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Regina’s Blossoming

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Regina was in a fine mood. Her son, William, and her daughter in law, Jennifer were coming to pick her up. She was returning to her old home for 2 weeks to help look after her grand-daughter, Kaileigh, while William and Jennifer went to Jamaica. Jennifer’s brother, Dustin, was living there and would be watching the baby when he was home, so Regina would be watching the child whne he wasn’t. He worked rotating shifts so their schedule would be a little erratic.

Presently the kids came and gathered her things. They chatted a while, Jennifer was so excited to be going away. They hadn’t been able to travel on their honeymoon due to work commitments, and since Jennifer was on maternity leave at present, they only had to juggle William’s schedule. They filled Regina in on Dustin’s work schedule, and let her know where all the important papers and contact numbers where.

Regina was a little disappointed that she would miss her weekly date with Paul, a realtively new tennant in the building. Although they weren’t exclusive, they did enjoy spending time together, whether they were intimate or not. Regina knew he was also seeing two other women in the building but she didn’t really mind because she didn’t want him all the time anyways. Plus she approved of his choices, they were women in similar situation as she, although one was married to a comatose husband.

When they got to her old homestead her boy took her luggage up to the guest room. They’d had 4 bedroooms, one master and three smaller, but one of the smaller had been converted to a computer room/office, and Dustin was in another, with the last being the nursery. Dustin was going to sleep in the den while Regina borrowed his room for the duration. Dustin had stayed home with Kaileigh so Regina was reintroduced to him in the nursery. Regina had met him at William’s wedding 5 years ago, but they hadn’t seen each other since then.

Regina and Jennifer set about making dinner while Dustin and William went out to finish some chores. William was having a friend over to do the majority of the work, Dustin being a city boy, but Dustin was still gonna do some small chores twice a day. Dinner went quickly, William and Jennifer wanted to go to bed early since they had an early drive to the airport. Dustin and Regina stayed downstairs in the den and watched an amateur dance competition on TV until Regina decided to retire for the night. Dustin got up when she did.

“It was really nice talking with you tonight. I know you’re family, but since we don’t really know each other it’s nice to be able to talk with somebody and not be worried about people asking me questions about my marriage. Bill and Jen mean well, but they’re always trying to hook me up with someone.”

“I don’t know about divorce, Dustin, but after my husband died it took me a looong time to be able to even think about another man. Take all the time you need. Rushing into another relationship will almost guarantee it’s failure.”

“I do date occasionally, but never more than once. And honestly, never with a woman I would consider for a relationship. I’m just not ready for a relationship yet.”

“I see.” Regina chuckled. “Well you wouldn’t want to get too bound up, now would you? Good night Dustin.”

Over the next week they fell into a routine. Dustin worked nights that week, so when he got home in the morning Regina was already up. She insisted he sleep in his own bed since she would be up all day. Despite his marriage ending badly he found it comforting to have a woman’s scent on his pillow when he was sleeping. And Regina found the reverse to be true when she went to bed at night.

One night she had trouble sleeping so she got up, looking for something to read. She found some books in the nightstand with short erotic stories in them, and another book filled with real life sexual escapades. She read the stories and masturbated, giving herself just what she needed to sleep. In fact she slept so well she didn’t hear Dustin when he came home early. She only heard his feet climbing the staircase and she barely had time to put her nightgown on and pretend to be asleep before he opened the door to his room. He realized his mistake almost immediately, but he was strangely comforted by the feminine form lying in his bed. He took a step in and gasped when he saw the books she had left on the floor beside his bed, along with her panties.

Dustin just stood there for a minute, watching to see if she was awake. He didn’t know she was forcing her breathing to be deep and regular. In truth her heart was going a mile a minute, and if he hadn’t left when he did, she would have passed out from hyper-ventilating. Just before Dustin left he picked up her panties. They didn’t really seem like old lady panties, being a smaller size and the same style as his ex-wife. When he got them outside the door he took a healthy sniff and they certainly didn’t smell like what he thought old lady panties would smell like either. They smelled of heaven, and arousal, and feminine charms, and he felt his dick growing. While Regina’s breath was slowing and she was starting to doze off, he took her underwear into the bathroom and masturbated into them. When he was done he put them in the laundry, went and had a shower, then fell asleep on the couch in the den.

