up into a fetal ball and said, “Go away. Don’t touch me. Please don’t touch me.”

Aleta covered Lori with a sheet, gathered up her own clothes, and left the room, neglecting to lock the door. At noon, she opened Lori’s door, found her still curled up in bed, and asked her if she was ready for lunch. “Huh uh. Go away.” Later that day, Lori came padding out to the living room in her bare feet and bare everything. “Aleta, I’m hungry. Can I have something to eat?” she asked.

“Honey, go back to your room. Dinner is in the oven. I’ll bring it in as soon as it’s done. Are you alright, honey?” Aleta asked.

“I’m fine, Aleta; just half starved. Why didn’t we have lunch? I missed lunch,” she complained.

“You didn’t want lunch, sugar. You didn’t seem hungry. You sent me away when I asked you if you wanted lunch,” responded Aleta.

“Oh. I don’t remember. I must have been half asleep.”

After dinner, Aleta asked Lori if she were ready for sex again. “My pussy feels funny, Aleta. Don’t mention sex, or I might puke. I want to go back to sleep.” She lay back down on the bed and curled up into a ball again.

Aleta didn’t touch the girl again until the following night. She attacked Lori the way she had the morning of the previous day; Lori responded in the same way. This procedure went on for several days; Lori would be devastated until the next night, giving Aleta time and space to continue writing her article. By this time, Aleta was in love with the young woman. She could not consider herself heterosexual anymore. She knew that she was bi-sexual or … No. She had had sex with men in the past and enjoyed it. It was the relationships that she hadn’t enjoyed.

Sunday morning, Aleta awoke and heard sounds through her open bedroom door. Open door? She knew she had closed it the previous night. Who had opened it? Someone had broken into the house during the night. She jumped out of bed, put on a robe, and looked around for a weapon. She could hear someone moving in the living area; the intruder was still in the house. Grabbing a golf club, she moved slowly into the large open room; a naked woman, with her back to Aleta, was just moving away from the TV to the sofa and sitting down on a towel. It was Lori. Lori? How did Lori get out of her room? Oh damn. The room didn’t get locked last night. The girl was looking through the TV section of the Sunday paper. Aleta’s heart skipped a beat. What the hell was going on?

When Aleta approached her, Lori was startled and raised her arm in front of her face. “Don’t hit me, Aleta. I’ll go back to my room,” she groaned.

Aleta put down the golf club. “I’m not going to hit you, doll. I thought there was a burglar in the house when I heard you moving around. How did you get out of your room,” she asked.

“When you left last night, I didn’t hear you lock the door. I tried opening it to see if was unlocked; it was; then I went back to sleep,” answered the girl. “This morning, I went to your room, but you were asleep. I took your keys from your purse and went out to your car. I found some tools in the trunk; then, I cut that extra piece of chain to just fit my ankles without the part between them. See how nice they look on my ankles.” She raised her legs so that Aleta could see, but the woman was more interested in looking at Lori’s pussy between the girl’s upraised legs. She wondered again about her sexual orientation.

“I made sure the paper boy had already left the newspaper, and I went out and got it. I had to walk down the driveway naked. I love being naked, even outside. It’s so sexy,” Lori offered.

“Let me get this straight. You came into my room; you took the keys to my car; you were in my car; you roamed around here and even went outside; however, you didn’t drive away to escape. Why?” Aleta asked.

“I couldn’t go anywhere without clothes on, could I?” queried the girl.

“Pardon me? You were in my room rummaging through my purse; your clothes were in my closet; you could have taken something to wear then. I was fast asleep and wouldn’t have known. Why didn’t you get dressed and escape as you said you wanted to?” asked Aleta.

“Well, um, you want me to be naked, and I’m sort of your prisoner. It would have been wrong of me to get dressed and leave,” answered Lori. “Truthfully Aleta, I just didn’t want to escape. I feel safe with you. I’ve never in my life before felt safe. Even when I was helpless, locked in, chained, and tied down, you gave me pleasure, not pain. You have taken care of me and made sure I was okay. I love that feeling of being safe from the rest of the world.

“Now you know. You don’t have to lock me in or chain me anymore. Well, you can chain me. I like that, but I want to stay with you. I think I’m in love with you — in a straight kind of way, of course. I’m not gay. You know I’m not gay, don’t you?” the girl insisted.

“If it walks like a duck…,” uttered Aleta.

“What? What duck?” asked Lori. “What do you mean?”

“Never mind, honey. It’s just a private joke. Do you want breakfast? I’d suggest you wear an apron while we cook. I’d hate to see those beautiful boobs or your belly get splashed with something hot.”

