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Regina’s Appointment

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Regina wasn’t sure why she was going to see Linda today, other than because Linda told her she should come back. She certainly didn’t look forward to these “appointments”, if that’s what you could even call them at this point, and her back *was* feeling much better. Yet here she was, walking slowly towards Linda’s house for another treatment that she didn’t really need or want.

Regina wondered if perhaps she did like the treatments, but simply wasn’t willing to admit it. That was a possibility, especially since Linda wasn’t forcing her to come, rather just suggesting at the end of each visit that she should make a return appointment. It wasn’t like she didn’t have a choice. If she truly wanted, she could stop right now and just simply, not show up. Linda would understand, wouldn’t she? She would have to understand! No, Regina did not want to see Linda today, yet she walked on without hesitation.

The whole situation started out simple enough. She’d hurt her back playing soccer about 6 months ago and her mother’s friend Linda, who was a chiropractor and masseuse, offered to help with her therapy. Initially, Linda was completely professional in her treatment and Regina felt better in no time at all. After several sessions though, Regina thought she should have been nearly done with the treatments, as her back was fully recovered, but Linda insisted that she needed more work.

What do I care, thought Regina at the time. She wasn’t paying for the treatments herself and if Linda wanted to make a little extra money by billing her insurance company, then so be it. Besides, Regina enjoyed the massages that came with each treatment.

It was sometime during the 4th week of treatments when Linda requested that Regina fully disrobe. Regina thought this to be more than a little strange, but Linda insisted it was for the benefit of her therapy and since she was a friend of the family, Regina reluctantly took off her clothes without questioning.

That first nude session was strange. Lying naked on Linda’s table while having her body worked on was unsettling to say the least, but at the same time, somewhat arousing. Being completely naked while someone touched her flesh was a new sensation to Regina and while her mind may have been conflicted about how she should react, her body didn’t seem to care.

Regina was surprised, but not in the least bit pleased, by her arousal. She certainly did not consider herself a pervert or lesbian. This was a professional massage by a licensed doctor for crying out loud and here she was becoming turned on like some common slut! She did her best to push the erotic thoughts out of her mind and simply allowed her treatments to continue; convincing herself that everything was as it should be.

After that appointment, Linda required Regina to fully disrobe every time she came to see her. Regina thought it strange that Linda never offered her a gown or towel, but just accepted it, assuming that Linda simply felt comfortable around her.

It wasn’t long thereafter when Linda suggested that Regina should come to her house for her visits, rather than making her mother drive her out to the office twice a week. Regina’s mother agreed and it was done. Regina’s appointments were now conducted in the solitude of Linda’s house, where one bedroom was redone into a home office complete with everything Linda needed to run her practice.

As Regina continued to walk, she pondered the situation and how it started off so innocently. Or at least she thought it started out innocently. When she really thought about how things had progressed, no one in their right mind would find anything at all innocent about it. Linda undoubtedly had a plan all along and Regina was just a bit too late in figuring it out.

She was ashamed by her appointments and would never tell a soul about them. How could she? How could she ever describe to anyone the things that Linda did to her? The first thing anyone would ask is why was she still going? Regina knew the reason. She liked it. She liked the things Linda did to her and liked the way Linda made her feel. Still, she was nowhere near ready to admit this fact to herself, let alone anyone else.

Looking at her watch, she noticed she was almost late. Linda would be pissed off if she were not on time so Regina picked up the pace, almost jogging the remaining half block to Linda’s house.

Linda answered the door as always, “Hello Regina! It’s so nice to see you.”

“Thanks, I hope I’m not late,” Regina said with a nervous and forced smile.

Linda smiled back at the girl, “No dear, you’re right on time. Come on in and let’s get started though. I have a full schedule today.”

Regina followed Linda through her house to where the office was set up. As with every appointment, her heart was pounding and she had the undeniable urge to flea. But she followed Linda into the office and made no indication that she wanted to leave.

Once inside the small room, Linda closed the door and turned the lock, “Ok Regina, let’s get you undressed.”