When baby noises woke Regina up at her usual time she remembered she didn’t have any panties on, and when she went to put them on she remembered what had happened the night before. She put the books she’d been reading away, but she couldn’t seem to find her panties. With the baby fussing she didn’t have time to look harder either. She got the baby up, changed, fed, and settled into her playpen. She checked to see where Dustin was and found him sleeping in the den so she closed the door almost completely, then got herself ready for the day. She showered quickly and got dressed, but when she took her towel to the laundry room she saw her underwear from yesterday peeking out from under some other clothing. She thought that odd, so she picked them up and noticed some odd residue, and when she smelled it, she knew immediately what it was. A rush ran through her, straight to her pussy as she thought of Dustin masturbating into her clothes.

Regina started getting her breakfast ready and the smell of coffee roused Dustin. He came into the kitchen, got a coffee and sat down at the table, looking a little rough.

“I didn’t know you were going to be home early last night, Dustin. I would have gotten up earlier if I had.”

“That’s OK, Regina. We had a breakdown, so they sent us home. I was happy to get home early anyways.”

“Really? Why’s that?” asked Regina.

“I saw something special after I left work. Very nice.”

“What was it?”

“Nothing, really. Nothing you’d be interested in, I’m sure.”

“Tell me.” Regina asserted, quietly.

Dustin looked at her for a minute. She was sitting there looking at him directly, toying with her hair.

“I saw a beautiful woman.”


“She was so tempting, I almost approached her for a dalliance, but I didn’t want to wake her.” Dustin could feel his face getting red, his heart pounding.

“Maybe you should have. She might have been open for some fun. Apropos of nothing whatever, you haven’t seen a pair of underwear around have you?” Regina was feeling flush herself, but she seemed cool as a cucumber.

“I think I did.” Dustin was grinning now. “I wiped something up with them, then threw them in the wash. You didn’t happen to see some risque books lying around did you?”

“I did indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed them, then finally put them away.”

“Well, Regina. I’m going to have a shower. If I could convince the lady I saw this morning, I would enjoy her company while I wash.” He did it. He put the offer out there. It was up to her to accept or not.

Regina sat there for several minutes, debating whether she should take him up on his offer. He was young enough to be her son, in fact he was family by marriage. In the end, she decided to join him.

“He likes it hot.” Regina thought to herself as she walked into the bathroom. The room was already full of steam. She reached her arm in one end of the tub and turned the hot down a bit, then went to the other end and gingerly stepped into the tub.

“The lady you saw this morning was busy, so I decided to take her place.” Regina said as she molded herself to Dustin’s backside. He was rinsing his hair of shampoo so she reached around and hugged him, rubbing her hands on his stomach and chest. She could feel his butt nesting in the curve below her belly so she moved her hips side to side. Feeling his rough hair on his butt catching with her pubic hair was getting her aroused. She reached down and grasped his dick, feeling it thicken in her hands. She loved the way it hardened up. It was fairly long, but a little skinnier than most.

When his hair was cleared she turned him around and lowered herself to her knees. She knew he wouldn’t have a problem going again so she wanted the first load in her mouth. Licking the head, she got a taste of his precum and felt him shudder. Regina knew he was ready to go. She rapidly bobbed her head up and down, jerking him with her hand too. On each upstroke she increased the suction and ran her tongue under the head.

“I’m gonna cum.” Dustin grunted.

“Mmhmm.” Regina responded, not slowing down.

With one hand on her shoulder and one hand on the shower rod, Dustin let himself go.

“Ahh, ahhh, ahhhhh, cumming, cumming, ahhhhh!” His first blast went straight down her throat, but she pulled back so just the head was in her mouth. Jerking rapidly she sucked as much of his cum as she could. She could feel the intensity through his legs, the vibrating muscles barely holding him up. When he stopped cumming she made sure to clean him off, completely. He stood there catching his breath for a minute, and when he got his composure back, he helped her up. He leaned down and gave her a kiss.

“Thank you, Reggie. I really loved that. I hope you’re going to allow me to reciprocate.” He ran his hands up and down her back softly as he spoke, cupping her ass, then rubbing her neck and shoulders.

“I’m counting on it, Dusty. And more, if you can manage it.”

Dustin smiled, “Oh, I think I can manage it. It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasures of a beautiful woman.”

Dustin slid the curtain back and grabbed a towel to dry Regina. When he was done, after taking his time drying and fondling her thoroughly, he dried himself quickly, then they adjourned to his bedroom.