After breakfast, they read the paper; Lori curled up on the sofa and watched TV while Aleta continued writing the article, the sex soaked article for the men’s magazine. She checked the word count and decided to write four more pages before submitting it. She thought of just dredging it up out of her imagination, but decided it would be a lot more fun to write it first hand. Fun? Yes, she was having fun and intensely enjoying sex with Lori. Maybe I am a lesbian but am in denial just as Lori is about her orientation. I called her a duck; maybe I’m a duck, too. Where is the line? Have I crossed over or just put my foot over it? Is it too late to pull my foot back to where I was before? I’m not sure I want to. Sex with Lori is so delicious that I may cross over completely. I give up. I admit to being bi, or I wouldn’t want sex with another woman. There, I feel better now.

Aleta went over to the sofa where Lori was sitting and put her arms around the girl. She pulled her close, reveling in the girl’s silky, sweet smelling skin; she kissed the top of the girl’s head, her cheeks, and her nose. Lori slid over onto Aleta’s lap and put her arms around the woman’s neck; she kissed the corners of Aleta’s mouth with tiny kisses, until the woman opened her mouth and kissed Lori’s waiting lips. The kisses started soft and sweet, but evolved into passionate mouth exploration. Lori pulled her head back and asked, “Are you going to rape me now?”

“Lori, if you don’t stop talking rape, I’m going to spank you. Why do you consider it rape when we have sex?”

“Well, I certainly wouldn’t have sex with a woman if I wasn’t forced to,” Lori answered. “When I’m tied down and can’t defend myself, what else would you call it if it isn’t rape.”

“You are too much, Lori. You don’t resist when I tie you down spread-eagled. That’s cooperating, so evidently you want to be fucked. Let’s stop all this game playing. I want to fuck you, and you want to be fucked. We both have some lesbian tendencies, so stop denying it. I don’t want to hear anything to the contrary from now on. Do you understand? It’s getting tiresome.” Aleta growled.

“Yes, but I don’t want to be a lesbian, Aleta. They are butch and act like men. I’ve had lesbians hit on me, and I don’t want to be like them.”

“Honey, all lesbians are not the same. You have just met the wrong ones. Okay, we don’t have to call ourselves lesbians. We’ll just say we love each other and let it go at that.”

Lori ignored Aleta’s comments, “Aleta, I have an idea,” she offered, as she squirmed around on the woman’s lap causing Aleta’s blood pressure to rise again. “This state permits women to marry each other. Can we get married?’

“Whaaaat? Good lord, Lori; what can you be thinking? First, you refuse to admit you’re even slightly gay, and now you talk about marrying a woman. WHY?”

“Well, you’re going to make me leave as soon as you write your article. If we were married, I wouldn’t have to leave.”

“Lori, I said you could leave when I finished the article. I didn’t say you had to leave.”

“Will you keep me? Can I live with you? Can I sleep in your bed with you.”

“Yes, I’d like that, but honey, you’re acting like a child.”

“I’m not a child, Aleta; I’ll be twenty in a few months, so I won’t even be in my teens. I’m an adult.”

“Okay; okay; I don’t know what brought this on, but you really are acting strangely,” sighed Aleta. “However, I’m aroused from kissing you and having you on my lap. Do you want to go to my room and make love?”

“Oh yes, yes, but wait until I go get the Velcro strips from my room, so you can tie me down.”

“Lori, are you going to start that ‘rape’ stuff again? If you are, we just won’t have sex,” growled Aleta.

“No Aleta. I’ll admit I want to have sex with you. I just enjoy being helpless when we do it.”

Aleta sighed again, “Alright. Go get the restraints and put them on my bed. I’ll put dinner in the oven while you’re doing that. We’ll have a combination lunch / dinner today about two o’clock. Hurry though, or I’ll lose my arousal.”

Lori was lying on the bed with her ankles and one wrist fastened by the straps. Aleta fastened the other wrist strap, took off her robe, and lay full length on Lori. Lori purred and kissed Aleta’s mouth. “Be a little rough, Aleta. I want to see what that’s like.”

Aleta moved down and sucked one of Lori’s nipples into her mouth; she sucked for a few seconds and then bit the tender flesh. Lori purred again. When Aleta moved to the other nipple, Lori, murmured, “Bite a little harder, Aleta. It feels good.” The woman complied and Lori moaned. Aleta licked the girl’s belly, and moving her tongue down to Lori’s clit, sucked that morsel into her mouth and bit gently. Lori moaned and pushed up trying to get more of her pussy into Aleta’s mouth. Aleta sucked the nub in and out of her mouth until Lori was about to orgasm, but stopped abruptly and let the girl’s arousal subside. Then, she pushed her fingers deeply into the girl’s wet vagina and pumped them in and out. Aleta could tell that Lori was trying to close her legs but couldn’t because her ankles were tied down.