Regina made no reply as she kicked off her sandals and pulled her t-shirt over her head, leaving her naked from the waste up save for a plain white bra. Linda’s demeanor may have been one of disinterest, but secretly she watched intensely as Regina unbuttoned her denim shorts and dropped them to the floor before stepping out of them. Regina would not make eye contact with Linda and as always, stopped undressing when she was left wearing only her bra and panties.

In a most professional, but slightly annoyed manner, Linda said, “Regina, I need you fully naked dear.”

Again without a word, but this time with a crimson blush, Regina continued to undress. She hesitantly reached behind her and unclasped her bra, letting it fall the floor. Her nipples instantly hardened and she quickly turned around so that Linda would not see her exposed breasts. The last thing Regina wanted Linda to see was her nipples, rock hard and aching from anticipation. Regina then slid the panties down her smooth legs and stepped out of them, leaving them on the floor to keep company with the rest of her discarded clothing. She hoped that Linda would not notice the wetness that collected in them during her walk over.

“Regina I must say you’ve really developed into quite a beautiful young woman. You have a very sexy body.” Linda casually stated with just a hint of a sly smile. Actually Linda made this comment, or another one similar to it, every time Regina undressed for her. She loved watching the younger girl’s reaction, a mixture of pride and embarrassment, to the loaded compliment.

As always, Regina quietly replied, “Thank you Linda” before turning an even deeper shade of red. It was strange yet comforting how their appointments seemed to follow this protocol. Other than the method by which Linda administered her treatments, each appointment was pretty much the same and this afternoon was no different.

“Ok Regina, I’m ready for you. Hop on up, you know the drill” Linda said sweetly with a professional smile.

Regina got up on the soft cushioned table and lay on her stomach, keeping her arms at her sides. The table itself was quite comfortable and actually designed for massages except for one glaring exception. It had stirrups at the foot of the table, just like at her gynecologist’s office.

Regina prayed that she would not be required to use the stirrups today. Something about the thought of lying back on the table with her legs spread and her young sex exposed for Linda was quite alarming to her. To date, Linda hadn’t used them on her, but Regina knew it was only a matter of time before she would. And despite her fears and apprehension about being bound in stirrups, her pussy was wet just from the thought of it.

Regina lay nervously on the table and waited for Linda to begin. Unlike her initial appointments in which Linda would actually perform chiropractic procedures for her ailing back, Regina knew now that she would receive just a short massage until Linda was ready to treat her.

“Let’s start on your upper back first today,” said Linda as she poured warm oil on her hands and began to knead Regina’s shoulder blades. Working quietly and professionally on the young girl, Linda hid all signs of her own arousal, never letting on how wet her pussy was just from seeing Regina’s naked body.

Regina of course loved Linda’s massages and really without them, was doubtful she would ever make it to the actual treatment. With little effort, she allowed herself to relax as Linda continued working magic on her shoulders and then down to her lower back. Linda was thorough, carefully working each muscle. Once she was done with the girl’s back and neck, she massaged her arms, and then legs before finishing up with her hands and feet.

“Turn over Regina,” Linda softly said, “I want to do your front.”

Regina turned over and laid flat, her eyes tightly closed and her bare nipples standing straight out in front of Linda. Linda continued to massage her patient, working on her arms again before moving down to the front of her calves and thighs. Regina, not wanting Linda to see her excitement did her best to keep her legs firmly closed.

“Relax a bit hon,” Linda spoke sweetly, as she gently eased Regina’s legs slightly apart.

Regina submissively allowed her legs to be spread and even though it was not in a lewd manner, she was extremely aware of her pussy feeling very exposed.

Linda continued to massage Regina’s thighs, working her hands up towards her mound, towards her pussy. Regina held her breath as Linda’s hands moved very close to her young pussy, but without ever touching it.