“I’ll be gentle with you, I don’t want to accidently hurt you.” Dustin whispered.

“That’s OK, sonny-boy. I’m not as frail as I look. I’ll let you know though, when I want it hard.” She climbed up on the bed and laid back.

Dustin started with a kiss, but Regina broke it off and pushed his head down. He took the hint and quickly moved to her breasts. They were far from firm, but they still had a nice shape. He quickly found her nipples where very sensitive. She moaned loudly when he licked them, so he spent a lot of time lavishing them with attention. He drew circles around them with his tongue, starting around the outer edges then moving in, spiralling in to circle the nipples. He sucked on her nipples, lightly at first, then harder to gauge her reaction. He added his tongue in to the mix, flicking her nipple while sucking on it. She was going wild by now, whining and moaning for more. Finally she had enough.

“Fuck me!” she said, hoarsely. “Oh God! I need your cock!

Dustin got between her legs and rubbed his cock along her pussy lips to get it wet. When he got the head wet, and teased her some more, he slowly slid it into her hot pussy. It was a little dry at first, but she lubed up quickly after a few strokes. He sped up a bit but shortened his stroke, leaving most of it inside. She moaned when he slowed down then pulled it all the way out.

“Nooo, noo, fuck me with that beautiful cock!”

This time he ignored her entreaties and lowered his body so he was face to face with her inflamed pussy. Holding her lips apart with 2 fingers he stuck his tongue into her, tasting her juice, and adding his saliva. Licking from top to bottom, he pushed her legs up so he could circle her asshole with his tongue. He did that a couple times until she got used to it, then he started putting pressure on her with his finger. Regina knew what he wass up to and clenched right away.

“Noo, no. Not there. Come back and fuck me.”

“Oh, I’m going to fuck you, Pretty One. Just be patient.”

He went back to what he was doing, only this time reversing his direction, bottom to top, and laving her clit each time he got there. Then he started alternating motions, licking her clit then her asshole after each vertical swipe with his tongue. She was almost beside herself by the time he stopped at her ass and stuck his tongue right in as far as he could go. She moaned loudly again and pushed her ass back trying to get more of his tongue. After a minute of his tongue opening her up he lathered her bung with all the saliva he could muster, then abruptly but smoothly pushed his baby finger in to the first knuckle. At the same time he applied his tongue to her clit and she crested her wave.

Her orgasm roared through her like a tsunami over a pacific atoll. It swamped her completely, making her scream and curse and speak in tongues. Her eyes where open but unseeing as the sensations ravaged her. When Dustin sensed it was becoming too much for her he eased off, slowing and lightening his ministrations to her pussy, removing his finger from her anus and gently caressing it as her breathing steadied. She was still breathing hard, but less erratic. Her fingers unclenched the bedsheets, stretching and releasing as the tension left her. Dustin eased away from her and climbed up to lay beside her, pulling a blanket over them. She cuddled into his strong chest.

“What about you? That was so amazing, I want to pleasure you too.”

“You already did, once. We have lots of time, Reggie. Rest, so we can have more fun later.”


Regina woke an hour later. Dustin had rolled onto his back and was snoring loudly. She slowly got out of bed so as not to wake him, then went to check on the baby. She wasn’t awake yet, but Regina knew she would soon be ready to eat. She went about the rest of her day with a spring in her step. Dustin woke at his usual time, got up and had a quick shower, and joined Regina in the kitchen. He wasn’t sure if he should say or do anything, afraid it was going to be weird. Regina eased his mind when she brought him a coffee and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Not too intimate, but letting him know she was a little more than OK with what happened. Keileigh was sitting in her baby chair, oblivious to her uncle and grandmother’s intimacies.

They carried on their regular routine, getting dinner, playing with the baby, watching the news. Neither of them mentioned of what had transpired but they where both obviously in good spirits, and the occasional glance between them acknowledged they where still thinking about it. Kaileigh was getting sleepy, so Regina suggested Dustin put her to bed while she went to shower.

When Regina came out of the bathroom Dustin was already in bed.

“I’m glad to see you’re still eager.” Regina commented. “I was afraid, in the cold light of day you’d be reluctant to continue.”

“Realistically, there’s no way we can have a regular couple type relationship.” Dustin countered. “But I find you very attractive, and as consenting adults, there’s no reason we can’t enjoy each other’s company to whatever extent we wish.”