Then Aleta pulled her fingers free and licked along the girl’s labia up and down their length frustrating Lori’s desire to have her pussy and clit directly stimulated. After a couple of minutes, Aleta pushed her fingers back into Lori’s canal, pumping hard and fast; at the same time she sucked Lori’s clit in and out of her mouth. Lori screamed and orgasmed, but Aleta didn’t stop her ministrations. A few minutes later, Lori came again, and pleaded for Aleta to stop; however, Aleta didn’t stop and a minute later, Lori came again. She screamed that she couldn’t stand it anymore, but Aleta changed her tactics. She began stimulating the girl’s G-spot, slowly at first, but then faster and harder. When Lori came and ejaculated, she failed to warn Aleta who wasn’t prepared for the hard stream that struck her face and went up her nose. By the time she moved her face away, it was too late; Lori’s ejaculation was expended. Aleta sputtered and wiped at her face. Lori was in tears, moaning and pleading with Aleta not to touch her, complaining that she was so sensitive that it was painful.

Aleta unfastened the wrist and ankle restraints and Lori curled up and pushed her bottom into Aleta’s midsection. “Aleta, hold me but please don’t move your hands on my body. I’m so sensitive.” They lay there without moving until Lori was able to straighten up and lay on her back. “That was sooo good, Aleta. I would have liked to orgasm again, but I just couldn’t tolerate another one. You are a very good lover; a lot better than my high school boyfriend. Give me a few minutes to rest before we do anything more.”

Aleta went to her bathroom to wash her sticky face and blow her nose. When she went back to the bed, she stood and looked at Lori’s naked body and felt a surge of emotion for the young woman. She did love the naïve girl. She slid in beside Lori and put her arms around her; the girl turned and rolled up against Aleta’s side. “Aleta, may I touch you? You’ve been doing me, but I haven’t returned the favor. I’d like to try.”

“Oh honey, of course. I’ve been so happy doing you that I didn’t think about you doing me. Just do whatever you want to do; that will be good for me.” Aleta was excited thinking about Lori fondling her. She didn’t expect Lori to come on so strong.

Lori pushed and rolled Aleta onto her belly, sat on her bottom, bent over, and rubbed her breasts on the woman’s back; then she slid down and began paddling Aleta’s buttocks with her hands. Bending over again, she alternately bit, slapped, and kissed the woman’s bottom until it was red over much of its surface. She pulled Aleta up onto her knees and smacked her butt cheeks again and again. Some teeth marks were still apparent when she rolled Aleta onto her back and lay down on her. She bit and kissed Aleta’s nipples and breasts until they were as red as her ass. Aleta was so stunned by Lori’s assault that she hardly resisted; indeed, it was a turn on, painful, but a turn on. Lori continued nipping and kissing the woman’s body down to her inner thighs; she grabbed Aleta’s inner thighs with both hands and squeezed hard until the woman squealed and Lori eased her grip.

Then she pushed a finger into Aleta’s vagina, and finding little lubrication, spit on the woman’s clit and began to rub that bit of flesh. Although Aleta hadn’t had enough foreplay to be fully aroused, the sudden attack on her body and the rough usage of her clit brought her to a sudden orgasm. “Oh Lori, that was far too rough,” she groaned.

“I know, Aleta, and I’ll never do that again,” panted Lori. “but I was so pent up with emotion that it just carried me along. That has been building up since we starting having sex, and I needed that release. I’m sorry if I hurt you, but I needed to get that out of my system. I feel better now. I will be much more gentle if we have sex again. You probably couldn’t tell, but I had another orgasm when you did. I’m so sorry if it wasn’t good for you.” Lori looked at the finger she had pushed into Aleta’s slit and touched it with the tip of her tongue. Her nose wrinkled and she made a face. “I don’t like the taste of pussy, Aleta, but yours tastes better than mine.” She sniffed her finger and said, “Yours smells better than mine does, too. Yours has almost no smell at all.” Lori began sobbing as if her heart would break.

“What’s this all about, honey? Please tell me,” pleaded Aleta.

When Lori was able to stop her tears and talk without gasping, she began, “Whe, whe, when my high school boy friend, and I started having sex in his car… ” Lori stopped and sighed. “We had been dating for several years and making out but didn’t start having sex until after I was eighteen. One night we were petting in his car, got carried away, and we did it — no condom. Afterwards, he wanted me to suck him clean, and I did, Aleta. I thought I loved him, Aleta, so I did it. We started having sex regularly from then on, but he wouldn’t use a condom. We argued about that, and he got mad and said he’d come in my mouth from then on since I was afraid of getting pregnant. I let him do that whenever we had sex; then one night, it was cold, and the car windows were up, and he said he could smell me after we’d had sex. The next night, he was angry; he said two of his friends who had ridden with him in the car had kidded him about his car smelling like pussy. He didn’t want to have sex that night because my pussy smelled bad. He said if I didn’t do something about my ‘cunt odor’ that he’d never have sex with me again.