Linda then smoothed her hands over Regina’s stomach and made a circular motion as she moved up to her breasts. Her hands found the girls nipples, hard and extended. Linda rubbed each breast, continuing in a circular motion. She then tweaked the girl’s nipples, pulling and caressing each with her slick fingers. Linda kept this up for some time, her own nipples aching as she pulled and twisted on Regina’s soft breasts. She watched her patient closely, enjoying the look of mixed pleasure and embarrassment on her face as she did her best to restrain her moans.

Regina, as always, was lost in massage bliss and startled out of it when Linda finally spoke, “Ok Regina, it’s time for your treatment.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Regina replied somewhat disappointed. The massages always felt so comforting that it was difficult to move onto the next step. And yet, she never said no. She replied in the manner Linda had instructed of her and like always, was both apprehensive and aroused by the anticipation of her treatment.

The treatment itself was the only part of her appointment that varied. This fact itself further alarmed and excited Regina. She wondered what Linda had in mind for her today and no sooner had the question crossed her mind when Linda said sweetly, “Regina, today I need you up on your hands and knees for me.”

Regina moved up on the table as Linda placed what could only be described as a support type bench under her. The bench was soft and padded, similar to an ottoman, but longer, and designed so that Regina would remain in Linda’s desired position both comfortably and securely. Once in place, Regina rested her mid-section on the bench and was lying over top of it so that she was fully supported with her ass and pussy exposed upward and within arms reach of Linda.

“Ok sweetie, let’s get you locked in,” said Linda as she took Regina’s hand and guided it towards the front edge of the cushion where she then attached it to a cuff type lock that was waiting for her use. She repeated the procedure with Regina’s other hand before adding, “I need you to be secure for your own safety sweetie. It’s all part of the treatment and nothing to be concerned about. After all, I wouldn’t’ want you to fall off the table and hurt yourself.” Linda certainly had a reassuring quality to her voice and it was actually this charm that allowed her to have her way with the young girl.

Once Regina’s hands were secure, Linda moved to the bottom end of the table where she took each of Regina’s legs and positioned them so that her feet were positioned on the outside of the cushion, forcing her legs open. She then took a short spreader bar and attached each cuff to Regina’s ankles locking her in.

There was a large leather strap attached to the bottom of the massage table and Linda pulled it over the small of Regina’s back, locking it into a receptacle on the other side. Once the strap was locked into place, Linda pulled the remaining slack through the buckle and her patient was firmly strapped in.

Linda stepped back to admire her work and felt a chill run through her body. Regina looked so pretty bound up for her and of all her “special” patients; this one was no doubt her favorite. She loved seeing the girl in this position and felt her own pussy leak, as she wondered how erotic it must feel to be bound and helpless like this.

Regina, now aware that she was completely restrained, struggled to test her bonds. Sure enough there was no getting out until Linda decided to release her. Despite being in this situation before, Regina felt a bit of panic coming over her, “Linda, I don’t know about this,” she started to say before Linda cut her off.

“Shhhhh, just relax sweetie. Everything is ok and I’m going to take very good care of you.”

Linda walked around her helpless patient trailing her fingers gently over her legs and back, lightly tickling her with her nails. “You just take it easy baby,” Linda cooed, “Let me do all the work and we’ll be done before you know it. You’re going to do just fine.”

Regina shuddered as she felt the older woman’s hands trailing over her skin, smoothly and slowly. Linda traced her hands all over her, first on her thighs, then upwards over her round ass and to the small of her back.

Linda settled her hand on Regina’s round ass and continued, “There you go sweetie. Just relax,” her words having an almost hypnotic effect on the helpless girl, as she gently rubbed her ass.

Linda traced her finger along the crack of Regina’s cheeks, not penetrating her, rather just touching along the outside edge of her ass down to her pussy. “I see you’ve been shaving for me Regina,” Linda commented with a smile, as her finger found the girl’s slit.

“Yes Ma’am. I did as you instructed me,” replied Regina, her voice cutting off when Linda made contact with the outside lips of her pussy.