“My thoughts, exactly.” Regina agreed, as she lowered her towel and climbed onto the bed beside him. She leaned over his cock and took it in her hand. He wasn’t completely hard yet, but he was stiff. She stroked him for a few minutes, then engulfed him with her mouth. Working it into her mouth like she had in the shower, she got him hard in short order. She sat back on her haunches, still stroking him.

“I have to have this inside me.” she said, looking into his face. “I hope you’re not disturbed by this, but at my age, I don’t often lubricate well for vigorous activity.”

She reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a non-descript bottle.

“I have some lubricant to help.”

“No problem at all.” Dustin allowed.

She opened the bottle and liberally slathered some on his rigid member, then cupped her hand and forced some inside herself. Raising one leg she positioned herself over him, then slowly lowered herself down. With her mouth open and their eyes connected she took him as deep as she could.

“Oh, Goodness, it’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed one this size.”

She had to rise up and down several times before she could enjoy his full length. While she was adjusting Dustin was twiddling with her nipples. He was fascinated by her responsiveness. Her breasts wheren’t very full but he enjoyed toying with her nipples. Once she got settled on him she leaned forward so he could tongue them. He was able to bring them together and tongue them both at the same time. She started raising her hips and slamming them back down very quickly and she looked at him with her eyes wide.

“I’m gonna cum, Dustin. I’m gonna cum!”

She sat up straight and her hands went to her clit while Dustin took over the work, rapidly driving his hips up and down, leaving Regina to just stay up on her knees and enjoy herself. While she was rubbing her clit he reached up and tweaked her nipples softly, flicking and twisting. That sent her over the top and she plunged down on him, hunching her hips, feeling his length. She felt his dick harden just before he shot off in her too, filling her with his seed. He pulled her down on top of him after she finished and he pulled the blanket over both of them. She just laid there with her head on his chest while her breathing returned to normal. His arms held her close.

“This feels so good, Dustin. Just laying like this. Are you uncomfortable? Should I move?”

“Not at all, Reggie.” Dustin replied. “It feels good to me too. Just lay there.”

They both dozed for a while, enjoying the moment. Occasionally Regina would rouse and move her hips a bit, feeling the fullness within her, then quiet down again. After close to half an hour, when Regina did move again, she felt a slight response from Dustin. He was actually asleep, but when she started slowly stroking him, he woke up.

“You ready again?” Dustin asked.

“If you’re up to, young fella.” Regina replied with a grin. She could feel him getting stiffer.

“Oh, I’m up to it. I”ll try to keep up to you.” Dustin pulled her down for a kiss, which they shared passionately.

Dustin pushed her hips off him.

“Roll off.” he directed. She did as he asked, then he directed her onto her hands and knees, positioned up towards the head of the bed. He got behind her and fondled her butt cheeks.

“You OK like that for a while?”

“Yep. I’m fine.” She replied.

He got behind her and started kissing her thighs. He spread her knees apart a bit so he could get at the tender area between, and he nipped his way around. His cum was leaking out of her pussy a bit, so he lapped it up then moved up to give her another kiss, share the spoils.

He could feel her warming up. Her breathing was deepening and she was motioning with her hips, trying to take the best advantage of his tongue. He pushed her lower back down so her butt was arched into the air, then swiped his tongue from her pussy, past her asshole and right up to her lower back. He gently bit her ass cheek then went the other way. He couldn’t quite reach her clit, but he was able to tongue her hole. He did that several times, lathering her up well. He got up behind her and rubbed his cock along the same trail he had just moistened with is tongue. He slid his cock slowly inside her pussy. The low gutteral moan she let out stoked his libido even more.

Dustin started pistoning in and out at a medium tempo. Regina was thouroughly enoying it. His cock was sliding across her G-spot, hitting her just right. Dusitn could feel her getting more excited. As soon as he could tell she was getting close to cumming he slowed down a minute. He left his cock inside her and leaned over her back.

“Do you trust me?” he whispered?

Regina thought for a second, then nodded.

“Relax, and enjoy.” Dustin replied, pulling his cock slowly out of her pussy and sliding it back in. He grabbed the lube bottle from the nightstand and poured a little bit in the cleft of her buttocks. He let it drift down over her anus, then applied his finger to it. Slowly massaging it in he stroked back and forth over the little wrinkled hole.

“Ohhh, God. What are you gonna do? Are you doing what I think you’re doing?”