I cried and told him I never wanted to see him again. He said that was fine with him; he’d find another girl who didn’t stink. I didn’t date at all after that since I was terribly embarrassed about the way my pussy smelled. Aleta, that’s the main reason I can’t have sex with anyone voluntarily. I’m ashamed of that smell.”

“Oh sweet child. You smell delicious. I love your scent and taste. Maybe you do smell a bit stronger than I do, but that just makes it taste better. I have absolutely no problem eating your pussy lubrication or juices or cum. I even swallow your ejaculation. I love the way your pussy tastes. You are a beautiful child, um, woman, and I love everything about you. Oh Lori, I love you; I’m in love with you. My only problem is that I’m thirty-six, and you’re nineteen — um — almost twenty. That’s a big age gap. I’m concerned that you think I’m too old for you,” admitted Aleta.

“Aleta, if we get married, you wouldn’t have to be worried about our age difference, and I wouldn’t have to worry about you sending me away. And, if I were your wife, I’d have to eat your pussy – any time you wanted me to.” Lori asserted.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea to, uh, get married; not at this time, anyway. We can think about it, but put the idea off until we know each other better. I’m not going to send you away. I care about you too much; I love you too much. Furthermore, I don’t want you to have to eat me; I want you to want to — whenever that happens. I’ll wait for you to want to or accept that you can’t.”

After their early dinner, Aleta finished writing the article she had been working on and feeling very good about how it turned, out. She proof read it three times and saved it as a PDF on her computer, and then burned it to a CD; she put the CD in an addressed, stamped envelope and planned to mail it early the next day. “Lori honey, the story, with your help, is finished. I hope I don’t have to write a story like that again. I didn’t like the premise of having to try to convert a sweet, young thing like you to lesbianism; however, you and I wouldn’t be this close if I hadn’t had to try that,” admitted Aleta.

“And you’re not going to send me away now that it’s finished?” Lori giggled.

“No way, honey. You’re stuck with me forever,” answered Aleta.

“Aleta, can we go back to bed and, you know, do it again? Pleaded Lori.

“Of course, sweet baby, but I may have spoken too soon about being together forever; having sex so often at my advanced age may cause me to shrivel up and fade away,” she laughed.

Twenty minutes later, Lori, tied to Aleta’s bed, was moaning through a second orgasm. “Don’t do me again, Aleta, or I’ll be too sensitive and won’t be able to do anything else. Sit on my boobs, please; I want to see what that feels like.” Aleta straddled Lori and put some of her weight on the girl’s chest. Lori pulled her down until Aleta was concerned that she would crush the girl’s breasts or restrict her breathing; when she lifted up a bit, Lori, having gotten her hands free from the restraints, pulled Aleta up to her mouth and kissed the woman’s pubes.

Tentatively, she touched Aleta’s labia with her tongue, and when that didn’t cause her to freak out, she licked with the very tip of her tongue. When she didn’t turn into a pillar of salt, Lori began licking Aleta’s clit in earnest.

Aleta was so turned on, aroused to the max, that she came very quickly; however, she pulled away from Lori’s tongue a second before she erupted and her cum spread over the girl’s cheek. It took her several seconds to gain control of herself, and then she tried to rise away from Lori’s face; Lori grabbed the woman’s hips and held her tight. “I want to do it again, Aleta, but this time, don’t pull away. I want you to come in my mouth. I want to taste your cum.”

Without waiting for a reply, she began licking up through Aleta’s open vagina and over the women’s clitoris. Within a minute, Aleta came again, but this time she didn’t pull away. Her cum poured into Lori’s mouth while the girl’s tongue was still in her vaginal canal. Lori sucked hard on Aleta’s open slit and licked away any remaining juices. “Did I do that well?” she asked. “Did it feel good? Will I make a good wife?” Lori asked.

“You were wonderful, sugar. I have never felt such pleasure before. My ex-boyfriends never made me feel so good. Did my pussy taste bother you?” responded Aleta.

“I don’t know why I was so averse to tasting a woman. Pussy tastes good. I like it. I’m ready for more,” Lori conceded.

“Oh no! Not now. I couldn’t take any more just now. I know it’s early, but I’d like to sleep — with you in my arms — now. Do you want to go rinse your mouth?” Aleta kissed Lori’s lips as softly as possible, tasting her own flavor on the girl’s mouth.

“No, Aleta. I just want to go to sleep, too. But, I do want to be your wife from now on.” Lori answered. “I want to feel safe.

Aleta murmured ‘umm hmm’ and the two women, holding each, drifted off in a warm glow.

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