“I’m glad you did, it looks very sexy on you,” said Linda, as she pressed her finger slightly into the folds of Regina’s pussy, “How does it feel like that?”

“What do you mean?” questioned Regina.

“Your pussy Regina!” Linda replied with a short tone in her voice. “I’m asking how your pussy feels shaved.”

Regina let a slight moan escape her lips upon hearing Linda’s demeanor and replied, “It feels good Ma’am.”

Linda continued to run her finger slowly up and down the length of Regina’s wet slit, her finger occasionally penetrating the wet folds as she continued her interrogation, “What feels good Regina?”

Regina hated this part. Actually she hated how much she secretly liked it. Linda was going to make her say things. Damn her! Why did she do this? Why did she feel the need to humiliate her and make her say all these degrading things? And why did it excite her so?

With a determined effort, Regina responded, “My pussy feels good Ma’am.”

“Come on Regina,” Linda chided as she continued her tease, “You can do better than that.” Linda was slowly tormenting the girl’s pussy, sliding her finger in and out of her lips and occasionally circling her sensitive clit, but without ever touching it directly.

“Tell me Regina,” Linda persisted.

“My shaved pussy feels good Ma’am!” Regina cried out, feeling extremely turned on and humiliated by the tease.

“I’m sure it does Regina,” Linda snickered, “You’re soaked.”

Linda, satisfied with her patient’s response, smiled and rubbed now two fingers directly over the girl’s hard clit.

“Oooohhhh,” Regina moaned. She tried desperately to grind her pussy back harder on Linda’s fingers, but was restrained in such a way that her only stimulation would be whatever Linda decided to give her.

Linda continued to massage the girl’s pussy and clit, taking her time to trace her fingers, now wet with Regina’s juices, all over her exposed and aroused sex. Regina’s breathing quickened and her body began to perspire a pretty sheen of sweat, giving away her excitement.

“I have something special for you today,” Linda said as she suddenly stopped playing with the younger girl’s pussy. Regina immediately felt empty and needy. Damn she loved when Linda touched her pussy. The older woman definitely knew how to make her feel good. Even better than when she masturbated and better than the two times she’d let her boyfriend fuck her. Whenever Linda stopped touching her, she felt as if she’d go crazy. Like she was empty inside and hungry for more.

Still standing behind her patient and out of her sight, Linda took a large anal plug and a bottle of lubricant out of a nearby drawer. Regina for her part did not know what Linda was doing and was left panting in anticipation while she waited. Linda again was silent, pouring the lubricant liberally over the plug and then over the top of Regina’s ass.
Regina shivered when the cool lubricant hit her flesh. She could feel it dripping slowly down into the crack of her tight ass and down to her aroused pussy. Linda then poured more lubricant onto her hand and began massaging the liquid between Regina’s ass cheeks and onto her little hole. She worked thoroughly, allowing the lube to make both the girl’s ass and pussy very wet. Her fingers delved gently at first into the soft folds of Regina’s ass, then with more insistence, pressing slightly into the girl’s most private of areas.

Regina was aroused by the penetration, “Nooooooo Linda, please don’t,” she moaned.

Linda continued to work her fingers over the girl’s ass while reassuring her, “Shhhh, you know you love this Regina. You know you’re a little ass slut.”

It was true. Regina was an ass slut. But did Linda have to remind her every time? And fuck! Why did it arouse her so?

“Say it Regina!” Linda suddenly demanded as she slapped her hand down hard on the girl’s bottom, causing her to cry out.

“Ouch, Linda please!” Regina pleaded.

Linda spanked the girl again, “Say what you are Regina! You know you want to say it, you know you need to say it!”

“I’m a slut!” Regina cried out, as Linda continued to spank her ass, “I’m an ass slut!”

Linda, again satisfied with her patient’s response stopped spanking the girl and said, “Yes, you are an ass slut Regina. You’re MY ass slut.”

“Yes Ma’am, I am your ass slut,” Regina replied with a whimper, trying her best not to cry. How her pussy ached. She was on fire. Her stomach was doing somersaults and her body shook with excitement. All at once she hated and loved her treatments, hated and loved Linda.