“Sshhh, enjoy.” He continued massaging her ass, edging inside slightly, every so often. As he progressed he would put more and more of his finger inside her. He also went back to playing with her pussy with his other hand. Her moans increased in intensity and duration, so much that Dustin could tell she was again at the threshold of a massive orgasm. By now his finger had been stroking steadily in and out of her bum. He slowly pulled out and got into position behind her. He stuck his cock in her pussy for a minute, rapidly thrusting back and forth., then pulled out and slowly pushe dhis dick against her anus.

“No, please. It’s too big.” Regina protested, even as she pushed back against his dick.

“Just relax, Reggie. You’ll like it.” Dustin grabbed the lube and poured some more on her asshole and stroked it onto his cock. Again putting the head of his dick against her, he slowly pushed so the head started to penetrate. Once the head popped in he slid it in a fraction of an inch and held it there. Reggie laid there, moaning.

“How you doing, Reg?”


“Does it hurt?”

“A little. But it’s good, too.”

Dustin encouraged her, “Well, when you’re comfortable, push back on it.” He knelt there, lightly running his fingers along her sides and back as he felt her moving back and forth a bit. Then she stopped dithering and pushed back. Slowly and steadily she pushed until he was buried inside her, her sphincter pulsing around his cock. Dustin took hold of her hips and started slowly moving back and forth.

“How’s that feel, babe.”

“Oh, Dusty. Your cock is perfect for anal. Not so big that it hurts, and long enough to feel it.”

“So you’re saying it’s too small?” Dustin said with a chuckle as he started to speed up is thrusting

“No! No, not at all. It’s perfect. It’s…. Ungh. It’s perfect….. Oomph. Oh God, just shut up and fuck.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Dustin acceded and applied more lube as he started pounding into her. He hunched over her back and reached under her to tickle her clitoris.

Regina’s head was tossing back and forth as her passion mounted. Her ass felt like it was burning, but it was sooo good. Dustin’s fingers strumming her clit were taking her to heights she hadn’t been to in ages, if ever. As her orgasm raced over her she screamed out loud. “Aaayyyyagghh! Oh! God! Oh, Christ, don’t stop. Please don’t stop! Ooohhhh.”

Dustin was beginning to grunt himself, “Oh, yeah! Oh, fuck. Unngh, I’m gonna… gonna cum soon. Oooo, you’re so tight. You feel sooo good around my cock.” His thrusts were getting erratic, the tension on his cock almost too much.

“Oh yessss. Cum in my ass. Ohhh, your cock is so hard. Fuck my ass with your hard young cock. Ungh, Oh! Oh, I’m cumming again! Fuuuuck meeee!” with that Regina exploded again. Her head was buried in the pillow, one of her fingers buried in her pussy while Dustin’s opposite finger was swirling around her clit. His cock had stopped thrusting but his hips where hunching as he shot his jism into her. She could feel his cock spasming as it worked to expell it’s load.

“Oh yes, Dustin. Fill my ass with your cum. Ooohhhh, God. It feels sooo good.” Reggie’s orgasm was winding down but she was still wracked with spasms. Feeling Dustin’s cock pulsing in her ass was keeping her on the edge.

Dustin found it very endearing the way she moaned as he filled her. He had never imagined he could make someone feel this good. He settled over her back, when he was done, and she allowed her legs to collapse. As they fell onto the bed he rolled them onto their side and they lay there with his cock still in her ass, his arm wrapped around her. Eventually her sphincter expelled his softened penis and he got up and went to the washroom to wash off. He brought back a warmclothe and lifted her cheek as he washed up some of the residue. When he was done her rejoined her in bed and pulled the blankets over them.

“Oh boy.” Reggie thought to herself. “That was just what I needed. Now I have someone I can call on if I need some extra company.”

They woke up several hours later as they heard the front door open.

“Mom! I’m home! Dustin?”

Dustin and Reggie joined Jen and William in the front room as they brought in their luggage.

“You guys have fun while we were gone?” Jen asked.

“It was OK. No problems at all.” Reggie said. She gave Dustin a wink as he helped William with his luggage.

Dustin looked at his sister to see if she saw the wink. She gave no sign, at first, but as she headed upstairs to check on the sleeping baby she also gave him a wink.

Dustin was glad his sister wasn’t gonna have a problem with Regina. It was promising to be a fun summer.

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