Linda resumed lubricating the girl’s ass and her manner again changed. In an instant she lost her course attitude and was back to being her sweet and gentle self. “See Regina, its really not so bad,” she spoke lovingly, “All you have to do is be a good girl. You do want to be my good girl, don’t you Regina?”

“Yes Linda, I will be a good girl for you,” Regina replied, her body quivering against her bonds.

Linda wanted to fill the girl now. She knew Regina was ready and truth be told, Linda’s own pussy was leaking so much that her panties were soaked. She couldn’t wait to use her patient any longer. Taking the plug, she pressed the narrow tip against Regina’s waiting hole.

Adding just a bit of pressure, Linda spoke, “Relax sweetie, I’m going to work this in just a bit.”

Regina felt the plug against her ass and naturally tightened up, “Uuuuh, I don’t know Linda.”

Linda was not dissuaded, “its ok baby, just relax,” she encouraged, “Don’t push, let yourself take it in.”

Linda pushed harder on the plug and turned it slightly, watching it to sink into the girl’s tight asshole, “There you go baby. Just feel it enter you. Let it fill you Regina, I’ll do the work, you just relax.”

Regina let out a low moan as she felt the plug entering her, filling her. She was thankful that Linda used so much lube. “It feels too big Linda,” she pleaded fruitlessly, “Please I don’t know if I can do this.”

Linda kept up her sweet encouragement, “You can do it baby. I know you can. You’re a good ass slut and I know this is going to make you feel so good.” As Linda pushed the plug in with one hand, she reached her other underneath the girl and gently massaged her pussy, feeling the cream that was literally leaking out of her. Linda was amazed at how much the young girl’s ass could take after such a short period of training.

“See, your pussy knows how nice this feels,” Linda said as she worked the plug further into Regina’s ass while playing with her wet pussy. “Just think about how hard you’re going to cum for me later baby. Soon you’ll be nice and full for me and I’ll let you cum.”

Regina was shaking. Linda’s fingers playing with her pussy, combined with the explicit conversation, was quickly pushing the girl towards orgasm, “Linda wait.”

Linda stopped finger fucking the girl’s pussy, “Yes baby?”

“You’re going to make me cum.”

Linda’s tone again changed, “Don’t you dare cum you little whore! You will not cum until I say so.”

“Yes Ma’am, that’s why I told you,” Regina replied fearfully, “I didn’t want to cum without you telling me.”

Linda softened again, “Well I suppose I can’t be angry at you for being honest. You did right to tell me, but you need to work on controlling yourself.” Leaving her pussy alone for the time being, Linda continued to twist and push the large plug into Regina’s ass, marveling at how her once small and tight hole was now widened and accepting the obscenely large toy.

“We’re almost there Regina. Just a bit more baby. Relax for me, you can do it.”

The plug was now almost entirely buried within the younger girl’s ass. Just a bit more pressure and her small ass would close around it, holding it deep within her. Regina’s body was shaking against her bonds, she was covered in sweat. Her pussy was completely open and aroused, cum literally leaking out of her, down the sides of her thighs.

Linda used her other hand to again rub the girl’s pussy, but only a little, as it wasn’t time for the girl to cum yet. Regina had done well by telling Linda that she was going to cum and Linda was pleased. Certainly this patient was coming along nicely and soon, Linda thought to herself, this one would be trained even better than the others.

Linda gave the plug one final push, a twist and it was in. Regina cried out as her tight pretty asshole clenched around the massive toy and held it firmly inside her.

Linda stepped back to admire her prize and smiled with satisfaction. “How does that feel baby?” she asked.

Regina’s replied was little more than a moan, “Soooo good Linda, I feel so full.” She was beyond any pretense of resistance. Her mind was elsewhere, lost in a blissful state of sexual arousal.

Linda continued to speak to her patient, as she reached up to open one of the cabinets, “I’m sure it does baby. You look wonderful like that.”

Upon hearing Linda at the cabinet, Regina snapped out of her trance with a start, “Please Linda, not today.”

Linda ignored the girl and took a short crop out of the cabinet. She continued teasing her poor patient, “Your pussy looks really wet Regina. How does it feel?”

Regina was now openly struggling to get out of her bonds, “Please don’t Linda,” she pleaded. “I’ll do whatever you want, I promise.”

For a fleeting moment, Linda felt sorry for the girl, but knew she needed this treatment. After all, Regina did want this and it was going to make her a better slut. “You’re already doing what I want darling,” she stated matter of factly. “Now I asked you a question. How does your pussy feel?”

“It feels so good Ma’am, like I need to cum,” said Regina, relaxing just a bit in her bonds.

“And your ass Regina? Tell me again how your ass feels.”

She barely whispered her response, “My ass feels good Ma’am, so full.”

“You feel like a slut, don’t you baby?” Linda teased, as she lightly set the crop on the small of Regina’s back.

“Yes Linda, I feel like an ass slut, your ass slut,” replied Regina, her mind again moving into that far out sexual zone.

For the first time since the treatment began, Linda moved in front of Regina so that the girl would be able to see her. Bending down slightly, she moved right in front of her and held her face with her free hand while still holding the crop.

“Open your eyes slut and look at me,” she commanded.

Regina opened her eyes to see Linda right in front of her, staring a hole through her. The helpless patient had no idea what she looked like, but Linda loved it. Her hair was matted and her skin was flush with excitement. Her eyes were glazed over and only half open as she struggled to focus on her mistress before her.

Linda tenderly touched her lips to the girl’s mouth and kissed her softly. Regina moaned out loud into the kiss and opened her mouth wider, allowing Linda’s insistent tongue to probe deep within. After a few moments, when Linda herself could stand no more, she broke the kiss, leaving her patient in an even worse state than before.

In a most comforting and sweet voice, Linda very quietly asked, “What are you Regina?”

Regina, now hypnotized by the session replied immediately, “I am your slut Mistress.”

“And what kind of slut are you Regina?” asked Linda.

“I am your ass slut Mistress.”

“And what do you want from your Mistress, ass slut?”

“I want you to use me Ma’am,” Regina quietly said. As she spoke the words, a little voice in the back of her mind cried out, No! Don’t let her do this to you! You are not a slut!

But she was a slut. She wanted Linda to use her, to humiliate her, to train her. She needed to have her ass filled and she needed to be spanked. There was nothing else in the world she wanted or needed more, “Please use me Mistress Linda,” Regina begged, “Please use your ass slut.”

Linda smiled at Regina’s breaking, “Very well baby, I will use you.”

Regina remained still and quiet, as Linda again moved out of sight behind her. The room was silent and all Regina could hear was her own breathing, loud and ragged.

Linda went back to the cabinet and took out a short flogger.

Regina waited.

Linda stood behind Regina, admiring the young girl and how pretty she looked in her bonds.

Regina waited.

Linda reached up with her free hand and pinched her own nipples through her blouse, stealing just a bit of self-pleasure.

Regina waited. She could feel a pool of cum building on the lips of her inflamed pussy.

The first blow landed on Regina’s left thigh, “Agghhh!” the poor girl cried out.

Linda stuck again, this time on Regina’s right thigh, the flogger leaving behind a sexy shade of pink.

Linda flogged her bound patient for a total of ten strokes. She was meticulous, taking her time and making sure to strike her ass, her back, and her thighs.

Regina cried out with each blow of the flogger on her naked flesh, her ass clenching down hard on the plug as she was struck. Halfway through, she became aware of her pussy contracting uncontrollably and she felt a new sensation, as if she had to pee.

By the time Linda finished, Regina was a quivering mess. Her face was streaked with tears, her backside reddened and shiny, her ass quaking around the large plug, her clit fully erect and aching, her entire pussy wet and on fire.

“Do you want to cum now my pretty little ass slut?” Linda asked breathlessly, unable to mask her own urgent need.

“Yes Mistress, please let me cum,” Regina begged.

“Keep begging you fucking slut,” Linda said roughly.

Regina kept up her wanton submission and was only half aware of the obscene dialog spilling out of her mouth. “Please let me cum mistress! Please fuck my whore pussy and let me cum for you. I’ll cum just like your ass slut. I’ll cum so good for you mistress.”

As Regina begged her mistress to make her cum, Linda took a 10 inch cock shaped vibrator out of a nearby drawer, turned it on high and held it to the entrance of Regina’s hot cunt.

“Now you may fucking cum for me ass slut,” she whispered before sliding the entire length of the fuck toy into her patient’s hungry pussy.

“Aaaagggghhhh,” Regina cried out as she began to cum for Linda.

Linda fucked the young girl’s pussy hard…sliding the plastic cock quickly in and out of her pussy, while her other hand worked over her erect clit, “That’s it slut, cum hard for me.”

As Regina’s body trembled, she felt something unexplainable building deep inside her pussy. Oh shit, I’m going to pee, she thought to herself, just as an enormous orgasm washed over her. Without any control on her own part, Regina’s body stiffened for a moment and then began to shake.

Linda kept fucking her pussy and rubbing her clit, “Yes Regina, cum hard for me slut!”

Regina’s body shook and she moaned uncontrollably. Then it happened. As her pussy came, she began to literally squirt and leak cum out of her pussy. She was horrified and embarrassed, not really understanding what was happening to her, but at the same time unable to stop it.

Linda for her part was beside herself, never before considering that Regina was a “squirter”. Watching the girl cum all over her hands while she fucked the vibrator into her drenched pussy was more than Linda could take and she knew her own eventual orgasm was going to be extra good, thanks to this turn of events.


40 minutes later, Regina walked out of Linda’s bathroom freshly showered and fully dressed. She found Linda sitting at a small desk in the office, looking over some paperwork.

“Linda I’m finished,” she said solemnly, before adding, “I put the towel in your hamper.”

Linda didn’t even look up at the girl. “You should probably come back for another treatment,” she said dispassionately. “Next Thursday at 3 ok with you?”

A little voice inside her head screamed out, Don’t do this Regina!

“Actually Linda, if you can schedule me in, I was hoping to come back before that.”

Linda allowed just a hint of a smile to cross her lips as she flipped the page on her appointment book, still never making eye contact with her patient.

Regina couldn’t believe the words coming out of her mouth, “Do you have any openings on Monday? I’m not sure I can wait until Thursday.”

“Monday at 11am then Regina,” Linda said before adding, “Don’t be late.”


Regina took her time walking home, as post-orgasmic sensations coursed through her body, which was now both sore and satisfied. She pondered how she’d made a mess by cumming all over Linda’s table and how despite the horrific embarrassment, just had the best orgasm of her life. She was lost in her thoughts and didn’t even notice her best friend Megan walking hurriedly past her on the other side of the street.


“It’s about time you fucking got here!” Linda said with complete irritation, as she opened the door for Megan. Without another word, she turned and walked back towards her office, with Megan following behind.

Megan stood near the foot of the table and waited for Linda “So how is Regina working out?” she asked.

Linda lifted her skirt to her waist and then sat up onto her exam table, “She is working out well Megan. If you weren’t late all the time, I might let you play with her at some point.”

Linda lay back on the table and placed her feet in the stirrups. Once she was comfortable, she reached down with one hand and pulled her panties to the side, exposing her aching pussy and clit.

Megan took a stool and positioned it between Linda’s legs so that she was sitting eye level to her Mistress’ wet pussy.

“May I please Mistress Linda?” Megan asked politely.

Linda needed to cum so badly, “Yesssssss, do it now slut” she hissed.

Megan moistened her lips and gently pressed her soft mouth onto her Mistress’ needy pussy. As soon as she did, Linda began to cum hard in Megan’s mouth.

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